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Jungkook (bts)


smut, a bit fluffy


You had to clean the house. Jungkook was asleep. That was good. You didn’t have him to distract you from actually being productive today. Except…When he woke up….Well, you couldn’t really complain.


You and Jungkook dating & living together; hickies (y/n receiving); fingering (y/n receiving); groping (y/n receiving); dry humping; leaving scratches down Jungkook’s back

A/N: I really wanted to use this gif because his scar is sooooo cute. Especially here. Okay, bye-bye. Have fun.


You’ve almost cleaned up the whole house. Next, and last, on the list was the work room. You and Jungkook were pretty much always working on something. With that being said, you two needed an extra room in the house where you could still work without leaving out so much.

You had already straightened up everything on his desk, now you stood above your own; you moved things to the right place, organized the papers -made sure everything was fine. While doing that, you could hear Jungkook wake up, stretch, and groan in the bedroom; just a few rooms down. You could hear his footsteps coming to the room you were in. It wasn’t long before you could feel his warm body press against your backside with his arms wrapped around you.

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Joyce and Hopper fake dating

“I need you to date me.”

Joyce chokes on her coffee, which, he can’t really blame her for. He still wants to eat his hat though at the look on her face as she coughs. Both of her boys look at him because he’s announced this over breakfast like it’s a normal thing. Like how’s your day, what’s new at school, did you get your homework done.

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Trained To Fight - Derek Hale Imagine

Characters: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, Stiles Stilinski, Werewolf!Reader.


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“Stop. You’re doing it wrong.” Derek told you, lifting your arm with his foot.

You groan and sit up, swiping the sweat off of your forehead. “I’ve been doing it wrong for an hour, Derek. Let me move on.”

He squats down to your height. “You’ll move on when you stop doing it wrong. Now start again.”

You sigh and lay back on your stomach, pushing yourself up on your arms.

You were a newbie to the whole supernatural world but Scott had told you that you were doing better than he did. You were bitten by Liam. It happened right after Scott had bitten him and he’s apologized profusely since. Derek has been training you and Liam at separate times. He’s especially rough on you and it gets hard to cope with sometimes.

“Y/N, if you ever want to learn to control your change you have to do this right!” He shouted and you exhaled loudly.

“If I ever want to learn to control my change I should ask Scott to teach me! All you ever do is nag and tell me I’m doing it wrong! When we aren’t training you’re rude and cocky and I’m sick of your disgusting personality!” You stand up and grab your keys. You flip him off before walking out the door. You slam the door behind you and jog out to your car. You think of the expression on his face. He looked hurt, but all the things you told him were true.

After your training session with Derek you were supposed to be at Scott’s for a pack meeting. He told you it was okay to shower there and that Kira had probably left something there you could wear.

You arrive at his house and quickly shower. You wrap yourself in a towel and pad to Scott’s room. He’d laid out one of his shirts and a pair of Kira’s shorts. You changed and went back downstairs. Everyone had arrived while you were gone so you quietly sat on the couch. You noticed Derek standing in the corner, his eyes focused on you.

You made eye contact with him and then rolled your eyes, averting your attention to Scott.

Your pack meetings were never meetings, it was more of a large hangout with everyone in the pack. “Stiles, did you bring the beer?” Scott asks and Stiles nods.

“I just don’t understand why you asked the most non-threatening person here to do it. I can’t go all wolfy on anyone. Besides isn’t Derek 21?” He looks over at Derek and Derek shrugs.

“That’s none of your business.” Derek replies and Scott laughs. You and Stiles share an annoyed look.

“Hey, Derek, how’s training going?” Scott threw a look over his shoulder at Derek.

“Liam’s doing great, he’s picking it up quickly.”

“What about Y/N?” Scott smiles at you.

“She’s..not great. In fact she’s probably one of the worst I’ve seen.” He raises an eyebrow at you and you scrunch your nose, huffing as you look away from him. You catch his smirk from the corner of your eye.

“I’m sure she’s not the worst..” Scott tries to defend you.

“You should see her. It’s pathetic really.” You flick your eyes to him and stand up. “I’d be better if you weren’t so tough on me.”

Derek starts to walk toward you. “I have to be tough on you. You’re terrible. Now I get why you’re the only one who doesn’t get invited to fight.”

You shake your head as he nears. “You’re a terrible teacher. I could get better tips on controlling my change from a sidewalk crack.” You cross your arms.

You hear Stiles spit out his beer, laughing. “God, you’re great.” He mutters and you smirk back at Derek.

At this point you and Derek were inches apart. “I wish you were more like Liam. You’re so idiotic. You can’t and you won’t learn anything. You’re better off as an omega.”

You cock your head to the side and whisper. “Then kick me out of the pack. I’d rather be alone than have to spend all of my time with you.”

“If I could kick you out I would. God, I wish I could.” He grits his teeth.

You flash your eyes at him and you feel your claws start to poke through. “Go to hell, asshole.”

Derek flashes his eyes back, trying to tell you to back down. At this point you were closer than you’d ever been to him, your chests were flush. “I knew I should’ve let Scott train you. I tried to take you under my wing, I thought you had potential. Now I know you’re just a pathetic little girl. You’re a sad excuse for a werewolf and it offends me you’d even call yourself apart of the pack.”

You scoff. “All you do is sulk around. You bitch and whine about your family all of the time. Don’t think I don’t hear you. You are the absolute worst person I’ve ever met, and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve met murderous psychopaths. I may be a sad excuse for a werewolf, but you, Derek Hale, are a sad excuse for a person. I hope you feel better now.” You push him off of you and go up to Scott’s room.

You sigh into your hands, trying to fight off the tears. You looked up to Derek, you thought of him as an older brother even. That all changed when you were bit. He seemed even more unbearable when you were in heat. It had only happened once but he wouldn’t even look at you. He was disgusted.

You knew you couldn’t cry because everyone would hear you. You sat in silence for about an hour before grabbing your keys and going downstairs.

Derek catches you at the bottom of the stairs. “Hey, I-”

You put a hand up. “Shove it, Hale.” You spit and you push past him.

“Y/N, where are you going?” Liam pokes his head up at you.

“Home.” You mumble and head for the door. You remember you’re in Scott’s shirt and you have it off and tossed at him before you can process your thoughts. You had a sports bra on, so there was nothing to see but you still smelled someone. You scanned the room and tried to pinpoint who’s arousal you caught but you didn’t care enough to stay to find out. “Bye guys. Kira I’ll get these back to you tomorrow.” She waves as you close the door.

The next day everyone was schedule to meet at Deaton’s to talk. Deaton wasn’t even in town but you guys needed a safe place. You’d had a Tinder date planned for a couple weeks so you were obviously over dressed. You’d felt online dating was a bit of a leap at your age but you still tried it. You walked in, sporting a pair of red stilettos. You had a black dress on that gathered at the waist. You’d curled your hair and done a full face of makeup. You felt way better than you had the previous night.

You heard Mason whistle and you laughed. “Shut up. I just wanted to make an appearance.”

He laughs. “Well you did. Quite a great one too.”

You head to the back room and everyone’s head peeked up at your entrance.

“Hey I can’t stay long, I have a date but I was hoping you guys could fill me in.” You smile. “Sure, come over here.” Scott waves you over. Derek’s eyes follow you as you walk.

You whip your head around to look at him. “Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

“Who’s your date?” Derek blurts out.

“Why do you care?” You cross your arms.

“Here we go again.” Scott says under his breath.

“I’m just wondering. I uh..I just wanted to make sure you were being safe.” You see everyone exchange glances.

“Since when do you care about my safety?” You roll your eyes and listen to Scott as he tells you what plan they’ve come up with.

Your date was a bust. You’d worn your good thong for nothing and all you could think about was a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a glass of wine.

You walk in the door and you’re greeted by Scott. “What the hell? How’d you-”

“Not important.” Scott interrupts.“You’re into Derek aren’t you?”

You’re caught off guard. “What? No.” You try to say casually and Scott smirks.

“That’s all I need. Bye!” He walks out and your left in your empty apartment mildly confused. You spend most of your time wondering how, as a twenty-two year old woman, you spent all of your time with high school kids. They were all pretty mature, but sometimes they were a handful.

You didn’t want to go to training but you knew you had to. Derek never told you how bad you really were and now you feel like you need to prove yourself. You decide to dress up for the occasion. You wear a blue sports bra with matching athletic pants. You tie your shoes before leaving for Derek’s.

You weren’t sure he even knew you were coming. You were shocked to see everyone there when you walked in.

“Who’re you so dressed up for, Y/N?” Stiles wiggles his eyebrows at you.

“I’m not dressed up. Shut up.” You roll your eyes.

“Ready?” You ask Derek and he nods.

“I’m sure he is.” Scott looked at you two playfully.

You caught a whiff of someone and you sighed. You smelled arousal again. If you’d known everyone would be here with their hormones you would’ve worn a shirt.

“I’ll take you out back.” Derek mutters.

“As a matter of fact, he’ll take you anywhere.” Stiles smirks.

“Shut up, Stiles.” You and Derek said in unison.

“In my defense I was just enhancing the vibe.” Stiles throws his hands up.

“What vibe?” You cross your arms.

“Oh, you know..the overwhelming sexual tension.” Kira says casually.

You roll your eyes. You had feelings for Derek, yeah..but he didn’t reciprocate so why should you dwell on it?

“Oh, can it. All of you.” You shake your head. Derek leads you to the backyard and you start stretching. As you bent forward to touch your toes the scent of arousal grew stronger.

The scent was masked by cologne as a pair of strong hands gripped your waist.

“Relax. I’m just spotting you.”

“I don’t need spotted for stretches.” You stand up and grab a blanket, spreading it out before lying on your back. You pull a knee to your chest and Derek kneels in front of you, putting weight on it.

“You know what my mom used to tell me to make training easier?” Derek says, making small talk.

“What?” You switched knees.

“She told me to tell her a story. Usually I just told her about my day, but it made it more bearable.”

You move to your hands and knees, reaching back to grab your ankle. “It probably helps to have someone who loves you training you. Someone who cares about you.” You look over your shoulder at him as he pulls back on your ankle.

“You have that. You have that probably more than I did.” Derek replies. You drop your ankle and look at him. Did he just say he loves you?

“What did you just say?” You ask slowly.

“I think I just confessed my love for you.” Derek rubs his eyes.

“You…” You point at yourself as the two of you stand.

“It’s too late to change what I said now..but yes. I love you like crazy actually.”

You were going to milk this. “What do you love?” You smirk.

“God, what isn’t there to love? I love your smart mouth, the way you scrunch your face up when I annoy you, I love how you smell after you’ve been outside, I…honestly? I just love you.”

At this point you probably look like a cartoon character, when their hearts are pounding out of their chest. “I love you too.” You say quickly. You didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out.

The both of you immediately are attached, your lips fitting perfectly together. You smell the arousal again, just now linking that it was Derek. You didn’t want to know before, because of how turned on you got when you caught the scent. You were afraid you’d be attracted to a high schooler.

Derek picks you up, somehow managing to stay in sync with your lips. You both pull away and lay your foreheads on each other.

“Why were you such an asshole to me?” You say quietly.

“I didn’t want you to feel obligated to date me if you knew I was in love with you.” He shrugs.

“Do you really think I’m as pathetic as you said?” You ask.

“Not at all, I just love when you’re mad.” He chuckled.

“I’m sorry for comparing you to a murderer.” You laugh.

“It’s okay. It’s kind of fitting.” Derek laughs with you.

The two of you are torn from each other by the sound of cheers and applause. You see everyone on the porch clapping and you roll your eyes.

“For God’s sake, go back inside!” You yell and they laugh.

“We should probably go back to my place.” You whisper in his ear and he smirks.

“Fine by me.”

Reasons why I will never see Jacob as the better option for Bella over Edward and why I have a love/hate relationship with him (hate reasons lol):

•Told Charlie about the motorcycles…lol P-E-T-T-Y !!!!! Can he control his jealousy at all?

•What really bugs me is he always says stuff like “Quil really wants to see you!!” …. “Quil likes you!”
This sounds like the “I’m asking for a friend” type of thing. Jacob’s the one with the crush on Bella, but he is literally hiding behind Quil and making Quil look like a 5 year old boy with a crush on his teenage babysitter. Quil doesn’t deserve this. I know Jacob is messing around, but he’s making fun of Quil to make himself look better when he himself has a puppy dog crush on Bella.

• He promised Bella he would never hurt her…and then proceeds to be the one that hurts her the most.

• He never respects Bella’s choices.

• He says he wants to “save Bella” from becoming a monster, but that’s a flimsy coverup for “Love me!! Not him!!”

• Bella ALWAYS made clear on her stance of how she felt about him, but he NEVER respected it like and always crossed the line by holding her hand (which Bella only let him do just so she wouldn’t hurt his feelings) and you know forcibly kissing her or whatever :-)

• He forcibly kissed her after Bella clearly says she was not in love with him.

• He then laughs at the pain she got from punching his face.

• “I hate you, Jacob Black.”
“That’s good. Hate is a passionate emotion.”

“I’ll give you passionate,” I muttered under my breath. “Murder, the ultimate crime of passion.”

“Oh, c’mon,” he said, all cheery and looking like he was about to start whistling again. “That had to be better than kissing a rock.”

Are you serious? I don’t even need to say anything, but I will. Does he honestly feel like he was doing her a favor by assaulting her?

• “You kissed me back.”

???? *repeatedly slams head on table*

• “Obviously you can’t — that was not kissing back, that was trying to get you the hell off of me, you idiot. ”

He laughed a low, throaty laugh. “Touchy. Almostoverly defensive, I would say.”

Jesus take the wheel PLEASE

• “I really couldn’t say, Jake. Edward is the only person I’ve ever kissed.”

“Besides me.”

“But I don’t count that as a kiss, Jacob. I think of it more as an assault.”

“Ouch! That’s cold.”

I shrugged. I wasn’t going to take it back.

“I did apologize about that,” he reminded me.

“And I forgave you … mostly. It doesn’t change the way I remember it.” He muttered something unintelligible.

YIKES DUDE….because apologizing about sexually assaulting someone makes it all better.

• In the movies (I don’t remember if it’s in the books exactly) he talks about the “Leah-Sam-Emily Pain Fest” and how he has to constantly listen to Leah/Sam’s thoughts on their love triangle thing when he literally forces the pack to do the same thing with Edward-Bella-Jacob Pain Fest. Hypocrite Wolf Boy, just be quiet.

• You know. When you said it was none of my business … if — if he bit you.” He cringed visibly at the end.

“Jake …” My throat felt swollen. I couldn’t finish.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Were you serious?”


• “Anything. Anything else. You’d be better off dead. I’d rather you were.”

No comment.

• He has such a prejudice against the vampires, and I guess to a point it does have to deal with them sort of being the reason he is a wolf…but it’s really just because he’s a jerk and hates them cause Bella is dating one of their family members and he isn’t.

• Ohh and you know just threatens to kill himself if Bella doesn’t kiss him lol so funny

• Accuses Bella of liking Edward more than him because of his looks/money. No, Jacob. Is that him like reassuring himself that he only isn’t Bella’s first choice because of those factors???

• Goes to Bella’s wedding and physically hurts her when he finds out that Bella plans on having sex with Edward while she’s still human. Bella tells him twice to let go of her, Edward then demands, then Seth tells him to twice more, then Edward says it again and he finally lets go. Then proceeds to threaten to kill Edward right now (IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE ON THEIR WEDDING DAY) None of this was his business, but he doesn’t seem to understand when it’s not.

• Rips the phone out from the wall so his father (who is in a wheelchair) cannot call Sam to tell him that Jacob is going to try to kill the Cullens. This part always bothered me. Your father is in a wheelchair…what if something bad would’ve happened? It just irks me.

• Goes to kill his best friend and her husband’s whole family just because he thinks Bella is a vampire. Good reasoning for murder, dude!

• Always ALWAYS a l w a y s guilts Bella into thinking his pain and sadness is all her fault.

• Genuinely does not care about Bella’s happiness. Edward would let Bella go if she wanted to be with Jacob. If the situation was switched and Bella was leaving Jacob for Edward, he’d probably kill Edward and who knows, probably Bella herself. If her happiness doesn’t benefit him, then he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want what’s best for her, only him.

• Constantly speaks rudely about imprinting, but never takes into consideration that the wolves literally cannot help it. But when it’s him that imprints…imprinting is great 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit…like please…can you not

• Goes to kill a baby born less than an hour ago just because it’s birth killed the girl who he loved. Lol me too, dude. He probably would’ve succeeded too if he didn’t imprint on the baby or if Rosalie couldn’t stop him. He even called Renesmee a murderer ahaha what she’s a newborn

• “Haven’t we experimented enough for one day? Okay, Bella’s doing great, but let’s not push it.”

LOL BOYYYY. You wanted to kill this baby like 3 days ago or something chill. He’s already possessive and acts like just because he imprinted on her that she was now his and belonged more to him and not her own mother.

• Told Charlie what he was and that Bella was “something” in order to allow the Cullens to stay and to keep Charlie in Bella’s life…okay but we all know it wasn’t for anyone’s benefit but his own. Charlie’s life was put in danger by telling him to come to the Cullen’s but you know whatever…I can keep my newborn baby girlfriend!1!

But I still love him okay

Ripples - Part 3

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Warnings: Angst. Broken Bucky. Conflicted Steve and Reader….I promise things can only look up from here

A/N: This is angsty af….not going to lie all I want to do is hug Mr. Barnes after writing this drabble. Punch him in the face then hug him lol

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Bucky’s POV

Time was irrelevant. It stood still as I sat on the roof of the tower, my legs hanging over the ledge as the rain pelted down on my body. I hadn’t known how long I had been sitting there, or when it had started raining, buts its Sam’s voice that causes me to shift my eyes from the forest horizon and onto him.

He has an umbrella as he walks toward me, a light jacket in tow that he beside me, taking a seat to my right. I look down at the jacket, then at him and he shrugs.

“Y/N,” her name bites at me, like when trying to pull a bullet out of a wound and my arms tense. Sam notices this and gives a slow sigh.

“She…she asked me to bring this out to you. Said you’d catch a cold if I didn’t.”

I don’t want to slip on the jacket but I do. It smells like her, the perfume mingling with the rain and the tears are sliding down my face again. Hot stains that leave me cold inside.

“She’s been working by the roof door all morning. Said she’s worried about you. Wants to talk to you -  clear things up. She’s made me wear my suit just in case you….did something brash. Told her not to worry about that. You know I can’t carry your heavy ass.” he gives a low chuckle but there’s a hint of worry and I turn to him, noticing his flight suit underneath his jacket.

When she did things like this, went out of her way to take care of me and make sure that others did the same, when she did that I remembered why I had fallen for her. When I got to the Tower the only people who spoke to me, really took the time to talk, was Steve and Sam. Everyone else would chat with me for a comfortable amount of time before my silence got to them and they would keep their distance thinking I needed the space.

When Tony hired Y/N, that had all changed. She took her time getting to know everybody but she especially made time for me. She would spend her lunch talking to me - even when i spent months pushing  her away. And why wouldn’t I? She was charismatic and intelligent - beautiful and wise. She deserved better than a broken man who didn’t know his past.

After missions she was the one who always asked how it went for me. No one else - didn’t matter who was injured. She always made it about me.  When I broke my leg a year ago, she was the one dropping off my meals and keeping me company to pass the long hours of being in my head. Going with me to doctors appointments. Helping to heal. Sometimes we would sit in silence, staying in our minds while we did endless tasks. Slowly but surely, she got me to open up to her. She got me to laugh and talk about the old days - another time. She would sometimes speak of her childhood, a glimmer of something happy flickering in those bright of hers.

I got acquainted to her. Got use to her running her hands mindlessly through my hair when Tony and Wanda bullied us into movie nights, my head resting in her lap while she watched some stupid film that Steven and I were supposed to learn about. Got used to her voice when I would wake up from my nightmares, calling her in fear. Only that sweet voice could scare the demons away, her kind words soothing me back to sleep. Got used to the way she started watching me the same way I had always watched her. Those gentle eyes looking at me glazed over with lust, her eyes flicking down to my lips before her tongue licked over her own. Her touches, light yet lingering as she hugged me or sat next to me idly.

In love. I thought that we were both in love.

And then Steve came alone. Perfect Steve.

Why wouldn’t she marry him? He was what every woman wanted. And I was broken.

“And her husband?” I spit out the last part and Sam places a careful hand on my right shoulder.

“Steve’s been worried to but I think he’s….he’s trying to figure out his feelings with her too you know? Think he might like her a whole lot then he’s letting on. Probably wants to stay married because it’s the right thing to do…”

I hadn’t realized my hand was knotted in a fist until it slams down on the concrete ledge, startling Sam. His hands instinctively go for his gun before he realizes that I’m trying to calm down, my eyes closed as I take deep breaths. He sighs and shakes his head.

“This is a mess man. I can’t even imagine - listen I know you and Y/N were just two awkward flirty encounters away from telling each other how you felt.”

“Why does everyone know that.” I mumble louder than planned and Sam laughs, uninhibited and full of amusement. A Sam laugh. A laugh that for a millisecond makes me forget how much pain I’m in.

“Dude, you both are not slick. You basically turn into a pool of puddy when she’s around. And god forbid if she talks to you. She could make you her sex slave if she ever wanted to.”

I chuckle, leaning my head down and I’m flooded with memories of her again. Thinking about how she would comfort me right now, how her hand would unconsciously lift to my left arm - not the metal part. She always liked to caress the part where she knows metal meets skin, her small hands tracing over the scarred tissue  as she listened patiently. She’d coax me to lie on my back, my head in her lap as I looked up to her, telling her all the things that had triggered my mood. She’d only rake her hands in my hair after I told her all, reminding me about all the reasons why I was a good person. That a person’s past sins didn’t dictate the person they were today. How we defined that by how we learned from those actions.

And she knows that I’m a good person.

She always bit her lip when she told me that, her eyes far away and I wondered what she hid from the world, perhaps even to herself. But when she looked back down at me, her lips tugged between her teeth before she smiled at me, I knew it wasn’t for me to ask. She would tell me when she was ready. Instead I would preoccupy my mind thinking about how i thought her kisses would taste.  How her body would feel against mine. How it would be nice to have her in my arms as she worked, pen in her mouth as she review the endless amount of files Tony had her managing. Kissing her forehead and telling her how much I loved her. How I belonged only to her.

A future I imagined.  Gone, just like that.

Sam clears his throat, bringing me back to the present.

“You know Y/N can be pretty cold and distant but she’s a softie for you. And not in the way she empathizes with Bruce. There’s always been something else with you. Mention your name and her lips tug into an involuntary smile…..”

Sam hesitates before he says the next part, allowing me the pleasure of his observation for only a fraction of a second.

“But she’s also always been overprotective of Steve. I….I get why she’d drunkenly marry him.”

When I turn to Sam he’s raising his hands in defense, shaking his head.

“Listen man, I know you probably don’t want to hear that. But Steve always had a small crush on her, I just don’t think he knew it. Sharon did. That’s why she broke up with him - the real reason she did. Tired of him giving Y/N those love sick eyes when she walked into a room. And Y/N respects Steve. Admires him….. You guys…..aww shit, I’m just going to say this once but you both kinda balance who she is - you and Steve. Steve represents the person she’s trying to be - the person she’s chosen to turn into since leaving god knows what evil organization. You represent the person she was…probably the true person that she is.”

I nod, my jaw clenching as I look back at the forest.

“What you’re saying is -  she was going to end up with Steve because he’s the better man.”

“What? No!” Sam says, then stands up.

“Listen man, I think you and her fit better together. She may try to be clean like Steve but it’s not her. She’s like you. She’s troubled. But she’s also pretty damn amazing. A good woman. A woman whose history may be bathed in blood but soul is clean as a whistle. A person who is better than Steve because they’ve survived that type of darkness. That’s why you both fit perfectly. You  both know you can’t ever come back from unseeing and unknowing what you know. ”

He slaps my shoulders but the fresh wave of pain has set in. I thought I’d be good enough for her. She made it seem like I was. As if knowing my thoughts Sam mutters,

“You’re a good guy James. Don’t think you’re not good enough for her. Just…go and talk her.” he turns, walking back to toward the roof door, hesitating before touching the handle.

“….Just don’t tell anyone I gave you a compliment. I got a reputation to maintain.”

I smirk as he leaves as quietly as he came.

Maybe, just maybe, he’s right.

I finally move from outside when I realize that the wind  has picked up and despite the jacket Sam left, I was getting chilled to my bones. I walk into the dim hallway, not surprised to see Y/N’s laptop but curious to where she had gotten off to. I debate leaving it and just hiding out in my room but I know that if know one see’s me, which I could make happen, Y/N would park out here all night.

I couldn’t do that to her.

I grab the laptop and make my way to my room, jumping on the elevator and going down to my floor. It was on the 7th level of the large complex and one of the more isolated floors. There were three bedrooms that belonged to Sam, Steve and I. An office that Tony had converted for Y/N because she liked the peace to get work done - the three of us were pretty quiet. 

I knew the real reason was that it also hosted a large patio deck and she liked the view of the forest. And having quick access to an exit if necessary.

Subconsciously always thinking like a killer. A trait we both tried to disguise.

It was also the main reason why Y/N and I had become friends. Couldn’t avoid her beautiful face when it was one of the first things you walked out to.

I had almost made it to my room when I heard whispering and for a second I think Sam has left his TV on again.   But inching closer to Steve’s room I recognize his dark voice tangled in her soft one. I know I should turn and walk away.

Something pulls me closer.

I walk to the entrance of the door, barely peaking through the cracked space. Not wanting to be known.

Y/N was standing against Steve’s dresser, her arms crossed over her chest. She had changed into capri leggings and a large workout tank top that fell over her body, her chest catching the large fabric and folding against it. The sports bra she wore looked like something Natasha wore and my guess was she borrowed her clothes.

She looked damn good.

Steve had changed into sweatpants and a fitted work out shirt, his hands in his hair.

“Would it really be that crazy Y/N? We did get married.”

She gives a sigh before biting her lip.

“Steve….you literally just got out of a relationship. We got married drunk on Asgardian Ale. I can’t validate staying married when I don’t even know how I feel about you. How you truly feel about me. That’s not even factoring my feelings for…you know no. And don’t say you care because you’re as noble as the energy that lights up a most of New York.”

Steve is silent before saying

“I know that…listen I know that the circumstances aren’t the best. But….I couldn’t forgive myself if I never told you.”

Her eyes furrow together as she places her hands on his dresser.

“Tell me what Steve?”

He gets up from where he was sitting, walking toward her. His eyes betraying something else that Y/N didn’t see. Then he shakes his head.

“Nothing I just - I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting a divorce knowing I didn’t try to work on this. Despite the circumstances wouldn’t it be remissed if we didn’t give this a shot”

Of course he was trying to convince her to stay married. Of course he wouldn’t tell her how he felt about her. 

That would just not be the Steve Rogers way. 

Despite my frustration with him, I can’t help but smile. Only one guy like Steve. 

“Steve…” she starts but he steps closer to her, cutting off the space between them.

“I’m not saying that you should drop everything for me. I know I should just pretend that this marriage thing never happened and let you and Bucky figure things out. But Y/N don’t tell me you haven’t felt this feeling between us before.”

She bites her lip and his hand caresses against her cheek.

I know the spark he’s referencing. I had noticed it before, before I admitted to Steve how much I truly cared about her. Before I even admitted it to myself. I had warned him that he had feelings for her and he always shook it off with a light laugh,

“A lady like that Bucky, a lady like that needs a man like you. Not me. Besides , I’m with Sharon.”

So much for that.

“You want us to have some weird sister wives situation? But like brother husbands…” she bursts into laughter but the reference is lost on both of us.

“Whats a sister wife? Or a brother husband?” Steve asks confused and she laughs harder, shaking her head in his hand.

“Don’t ever worry about it Steve. Its this stupid thing that bored people in Utah have created and now market out to the public via television”

Steve’s face is still complex but the smile tugging on his face reassures her. Better to go in now, when the tension was less thick and leave.

I round the corner, expecting to find them still standing there laughing and shaking their heads. Instead, Steve bends down to kiss her. It catches her off guard. I can tell by the way her limbs instantly tense up, the hard muscles pulling against the soft skin. Her eyes are wide open before the close, her hands rising up to his shoulders.

I take a small swallow, feeling my throat constrict with the motion.  I should walk away. Her hands run down his chest and she pushes away slowly, shaking her head.

“….. Steve, please don’t make me choose.”

He looks down at her as she continues, her eyes glued to his chest.

“We’ve already created a mess. Don’t complicate it with feelings.”

He swipes his hand across her face and she gives an involuntary shiver,

“I’m not trying to make this more complicated. But wouldn’t it be lost if we didn’t give this a try. Even if its for the month. If I can prove to you that I could make you a happy woman - a happy wife, wouldn’t you want to give that a chance?”

She gives another long sigh, her lips between her teeth.

“I don’t want to be your rebound Steve. I never wanted to be anyones wife so playing as rebound wife just sounds like…..hell.”

“You’re not!” he yells this and she chuckles, shaking her head.

“I may be the biggest idiot allowing the most naive man to try to talk me into saying married. But…I’ll think about it ok.”

“That’s all I’m asking.” he lifts her up, her frame light in his arms and she laughs, wrapping her arms around him.  I can’t handle any of it anymore. Like hell I was going to stand around while they slowly fell in love with each other. I clear my throat, pushing my way into the room.

“You left your laptop upstairs.” I mumble, placing the thin metal on his desk. Trying to ignore how my metal hand - my curse- has left imprints on it. They both snap their head at me, Steve instantly placing Y/N down.

Our eyes meet and I know he knows I heard everything.


“Save it Steve,” I looked over at Y/N who has moved past Steve and was walking toward me.

“Wouldn’t want to distract you from winning the heart of your wife.”

The last part hits Steve the way I want it too. I see him flinch from the action and Y/N turns to him briefly before following me out the door, my name on her lips.

I don’t slow down until I hit my bedroom. By this point she’s run to catch up to me, stopping the door with a new form of strength I didn’t think she possesed.

“Can you stop for two goddamn seconds and listen to me.”

“You want me to be courteous to you when you go  and marry my best friend. And don’t have the decency to warn me until he’s telling the whole damn world.”

“I was going to tell you,” she says, pushing her way beyond me and turning around. “Steve was planning on telling the team. We didn’t want you to find out the way you did……you know Steve. And he’s damn good honesty policy. Didn’t think he’d blab to them before I talked to you”

“Then why were the damn wedding band into the house? At least pretend you wren’t happy in love.”

She crosses her arms in frustation.

“Forgot I had the damn thing on to be honest. I’m not accustomed to having jewelry dictating my commitment  to someone else.”

“You appeared to have forgotten a lot of things in the past 24 hours.”

“That’s not fair.” she whispers and I roll my eyes.

“You think finding out my best friend married the person I -” I stop myself. No need to betray something that no longer had the potential to live.

“I know that’s not fair either.” a step toward me. Its calculated but I take a step away from her, turning to shut the door.

“You think finding out that the only two people that I care about, that I trust, decided to get drunk together and go off and get married. Did he seal your union last night too?”

She shakes her head.

“…I don’t think…I don’t remember.”

I snort.

“Perfect. So you probably fucked my best friend and then you expect me to be okay with it.”

“I don’ tknow what I did Bucky. I just remember going off to check on Steve.”

“Leaving me for Steve. Should have seen that coming. Golden boy has an army of women after him now - why wouldn’t you be a part of that group?”

Bitter words that I didn’t know lived in me were coming out. I had to get a handle on this.

“Its not like that! Besides, I know you fucked that stupid little blonde from accounting. Had to go through the security footage to figure out what happen between Steve and I. What about that James? Wanna explain to me why you woke up with some stranger?”

Her eyes were like daggers, glued on me. Knowing good and damn well that she was right. I had no right to demand anything from her when I did stupid shit like that.   

“Fucking some stranger is different than going off and marrying my best friend.”

“Is it Bucky? Because for someone who is always claiming they give a damn about me, seems awful unfair that I’ve been the one alone night after night while you nurse some dumb ho that has flirty eyes for The Winter Solider. In the one who has to deal with escorting them off the premises in the morning and hearing their stupid snide remarks. I’m the one stuck flirting with you, wondering how the fuck you feel about me. You wonder why I went off with Steve? Maybe I was tired on waiting around on you and wanted to be with someone who cared about me. You know what - fuck this Bucky. I wanted to apologize. But fuck this. You should be apologizing to me.”

She’s crying now, the tears consuming her. She was right. I had slept with those women to distract myself from her. I didn’t think I was good enough for her. It was easier to have one night stands with someone I wasn’t invested than thinking about rejection with someone l loved. 

I was just as much as a mess as Steve.

She tries to walk past me and  I grab her out of instinct, my-hands wrapping around her waist.  

“Let go of me.” 

Her voice is venom. Its dark and icy and promises pain. 

“Tell me why you don’t want to marry Steve.” 

She grabs my wrist, I know to pull away but my hands just dig deeper into her flesh. 

“Tell me. Please?” 

Before I can respond she’s twisted my arm behind my back, moving fluid and precise. She’s freed herself as her other hand pushes into my neck. At a pulse point. 

For a second I’m stunned and impressed. She never trained with us -  we didn’t know her potential. Of course she was probably some goddamn top assassin.

“You don’t have that right anymore. You lost it the moment you thought I choose to marry Steve.” 

Then she releases me, exiting my room quickly. I groan, sitting on the bed and putting my head in my hands. 

How the hell was I supposed to navigate this mess and win her heart?


It’s the first time that the big leader of the Saviors shows up. And now you kind of understand why people are following him. He’s intimidating and the grin he send you make things worse than better.
“Wow, just fucking wow.” Negan whistles and mockingly bows down. “And you are?”
“(Y/N).” Fearful eyes meet Ezekiel’s worried ones.
“You don’t have to be afraid.” The Saviors leader says with a chuckle. “I want to make you spon-fucking-taneous offer.”
Uncomfortable with the situation you cross your arms in front of the chest. “What offer?”
“I’ll take you back home, making you a wife and my boys let your friends, let’s say, alone for the next four weeks.”
Your face is getting pale and your heartbeat drops, not believing what you just heard.
“No.” Ezekiel steps in front of you.
“Ok King dick, I think the lady can speak for herself.” Negan sends you an amused glare, waiting for your answer.
Afraid what Negan will do when you deny his offer you just stand there and stare back at him.
“You’re scaring her, Negan.” Ezekiel says calmly. “It’s for the best you’re going now.”
“Well..” Negan chuckles and sends you a wink. “Maybe next time.”

A little too much you cling onto Ezekiel’s coat, but it doesn’t bother him. An arm is wrapped around your hips as he accompanies you to your house.
“Thank you.” You say and look up in the warm eyes of Ezekiel.
“I’ll always protect you, you know that, right?”
Ezekiel runs his thumb over your cheek as you nod, noses brushing against each other. Shakily breathing you close your eyes as he leans forward and kisses you. Warm and soft his lips moving against yours and small hum in enjoyment leaves your mouth, giving him the chance to slip his tongue in. His tongue explores your mouth before rolling over yours in a passionate dance.
“Can I invite you in the house, my king?” You ask, looking directly in his nearly black eyes.
“I’d highly appreciate that.”

anonymous asked:

please write something where azrael meets chloe!

“So, is that your human?” The Angel of Death does that unsettling thing where she can see any mortal on the face of the earth, no matter who they are or what they are doing – though in this case, she admittedly does not need supernatural powers, given that Chloe is standing just across the way in Lux. Azrael raises an eyebrow and whistles, ancient bronze eyes gleaming appraisingly. “That’s far better than I thought you could do, little brother. I’m impressed.”

Lucifer squirms horrendously. Trying to keep another dangerous female relative under containment has been causing him no end of trouble. Azrael is a different kind of threat than their mother, and she does not appear inclined to stay, but he has absolute kittens every time she looks in Chloe’s direction. “Sis, can you – please not do that thing where you look at her like she’s a dead cow in the desert, and you’re a buzzard circling overhead, waiting to pick her bones clean? And she’s not my human, not really. I’d say fifty-fifty split with Maze. More thirty-seventy with Maze. Twenty-eighty?”

“Then you’re missing out.” Azrael leans on the bar in her black leather biker jacket, the metallic shimmer of her eyeshadow catching the light of the revolving disco ball. Her fingers tap to the pulsing electronica from the dance floor. “What’s this music? It’s terrible.”

“Forgot how much I missed you, Az.” Lucifer has another minor heart attack as her gaze lingers on Chloe. It could just be frank admiration, but he can’t wait to get the literal personification of Death away from his — no, not his, that’s the whole bloody point – detective. “Look, if we agree that I’ll go find what I might have done with your toy, you stay away from her?”

“I’m not here for her. Yet.” Azrael shrugs, throwing back another shot of whatever jet fuel she’s already had a few rounds of, though of course it does nothing more than make her talkative. “You do remember that she’s mortal, Lucifer?”

“Far too well, thanks,” he mutters tersely, wondering if it would be too conspicuous if he rushed over pretending to have an urgent phone call from the station, some tragic pudding-related incident of Daniel’s, and dragged Chloe out. At least she’ll have sense, at least she’ll keep talking to the suspect they set up a meeting with here, at least she won’t –

Oh bloody, buggering hell. She’s coming over.

Lucifer’s frantic attempts to signal to her that he has the situation under control do nothing to deter her, as she steps up in front of them and glances between them with that particular kind of raised eyebrow she always reserves for anyone of the female variety she catches Lucifer chatting with. “Hey, so, who’s this?”

“Nobody,” Lucifer babbles. “Absolutely nobody important. Old – definitely not friend, who was just passing through briefly and is leaving tonight. Was supposed to be already gone.”

Azrael looks inordinately amused. Tosses her long, ink-black hair over one shoulder, offers a silver-ringed hand, and says in that husky, strong-whiskey voice of hers, “I’m his sister.”

“Sis…?” Chloe has heard enough about the family by now to have some guess as to who that is supposed to be. She looks – good girl – rather leery of taking Azrael’s hand, as Lucifer debates the merits of body-slamming his sister through the glass rack. He shifts his weight, determined to prevent any physical contact between them, just in case. “So, is that Ms. Morningstar, or Ms. God?”

Azrael looks judgmentally over at Lucifer. “Certainly not the former. Azrael is fine.”

“And you’re here for?”

“My little brother was very careless with something that belongs to me.” Azrael’s gaze is as dark and starless as the sky before a storm. There seems to be a cold breath of air running through Lux by virtue of her very presence, as Lucifer prays that none of the clubgoers will, oh, choke on a cocktail olive and force her into an abrupt execution of her professional duties. “I understand that you, as a detective, might be helpful in locating this item?”

“I’m a homicide detective,” Chloe says, more than a little coolly. “Unless someone’s dead, I can’t help. And it sounds like something you should take up with your brother.”

“I could.” Azrael shrugs. “You will have noticed, however, that he is not very…forthcoming with information.”

“No.” Chloe snorts. “That he is not.”

Lucifer finds it even more unsettling to watch his terrifying sister and the detective having something remotely approaching a moment of female bonding over his failures, than he did with Chloe hitting it off with either Maze or Amenadiel. He clears his throat. “Already told you, Az. I sent it away with Mum. Not here. So flutter off somewhere else and – ”

“Do you know where you sent it?” Azrael interrupts.

“Well… no.”

“And what could use it to come through?”

“Somehow I’m guessing the answer is not a fabulous parade of America’s Next Top Model winners?”

Azrael whirls to pin him with a stare that makes Lucifer’s witticisms shrivel up and die squeaking in his throat. Bloody hell, he will personally pay her bar tab if it gets her out of here. He shifts again, trying to keep himself between the two women, even as Chloe is standing on tiptoe trying to peek over his shoulder. Azrael, for that matter, is looking even more amused. “Not your human?” she says. “Could have fooled me.”

“Yeah, I think I can see the family resemblance.” Chloe puts a hand on Lucifer’s side, trying to edge him out of the way, but he still doesn’t budge. Over his dead body (not at all a figure of speech, given that he has ended up that way twice where the detective is concerned) is he going bloody anywhere. Where the hell is Amenadiel? Probably upstairs hiding under the bed, lionheart that he is when it comes to Az. Though if an immortal can have heart failure, especially given that Chloe is touching him, Lucifer is definitely about to have it.

Azrael’s gaze flicks between the two of them for a moment longer. Then she shrugs and steps back. “I’ll be back tomorrow,” she says. “And both of you will be helping me look for it.”

With that, she turns and – doesn’t walk across the club toward the door, entirely, so much as she just isn’t there anymore. Lucifer remains rooted to the spot, staring after her, arm instinctively outstretched in front of Chloe, who herself seems slightly rattled – but only slightly – by her first full-frontal experience of a member of his sodding family who isn’t sodding Amenadiel. “Your sister,” she says at last. “Well, nobody’s going to accuse you of having a boring home life.”

“Not at all,” Lucifer mutters. “Detective, just… just stay away from her, all right?”

“Why?” Chloe looks up at him with her blasted usual pragmatism. “If she’s supposed to be the Angel of Death, she can’t actually kill me, can she? Just take me away when I’m dead?”

Lucifer winces. “Detective, please don’t talk about that.”

“About what?”

His voice feels caught in his throat. “About… about you dying.”

Chloe seems about to say something else, perhaps to remind him that it’s rather odd for him to be squeamish about dead humans, given both his day job and his former day job. But instead she glances down, catches his hand quickly in hers, and says, “Lucifer, I promise. I am going to be absolutely fine.”

“I certainly hope so.” He manages a nod. “Just. Still. Don’t go near her.”

“We’ll see.” Chloe’s eyes remain focused on the spot of Azrael’s departure. “I have a feeling she meant it when she said she’d be back.”

Most unfortunately, Lucifer does as well. He’s already shielded Chloe from the murderous wrath of one of his siblings before, and while he doesn’t think that Azrael is about to follow Uriel in this regard, it does nothing to ease the crushing, scrambling terror he exists in every time there’s any kind of a threat to Chloe’s person. Az wants the blade. They’ll find that. Then she’ll go away.

Then she’ll go away.

Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’-Part 2

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None, just fluff.

Summary: When the boys are in some deep shit, you decide to help. But what happens when you have to live with the man your heart belongs to? The one and only Dean Winchester?

Author Notes: Sorry it took me forever guys but here’s part 2! Working on part 3 as well. Let me know how I’m doing too! Feedback is what keeps me writing!

Catch up: Part 1

Originally posted by thejabberwock

You make me weep

And wanna die

Just when, you’d say we’d try

Lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’ each other 


The Winchesters’ weren’t normally the ones to be on time but they arrived at your house at 8:30, right on the dot. You checked your watch and to be honest, you were impressed. 

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Wrote a thing. A short(ish), fluffy thing, featuring Clark, Kara, and Alex, inspired by this. (As always, hoping that I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes or anything.)

“She blew out her powers,” Clark explains. His voice cracks, and Jeremiah isn’t sure if it’s from worry or simply due to the boy’s age. “I didn’t even know we could do that.”

“Tell him—tell him what you named it,” Kara wheezes, forcing a smile to her face. It’s strained.

Clark doesn’t say anything right away, looking at his cousin with wide, concerned eyes. He’s never seen her look weak. Or tired. Or hurt.

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anonymous asked:

Tell me a sappy story?

(How about sappy in both senses, because I can never resist a pun?)

“Hello,” said the dryad, venturing forth from the cluster of trees dotted along the slope. Her skin was silver-brown, her tangled hair was a soft blue-green, and her long fingers were cupped as if holding something precious.

“Hello,” replied the oread, toes at the edge of her cliff. Her skin was the sun-warmed tan of rock, her hair was streaked through with red, and very rarely did she speak with nymphs of other kinds.

The dryad’s hands flowered open to reveal nestled between then a precious seed.

“I would like my son to grow where he may know the wine-dark sea,” she said, her wine-dark eyes black and bright. “Would you show me where his roots would find firm soil to grip, that wind could not rip him free?”

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The Joker x Reader *Your day*

The Joker came up with the idea a while ago: from time to time you will have ”your day”, which means that for 12 hours you can do whatever you want. Sometimes it happens twice a month, sometimes weeks and weeks go by and…nothing. He secretly likes to make you happy but he wouldn’t admit it even if his life depends on it. A real sweetheart.   T__T

(warning: a bit of smut)

“Princess, today’s your day.” His raspy voice comes from behind you, his breath on your shoulder, waiting for your reaction.

You’re sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, bored to death. You quickly lift your head up, turning to see him, full of hope.

“Oh my God, J, like…for reals?”

“For reals,” he confirms, grinning his silver teeth at you.

You scream, tossing the magazine to the side, pulling him for a fast kiss, then you push him back and you get off the couch.

“That’s all I get?” he complains with a puzzled look on his face. Oh, he’s such a little jerk, he knows what follows.

“Hold on, let me get dressed, I’ll be back in a sec, Puddin. “

You are soooooo excited; you didn’t have your day in almost three months. You run to your closet and get your skimpy favorite outfit out that you like to wear for such…occasions: a tight red and green t-shirt (your and his favorite colors) barely going down halfway your abs , short enough to reveal your “Property of Joker” huge tattoo spread across your pelvis, plus the matching really short shorts with your name printed in the front and his printed on the back. Add the high hills and…you’re done.

You go back in the living room, and he sits on his chair, waiting, playing with his gold chains.

“Under 5 minutes, Princess, I’m impressed. I should let you have your day more often, this way you get ready in time,” he mocks you.

“Whatever Mister J,” you roll your eyes while sprinting towards him and landing on his lap. “First thing on my list, always,” you whisper, pulling down on his bottom lip with your finger, teasing him a bit before you start kissing him passionately.

-  First thing on your list is always making out with J for about half an hour. The reason why? He usually would do it for about 10, 15 minutes and then… well, you can imagine with him being such an impatient man. When it’s your day he can’t stop until you stop. Ha! Sucker! For sure taking advantage of this. You know it’s about time to put an end to it when your lips go numb. His hands are all over you and you know what he wants but it’s not going to happen right now. You have more stuff to do and can’t waste time, otherwise you’ll be trapped in the bedroom all day.

He growls, unhappy, trying to pull you back when you part from his mouth and you know better than to let him snitch you. You dodge his hand and walk backwards, licking on your lips so you can get some feeling back into them; they feel so red and swollen, just like his. You let out a devilish snicker (and you know you’ll pay for all of it later), encouraging him to get up so you can finally leave the penthouse.

“Come on, babeee, I wanna have fun out there, come on, pleasseeeee?”

“Damn it, it’s your day, I guess,” he gives up, frustrated, because he has to. He came up with the stupid thing anyway and now he can’t take it back. You smile to yourself watching him walk a bit funny towards the elevator. You almost feel sorry for him. Almost…

To compensate, you let him give you a few hickeys on the way down, this way he feels like he’s getting some revenge on you.

-   Next thing on your list is shopping and actually paying for the stuff you like. The Joker pouts and has a tantrum because his Pumpkin shouldn’t do such a common, boring thing as paying for stuff. But what are you supposed to do with all the money you have anyway?!

-  Since you are out during the day, you are using a black, unmarked car and you ask him to take you in Gotham woods at your favorite spot so he can speed and race. OMG, you love speed. He drives like a demon through the paved road, mostly deserted since Mister J bought the property last year and closed it down to the public. He does cookies and spins too and you love it until it starts to make you nauseated.

“OK, Puddin, I think I’m good now!” you let him know with a grimace. “I’m starting to get sick.”

“Lightweight!” J snickers, still doing a few more doughnuts while you dig your nails in his arm, yelling at him to stop. He can be such a stubborn ass sometimes. Thank God his rampage doesn’t last for longer.

-  You go to the movies and he rents a whole screening room just for the two of you. You wanted to watch a scary movie and he wanted to watch you get naked but you win because it’s your day and you have plans. He frowns for the length of the whole movie, arms crossed on his chest, not even looking your way until the end. Jeez, sometimes you feel you live with a 5 year old. You sigh and you have to be the bigger person (again) and give him your neck for more hickeys. That seems to please him, but you’re sure you will regret it in a little bit. In fact, you already are, your skin looks like a bruised up minefield.

-  Late lunch with Frost and his new girlfriend. You really like her since she’s your sister. They both seem to stare at your love bites that you don’t even try to hide. You like to wear them with pride, like battle wounds. People need to know how you suffer. Small talk going on, she lifts her eyebrows, pointing her lips towards your hickeys and you sigh, rolling your eyes and soundlessly mutter “temper.” She understood what you said and she giggles, quickly coughing when Mister J looks your way. You play with your food, trying to look as innocent as possible. The boys don’t talk too much; they are kind of socially awkward anyway. You don’t think they know what to say to each other except work stuff.

- Back to the penthouse, day almost over with.

“Come on, Princess, hurry up!” the Joker rushes you, coming out of the bedroom with only his gym shorts on, your name printed all over. You guys really like personalized clothing.

“I’m ready, almost done!  I swear!” you grab the popcorn from the microwave, plus your Pepsi and you follow him to the gym area. This is one on the best things to ask for when it’s your day: the Joker working out and you watching, eating popcorn and sipping on your drink. It’s better than any movie, ever. You whistle and roar every couple of minutes, visibly pleased with the view.

“Yeah, Puddin, work it! Oh, look at those muscles,” your eyes widen, totally getting excited. He’s starting to sweat a bit and that makes him look even more delicious to you and he knows it. He gets off the weight bench and with just two fingers he slowly and seductively pulls down on his shorts, watching your mouth open in anticipation. You choke on the popcorn but quickly recover because the show is getting better and better. Right before he uncovers what you’re dying to see, he pulls up his shorts, full of himself.

“That’s for doing the same thing to me all day, baby doll.”

Wow, what a jerk! He’ll pay; your day is not over yet.

“Wanna come help me?” he winks and you agree, still upset though.

He starts doing pushups with you sitting on his back and you count.

“50,51,52  …Wow, J, how many can you do?! Last time you did 50.”

“A hundred,” he grunts from under your weight, pushing himself to the limit.

“I’m impressed, you know,” you reply, spanking him and continuing to count, back to slurping on your Pepsi.


-   And for your grand finale, you lured The Joker in the bedroom,( which was effortless after you took your top off) and tight him to the bed with handcuffs. You still have 20 minutes from your day left so you decided he’s going to pay for the hickeys, for the gym scene and for other things he always does to you.

You tease him to the max, kissing him all over, brushing your skin on his but not letting him touch you himself. You bite his flesh softly and he just goes crazy.

“Untie me, doll, I can’t take it anymore, I want you right now. “

“I still have three minutes,” you give him an evil smile, licking his neck.

“Fuck, stop it or I swear I’m gonna punish you the worst way possible.”

“Hehehe, do it…Daddy!” you smirk.

That’s it, he’s done. When you call him Daddy he’s a goner and you soooo know it.

“I’m going to be nice, Puddin and untie you a minute earlier”, you smile, feeling sorry for him and to be honest at this point for you too. “But you owe me since you’re cutting into my time.”

He just purrs, biting his lips, his eyes devouring you.

“Ummm, Puddin, I can’t find the keys,” you say, looking around the bed, trying to hold your laugh.


“I can’t find the keys” you repeat, amused.

“Well, where did you put them?”

“I don’t know,” you chuckle, “I don’t actually remember seeing them.”

“You’re fucking with me, right?”

“Ehehehe, not yet,” you giggle, still looking around.

Mister J lets his head fall down on the pillow, annoyed.

“I’ll find them, I swear I will, but now…”

You crawl on top of him, forcing him to look at you again.

“You know what… Daddy? We can have fun anyway, it’s not like we didn’t do this before. Since you find yourself in this…position, I will just have to take advantage of you.” You kiss him roughly and he lets out a deep moan.

“I don’t deserve you, doll.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you bite his lip and pull yourself up, starting to take your bra off.

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Tainted Minds

this took so long to write but I really love it and it’s really long and angsty and fluffy but trust me I think it’s worth it! PS it’s a prompt someone sent me :3

Prompt: Phil has never known happiness. To end his misery, he goes to Big Ben, finds a way to the top and jumps. Dan sees Phil and somehow manages to catch him. They finally meet at the hospital and begin to fall in love. Dan must find a way to help this new man from hurting himself again. But he believes Phil doesn’t love him so he must try to keep their friendship unromantic, all the while Phil is trying to bring them as close as possible.

AN: I had to change it a little bit, but it’s still close to the prompt c: btw, thanks for sending it in and curing my writers block! 

word count: 6513 holy fuck

warnings: suicidal thoughts and actions, self harming, depression, mentions of rape, verbal, mental and physical abuse, cliche shit

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