it is almost may!!!

Shoutout to littles in the cglre community. Y’all are so cute and friendly. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of you, and I’ve seen this community for almost a year now. People may say that you’re bad and you’re still a k*nkster, but you’re not, those people don’t know what they’re talking about. You’re just a bunch of cuties who age regress like anybody else. You deserve to be happy and age regress without shame.

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Hello hello you amazing bean, I was just curious if you could tell us all (or just some don't tempt yourself to spoil things if thats what knowing will do lmao) the eerie crests characters birthday dates bc I wanna know all their signs? Thanks anyways even if you can't!! 💕☺

!! HELLO. The thing is. I don’t have all their birthdays. I know for a fact I managed to think up of Dallas on May 17 (almost a gemini!), so I made May 17 his birthday. Malek, I think he’s born sometime in November OR JUNE. I kinda want Parker to be a Taurus. Poppy and the rest? I have no. Idea. Idk, maybe send some suggestions? 

Something in the summer air at night
Makes my skin feel like the past.
The slots between my ribs
Have become doorways,
Where my heart could wander out,
If the world caught its fancy.

There’s a moth at my open window,
Drawn to the light inside my room.
For once, I’m almost tempted
To let it in.
—  EMJ // Late May And Beginning To Heal

May 21 2017

I felt terrible almost all day today tbh

The guy who sexually harassed me early winter quarter texted me yesterday morning saying “oh I’m sorry I was so mean to you I miss you you were my first real college friend” and like wtf. Tbh idk why I haven’t blocked the number. But anyways I tell myself I’m recovered and strong but sometimes I think the healing is still going on because I was just chilling around with study buddy and then I shed a couple tear and stuff. I don’t know what I did to deserve my boyfriend but I’m glad we’re together; will miss seeing him 24/8 when we’re on summer break :/

Sorry this post is so trash lel


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a propos lance's birthday: it's almost the end of may and they still didn't announce anything so maybe the keith and lance sharing birthday hc is canon? (two birthdays in june instead of one birthday per may and one per june, that'd seem right)

i personally think that the reason they’re not announcing any of the two is bc their vas are both busy they’re probably trying to find a time they’re available

Marichat May Day 9: Bell collar

Sorry this is very late 

Sometimes in battles, when Chat gets over the board/overexcited with plans, Ladybug pulls him by his bell to keep him focus. It’s a good way to make him to pay attention to her (in both ways, only she doesnt know about the other one)

Well then, sometimes…Marinette forgets that when she is not transformed into Ladybug, she shouldn’t interact with her partner the same way she does when she is transformed, because then you will have a very confused and flustered Chat Noir.

Hey do you guys remember that time when Zuko took lightning for Katara and then the two never talked again and weren’t even friends


when you are a water sign ♋ but you are afraid of water 😆

Imagine: At some point, Taako becomes obsessed with mirrors. Not in a vain way, as people keep accusing him, but because he catches a glimpse of his face in the mirror out of the corner of his eye and it hurts and the hurt is gone and then he’s just looking at himself in the mirror, trying to figure out what just happened

It’s usually only a few minutes at a time, but those minutes add up until it’s hours per week and days per year just looking for something he can’t find.

He laughs off any comments, usually - “Have you seen my face, my dude? It’s perfect! Of course I like to look at it.”

It’s not just the possible return to his cooking show that makes him hesitate in Wonderland when he has to sacrifice his beauty.

After they beat Wonderland and settle down for the night, he pulls out the Pocket Spa again - and for the first time in a long time there’s no ghost in the mirror out of the corner of his eye.

(A day and a drink of ichor later, he finally remembers who he was trying to find in his own face.)

someone on the TAZ tag wanted to see Taako cooking with his aunt, so here it is

Young Taako and his aunt whom I called Jeremiah in my head though I don’t know why