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BSD Characters and their Real Prototypes
Port Mafia:

1. Ryuunosuke Akutagawa — Japanese writer, a classic of the new Japanese literature. Known for his short stories and novels. The style of his works was mostly casual and uncomplicated. Akutagawa suffered from mental disorders. One of his famous stories is ‘The Gate of Rashyomon’ (Rashyomon)

2. Chuuya Nakahara — Japanese poet and translator of French poetry of symbolism in Japanese. Is one of the most important poets of Japan of the XX century. Nakahara led bohemian lifestyle. He wrote in the style of tanka but he adhered to the Western canons of versification. Known for his 'Songs of Old Days’ (For the Tainted Sorrow)

3. Odasaku Sakunosuke (Oda Sakunosuke) — Japanese writer. He is often grouped with Dazai Osamu and Ando Sakaguchi. His characters often didn’t fit in what were traditionally considered appropriate forms, either in their frank humanness or in their stubborn individuality. Also wrote radio drama scenarios. Wrote many critical essays. Known for his 'Stories of Osaka Life’ (Flawless)

4. Ichiyo Higuchi — Japanese writer. Became famous as the author of short stories about the life of ordinary people. Known for her 'Life in the Wilderness’, 'Thirteenth Night’

5. Motojiro Kajii — writer, the author of two dozen autobiographical stories and several dozen student sketches. Kajii was called a representative of the genre of ego-fiction, as well as the author of poetry in prose. The only book published during his lifetime was 'Lemon’ (Lemon Bomb)

6. Ryuro Hirotsu — novelist. In his works he revealed the depths of human life. The heroes of his works belonged to the lower social classes that was suffering from poverty. Known for his short story 'Black Lizard’ (Falling Camellia)

7. Michizo Tachihara — Japanese poet and architect. Michizo struggeled to find a way for an urban poet to root himslef in traditional customs and still be 'modern’. He wrote openly about his feelings and was in his heart, allowing his verse to be both uncontaminated and genuine. Known for his 'Of Dawn, Of Dusk’

8. Ogai Mori — Japanese writer, critic and translator. By profession, a military doctor. His name is associated with emrgence and development of romanticism in Japan. Known for his works 'The Dancer’, 'Bubbles on the water’ and 'Messenger’ (Vita Sexualis)

9. Koyo Ozaki — Japanese writer. Mainly wrote historical novels. The language of his works was considered as conversational. He protested against the capitalist system. Known for his works 'The love confession of two nuns’, 'Fragnant Headboard’, 'Three Wives’ (Golden Demon)

10. Kyusaku Yumeno — was the pen name of the early Showa period author, Sugiyama Taido. He wrote detective novels and is known for his avant-gardism and his surrealistic, wildly imaginative and fantastic, even bizzare narratives. Known for his 'Love After Death’, 'Hell in a Bottle’, 'Terrifying Tokyo’ (Dogra Magra)

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Hello I return// So Zecilys, if I'm right the one with the long pretty dark green hair, what relationship do they have with Aaron and Perry? And what are their pronouns? You draw them a lot with those two but I haven't figured out why exactly. Are they a guard under training with Perry and Aaron?

((WELCOME BACK ANON)) I mean I guess you could call it 


Training in patience lmao, they’re siblings! Who typically get along well enough, but that’s no fun to talk about. Zecilys’ family life is…minimal, so Perry usually acts as the half-baked guardian figure. They’re more interested in maintaining a mentor-mentee or peer relationship with Zecilys, which presents its own set of challenges.

Zecilys doesn’t typically see Aaron much alone, but their initial relationship is founded on a mutual weariness of being left in the dark.

Zecilys has more societal standing than Aaron because he’s a foreigner in Evaria. Fortunately, she doesn’t lord it over his head, and is rare to pry into the affairs that brought him to the country – all the more reason he ends up sharing his experiences to her the most. Aaron would do a lot to help Zecilys, if he could, but he usually can’t :’B

(Pronouns are she/her or they/them)

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Hi I live near Austin Texas and go into Austin a whole lot and I live in constant fear of seeing Griffin McElroy out in the real world

i remember when i was first moving to chicago i was like “wow so many musicians and comedians i love live in this city i wonder how many i’ll see!” it has been three years and my most intimte brush with fame was when chris fleming made eye contact with me at a standup show, he doesnt even live here

We want somebody who’s gonna wanna work with us and make us a better dancer. Because, in all reality, we’re getting older and if we wanna be in this industry, part of it is having to do things like we did today. Like, dancing like that, that’s like what we’re going to have to do in the real world industry. So we have to learn someday and some how. So I think that with all these different choreographers we’ve been having, it’s really good for us because we are learning are things… We wanted to do something different and something that we were going to learn from.

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I love your comics!! I gotta do some short ones (10 pages) for university as well, do you have any tips on how to create a good interesting plot? You seem to know lots about everything art related!!

aw man thank you!!

sometimes when i’m having trouble coming up with a story i create a main character FIRST! and then i create the story around it that character and their personality, like where i think they’d be from, what problems they may have to deal with, etc. sometimes that can be easier because then you’re not starting with nothing. you’re starting with a character that you already are interested in!

other times i just have to sit there and think a while. what do i like about the stories that i like? do i want my story to have magic? should it be in the real world? do i want it to be realistic, do i want it to be weird? do i want to make it serious, or funny, or educational, or a combination of those?

for short stories it’s crucial to keep your story simple! interesting doesn’t have to mean super duper complicated and meaningful with 20 twists. interesting can just be like oh! i’ve never read a story about a humble chicken farmer who is also world famous sculptor! or oh! i’ve never read a story about a bear who spends half their life as a bear and half their life as a blue jay! let’s find out what happens!

stuff i think that makes up a good, interesting story:

- CLEAR and understandable

- not reliant on tropes (i don’t mean you have to be 100% original which is kind of impossible, i just mean check your story and characters to make sure it’s not something the world has seen 1 million times! if you’re doing a zombie comic, what makes your story different than the walking dead? if you’re doing a story about vampires or monsters or magic, what makes it different than twilight, or teen wolf, or supernatural, or harry potter? same goes for characters, try and avoid character tropes if you can. consider what real people are like instead! if you have 2 nice and likable characters, how do you make them different? maybe think about your friends/family and what they’re like)

- includes something a little unexpected or out of the ordinary (you can make this happen by putting two very different things in the same story! ex. farming and sculpting, or a huge bear and a tiny bird)

- is concise and has a definitive ending EVEN IF you want to end it on a ‘to be continued.’ i think it’s really important for readers to have some degree of closure even if you want to leave it open. but be careful about leaving it open at all! i only say that because sometimes people get tired and don’t know how to end their story and they just leave it on a cliffhanger or something and it’s not done very well because it wasn’t planned for. sometimes the ending is the best part for making your story different and interesting! you can put a weird twist in there, some kind of lesson, the punchline of a joke, something cute and sweet, something sad

but yeah! this is just stuff i could think of at the moment, i can add to this if i think of more stuff! and if you have any questions or anything don’t hesitate to ask. i hope this could help!!  

What an nice addition these plushies are (I had to move three books because I wanted them next to eachother and this whole thing is just a giant mess lmao can you tell)

Because I’m excited for Splatoon 2 I started thinking back to the made-up Inkling language in the game, that seems to basically just be nonsense vaguely based on some real-world languages (for the writing, at least), and for some reason that got me progressing onto thinking of what a hypothetical Inkling internet culture would even be like. Would there be Inkling video sites where anytime something especially funny happens the scrolling comments become “ƏƏƏƏƏƏƏ“ spam? Would they wind up with emoticons similar to us like 《BΣ or 《XE or something? Would you just be seeing posts like “▷▷EӨH☰Ti ƏƏƏ!!!《XΣ ΠワΠ“ on squid Twitter? Squidder? Are there Inkling weebs that misuse Octarian words to try to be cool?

I didn’t even realize the multitude of things my life lacked until you arrived on the scene. I woke up everyday, for years on end, with a certain expectation of outcomes; I know you did much the same. Taking both hands off the wheel, I resigned myself to my fated existence. However, just as in most cases of such reckless abandon, I struck something. Or rather, I feel as though I was struck by something. It was a force like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Now I wake up everyday not with an expectation of fate, but with a dream, and the means to make that dream a reality. There’s nothing I can’t do with you by my side, @jaseminedenise. And though for now you’ve left the ghastly forests and towering waterfalls behind to face the ceaseless duties of the real world, we’re still just as close as the last softly whispered goodbye at an airport in the middle of the night. I love you to death and I can’t wait for our next adventure. <3