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Scenario where Kuroko has a twin sister and the GOM + Kagami don't know until they bump into her randomly one day and make the connections or something like that

OK this request was actually fun to do because Admin Red and I are twin sisters. No joke. And at my workplace, my co-workers didn’t realise I was a twin (I never really brought it up haha) until one day I was talking about how Red and I were discussing something, and they go, “Wait, you have a sister?” And I go, “Yeah, we’re twins.”

Chaos ensues. For some reason, getting a picture is always a first priority. And then “say something at the same time”. ANYWAY, enjoy the request! More under the cut! -Admin Fyre

“Okay, so…” Kagami looked around. “What’s with this lineup?”

No one answered him, which was saying something considering exactly who was present at the table with Kagami and Kuroko - namely, the rest of the Generation of Miracles. Somehow they’d all ended up in Maji Burger after school and one thing led to another and then here they were. Needless to say, Kagami was feeling fidgety.

“Kagami-kun, please behave.” Kuroko finally said in a long-suffering voice.

“I am!” Why did he have to “behave” himself in front of the other Miracles anyway? No matter what their skill in basketball, they were still just high school students. Kagami groaned and stood up. “Forget this. I’m getting some more burgers.” Or just the get the hell out of there.

Shivering slightly, he made his way towards the counter, fumbling for his wallet as he went. “Ugh, did I leave it back at the table? But I swear I had it on me just now…”

“Excuse me.” A quiet voice interrupted him. “Is this yours?”

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