it is absolutely a pumpkin

Imagine Dean bonding with your daughter who has a soft spot for him and not missing a chance to flirt with you.

“Press the button?” Dean’s voice was heard as you cautiously made your way upstairs, not wanting to make your presence known yet just because you wanted to see what he and Mary were doing.

“Press the button.” her little voice was heard and you smiled without even realizing it yourself.

“And down we gooooo!” Dean made a voice and soon a huff was heard along with Mary’s giggles. You rested your weight on the doorframe, still not saying a word as you watched the green-eyed man play with your daughter.

“Can we go again?” her little voice was heard in between her giggles and you saw Dean chuckle; none of them had realized you were standing there watching them.

“Again? Ok. Hop up!” he grinned at the little girl and you bit the inside of your cheek as you fought to keep a smile off your face. In vain.

“And up we go!” he slowly lifted her as she was sitting on his shoulders.

“Press the button.” he pointed his finger upwards as she pressed hers there.

“And down we go!” he huffed as they fell back down on the bed, her laughter filling the entire room.

This time you couldn’t contain your laughter and as that you made your presence known. You walked inside your bedroom to be greeted with huge smiles from both Dean and the little girl.

“You two seem to be having real fun huh?” you smirked and he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck a little nervously.

“We’ve made a mess haven’t we?” he asked looking around him and mostly the bed but you shook your head.

“No it’s ok.”

“Mommy!” Mary exclaimed as she jumped off the bed and ran towards you “Dean and I were playing a new game!” she said looking up at you with big (y/e/c) eyes.

“Hmh I saw that honey. WWE games.” you said, giving a look at Dean whose eyes widened.

“How’d you know?” he breathed out, guilty face on as if he’d been caught on act.

“I’m not just a pretty face you know.” you chuckled before bending down to pick up your three-year-old girl.

“Mommy can Dean stay with us tonight please?” she asked with an innocent smile and you glanced at Dean to see he too was waiting like a little child with big green eyes for an answer.

“I don’t know sweetheart. He’s a busy man, wouldn’t want to keep him here and busy with boring girly stuff when there might something or someone waiting for him tonight.” you said almost slyly, glancing at Dean from the corner of your eye.

“No!” Mary said with a deep frown and an adorable pout “Dean wants to stay with us, don’t you Dean?” she asked looking back at the man that you knew she had developed a soft spot for. He wasn’t her father no, her real father had died before he had the chance to meet his little girl, but you were glad your little girl didn’t feel the absence thanks to the older Winchester.

“Absolutely lovebug!” he grinned walking towards the two of you “There is no other place on Earth I would rather be than with the two of you. Plus-” he looked at you with a small, you could say almost satisfied, smirk on his face “There isn’t someone waiting for me tonight, apart from Baby to tak her on a long ride.”

“Huh is that so?” you raised an eyebrow, trying not to show how interested you really were so you prefered to play Mary’s hair, tucking a few strands behind her ear “How come? Considering who you are I’d expect the ladies to be fighting for a few hours in your agenda.” you mumbled and he shrugged.

“There is no lady I’d be more interested in spending my time with than my little princess.” he smiled softly down at Mary who giggled when he kissed her cheek. Despite everything, and despite the small pang of jealousy, you couldn’t help but smile at how much of a father figure – a great and loving one at that – Dean was being for Mary.

“So mommy, can Dean sleep with us tonight? Pretty please?” she batted her eyelashes at you and you glanced at Dean who had a hopeful look on as well.

“Well if he wants to-” you started and he spoke up immediately.


“I’m warning you though, there will be plenty of Tangled and sparkles and glitter because we’re going tobe making a cake.” you pointed out and he grinned.

“Sounds amazing to me” he breathed out sincerely and you couldn’t fight off the smile.

“Come on mommy, please let him stay! Pretty please!” she wrapped her small arms around your neck, giving you that adorable smile you just couldn’t resist.

“Very well then, he can stay.” you shrugged, trying to not let your own excitement show. Your daughter was enough excited for the both of you as her and Dean cheered both smiling like kids on Christmas day.

“Ok now, go wash your hands sweetie-” you set her down “We’ve gotta get started on that cake, yeah?”

“Alright!” she nodded her head “Dean will you help us?”

“Absolutely pumpkin!” he booped her nose and kissed her forehead as with a giggle she ran out of your bedroom towards the bathroom to wash her hands.

“She’s developed a soft spot for you, you know.” you mumbled with a soft smile as you fixed the bedsheets.

Only her though?” he asked with a cute grin and you shook your head with a laugh.

“Shut up idiot.” you threw a pillow at him “I’m being serious you know.”

“Yeah-” he softened “I know” he hummed with a fond smile that made your own heart swell inside your chest “I really love her too.”

“You know, maybe it’s because you spend a lot of time together- which: thank you very much for. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” you looked at him sincerely and he shook his head, helping you by picking up her toys.

“You know you don’t have to. I love being with her, and if it takes one more worry away while you are working then it’s my pleasure. Both mine and Sam’s.”

“I know” you held his gaze for a good few moments “I just- I’m saying this because- no matter how much time one can spend with her it doesn’t mean they’ll have her trust. She’s not an easy child, not really open. But with you-” you shook your head with a laugh “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you are her father.”

Dean chuckled softly, his eyes lingering on her toys that he had in his arms “It would be my honor.” he whispered and your eyes locked on him.


“To be her father.” he looked into your eyes “It would be a honor for me. She is an amazing kid, I would love nothing more than to call her my daughter.”

“As I would love nothing more than to call you her father.” you whispered the small confession and he gave you a boyish grin.

“You know-” his smile turned into a flirty smirk that just made you weak on the knees every time “-that would mean I’d have to be something more to you too, right?”

“Yeah, the only drawback right?” you chuckled and he shook his head.

“Are you kidding me? I’d be bragging to everyone if the mother of my child was such a bomb!” he grinned widely and you bit your lip, chuckling.

“Yeah right.” you scoffed and he gave you a look.

“Don’t make me fight you on this, (Y/n). You know I’d definitely win this. I have my ways.”

“Which include?” you raised an eyebrow suggestively and you saw his eyes darken for a minute.

“Oh you’d like to know sweetheart?”

“Perhaps?” you shrugged innocently and he laughed.

“I’d love to do so too but- not with a kid walking around. Maybe when she’s asleep, I’d love to show you.” he winked and you chuckled.

“You’re such a flirt.” you shook your head, jumping when you felt his hand on your back; not having realized when he came close to you.

“Oh princess, I’m not flirting.” his face got closer to yours “I’m giving you a promise.”

Houses as Halloween Things
  • HUFFLEPUFF- Baking Halloween goods for your parties such as spider cupcakes and ghost cookies with friends
  • RAVENCLAW- Carving intricate designs into pumpkins, making them either extremely scary and absolutely beautiful
  • SLYTHERIN- Coming up with the most unique and amazing Halloween costume. Spending hours working on and just admiring the finishing project.
  • GRYFFINDOR- Trying to be brave by having a huge horror movie marathon with a group of friends in the dark, proving you aren't scared

In which I really wanted to draw Neo in a floofy dress, and Roman really loves swooping up his tiny wife into the air when they’re dancing together. 

(I just wanted to draw a dress that took up half the screen lmao oops)

officiallilith  asked:

Hi! I love your art. What do you think Pumpkin would do on the surface, once the monsters go free?

She gets to act as the magical companion on some live action magical girl series. It’s the closest to becoming a magical girl, at least.

Whatever she does once the series is over is an absolutely mystery.

Random (mostly domestic) Blitzstone headcanons:

  • Blitzen loves pumpkin spice. Absolutely loves it. Hearthstone doesn’t get it but he always buys him some when he can anyway, whether Blitz asked him to or not.
  • Hearth loves Blitzen’s hair. He loves feeling it and will play with it when he gets the chance. 
  • Blitz complains about him killing his hair/hurting his head when he plays with it but lets him do it anyway.
  • When Blitzen finds out about stop motion animation he is super impressed with the technical aspects of it and loves it.
  • Hearth is such a freaking cuddler, but he’s only comfortable when he’s the one to initiate contact with people.
  • (big spoon all the way)
  • They kind of wanted to get Magnus birthday presents, but they both feel like they can’t because they couldn’t keep him alive on his last one.
  • They didn’t need to say it, they both felt it separately and didn’t want to bring it up because they feel too guilty about failing to protect him, even if he is happy now. 
  • Hearth is a little older.
  • Blitzen starts watching mortal TV and gets hooked on Project Runway// and Say Yes to the Dress// (One’s his drama show, the other’s his comfort show)
  • This gets him thinking about how many weddings he knows end in violent battles and he starts designing a line of Battle Ready Wedding Wear.
  • Hearth cries at movies with found family plots. A lot.
  • Neither of them actually consume that much media, they’re usually too busy with their work/magic pursuits. 
  • They had a lot of free time and nothing to do when they were hiding out in the safe house so they got into most of it then.
  • After enough time has passed, Blitzen can’t get away with anything because Hearth pulls the, “Last time you didn’t listen to me you almost died in my arms” card.

fluffy chirrut and baze headcanons, part two:

  • they’re both basically cats? like if someone’s not getting enough attention he will without a doubt insert himself between husband and whatever husband is trying to do and curl up on his lap
  • as much of a nuisance baze likes to be when he wants attention, he won’t mess with chirrut while he’s meditating because he knows it’s important to him
  • chirrut does like meditating with baze’s head in his lap, though. sometimes baze falls asleep.
  • after jedha falls to the empire, baze focuses a lot less on the traditional fighting style of the guardians in favor of more intense weaponry. even then, he does chirrut’s drills with him.
  • they have a planking competition between them that’s been going on for multiple decades. it started out as a thing between a bunch of the trainees at the monastery and then a couple stubborn assholes took it too seriously and here they are still trying to one-up each other thirty years later
  • neither of them is really a morning person, but while chirrut gets himself up early for the sake of self-discipline, it is fucking impossible to get baze malbus out of bed before it’s absolutely necessary
  • remember that photoset of the person putting pumpkins on their sleeping friend until they woke up and noticed? that’s chirrut îmwe entertaining himself after being awake by himself for three hours

part one

mechanicalriddle  asked:

wwweird question here. so last halloween we -accidentally- planted a bunch of pumpkins. i have been nurturing them all summer and have been blessed with a bazillion big, fat blossoms. i don't know the variety of pumpkin they are (the best i can say is 'assorted carving' lol) but i know my bearded dragon loooves squash blossoms and theyre pretty hard to come by where i live. do you think i can safely feed him some of my surplus pumpkin blossoms?

Oh dude absolutely, he’d love those- those would be DELICIOUS. 

llyesterdat  asked:

Oh, I'm so sorry! Ok, then...Date headcanons? How are they on dates?

No worries at all! Thank you for asking, and thank you for being so patient in awaiting your answer!!! 

Eren: A fun date. He’s always down to do whatever his S/O is feeling, but if he gets to choose the date, he always picks something fun. He loves going mini golfing or laser tagging or on mini road trips. And ice cream is a must with Eren! He likes to have a good time, and make his S/O laugh. 

Mikasa: A sweet date. She likes the more traditional dates where she and her S/O can talk. Dinner dates, ice cream dates, walks in a park… anywhere where they can spend some quality time laughing and talking together. For her, quality time is what it’s all about, and she likes to make her S/O feel loved. 

Armin: A kind date. He’s super polite and kind and wants his S/O to have a great time whatever they do. He always picks the most fun places to go for dates, and is always down for whatever his S/O wants to do. He’s a big fan of handholding too, and is just the sweetest little date who compliments his S/O the whole time. 

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Glued Plates

Thank you so much to all the help that you gave me @puzzlingpeace I appreciated it! <3 This is part two of this fic. You will have to read part one to understand part two! All feedback is welcomed! (: 

Word Count: 2160 

Scully stayed in bed –  not just for a day but for three.  Her limbs felt dead, even though the words in her head screamed louder than words that escaped from behind her teeth.  Do not cry.  William is gone.  Mulder might be dead.  I told Skinner to get the fuck out of my apartment..  Scully tried to assuage her guilt by telling herself that she spoke out of anger.  That she didn’t mean it.  Instead, the knots in her stomach only grew tighter.  Scully pulled her blanket over her head as she sank further into her mattress, squeezing her eyes shut as she felt another wave of tears threatening to pour out from behind her eyelids.  Suddenly, she heard her mother’s quiet footfalls coming.

“Dana? There is someone on the phone for you.  He said his name was Frohike? Do you know who that is? “

Scully sat up, rubbing her eyes as she looked at her mom. Guilt pulled even tighter in her gut as she realized that her mother  looked smaller somehow..  She knew that her mom was tired.  Between checking on Scully every hour, and sleeping on a couch, she couldn’t be getting much sleep.  Despite being thankful that her mom drove to her apartment  as soon as she had called, and that she would bring her tea when she woke up crying – she was still wracked with guilt when she met her mother’s eyes and witnessed the unmistakable exhaustion there.

She nodded and tied the greasy tendrils of her hair into a haphazard bun before accepting the phone with a tight-lipped smile. “Scully,” She exhaled heavily as she leaned back into her pillows.  She stared at her ceiling, seeing everything and nothing at once.

“I am going to talk and you are going to listen to me.  Got it?” Frohike said, although his command was peppered with hesitance.

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nct 127 reaction: you being a cosplayer.

taeil would be surprised at first because not everyone has the same interests that you have, but slowly he’ll begin to warm up to it and think that it’s different and unique. he’ll shyly tell you that you look pretty when you show off your outfits to him omg wtf cute moon taeil i’m hfahk.

Originally posted by taesyong

he’d think it’s really cool as he doesn’t really get to see that very often. he’d give you these over-exaggerated reactions when you explain this interest of yours to him and he’d ask you if he could try on one of your wigs. or even a school girl outfit just to be funny.

Originally posted by yuk-hei

*cues bed squeaking noises* okay, jk. raise your foot if you get the reference. taeyong would be cool with it. either that or he’d turn into a curious kid, asking you questions and all. he’d probably offer to be your cosplay partner too since he looks like anime. just let him be your hobbit- okno rachel stop keep this pg.

Originally posted by hey-uta

being a cosplayer would earn you a brownie point if you’re dating yuta. he’s a japanese pumpkin who absolutely loves watching anime and the moment he knew about your interest, he’d be all over you, asking you questions like if you’ve ever cosplayed his favourite characters.

Originally posted by taei

doyoung would think it’s cool too. just don’t be surprised when he avoids your gaze or when his ears turn red when you show him some of your um.. quite.. revealing.. outfits. nonetheless, he’ll show you a lot of support and would love you the same.

Originally posted by nctinfo

jaehyun would be fully supportive of you. he’d accompany you to conventions and would even sit down with you while you’re making props. he’d tell you that you look great in everything even if you didn’t and there will be times when he’ll go, “don’t worry, oppa will pay for it,” and you’ll just snort at him bc smh.

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

winwin, too, is an anime fan, just like yuta. so when he discovers your interest, he’d be very amazed. he’d be gasping over how similar you look to the original characters and he’d point out all the resemblances. and tbh this kid might even want to try cosplaying with you afterwards.

Originally posted by fywinwin

mark would be really surprised, in a good way. he’ll say something like, “woah, that’s really cool!” and keep repeating it because he’s just that amazed. he’d ask you if he could join you to a convention and tbh you might regret bringing him because it’s so obvious that he has never experienced it before.

Originally posted by onceagainnct

the moment you tell him about your interest, he’d bring up that one period when he had to crossdress for their concert. then he’d come up with this crazy idea where the both of you cosplay together, with you being the guy and him being the girl. it might be funny then, but he’ll regret it later on.

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anonymous asked:

I love your art style :3 what would pumpkin look like if she was like evil or something?

If Pumpkin was evil she would look exactly the same. Absolutely evil, but she makes you think she isn’t.