it is a colour no human being should be

I Need to Speak Up About Concrete

Oh boy… where do I start?

As a white guy, maybe I shouldn’t really be talking about this. But Swaggy Thunder and Slice of Otaku’s video on it made me a bit mad. I want to tackle some points that they made.

— They seemed pretty mad at the fact that Bismuth, a POC character, is portrayed as a villain. Boi… all of the villains in the show are LGBT+ and I don’t see anyone complaining. Yes, we are minorities, and we can not be all painted as little angels. There *are* mean POC just like there are lots of wonderful POC. Same thing with LGBT’s. We are being realistic here. Nobody wrote Bismuth as a villain (and she’s not even a villain, she’s just misguided!) *because* she’s a POC.

— They say the fact Bismuth and Concrete not being gems is inferiorizing and might be associated with them being POC. Also that Garnet, another POC character, isn’t even naturally formed - she’s a fusion. 

Boy, where do I even start? Gemstones aren’t limited to minerals and rocks. As someone who’s been gathering a gem collection over the years, I can confirm that Bismuth is, indeed, a gemstone, at least the hopper Bismuth crystals. Just like Pearls — Pearl is a gem and Pearls aren’t rocks, they are organic matter! But concrete… isn’t that a stretch? Oh yes, yes it is… but guess what!

And Garnet… this hurts. Garnet is built to be such a special character, that represents love, intelligence, strength, leadership! She teaches us that the morals of Homeworld are old and wrong and that Earth’s love is the right path, and you shit all over it by saying that she’s a bad representation of POC for not being made in a “natural Homeworld way”? Ugh.

— Her skin tone is allusive to blackface. 

Uhm… they said it themselves! Concrete is grey. Like Bismuth is grey adorned with multiple rainbow colours. I just don’t even know what to respond to this. It is that simple. Her skin is grey because concrete is grey, just like Garnet’s red because Garnets are red and Peridot’s green because Peridots are green.

Following the show’s canon, why should her be any other colour?

(Rose is almost an exception — her peachy skin is almost like a caucasian human’s. This is a stylistic choice to make her a bit closer to a human being due to her humanity and love for Earth!)

— “And she has big lips, too!”

Most of the characters, of all colours, have big lips! It’s a rather big part of the style of the show to draw women’s lips this way, I’d say.

Another thing:

I couldn’t find the artist, so all credit to them (I will edit this if I do see who they are). But just look at this fan-rendering of how Concrete would look if she was integrated in the show’s actual style and not just a concept drawing. Here, she’s imagined as an uncorrupted version of the Big Bird, and that’s why she isn’t “Concrete” anymore (instead being an actual gem) and has brown skin rather than grey. Does this look racist to you? To me, she looks like a sweet fun Gem just like Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis, Peridot, Jasper, etc, etc, etc.

About the part of the stereotypes — I didn’t interpret the “Can’t read :(” part as anything other than “Can not read human writing, so she struggles a bit on Earth” type of note/reminder/little trivial character trait that Rebecca adds on all her character sketches. The show collection thing was a bit weird, I’ll admit, but who said it was Rebecca who decided on it? It was part of a collective game, so she could’ve just have written it down from a POC colleague (like Ian). 


With all that, I hope to have made my point of view clear and if this, by a miracle, reaches Swaggy and Slice, please, consider my thoughts. You two and Vox are the only thing that can soot my appetite for Steven Universe content in these long hiatuses.

Much love,

Alexander Sedge. 💕

y’know when you’re arguing with ignorant people about some social issue or other and they pull out the “why do you even care” card….why do I care? whY DO I CARE???? Listen here because this will blow your mind, 

  • you can support people of colour without being a person of colour 
  • you can support the LGBTQ+ community without being LGBTQ+ 
  • you can support women without being a woman 
  • you can support people affected by physical disability and/or mental illness without being physically disabled or mentally ill 
  • you can support immigration without being an immigrant
  • you can support people’s religious freedom without being religious 

Under all the race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, sex, physical/mental limitations, and nationality, WE ARE ALL HUMAN. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. WE ARE ALL EQUAL. Love and care for your sisters and your brothers. Fight for their rights the same way they’d fight for yours. USE YOUR PRIVILEGE. Stop asking me why I care and start asking yourself why you don’t.

gentlepirate  asked:

I have a heavily bird related humanoid species, the females follow a different colour sceme than the males, but they are all relatively dark skinned. the males can reach near pitch black, similar to humans with Melanism. this is viewed as extremely manly, and has gotten the term "Raven" (for extremely feminine females they use 'tit', from the bird not the mammaries). recent conversations have made me doubt this word though, do you think it should be replaced? and do you have alternative ideas?

Bird-Humanoid Species, Melanism, and Terminology

Associating darkness to masculinity can be harmful, leaning towards the idea of dark-skinned women being inherently “manly” or unfeminine which is desexualizing (a common issue for WoC, especially Black and other dark-skinned folks). The dark = manly association also supports the harmful idea of dark-skinned men being “super” in terms of strength and typically over/hypersexuality which is unfair to them, and dehumanizing.

I’m not sure if that’s what you were asking about, but it’s important to keep that in mind and avoid pushing dark-skinned humanoids into these stereotypes with a variety of people of all shades allowed to be themselves, whatever that may be, and not just all “extremely manly” both male and female.

And I take it the concern is with describing a dark-skin as raven. Well, they’re already bird-like beings so there’s not much more you can do when it comes to the non-humanizing part? If it’s about the use of “tit” to describe women birds, then you might run into some problems. I’ll let Lesya take it from here!

-Mod Colette

Alright, a few things about terminology here that you need to be aware of:
Melanism of the skin is not a human condition. Melanism for humans appears in internal organs, if it appears at all. Using the term “humans with melanism” to refer to dark skinned/Black people is directly comparing them to animals. 

This is a thing that appears in squirrels, chickens, cats, and general creatures outside of the realm you should be comparing humans to. Especially Black people, because all of these comparisons have heavy negative historical connotations. 

Similarly, “tit” has very strong connotation when applied to human femme folk (which is to say, not everyone with breasts is a woman, and not everybody feminine is a woman). Saying “it’s the scientific term” does not absolve it of those connotations in the slightest. No matter how you would explain it, this context cannot be ignored. You’re going to end up unintentionally reinforcing a lot of nasty binaries by assuming feminine= woman, or if you call men a derogatory term associated with women then you’re reinforcing homophobia. 

Regardless, it’s going to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Both of these add up to the fact you are trying to use language with a certain intent while ignoring the sociological contexts of the words themselves. While intent matters to a degree, a good intent does not absolve a bad result. There’s a reason the saying is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

You need to become more aware of your language use and realize that just because you are using language to mean a certain thing, readers will not necessarily take it that way. The reader’s interpretation usually beats out author intent, because the interpretation is what drives people’s impression of the work. You’re not trying for any reclaimation, just insisting that your use of the words mean different things. 

Unless you think really long and hard about how to not reinforce the negative connotations (which… if you plan on continuing to use terms this way, you will be reinforcing something very toxic no matter how you slice it) and learn the science behind all of this, you’re going to fall flat.

~Mod Lesya

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to distance myself from Camila and 5h coz every time I see Camila I just get so angry and that's not healthy I know but i cant help it. therefore I want/need to get a way I tried not to see anything related to her and i was fine but lots of my mutuals are following her too and they tweet from time to time about her. I feel this way coz i don't support unfairness I don't honstly know what to do to get over my feeling for her specially since i don't know the truth about their situation

Wow ok… I wouldn’t usually respond to something like this but i sense that you are aware that your view of the situation is distorted but that you are finding it difficult step out of that mindset. So I’ll try to get through to you. We don’t know the truth of the situation but there are certain things that we know are true. We know that all five of these girls have been heavily exploited, overworked, probably forced to work for no money, had grown adults use their personal/private lives to make money, been told how to act [what to say, what to wear, where to stand] since they were as young as 15, have suffered mild to severe mental health issues, have had their bodies heavily sexualised since they were not even legal adults and come online to see vile abusive online bullying towards them as a regular part of everyday life. We know that they signed hideous contracts when they were young and desperate, which might I add, all five girls are still under. We know that they have basically no control of their public images because they signed away their rights to their public identity. They also signed away their rights to their own social media and agreed to confidentiality clauses that legally forbid them to say the truth about certain things. Can you imagine having millions of people judge you for someone who is not even you, but a controlled and edited image of yourself that your publicists have presented to the public… and not being able to do anything about it?

 All of this stuff applies equally to all five girls. You may think it is unfair that Camila was given the opportunity to have the first solo career, but please reconsider what ‘fair’ means in this situation. None of it’s fair. And by the way, after reading just a little bit about how the industry works, you start to understand that even if Camila wanted to leave the band, she is under contract and simply would have had no say in if/how/when it was done. Do not punish Camila for how her label/management/PR team have gone about this situation. This is an exploitative business where ALL the girls are victims to the people who have the ability to control them and make money off of them. There are real people trapped inside this mess. They do not equate to your perception of them based on what a magazine tells you about them, or what their role is in their label’s publicity campaign. They are living breathing human beings who, incidentally, you don’t even know. You don’t have to like her, but you have to understand that you have no legitimate basis to dislike her either. She’s just a person trying to get through the day just like you and I. I urge you to just view this in terms of compassion - have a little understanding. Being a compassionate human being is free and easy. And unlike judgement, compassion doesn’t put wrinkles on your face :) .

(p.s. if none of the above works and you are still stressed out by seeing Camila’s face, I suggest trying weed, chocolate, masturbation, exercise, listening to music, colouring-in, playing an instrument, having a bath, lighting some scented candles, watching your favourite TV show, looking up videos of baby puppies on youtube, taking a walk, did i already say masturbation..? All of the above should make you realise that judging strangers is a bad use of your mental energy.)

anonymous asked:

Your daydream post brought me to tears for I feel the very same, and I am very much a maladaptive daydreamer. Visualising and feeling, but never touching, a life far more grand, is to say the least, painful. It is painful when I realise that I want my fantasy over my reality. My reality saddens me, but my fantasy saddens me more, because I will never live it.

I’m so sorry, Anon. I understand your pain. Some will say that we should ‘LIVE OUR DREAMS’ but for us, that is impossible. How can we ever live our dreams when our dreams are physically out of reach? We dream of being superhuman. We dream of settings far from Earth and beyond space or time. We breathe and feel characters that no human being could ever compare to and they dare tell us to achieve our dreams?

We dream of the unachieveable.

Real life seems as though it is made in a gradient of grey and muted sound when our daydream fantasies are painted in every colour we can’t see and every tone we’ve never heard and it feels better than being real. 

Our daydreams are more alive than our reality. 

We can’t live in it. We cannot survive without it. 

Maladaptive Daydreaming is a thirst. A body-wracking thirst surrounded by undrinkable seawater. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Please find comfort in the thought that you are not alone, Anon. We are the dreamers of dreams, and we have found a way to use fantasy to survive our realities. Maladaptive as it may be, we dream. We cope. We survive. And then we dream again. 

when i was born

my mom used to listen to me beating, 
she used to breathe me deeper than addiction;
she would count my fingers and toes
so carefully, eyes wider than wonder. she reminded the others
that, a little sister did not mean casualty
a little sister did not mean a coupe on the love surrounding you,
did not mean terrorized territories on white castles
on the empires you’ve bordered & volumed
in the inventions of your dreams.
she gave them simple instructions:
“follow yourselves to the end of the edges of your thereafter—
do not get choked on the rough sentence in between.“ 
they did not know
she had just prophesied her extent.
by “sentence”, her children were too young to understand
she meant where our father would end up— twenty five to life—
how it would force us to hunt the breakneck rivers
of life, desperately pleading for gospels of growing up
upon its shores. she meant
growing up was often deeply scary.
that sometimes, it doesn’t involve god.

so she taught this lesson talking about her country;
how the softness of her people
never betrayed the thick desert that became their home
of the mountains of colour, mountains of blood
familiarized by illegal occupancy.
she reminded them
we come from a people who found angels
in the way earth shifted from darkness into light,
that they break their backs harvesting fields of western peace
to world medicine;
the poppies terribly transferring and offering pain
by their bare hands in that same angelic light.
that this is their survival protocol.

she reminded them
human beings will always create the most extraordinary,
malevolent things; that no amount of wealth can exchange time
that they should together invest in my growth
fully, openly,
that their eyes should always follow my mouth
for the arrival of muscling outwardly, trying to compose
the form of home.

—  under the floods
Call to action - Storytellers.

Right now, children are growing up in a world where global leaders and growing movements are promoting hate. Where you can be a misogynist, a racist, a xenophobe and a homophobe and end up in the most powerful position on this planet.

The result of yesterday’s vote sends all the wrong messages. It teaches young people that if you are different, that if you do not conform to social norms, you are not valid. Your voice will not be heard.

The media have undoubtedly played a large role in this election and it can be discouraging and difficult to accept but all is not lost. Remember some of the great storytelling that has been commissioned in recent years. This work is more important now than ever. If we cannot rely on our governments to set the right examples then the media has a responsibility to do so.

Film studios, production houses, television networks: Be brave, be bold.
Independent filmmakers, artists, aspiring storytellers: Unite, collaborate. You have mobile phones with incredible cameras, you have the internet, you have a platform when others don’t. Use it.

Champion unheard voices.

Originally posted by henamedmemalala

Expose difficult truths.

Originally posted by flyguytony

Hold a mirror up to society and highlight its flaws.

Promote inclusivity and diversity, respect and kindness.

Originally posted by lavirtud

Show young women they can be strong. 

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

Show young men that emotion is not weakness.

Originally posted by prxncxss88

Show that people fleeing war and poverty deserve to live in a safe and fair world, to be welcomed, not feared.

Show that everyone has a right to be who they are without shame, that love is love, that every human being is unique therefore and that being different is really the norm.

Educate by shining a light on the difficulties in our countries’ pasts.

Originally posted by muzzle84

Explain why we must never forget our history in order to learn from it. 

Originally posted by cris-accortez

Emphasise that the colour of your skin, the religion you practice, your physical health or mental health, the person you love, the person you identify yourself as, the country/body/family you were born into should never dictate your treatment by society.

Create stories where people are people instead of subject matters or tropes.

One race. Humanity. Don’t let society split it into factions and decide who is valid and who is not.

Show the world it in all of its glory and all of its shame.

Importantly: Don’t ever stop finding humour in the darkest of times(lines).

Originally posted by billieviperarchive

After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Originally posted by northgang

So keep entertaining, provide escapism for those who will need it. Create the world you want to live in, a future people can look towards and fight for.

Don’t forget to write the happy ending once in a while.

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In response to @mysenia​‘s prompt  - ‘Want a bite of my meat stick?’

“I can’t believe that instead of enjoying the fair, we’re witch hunting,” Stiles grumbles, leaning against Roscoe and folding his arms. Scott nods in agreement, moving out of the way so that Isaac can clamber out of the back of the jeep.

“Well,” Isaac points out, “all the evidence did lead here.”

Stiles snorts.

“What does Derek believe that the fortune teller is actually legit? Are all the carnies using magic as opposed to cheating to make sure we never win the huge teddy bears?”

“I think they’re using human beings as spell components.”

Stiles jumps, Derek’s voice practically in his ear.

“Jesus Christ! What have I told you about sneaking up on me?”

“You should be more aware of your surroundings,” Derek replies. Erica, Boyd and Peter are all snickering. Stiles flips them off.

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Ezio/Leonardo Fic list


The man I met at my sister s wedding 

Written after the prompt: We met at a weeding and I thought you were one of my distant cousins but apparently no one knows you . How do you get in and will you dance with me. Ezio/Leonardo 

Beginning of the Ocean

Leonardo was never a strong swimmer. And yet, he seemed drawn to the ocean in some way. He would walk along the sandy beaches by his home at dusk, stopping to stare into the void a while. The blonde would stand still for minutes at a time, letting the cold water lap at his ankles. Many people walked past him, but he paid them no mind. All he did was stare. Stare, and think.                                 “Something’s out there.” And he would find it.

Of ghosts and scares

Ezio drags Leonardo to go see a horror movie, even if Leonardo is terribly scared of them

Trip to Amboise

Leonardo is working in Amboise as a university art teacher, Ezio is still in Florence with two part-time jobs. Seeing each other becomes hard, but nothing can separate them. (Ezio/Leonardo, modern!AU)

The Plague

Kink Meme Fill: Modern day AU with bubonic plague, chaos, and one immune researcher. Inspiration from “28 Days Later”.


Leonardo and Ezio have been best friends they were children. But now that they share the same roof, Leonardo finds his patience dwindling when it comes to Ezio being around other females. Why should he keep letting himself get hurt over it? 

Group Therapy

Ezio, Leo, and Rosa in a group therapy session. Things do not go well (Crack!fic)


Leo likes Dr. Seuss. Ezio doesn’t.

Ever After

Crossover with the movie Ever After, with old!Leo and Ezio.


Finding humanity lacking, an artist pursues perfection in his work. The Pygmalion myth, by way of Assassin’s Creed.

The Colour of Magic

Leonardo never thought of himself as someone special, until the day he discovered his hidden powers. All of a sudden he was in high demand – especially from evil sorcerers like Cesare Borgia. Will Leonardo be able to survive as Borgia’s captive with the help of his new friends?

The Bond of Brotherhood

Leonardo da Vinci is wickedly clever, amazingly talented, surprisingly devious, and always there to support Ezio in his endeavors, no matter how dubiously moral. It’s never mattered before that he’s an omega, or that Ezio is an alpha. It still shouldn’t matter, except that Leonardo smells so good, and Ezio knows that there’s no one else for him to spend his heat with…

Suburban Neighbors drabble series:

  1. Suburban Neighbors  Leonardo may accidentally spot Ezio walking naked in his kitchen. Because these two are dorks.
  2. Uptown Funk  Leonardo catches Ezio dancing by his mailbox.
  3. A Favor  Ezio has a favor to ask of Leonardo.
  4. The Incident  A first kiss and the incident that follows.
  5. Sketchbook  Ezio finds Leonardo’s sketchbook.
  6. French girls  Leonardo wants to paint Ezio.
  7. Midnight Phone Call Ezio is determined to comfort Leonardo.

Non-Canon/AU Ezio/Leonardo as sideparing/not mainparing

A Day in the Life of a Mobster

Sometimes it’s good to be a gangsta

Altaïr’s Army

That one Hogwarts AU complete with mischief, kissing and the occasional hex.

A Pound of Flesh (VAMPIRE AU)

“You have a touch of melodrama in you, Altezza.”

Wind from the gathering storm whistled through the cracks and rent windows of the vacant church, the shadows long and deep from the light of the lantern on the bench at the pew. Lorenzo kept an iron hold on his instinctive fear, willing his fingers away from the silver dagger hidden under his robes. The church had been empty when he had arrived; now a man was leaning against the pulpit, long fingers folded under his chin, his smile amused, much of his aquiline face swallowed by the shadow of a white cowl.

and history books forgot about us

Shaun isn’t an idiot. He is good at connecting the dots, like he imagines the men who thought up the constellations–seeing the whole picture in the lines between the pin points of stars.                                                                                             So it’s pretty easy to figure out that Ezio is head over heels for Leonardo.             It’s a bit harder to realize he may be smitten too.

Never Have I Ever

Supernatural/AC crossover where the assassins are brothers in Desmond’s time and have commingled with the hunters. (It’s a big AU, don’t ask lol)                       They end up playing strip!Never Have I Ever, hilarity ensues.

Just Once

A modern AU set in the year 2012. Story started being written pre Revelations. After years of running from the Order, Desmond is finally discovered working at a bar in New York City. He’s reluctant to go back to being told what to do, and reluctant to leave one of his favourite surly customers, NYU history major Shaun Hastings. Altair is caught in the middle of what his Grandmaster, Al Mualim, and what his recovering partner, Malik, want from him. Ezio is just busy trying to charm as many people in Manhattan as possible. Che sorpresa!                      

Main pairing is Desmond/Shaun, with lots of Altair/Malik and some Ezio/Leonardo to top things off.

10 Things Malik Hates About Altair

Desmond Miles is new in school and he has no idea how things work, but he wants Kadar Al-Sayf and he will do anything to get him. Even have some rich idiot pay the scariest guy in the school to take out Kadar’s older brother so they can date.

Drawing Battle Lines

In a world where everybody is born submissive or Dominant, Altair struggles to find his one true place. Working as a cop in a department surrounded by Dominants doesn’t really help. When assigned to the latest case, Altair doesn’t realize yet that it will change him and his life forever. (Omega Verse shenanigans)

Writers are people so after you finished reading a fic even if it´s a one-shot or smut leave them a comment/review

Dear SnowBarry Fans

I think it’s time that we adress something. I don’t think all of you are racist. Personally as a Westallen shipper, I do ship this ship as a brotp and I’m fine with this ship, no matter how some of y'all get :)

However, there do seem to be quite a large portion of people in your ship that seem to be ruining the ship. Let’s get a few things straight with those people:

●If you are a “confession” blog that does nothing crap all over Iris/Candice, you are racist, whether unknowingly or knowingly.

●Westallen will happen. I’m sorry but it’s true and while you might argue that it’s like Lauliver, these are different shows wih different writers. Flash writers do tend to stick to the comics and have said that Westallen will happen

●If you give Iris shit for something that Miss Felicity “I nuked a whole city” Smoak has also down, you might also kinda be racist.

●The whole “brother/sister” thing….the argument is just weak bro, like they gave her a real brother so y'all can see the difference.

●I hope a lot of y'all know this but the kiss between Caitlin and “Barry” was a between Caitlin and a meta human who is not Barry Allen.

●If you have a problem with Iris being black still and try to say “It’s not true to the comics” or “She should be a redhead” or any other B.S excuse as to why DP should play her:

1. You are maybe racist

 2. If you have a problem with the skin colour of Iris West yet have no problem with Sara Lance being the White Canary (Don’t worry, I love her) when in the comics the White Canary is Chinese, take several seats and drink a tall glass of “Shut the fuck up”.

●Do not post something negative/micro aggressive/misogynistic about Iris/Candice and complain/play the victim when Westallen fans come for your ass.

●And finally please call out the racist misogynists in the fandom. You cannot complain when we all call the ship racist and when you asking “bitch where?” we gon’ pull up with receipts like:

Originally posted by jiferati

Note: Again this is not to all SB Shippers. I know a lot of you respect Westallen for the iconic ship it is and respect Iris West (Allen)’s place in Barry’s life as well as respect Candice Patton. But please stop the ones that don’t.

Update: A lot of SBs are telling me to do the same and I actually try to a lot. I like every character and actress in the show and I don’t like seeing horrible things said on either side by either fandoms
Super Villain au

So I’ve recently become obsessed with both dark!seven and Superhero aus. I also watched Suicide Squad on a plane the other day so that’s probably where this came from. I’m going to finish the profiles the maybe make it into a fic.

Piper McLean:
-Age: 24
-Publicly known as: Siren
-Power: Can control anything/ anyone with just her voice.
-Area most targeted: California (most frequently Malibu and Los Angeles)
-Crimes: 15 counts of manslaughter (she didn’t actually kill them, she told others to murder them/ told them to kill themselves.) Blackmail on numerous occasions.
-When convicted: 2014
-Sentence: currently serving a life sentence at Belle Reve Prison
-Relationships: Very close with her Grandfather (deceased). Neglected by her Father (actor Tristan McLean) from a young age. Known to be in a relationship with Tempest, a fellow meta human.
-Description: Half Cherokee, dark, layered brown hair, eyes of no distinctive colour and seen by many as unnaturally attractive. Usually sports casual clothing.
-Extra notes: Arrested by Gladiatrix* after being rescued from Tempest’s submerged car, McLean was unconscious at the time.
Known psychopath, thought to be due to her childhood neglect.
Restrict any use of vocals (muzzle may be required) to avoid fatalities.
Ensure she has no way of contacting Tempest at all and is kept in isolation, should any complications occur.

I can’t really imagine Piper going bad, so that was pretty hard. But I do think that she would be a sort of Harley Quinn type character because even though she’s pretty, she’s still bad ass (I mean she killed a goddess).

The characters belong to Rick and Belle Reve to DC comics.

*a female gladiator, you figure out who I’m talking about.

hazemm145  asked:

I dont think that the organ transplant wouldn't change his dna, it probably did and i dont want to talk about this topic much cause this is all fictional and we could argue all day lol, but to think that kaneki still has 100% human dna is a bit far fetched to me, as that would mean that he can go back to being a human.. ( can he tho? I really dont know. ) im just stating this as i like to here other peoples thoughts and stuff, not bashing on what you said earlier. Besides wouldn't removing the-

-ghoul parts from him turn him human again? ( also dont know lol, damn ishidia making me overthink this) i really dont know but i still believe that kaneki’s dna is definitely altered a bit, my whole theory is that i remember reading/seeing in the manga kaneki losing his entire kidney in a fight, so at the time i thought he’d lose his ghoul power but he didn’t.. so rizes organs definitely messed up his genes/dna so he’d be able to regenerate a brand new kindey. So sorry if this is too long :s

This is too confusing and unreal and its hurting my head thinking about all possible out comes and hypothesis’ damn

It makes my head hurt thinking about it too! :’)

Ok so in the first statement when I said “ Kaneki’s own DNA in his swimmers should still be 100% human” what I meant there was that the DNA in his sperm is human, but clearly the same can’t be said of the rest of his body. He has parts of him that are Rize, with ghoul DNA. But at the same time, he still has parts of him that are his own DNA. His hair isn’t changing to the same colour as Rize’s. His skin tone isn’t changing to the same colour as Rize’s (… they look like htey have the same skin tone anyway but lets ignore that hahaha). The kakuhou being invasive and replacing parts of his body? Yes. That’s the Rc veins. But I just really don’t think her DNA is mixing with his like that. Eto is genetically a half-ghoul but Kaneki is a chimera.

When he’s hurt, it’s the kakuhou itself that makes him regenerate and grow new body parts. That’s why when ghouls have their kakuhou damaged beyond repair, or if their Rc levels get too low, they can’t heal properly. Because whatever it is the kakuhou does, thats the thing that controls healing. So him growing a new kidney isn’t because his own DNA is part ghoul, its because he has a kakuhou that gives him the ability to heal. 

I agree though, even if you removed the kakuhou he would still have the Rc pathways all through his body- his body has been altered so much I don’t think that would be able to reverse him to a complete human.

There are ways that DNA from one organism can be inserted into cells of another- viruses do this. But inserting entire multiple genes into every cell in the body sounds farfetch’d to me. The kakuhou changing the expression of genes in the body? Yes absolutely. That would definitely happen. But changing the DNA sequence itself? mmmm I dunno

Honestly though, feel free to disagree with me! It’s not like we have confirmation of any of this in the series and Ishida could honestly take it anywhere- it’s a fictional series afterall!

I am a human being

I am a human being;

I get down,
I get better,
My hair is hell,
My weight is wrong,
I’m cheerful,
Or I’m not.

I breathe,
I laugh,
I read…
And sometimes I cry at night.

I am a human being.

Life gets tough,
I stop smiling,
Sometimes it gets better,
And I push forward,
And forward;
And forward.

It eventually gets better.

I am made of nerves and emotions,
I’m a flower with fragile petals,
I’m a soldier who has to fight for her life,
I want to be proud, proud of who I am,
Of where I am.

And when I look into the mirror,
I don’t see the victimized friend,
I don’t see the martyr you say I am,
I don’t see the girl who’s going to end up alone,
I don’t see the idiot that annoys you,
I don’t see the stupid sister you make me feel like.

I see a human being.

Made of love, of dreams,
Of hope, of colours, of darkness.
I dream;
Of respect.

I am a human being;
In a world that has sold his soul
To those who offered the highest price
But the price is endless
To those who suffer

I am strong
I am weak
I am myself
This alone should be enough;
To stand up to you

I am a human being
I am flawed and I am perfect
Because I’m a human being.

What about you?


Photography and interview by Samra Habib

Who: Shima, Toronto

I was born and raised in Shiraz, Iran. My family and I moved to Canada about three years ago after living in Malaysia for a while. We left Iran before my brother was forced into military training and to escape the increasing pressure my father faced from the Islamic Republic government. Aside from being a defence lawyer, my father held workshops teaching human rights. Because of him, I developed an awareness and sensitivity towards social injustice around me.

Growing up in Iran was a contrast of happiness and anxiety. I had sunny days in gardens eating pomegranates and reading poetry with my large and colourful family, all of whom loved me dearly. But I also had mullahs lecturing me on how I should be covered when I was a child.We travelled often and spent a lot of time with extended family and family friends. I was a defiant kid but I was studious and mostly happy.  

I was brought up mostly secular and encouraged to think for myself.  I slowly came to terms with respecting and being fond of some aspects of Islam while being critical of others. I knew my Islam wasn’t that of my teachers. Like most other Iranians who have a hard time with Islamic governance, my family’s relationship with Islam is a complicated one. I remember my mum giving my dad the stink eye when he’d say blasphemous things. To him God is in everything but my mum had a more traditional view of the religion. She has since become a lot more secular and open minded. They sometimes make fun of me for calling myself a Muslim, maybe because they think Islam doesn’t have a place for people like me.

Today, Islam is a source of solace for me. An identity I get to define on my terms. At 11, I picked up the daf and studied under a great master. Exploring Tasawuf has been the spiritual introspection I yearn for.

As a kid I day dreamt of being suited up and kissing my wife goodbye like the white couples on TV did. As a preteen, I cut my long hair short to look masculine because I thought of masculinity as being synonymous with having power and liking girls.  

Roller derby is my favourite past time. In roller derby, I have found a community that accepts me for exactly who I am and encourages me to better myself. I did speed in line rollerblading in Iran and have been doing all kinds of skating (sans ice) my whole life. I started derby because I wanted to skate and become fearless. Derby offers the kind of queer space that isn’t focused around drinking or sex which I am very grateful for.

I picked up skateboarding two years ago and found out that it is much more convenient and fun than walking. I enjoy going to metal and punk shows and dream of being a good enough daf player to start a taqwa core band.

In my opinion, stigma and misplacement are some of the biggest challenges facing Queer Muslims today. Islam is incredibly misunderstood and the queer conversation is only just beginning. We can be rejected by both queers and Muslims. The supposed juxtaposition of Islam and queerness is only made more complicated by the North American hostility towards Muslims in a climate where Muslims strive for acceptance and visibility.

I hope to be able to return to Iran and help make things better for little girls who feel what I felt. I hope to help move Iran towards acceptance and support of its queer people. I dream of the smell of orange blossoms and sunny mountains of Shiraz.
long for this world - Chapter 1 - renaissance - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


“I must apologise for my step-brother,” Morgana says. “Arthur is… not a druid, shall we say.”

“I can tell,” Merlin says. “Look at what he’s wearing. What colour is that top? Salmon?”

“You don’t even know what that is,” Arthur says. This is an utter affront. “Salmon wasn’t a colour when you were alive.”

“This may surprise you to learn, but humans have been capable of comparing one thing to another since long before someone decided shirts should be fish-coloured,” Merlin says.

“Also, Merlin possesses the exact same vocabulary that I do,” Gwen says, “since I spoke the incantation. It’s lucky I did; I don’t think Merlin wants to sound like a rich kid.”

It’s the closest she can get to being cheeky. Arthur appreciates that she’s trying, but this is neither the time nor place for humour.

How To Raise A Teenage Vampire

Summery: Mystic Falls is under attack, or so the group thought until Damon catches a nameless girl causing havoc.

Having no choice but to take responsibility of the girl the group have to balance their day to day live and a vampire girl with a very Damon like attitude.

Some mature themes through out!!!

BonnieXDamon    MeredithXSage    StefanXElena    MattXCaroline/Tyler

 (Based on the books With Main Characters As Their TV’s Actors)

Damon had given up tracking the vampire, who had been stealing from the blood banks and feeding on the locals every now and then. At first the group had been convinced they were under attack from another vampire, or someone was trying to expose the vampires of mystic falls.

“Whisky.” Damon grunted at the bar tender, his whisky was handed to him by the teen, who looked up and smiled flirtatiously as he set eyes on a young girl at the other end of the bar. 

The girl was slender and elegant, she had an air about her that reminded Damon of himself. Her round childlike face was flawless which was odd for a child her age, the vampire thought to himself.

He raised an eyebrow when she glanced around and smiled when she thought no one was watching her. The bar tender returned with a bottle of fizzy pop, making the girl smile to herself. 

After he’d flirted with her for a while she rolled her eyes and set her bottle down, jumping off the bar stool.

“Hey you didn’t pay.” The boy said frowning at the bar as if he was checking to see if she’d left money on the side. 

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Equality is not the LGBTQ+ community getting more recognition and respect than the straight community or the other way around. It’s not coloured people of different races saying that white people are all trash and scum because of what half of them have done in the past. Equality is every race, gender, sex etc coming together and realising that no matter who we are or where we come from, we’re all human beings and we’re all equal.

I think feminists and rights activists should start to wake up and realize that the majority of them aren’t really preaching for equality.

Full Transcript of Sara Ramirez's HRC Speech

Thank you. Wow, thank you so much. Thank you so much. I will admit that after many years of performing in front of thousands of people, I find myself a little nervous to stand before you tonight so bear with me please. I cannot tell you how profound receiving this award is for me, or how grateful I am for the recognition but I certainly will try.

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