it is a dangerous game my friend

little Maggie Sawyer things that make me weak

  • The Jacket™
  • The Head Tilt™
  • Dimples of Mass Destruction™
  • smol bean
  • the windbreaker and ponytail look that turns her into a smol bean x10
  • so soft
  • sucks at pool
  • that mole right above the right side of her upper lip
  • willing to throw herself in any amount of danger to help people and aliens alike
  • sparkly eyes
  • skin tight jeans
  • tucked in shirt
  • open jacket that shows her badge and gun
  • flirty banter game on point
  • that white shirt
  • that henley
  • her arm muscles  
  • how she doesn’t connect with many people but when she does it’s a lot and her feelings run DEEP
  • how much she sucks at expressing her feelings
  • how she just wanted to be Alex’s friend because she didn’t want Alex to come out just for her
  • how shook she was when Alex said “my feelings for this amazing woman”
  • how she said she doesn’t want to imagine her life without Alex and still thought she could just be her friend
  • her sparkly eyes going to the max when she realized Alex didn’t come out just for her
  • her nervous hand wringing and pacing before telling Alex she just wants to kiss her
  • telling Alex she just wants to kiss her
  • how softly she kisses Alex
  • her thumb caressing Alex’s cheek as she kisses her


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A very well known dangerous male yautja arbiter goes to earth to hunt and accidentally befriends a 4 yo girl. She uses him like a coloring book, practices using nail polish on him, braids his "dreadlocks" but everyone just thinks she's talking about her imaginary friend. "Mommy I made a friend today! " "Oh really honey? Thanks nice ." "Yeah! His head touches the top of my room! His skin is pretty colors! His hair is funny but pretty, and his face is really cool!" "He sounds like fun baby"

Ps the little girl names him “Mr. crabby” because the way he talks sounds like grunting to her


Dangerous Woman (M)

Genre: Drabble
Word count: 1101
Description: Playing games with your group of friends - a lap dance was bound to be brought up.
Warnings: Suggestive content
Author’s note: My hand slipped. The song in this one is Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, which basically always makes me want to destroy someone with a lap dance. ^^
This is just a little something to distract myself with, since I’m in the process of planning for a bigger project. Eventually. :D

Don’t need permission
Made my decision to test my limits

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~Notes On My Writing Makes Me V Happy~

  • Bold=Contains Smut
  • Italics=Just Angst
  • (^)=Male Reader
  • ($)=Threesome
  • (+)=Basement AU
  • (*)=Punk AU
  • (@)=Danger Days AU
  • (%)=High School/College AU (or implies that they are younger)
  • (-)=Vampire AU
  • (&)=Parent/Pregnancy AU or involves kids (such as  Bandit)
  • (#)=Self Warm TW





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LOVE is not a GAME

It’s been weeks and I’m just so struck by the fact that the whole theme of Sherlock throughout the years was…“The game is on!”. Sherlock using the distraction of his detective work as a substitute high, and honestly a way to keep himself at arms length from ‘humans’ and any emotional and/or romantic relationships of course.

And then there’s THE FINAL PROBLEM and in comes Eurus Holmes, setting up this game for Sherlock, and putting Molly Hooper’s life in danger, and during that call we get all this…

  • Is this one of your stupid games? No, it’s not a game.
  • I’m not an experiment, Sherlock. No, I know you’re not an experiment, you’re my friend, we’re friends.
  • You know why. No, I don’t know why.
  • Because it’s true, Sherlock. It’s always been true. Well if it’s true then just say it anyway.
  • Say it like you mean it. I love you. I love you. 

He spends the whole phone call worried and pleading and as soon as it’s done he tries to shut all that off and get back to the game so he says…”Eurus, I won, I won…I won, I saved Molly Hooper.

But then you have Eurus coming back with that EMOTIONAL CONTEXT speech and being like, HAHA NOPE, silly boy, you just lost, you proved yourself wrong, you have emotions, you do care.

And the writers had Eurus use Molly Hooper against Sherlock, like this, to facilitate this exact epiphany, (disproving everything he’s said over the years, that he’s not a hero, that he doesn’t have a heart) because MOLLY HOOPER does count, she matters the most, he loves her, and LOVE IS NOT A GAME.


Can we stop for a second and talk about MysMe?

Is it angst filled? Yes. Have I cried over it many times? Yes. Am I completely addicted? Yes. Yes, I’ve thrown my phone Yes, I’ve sobbed at 2 am. Yes, I love this fucking game. But not just for storyline or depth or even the jokes.

The characters make me feel wanted. Appreciated. Loved. These character whom you only know for 10 damn days are willing to throw themselves at danger to protect you. They make sure you’ve eaten. They ask about your day. They value your opinion. They want to take care of you. They check on you regularly, and you talk to them regularly.

For me, odd as it may seem, these characters are my friends. I play through each route, getting to know them little by little, day by day, as they open up. And, you know what, V answers me more than anyone I actually know in person. V. The one you can’t text except for the like three times he appears. Yes, that one.

Saeyoung, Jumin, Zen, Jaehee, and Yoosung treat me better than anyone I’ll ever know in person and, fuck, I just want to thank Cheritz for making this game because it’s giving me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It gave me the feeling that someone actually cares. I didn’t have that before in friends.


There is something I’d like to discuss that a friend brought up. Do not claim yourself as an existing god. Ex: Bastet, Horus, Loki, Poseidon, etc. They are still around and claiming you are them is disrespectful and a dangerous game. When I point someone to a pantheon, I do not wish you to pick and choose a god, but just to simply find were you once belonged. What feels like family and home. I was once a Celtic god, but my name could not have pass the test of time. And I’m sure that holds true to many divine out there. But those who’s names are remembered are still here. If you believe you are Bastet, you may be a deity /similar/ to Bastet. Not Bastet herself. Please be careful, my kins.



But seriously this is a huge part of his character even in the games - up until ‘06 he basically had no control over his own life. He was a science experiment, created to be immortal, confined to the ARK. He was a dangerous weapon kept locked up on Prison Island by the people who had just murdered his best friend. He was a trigger for the end of the world, brainwashed by his creator. A trophy collected by Eggman. A servant of the Black Arms. For his entire life other people were calling the shots, and he had no choice but to follow.

Shadow is someone who values personal autonomy very highly but has absolutely no opportunity to take it for himself, and that is utterly tragic. It’s honestly no wonder he’s so distant and hostile to most people, and it makes sense why he would be drawn to Rouge as a friend despite their often opposing personalities - because she’s someone who has that freedom, and makes the most of it.

Just let my son be happy ffs

I DM a group of friends at my college. None of us have good dice rolls save the Dragonborn Warlock. I create a solo monster that can dominate a creature, and when the fighting starts of course the Dragonborn proves the most dangerous enemy, and thankfully I pass the dominate roll. The rest of the game involves my monster not managing to hit anyone else and the rest of the party not being able to hit me, but the Dragonborn just DESTROYING them.

Scientific Reaction (Sherlock x Reader) OneShot

+Summary: The reader is about to be married off to the man of dreams. Good for her, bad for her secret admirer, Sherlock Holmes.
+Key: (Y/N) - Your Name
+Point of View- Sherlock (unless further indicated)
+Italics are flashbacks or in Sherlock’s Mind Palace
+A/N - I’ve never wrote before, this is my first, so apologies in advance!
+Word Count - 1182

Dedicated to my dear friend, @fandoms-are-the-best-escape
Enjoy :-)

In my life time, I’ve faced many dangerous occurrences during cases. A cab driver with a poisonous game, rooftops of buildings, my best friend’s wife. But despite those dangers, I’ve never faced anything as dangerous as I am currently facing right now - love. Yes, love.
Some may call me a psychopath, but if you do your research - specifically Anderson - you would understand that I am a sociopath. Big difference between the two. Sure, I may have an occasional meltdown, but do I let it affect me? Absolutely not. Only pyschopaths and drama queens do that. Nothing affects me. Not until now anyway.
Love is a strange thing. (Y/N) tried to convince me for months that I had the wrong idea about love. To me, love is a mere scientific reaction in the cranial cavity…or the head. We bickered all day, on our walks to the flat, in the lab, at night.
“Sherlock Holmes, how could you be SO ignorant to not understand that love does exist!?” (Y/N) argued with me as I sat in my chair, slumped down wearing pajamas. She paced back in forth in front of the fire as I watched each movement. (Y/N) ran her hands through her hair before stopping. She turned toward me, anger in her face now.
“Do you know what your problem is, Sherlock Holmes?”
“You’re heartless.”
“You’re just discovering this now, (Y/N)? For God’s sake, (Y/N), keep up. You know I’m a sociopath. I thought by now you’d understand that.”
She scoffed. I could tell she was trying to speak, but her words didn’t seem to come out.
“Don’t mutter, (Y/N), it is quite annoying.”
Her words finally came out. “You know what Holmes? My brother was right, you are a dick.”
A year passed since I last saw her face. (Y/N)’s brother, John Watson, still helps me with crimes, but now he has two jobs. One, the crime. Two, keeping tabs on (Y/N).
Whenever I get a phone call, I can usually predict who it is. My brother, Mycroft, is much too easy to predict. But as I looked down at my phone, John’s name blinked on the screen. I slid the answer button and raised the phone to my ear.
“Yes, Sherlock, don’t you have caller ID?”
“Well,uh,yeah, but I-”, I stuttered, “What do you need?”
John cleared your throat, “What are you currently doing? Are you sitting down?”
“Yes. John, why are you asking such silly questions? Why are these relevant in any whi-”
“(Y/N) is engaged.”
When Mary had shot me, the natural instinct was to channel my mind palace. Ideas of how to survive the shot flooded through my mind. It was a torturous time, running like a mad-man through my mind palace. When I thought that nothing could get worse, Moriarty appeared in a place where was most definitely NOT welcomed.
The moment John finished telling me the news of (Y/N)’s wedding, the same scenario of my mind palace raced through my mind. Moriarty’s deranged screams could be heard from the top of the palace’s screams.
Ignore him, Sherlock.
“Sherrrrrrrlock! Oh, Sherlock, you’re back!” Moriarty smiled, “Come on Sherlock, let’s play another game.”
“What game!?”
“Oh, you know…”
I turned the corner in my mind palace, facing the cushioned psych wall where Moriarty was chained. My eyes deceived me. In the middle, (Y/N) lie lifeless in between both Moriarty and I.
“W-what have you done to her?!” I screamed.
The corner’s of Moriarty’s lips curled upwards.
“Let me see you dance, Sherlock.”

I woke up in a panic, clenching the sweat-drenched sheets underneath me. John got up from the chair in my room. He quickly rushed over to me and gently pushed me back down, urging me to lie down once more. My chest raised up and down. Was I hyperventilating?
“Sherlock, please lie do-”
I cut John off, “John, what the hell is going on!”
He thought about his next words. John knew he needed to be careful around me, a bomb just waiting to go off at any moment.
“Well… Last night, I gave you a ring on the telly.”
“Yes, and? Get on with yourself, Watson.”
“I told you that my sister, (Y/N), was getting married.”
Of course I already knew why I had passed out. It wasn’t the average over dosage of heroin or morphine, but it was because of love. Love for a woman who I knew would never love me back no matter how many crimes I solved or how many men I scared off.
I snapped back to reality, “Yes, John?”
“Do you realize that she wants you to be a groomsmen?”
A simple nod is all I responded with, “Than I shall fulfill her very request.”

+(Y/N)’s POV+
“Let me just pull the veil like this and…perfect,” my Maid of Honor, Mary Watson, said with a smile. “You truly look stunning, (Y/N).”
“Do I really?”
“Of course. You’re quite pale tho. Is something the matter?”
I quickly shook my head, “No…no. Erm, is Sherlock here?”
Mary chuckled. Should I be worried? “Yes, he is dear. Want me to fetch him for you?”
“That would be lovely.”
A second later, the tall, slender man entered the bridal room wearing a nice black tuxedo with a bowtie. The stained glass windows shown color within the room. For a while, we just locked eyes. He spoke first.
“Did you need me?”
“About a year ago, I convinced you, well tried to, that love was real. Do you still doubt the idea that love exists?”
His eyes wandered down, “I do.”
Those two simple, evil words. I do. The two words that could end your life by marriage.
“And why is that, Sherlock Holmes?”
“Because the one I love is marrying someone she knows she doesn’t love.” He looked up at the shocked expression on my face. My lip quivered as he took steps toward me, inching closer by the step.
“S-Sherlock, please…”
“We solved so many cases together, (Y/N). Every bit was an adventure and every second, my heart raced faster and faster. You taught me that love did exists and that emotions truly have meaning.”
A warm feeling overthrew my body. Tears began to well up in my eyes. No, (Y/N), you’re about to be married. Sherlock put his hand on my shoulder.
“Run away, (Y/N). Call off this wedding.”
“Sherlock, you know I can’t just do that.
“And why not!?” He yelled, “You know you don’t love him. Would you rather live a life of misery with some douche-”
“Sorry… Some, mean guy, who doesn’t love you? Or would you rather live a life of happiness with me, someone who truly cares for you?”
Sherlock had a point. What is love if it never has meaning? Was it just a scientific reaction? Who even knew? All I did know, was that Sherlock Holmes, yes the Sherlock Holmes, was the scientific reaction of my life.

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To the loud blue boy💙,
Your videos make me laugh and smile when I can barely breathe and I’m so proud of us for how the channel has grown and proud of how you’ve been able to connect to your viewers on an individual level, not always easy to do. I consider you more of a best friend rather than guy a guy on a screen with games. You’re always here when nobody else is and you’ve helped calm me down in dangerous situations without even knowing it. You’ve saved my life and continue to do so on bad nights, which are frequent. Thank you so much. I love you with all I have left, which isn’t much. And I can’t wait to see what you have waiting ahead of you, I know you deserve every bit of it. Keep up the amazing work. And please don’t forget about me.

And please guys, don’t repost. I want him to see this as my original post.

The Testing by Love.

A few weeks ago I made a development of the thought about the meaning of TFP expressed by my good friend:
“The whole series is the hero testing by love”.

Really, if you think of it, who is involved in the Eurus’ game? Who is in deadly danger because of it? [The closest people to Sherlock, I mean].

They’re Mycroft, John and Molly.

Theese are exactly the pressure pionts she choses for Sherlock, and I should say there’s a reason. As we remember, Eurus is “an era-defining genius” so she knew exactly where and how to strike. Developing the thought of my friend I can say that in the case of these three there were depicted the three main types of love and the hero [Sherlock] was tested by all of them.

Mycroft represents here the brotherly [family] type of love. It’s no doubt for everyone, I think. John personifies the friendship [or bromance]… and by the way the higher type when you choose your own death as an alternative to the death of a friend. And then [even by simple process of elimination!] Molly embodies the last type of love — romantic.

OK. Someone can say that everything is just vise versa and it’s John who represents the romantic love of Sherlock, but I rely on the words of the showrunners who have said many times that there is no romance between Sherlock and John at all, just pure friendship. And at the same time they’ve said so much controversial things about Molly Hooper… some of them even run counter to the show scenes and to the character Loo Brealey thinks she played! So… sorry, guys but I’d better believe in Sherlock’s romantic love to Molly than in his the-same-type-love to John. )) Really.

P.S. As always sorry for my terrible English. XD

The Musketeers BBC { Sentence Starters }
  • "I have many friends, and they will come for me as they cam e for ___."
  • "God works in mysterious ways, does he not?"
  • "You bring women to fight your battles?"
  • "Perhaps I bring men to fight mine."
  • "It is ____ who is the traitor. ____ who is the enemy. ____ who should be on trial."
  • "My god...there really is nothing in there left to save."
  • "I'm not finished yet. Not by any measure."
  • "This marriage is my death sentence."
  • "I don't like this game."
  • "Survival is about being patient."
  • "____ is dead, ____ is in terrible danger, but by all means, let's discuss my moral character. We have all day."
  • "Won't you save yourself for my sake?"
  • "I cannot breathe in a world where ____ lives."
  • "A little battered, but just about serviceable."
  • "you talking about yourself or that pistol?"
  • "We promised each other..."
  • "It's written all over your face. You're still in love with him/her."
  • "Alright, I'll ride with you. But as a comrade, not as your commanding officer."
  • "Whatever you say, Captain."
  • "You know all my secrets now. You carry my life in your hands."
  • "I've never met a woman like her. Her courage, her endurance, her kindness..."
  • "I'm sure ___ will appreciate the difference."
  • "I was born into a life of duty. I have been privileged, but never free."
  • "____? Shut up and kiss me."
  • "The truth is staring you in the face, and you can't even see it."
  • "Whatever I am, you love me. And you always will."
  • "I'm glad that we can talk like this again. You know, as friends."
  • "Let him take the credit. We don't need praise or glory."
  • "Praise and glory are two of my favorite things."
  • "Won't you save yourself for my sake? For the sake of my son? Our son?"

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Collaboration with @osaycanyousolo and @uswnt-ko5

Album: Keeper Korrect - GSeries

Track Titles:
1) Balls Deep
2) Chillin In Da Net
3) Don’t Worry I’m Back Here
4) My Dear Friend Carli Lloyd Ft. Carlos
5) Chasin Chickens
6) Make It Reign
7) Jaw Game Strong
8) My Back Line Bitches
9) All By Myself Ft. Sleeves & The Silent Assassin
10) Northwest For Lyfe Ft. The Glorious Pinoe
11) Dangerous
12) The Gaze
13) Brick Wall
14) Game Face
15) Happily Ever After
16) No Fucks Give Ft. Da Ref
17) I Gotchu Ft. Becky Broon
18) Long Love The Kling Ft. KlingenMoe
19) Heartbroken Ft. Abby Dubs
20) Get Da Fuck Back Ft. AliK & Ash

Bonus Track Titles:
1) Drop Kick Ft. NKO aka Ninja Knock Out Kelley O'Hara
2) Why Your G-Name So Long Kell?
3) Believing In Me First
4) 2 Gold Ass Gloves
5) Because HARLI
6) Squad Goals Ft. The Gals
7) Rebel In Love
8) The Stadium

Information leaked by The Gals: @bnb1043 @turtlesquish @poetreeoflife @malevolentphantoms @hannahbobanna90 Osay, Chuck, and Myself

League of Legends Fan art - Tahm Kench Retreat!! - I started playing some LoL recently. It’s actually a lot of fun learning and playing the game with my friend. Also a great way to release the stress from day to day work! I play a lot of Tahm Kench support (also gangplank!). Moment like this are my absolute favorite, running in and saving teammate out of danger. That is why I wanted to do this piece, to capture that fun epic moment. haha

Imagine ... Your Best Friend Paul Imprints On You But Doesn't Tell You Because You already Have A Boyfriend

Danny, how do I even begin to describe him …

he’s independent and willful; he does what he wants when he wants; he doesn’t follow trends, they follow him; he often looks scruffy, but hip; he’s not looking for trouble, but there’s a sense of danger about him.

Then there’s my best friend in the whole entire world, Paul …

He’s the person who makes you smile, laugh and be yourself around the most, he treats me like family and is really proud of me no matter what I do, he texts me in the morning and at night just to check I’m alright . We watch movies together whilst eating loads of junk food, then we talk about everything and anything for hours on end, I could trust him with anything.

There was never anything romantic between me and Paul, that is until a few weeks ago. I felt really bad doing this to Danny but then yesterday I found him making out with Lindy Martin behind the bike shed, Paul didn’t know about this yet but all I wanted to do was tell him. For the past few weeks all I have been thinking about is Paul but then I realised, there’s a risk in falling for your best friend.

He’s always there for me, always reliable. We tell each other everything from our relationships to family problems to stress from school. We are always seen together. I mean that’s what best friends are for right? I’m comfortable with him, trust him, love him. maybe even die for him.

Once you fall for your best friend, there’s no telling what could happen. What if he feels the same? Then, there’s always the danger of breaking up and ruining the friendship. What if he doesn’t feel the same? There’s the danger of having the awkwardness between us. I’d lose my best friend either way … That’s why I’m scared of getting attached to him.

Obviously I hadn’t told Danny about this, in fact I haven’t told anyone about this. I’d usually tell Paul but that was out of the question. Paul had been acting strangely lately, he hadn’t been at school for the past week and whenever I tried to go round and see him he would always be out. I was worried, worried I might be losing my best friend. I needed to talk to someone, find out what was going on. I’d have to go and talk to Jacob he was the only one who knew Paul like I did, I’d go tomorrow.




Today was the day, I was going to talk to Jacob about Paul. Luckily - unlike Paul - Jacob was at home today and he welcomed me in to his homely little house with open arms. Billy was at Charlie’s today, probably watching a game, this made it much easier to talk to Jacob

“Y/N, I haven’t seen you in ages! What’s up? Is everything okay? Talked to Paul lately?” although Jake was always over enthusiastic whenever he talked to anyone, today he seemed different his jolliness had a nervous edge to it, like he was trying to hide something. Also, why did he bring up Paul? It was as if he knew Paul was the reason I’d come and seen him.

“Actually that’s why I’m here. I haven’t talked to or seen Paul lately, it’s really worrying me, you haven’t heard from him have you?”

“Ugh … No … I haven’t seen or talked to him … maybe you should go check his house again,” Jake was lying, I knew that even before he’d started speaking. Whenever Jake lied he rubbed the back of his neck nervously with his right hand, also he’d made a very obvious mistake which I think he just figured out he had made.

“What do you mean ‘check his house again’? I never told you I was going to see if he was home everyday” I was beginning to get angry, why was Jake keeping Paul from me and worst of all why was he lying about where Paul was?

“I never said that, what … what are you talking about?” That was the last straw not only was Jake lying to me but he was trying to make out like I was hearing things as well.

“JAKE! I need to know where Paul is, okay! There is something really important I need to tell him and I swear if you try and get in my way I will personally rip your head off…” Jake was sniggering at me and smiling, why was he smiling? Did he think this was funny? Maybe he thought the idea of me ripping his head off was a joke, but believe me it was no joke. Tears were welling up in my eyes and after about 5 seconds they were rolling carelessly down my cheeks. Jake suddenly stopped laughing and was staring at me, a sorry look in his eyes, he was about to speak but I had something to say to him first.

“You know what … Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored, you could tell them things and they won’t judge you. This person is your soul mate, your best friend, that person is Paul and I will never let him go, Never!” I was bumbling like a baby by now and I could imagine how puffy my eyes must look but I didn’t care. Out of nowhere Jake had scooped me up in his arms and was holding me close, then he whispered in my ear something that made my day,

“He loves you too” I couldn’t believe my ears he actually loved me. The rest of that night Jake told me about the pack and about how members of the pack could imprint on someone, he told me that they couldn’t live without each other and that we were destined to be together. Jake also told me that Paul was coming round his in the morning and that I could stay with him until Paul turned up, I was so excited and had so many questions that I stayed up all night talking to Jake about the pack, I couldn’t wait till morning, I’d get to tell Paul I feel the same way and that I love him, I really do love him …

Part Two Coming Soon Guys, Hope You Enjoy This And Don’t Forget To Send In Any Imagines You Have, It Will Be A Privilege To Write Them xx