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Sah dude, could you write something about the bowers gang getting drunk w/ a female.?

You all leaned and sat on or next to the hood of Huggins’ gorgeous car, the light of dusk illuminating the five of you. 3 packs of beer set to the side. Henry used the precious of his to pop off the caps of each bottle before you all kicked the night off. You were the first to be handed a drink, which you took happily. You didn’t drink much at all, but it was always fun to drink with the gang.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had this one before.” You looked at the label, examining the name and design, “It’s alright. Henry has shit taste.” Belch chuckled at his own comment, “Fuck you, the shit I like is good.” The rest of us smiled and looked between the two of them, “I wouldn’t talk toking Bowers like that. He’ll get upset.” You commented, giving Henry a wink, “Not you, please not you.” Henry tolled his eyes and took a large gulp from his bottle.

One thing the guys admired you for was that you weren’t exactly a lightweight. You could really keep it down. Patrick always enjoyed watching you get to the edge of emptying your system. The fucker. But that’s who Patrick was. Victor was the one who gagged at the thought and would look away. The guy was queasy.

Half way through your second beer, you started to feel it, all of it. You were a happy drunk, so a smile just couldn’t leave your face. The only unhappy drunk was Victor, he would get emotional and just needed a hug to feel better. Poor thing. He usually confided in you, resting his head on your chest for reasons you can easily understand. 

Patrick would start laughing a little easier, Henry would get flirt, and Belch just didn’t give a shit about anything, was rather sleepy. Henry and Victor were the ones usually all over you, which you didn’t mind, they were extremely cute. A few kisses here and there were totally fine.

Three and a half beers in, you all would start talking about the dumbest things. “Why are trees green” or “They should make hotdog flavored condoms” you could never predict it.

By 5 beers, you were ready to hit the sack. You wanted to rest, enough for one night. Although if you were at a party, you could last longer. Sometimes you just stayed at whoever’s house you were at and slept there, fuck your parent’s “no boy’s rule”.

A drinking night with the gang was a good night.

(Hopes it’s okay!)

I love Rooker because he looks like a normal joe???? Like, I’d see him at 7/11, in a baseball cap and sunglasses and not bat an eye if I didn’t know it was Rooker. He’s just a SWEETIE??? He’s funny and kind, and has funny stories and would gladly kiss and hug every SINGLE person on the planet because he whole-heartedly believes everyone deserves a hug and kiss.

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Hi! Not To sound rude or anything like that, but would you mind sharing the recipe of your home mode deodorant? I also have my troubles with the mass produced stuff, so I've been looking for a good alternative. (I totally understand if you don't want to!)

Omg OF COURSE I’m happy to share my recipe. I honestly think it’s a good idea for everyone to get into more natural and homemade stuff. When I stopped using the mass produced shid, I literally FELT my depression LIFT a few degrees. I genuinely FELT the shades lifting off of me as i got off of that shit. So I will HAPPILY share this recipe. 

Also, pls know that this recipe is highly open to personalization. If there’s something you really wanna try or add to it, go for it, it can’t hurt to try (although actually some things can, like going overboard with the baking soda bc it can literally burn off your skin if you use too much - i say this from personal experience…).

Ok so now that you’ve been prepped, here it is!!

Feministingforchange’s Homemade, All Natural Deodorant:

1.5 tbs Baking Soda

3 tbs Corn Starch

3 tbs softened all natural Coconut Oil

.5 tbs softened Shea Butter (SUPER IMPORTANT! Ups the game a lot tbh, pls be sure to add this, it’s worth it i promise!)

1-2 drops of tea tree oil

1-2 drops of another scented oil of ur choice (if u like)

.5 tbs other liquid oils (e.g., avocado oil, argan oil, etc)

+ any other fun additions u like (but pls be sure to research its benefits and how much u should use!!!)

I tend to use a whisk and whip it all together, i like to try to whip it up very evenly and even try to get some air in there. I recently added a bit of lilac oil and OMG I’M IN HEAVEN!! 

So now I smell like heaven & I highly recommend it lol ;)

alright, ya’ll — here comes a starter call, just for you!! this is mainly for people that either a) have never interacted with me before on archer, or b) interacted with me a super long time ago, and wanna start something up again!!

there isn’t really an official cap on this one, since I’m unsure on how many threads i’d want at a time … but a max of ten is what I’ll offer first!

Today I found out we owe most of our punctuation to the medieval Irish. They’d had no experience with Latin before, so when these Latin manuscripts started showing up written in all caps with no spaces between the words looking like a brick wall of hot nonsense, the Irish sighed and said “give me that feckin quill” and they did such a good job of editing the texts and producing readable copies that their conventions kind of stuck with us through the ages


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watched the 13th warrior recently and doodled these guys.  it was fun drawing essentially the same character but adding as much variation as possible.

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Urban Spell Components

So, as an urban witch, I have a thing for weird spell components. Probably people have done this before, but i’m going to go ahead and throw mine out there. I’m going to try and do several of these.

First things simple, any small object can be enchanted to do anything you want it to. I have been known to grab small objects and just drop an enchantment on them cause i need a magical object right then and it’s what I have at hand. So don’t be afraid to grab anything you want and drop a blessing, curse, glamor, or basically any kind of spell you want on it.

Hell, my most popular post ever on this hellsite out of four blogs is a jinx using pennies. Make of that as you will.


Soda Tabs:

I mean, come on. It’s a tiny piece of metal. All the potential.

But more importantly, it’s a symbol. On the one hand, it represents a seal and on the other it represents a key.

Want to not just lock something up, but make it airtight, completely and utterly closed? Stick a tab in your spell.

Need a charm to open doors to you, to open people to you, to make friends more easily? Soda tab pendant, or in a mojo bag.

Want to release pressure, vent power, or make a magical bomb? What do we know that pops pressurized containers? Soda tabs.

In the more abstract sense, they’re associated with effervescense. Need to be more bubbly, more sparkly, more light and sweet? Work a tab into your spell as a symbol of releasing that into the world.

Want a variation and like the idea of provenance? Get one from a beer can and use it to symbolically relax your inhibitions so you can be more open to people, cut loose easier, and so on.

Bottle Caps

All that shit I just said about tabs? Conceivably, you could use that shit with a bottle cap. But you could also do a number of other shit.

Now, some y'all may notice I used a screw cap rather than a metal cap. That’s reasons.

Bottle caps make great curse anchors, for one simple reason that can be summed up in two words: “screw you.” Eh? Eh? Who doesn’t like a good pun in their magic?

You can use them to close things, true, but you can also use them as a valve. Ever had to open a soda slowly to release the pressure a little at a time? Now imagine using that as a component. Where the tab is a sudden release, the cap can be metered. There’s a host of reason to use it in that capacity.

Need a charm to help control your third eye? Crank it up or close it down with a bottle cap.

Bottle energy by filling a soda bottle with a charged medium and set it to slow release with a cap only partially sealed.

Need a charm like the soda tab to be open and effervescent, but don’t want it always on? Bottle cap.

And, of course, there’s the lovely little spikes on the damn things. Ever step on one? Yeouch.

Press into your palm if you’re doing an evil eye and want to transmit pain. Add to wards as a deterrent. Work it into curses as a literal stumbling point.

Want to take your sympathetic sacrifice to the next level? Stick one in your shoe for a day and use it to charge up an inconvenience or pain curse, or flip the script and use the pain as a sacrifice to pull down good luck, good fortune, or blessings by trading bad now for good later.

(This, as a sidenote, will work with anything uncomfortable in your shoe.)

Ballpoint Pens

Ok, so at the basic, you can write spells and draw sigils with them. Let’s get that out the way to start.

Moving right along, one of the other basic uses is as a stand in for a wand. The pen makes indelible marks, so it can be added into the casting to make a spell more durable.

But the real fun begins when you consider: it can be taken apart.

Want to banish something? Consider how fricken easy it is to lose a pen. Get a piece of paper and write what or who you want gone. Make it small, because the next thing you’re going to do is open the pen up and wrap that paper around the ink tube. Stick the whole thing back together. Let nature take its course, and when the pen is gone, so’s the issue.

(While I won’t tell you not to use this to banish things that can become someone else’s problem, this is best for things and people that you just want out of your life, not problems you want to pass along.)

And that ability to make scrolls has a thousand and one uses!

Make a lucky pen. Make a money pen, so every time you write a check or balance your books, you call money back to you.

Make a wand more potent. Make cheap and effective curse artillery. Curse that shit and set it loose, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Make a homing missile by writing a targeted spell in it and setting it loose to seek an approproiate target.

Make a whole bunch of lucky pens and cut them loose to bless everyone.

Make a pen to help you with your handwriting, spellcraft, and what not.

And that’s not even getting into blessing a pen so the ink can be used to draw temporary tattoos on your skin that have extra potency, or sigils that are primed for charging, or for magical vandalism. (Vandalize at your own risk.)

Go Wild!

So that’s it for this one. I'mm try and sit down and explain more of this shit that i do in the hopes that you fuckers get some use out of it.

Go forth and be magical!

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Happy Birthday @akaclairetemple!!! I love you and i’m sorry about the last cap

Tools for Mentally Ill Students #1

Hey guys! So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I use to control my mental health and keep me on track to recovery. Little things that make life easier for when everything seems hard. They’re not going to work miracles, but they can at least help, so I thought I’d share them with you. Here’s part one.

The DBT Wellness Planner

This planner uses dialetical behaviour therapy to help you bring order to your life and keep track of your emotions. I received it as a gift a few months ago and it has helped SO much. I really recommend this.

Anxiety and Worry Workbook

A lot of students cannot access therapy, whether because of money or your family or whatever. Workbooks can help you start developing skills by yourself. It’s hard, but if you put just a small amount of time into it consistently, you could really help yourself overcome symptoms. Add it to your schedule like homework. I have chosen this workbook because anxiety is something so many students struggle with.

Fidget Pen

We all know by now that fidget toys can be more distracting than anything. However, a lot of people with anxiety and similar symptoms can find fidget toys grounding. This pen is perfect for study, as it’s less likely to be taken away from you by an ignorant teacher. Just make sure you’re the kind of person who is helped by these things!

Sleep Supplement

Sleep is something most students struggle with, and the side effects can be seriously damaging to your mental health. You may be able to get a sleep aid from your doctor, but many don’t prescribe them to young people for fear of them forming a habit. A natural sleep supplement might be a good alternative. Though they don’t work for everyone, and are not as strong as prescription meds, supplements with things like melatonin, magnesium, and valerian root can give you a little extra push towards sleep. I find them especially useful when I can’t sleep because of anxiety. (Always keep in mind your specific body and needs before taking supplements).

Pill Reminder Clock / Reminder Bottle / Portable Bag

Remembering to take meds can be hard. Even apps can be easy to miss and ignore. That’s why I’ve added three different options to help you remember your meds. The first is an amazing alarm clock that says stuff like “Good morning, please remember to take your morning pills”. The second is pill bottles with caps that automatically count down from when you last took your meds. The third is a set of containers that fit into a small, discreet portable bag. 

Fitness Tracker

Regular exercise can be vital to help you regulate emotions and sleep. A fitness tracker can help you keep this up. You don’t have to fork out for a Fitbit, especially since you’re a student. There are plenty of cheaper options out there. One like this, with a heart rate monitor, can also be good for tracking anxiety. 

Intake-Tracking Water Bottle

We’ve all heard it a million times- we should drink more water. It’s not gonna cure us, but it does help our overall health. However, it can be hard to remember to drink enough, which is where bottles like this come in. It’s clearly marked showing you how much you should have drunk by different times of the day.