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In Enemy Territory - analysis of Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship in Episode 8

So, there’s already been a lot of meta on the topic. I wanted to focus a bit on how Viktor and Yuuri address the bias against Yuuri in this episode; specifically the bias caused by the fact that people are upset at Yuuri for “stealing Viktor” away. Let’s jump right into it. Text below the cut.

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okay so apparently the Music Meister’s powers causes people to break out randomly into a song

Ok ok but can you imagine the songs each character would sing like Alex would be Confident by Demi Lovato (or She Keeps Me Warm…?), Maggie would be Girls Like Girls, Cat Grant’s is Me Too by Meghan Trainor, Mon-El would be She Likes Girls by Metro Station (in reference to kara), and then there’s lena luthor

lena luthor in a scene where she is affected by the Meisters powers, then Kara arrives, and then she deadass bursts out the Cuppycake Song.

Bc kara, her muffin, is totally her honeycake gumdrop pumpy umpy wumkin, she’s her sweetie pie. Kara’s her cuppycake sugarplum snookums wookums, she’s, the apple of her eye.


“You’re kinda damn cute when you smile like that.” Dean remarked offhand as he picked at the last few French fries on his plate.
Cas, taken a little off guard by the forward compliment, swallowed down his latest bite of burger before mustering up his curiosity. “Like what?”
Shrugging, Dean met Cas’ eyes with a soft smile of his own. “Like you’re really happy. Not like… well, like when you think you should smile. I really love when you smile and it actually reaches your eyes.”
Something Cas, from spending his life as a celestial being, never thought would happen happened. His heart stuttered. He could feel it as though that stutter shook his entire being, his entire existence. “You gave me that smile, Dean.”
And that’s when Cas was greeted with his own favorite smile. The smile that curled Dean’s lips, dimples his face, wrinkled just the slightest around his eyes. That’s when the fallen angel knew that their love would last, not because of words spoken or kisses exchanged… but because they gave each other smiles that lightened the darkest parts of their souls.

Regrets [Jungkook x Reader]

Cherish this small update, I might not be able to update for awhile ): besides that, our boys are coming back soon! 

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

Chapter 4. 

Jungkook left the restaurant after everyone left to the breakroom. He held his lunch loosely. He walked slowly towards the apartment he was staying in. He imagined back to when he saw your smiling face. Oh, how he loved that image. Your smile was beautiful. You laugh was a sound that he couldn’t forget. He discovered its true beauty all too late.

He smiled to himself as he reached his doorstep to open the door with his key. He saw a note on his table, “I’ll kill her if you see her again.”

Jungkook picked up the note slowly and carefully. He listened for any strange sounds in his apartment and walked around to check if there was anything out of the ordinary. Nothing.

This again? Just when he found you the threats started again. He was foolish to let his image, fear and anger get the best of him and become cruel to you, but now he made up his mind to protect you.

He remembered.


Five years ago

“Jungkookie! Let’s go for a walk outside!” He turned to see her face. She looked happy and full of life.  Y/N. Because of her he was stuck in such a dangerous position of being bullied and possibly killed by the hoards of girls that were jealous of him “choosing” Y/N over them.

Even though he was fond of her, yes. But he never liked her the way that she liked him..

She caught up to where he was. “Hey, you okay?”

“Don’t talk to me Y/N. I’m not in the mood.” She backed off. “Sure, feel better.”

“Also, don’t call me Jungkookie, we’re not even friends.”  She frowned. “Alright. See you later.”  She walked away from him. Once she was out of sight he sighed. Why did their parents force them to have this engagement? In what way was her family going to benefit his? They weren’t rich. They didn’t make money. They didn’t have anything. Most of the students at school found out and things were becoming dangerous. Rich people are dangerous. They had the power to kill anyone if they wanted to and easily get away with it.

For the next couple of days at school, Jungkook walked through the entrance and there were so many girls swarming around him,

“Jungkook-Oppa! Why are you dating that scholarship student?”

“Oppa! Why are you even with trash like her?”

“Marry me!”

“Leave her!”

“I’ll be a better spouse than her!”

“My family makes more money than her!”

“She’s so ugly, I’m more beautiful than her!”

Once he reached the interior, the group of friends he usually hangs out with started to insult him endlessly. “Yah, kookie here is dating a poor girl. I mean, going to marry trash and he’ll become trash himself as well.”

Everyone started insulting him day after day. Leaving him out of events, no longer invited to parties, left alone. And it was because of her. Y/N. He began to feel hatred for the girl. He didn’t understand why he hated her. Maybe because she was the catalyst for all the unfortunate events and bad luck that was coming to him. But he didn’t like her.

Once he realized that hatred was real and established, he started doing many cruel things towards her. He and his group of friends threw eggs and flour at her when she was walking through school. They went through her backpack and threw everything out the top floor of the school and let it get ruined. He was violent with her. He hit her. He was aggressive with her. Other girls pulled Y/N’s hair until it became so damaged that she had to go cut it. They ripped her clothes by stealing them during gym class. They threw her clothes into the toilet. They tripped her.  She got hurt. She cried. Often.  And one day she stopped smiling altogether.

By the end of their senior year, Jungkook and Y/N were supposed to marry after graduation, however Jungkook was seeing another girl in the process. Ji Yun. At first she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Popular. Rich. Loving. But, she was a fox. Manipulative. Evil. Dangerous. Possessive.. He was so wrapped up with her to where his cruelty and dark demeanor was terrifying. That night, the day on their engagement anniversary, was the night he completely destroyed her through his aggression and words. He told her to leave and to never show her face again and to destroy and call off  the engagement. He was the one that broke it off. She was just a victim.  He still remembered that night clearly. He couldn’t sleep that night.

And once Jungkook found out Y/N left Ulsan, he felt his heart become heavy even though he had no right to feel that way.

He broke everything off with Ji Yun and she swore to be with him no matter what it took.  But he wanted to find her and make things alright again.


It must’ve been her. She must be the one who put the note in. She never liked Y/N and the possessiveness was scary. He told himself he was going to find you and protect you even though you might hate him. He promised himself to keep you safe. He promised.


It had been a couple of hours since hanging out at Jin’s restaurant and you began to move your stuff with the boys and they all later had to go and left you with Jin after that.

You finished moving everything back to Jin’s house that night. You were happy that your landlord was amazingly kind and understanding and you paid the rest of the rent and said goodbye. You were back at Jin’s house and you were happy. You weren’t going to be alone again. Things looked a bit different at his house. It looked bigger? There was more room?

“Oppa, did you remodel the house??” You yelled throughout the house.

He was upstairs, “Of course Y/N! You were coming back and the other boys stayed here often so I decided to expand the house and have more rooms for guests!”

You carried your stuff up the stairs. You found your room where Jin was currently in. You were amazed. It was decorated with polaroid pictures across the wall of you and the boys. You had a selca with each of them on there and you were happy. The room was simple, but you could tell by its minimal look that Jin put extra thought into decorating. You had your own desk. Your own brand new bed. Your own room that didn’t smell like mold. You were shocked by how clean and pretty everything was.

“Oppa, this room is beautiful.” Jin looked at you. “OF COURSE IT IS. OPPA DECORATED IT. I DESERVE A HUG FOR ALL THIS HARD WORK.”  He spread out his long arms.

You walked over to embrace him. He gave you a kiss on the head. “This will  always be your home here. You’re family, okay?”

You smiled. You felt at home. Once you both finished up whatever was needed to be done, you went to take a shower and changed into your pjs then headed downstairs for a late dinner. You heard laughter in the dining room. You walked in and saw the other boys there. Yoongi walked over and pulled you to the table. “Aigo, our Y/n came downstairs late. We were all waiting for you!” you smiled and there was so much food in front of you. You were really excited to eat with them. It felt like a real family dinner. You weren’t alone.

After dinner was over, the boys left a little early because it was still a work day and you had work as well. Everyone left besides Jimin because Jin told Jimin to stay since he had to run and get a couple of things from Yoongi’s place to finish the remodeling of one of the rooms. Jimin walked you to your room.

You both sat down on your bed. Jimin laid down and stretched his arms above his head “Jimin-ah.”


“Are you lonely now since I’m not at your place anymore?”

He opened his eyes to look at you. He shook his head.

You looked at him, pretending you were shocked. “Really? You don’t miss me?”

He chuckled at your cuteness, of course he missed you, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it outloud. “Hyung didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“We’re all moving in together.”

You looked at him. You thought about it for a second. “WAIT”


You paced around, “WHO’S WE????”

Jimin lazily sat up. “Y/N-ah. Are you scared to live in the same house as me and 5 other men?”

“Y-y-you’re going to t-t-to be here?” You stayed with Jimin before, ALONE for that matter; but now everything was going to change since the other boys were going to be here.

You couldn’t do this. Jin was already enough, but the others as well? And you never finished telling Jimin you liked him. You felt nervous. What if there were things that you wanted to tell Jin but those idiots were going to eavesdrop? It felt weird to be in a house full of men. But they were family and Jin was going to protect you.

You didn’t know what could go wrong. 

MANY THINGS COULD GO WRONG. You stared at Jimin and his lips and you wished they were on yours and what were you thinking? You couldn’t be like that. Remember what happened last time? You ended up leaving your hometown. You couldn’t. Resist Y/N. 

You started groaning and you were holding your hair on both sides and scrunched it in frustration and stared at the wall. You couldn’t think about him like that. Technically you could but…

“Helloooooo. Earth to Y/N. Jagiyaaaaaaaaa” Jimin was waving a hand in front of your face. You were spacing out.


You snapped out of it. “Yes, Jimin?”

He smirked. “So you respond to Jagi, but not your name?”

You felt your face and ears turn red. “Jimin! Don’t tease me like that”

“Hahaha I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Only poking fun at you Y/N.” You sat down and leaned forward  and your face landed in his chest.

“Jiminie…” you muffled into his warm chest.

He looked down at you. “Thank you for protecting me from him today. If it weren’t for you and Yoongi-Oppa, I don’t know what would have happened. I think Jin-Oppa would have killed him in an instant.”

He wrapped his arms around you. “Don’t mention it Y/N-ah, if anything it should be me thanking you. AND WHAT ABOUT ME? I WANT A KISS TOO. You got Hyung to trip on thin air and plummet to his death, but gave him a kiss?!?”

You blushed even harder. “I mean…If you want one..” You moved closer to his face and all of a sudden, Yoongi barged into the room. “PARK JIMIN I TOLD YOU NOT TO MENTION THAT.” You freaked out, clutched your heart and shrieked “KKAMJJAGIYA!”

He jumped on Jimin and started to tickle Jimin. You were scared by the scene. There were two grownass men on your bed fighting over how the grumpy one fell on thin air. You just realized something…where was Yoongi when you were talking? Wasn’t he going with Oppa to get something? Oh wait. They’re all moving in. you forgot about that. But when did they get back? You didn’t even hear the door close downstairs. You snapped out of it when they continued to mess up your bed. “YAH, why don’t you two pabos get off my bed and fight on the ground???!”

Yoongi pulled you onto the bed and you felt arms wrap around you. “Y/N, you’re so soft. And you smell good. I can’t wait to live in this house with you.” Jin walked past the door and saw this. He walked over and dragged Yoongi off of you. “She’s off limits.” then he left.

Yoongi, you and Jimin looked at each other and laughed. It was funny to see your Oppa act that way. You fell back onto your bed and smiled. It would be interesting to live with the guys. 

You were happy.