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Based on SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” Music Video
//Hello please watch the original MV if you are confused! Cause these are really just a bunch of random screencap redraws :)))

This is SHINee x MM2ndGen Crossover (Taemin as Taemin LOL) Please watch the original MV – it’s Angst Fuel™ && you’ll understand it better (kind of;;; also, because SHINee is super great ♥)

Think of it as one of Taemin Han’s Bad Ends *__*  :D //btw i’m going with the MV theory that Taemin killed both his friend & love interest for this :0

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Solas, sorry to bother you, but: opinion of non binary people/genders? (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

The sky is broken. People are dying. I’m too old for narrow minded nugshit. Whoever you are, you are welcome in my army. Also please pick something sharp and stab some demons. Please. Regardless of gender. 


A Closet Interlude

Frank needs Mac and Dennis’ help on a new scheme, but tonight is Monthly Dinner Night! They hide in a closet to escape him.

as long as it’s nothing

“two straight men, just chilling” // Mac visits Dennis at college

Bad Communication

text messages from north dakota on assorted subjects. emojis courtesy of mac.


In a busy Pennsylvania town in 1984, an outgoing party girl and a badass strike up a powerful bond that seems to defy the laws of time and space.

Lesbian Macdennis San Junipero AU.

Emotionally Involved

When Dennis moved to North Dakota, he moved there to be with his son. But he also moved there to escape his newly found big feelings. This is the story of his return.


For flourwings, who requested “A fic where Dennis craves touch but no longer feels like he can be physically affectionate with Mac anymore because Mac is out…so instead he comes up with various excuses to "trick” Mac into holding hands, hugging, even sitting shoulder to shoulder or bumping knees, etc.“

A.k.a Dennis is oblivious and completely, absolutely too much and Mac is like a puppy in love.

Fourth of July

Mac and Dennis spend the evening watching fireworks.

Fraudulent Courting: America’s Favorite Pastime

the scheme is as simple as this: pretending to fall in love over and over and over again.

The Gang Fake Dates

Radio Q102 is hosting a cutest couples contest and it’s anyone’s game.
Classic fake dating Chardee vrs Macdennis. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will top? Who will bottom?

The Gang Rebrands

The gang decides to try making Paddy’s a gay bar again. Or, Dennis gets jealous when Mac keeps going out to gay bars and does something about it.

The Golden God

Dennis is the Golden God. Literally. But his worshipers have all abandoned him. Until one day, he finally feels the tug of devotion again.

Home For The Holidays

A year after callously leaving him on his own financially, Dennis’ parents invite him home for Thanksgiving to check up on how the prodigal son is doing. Rather than smile and play nice at the dinner table, Dennis does what any reasonable person would do: Hire a fake date online in an elaborate scheme to get back on his family’s good side.

Inside Baseball

Dennis and Mac are gearing up for their first summer with Brian Jr., their trial run at parenting. The night before the kid’s due to arrive, Mac brings up the Baseball Hall of Fame. He spent his entire childhood dreaming of the day his dad would take him to Cooperstown. That day never came, of course, and Mac still hasn’t gotten over it.

So, naturally, Dennis steals Frank’s credit card, books the presidential suite at the Cooperstown Inn, and buys three tickets for a private, Phillies-themed tour of the Hall of Fame. What could possibly go wrong?

into the fold

Mac Macdonald loves working at Reynolds Ranch even though the double alliteration would make a lesser man quit on the spot. Every summer he brings the flock up to the best pastures on the Snapridge mountains. Normally alone. This summer, Frank Reynolds thinks his own son really ought to get involved with the ranch.

Absolutely no one agrees with this.

Like Home

Five times Dennis and Mac fall asleep together, and one time they don’t.

Mac and Dennis Go to a Toga Party

Just what it says on the tin. Dennis invites Mac to his frat’s toga party, they try to pick up some chicks and make major life decisions.

Mac and Dennis Plan A Wedding

“Jesus Christ, Charlie, this isn’t about banging – it’s about two men, who have been living together for years anyway, taking advantage of government handouts while winning an argument. Don’t cheapen this, okay?”

Mac and Dennis Start A War

The Gang gets whacked, Frank takes off with Dennis’ cash, and Charlie and Dee get the hell out of dodge.

Mac and Dennis have seen enough movies to know what to do next.

(Or: Why Motels, Diners, and Running From the Law are Inherently Gay Things.)

Maybe Just Memories

Dennis has a new life in North Dakota. As a rule, he doesn’t think about the things he left behind. But news from Dee that Mac has since moved on, leads to a painful revelation that Dennis may have made the biggest mistake of his life.

My Only Centerpiece

Dennis’s body is perfect and needs no modifications whatsoever. Especially not glasses.

Nobody but Nobody

Somewhere, away from the apartment, Dee shudders, an image flashing in her head of a freshly-vacuumed carpet stained bright blue. It’s a rare Wednesday night without her in the apartment and Mac and Dennis have pulled out all the stops, committed to taking full advantage of it. They’ve been sitting on the couch for the better part of the past two hours, marathoning Indiana Jones and getting drunk off of the liquor they found hidden in Dee’s closet.

of foie gras and ortolans

"Sometime between when they opened Paddy’s and Dee getting pregnant, Mac- sick, no doubt, of Dennis’s hour long cold showers in the obscene hours of the morning- would come into his room and wrap his arms around Dennis as tight as he could and say Dennis, Dennis. And they would wake up with their arms around each other the next morning and by the time they’d be finished with breakfast everything would be back to normal and they’d never mention it again. And then, after a while, by unspoken agreement, they stopped entirely.

It was one of the things that he hated most about Mac in the daytime, and one of the things he thought about most at night. So, when he gets back from Philly at 1AM and Mac still isn’t in and Dennis falls asleep in what continues to be the only bed in their apartment, it might be out of longing for another one of those long-past, half hazy late nights. It certainly isn’t because he’s expecting to get woken up three hours later, whacked in the face by a pillow wielded by his furious, mesh shirt-clad roommate.”

Pining and Dragons

Dennis bursts in suddenly, wide grin lighting up his face, with a cardboard box balanced in his arms. “You guys are bored, right? Aren’t you bored?”

“So bored, dude…” Mac moans, and Charlie and Dee echo with complaints of their own.

“Well, be bored no longer!” Dennis says, slamming his box down on the bar. It contains a set of weird-looking dice and a heavy packet of paper that says “Dungeons and Dragons: Official Rules” at the top. Dennis grins as the looks of understanding dawn on everyone’s faces.

you pour and i’ll say stop

They make more money than they’ve ever made. Denise’s tips don’t even fit in her wallet. There’s something to this scheme, she thinks, no matter what it is that Dee’s found to grouse about. Scamming lesbians is absolutely the best business model they’ve ever produced.

(A 100% all-lesbian re-imagining of S1E1.)


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Yuri had a previous owner? Were they good to him?

Yuri’s previous owner was a very nice older woman who lived in a quiet house and liked to crochet a lot =u= She treated him very well, and he loved her very much.

When she passed away he went to the shelter. He made lots of friends, but it was also the beginning of The Anxiety.