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20, please! <333

20: Cookies [Xavier/Gaspard]

Oatmeal. Chocolate. Ginger spice.

It starts in their college days, probably, when they end up neighbours with their doors facing each other’s in their dorm. Gaspard appears to have a wilder personality than the very first impression indicated and Xavier doesn’t know what to think of him during the first week or two, at once fascinated but a little disgusted also with his partying habits (spitting beer - ugh!). But soon enough, studies begin to settle them down, and their particular dorm reverts to the sort of self-absorbed hush demanded of them by academia; better suited to Xavier’s domain, in other words, and then he can come out and spend long hours in the kitchen, nursing coffee mugs and chatting to all who come by and the scent of cinnamon and butter forever soaked into his clothes.

Later it turns out that there’s no better scent to get Gaspard’s attention.
Xavier isn’t asking for it at this point in time, but Gaspard gives it to him anyway. Something about working late and sugar cravings and Xavier smelling far too good in the middle of the night. They get talking during a midnight baking session, and by four in the morning, they are very reluctant to stop, not to mention that Xavier’s tempted him over to his side with an extra large hazelnut and chocolate chip. 

They become friends after that. And what’s more - reciprocity is in the cards.
Christmas comes and Xavier bakes up five trays of sugar cookies to distribute, pleased with the taste but fussing about the aesthetics of it. Gaspard rolls up his sleeves, fetches the food colouring, and over the course of three hours makes such artwork out of them that Xavier has to be cajoled with tears and begging just to persuade him to give them away as originally intended. 
Xavier might be the better baker, yes, but nobody can ice like Gaspard. They don’t just share in fond things, they are complimentary, two sides of one coin.

Xavier thinks he might be in love.

Over the years to come, they share in more things beside cookies. They’re in a different dorm building for their second year, becoming next-door neighbours that time, and then in the years to come they move off campus and learn to manage being on different floors. Hardly a day goes by when they aren’t over at each other’s places, exchanging music and notes (for the couple of classes they do share) and art and knowing glances and some more of those delectable baked goods they’ve developed a taste for. Whether it’s a full-on dinner invite or Xavier turning up barefoot with cookies still loose on the baking tray - here, guess who wound up with too many, Gaspard, just take them off me already ‘cause it’s freezing out here - they feed each other with such gladness that word starts to get around. It makes them blush, but it doesn’t stop the exchanges, nor does it stop whatever they get up to in their respective love lives.
Xavier’s sometime girlfriend loves to cook the same things as he does. Gaspard’s girlfriend isn’t into cooking but is very well-versed in the art of drink. They all learn to make do. But at the heart of it is still the exchange between Xavier and Gaspard, who by that point have improved beyond simple chocolate chip or sugar cookies to fancier recipes - because, whether they know it or not, they are now cooking to impress.

And impressed they are. It takes some trial and error because for all the things they share, they are not very verbal people, and more than once they misinterpret who the other one is trying to flatter. But eventually they get it, and come graduation time they walk arm in arm with each other with certificates rolled up in one hand and the aroma of celebratory Siena-spice cookies already driving them to pleasure. 

And who could blame them? - Ah, tasting each other’s wares for so long have made them curious for the taste of each other. “Needs more vanilla.” Gaspard comments quietly the morning after, mulling over the taste of the batter on his tongue, before drawing Xavier’s bare finger further between his lips. “But let me… mmh… make absolutely sure, just in case.”
“Gaspard,” Xavier breathes, already heaved upon the kitchen table, a sugar-dusted apron the only thing covering his body. It is swiftly untied and pushed to the floor as Gaspard moves over him, licking all over, before claiming his sugared body as his own at last. “ahh.”

(They never manage to bake that batch. It’s too thin by the time they’re done. “You’re a darling,” Xavier says nonetheless, pressing a kiss to Gaspard’s throat. “I mean, we have sweeter things to think about, yeah?”)

And so their student days come to an end, all the caffeine-haze days of busy schoolwork and complimentary baked goods passed out on the floor. All the people they’ve known move on to elsewhere, but as the years go by Xavier and Gaspard remain together, never once forgetting what brought them together. What began as a way of soothing the spirit, then bruised by academia, has evolved into a method of purely and simply charming others: forget Pedro’s raclette parties, what the two of them bring to the table together never fails to bring the house down. That’s either food or music, and in all honesty, there’s probably not that much of a difference between the two categories at this point.

What is it that ties them together? Why, pleasure, of course. 
Call it sophistication or growing up or whatever you’d like. Only when Xavier and Gaspard learnt to see beyond the physical exchange of goods were they able to flourish; yes, pleasure is the essence, the warmth of the soul that comes with sharing and understanding and simply existing together, bettering themselves day by day. Becoming champion bakers has proved to be more of a side effect - but well, who wouldn’t want to be? Blessed is their life together.

Macaron. Florentine. Almond tuile.

hamilton characters as things my teammates have said
  • alexander hamilton: wait no that was a mistake i didn't mean to pass to you- I DONT LIKE YOU
  • hercules mulligan: why do our uniforms have to be this color im crying eternally
  • john laurens: my 100 year old turtle is prettier than you
  • eliza schuyler: okay so i brought cupcakes for the other team too but i didn't know how many people they were so i brought like fifty and i dropped them on the way here
  • angelica schuyler: some kid just gave my five bucks not to score ima keep the money and score
  • king george: whatever peasants help me up you hoes
  • george washington: did your parents raise you to sit around and eat Doritos all day? doritNO
  • maria reynolds: [going up to a random stranger] do you have three bucks for the vending machine
  • philip hamilton: ew sports what is sports why do i play a sport i should've stuck to poetry - I SUCK AT THAT TOO

so if you think about it, allura’s beginning is terrible. one moment she’s in the middle of a war, urging her father to fight back. then, from her perspective, she blinks a few times and wakes up in a cryopod, ten thousand years in the future

for her only a few moments have passed, and in that time, she’s lost her home, her planet, her family, her friends, everyone she’s ever known

she has to learn about the deaths of her people secondhand, from a historical record. she was left behind by time, and that’s just really, really sad

bill(tini) is me

aka what happens when you feel like drawing after you’ve started drinking and want to make a joke pun about bill drinking a martini

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR EVERY ONE!! May 2017 be better than 2016! :D


“You sure?”

Guys… Disneyland deadass played “Love Me” during their 2017 grad nite world of color thing and “The Sound” but not in world of color tho. I am shocked and upset and crying.
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i need to say this

so my results are supposed to appear soon the thing is i really hope i get to pass this year but according to my results in the first semester it’s really difficult to pass this year cause my results are added together and i really did a hard work in the second semester and because of that i am really afraid that it won’t be enough and if i didn’t pass… more animating for me……

i am shaking and sweating and my stomach hurts so much because of this i really want to pass this year….


Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

“I am no longer afraid of getting old. Indeed I can’t believe I ever said anything so stupid. So childish. So offensive and arrogant. But mainly, so very, very stupid. I desperately want to grow old”

Bromance Headcanons
  • Naruto: Sasuke please come back to the Village!
  • Sasuke: Naruto it's been 3 years since I left the village. Why won't you leave me alone?
  • Naruto: Because...
  • Sasuke, blushing: omg is he really going to say what I thi-
  • Naruto: Because you are my friend!
  • ___________________
  • Ino: I'm not sure which lip gloss I should wear today. Can you help me out here?
  • Sakura: Oh dear, you don't need to wear any makeup!
  • Ino, blushing: Aww, you didn't have to say that Sakura!
  • Sakura: Anyway, where did you see pigs wearing makeup?
  • ___________________
  • Shikamaru: So Choji, there is one piece of BBQ pork left, are you gonna eat it or what?
  • Choji: Nah, I'll let you have it this time
  • Shikamaru: Thanks, I guess
  • Choji: ...if you'll let me borrow some money to buy snacks
  • Shikamaru: Choji, I have a feeling you are just using me for food
  • ____________________
  • Kiba: Do you want to go to the hot springs? Just me and you?
  • Shino: What about my bugs? They seem to bother you a lot as I know
  • Kiba: Nah, it's totally fine, I got used to them already, besides it's not like I'm going to scream if I see a bug on your body.
  • *at the hot springs*
  • Kiba: *screams like a 5 year old and makes something like bark noises at the same time, while hiding behind Akamaru*
  • Shino: I would like you to stop screaming because...
  • Kiba: *Gets up and runs away with a sonic speed*
  • Shino:
  • Shino:'s hurting my feeling
  • ____________________
  • Lee: I have a great idea
  • Neji: I think I'll pass
  • Lee: You didn't even hear it...
  • Neji: If you want me to crossdress, I'm not doing that
  • Lee: But why not?
  • Neji: You are going to make me you wife/girlfriend again!
  • Lee:
  • Lee: ... so, what's the problem?

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Saw an old man almost get mugged today. I say almost because he told the mugger "Just walk away friend, I've lived here for fifty years and you don't scare me." When the mugger didn't leave the old man hit the guy hard enough in the head with his cane so that he passed out. #MyNewHero #WhoNeedsBatman #OnlyInGotham

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Have you have ever watched the youtube video of Japanese Niles (Zero) skinship lines? Towards the end so ;-; and Fire Emblem Heroes inspired me into thinking 'What would happen if Male Kamui was summoned and Niles wakes up to see Kamui is not there or anywhere'.

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happy story! so last year, the store i work at failed a cigarette sting and very nearly lost its liquor license. on friday, though, i had a young man come through my line who i carded for cigarettes, and since he was underage, i didn't sell them to him. turns out it was a sting and this time we passed! C: the store manager was so happy she gave me a gift card to the store

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I didn't take a picture, but while I was finding stuff to make a costume, I found a super revealing maid costume in the teen section. Because, you know, every 13 year old wants to be a sexy maid. I obviously passed on that and got a hot dog hat.

That reminds me of this…

French Maid Child Costume [x]
“French Maid Child Costume includes cute Dress with Attached Ruffles, Matching Apron, Pink Head Ruffle, and Choker. Your child can dust all the dust bunnies in this adorable French Maid child costume. This hot girl costume is new from our tween collection.”

  • Steph: Hey, Jason! I like what you did with your hair, that look suits you much better than the last one!
  • Jason: What are you talking about? My hair's been like that since I got out of the Lazarus pit.
  • Steph: No you dyed them orange when Dick was Batman.
  • Jason: No I didn't! I just stopped dying them black!
  • Steph: Jason, you just told me you've always had your hair like it is now.
  • Jason: Yes, and?

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Let's say Padme survived childbirth and went into hiding , twenty or so years pass, where Vader is at his most consumed in the dark side, and Padme reappears to try to bring Vader back to the light. Do you think Vader, viewing his wife as someone from his past that he never acknowledges/wants nothing to do with anymore and also basically a roadblock in his quest for power, would kill her if she still didn't agree to turn?

Ah, no for so many reasons.

  1. Padmé firmly believed that there was still good in Anakin. She would have done everything in her power to save him, not go into hiding for 20 years.
  2. Anakin can literally sense Padmé’s life force. The main reason he breaks and becomes Palpatine’s loyal attack dog is because he believed he killed Padmé. If he doesn’t have that kind of self-loathing from murdering his wife, he wouldn’t see himself as utterly irredeemable and give himself fully to the Dark.
  3. Anakin would always love Padmé and never not want to see her.
  4. Anakin is not on a quest for power for power’s sake. He wants power because he thinks it will help him save people he loves and bring peace to the galaxy. Killing Padmé would be completely counter productive. 
  5. Given the choice between Padmé loving him and serving Palpatine, Anakin would choose Padmé every time. The only reason he attacks her on Mustafar is because he believes that she is conspiring with Obi-Wan to kill him. If Obi-Wan hadn’t shown up with her, he probably would have just run away with her. 
  6. When he confronted Obi-Wan on Mustafar, he offered him a chance not to fight and only did so when Obi-Wan ignited his blade. When he confronted Ahsoka on Malachor, he offered her a chance to leave and only fought with her because she attacked him. When he confronted Luke, he, again, held back until Luke attacked him. He only fought Luke on the Death Star to keep Luke from killing Palpatine. He does not attack his loved ones first. He makes every effort to avoid killing them when he fights them. Striking Padmé down because she won’t help him over throw Palpatine is wildly out of character. 
  7. Anakin’s descent into the Dark side manifested as depression and self-loathing, not external rage.
  8. Because no. Just no. He couldn’t kill Luke. He wouldn’t kill Padmé.

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My grandpa was a grade A goofball. My mom told me one year when she was little, they planned a surprise party for his birthday & to keep the surprise, they didn't mention his b-day to him at all. Naturally he decided this meant that NO ONE REMEMBERED. He went to town, bought himself a deck of cards AS A PRESENT, then he went the Elks' Club, got STINKIN' DRUNK, came home & passed out. Then all the guests arrived & my auntie had to wake him up. He spent the whole party showing people his cards.

THIS IS EXCELLENT.  But did he get anyone to play cards with him so he could win money and/or favors?

My family never did surprise parties because ADHD/Autism spec/reflexively punching when startled runs in both sides like the mighty Colorado River, and meltdown fistfights really don’t belong at birthday parties.


unless you want angst so strap in. Alright i talked to my physics teacher today for a while and have found answers. So my last post said that with relativity time is different in space (that’s why the Interstellar thing happened the way it did up until the bookcase thing). I said that it could happen to where team Voltron will be in space for a year or so and when they get back only like 3 days will have passed (my headcanon, wishful thinking). WELL I HAVE FOUND OUT TODAY (let’s see if i can get this down in words) in order for time to have been slower for the people on Earth, Earth would have to accelerate to the same reference frame as all the lions and the castle, which Earth CANT do. SO the only way it CAN work is if they get back to Earth and like a hundred years or so have passed. Which would be freaking amazing in a fan fic (oh my GOD imagine the Langst with his homesickness) but in canon that would suck mega dicks so that prolly won’t happen.

OH OK UPDATE: So she said today that gravity affects time (makes it go slower the stronger it is) and we know that gravity near black holes is HELLA strong and so JUST FROM WHEN TEAM VOTRON WAS AT THE BLADE OF MARMORA time on earth should have passed a lot quicker than it had for everyone in space. (so say they’ve been in space for a year by the end of the series, it should be like ~100 years have passed on Earth)

i don’t want you to go, but i want you so

basically, this is part two of Pain and part one is here let’s all suffer

“Why’d you kiss back?”

In the split second after Gina asks this, voice raw and ravaged as bloodshot eyes beg her to stay, hundreds of thoughts run through Rosa’s mind.

But she acts on instinct, and that instinct is to flee, to leave, to place as much distance as possible between herself and Gina.

She’s running away from her feelings again, and a sadistic voice at the back of her head mocks her for it.

Hands, her hands, shove Gina away- wringing herself quickly from rigid fingers that had wrapped around her arm so tightly. It’s an almost aggressive move that Rosa regrets once she carries out, but earlier thoughts revolving how badly Rosa actually wanted to give in and stay scare her even more.

Gina’s apartment door slams behind her and Rosa feels herself jolt in shock; an unusual feeling because as a cop with over a decade of experience under her belt, slamming doors and much louder, jarring noises are her stock and trade. But this entire situation has been so surreal and unexpected and Rosa feels like an empty hollow shell.

But when she thinks about it- is it really so unexpected?

An endless stream of appreciative stares and constant flirting had followed Rosa when Gina first started working at the Nine-Nine, and time did little to diminish Gina’s shamelessness. There had been winks and heated glances thrown at Rosa all those times Gina caught her doing yoga; “invites” to the gun range even though Gina didn’t know how to shoot-

“You could teach me, sweetie. Teach me how to gun, hun.” Gina chortled at her own little pun, and even back then Rosa had difficulty not grinning when Gina was being all… Gina. She had her charms, and those charms were admittedly very cute.

“I’m going to the gun range to blow off steam. It’s going to be endless shooting for hours. I need this distraction, Gina.”

Gina had only winked. “I can be your distraction for as long as you need.”

As always, Rosa had rolled her eyes. And relented, letting Gina have her way, which she found over the years to be a common occurrence for herself. Gina would want to do something, Rosa would say no, and they’d end up doing what Gina wanted after some careful persuasion. But that wasn’t always a bad thing, since it did end up being a fun afternoon… and half an evening.

What? They lost track of time, and ultimately Rosa achieved her goal of releasing her stress although she never taught Gina how to shoot a gun on her own; she kept insisting that Rosa put her hands around her as Gina aimed the gun. Still, they had a good time.

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A lady screamed at me when I told her she had to take her card out of the machine, like full swearing, I shouldn't tell her what to do etc. she came back about 3 hours later and apologised, saying her dog had passed away and she was upset and angry (which I understand) but she brought me to tears. I cried for the first time at my job (of 2 years) and made me feel like shit all day but my manager was standing behind me so I had to accept her apology even though I didn't want to.