it is NOT COOL

A 16-year-old girl in California wanted to make sure nobody ever has to eat lunch alone again, so she developed an app called ‘Sit With Us’ that connects kids who need a place to sit during lunch with those who have room at their table. She decided to create the app in hopes that it would give middle and high school students a way to reduce bullying and encourage inclusion. Source

Hey guys. This blog is probably gonna be on a semi-hiatus for a little bit. Not too long, just maybe a week or two. Sorry, I’ll get back to posting as soon as I can.

I just wanted to say, I loved Calvin’s new video - it’s great to hear that he’s considering going back to his old style of videos where he just talked about his life, told stories, discussed issues, his opinions on the world, etc. Although the majority of us enjoy his commentary/roasting videos, I’ve always favoured his old videos and loved it when he just talked and shared his life with the world.

On top of this, he sounded happier in those old videos. I know that he’s labelled as a “cyberbully” and an “asshole”, but I think that deep-down he’s sincerely a good person. Anyone who has met him has said he is friendly, a little bit shy, and eager to interact w/ fans. I know there’s a large majority of us who are dying for more story and simple commentary videos - and it’s so exciting to hear we’ll be getting more of those.

my fav Florida Memory is last week when school let out; we all reached the front doors and suddenly started screaming because it was pouring outside and nothing had given us any indication that it was gonna rain that day

i’ve never seen so many angry teens yelling out a variation of the phrase “i hate florida” all at once in my life. it almost made it worth walking home in the rain