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Hey Scrublords, we’re looking for artists like YOU for a volume 2 of the Super Best Friends ZINE-batsu, since the last was such a hit!

SUPER BEST FRIENDS ZINE-BATSU VOL. 2: Best Friends Summer-slam!

It’s summertime! Summah-summah-summah-time! And we want YOU! That’s right! YOU. to submit your Super Best Friends Summer-Slam themed artwork. Just like last time this will be a PDF only release available for free.

I want to submit!

That’s awesome, but how do you do that? How does this submission process work?

By submitting your portfolio for review via this submission form.

We’ll need your name (real or user name), links to your art blog and / or portfolio, a brief summary of who you are and why you’d like to join. We’d love to get to know you a little!  As well as what your idea might be if you have one.
(* If your idea changes from the initial application, that’s A-okay. This is not meant to be concrete, just to get a feel for what ideas are coming in. The creative mind is ever changing!)

Please submit your application form by 06/30/2017

A week later on 07/07/2017 accepted artists will be notified and on 07/08/2017 they will be announced publically.

What kind of art can I submit?

Any and all works related to the Best Friends and Zaibatsu lore will be accepted.
(** Make sure to keep the theme summer related.)

Allowed: Woolie stealing pies on the beach, Matt wrestling David Cage at a picnic,  Pat and Elmo taking a trip to Japan, but Pat’s too short to ride any of the rides so Elmo has all the fun without him.

Not allowed: Random crossovers not related to Zaibatsu Lore or relate to their individual interests of the Zaibatsu  NSFW, underage, derogatory imagery, and shipping of the Best Friends themselves. ( *i.e Woolie randomly in a dress while eating a banana lustfully…or something … like that.)

Accepted Artists: Please make sure your submitted works are 150 DPI and 8" x 10’’ (portrait preferred) as a HQ PNG file.


06/30, 12:00 am - Portfolio submissions end.
07/07, 10:00 pm - Notification of acceptance.
07/08, 5:00 pm - List of artists publically announced.
08/04, 12:00 am - Final submission due.
08/11 - Release Date!


Full Moon Dates 2017

January 12th Full Wolf Moon 6:34 am

February 10th Full Snow Moon 7:33 pm

March 12th Full Worm Moon 10:54 am

April 11th Full Pink Moon 2:08 am

May 10th Full Flower Moon 5:42 pm

June 9th Full Strawberry Moon 9:10 am

July 9th Full Buck Moon 12:07 am

August 7th Full Sturgeon Moon 2:11 pm

September 6th Full Corn Moon 3:03 am

October 5th Full Harvest Moon 2:40 pm

November 4th Full Beaver Moon 1:23 am

December 3rd Full Cold Moon 10:47 am

2. @donaldchubbs via Twitter: Since episode 8 in pretty much every season is referred to as the “Cophine episode” what can you say about 5×08 in regard to that?
AM: I can say that all the Cophine fans out there won’t be disappointed, I hope. It is a very dense episode with lots of layers, and Cophine is one of those layers.
—  Aaron Morton (director of photography and episodes 508)

hii !! just one of ‘em tag games ^^, tysm to nicole [ @ulttuan ] / sara [ @gotday6] and ate nelyn [ @got7-markjinson ] for tagging me 💗✨ 

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better. 

1. Nicknames: i don’t have a rly cool one :c although, i was called “nini” by my grandmother when i was young and some of my cousins kind of adapted it by calling me that name too, albeit only occasionally heh. only my grandmother uses it nowadays though ;;

2. Gender: cis female ! 

3. Star sign: star?? so i guess sagittarius ^^ 

4. Height: 5 foot 4 

5. Time: 10:08 AM (just finished my psych exam yeesh) > 12:23 am only just now did i have the time to post this aaaa ;;;;

6. Birthday: in november! :) 

7. Favorite bands: if u mean kpop boy bands then: got7, bts, astro, mx / actual bands lol would be day6, twenty one pilots (altho they’re a duo?), sud, jensen & the flips, and bandang shirley, ourselves the elves (these 4 are all opm), the 1975, broods, the front bottoms, lany, oh wonder, pvris, the wombats and the list goes on !! i’m a huge indiepop/rock person before kpop (still am tho) heheh

8. Favorite solo artists: lee hi, iu, reese lansangan, bp valenzuela, lorde, halsey, melanie martinez

9. Song stuck in my head: right now it’s moonlight by got7 yes i’m doing some bit of throwback B) 

10. Last movie watched: ahhh i honestly don’t remember… it’s been A WHILE since i’ve seen a movie… maybe secret life of pets?? i think?? .-. 

11. Last show watched: i just finished unbreakable kimmy schmidt s3 !! 

12. When did I create my blog: sept 2016 but since march of 2017 i revamped ^^ (i’ve been on tumblr since 2012 though. i’ve had like 3 other blogs that are inactive now & idek the names anymore lol) 

13. What do I post: mostly got7 and aesthetic posts!! i do rb other kpop groups i like ^^,

14. Last thing googled: “second degree burns” because i burned my fingers ;;:

15. Do you have other blogs: i do but i honestly have forgotten about them already aljsjdjd

16. Do you get asks: sometimes !! shoutout to my favorite 🐱💛💛

17. Why did you choose your url: i’m your local got7’s fly era enthusiast. a huge believer of it being their best flooping era as of date, no one @ me 👀

18. Following: about 300+ ??

19. Followers: not a lot maybe lol?? lower than my following that’s what i can say ^^ but i appreciate everyone thinking i’m worthy of a follow & my lovely mutuals 💗💞💖💝

20. Favorite colors: pastels are my jam ‼️ esp pink, green & blue ~ 

21. Average hours of sleep: 4-5 on weekdays and i oversleep a lot on the weekends (i stay up until 5 am and wake up at like 3 pm ;;;;)

22. Lucky number: i don’t have any lucky numbers, i don’t really think about them oops 

23. Instruments: i can play the ukulele and the guitar (except for barre chords) heh

24. What am I wearing: a ¾ sleeved shirt that says ‘converse,’ ripped shorts and black nike slip ons (is that whatchu call em idk shhshs)

25. How many blankets I sleep with: i have one thicc ass blanket so that’s good enough !! 

26. Dream job: when i was a kid i wanted to be a journalist/reporter or a writer lmao but then reality hit me in the face,,, in high school i wanted to be a speech pathologist but things got :/// so now i’m just aiming to be a behavioral psychologist with focus on children ^^,

27. Dream trip: all around the world possibly ;;; but um some specifics would be: travel the whole of the philippines, south korea, japan ^^ 

28. Favorite food: as of right now my fave to munch on are pita chips and a hummus dip *o*

29. Nationality: filipino !! 🇵🇭

30. Favorite song now: HNGNGNNG i don’t have a permanent favorite song, i’ve answered this on other tag games so i’m switching it up here !! hmmm let’s try a non-kpop song ahdhsja lonely eyes by the front bottoms !! 

 das abt it !! thats a lot of things about me [sweats] thank u for reading though 💞

i’m tagging: sky [ @noirahgase ] / ana [@artistia | @theawesomeprussia ] / nyx [ @arimity ] / phoebe [ @vibetechs ] / aubry [ @x2jae ] / tae [ @cchoiyoungjae ] / katy [ @redgyeomie ] u guys may have done this already so pls do tag me if u have !! and ofc, u needn’t not do this if u don’t want to~ ^^,

The Advocate - In Defense of "Anything"

(Me: THANK YOU, Ann Thomas!!!!! )

The owner of a transgender talent agency says Matt Bomer’s controversial movie is not insulting — it’s inspiring.

JUNE 22 2017 5:08 AM EDT

Years ago, I learned it was valuable to do my research before I address controversial issues. So I took the time to get to know the writer-director, most of the producers, and some of the cast and crew of the new movie Anything, starring Matt Bomer. There were private screenings for them to receive feedback and I went to two of them, then of course to the premiere. So I’ve seen it three times now in its entirety.

I absolutely love the film for many reasons, and even from the very first time I saw a rough cut of it (pre-ADR and pre-color correction, before out trans composer Isley Reust’s final music was added), it left me with a wonderful feeling of hope that a middle-aged trans person, like me, could find love. That’s really the core of this film — to show love and acceptance.

There’s been some misinformation circulated about the film and repeated so often it’s becoming “fake news.” I’m writing this to clear some things up.

Anything was originally written more than a decade ago by Tim McNeil and was performed as a stage play in Los Angeles. Tim rewrote it as a screenplay and seven years ago pitched it to John Carroll Lynch, who at some point agreed to play Early in the film. Five years ago they were doing table reads (a table read is an event put on to try out different people in different roles, to see how a script flows, and to see who fits roles best, among other reasons).

Matt was cast to play Freda around 2-½ years ago. That would put it before the famous Glee episode with the transgender choir. That’s well before Caitlyn Jenner came out. That’s a year before the smaller roles in Anything were cast.

If any trans actress in the U.S. felt like they didn’t get a fair opportunity to play Freda, it could be that it was not listed on any service directly accessible by actors. About 80 percent of all casting calls are visible only to agents and managers. Some casting calls never even get published at all — the actors asked to audition are on the casting director’s short list. It is also typical for major roles to never be released as a casting call. I have been getting an increased number of those in the last several months, where a producer contacts me directly and asks for submissions directly to them, and the role never gets a casting call to the agents or the public.

Put that all on a timeline and you can see much of the production work predated the sudden rise of visibility of trans people within Hollywood. There were very few trans actors out there at that time, and none that I am aware of who could have been a name actor for a lead role — who fit the breakdown of Freda.

Times have significantly changed since the writing, preproduction, and lead casting of Anything.

When the creative team did come around to casting supporting roles after production went into full swing, they did cast Gia Ryan and Roxy Wood as trans women playing trans roles. I know them both, and I perform regularly with Gia — she and I sang the national anthem for the Dodgers game June 9 as members of the Trans Chorus of L.A.

You can see by other casting they did that they were trying to be very sensitive with what they knew at the time. For example, the role of Ted was played by Chris Thornton, who uses a wheelchair in real life. How often is Hollywood criticized for using able actors to play disabled characters? See, for example, Glee, with Kevin McHale playing Artie Abrams. Kevin does not need a wheelchair in real life.

As for the appearance of a trans person, casting varies widely on this. Some productions want the trans person to be impossible to discern as being transgender, as it will be either brought to light through dialogue or by some other means, typically later in the plot. Others want the trans person to be readily apparent to the audience immediately. I find the number of roles offered for each type to be about equal.

There are plenty of films coming with lead roles played by trans actors. One is a film soon to be announced, with an out trans actor playing a cisgender lead, in a major feature film. It will be the first time this has ever been done.

Carol Support Group, a short film, premiered the same day that Anything did, but up at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco. Gillian Cameron, an out transgender actress, played a supporting cisgender role in that.
There are many other films coming — filmmaking takes a long time. Please, folks, do your homework before commenting on a film — at least see it first.

Anything is a love story. It shows that love can come even to someone who is both trans and a sex worker. According to a recent study, only a tiny fraction of society would date a trans person. Being a sex worker makes it that much harder to find love.

So in the end, Anything instills hope for both trans people and sex workers. I can’t think of a more wonderful way to convey hope.

ANN THOMAS is the founder of Transgender Talent. Follow her agency on Twitter @transgtalent.

So I was tagged by @textmybias (I overcame my laziness and did this for you so be grateful <3 )
RULES: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blog you’d like to know better.
1. NICKNAMES: I don’t really have one (someone make me some cute nickname pls T.T)
2.GENDER: female
3.STAR SIGN: cancer
4.HEIGHT: 5'2
5.TIME: 01:08 am
6. BIRTHDAY: 07.07
8.FAVOURITE SOLO ARTIST: shit ton of utaites, lately Lizz Robinett
9.SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: alluring secret black vow eng ver. (Line, Razzy)
10.LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: justice league throne of atlantis I think?
11.LAST SHOW I WATCHED: I don’t remember :p
12.WHEN DID I CREATE MY BLOG: idk a year ago?
13.WHAT DO I POST: shit. I mostly reblog from good blogs >.>
14.LAST THING I GOOGLED: translation polish -> english for ‘lower’
16.DO YOU GET ASKS: nope
17.WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: my and my friend tried to mix together all our fandoms but it was too hard so i stuck to harry potter+percy jackson and it’s the same for my wattpad so :p
19.FOLLOWERS: for some reason tumblr says it’s 8 but it’s 5
20.FAVOURITE COLORS: black but I kinda like any other color beside pink
21.AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: it depends on how I’m feeling
23.INSTRUMENTS: I want to play drums, guitar, piano and violin so bad but I’m too lazy and don’t have money to learn
24.WHAT AM I WEARING: my pj (batman pj t-shirt and shorts)
26.DREAM JOB: something wirh publication of mangas/books in Poland or a psychologist (I’m too weak for that tho)
27.DREAM TRIP: almost whole world but mostly Japan
28.FAVOURITE FOOD: chicken soup and pancakes
30.FAVOURITE SONG NOW: alluring secret black vow eng ver. (Line, Razzy)/ servant of evil, regret message eng ver. (Lizz Robinett)
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question meme thingy!

-IIGHT LIT I WAS TAGGED BY LIKE THE RADDEST BLOGS EVER @gorillaz-imagines-pickle and @all-gorillaz-imagines 

Here goes! 

1. Nicknames: Bee, Bia, Bina. 

2. Gender: Female

3. Star Sign: Leo

4. Height: 5'4

5. Time: 3:02 Am 

6. Birthday:08/03

7. Favorite Band(s): Gorillaz, My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero and the Patience, Sum 41

8. Favorite Solo Artist(s): gERARD MF WAY

9. Song Stuck in my head: First Date- Blink 182

10. Last movie watched: Godfather Part II


12. When did I create my blog: good question May 2017? I think? 

13. What do I post: Imagines, gorillaz, occasionally political things that piss me off bit i try to keep it gorillaz and imagine related! 

14. Last thing I googled: “Riots and Social Change” on google scholar. Gotta add to the debate team’s google doc! 

15. Do you have any other blogs: Yeh um if you want it message me bc i don’t want to post the actual name for fear it’ll come up somehow and IRLs see it. 

16. Do you get asks: surprisingly xD 

17. Why did you choose your url: im a dweeb & a former addict that likes to write and likes twenty one pilots. put that together and you get “addict with a pen.” like the song. But that obviously wasn’t available…

18. Following: 190

19. Followers: 862 I fucking love you guys. 

20. Favorite Colors: green and blue. preferably a mix? Like aqua i guess? 

21. Average Hours of Sleep: around like 4 hours? 

22. Lucky Number: 6 or 11. They’re just my fav numbers. Not sure why? 

23. Instruments: Harmonica, piano, gonna learn bass and accordion! 

24. What am I wearing: sports bra and shorts. 

25. How many blankets I sleep with: NONE ITS HOT OVER HERE IM DYING. Ideally a comforter on a good night though :) 

26. Dream Job: I’m working on it! Gonna get a PDH first preferably in criminology. I’d love to assist neighborhoods with high rates of crime by studying deviant behavior coming from these neighborhoods… then advocating for them after the study, hopefully reducing rates of police brutality and causing social change. I may want to go to law school as well but for now I’m just focusing on studies and scholarly ways to create social change

27. Dream Trip: I want to visit some family in Europe, the family I didn’t get to see on my last trip to Romania because they were spread out in Italy and France. Either that little tour or Europe or I want to visit India. 

28. Favorite Food:Pizza. Or a good Medium Rare Ribeye. 

29. Nationality: Romanian New Yorker!

30. Favorite Song now: Rn it’s Oceans by Frank Iero and the Patience. 


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stole my heart//yoongi

☛ Min Yoongi

☛ Angst. Fluff.

Originally posted by forjimin

because he’s a good friend. he always will be. just a good friend.

The rapping on the door, much to your dismay, isn’t enough to break it down and instead leaves the signs of forming light bruises on your knuckles. Another minute of having to bang your fist against the door and you might just convert into kicking the damn thing. Just when you’re about to slam the door with your fist for the umpteenth time, it swings open, revealing the familiar sight of Yoongi with messy bed hair and the nastiest look he’s ever worn, clearly not appreciating the late night wake up call.

It’s 3 AM for fuck’s sake, who goes around banging on doors in these odd hours as if the devil is after them and the door is their only hope of a getaway from hell?

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anonymous asked:

it's 5:08 pm and you're still asleep, it's 11 am over there and you're still asleep because you fell asleep at 5:30 texting me after we'd watched silly videos since i'd woken up at 1 am for you and i was crying and shaking and just you being there made it better, you made it so much better and i love you, my dear, i want nothing more than to hold you again. this is from your t'hy'la. i love you, cariad.

this is so beautiful and I hope someday I find a love like this

Y O U AND M E , a playlist by yourstruly

“It’s strange. I really miss us.”

“Why is that strange?”

“I never thought I’d have to.”

01. Roman Holiday- Halsey 02. Brain- Banks 03. Antichrist- The 1975 04. Still Life- Dawn Golden 05. Haunting- Halsey 06. You- The 1975 07. 5 AM - Amber Run 08. Never Gonna Change - Broods

Listen Here

A playlist for Elliot and Angela- their running away, their friendship, and all the angst. And trust me, there’s a lot of it. Also, I kind of agree with the head canon that they actually were together (engaged) until something bad happened so there’s that. 

Ok little backstory so, me @ceeblathers and @ghostkitten69 were playing with the idea that Lewis after coming back, still has some anger issues, and Vivi was trying to help him out. She tried some magic and things went wonky and Lewis ended up acting intoxicated in some way.

So sorta kinda drug reference to weed, but not really. (aside from a story about a coworker that inspired part of this story.) But its not really accurate to that. Its more of a mix of drunk and high.

[5/6/2015 11:31:28 PM] Ecto: oh man i just had a thought. cause earlier i was talking about vivi using crystal magic to help calm lewis. cause some crystals are supposed to have calming properties. but what if she overdoes it and lewis ends up the ghostly equivalent to stoned
[5/6/2015 11:34:05 PM] Ecto: and he just is kinda staring off into space, and asking arthur really weird questions
[5/6/2015 11:35:05 PM] Cee: omfg
[5/6/2015 11:35:24 PM] Cee: “arthur… what…. what do you think horses think about"
[5/6/2015 11:35:32 PM] Ecto: omg
[5/6/2015 11:35:35 PM] Cee: “VI WHAT DID YOU DO “
[5/6/2015 11:36:21 PM] Ecto: “arthur, do you every wonder if plates get sad when one breaks?”
[5/6/2015 11:36:29 PM] Ecto: “lewis….what…even”
[5/6/2015 11:36:44 PM] Cee: he just starts sobbing
[5/6/2015 11:36:49 PM] Cee: “they’d never know"

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