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Mafia AU Aqours featuring FBI AZALEA, Police CYaRon! and our beloved expert mafia, Guilty Kiss

P.S : Never let Mari drives your car with Riko and Yoshiko Yohane tagging along if you don’t want your ears bleed from their bloody screams

YG is very horrible with promoting their idols talents, they only care about rapping, singing and being all swag and hip hop, i honestly feel very sorry for Lisa because she is a fantastic dancer but YG will sadly throw it all under a bus and give her a mediocre choreography , i wish she could have gone to SM instead since SM is very serious when it comes to choreography and would improve her skills tremendously.

If you were paying attention in middle school, you might not have slept through this exchange from Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist:

“Good,” said the Jew; “there’s no moon.”
“No,” rejoined Sikes.
“It’s all arranged about bringing off the swag, is it?” asked the Jew.

If we can look past the disturbing fact that there’s a character in the book named “the Jew” (this was the 19th century), this particular Jew is using the term in pretty much the same way that modern douchebags do, defined in old-timey style as “wearing apparel, linen, piece-goods, etc.” That’s right: People knew what it meant to have swag when they were reading it in 1838.

Although it shares the same root as “swagger” (“svagga,” a Scandinavian word meaning “to sway”), “swag” was actually used first, and much earlier. As early as 1303, to be exact, in the time when English was still basically indistinguishable from German. At that time, “swag” meant a bulging bag, which kind of makes those boasts sound a little bit creepy. By the mid-19th century, “swag” had transformed from the bag itself to the stuff in it (which was usually looted or stolen because, let’s be real here, this word comes from the Middle Ages and there was nothing else to do back then).

By 1838, you had what amounts to the modern definition (“acquired loot that makes you a badass”). Dickens stopped just short of following the exchange up with a high-five and “Yeah bro, #swag4lyfe.”

6 Mind-Blowing Old-Timey Uses of ‘Modern’ Slang
‘The Voice’ Contestant Christina Grimmie, 22, Dead After Concert Shooting
Christina Grimmie, a former contestant on “The Voice,” was fatally shot Friday night at her concert in Orlando, Florida, Variety has confirmed. The 22-year-old singer was a finalist on …
By Elizabeth Wagmeister

Can we just talk about this for a second? Instead of all those “swag” posts and shit that doesn’t mean anything, pay attention to something that matters.

Another young aspiring individual’s life has been forcefully taken from her and the world has lost a bright, shining light of hope and individuality in this boring music industry.

Ms. Grimmie, although I did not know you personally, my heart goes out to you and also your family.

Heaven has gained an angel.


Posting this week’s video a day early because I’m excited about all the swag I got from Anime Expo~ xD This is my first time doing a haul video, I had so much fun with it!!

ALSO: If you recognize any of the artwork from stuff I got in Artist Alley, please let me know so I can credit the artist in the description!! A lot of people were out of business cards so it was hard to keep track of who made what @___@