it is as if years didn't pass

hamilton characters as things my teammates have said
  • alexander hamilton: wait no that was a mistake i didn't mean to pass to you- I DONT LIKE YOU
  • hercules mulligan: why do our uniforms have to be this color im crying eternally
  • john laurens: my 100 year old turtle is prettier than you
  • eliza schuyler: okay so i brought cupcakes for the other team too but i didn't know how many people they were so i brought like fifty and i dropped them on the way here
  • angelica schuyler: some kid just gave my five bucks not to score ima keep the money and score
  • king george: whatever peasants help me up you hoes
  • george washington: did your parents raise you to sit around and eat Doritos all day? doritNO
  • maria reynolds: [going up to a random stranger] do you have three bucks for the vending machine
  • philip hamilton: ew sports what is sports why do i play a sport i should've stuck to poetry - I SUCK AT THAT TOO

Guys… Disneyland deadass played “Love Me” during their 2017 grad nite world of color thing and “The Sound” but not in world of color tho. I am shocked and upset and crying.
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bill(tini) is me

aka what happens when you feel like drawing after you’ve started drinking and want to make a joke pun about bill drinking a martini

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR EVERY ONE!! May 2017 be better than 2016! :D


“You sure?”

  • what they say: i'm fine
  • what they mean: what happened to all those skiers up at dyatlov pass all those years ago. who or what killed them why were there traces of radiation and why had their skin tanned what is the "compelling natural force" that killed them and what had the force of a speeding car that severely damaged their insides but didn't break any skin. was it an avalanche? was it aliens? was it a government cover-up? this happened 56 years ago and i'm still not over it.

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Saw an old man almost get mugged today. I say almost because he told the mugger "Just walk away friend, I've lived here for fifty years and you don't scare me." When the mugger didn't leave the old man hit the guy hard enough in the head with his cane so that he passed out. #MyNewHero #WhoNeedsBatman #OnlyInGotham

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Have you have ever watched the youtube video of Japanese Niles (Zero) skinship lines? Towards the end so ;-; and Fire Emblem Heroes inspired me into thinking 'What would happen if Male Kamui was summoned and Niles wakes up to see Kamui is not there or anywhere'.

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Hello for sleepover Saturday I had a really lonely time so I know it's a lil late but I was wondering if I could request a fluffy Remus blurb? Something with him being cute and cheeky in trying to flirt with the reader (much to her embarrassment and joy) bc people hardly ever do ones with a more confident Remus. Sorry I didn't really ask on time there, so I get it if you'd rather pass on it. I'd be happy to wait for the next SS you do :) thanks so much! xoxo

“Where’d you find that book?” 

The voice coming from behind startled you, making you jump a little in your seat. As far as you knew, no one else was in the library. It was a Saturday, after all. Who else could possibly be there? But you recognized the voice immediately. It was the voice of a boy you’d had a crush on since first year. Remus was everything you wanted- considerate, kind, funny, smart, and the most handsome boy you’d ever seen. Something about his sweet face, wiry brown hair, and dimpled smile got you right from the start. You’d thought maybe, at one time, he liked you too, but you thought he’d have made his move by now if that were the case.

“I brought it from home, actually. Not a great selection of muggle books here,” you said smiling. He had come around to your side, taking a seat on the stool to your right. Remus rested his elbow on the table, propping his chin up in his palm.

“Narnia has always been on of my favorites. I particularly liked Silver Chair,” he beamed, his eyes looking all over your face. Something was different about the way he was looking at you today. There was a glint in his eyes you hadn’t really seen before.

“Yes, me too…Is everything ok Rem?” you asked, quietly closing your book to focus your full attention on him.

“Of course. You just…you look so beautiful today,” he said simply, giving you a bright smile, his wide eyes fixed on yours.

“Oh stop it! I look like rubbish today.” A bright blush was covering you from head to toe. It was hard to remember a time he’d been so forward with you. Sure, you’d seen him set James and Sirius straight a time or two, but he’d never been so direct with you.

“Do not! You’ve never looked like rubbish a day in your life.” He reached his finger over, pressing lightly on the tip of your nose. A small giggle came out of you, reigniting the blush that had only started to subside. “So what do I have to do to get you to say yes to a date with me?”

“Ask me nicely,” you said, scooting a little closer.

“Y/N, will you please go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend?” Remus asked earnestly, eagerly awaiting your response.

“I will go with you to Hogsmeade next weekend,” you half mumbled, unable to look him in the eyes, totally overwhelmed that he had finally asked you on a date. He clapped his hands together once, pleased his plan had worked.

“Wonderful! If I don’t see you before then…” he got up from his stool and slowly leaned over, placing a small kiss on your cheek. Every cell in your body was bouncing around excitedly as he walked out of the library. Had Remus really just asked you out? And did you just say yes?

i don’t want you to go, but i want you so

basically, this is part two of Pain and part one is here let’s all suffer

“Why’d you kiss back?”

In the split second after Gina asks this, voice raw and ravaged as bloodshot eyes beg her to stay, hundreds of thoughts run through Rosa’s mind.

But she acts on instinct, and that instinct is to flee, to leave, to place as much distance as possible between herself and Gina.

She’s running away from her feelings again, and a sadistic voice at the back of her head mocks her for it.

Hands, her hands, shove Gina away- wringing herself quickly from rigid fingers that had wrapped around her arm so tightly. It’s an almost aggressive move that Rosa regrets once she carries out, but earlier thoughts revolving how badly Rosa actually wanted to give in and stay scare her even more.

Gina’s apartment door slams behind her and Rosa feels herself jolt in shock; an unusual feeling because as a cop with over a decade of experience under her belt, slamming doors and much louder, jarring noises are her stock and trade. But this entire situation has been so surreal and unexpected and Rosa feels like an empty hollow shell.

But when she thinks about it- is it really so unexpected?

An endless stream of appreciative stares and constant flirting had followed Rosa when Gina first started working at the Nine-Nine, and time did little to diminish Gina’s shamelessness. There had been winks and heated glances thrown at Rosa all those times Gina caught her doing yoga; “invites” to the gun range even though Gina didn’t know how to shoot-

“You could teach me, sweetie. Teach me how to gun, hun.” Gina chortled at her own little pun, and even back then Rosa had difficulty not grinning when Gina was being all… Gina. She had her charms, and those charms were admittedly very cute.

“I’m going to the gun range to blow off steam. It’s going to be endless shooting for hours. I need this distraction, Gina.”

Gina had only winked. “I can be your distraction for as long as you need.”

As always, Rosa had rolled her eyes. And relented, letting Gina have her way, which she found over the years to be a common occurrence for herself. Gina would want to do something, Rosa would say no, and they’d end up doing what Gina wanted after some careful persuasion. But that wasn’t always a bad thing, since it did end up being a fun afternoon… and half an evening.

What? They lost track of time, and ultimately Rosa achieved her goal of releasing her stress although she never taught Gina how to shoot a gun on her own; she kept insisting that Rosa put her hands around her as Gina aimed the gun. Still, they had a good time.

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It's impossible to forget the Love of your life. When you really really love someone and they didn't return you, you will try to go ahead but there will be always a sort of pain inside you. You will see that person and for an instant, even if years pass, you will remember how you heart ached the moment they turn you down, how you loved them unconditionally. It happened to me and if Milo doesn't end with mamoru, there will not be an happy end.



unless you want angst so strap in. Alright i talked to my physics teacher today for a while and have found answers. So my last post said that with relativity time is different in space (that’s why the Interstellar thing happened the way it did up until the bookcase thing). I said that it could happen to where team Voltron will be in space for a year or so and when they get back only like 3 days will have passed (my headcanon, wishful thinking). WELL I HAVE FOUND OUT TODAY (let’s see if i can get this down in words) in order for time to have been slower for the people on Earth, Earth would have to accelerate to the same reference frame as all the lions and the castle, which Earth CANT do. SO the only way it CAN work is if they get back to Earth and like a hundred years or so have passed. Which would be freaking amazing in a fan fic (oh my GOD imagine the Langst with his homesickness) but in canon that would suck mega dicks so that prolly won’t happen.

OH OK UPDATE: So she said today that gravity affects time (makes it go slower the stronger it is) and we know that gravity near black holes is HELLA strong and so JUST FROM WHEN TEAM VOTRON WAS AT THE BLADE OF MARMORA time on earth should have passed a lot quicker than it had for everyone in space. (so say they’ve been in space for a year by the end of the series, it should be like ~100 years have passed on Earth)

Yuuri and Victor are totally going to be those couples where the fire never dies in their marriage. Even when they’re old (and I mean old as in sixties, seventies, or eighties) and their lives are coming to an end they still find it in them to surprise each other with flowers (even if yura has to go out and buy the flowers for them). They’ll still slowly rock to old ice skating routines in the living room. They’re the sort to wear matching sweaters they got for each twenty years prior. They would celebrate their thirtieth anniversary by going on a small vacation with Yura back to hatsetsu a relive all the memories they have there, they put their feet in the chilliness of the water and for just a moment they can pretend that the poodle they have with them is makkachin or vicchan (even though they love this poodle just as much as makkachin). Yuuri and Victor had been together a long time, they could only hope to be together even longer.

When they’re old they’ll love each other just as much as they did when they were in their twenties bouncing with life and had that fiery sort of passion about each other. Yes, their love has changed over the years but no less strong or any less pure. They never lost the fact that being apart is almost unbearable. They were retired from the sport they loved, and had been retired from teaching and coaching for a long time too, but sometimes people can still see the fire in their eyes same as when they were on the ice when they looked at each other. Victor and Yuuri were inevitable, they were completely entwined together mind, body, and soul. They wouldn’t want it any other way.

And even as Victor turns ninety and the trip to the hospitable drones on Yuuri can be found at his side 24/7 the hospital even gives him a bed next to Victor. He and Yuuri still manage to smile and laugh and think about all the amazing years they had together, Victor keeps his heart shaped smile on even when the sickness gets the best of him (his husband was right there how could he NOT smile). When Victor passes though Yuuri doesn’t cry, he reminisces is the fact that he had had over half a century with this man. And though he isn’t as happy he knows he’ll join his beloved soon. As one can only go so long without their soulmate. Yuuri and Victor would be together again.

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The chocobros s/o is an important lady of Lucis. After her parents death during the darkness, as the older children, she takes the power of her family's land. But her brother, jealous of her, decides to kill her and take control. But the assassin's sent by him didn't make it to kill her, just hurt her. The guys knew straight away it was their s/o brother's doing. So how they react and pass to action?

Hey anon! Just want to apologise for how long this took to get filled- are short headcanons okay? You’ve already specified all the details of the scenario so I guess I’ll just jump right into initial reaction and actions :D Enjoy! <3 (Note: Noct’s turned into a mini-drabble because I didn’t know how else to write his).

Noctis: Noctis emerges from the Crystal after ten years of darkness has already plagued the lands of Eos. The first person he wants to see when he arrived in Hammerhead is you. He’s desperate to see you because Talcott has told him briefly about the attempt on your life two years back. All Noctis knew was that you inherited your family’s land and property in the rural outskirts of Lucis. He was fairly sure that the culprit was your brother, but he didn’t want to confront him until he had an opportunity to speak with you. Time was running short for Noctis anyways- he had to bring the light back to Eos. He had to make all the time he had left last.

Noctis’ heart aches when he finally sees you limping about Hammerhead, dressed in your black skinny jeans, worn leather boots, armguards and grey t-shirt. You hair is done up and you wore a cheery smile on your face despite your permanent injury dealt by your younger brother and the unending darkness.

“Y/n…” Noctis calls out, his voice hoarse from not being used for so long. Talcott gives the two of you some privacy, and the other guys, despite wanted to see Noctis just as much as you did, kept to themselves a little while longer to give the two of you privacy. Noctis both felt bad, and glad about that. He really needed to ask you about what had happened in his absence. When you finally managed to meet him half way, he wrapped you up in a warm embrace, inhaling your familiar scent.

“Noct… it’s been a while. You’ve got a beard. You look like a king.” Noctis nodded his head, shutting his eyes in an almost pained expression.

“Where did he hurt you?” Noctis asked, not beating around the bush at all. You pulled back carefully and stared him in his deep blue eyes.

“I’m sorry?”

“Where did he injure you, two years ago? When you had a dispute over the land you inherited?” Noctis clarified, his expression serious. You raised an eyebrow at his questions.

“You think my brother did it?” You ask incredulously. But there was a tinge of sadness in your eyes as you regarded Noctis. The new king sighed and pulled you back into his chest. You let out a sigh of your own. “He shattered my femur. I have a rod in place there now, but it’s still uncomfortable. The fact that there’s no sunlight for vitamin D intake didn’t help the healing. But I’m okay now. I’m safe…” you trailed off, eyes tearing up as Noctis leaned back and regarded you with a concerned expression. “I made sure… that he could never hurt me again, Noct. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Noctis’ eyes widened. “You mean…?”

“He’s dead. I fried him… with a thundaga spell. It was my life or his. It haunts me even now. He was my baby brother but-” you started to hyperventilate when Noctis stopped you from speaking with a soft peck to the lips.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry. It’s okay now. I’ll protect you- I’ll bring the light back, and I’ll make sure you’ll live a long, safe and happy life. I promise you this.” Noctis whispered into your ears, pressing tender kisses to the shell of your ear. You sighed, and shut your eyes tight. You ignored the shaky element to Noctis’ voice and snuggled deep into his chest.

He was hiding something… but from the moment you met him, he had never gone back down on any of the promises he made you.

You trusted him to keep you safe.

Prompto: Prompto tells you to be careful when you initially find out about the land you inherited from your parents. You tell him not to worry about anything, and that you’re going to be fine and perfectly safe. You didn’t know of anyone who held a vendetta against you and you were confident that you were well-liked by all. Even in the rare cases where you had some people who didn’t exactly enjoy your success and nobility in this life, you were sure you could defend yourself against them and whatever they threw at you. So when you were surrounded by three assassins in the middle of the night in your makeshift bedroom in Hammerhead, you were very confused and felt betrayed.

The only person you knew who could have possibly had the power to hire assassins to come to your exact location and terminate your life was none other than your dear baby brother. You’d struggled, and gotten grievously injured in your struggle against the assassins, but had come out alive. Barely able to drag in complete breaths, you quickly called Prompto and relayed the situation with what energy you had left before you passed out on the floor.

When Prompto arrived and saw the carnage in your room, with you lying unconscious in the middle of it, he was absolutely furious. No one had ever seen the happy-go-lucky blond in such a state before. It was absolutely terrifying. He’d made sure that you were safe and treated for your injuries before pressing a soft kiss to your temple and making his way out towards your brother’s rag-tag base a few miles off of Hammerhead.

When he arrived there, he used his guns to reign havoc on the base. Bodies fell here, there, everywhere, but Prompto kept a straight face. The nervous boy from the beginning of Noctis’ journey as King was long gone, and replaced with the heart and soul of a merciless warrior.

In this world of darkness, Prompto had to be as such.

Prompto finally reached your brother’s quarters and found him huddled against the corner of his tent in fear. Prompto cocked his gun and tipped his head to the side in mock contemplation. “Should I spare you? Tell me… I want to know your opinion.” Prompto asked, his voice soft. Your younger brother began to nod, fear in his eyes, and Prompto’s eyes hardened. “Wrong answer.” A shot rang out and a body slumped to the ground. Prompto’s heart began to race, as it always did when he took a life. But he just gulped and turned away from his mess.

He put his gun away and made his way back to you. He didn’t ever want you to know what he did. He was afraid you’d hate him- but it had to be done. Your brother attempted to end your life, and so Prompto ended his.


Gladio: When Gladio came back from his latest long-term hunting mission, he was told by Cindy that you were not in a good state. You were injured pretty badly, with a deep gash running across the top of your back, and you had a hard time staying awake for more than an hour at a time. Gladio immediately made his way to your room and sat with you until you awoke from your slumber. When you blinked up at him blearily, he was almost afraid that you had forgotten who he was. But then your eyes shot open in recognition and your hand weakly reached for his own.

“Gladdy… I feel like shit.” Gladio frowned at you.

“What happened?”

You sighed and shrugged. “I don’t even know. I was walking back from trying to gather some herbs for Iggy in that dirt patch we call a garden, you know, the one with all the light shining onto the soil? Yeah so I was doing that, and suddenly I was on the ground on my front with a woozy head and a hella lot of pain across my back. Apparently, I lost a lot of blood.”

Gladio sighed and shook his head.

“Do you know who did this to you?” you shrugged at his question.

“I don’t know for sure- maybe someone who wants my parents’ land? Remember how I was telling you about how they died at the Citadel raid all those years ago? Cor finally managed to get me the deeds to their land and I’m the official owner. Though, no one actually knows about the fact that I am now the owner of that land besides you, Cindy, Cid and my brother.” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “And Cor. You don’t think it was Cor, do you?” You suddenly added, your eyes widening comically. Gladio rolled his eyes at you and shook his head.

“It was your brother for sure. When was the last time you saw him?” Gladio asked, his tone inquisitive. You tilted your head to the side, wincing as your skin on your back was pulled slightly with the movement.

“Um, a week ago? Exactly two days before the attack… oh.” You deadpanned suddenly, realisation hitting you fast and hard. “Well, that complicates things.”

Gladio nodded. “Uh huh. Want me to deal with it?” You shook your head.

“I don’t want him dead, big guy! You’re like an under taker, oh my Six!” you cried out softly, but dramatically. Gladio grinned and patted your knee gently as he stood up and grabbed his weapon. He got ready to leave your room, and you felt your chest tighten at the sight. “Gladdy, I’m serious. If he was the one who was responsible, I still don’t want him dead. He’s my baby brother and I love him no matter what. Promise me you won’t hurt him too bad?” you pleaded.

Gladio nodded. “Yeah… fine. Not too bad. Just enough so that he gets a scar that he’ll see every day and remember not to mess with you ever again. That freaking punk…”

Ignis: When you’re rushed into the infirmary at Hammerhead, Ignis drops everything he’s doing and fumbles to your side. Being blind, he was unable to see exactly what was wrong with you, but from what he was hearing, he could tell it was bad. He heard the sounds of machines beeping, and a lot of murmurs and chatter. Prompto had grabbed Ignis by the arm and led him out of the room to sit in one of the benches outside while the medics worked on you and your rather serious injuries.

“What happened to her?” Ignis asked, his voice uncharacteristically shaky. Prompto squeezed Ignis’ hand, equally shaken.

“She was attacked. They think it was the work of her brother’s assassins. They left a note- it said something about taking back what was rightfully his.” Prompto answered quietly. Ignis let Prompto hold onto his hand as the two of them waited out on the bench for any news on your status. Ignis took a deep breath after a few moments before turning his head towards where he thought Prompto was.

“How bad… did she look?” Ignis asked tentatively.

“Pretty bad. Pale. Lots of blood. Her arm was bent a weird way. Severe burns to her hands- though they look self-inflicted. She wasn’t the best at using Noct’s offensive magic.” Prompto chuckled humourlessly. Ignis allowed himself a sad smile and nodded.

“Indeed. When she gets better, I must teach her how to control her power. She has talent, but she is scared of it.”

Prompto nodded. “It’s scary to hold that much power. People can come after you for it.”

“Like her younger brother came after her life in exchange for their kin’s land.” Ignis said carefully. Prompto sighed and hummed in agreement.

“Yeah. Exactly.”

The two men sat on the bench for at least fifteen minutes before speaking again.

“So… apparently y/n did a number on the other guys. They were all reported dead.” Prompto supplied, sounding rather despondent. Ignis frowned.

“That’s a good thing, is it not? She survived because she killed.” Ignis supplied amicably. Prompto let out a troubled sigh. “Was her brother part of the massacre?”

“Oh,” Prompto squeaked, “he was, uh, especially dead. Like a roasted chikatrice. But… human. And her brother. Thing is… I’m not sure she even knew what she did. The forensic guys from the Crownsguard Force said that the magic discharge looked involuntary and uncontrolled. She might not have even known that what she was doing was killing those people. She just wanted to survive. Fair enough, I say… but what do we tell her?” Prompto asked, sounding troubled.

Ignis bit his lip and stood from the bench, and seeing this Prompto also stood beside his friend. “We keep it quiet. We disclose minimally and if asked about her brother, we feign ignorance.”

Prompto gaped at Ignis, not that the taller man could see blond’s reaction.

“We lie to her? About this?”

Ignis nodded. “Indeed. It’s for her own mental well-being. The guilt would kill her. She loved her brother dearly.”

Prompto sighed once more. “Okay. Whatever you say, Iggy.”

Ignis bit the inside of his lip and clenched his fists tightly.

If only he was there with you. If only he was able to be useful and protect you. This wouldn’t have happened. This could have been avoided.

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once my great times x grandmother did the do with Laf before he had been married(like a year before or something?)and had his child but never told him bc he was in fucking America and didn't "desire to be an inconvenience" so the name didn't pass on

what hte fuck what the uck what the 


You looked at your phone lying harmlessly on the coffee table. You loved Jimin, with all your heart it’s just that things truly had gotten complicated recently. Bangtan had won their first Daesangs this past month. The joy and pride you felt had kept you on a high for weeks. Their achievements felt like your own, and as selfish as that seemed you were okay with that. All the late nights waiting for your Minnie to come home, the missed dates and the lover’s spats were worth the look on their faces that night. All of the stress melted into the nothingness. 

Your bones had been aching recently, mainly your shoulder and your knees. Maybe you’d been sleeping in a strange way? You’d been feeling a bit tired too, it was probably stress. Being a student and working full time wasn’t easy by any means. Half the time you were either half dead on your feet or half asleep in class. Somehow you’d managed to keep a good GPA thus far, easing college costs with scholarships. You’d been doing your best to prove to your parents that completing your undergrad here in South Korea wasn’t a bad idea. Recently they had been pressuring you to come back the states once the semester was over. They rationalized with mumblings about your health and being closer to family and your brother. It’s not as if you didn’t love your family, you did, immensely. However, you hadn’t been ‘close’ in years. Your brother had entered high school just before you left about a year ago and he was enjoying his friends and whatnot. You’d been the “black sheep” of your family so to speak so you didn't share common interests.

You’d been so lost in your thoughts about family and the break that you’d hardly noticed how late it had gotten. In a rush to go twist and wrap your hair you’d banged your shin on the coffee table. “Ow! Shit, that hurt,” you whined to the empty living room. There was a small bruise blooming on your skin. Well, that’s great. It’ll be fine. You limped to the bedroom, completed your nightly routine and passed out. 

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A/N: So I wanna try this new (for me) thing where a story is told through both text messages and snippets like this at the end. I would love feedback from our followers. Should I make this a thing or drop the project? I’m always interested in your thoughts! Please and thank you 😁

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To the one anon that asked about WLF's shipping, I once bought a shirt last year off of Sunny's store and it didn't come in for a few weeks (around three I think), and a friend of mine got me another shirt from her store for my birthday and it didn't come in until three weeks after my birthday passed. So the maximum amount of time you'll want to wait is probably a month and if it's not in by then, you might want to contact them?? I hope this helped idk.

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could you explain how the 3 years time skip works? because at first i didn't even understand that 3 years have passed but everyone keeps saying it has ? i hope you answer this and my previous question :>

It’s actually a four years time skip :) 

It’s indicated by these panels:

This sounds like the war has started after Zeke and Reiner have been defeated in the last chapter we saw the 104th. Since the war already lasts four years this indicates a four year time skip

We also have this panel. We know that from the first breach of the walls in chapter one until the last chapter containing the 104th we had a time span of five years, indicating that four more years have passed. 

Hope this helps~