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Mafia AU Aqours featuring FBI AZALEA, Police CYaRon! and our beloved expert mafia, Guilty Kiss

P.S : Never let Mari drives your car with Riko and Yoshiko Yohane tagging along if you don’t want your ears bleed from their bloody screams

Ladies and Gents

When you’re roaming the streets alone at night…

And it looks like Something Finna Pop Off…

Make Sure you have something to protect yourself,
Like a Collapsible Umbrella for Example…

It takes the Situation from 100 to 0… 

Real Quick


Here it is! The one and only Crazy Laughing Psychopathic Youtuber ™ H2O Delirious

Tried a slightly different way of coloring this piece than the way I normally color them, and it came out more cartoony than I intended…fitting… :P

do not repost artwork


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My hand is burning from drawing such a sinful thing but I was dared! So I complied and here is dimension SW4-G JERRY!
His bio is
He thinks he’s Mr steal yo girl
He likes fidget spinners
He tries way too hard
He’s all about the money but has non
He pretends he’s rich
He thinks he can rap
He can’t rap
He’s very bad at rapping

I must rest from the sin I have done.

an Andi Mack prediction

I’ve missed making theories and predictions since GMW is over, so I figured I’d make one for Andi Mack, specifically about episode 2x01 (aka the missing episode 1x13). I’m basing this on what we’ve seen so far in the show + all the footage of the missing/not yet aired episode from the promos. I love some good detective work :)

So as the iconic Cyrus Looked Back scene showed us, Cyrus, in addition to Andi, has a crush on Jonah Beck. There are still idiots out there (outside of Tumblr) trying to debate this, but the scene couldn’t be more intentional. I mean….TV production 101 (plus the cast reaction video…c’mon). Ok, that’s pretty settled.

Anyway, when Jonah dumps Amber in 1x12, he asks for the bracelet (that Andi made) back. In the promo, we see Jonah giving Andi the bracelet back. Andi looks surprised and we see Jonah walking away down the hall. Mostly likely he just told Andi about the break up and gave the bracelet back. Later in the promo, we see Andi (in the same outfit as the hallway scene) talking to Bex, saying “my mind is like a see saw—yes…no…”. I picture Andi telling Bex about Jonah dumping Amber, plus getting the bracelet back, and Bex asking Andi how she feels about Jonah now and that’s how she responds. Her answer saying she’s indecisive makes sense, given the fact she was living a “Jonah free lifestyle” prior to this…..but she also did turn back in 1x12. 

In another promo, we see Andi in the same outfit and scene with Bex, freaking out: “What am I going to wear??” While this seems like it would be something someone would say before a date, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I think when Andi tells Bex she isn’t sure how she feels about Jonah, Bex encourages her to go to the Space Otters awards ceremony/event to hang out with Jonah again and find out how she feels. Bex is all about Andi discovering herself and having moments etc, so no doubt she would want Andi to go and sort out how she feels.

So Good Hair Crew goes to the Space Otters event (pretty sure it’s an awards ceremony….I think there were trophies on the table next to Jonah when he was talking). Jonah hosts and gives out awards, and we hear and see him say, “There is one person who truly stands out”. In the promo, it cuts to Andi sitting at her table and smiling, but I think that’s a misdirection. Given the fact that Andi quit the team, but Cyrus is the #1 supporter (and Jonah “loves it when Cyrus comes to the games in that vest with all the swag”), I think he’s actually talking about Cyrus. Also, Andi’s smiling like she just heard a corny joke (which is plausible with Jonah lol), not smiling like she won an award, and Buffy and Cyrus turn away from her, not towards her. So I really do think he’s actually talking about Cyrus when he talks about the person who truly stands out.

Understandably, Cyrus is thrilled to be recognized by Jonah (oh middle school crushes). Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the awards ceremony was something Cyrus suggested to Jonah in an effort to cheer him up post Amber break up. Anyway, after Jonah’s done hosting, we see him approach the Good Hair Crew and is talking with them. Cyrus is holding a Space Otters shirt and making one of his patented “trying to flirt with Jonah Beck” faces that we’ve seen him make all season. So I’m guessing Jonah gave Cyrus his own team shirt (omg imagine if the back says Cy Guy) and Cyrus is trying to flirt. But then Jonah cuts him off and says to the group “I was hoping I could talk to Andi…..alone”. We don’t see Cyrus’s reaction to this, but I’m sure he’s at least kinda crushed, especially after Jonah gave him the award and shirt. So then in the promo, we see Jonah say to Andi “I like being around you”, and Andi is beaming at him. This is where I think Jonah and Andi get together/ask each other out. At first I thought Andi texts Buffy and Cyrus about it, but then when I rewatched the promo, it seems clear that Buffy and Cyrus are standing outside of The Spoon by the window and they’re actually spying on the whole Andi and Jonah thing via Buffy’s cell phone front facing camera (you can see Andi and Jonah in the distance inside). Buffy, excited, asks Cyrus if he’s happy for Andi and we get the obviously-not-happy “yeah…..”. Poor Cyrus is obviously crushed by his crush, but doesn’t say anything. Buffy probably picks up on the weird vibe, but doesn’t confront him about it.

Next day/later in the week either Iris asks Cyrus to go out or Cyrus asks her. But regardless, Cyrus tries to really date Iris, but clearly isn’t totally comfortable. He probably introduces her to everyone as his friend, which leads to her saying “You can say girlfriend…” and Cyrus smiling kinda uncomfortably. Iris later kisses him goodbye and he gets confused: “what’s happening??”. Or the scenes are other way around and he gets confused at the end of the date (”what’s happening?”) and then she kisses him. Regardless, I think Cyrus realizes something doesn’t feel right. Cue some very conscious realizations about his feelings and who is crush really is.

Obviously, this might be an overwhelming realization for him given the current circumstances and he is going to feel like he can’t tell Andi about it obviously, so he asks Buffy to meet him at The Spoon the next day. She arrives and he’s already at the table, hands folded and kinda nervous. And he tells her he has to tell her something but she can’t tell anyone. Buffy, remembering how Cyrus didn’t really seem happy for Andi the previous night, asks the question we saw in that initial promo, “Do you like Andi?”. Cue Cyrus admitting he realizes that he likes Jonah. And because it’s Andi Mack……*end of episode*…… and the ball really gets rolling on Cyrus’s sexuality story line.

Now obviously I don’t know any of this for sure, just my guesses based on the promos, but I wouldn’t be mad if this is how it went down. What do you guys think?

Astro Reaction to You Having a Stuffy

Anon requested. Hope you enjoyed it lovely anon.

Ok so let’s go.

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I can’t actually fathom how this has happened but I am SO VERY CLOSE to hitting 2000 so I wanted to get the jump on how I might celebrate… but first.

THANK YOU. I am beyond lucky to be able to interact with you all every day. You’re all kind and I love seeing you in my notifications and if I were better at talking, I would love to see messages from you in my inbox (by all means, please harass me). But this has been kind of a unexpected joy in my life these last several months.

To celebrate, I’m thinking perhaps a FIC-A-PALOOZA??!! *insert swag horn sound here*

Just kidding (about the swag horn part). But in all seriousness, I would like to write things for you.

Starting RIGHT NOW, I shall be accepting your requests and prompts for any ship/pairing/character in the TOG or ACOTAR world in whatever scenario you want to see them in. Ideally, I would like more details than just angst/fluff/smut because I am literally dedicating each piece to YOU (even if you’re anonymous, that’s cool too). Please just reference the fic-a-palooza in your ask so I don’t let it get lost in the others asks.

I will seriously consider Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire but I’ve never written for them (despite my utter devotion to that world) so it’ll probably be shit so just a warning.

I will start writing the prompts as I get them and begin posting them for you once I cross that marker.

Again, thank you. Thanks to the 2000 of you who think what I say is of any value in your busy lives.


Yoongi's Proposal

So I did actually write something on Yoongi proposing over on my other blog (the link is here) so if you want a scenario version of his proposal, you can read that but this is the AU version, it will be different from the scenario but there may be a few things that are similar and AL SO I HIT 800 FOLLOWERS AND IM SO ??!!?!!? LIKE WHAT THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH

  • This is a part of the wedding series, I’ve done Yoongi’s wedding (here) husband!Yoongi (here) and Yoongi’s honeymoon (here)
  • It would be like six years into the relationship

  • I truly don’t feel he’d be in any rush to get married since he’s so busy with music and he’d want to truly know his partner inside and out before he asked one of the most important questions he would ever ask
  • Every time someone asked why you two hadn’t gotten married, he’d only respond with a “we will one day” so it wasn’t as if he didn’t plan to, he just didn’t want to rush into it
  • He wanted to wait until he had the time to truly sit down and pick out the right ring and plan the best proposal he could and even help you with the wedding itself
  • He’d first realized he was ready for marriage when you two had gone to the park during the winter
  • Snow was falling all around you and you two were bundled up in scarves and gloves and big winter jackets
  • You two were just strolling along when you saw one of your friends, her kids and their friends playing around in the snow, throwing snowballs at each other, her daughter making a snow man
  • One of the snowballs accidentally knocked the head of the snowman off, all of the kids freezing (no pun intended) and looking over at the damage
  • The lil kid who was building it just slumped in defeat and looked at her deflated snowman sadly and you can tell she had worked so hard on it and she’d even added lil pebbles to make the details and now it was all gone
  • You just automatically walk over and get down onto her level to help her make a new snowman
  • Your friend comes over to help and even yoon gets in on it and eventually all of the kids are helping put this giant snowman together
  • Seeing you interact with all of the kids and the way your hands guided the lil girl’s and helped her put all of the details back into place just made him turn heart eyes
  • Bc like that could be your child one day and that thought just warmed his heart
  • Your friend gives the snowman a spare scarf and you even got a hug from her daughter before you and yoon continued on your way
  • You two go to this lil café you always go to and he orders you the drinks you two always get
  • Fun fact, you two went to the café on your first date and despite having been going there for nearly seven years, you always ordered the same drinks (you’d tried the others but nothing beat the ones you’d gotten the first time around)
  • He’s just smiling at you as you sip at your drink and scroll through your phone and you just turn ?? like do I have something on my lip or some shit sto p staring
  • He just tells you “one day I’m going to marry you”
  • It’s nothing new to you since he’d always promised it and you knew he meant it so you just smile back
  • “I know”
  • You didn’t know but that was the day he set his mind onto finding you the perfect ring
  • He literally enrolls all of Bangtan into helping him out
  • He tends to go with Jin and the rap line bc the maknae line get too distracted and one of them always ends up getting one of the engagement rings stuck on their fingers
  • Jin lowkey helps him find it
  • He points out a ring next to the one that would be on your finger within the next week and is like hey what about this one
  • Yoon comes over and kinda likes it but he doesn’t love it but then he just glances over at the one next to it and is like found it !!!
  • Jin gets all excited bc he thinks its the one he pointed out and Hobi just lets out a much too loud “yoU FOUND IT ?? OH MY GOD REALLY?!?!”
  • They all try to give him advice on the drive back to the dorm
  • “Make sure to be romantic, do you want me to buy you guys some roses??”
  • “Be creative like jump out of a box and just shout ‘marry me’ at the top of your lungs”
  • “Propose through a song??”
  • He knew he should’ve been listening to them since they all were either engaged or married so they obviously did it right but he’s already got his plan
  • Despite being mr swag who’s all laidback and couldn’t give a fuck about anything, he’s proven time after time that he’s actually a total sweetheart who cares a lot
  • So he decides to do something that truly fit him and you and the both of you as a couple
  • You two have this tradition of going onto the roof of your apartment building and just spending hours staring at the stars and talking about whatever you felt like
  • Your conversations ranged from baby goats to the meaning of life, depending on the night
  • He’d taken you up to the roof, already adorned with a large blanket and a pile of pillows for you two to relax on, his phone beginning to play the playlist he’d made earlier that day
  • You’re busy listening to his heartbeat under your ear and his fingers are toying with yours bc he always thought it was cute how much bigger his hands were
  • He’s whispering about how much he loves you and his free hand is tracing his name into your back and it’s just v v relaxing
  • He subtly pulls out the box and you just have to smile bc you secretly always dreamt of being proposed in your lil secret cove on the roof and now it was happening like whoa plz don’t be earrings
  • “Ik this isn’t the most romantic or elaborate way of proposing, I don’t have some big speech prepared but I thought this was better. Just us, in our favorite place with only the stars to watch us. So will you marry me and continue to make me the happiest I’ve ever been?”
  • You obviously say yes and you can feel his hand shaking a lil when he slides the ring onto your finger bc even though he’d been all chill during it, he’d actually been really nervous
  • The diamond is on the smaller side with a simple band but it kinda just screams Yoongi and it couldn’t be more perfect for you two
  • You two spend the rest of the night being giggly bc you’re so !!! bc that just happened you’re now engaged you already knew you’d spend the rest of your life with him but now you’d spend it with him as your husband
BTS React to finding out Their (S/O) Used to be a HUGE Fan

(I might’ve made a couple minor changes to the request, but I hope you still enjoy~)

Seokjin: At first he would be shocked; the way you acted around him would never have led on to how you used to be. He would credit that to you getting older and maturing more though. He had accidentally stumbled across your old blog full of pictures of him and ‘interesting’ imagines that you used to read. He would ask you about it. After sensing the embarrassment that was radiating off of you from him finding something like that, he wouldn’t bother you about it too much. “I know I’m handsome yes, but I wasn’t aware my smile could make flowers grow~” he’d tease, quoting one of your old posts and chuckling lightly.

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Namjoon: He knew that you were a fan of their music before you two had met, but after finding your old blog full of fluff, smut, and imagine reblogs he would be at a loss for words at first. So this is what she used to be like he would think to himself as he read over some of the fan-fictions, his eyes would widen. These really are detailed aren’t they? Eventually he would end up telling you what he found and would use that as an opportunity to address something that was on his mind, “if you really wanted to try some of that stuff, why don’t you just say so, babe~?” he’d say and wink.

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Jungkook: When he found your old blog dedicated to pictures of him he would blush all shades of pink. So she’s not only been in love with me, she was a fan of me at one point as well. He’d scroll through the pictures, his curiosity getting the better of him and read the descriptions that you would post, as well as short stories that you reblogged, some of which, the detail made his eyes almost pop out of his head. When he heard you approaching he would throw his phone off his bed, MUST GET RID OF EVIDENCE AND ACT NATURAL. Of course, the way he was acting would give it away and he would end up showing you what he found. “You really liked me that much?”

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Taehyung: After finding your old blog he would 1. Be shocked that you even used to blog, 2. Be surprised that the blog was dedicated to just him, and 3. Would turn 50 shades of pink when he saw all the fanfictions that you had reblogged about him. He wouldn’t hear you walk in as he was looking at his computer screen and when you cleared your throat, he would jump causing his laptop to fall to the floor. “I SWEAR I WASN’T READING THE FANFICTIONS YOU BLOGGED ABOUT!!” He would yell out and put up his arms in defense then slowly lower them, “Although… they gave me ideas…”

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Yoongi: At first, he wouldn’t even think that the blog was yours, but after seeing an old admin picture of you he would begin exploring. What’s all this about my swag? He would think as he looked through your blog curiously. WHY IS MY SWAG A MEME? He would continue scrolling and find fan fictions and scenarios that you reblogged and instantly his interest would be peaked. So this is the kind of stuff she is into… Many ideas would be going through his head, distracting him and before he realized it you would have already taken his laptop away.  “Jagi… you are into some kinky stuff,” he would say bluntly.

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Jimin: He would be playing on your phone while you went to go put on makeup and get dressed, he’d end up finding your old twitter which was linked to your old Tumblr blog. His curiosity getting the better of him, he would open your old blog to be met with pictures of him. All of this is either pictures of my abs or about me having no jams. When she said she used to be a fan she wasn’t kidding… He would investigate more and would find the old fan fictions that you would read, oh… OH she likes THIS kind of stuff? He would be stunned by what he had found. Once you were done getting ready, he would tell you what he had found, “Jagi, you’ve got some dirty mind~” he would scold teasingly.

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Hoseok: He wouldn’t believe it was you who had blogged about him. It would take scrolling past an old photo of you to convince him. He wouldn’t be able to fathom the thought that the blog that was full of smut, fluff, and scenarios was yours. She fantasized about me like this? Really? He would be surprised you used to read stuff like that, although he would also be a little embarrassed, but he wouldn’t hesitate to ask you about what he had discovered. “Am I really that irresistible to you?” He would tease and wink when he asked to know more about your blog. Seeing how embarrassed it made you, he would kiss your cheek, “don’t worry, jagi. It’s cute that you used to feel like that. I hope I was all you had hoped for~”

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YAS More BTS Reacts. I hope you all liked it!

~BangtanBunnie <3