it is a beautiful song sung by a beautiful man


140513 준수가 들려주는 이야기, 토호신기 메들리(Tohoshinki メドレー)

JunSu Preforming Tohoshinki Medley <3

Stand by U
Heart Mind & Soul
Love In The Ice
Asu wa kuru kara

This is beautiful, and one of the many reasons i love this man (this isn’t the first time he’s sung Tohoshinki songs just never to this extent!). My heart soared and strengthened with every lyric and i was near tears when i could hear YooChun and JaeJoong singing in the background (no doubt they prerecorded this for SuSu).

People ask why i still keep the faith after so many years. This is one of the many reasons. This man as well as the other members remind us as we begin to lose hope why we shouldn’t and that we shouldn’t.

Thank you Kim JunSu for doing this for us. Thank you from the bottom of my Cassie heart that forever will bleed pearl red.