it is a colour no human being should be

y’know when you’re arguing with ignorant people about some social issue or other and they pull out the “why do you even care” card….why do I care? whY DO I CARE???? Listen here because this will blow your mind, 

  • you can support people of colour without being a person of colour 
  • you can support the LGBTQ+ community without being LGBTQ+ 
  • you can support women without being a woman 
  • you can support people affected by physical disability and/or mental illness without being physically disabled or mentally ill 
  • you can support immigration without being an immigrant
  • you can support people’s religious freedom without being religious 

Under all the race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, sex, physical/mental limitations, and nationality, WE ARE ALL HUMAN. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. WE ARE ALL EQUAL. Love and care for your sisters and your brothers. Fight for their rights the same way they’d fight for yours. USE YOUR PRIVILEGE. Stop asking me why I care and start asking yourself why you don’t.


Photography and interview by Samra Habib

Who: Shima, Toronto

I was born and raised in Shiraz, Iran. My family and I moved to Canada about three years ago after living in Malaysia for a while. We left Iran before my brother was forced into military training and to escape the increasing pressure my father faced from the Islamic Republic government. Aside from being a defence lawyer, my father held workshops teaching human rights. Because of him, I developed an awareness and sensitivity towards social injustice around me.

Growing up in Iran was a contrast of happiness and anxiety. I had sunny days in gardens eating pomegranates and reading poetry with my large and colourful family, all of whom loved me dearly. But I also had mullahs lecturing me on how I should be covered when I was a child.We travelled often and spent a lot of time with extended family and family friends. I was a defiant kid but I was studious and mostly happy.  

I was brought up mostly secular and encouraged to think for myself.  I slowly came to terms with respecting and being fond of some aspects of Islam while being critical of others. I knew my Islam wasn’t that of my teachers. Like most other Iranians who have a hard time with Islamic governance, my family’s relationship with Islam is a complicated one. I remember my mum giving my dad the stink eye when he’d say blasphemous things. To him God is in everything but my mum had a more traditional view of the religion. She has since become a lot more secular and open minded. They sometimes make fun of me for calling myself a Muslim, maybe because they think Islam doesn’t have a place for people like me.

Today, Islam is a source of solace for me. An identity I get to define on my terms. At 11, I picked up the daf and studied under a great master. Exploring Tasawuf has been the spiritual introspection I yearn for.

As a kid I day dreamt of being suited up and kissing my wife goodbye like the white couples on TV did. As a preteen, I cut my long hair short to look masculine because I thought of masculinity as being synonymous with having power and liking girls.  

Roller derby is my favourite past time. In roller derby, I have found a community that accepts me for exactly who I am and encourages me to better myself. I did speed in line rollerblading in Iran and have been doing all kinds of skating (sans ice) my whole life. I started derby because I wanted to skate and become fearless. Derby offers the kind of queer space that isn’t focused around drinking or sex which I am very grateful for.

I picked up skateboarding two years ago and found out that it is much more convenient and fun than walking. I enjoy going to metal and punk shows and dream of being a good enough daf player to start a taqwa core band.

In my opinion, stigma and misplacement are some of the biggest challenges facing Queer Muslims today. Islam is incredibly misunderstood and the queer conversation is only just beginning. We can be rejected by both queers and Muslims. The supposed juxtaposition of Islam and queerness is only made more complicated by the North American hostility towards Muslims in a climate where Muslims strive for acceptance and visibility.

I hope to be able to return to Iran and help make things better for little girls who feel what I felt. I hope to help move Iran towards acceptance and support of its queer people. I dream of the smell of orange blossoms and sunny mountains of Shiraz.

Guardian Angel || Isaac Lahey

Guardian Angel

Warnings - none

Requested - no

A/N ~ Well hi there :). What you are about to read ladies and gentlemen, is my first new imagine which I am very excited for and I hope you like :D.

Y/N - your name

Y/E/C - your eye colour


Part 1





“No Y/n” Scott interrupted with a tone that indicated that no more arguing was to be done. With Scott being the alpha and you being very much human you couldn’t really do much but sit around whilst everyone had their own special skill, even Stiles. You guys had decided to take on the alpha packed put them down…well put them down to your abilities. You had been arguing with Isaac for the past 15 minutes on whether you should be able to come and help.

Truthfully, you just wanted to be there to be with Isaac and protect him in any way you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself knowing you could’ve been there and done something, anything. He was the closest to you from the pack, almost like a best friend. Even though you wouldn’t admit it to yourself, everyone else around you found it absolutely clear as a freaking crystal that you felt pretty deeply for the Lahey boy.

Ever since you had arrived to Beacon Hills, your whole life had been flipped upside down like a switch. In someways good and someways bad. The greatest pleasure had been meeting Isaac and being introduced to a group of people that are too loyal and damn awesome for their own good. But that’s what drew you in, their love and friendship for each other was one you had longed for all your life and to, now, be a part of this family makes you feel as if you’re part of something special. Isaac, on the other hand, has made you experience every emotion there is out there and has marked every part of you with this incredible, extraordinary life he belongs in. You had slowly and utterly let him hold precious section in your heart that you didn’t want to remove over the course of time that you knew him. He makes you feel important.

But right now you wanted to stab him.

“Wh-Scott please, I have to, I can’t stay and not-“ You could sense him moving closer to you until he reached your side and spinning your shoulder around to face him. You tried to ignore the buzzing feeling where his fingers lay, but honestly it was very hard. Your eyes met with those cerulean blue eyes that held worry and a stern protective facial expression that you grew to love.

“Y/N, I can’t let you go please understand. You need to stay. I, If you go I won’t be able to protect and if anything happened to you while I’m not with you I- Y/n I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.” Isaac shut his eyes as he said the last bit as if he was imagining the circumstances. A look of pain stretched across his face but was replaces with a stern look. “You’re not going, end of.” With that he left the kitchen you were all gathered in.


The walls of the abandoned bank were collapsing, the sounds of people being thrown on the floor became more distinct. Your head perked up, hoping what was going through your head wasn’t the actual case. Please let him be ok. You quietly shuffles across the maze that seemed to be this bank, trying to find your way to him. Stiles, Lydia and Allison trailed behind you, reluctantly, but they understood why you had to do this. They knew, even though you hadn’t admitted it to yourself anyways. And they were pretty stupid to let you go, even though they were warned by Scott.

Well, technically you escaped in your car and they followed.

The sounds were getting much louder. You guys had been smart enough to at least bring some form of protection. Allison had carried her crossbow and Stiles being Stiles carried a baseball bat. It was pretty clear you had relied on Allison. You rounded a corner and was instantly greeted by a body being thrown, landing at your feet. The body looked up at you guys with a scowl and a confused expression. Not the happiest at the moment.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” He said with a growl. Not the happiest ever.

“Heey, sourwolf.” Derek glared at Stiles, who you’re pretty sure backed up. Derek looked battered. There was a bruise forming on his left jaw and a cut on the side of his forehead, which would heal in a matter of minutes. Derek being Derek, his t’shirt was pretty much ripped to shreds, meaning he was pretty much shirtless. Safe to say he won’t be going to Stiles for any clothing. You and Lydia helped him up. I mean a thank you would be nice, you thought. There was a large broken escalator in the middle of the giant hall. You could see Deaton from the corner of your eye running towards you, but with no Isaac or Scott.

“What are you guys doing here?!”

“Yeah, you didn’t exactly answer that.” This time it was your turn to glare at the broody sourwolf.

“Where’s Isaac?” As soon as those words left your mouth two bodies were thrown from the top of the escalator and landed a few feet away from you guys. Your heart nearly dropped when you saw Isaac battered, bruised and struggling to get to his feet. You screamed his name and ran towards him not giving a damn about anything else around you. Scott was not far, with Allison kneeling over him. You reached Isaac, almost straddling him, trying to hold him in your arms as if you’d lose him. You pulled out a large shard of glass that was stuck in his shoulder and throwing it next to you, hearing him hiss as soon as it was out. Even though he looked like someone had beat the absolute crap out of him and he would soon heal, you couldn’t help but feel the urge to protect or heal. It was like a pulling force.

“Y/N?! What are you doing here? You can’t be here!” If you got asked that question one last time, you’re sure at leat someone else would be seriously hurt tonight. Your hand automatically reached to touch the new cut on his cheek, feeling him flinch but slowly relax. You felt a burst of adrenaline, or energy you couldn’t quite make it out and the cut almost immediately healed, but way faster than it normally would for the werewolf. You retracted your hand away and brushed it off thinking it was just Isaac’s werewolf nature.

“Y/n?” Isaac asked again, this time his hand reaching up to wipe the tear you were unaware was running down your cheek. His hand felt warm even though they had been through hell over the few hours.

“I had to be here. I couldn’t leave you, I don’t know why. I just- I couldn’t bear the thought of you being beat up or  hurt. I had to know you were ok, Isaac -“ You had tears streaming down your face now, how, you had no idea. You’re normally strong and didn’t cry at anything, but seeing Isaac hurt did something to you - and not in a good way.

“Y/N!” You looked down with a confused expression to see why Isaac had suddenly shouted your name. You were just about to take back what you said as you thought he didn’t feel the same way (it would’ve been nice at least, and saved you the embarrassment). However, when you faced him, his eyes weren’t on yours, yet on something behind you. You turned to see what caused him to suddenly grip his hands on your wait and struggle to back away. Ennis was running, quite quickly in that fact, towards you both, your heart was beating insanely fast. You were sure you were reeking of fear and you were sure Isaac and any werewolf around you could sense it. But you were also sure you could sense it around Isaac too if that was even possible. Ennis was nearing quickly, you could feel the adrenaline slowly build up in your body. Both you and Isaac tried your best to back away but Isaac was too injured. You heard yelling from your friends and you were sure Allison shot an arrow protecting Scott, but you couldn’t do anything and that hurt you.

Before you could let your min wander off again, Ennis was by your side in a second leaving you no time at all do anything. There was nothing you could do but helplessly throw your arms above you and Isaac in a protective manner and yell,

“NO!” With that, adrenaline rushed through your body, along with a burst of power and energy that ignited every nerve in your body. You could almost feel as if it radiated off your body. The feeling was indescribable, all you could think was that you had to guard and protect Isaac. Your eyes were closed as an automatic reflex, you became breathless waiting for the impact that never came. Then you realised that everything fell silent. The only sounds that were heard was the ragged breathing scattered around the damaged bank. You flicked your eyes open but something was different. You looked down to see Isaac staring at you with a look of complete shock and you were confused as to why. You turned back around to see why Ennis hadn’t attacked and you suddenly understood the look on Isaac’s face. Instead of where Ennis should’ve been, right in front of you, was a shield of some sort, almost electric but not. The shield acted as a perimeter around you and Isaac like a protection. You could see the supposed attacker all the way across the hall laying unconscious as if he’d been blown away by the shield. Your hand extended to touch the the somewhat force field allowing your index finger to graze it, just for the force field to instantly retract from covering you and Isaac. What the hell was going on? You turned back to look at Isaac who was still staring at you the same as when you opened your eyes. You looked around to see the rest of your friends staring at you the same way. What the hell was going on?

“Y/n”Isaac gasped out. You turned to ask him your never ending question but your eyes caught on the shard of glass you took out of him not too long ago. What you saw, however, was beyond what you expected. Staring back at you someone with the same face, but with eyes that were not yours. Your ordinary Y/E/C eyes were replaced with an incandescent pair of silver irises, almost identical to a quartz crystal. You blinked thinking, or hoping, you were in a very realistic dream but nothing changed. You were breathless. You couldn’t stop staring at the reflection on the glass, you couldn’t believe it but reality kicked in. You had to leave. You didn’t know what the hell was going on and you were sure no one else in the sad excuse of a bank hall knew either. You looked around and found that everyone’s eyes were still on you with the same expression as before, except for Deaton who had a puzzling expression on his face as if he was trying to figure something out. Though you noticed Ennis and the alpha pack had left from the scene, most probably to take care of Ennis and not want to deal with what was happening right about now.

You had to get out of there as soon as possible before anything else happened that you couldn’t explain. You still had no idea how the hell your eyes magically shifted into the colour of two glowing moons, how the hell a freaking force field appeared at your side when you needed it most and how the hell it blew Ennis all the way across the room. But all you wanted to do right now was leave and figure out what in the world was happening to you, before anyone asks any questions you didn’t know the answer to. You tried not to make eye contact with the boy next to you, as you didn’t want to see the fearful expression you assumes he was wearing. You didn’t want him to think bad of you (which was pretty much what you were fearful of yourself) and you didn’t want to carry on with these terrible thoughts surrounding your mind.

Therefore you stood up abruptly and ran out of the hall, not missing the call of your name from Scott. You tried to navigate your way out of the bank using your memory of when you and the others had come in from. You left and found your car sprawled across the open parking lot (you weren’t exactly thinking of your perfect parking whilst you were in a life or death situation) and got in. You sat in there for a good 5 minutes trying to make sense of the perplexing situation, trying to rack your brain for some sort of answer but couldn’t find one. Did you create that shield? It was too much to handle, your brain had frozen but you just wanted answers. You started the car, pulled out of the parking lot and drove your way home to find some answers.


Sooo…what did you think?! Yes, no, should i give up? Probably. But for that one fan that does read this, let me know if you want a Part 2. I may or ma not be willing to write one ;) x

Fun fact : I love Isaac probably more than I love marshmallows…I think ;)

deuces x

I have seriously no idea what’s wrong with some so called “fans” of B.A.P.
You need to fucking stop criticising them.
I normally don’t write posts like these but I am so pissed that I can’t hold it back anymore. Since the guys are back they, especially Himchan and Daehyun, were criticised for their weight.

You don’t like their new hair colour? Then ignore it.

You don’t like their natural skin colour and want them to white wash their pics? Don’t look at them.

You don’t like that Himchan gained weight? He’s happy. He’s healthy (!!!!!!!). Don’t make him feel bad about his looks. Himchan is an beautiful human being and you know that. As an true fan you should be happy that he’s healthy and eating and not skipping meals.

These 6 talented guys had to go through a hardship in order to be where they are today. They give their fucking best to please us, entertain us, create awesome music. They work their asses off every fucking single day and it’s still not good enough for you?They were gone for over a year and now they came back, stronger and happier than ever before and you have nothing better to do than insulting them and make them feel bad about themselves?
Seriously leave the fucking fandom you’re not worth being in it.

You just know a load of fools are gonna crawl out of the woodwork after that amazing episode complaining about Doctor Who ‘pandering to SJWs’ and being ‘too PC’, but wake up people, this is real life. 

In REAL LIFE people who are not white dudes can and do exist. And kick some serious arse. 

In REAL LIFE men of colour and deaf women and basically everyone else you can imagine do things and live their lives and are just as (if not even more so) deserving of having their stories told and being included in popular media. 

If you’re about to complain about ‘forced diversity’ or some bigoted rubbish like that, then for the love of the goddess, why are you watching Doctor Who, which is, and always should be, a show about the beauty of humanity in all forms, teaching compassion and empathy for others, and being as progressive as possible? 

A+ episode which proved that diversity actually works. Shame on anyone who thinks that people who aren’t simply white dudes being allowed to be heroes and do things is an inflammatory and ‘liberal’ ploy, instead of just being an accurate representation of the world that we live in. 

Religion is inherently violent and oppressive. The historical (and present) use of holy scripture as guidance for the development of social and political institutions is not only ignorant but dangerous, as it creates real, material consequences for specific individuals (those of colour, women and children). No belief founded outside of the context of sound, scientific evidence or the equality/safety of persons should ever have the legal capacity to dictate the lives of human beings.

Things you should know

-Mental illnesses are not not “cool” or “cute”.

-You aren’t a cat in a human body.

-No matter what the colour of your skin is you still deserve respect.

-No matter what your sexuality is you still deserve respect.

-Men can experience the same problems that women do.

-If someone draws/writes something that offends you, just scroll past and forget about it. It’s not a big deal.

-Being a cis white male does not make you a bad person.

Feel free to add anything I missed.

Stop complaining about how many rights u think white people deserve because news flash! You’re basking in white privilege up to ur ungrateful eyeballs and u wouldn’t know what had hit you if u genuinely experienced oppression ur entire life, or even abused for the colour of ur skin.

Ur ancestors weren’t the ones who were killed, raped, whipped and chained for the colour of their skin, no, ur ancestors were the ones who participated in doing that to a minority for literally no reason except for their skin colour.

POC had EVERYTHING taken away from them for no reason and here u are complaining about your petty problems which you think equal oppression, when really, you have it lucky.

POC have only recently started gaining rights and are being treat more like humans, just how it should be, and yet all these white people are flipping their shit as soon as they get called mayonnaise.

I shouldn’t have to validate my hatred of racism with the fact that my siblings are black. 

It should be a fucking given that racism is an innately bad thing and should be fought against. I’m a member of the human race, and fellow members are being victimised and killed for the colour of their fucking skin and that should infuriate us all.