it is a bigger sign list

there have been multiple times that i’ve started posts with lists outlining the various emotional abuse red flags that k*ramel raises, and those lists just get bigger with every episode, the ship has so many warning signs. the way m*n el treats kara is so concerning and upsetting. the fact that he word for word said “i wouldn’t hurt you on purpose” and that she broke up with him and they’re getting back together again so quickly after such a huge betrayal is just another sign of that. 

abusive relationships are very on again off again - it’s called a cycle of abuse. m*n el does something terrible and hurts kara, kara gets upset and tells him its not okay, he apologizes and she forgives him, and it happens again and again. and it’s very upsetting that so many of the shippers are just ignoring folks (many of whom are abuse survivors) that are trying to bring up how troublesome it is to pass of this relationship as one that is somehow acceptable, something young girls should aspire to. it’s dangerous. 

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