it is actually war

I’ll never fucking forgive Hollywood movie producers for not making a true to the source material adaptation of World War Z.

Here’s how I’d make it:

First off: don’t make it a big screen movie. A single season TV show would convey the story much better. Second, scrap the linear narrative focused on a single character and make it like an actual war documentary, switching between testimonies and footage from the war. The book reads like an actual piece of literature from an alternate universe that somehow made it to ours, the movie/documentary should also give that impression. The testimonies would be where you’d find great acting and narrating, and the direction and script would have to be exquisite to make the story as engaging and compelling as the source material and subject matter. If they followed the structure of the book, with each chapter/testimony following the spread of the zombies, the lead up to the war, and aftermath, slowly revealing what happened. The marketing campaign could make use of the whole “alternate universe making it into ours” and create websites, blogs, and even Twitter and Instagram accounts from this alternate universe before shit went downhill for good to create more engagement and interest on social media.

this probably makes no sense but heres some thoughts: theres characters in star wars (or anything actually but mostly sw) that i used to be neutral about but then the fandom navigates in extremes of “PERFECT SWEET BABY BOY” about a villain and then “DEMONIC PIECE OF SHIT DIE” about a villain as well and then i just end up hating the character myself because everything anyone on here says about villains is annoying so i despise lots of characters now due to the way fandom talks about them and i also blacklist almost every villain of star wars except for Darth Maul who is a lesbian

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I saw that thing where the team leaves Lance behind in order to make an alliance with them it's really angsty but they would never leave him behind especially hunk he would probably fight someone if they even considered it. I just.. they aren't dicks that hate lance they love him and would never leave him for an alliance or something like that. (i'm not hating on the person who made this i'm just voicing my opinion) Sorry I just needed to rant

hmmmm, well I try to think of it how people would think of actual war. You have too make choices, and if you know you can come back- that you can rescue them, then sometimes the mission is more important. But I truly don’t think they would leave him-anyone-  unless it was last resort.

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any Nihilus hc's..?

This might get OOC pretty quick, but you know what fuck it all 


  • Nihilus was a Human male with black, coiled hair gathered in a ponytail, that much is certain. I personally think he had darker skin and warm brown eyes. Kind of like a more regal version of Quinlan Vos.
  • His attitude towards friendship or any kind of relationship is conflicted. On the one hand, he’s had a good partnership with Darth Sion and enjoys company. However… he was also betrayed by one who he once formed a force bond with, not to mention the death of his loved ones long before he became Nihilus. 
    • He has a strong dislike for Miralakans ever since the whole shitshow with Visas Marr.
  • It was mentioned somewhere he was “most likely” a Jedi rebel who joined Revan’s forces during the Mandalorian Wars.
    • So anyway Revan can fuck himself
  • Actually doesn’t give a shit bout Sith or Jedi, he’s just a Dark Side user that wants the whole world to crumble
  • Sion may have drawn his power from his ~eternal pain~, but Nihilus still didn’t like seeing him like that. If you befriended Nihilus, he’d make sure to help you if you were ever in physical pain—perhaps he could drain your Force a tiny amount so you could fall asleep or something.
  • He’s not angsty at all about his lack of a physical body. Not needing to sleep or poop or anything is awesome. Will definitely use this to help you, i.e. acting as a 24/7 bodyguard or designated driver.
  • Anyone who makes fun of his lightsaber for being sort-of phallus shaped will get it shoved up their ass—and ignited.
  • Loves nihilist memes
  • He may love Spirited Away, but No Face is actually his least favorite character. Such a pitiful, gross creature.

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top 10 headcanons for tobirama?


-big gay mlm
-his face markings are scars. they don’t look like scars in his canon appearance but since when have i ever cared about canon
- he has a sweet tooth that he tries to hide and he has a particular weakness for strawberry flavored deserts.
- if you asked him about his coffee order is he’d say it was “black with no cream and no sugar” but it’s actually strawberry creme frappuccino
-he lost a leg in the war
-he’s autistic (i remember i mentioned in an ask that im he wasn’t but i made a MISTAKE) and his favorite thing to stim with is paper
-one million pillows
- he has three cats
- terrible pollen allergy. absolutely horrible. always sneezing during spring and while hashirama is gardening
- he’s never been good at expressing how he feels to the people he cares about, but he loves his family and would do anything to keep them safe
-he loves to cook but he is Very Bad at it. he loves cutthroat kitchen and every gordon ramsay show
- likes to pretend he doesn’t have 10000 emotions at once

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So regardless of the actual quality of events like Forever Evil or Darkseid War, how do you feel about the concept of villains having to step up to defend earth from the Crime Syndicate or earth's heroes becoming the New New Gods?

Oh, I love it when that happens… depending on the villain, at least.

I think there should be a distinction made between dark!Lena and evil!Lena. Being a dark character doesn’t necessarily make one evil (though people tend to equate the two and fantasy franchises like LOTR/HP/Star Wars have perpetuated this the most imo) and actually, I think dark Lena would be completely within the scope of her character, even though I think evil Lena isn’t. 

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Bucky first saw you when you were ten and had pigtails. He first kissed you when you were thirteen and still in trainers. He first made love to you when you were sixteen and rebellious. The last time he remembers seeing you is when you kissed him goodbye and he went to war. In all actuality the last time he saw you was when HYDRA had released their soilder on you and his cold metal hand was wrapped around your throat. Though he can't recall it, the last thing you ever said to him was his name

Nobody actually asked for this but SURPRISE, Shifty/Liebgott domesticity meme because reasons:

  • Who made the first move: not answering this one because I’m planning on writing it and to really achieve that Slow Burn™ I think it needs to be a surprise, lol
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first: ooh. this is a tough one, but… I’m leaning towards Shifty saying it first, and he says it kind of early but also in a really simple unassuming way? like, he knows Joe’s been burned before and for… plot-related reasons might avoid diving in too early, so he says it fully not expecting a reply right away. and Liebgott may not have felt like he could say it yet, but the fact that Shifty says it in that way makes him feel it a lot earlier than he would have expected.
  • How often they fight: not super often? Shifty’s not a combative person, so they’ll snip a little bit, and occasionally Liebgott will try to pick a fight, but Shifty usually doesn’t take the bait and then Joe just feels bad and they make up.
  • Whose big spoon/little spoon: it depends. when they’re going into a Designated Cuddling Session, Liebgott is the big spoon, partly because he’s taller so it’s just natural okay. but Shifty is more into cuddling, so if, say, they’re going to bed, Liebgott will turn away because that’s just the way he sleeps, and Shifty will be like “um?? where are you going??” and turn over and glomp him, so in those cases Shifty’s the big spoon.
  • What their nicknames are for each other: Shifty uses hun and sweetheart casually, Frisco or Joseph Liebgott when he’s teasing. Liebgott uses… well… “Shifty” and babe/baby, and sometimes Sweet Tea when teasing. as in “Hey, Frisco!”/“Yeah Sweet Tea?” (their friends think this is unbearably cute, they don’t get it)
  • Whose the better cook: Shifty, by just a bit. Liebgott’s a more utilitarian cook, but he’s not bad by any means
  • Their song: my personal song for them is A Long and Happy Life by Delta Rae, but since it’s only been out for like a month it’s not old enough to be their song in the verse I’m working on. they would say Up On the Ridge by Dierks Bentley (which is like the only country song Liebgott really enjoys because it really does capture the spirit of their nights out with friends), and Liebgott would also add Mulholland Drive, which also has some great road trip memories associated with it.
  • Who remembers their anniversaries: Shifty naturally remembers dates better, Liebgott gets more into big anniversary-related gestures
  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex): I already wrote them doing chores and taking naps together, that’s a big thing. also they first get introduced as part of a big group of friends and that remains a thing, so probably one of their favorite past-times is hanging out with a group of people (including Chuck, Speirs, Skinny, Earl McClung, and Joe’s twin sister Leah), especially in parks and on beaches and in people’s living rooms where they don’t have to abide by social rules like “don’t sit on tables or the tops of couches” and “sir your boyfriend’s lap doesn’t count either, please find a chair” and “you’re being really blatant about drinking alcohol in public, stop that.”
  • How they would get engaged: after several long discussions about the state of the relationship. I think when they start dating, it’s not really something they think about a lot? Liebgott, like I said, starts dating Shifty after previous relationships have sort of fallen apart, so for him it’s more driven by the fact that this is someone who’s nice, and easy to be with, than that he’s looking for a partner. and Shifty is still somewhat new to San Francisco and doesn’t have a lot of previous relationships, so this is still a New thing for him and he doesn’t want to jump too far too soon. then they just sort of look up and are like “oh hey, we’ve been dating for a pretty long time now” and that’s when they decide they really need to sit down and be like, okay so do you want kids, are we going to raise them a certain way, what are your long-term career plans/hopes, where do you want to live, etc.
    when the actual proposal happens, it’s a quiet, personal moment, probably involving flowers and nicknames, followed by a surprise engagement party with aforementioned cohort of friends.
  • What their wedding would be like: definitely outdoors. it’s small but it’s a real party, with lawn games and a tub full of beer and a kickass buffet.
  • How many kids they’ll have: two or three, enough to make a rowdy house without getting overwhelmed. they’re like the best parents ever, btw.