it is a good t shirt


Look, I don’t know if the recent wave of community rants (including my own) were a wake-up call, or if it’s just the perfect timing, but it doesn’t really matter because all these recent communication updates are good. The merch part? Yeah I love it. I never spend RL money on gems, but merch? Put a Pearlcatcher or a Mirror on my clothes?? Yeah I’m in. Also Flight shirts would work great! o: Tundra mugs? Anyone?

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ok so i just found your train au and it's so Good!!! and i'm laughing so hard because my family faces a similar problem to what zarkon may face with his sons going to rival schools: the dreaded game where they face off. so i can't stop imagining him dealing with it how my father does, with halves of shirts from the two teams sewn into one very ugly but properly supportive shirt for his sons.


(I don’t remember if I screenshot this and answered it before but I’m doing it again)

You bet Zarkon is that weird dad in the crown with two school shirts/jerseys sewn together. He’s got a hat with both school’s iron-on patch logos. 

And he’s ready to fight anyone in the audience - he and Alfor make a special appearance in the match between Altea and West Creek. 

And then the two decide to go together to the final game between Lotor and Keith. 

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Good night 😴

How we woke up this morning
Santa and leopard print

Nagata’s jersey was short LOL

Thank you for the hospitality~!!


I’m still collecting messages for Kondou Shouri if you want to send any. Visit this blog post for details~ 

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(1/2) I somehow sent the next part of this to sineala initially... I'm so sorry, sineala, that must have been very odd. :|

(2/2)Look crop top anon, look. No one is saying Steve wouldn’t look good in a potato sack, that level of attractive transcends reason, but crop tops are for those of us without the baffling shoulder/waist ratios, okay? We don’t have the pecs that people constantly fixate on, the shoulders and arms they groan loudly about in taut shirts; we’re lean and have maybe have a bit of a flare at the hip. Have you ever seen the character Kevin from Daria? He looks absurd. It’s a lamp shade on a washboard.

I don’t mind be interchangeable with @sineala. She got the raw end of that deal, though.  

Dear Anon, I don’t know what Daria is, but I am pro-crop top for boys.  Look, I have used my vast computer abilities to show you that Chris would look great in a crop top.  *drops mic*

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Look crop top anon, look. No one is saying Steve wouldn't look good in a potato sack, that level of attractive transcends reason, but crop tops are for those of us without the baffling shoulder/waist ratios, okay? We don't have the pecs that people constantly fixate on, the shoulders and arms they groan loudly about in taut shirts; we're lean and have maybe havr a bit of a flare at the hip. Have you ever seen the character Kevin from Daria? He looks absurd. It's a lamp shade on a washboard.

I, uh. I think maybe you meant to send this to somebody else?

The dream of the perfect downloads folder.

I’m sure you have one too. Here is mine:

All hairs come in the pooklet colours I have chosen, all is bundled in separate packages, anything that should be is enabled for younger ages, and nothing that shouldn’t be is.

All clothes are bundled by mesh. They’re given a new sort index number so all things of a certain category comes together. Such as Jeans, shorts, long skirts, short skirts, leggings, shoe only, and subcategorized by shoe type. Or Sweater, Buttoned shirt, T-shirt, tank tops, full sleeve, fancy blouse. Everything I want as top only is top only, and everything has had their shoes swapped where appropriate.

All accessories are also re-sorted using the sort index. Everything that’s not on the face has a good icon that makes it perfectly clear if it’s a bag or something belonging to a posebox. 

All object meshes are sorted into collection folders and then hidden from buy mode. It’s all properly named so the files are easy to find when looking through the folder. It’s also sorted into the same sub-folders in the download folder, making it as easy to find in game as it is outside of the game. The word Mesh comes at the end of the filename, not the middle or in the beginning, except for if it is a Master or a Slaved mesh, in which case those words come last.

All recolours are bundled. The package name is the exact same as the mesh name except the rcbundle has _RC at the end instead of _Mesh. Anything that could be slaved to one mesh in a set is, thus limiting the amount of recolours needed in the first place. All of the recolours are ones I actually want, with no extra.

It’s all compressed, all Bodyshop/Cas files have changed the tooltip to the filename.

It would be so peaceful to look at.

One more irritating text post from me. Actually a nice one, for once.

I’ve been volunteering a few hours a week for the Democrat who’s running for county executive here in my gorgeous NY suburban wasteland. One of the women at the office today was a local Democratic politico who is part of the guy’s official organization. I’ve met her a couple of times, and she’s always sweet and fierce.

Anyway, I’m sitting there making phone calls, and she walks past me wearing an official TJT30 t-shirt. I’m so used to seeing people in U2 paraphernalia at this point that I didn’t even register anything unusual until I put the phone down.

Needless to say we had a very nice conversation. She was at the same NJ show as me—we both call it “The Meadowlands” instead of Metlife Stadium, ‘cause we old. She said she cried so much at what Bono said about America before “One” that her jeans got wet. She was seated, bending down over her lap, actually crying onto her jeans. She said she’d been crying since November anyway, but she’d kind of got herself back together. 


I said, “Yeah, U2′ll kill ya.”

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Hey,Rikki! I love the whole "Give Ahsoka Tano a real shirt" campaign! Those clothes aren't comfortable even for a day hanging out in the mall(I could barely sit),let alone a war zone where she's a soldier. Especially because Ahsoka feels like a practical person,and Jedi robes/space soldier uniforms would be more IC. Besides,I'd give good money to see Anakin Skywalker dressed like Aayla Secura(why does she dress like that?). Him being hot would be a really welcome extra,IMO.

You want to know why Aayla and Ahsoka dress like that despite it being highly impractical and probably pretty uncomfortable? Because their male creators thought it would be titillating. That’s it. That’s why 14-year-old Ahsoka went to war in a tube top and mini-skirt because grown men thought it would be hot. Same with the boob window top. It wasn’t about what was practical or sensible or comfortable or even in character. It was about appealing to the male audience. Hell, yeah, get her a real shirt! And look, she finally got one, not to mention some body armor, when she appeared in Rebels.

Never done this before, but it’s always a good day to try new things!

So…….hey. I’m Ozzie, I’m a trans demiboy and I’m SUPER freaking nervous rn😅 (he/him)

~ Don’t be nervous Ozzie!!! This is an amazing picture!!!! You’re a cute!!!! Another trans demiboy too!!! A pal!!! Yay!!! I love your shirt and also your glasses!!!!

Hi! I was tagged by aesthetic hoe @loveloveolivia to post my September in pictures and here it is!
For a couple of days it felt like autumn but now it’s 28°c again and we’re back to t shirts and shorts. But hey at least i got some good shots in, right?

I’m gonna tag @alicedoesntsharefood, @aurrorpotter, @captivekinqs, @gayspaceagenda, @florelikeaflower, @pinkislouder and anyone else who wants to do this ❤

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Do you ever wonder what it'd be like to kiss Sebastian's cheek? Just a friendly, affectionate peck on the cheek? Do you think he'd lean in to your touch? Close his eyes and bask in the warmth of the intimate gesture? Maybe let out a little hum of contentment? Or a soft chuckle under his breath, but you could still feel the smile as it curled up when your lips touched his cheek?

Whoever sent this, thank you, I needed it. And yeah, sometimes I wonder. I don’t like to be touched often, so I wonder sometimes what it would be like to hug him. If he’d be wearing a soft shirt, how broad his chest would be. I hope that I would like to hug him and I’d get a good, long, cuddly hug.

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can i ask what you think is the best idea to get over a broken heart? any suggestions? i'm sorry if this is a dumb ask i just don't know which way is up anymore

nah honey it’s not dumb. i’m sorry you’re hurting, here’s some things 2 try:

Let Yourself Be Sad (air out your grief, bottling it will only make you more upset)

mindfulness! 💖 (ask yourself how you r feeling every morning & then single out some things that make you happy to be here & alive & thriving. it’s good to start v small, like putting on a shirt & just feeling how soft it is on your skin)

pointing out ur good qualities in the morning (do you have nice round cheeks? do your eyes happen to sparkle a little more this morning? is your skin looking a very lovely shade today?? ☁️)

surround yourself with things that spike your Joy Levels

remember that no matter how big your pain is, This is only a Moment In Time + the only constant is healing