it is cold you guise!!!!

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Ok, this ask is based off your drawing of Mark as a ghost.. What if during the investigation into his death he randomly appears and complains about the afterlife lol "guise! I'm cold! I can't feel my legs! Have you figured it out yet!? Give me attention!" Lol btw i love your art ♡ it's fantastic

mark the annoying ghost. can’t even figure out how he died. lmao.

i was thinking tho, like. just see him hanging around in the distance. see him on the balcony on the second floor, watching down. he doesn’t talk or emote much. just watches. appearing closer to the clues. and what not.

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GOM and Kagami reaction to seeing their s/o wear an overly revealing outfit to an event

Kuroko: Covering your shoulders with his jacket under the guise that you must be cold, Kuroko tries to hide the light blush that’s staining his cheekbones. His skin betrays him by deepening in color when you start to tease that your outfit may be too much for him to handle.

Kagami: The flush that crosses his cheeks when he sees your outfit is bright red, almost matching with his hair. Kagami is conflicted, wanting to keep you covered but not wanting to overstep his boundaries. In the end, he lets you wear what you want, but he keeps a close eye on anyone who’s stare lingers too long.

Kise: It’s flashy and reminds Kise of all the different outfits he sees at his photo shoots. He can’t help but wonder if you’re suddenly dressing up because people he worked with would be at the event. Either way, he thought you looked cuter (and more modest!) in your normal clothes you were comfortable with.

Aomine: Though he can’t deny that the extra expanse of skin you’re revealing is enticing, he wished you would have done it in a more private setting. It was like every person in the room was looking at you and it made Aomine grind his teeth. He’s ready to pounce on anyone who glances at you for longer than a second.

Midorima: When you step out of your room in an outfit that shows way more skin that he thought legal, Midorima is instantly pushing you back through the door. Cheeks flushed a bright shade of red, he’d insist that you change into something that didn’t show off everything you had to offer.

Murasakibara: Jealousy was something that came easily, especially when other people were obviously ogling a scantily clad you. Practically shoving his suit jacket around you, Murasakibara would insist you wear it so others would know you were with him only. You were practically swimming in the material!

Akashi: His suggestion seemed simple at first as he asked you to maybe find a shawl or jacket that matched with your outfit, covering you up a bit more. When you refused, he handed you his own jacket with a sigh. You couldn’t expect him to let you walk around in such a risque outfit, could you?

Last Christmas

I wanted to join the 12 days of SNS Xmas, so here’s my drabble for Dec 13th: “Last Christmas”. Gonna do my best to do all twelve days, we’ll see~ No warnings for the content in this one, perfectly SFW. Master post for all fics.

Last Christmas

“Don’t you dare.” Sasuke’s voice was as cold as the wind currently beating against the windows of Naruto’s apartment.

“Then stop me,” Naruto taunted, poking his tongue out at the laptop he’d pulled into his lap. The image of Sasuke on the screen didn’t look very impressed, and Naruto was sure Sasuke would have flipped him off if he wasn’t wearing mittens like he currently was.

“I will kill you,” Sasuke muttered.

“That would mean coming over here, and I don’t think you want to do that right now.”

Naruto grinned when Sasuke didn’t have an immediate response to that. Winter had settled over the city, fast and cold, and neither of their apartments was built for it, but where Naruto had pulled on two hoodies and knit socks and found that good enough Sasuke was having a harder time dealing with it. He had a knit cap over his head, a scarf wound around his neck and chin, and over his fleece sweater he had wrapped his duvet around himself. He looked kind of adorable, even with his forehead pulled into an annoyed frown.

“if you put on that song one more time I will brave the elements just so I can throw your laptop out the window,” Sasuke growled.

“I don’t believe you,” Naruto shot back.

They’d been talking for close to an hour already according to Skype. They were supposed to meet up today since they’d both finished up with their exams for the term, but then they’d woken up to inches of snow, and the date had been moved online instead.

Naruto was just happy to be able to spend time around Sasuke, even though he would have preferred having him in the same room. He had some good ideas to just how they could’ve kept warm then.

He moved his hands towards the touchpad, and Sasuke seemed to notice, his glare intensifying. “I will smother you in your sleep the next time I see you if you press the play button again,” he warned in a low tone, but Naruto ignored him in favour of clicking back into Spotify. It was only two weeks until Christmas dammit, he needed to listen to Christmas songs to get in the mood, and since Sasuke wasn’t here he couldn’t actually stop him.

“It is my duty as your boyfriend to bring you Christmas cheer, you should be thankful,” Naruto said as he pressed play, the opening notes of Last Christmas played a little too loud over his speakers, traveling right over to Sasuke’s side of the video call.

Sasuke pulled his knit hat further down over his ears as he groaned in annoyance.

He could have just pressed mute, or even ended the call, but he didn’t. He might complain as lot, but he never went through with his threats.

Out of the sheer goodness of his heart Naruto paused the song midway through.

“Will you come over tomorrow?” he asked. He missed Sasuke, and had been looking forward to seeing him again, kind of bummed out that the weather gods had postponed their date, even if he was looking forward to the possibility of a white christmas.

“Yeah, if the roads are better,” Sasuke said, shifting on his couch, pulling the laptop closer. “It’s too fucking cold, I need to mooch off of your body heat.”

Naruto chuckled at that, it wouldn’t be the first time Sasuke snuggled up to him under the guise of being cold.

“Sasuke, did you know..?” Naruto started, question drifting off.

“Know what?” Sasuke asked, eyes narrow in suspicion

“That…” Naruto pressed the play button, joining George Michael just as the chorus started. “That.. Last christmas I gave you my heart!”

There was a familiar sound as the video call disconnected, and Naruto laughed to himself, still singing along, trying to make note of the lyrics so he could torture Sasuke with singing it when he came over. Naruto loved christmas.