it is better than an opera

300 Reasons why you should subscribe to AmazingPhil

1.       He’s been on youtube for over 10 years

2.       The Adventures of Lion was better than a soap opera

3.       PINOF

4.       He started making videos because he won a camera in a cereal box

5.       He is a self-confessed cereal thief

6.       People drew him naked; he used it as an opportunity to showcase their art

7.       He is a ball of sunshine that can brighten the bleakest of days

8.       He doesn’t complain about much

9.       His eyes are gorgeous

10.   He likes to put stickers on expensive things

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a compilation of some of my favourite composer quotes:

“Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end.”  - Igor Stravinsky

“I am sure my music has a taste of codfish in it.” - Edvard Grieg 

“Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them.” - Richard Strauss

“He’d be better off shovelling snow than scribbling on manuscript paper.” - Richard Strauss on Schoenberg

“I liked your opera. I think I will set it to music.” - Ludvig van Beethoven

“I have written a chorale both sober and suitable. In it I have put everything I know about boredom. I dedicate this to those who do not like me.” - Erik Satie

“ Mr. Wagner has beautiful moments but bad quarters of an hour.” - Gioacchino Rossini

“What a good thing this isn’t music.” - Gioacchino Rossini on Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique 

“Oh how wonderful, really wonderful opera would be if there were no singers!” - Gioacchino Rossini

“In opera there is always too much singing.” - Claude Debussy

“Bring me coffee before I turn into a goat!” - Johann Sebastian Bach

“Listening to the 5th Symphony of Ralph Vaughan Williams is like staring at a cow for 45 minutes.” - Aaron Copland 

“The audience expected something big, something colossal, but they were served instead with some agitated water in a saucer.” - Louis Schnieder on Debussy’s La Mer

“He gives me the impression of being a spoilt child.” - Clara Schumann on Liszt 

“What a giftless bastard!” - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky on Brahms

“Handel is only fourth rate. He is not even interesting.” - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

“Bach on the wrong notes” -  Sergei Prokofiev on Stravinsky 

And, saving the best for last…

“Lick my ass up and down” -Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Feel free to add more! (Also please don’t think that I agree with all of these, I am a huge fan of Symphonie Fantastique and La Mer!!)

Me, when I first listened to Phantom of the Opera: Christine, get with Raoul, he’s the good guy!

Me, 13-years old: No Christine, get with the phantom! He has a cave and stuff, so much cooler!

Me, now: Christine I know for a fact that Meg Giry would treat you better than either of these men.

Ocean’s Fave ao3 Klance Bookmarks: A FIC REC

I’ve been working my way through the klance tag on ao3 for a while now and am always sending links to my friend so i thought i may as well compile a bunch of my faves here! these are pretty much all my bookmarks atm but there’s so many more i want to read… i’ll probably reblog this and add more as time goes by (or make like a part 2?)

almost all of these are set in the canon universe or canon divergence because.. it’s my fave universe. what au is better than space?????? nothing. space is the best setting for anything to happen! (space opera au’s have always been my favourite) all fic on this list is complete and any heavy nsfw fics will have an * beside it so it can be avoided if you wish!

so without further ado, under the read more in alphabetical order -

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I plug the hole in my soul with more music, but I can still hear your crying. When was the last time you felt okay? Maybe I’m talking to a ghost. Maybe I’m talking to my shadows. Maybe I’m writing to no one. Dear phantom of my opera, dear lady that doesn’t write back, dear winter blown over into snow, dear mountains cracking near my knuckles, dear tears that sound like forgiveness, dear darling that doesn’t know when to be alright– have you been okay lately? I know heaven has an address that I might not make it to one day, I know poetry belongs to the stirring inside of me– at which point does it begin to get a little better than never? Have you ever been brace before? Brace yourself– we belong to no one, we belong to nowhere. Dear music that plays when no one is around, dear music box that is broken– I still hear your sounds, I’m still hopeful about you. Maybe you’re not gone. Maybe you’re not dead. Maybe you’re just hidden. Maybe you’re just dew on a petal– a garden lost on top of clouds, a summer sitting near warm benches– did you have a smile to remind us of youth? Did you love to feel everything too? How were you as a child? Did you giggle at everything? Ponytail? Did you love pink or blue? I bet it was blue, you probably didn’t like the stereotypes. Did you wear glasses? Maybe you had perfect vision. I’m cloudy nowadays. I’m just like you some days. Alive, but gone. Gone, but searching. Breathing, breathing says the writer. Temper, temper says my favorite poet. Love me, love me says the night. Darling, darling– I miss you.

If the clones played instruments…

Cello. After a long, hard day, he likes nothing better than to take out his cello and let the deep, sweet reverberations of the music wash over him.

Electric guitar all the way. He can shred that thing like you wouldn’t believe, and he knows he looks cool doing it.

Classical violin. He likes the discipline required to play it well, and goodness can he play it well.

Loves jazz and is a phenomenal pianist, specializing in jazz, swing, and ragtime.

Great at singing, and usually croons along to Kix’s jazz piano. His voice also lends itself well to opera and classic Broadway.

Percussion. Anything he can bang on. The louder and weirder the better. Things that aren’t normally percussion instruments turn into percussion instruments around him.

Ukulele. It’s both whimsical and soothing, and it helps him relax. He’s got a sweet, folksy voice too.

Can pretty much do everything. Excellent at guitar and piano, decent with percussion, and has a powerful voice. Not that anyone knows this.

Double duty with saxophone and trumpet. He knows he’s a charmer when he plays the saxophone, and the command and ostentation of the trumpet is something he can’t resist. Either way, he comes out looking suave.

Oboe. Its almost comical yet hauntingly beautiful tone appeals to him. And he can’t resist making it quack like a duck just to annoy Boil.

Trombone. He loves how commanding it sounds, while at the same time having a softer side. And being completely obnoxious. He is the one in that video playing the trombone, and Hardcase is banging the oven door.

French horn. The discipline required to master it keeps him focused, and the deeply resonant tone calms him.

Mallet percussion, like xylophone, marimba, and glockenspiel. Tapping away with the mallets helps him relieve stress, and he likes that no matter how hard he whacks it, it will still make a pleasant sound.

Clarinet. Both classical and jazz styles. He and Kix have regular jam sessions. People joke that their haircuts made them friends, but it was always the music.

Flute. Especially various forms of wooden flute. They have a spiritual quality that he enjoys, and he likes being taught how to play whatever native flute the inhabitants have on whatever planet he happens to be stationed on.

  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Paulina Janczak & Damian Aleksander

Another studio version of the title song from Polish production. Sooo better than the official one. Orchestration is wonderful, very similar to replica. You can hear Paulina’s dark voice which is very unique in this role. Damian sounds better too. It’s really good title song. 


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