it is a weird face

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🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!
@galahave enabler 10/10
@sapphic-shite fucking awful memes, makes me cry 10/10
@nickigrabbedmyass hot, dresses well 10/10

🌷- What are you attracted to in people physical appearance-wise?

Looks exactly like my icon

Hi my name is Emmy. I am a 14 year old female, homosexual. I’m looking for a friend or even more. I don’t really care about ldr as long as your in similar/the same time zone as me your fine! I live in Texas, and no I don’t have a country accent… haha. I like food, books, movies, and YouTube. So ya… I don’t reveal my face untill im sure you aren’t a weird stalker dude… ya… you can contact me on my Tumblr which is @unnoticedpotato thanks for at least reading this!!

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Dude, you gotta write why/when/where Gaston bit Lefou's stomach

hahahaha, sure 

Gaston was furious drinking in a hair in front of his fire, “how could Belle regret me like that!?” life was kind of used in this conversation, she regrets him almost every day, “gee, I don’t know Gaston, maybe she’s just as crazy as her father….” he said, sitting on the edge of a table, they were at Gaston house, as always he did not want to be disturbed by the Bimbettes but be praised by life.

“remember, who needs her when you got us? we together, can have plenty of fun doing manly things you wouldn’t be able do with her” with that Gaston got up his chair and was making his way to Lefou

“manly stuff like what my friend?” he was facing life now, he was kind of uncomfortable and weirded out by the position Gaston took, he was sitting on the table and his friend was between his legs facing him with his hands at the edge of the table also. “Well I don’t know, we could have a spitting competition, play darts, have a wrestling match, perhaps–” “I like that idea” Lefou wasn’t able to reply because immediately Gaston pushes him until his back touch the table, Gaston, still being between Lefous legs pinned the young man’s hands on top of his head with one arm, he loved being dominated, and started the match, Lefou was practically in heaven, he didn’t really care about it, til he felt a hand underneath his shirt, and then a set of teeth hard on his lower abdomen, it hurt like hell but he couldn’t get enough of it, “do you surrender?” he could barely understand his friends words underneath him, “YES, YES I DO!” , the two boys were exhausted, but still it was getting dark, they most keep going to the tavern, on they way there Gaston tried to make a little talk “did it hurt buddy?” “what?” “our little wrestling match” “well… in a wrestling match nobody bites like Gaston….” he knew it would leave a nasty scar

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Oh dear Lin. It's been a while, but I watched the crucible cast party video and oh no. Weird ass face closeups and blond Lin. I'm cringing and laughing so hard I'm crying. Please cleanse my brain oh dear.


I understand. That video is real weird mix of emotions.

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I know how do you feel 7... I mean by Example i feel that my animations are not good, because i wanted it more Smooth or more over expresive but those things come with time and Hard work, you only need drawn more Doodles every day on your Sketchbook, like Weird faces or animal or Backgrounds... EVERYTHING THAT COME TO YOUR MINT (?) Maybe in one week you will see better results and in one point in your life you will say "I do this? LE HOW!?"

Yeah, I get that. 

Actually I wanted to go to college to learn how to be an animator… but… I realized that I do not have the patience of an animator o-o

Though I might go ahead and try to do more animations again…

But yeah, I would love to do that… but I got a lot of stuff to do with my master courses. And when I get free time - I rather do something that I want to really do to relax than want to do to learn. =_=



GMM Rewatches

1) Their kids are besties

2) Rhett knows how useful Link is at specific levels of sleep

3) Lincoln acts exactly like Link when he is unsure or uncomfortable. Weird smiling. Also Rhett knows what Links son’s face means.

4) Total Dads with  their earplugs and eye masks


I went and took pics this morning cuz you guys made me paranoid!  But they are in correctly and I watched the installation video and it seems right. Maybe I could post and see if someplace does car seat checks so someone else can make me feel better. 

I guess these seats are weird, also, because there are 2 rear facing levels. Im pretty into car seat safety and i didnt chose them but i did install them.(My wife bought them for the color.)  they’re safety 1st brand. 

Anyways. There’s proof that I’m not endangering my kids and maybe that pic was just taken at a bad angle or something. But I’m sure I’m going to hear about it all day.

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Den, is nor fun to poke? well, when he's not mad or a pouty baby?

Denmark: *laughs* Yep! We have this game, right, where we see how long he can keep a straight face for if I poke him or make weird faces. I think his record is five minutes.

Another humans are weird space orcs idea because I really like thinking about it. What if aliens have no idea how to hide their emotions? Like, they suck at poker because they can never keep a straight face or anything. or, on a darker note, their ship is hijacked and they can’t keep the fear out of their faces, but all the humans look cold and emotionless to them. Other aliens hating having to bargain with humans becase we can bluff and keep our emotions in check so well, but when they get frustrated it’s all over. Pirates threaten the space ship and they send the human to do negotiations, and the pirate talking is super confused because no matter what threat he makes, the human just doesn’t seem to be fazed one bit.

Someone please, feel free to add to this, I love to see what else people come up with!