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Prompt 01: Friends/Family.

by klahnce // 


It is your least favorite word. For so long, it has been blood; bitter on your tongue, salt and copper. It fumbles when it falls from your lips, so you keep the word sucked in, keep it folded in the dusted pages of your mind, keep it hidden.

A/N: Hello! This is my drabble for day one of Keith’s bday week! (Yes, it is not yet midnight here, I am getting this out just before okay it still counts.) The theme is Friends/Family! Yes, this is sad at first but I promise it has a purpose, and it ends very sweetly, don’t worry! 

Please do not interact if you are sha/ladin. All relationships in this fic are platonic/familial aside from Klance. 

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AUs no one asked for
  •  I’m sleeping over at my friend’s flat from university after study group and just got woken up in the middle of the night by their roommate, who is sitting in the kitchen, listening very loudly to the dirty dancing soundtrack and crying. Like wtf, I didn’t even know they had a roommate and normally I would yell at you but damn you are cute. You really need to stop tho dude, its 4am, some people in this house want to sleep AU
  • I am a barista and you are a customer who comes in every day and orders the same thing and today my friend brought you with them, I didn’t even know we had mutual friends and WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IS NOT ACTUALLY YOUR NAME HAVE I REALLY BEEN WRITING A NAME THAT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO YOURS ON YOUR CUPS FOR OVER HALF A YEAR WHY HAVE YOU NEVER CORRECTED ME AU
  • The house party me and my friends threw kinda escalated and after throwing out everyone I found this half naked person passed out in my bed but I can’t be bothered to wake them up now so I’m just gonna go to sleep and deal with it in the morning, they are kind of cute anyway AU
  • (or alternatively) I just woke up in a stranger’s bed and I’m half naked, I cant remember anything about yesterday besides that the party was great and that I got absolutely wasted AND OH MY GOD THERE IS A HOT PERSON NEXT TO ME IN BED AND THEY ARE NOT WEARING MUCH WHAT DID WE DO YESTERDAY AU
  • We work out at the same gym and you are my declared rival because we have the same workout routine and you are always better than me and on my way to the locker room I passed you in the shower where you were singing the opening of hannah montana and I can still hear you and you switched to the lion king now and even though I hate you I think I am kind of in love with you AU
  • I’m hiding in the bathroom of a restaurant from a spectacularly awful tinder date and you are in a similar situation because a guy at the bar just won’t stop hitting on you and now we are planning an epic escape together even though we only met ten minutes ago AU

I can imagine Thomas is doing a video with Logan, Virgil and Roman about a problem with Thomas being sad for some reason. The three sides couldn’t figure out what was wrong so they try and summon Patton in an attempt to figure out what was wrong, but he wouldn’t pop up. They all knew Patton was still apart of Thomas due to the way he was still showing emotion so they venture to his room. When they find Patton he’s in the corner in fit of tears but the moment he sees the others he wipes them away and jumps up into his normal peppy self. He says “What’s wrong kiddos I’m here for moral support-” and then he breaks into a fit of tears again. The others postpone Thomas’ problem to help Patton. Patton ended up saying how he felt walked on and that he wasn’t allowed to show any other emotion than happy was because he was only there for moral support and if he was sad than he would mess everything up. The others reassure him that Patton needs to feel emotions in order for him to be himself, and that there is nothing wrong with feeling. At the end when Patton is feeling better about the situation they look back at Thomas to figure out his problem but then Thomas says “Ya know, I feel a lot better now.”


Little kacchako drabble, sorry for any mistakes, i writing this on mobile at 4:00 am

Word count: i don’t know, man, i’m tired


She looked at her watch, seeing it was almost 11:00 pm. The king and queen of prom would be announced in an hour.

The cold night air brushed her shoulders, and she cursed herself for not bringing a coat. That spaghetti-strap black dress didn’t suit her much, but she bought it anyway. Black was his favorite color.

The blue high heels started hurting her feet one hour ago, so now they were secured by two of her fingers, while she checked her phone for messages with the other hand. It was no use anyway. He never asked for her number.

Uraraka heard the doors of the building opening, and a concerned Tsuyu approached her, touching her shoulder with a hesitating hand.

“Ochako, are you still out here? Aren’t you cold?”

She brushed her off, giving her friend a reassuring smile. The shorter girl’s voice was dripping with pitty, something Uraraka really didn’t need at the moment.

“I’m alright, Tsuyu, don’t worry. Are you and Shouji-kun having fun? Is he being a gentleman? Tell'im i’ll kick his ass if he’s not!” she said, not looking at her friend, pretending to be indifferent at the whole situation.

Tsuyu didn’t buy it.

“Ochako, hon’,” she started, trying to be careful with her words, “Are you sure he’s–

“He’s coming.”


“He’s coming, Tsuyu.” her voice came out a little harsher than she intended it to be. “I trust him.”

The girl nodded and gave her shoulder a squeeze before going back in, back to her date. The one who gave her flowers and picked her up at home. The one who was dancing with her and complimenting her dress.

Uraraka sighed, running a hand through her hair, realizing her neat side braid has been ruined by the wind. She looked at her watch again. Midnight. She checked her phone. No messages.

Looking up at the night sky, the girl felt her resolve shattering for the first time that night. She’s been waiting for three hours. The party would be over in two. She scoffed, imagining her friends leaving the building, excited and content after what could be their last night together, only to be welcome with this sight: Uraraka Ochako, shoes in hand, messy hair and smudged make up, after wasting her last chance of making memories with her friends waiting for a date that never came.


She didn’t even know anymore.

But it started with a smile. She did a lot of them everytime their eyes met, and he didn’t know why.

After almost three years of studying, training, and living together, the aspiring heroes of class 1-a got quite used to the blond-haired boy’s temper. Although their bonds were certainly stronger, some things just don’t change, like Bakugou’s rude and distant personality. They were grateful that he at least learned their names, but it would be a cold day in hell when the boy finally came to one of their parties or joined them on a movie night.

However, Uraraka never gave up on him. No matter how much he pushed her away, she always came back with a cheering smile and a warm tone in her words. His rude language and aggressive attitude never made her even flinch, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t scare her off like he did with the rest. Eventually, she became a constant presence in his everyday life, sparring, studying, and sometimes talking without insults and slurs. The girl had the weird power of seeing right through him, and she liked to use it, whether to make him and Deku get along or just to mess with him, which has been her main source of entertainment during their second year.

Until something changed on their third year. She was the same Uraraka as always, annoying and too kind for her own good. But something changed about the way she looked at him. The way she moved when he was around. And when he would refuse to join their friends to some class event or trip, her disappointment never went unnoticed by their classmates.

“You’re entering a dangerous zone, Ochako-chan,” Yaoyorozu once said, during one of their girl nights, “Some people are just not ready for these kinds of things. Some may never be. Bakugou-kun is certainly one of them.”

“I’m with Yaomomo this time, Occhan,” Mina chimed in, as the other girls hummed in agreement, “Besides, it would never work out. He’s too unstable. You would probably just get your heart broke.”

But Uraraka always defended him. Not that she was confirming those stupid theories, but Bakugou was still her friend. She didn’t like when they talked like that about him. However, she never denied anything either, and that was enough for her friends to know the truth.

And then it happened. The class was preparing for another movie night, when Uraraka came out of the elevator dragging a grumpy looking Bakugou with her. They brought blankets and more movies to the mix, and for the first time in a long, long time, the blond-haired boy actually had fun with his classmates, no violence involved. The remaining students were genuinely shocked, especially Kirishima and Kaminari, who have settled with spending time with Bakugou apart from the class after many failed attempts of trying to include him.

After everyone had gone to bed, the unusual pairing stayed in the common room, talking about everything and nothing. On that night, something changed in Bakugou too.

But it wasn’t for the better. The already explosive boy, got even more volatile with each passing day. Uraraka’s presence, something that he used to even wait for, now only made him uneasy, unsteady. And when someone asked him about it, he would just grow violent again. Uraraka knew the reason why he was acting this way, because she had to deal with the same feeling as well. She soon came to realize what her feelings really were. Although she would never admit it out loud, Uraraka was really fond of the Bakugou she came to know on the past few months. The Bakugou that only showed himself when they were alone, in their late night talks, and he gave her the answers for all the questions she asked herself over the last three years. And despite admiring and respecting him, Uraraka acknowledged his flaws and knew he wasn’t perfect. But he was Bakugou Katsuki, and for her, that was enough. Enough for her to be patient, enough for her to wait for him.

So, she waited. As her love for him grew stronger in her heart and mind, she wondered what was going on on his head. If her feelings were reciprocate, as she so expected, he was probably dwelling on if she was worth the risk of balancing his career and a relationship. After all, they would all have to go on different ways after high school, maybe even different cities. Would he stay for her? Would he take her with him?

“You’re putting too much expectations on this, Ochako,” Tsuyu said to her, dozens of times, after waking her friend from her constant daydreaming. “Please, be careful. I don’t wanna see you getting hurt.”

But she hasn’t been there. She hasn’t seen him like Uraraka has. The way he took care of her after training. How he didn’t put much of a fight when she’d lay her head on his shoulder. How he smiled at her laughter when he thought she wasn’t looking. It was real. She knew it was a risk being a hero and having a personal life, but she was more than willing to give it a shot for him.

So, one week before, she grew tired of waiting for him to make a move. When they were all packing their belongings to leave the dorms for the last time, she knocked on his door. For the last time.

“Don’t say anything! Say it at prom. Give me your answer there.”, she blurted out, as soon as she saw him. For the last time.

And then, she got on the tip of her toes and kissed him. Uraraka had heard of the butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of thing, but this was not like it at all. It was quick, awkward and so full of sentiment it got her knees trembling, and when she sprinted to her room and locked the door, she was sure she felt fireworks in her belly.

There was no way that kiss didn’t feel the same for him. There was no way those nights she spent awake thinking about him were one-sided. Maybe his watch broke. Maybe the bus was late, and there were no taxis. Maybe he didn’t have anything nice to wear. Maybe she just wasn’t worth taking a shot. Because, either way, prom night has ended, and Uraraka stood alone at the school doors, bare-feet, messy hair and running mascara.

And, just as her friends warned her, heartbroken.

So, a new ereri official art is appearing on charaby tv magazine and I just can’t stop looking at it, and thinking…

…are they getting undressed? Or perhaps getting dressed? What were they doing before this scene???


Trashy child, trashy mom, trashy yard!

Okay so buckle up as I unwind a marvelous tale of revenge, lust, betrayal and MURDER! Okay, maybe just some petty revenge. On mobile.

Now look here. I live in a nice residential neighborhood. We are the only college students in a sea of families. Because of this I make a point to be respectful to these families. No raging parties, just the occasional bonfire. Not midnight screaming match with the boyf. No loud sex noises. All in all, best college neighbors ever.

However, there is the one woman who is always just a jerk. About once a calender season, her and her boyfriend have screaming matches in the street between 2-4am. And I don’t mean they fight for 2 hours straight and I could walk out and yell at them. I am the kind of person who would do that. Instead they fight, usually about her cheating??? Then walk a few blocks down, I fall asleep then they come back just as I drift off. But you know what, I don’t know her life. I let it slide.

But this dickfuzz of a woman also has a child. She yells at him a lot but never at night. Again not my problem. Until yesterday. Little heathen is prancing around my yard picking dandelions. Cool little man, do you. But no, I forgot this SOB is a the hell spawn that even Satan didn’t want to own up to making. Out of nowhere kicks the full trash can awaiting pick up into my yard.

This is not a bump oh noooo situation. Little beast flat round house kicked it sent everything flying. I was in clear view on the porch at this point enjoying an after dinner coffee and I rightfully contain any swearing. Instead I say, “what are you doing? Pick that up!”

Not even a sorry as the kid dashes away to his house. I get up to cross the street to knock on his door and Noone answers. I know his mother is home, her car is there and TV was on. But hey, maybe not. I’m not breaking down the door to find out. I pick up my trash and toss it back into the can and continue on with my night.

Little did I know, the boyf threw out the cat food my cat didn’t like. I was unaware it still had food in it, which then scattered into my yard. Cue me waking up the next morning getting ready to rush to class when BAM trash EVERYWHERE!!! Just as the garbage men drive by with a apologetic look.

As I look sadly at the scattered dreams,  a neighbor sitting on her porch calls out. Said she thought she had heard raccoons last night then a bang. This is very likely since there was a trail of cat food leading up to a treasure trove of raccoon snacks. Well, time to skip class to clean up since I’m being watched.

Now my boy and I cook a lot. We always throw out our left overs from the week on garbage night. Last night when I cleaned it up it was still a bit cold. But now, it has been baking in the unseasonably warm can and has festered. Nasty gross uck. Plus it has to go back behind my house until next week. Suddenly the kids mother appears and starts outright whining about how college kids are so inconsiderate, never take care of their yards, litter, ect.

Okay. Losing patience, but maybe she didn’t know. I calmly explain what happened yesterday and how it most likely factored into the events of the morning. (Never had raccoon problems ever) I didn’t even solely blame her kid, even though it only happened because of Deathwing  Jr.

She just goes on a tiraide about how it couldn’t be her flame imp of a child. How my yard always looked like this and I was just trying to blame it on her kid. (Like really? I’ve always had bacon fat crusted boxes hanging out in my yard?) And how she’s glad someone finally made me pick it up but if I don’t stop involving her child she would report me to the HOA. (Uh, we don’t have one? ) She proceeded to complain as crossed the street while unfortunately not being hit by a car.

Alright. Long fuse, big bomb. I silently pick up the rest of the crap and ignore the neighbors comments about what a horrid woman she was. Instead I begin plotting.

You see the trench swan has a baby. And I see her take out the trash at least once a night, with what I am assume are stink bombs of diapers. As soon as night falls I enact my plan. I grab a handful of cat TREATS! Racoon go bonkers for them. And make a small invisible trail to her trash can in the alley. I even prop open the lid with a stick. I’m barely out of sight when I see the first set of reflective eyes.

This morning I was woken up much happier at 7am to her screaming about all raccoons needing to be shot. (Hey now, they’re just trying to eat.) Take a peak and they had not only thrown the dirty diapers and other trash all over the alley but also dragged it all over the right side of her front yard. Took her 2 hours to clean up after the hour of complaining while standing in dirty diaper scent range hoping a neighbor would help her. Eventually made the kid come out to help, (why is he not in school, like it’s a freaking Thursday) now he knew, but there isnt a damn thing he can do about it. Just gave me the evil eye while i sat on the porch. That was a good cup of coffee.

I will continue to do this every few nights until the next trash day. So maybe a solid more times. Plus, raccoons get a nice snack. I just hope I remember to bring snacks next time.

TLDR; Brat knocked over my trash can, I cleaned up but raccoons knocked it over again due to his roundhouse kick. Mom then complained about the trash in my yard as I was cleaning it up. Baited their diaper filled trash for prime racoon attack. It worked. Diapers everywhere. Got to watch them clean up.

Note: if they put out traps I will cancel the plan and disable the traps. No need for our furry scavengers to get hurt.

UPDATE TIME: Tried to do it again last night. Wanted to scope out the area. Diner squall is sitting on the porch in the dark muttering in the dark to her boyfriend? I haven’t seen them throw out any trash yet. No sign of raccoons either. Will update when I see them throw out something and reenact the plan.

LAST UPDATE: So I’m too busy to maintain this thread or my revenge. My petty fire has died. Saw her throw out a diaper genie bag last night. (Ew) called on the coons one last time. Was messy as hell when I went to bed at 1 last night. Cleaned up the morning. For good measure when I saw her come home today after my classes she looked dead tired. I am amused. Goodbye!

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Do I even need to send you this prompt? HARRY SITTING IN LOUIS' LAP, THAT IS THE QUALITY CONTENT WE DESERVE.... also inspired by that petnames gif post, PET NAMES TOO Your writing is fantastic, thank you and I love you💛

(it’s fucking 4am and i can’t sleep lmao? i don’t even know what this is i wrote it on my phone and i am sorry if it sucks sorry there r no caps hope it’s ok xoxoxoxo i love you)

“clifford, you little fucker,” louis hisses the third time cliff nearly yanks his shoulder out of its socket for the sake of going after a squirrel. cliff’s an idiot, gangly and uncoordinated at the best of times, and louis thinks he should know better than to even consider chasing the poor thing up a tree. in fact, louis thinks cliff could stand to be more considerate in general.

“he’s quite big, actually,” harry comments mildly, the corner of his mouth twitching because he, too, is inconsiderate, and the fact that he thinks he’s hilarious is always written on his face as a precursor to every one of his stupid jokes.

“thank you, darling, you’re always so… insightful,” louis says. he tried for a more caustic tone, really he did, except it only comes out fond. cliff falls back in line at louis’s side, harry wraps an arm around louis’s shoulder, and everything is settled in louis’s world again.

things like this — midday walks with their shitty dog and, earlier, ice cream dates when their throats already scorched with the cold — are treasured, for louis. he watches as harry tries in idle frustration to worm a finger between his bandage and his wrist so he can relieve an itch and bites the inside of his lip on a smile. maybe it’s just harry he treasures.

“let’s sit down,” harry says, veering off the path to collapse at the base of a tree, and then moaning, “my bum is wet now.” he looks at louis like he expects immediate eradication of all the grass and the rain and the earth that had caused such a thing, so ridiculously indignant that louis has to snort.

he tugs cliff over, hands the leash to harry, and sheds his jacket to sit on.

“it’s a bit cold,” louis says. “we could’ve gone home, you know. lots of places to sit there. inside.”

“this is nature and all that,” is harry’s argument. he sidles over, only bothering to be sneaky about it for a moment before he clambers sideways into louis’s lap, the damp seat of his lazy joggers on louis’s thigh. with his hands free of cliff’s leash, louis can wrap them around harry’s waist.

they watch cliff sniff around for a while until he flops down in disinterest, and harry sets his chin on the top of louis’s head, his breathing gone deep and steady. harry does that — just rests, whenever and wherever he can. it’s the most endearing thing. he’s peaceful — he’s louis’s calm.

“darling,” louis murmurs, squeezing harry’s hip tight.

harry hums quietly in response, and then pipes up, “what?”

louis’s leg is rather numb and cliff is possibly trying to eat a rock and louis’s not all that cold anymore, with harry in his lap, wrapped around him like this, but it is drizzling a little.

“nothing. just missed your voice, baby,” is all he says, and tilts his head back so harry can give him a kiss.


spn song creations challenge | @gordonwalkr
↳ prompt:

Why am I racing
To get myself back?

it’s stupid.

here i am, thinking about your blue eyes, your golden hair. what those lips could do.

about that warm smile and the joy radiating off your cheeks, how it makes me feel.

about those nights you hold me and stroke my cheek, telling me about your problems because i want to hear them. all of them.

and about the day you break my heart.

I used to work in a grocery store making bread when I was 18. Shifts would go from 3 am to 11 am normally. One day I run out of an ingredient and run to the back to grab more at about 4:30 am. I hear knocking on the glass windows so i check it out to find a man in his 40s or 50s standing outside. Its no big deal people sometimes forget their pass key or make deliveries but he was standing alone. I step outside with him and i start asking him if he forgot his key, if he works here but he says no ‘are you guys open?’

No were not open its 4 am… the store opens in 4 hours. He would not take it though and said hed be quick even after telling him i cant let him do that. He gets angry and asks to speak with my manager but guess what its 4am no one is here! Luckily i was able to shoo him away and went back to work. Im sad to say thats not even the worst customer ive had to deal with.

i’m that kind of person who you can call at 4 am and who will pick up and listen to your silence if you have no words until you fall asleep
—  what i do for you