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what happened now?

oh MOOD i will explain tho anon. without namin names for the Moment & forgive me for the Long Post

there’s been some discourse that has extended beyond control based on the sentiment that it’s easier to make comments on arts/fics/etc. in the tags, which went way further and has been more heatedly debated than the kaitlyn issue in which the evil gays™ were impatient with some thinly veiled homophobia masquerading as “i just don’t like this character [who was outed against her will and rightfully lashed out during such a time]”. (disliking kaitlyn for her actions in book3 is rather understandable as an aside but book2 mc deserved way worse)

so. this #taggate event has caused actual legitimate discourse. us evil gays™ are annoyed that the fandom cares more about One (1) person thinking it’s easier to make comments in the tags rather than reblogging with commentary than y’know… the racism we’ve had from several anons. the not very subtle homophobia. 

this annoyance permeates outward into physical posts and Someone says that if you want anyone to listen you should “speak to them with respect”, prompting another user to say “racist or homophobic or misogynistic don’t deserve respect” which is TRUE !! thus leads to the present discourse in which a heterosexual lecture a lesbian that “actually if you’re nice to bigots it’s better for everyone uwu” and You Know that’s really exhausting !! 

the point is it’s not the job of marginalized groups to handhold you into learning to be a better fucking person ! if they get annoyed with you, they have every right to. if your feelings get hurt because they tell you that you’re homophobic/racist/biphobic/transphobic, their hurt feelings over you being bigoted towards them are infinitely more important because you’ve probably hurt a lot of people with your behaviour. but instead we started debating about someone having the audacity to say “wow it’s easier to just say things in the tags” like where was the backlash when the racist anons used the n-word derogatorily? yeah the fandom slept on that. and that’s the problem. 

we gotta be nice to the vaguely homophobic straights & racists but they have no problem ripping us to shreds over expressing vague annoyance on our own personal blogs. 

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I really like your rants! They point out things I either missed and/or it's been so long that I don't remember it accurately. While I love your art, reading your ideas is just as refreshing! On that note, what is your opinion of spottedleaf (I haven't read spottedleafs wish but apparently it was really really bad)?

Thank you, I’m really happy to hear that. ^^ I admit, I do get nervous, like sometimes after making a rant I’m so “now I’m going to get hate, now I’m going to get hate” I’m just a little paranoid like that, I’ve always hated the thought of saddening anyone, hehe. So getting this sort of feedback is like a gift. 

As for Spottedleaf… oh dear. I have a lot of opinions on Spotty, and not all very good. I have -not- read Spottedleaf’s Heart, and I have no plans of ever touching it either, first of all because I want to spare myself the pain, and because I do not wish to read such a mangled piece of canon. Secondly, as an adult I am astonished the book was even published, given that its plot was very much not child-friendly, and should never have been accepted by HarperCollins in the first place. I could go on but this deserves its own rant so I’ll lay off for a moment. 

But ahem, I digress. Back to Spottedleaf herself. My opinion on her is about as parted as it is with Ashfur’s. 

… I’m gonna add a keeping reading link here cuz this turned into a real sermon. uwu;

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