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2AM - part 5 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst

Characters: Minseok X You

A/N: The soundtrack for this chapter is Jeff Buckley’s Lover You Should Have Come Over

2AM [M] - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

Between the three of you, Minseok’s frantic and consistently dramatic mother, his sister Minhee and yourself, you managed to drag Minseok to his room and deposit him onto his bed.

To say he was a bit inebriated was the understatement of the century. You’d known Minseok - intimately and honestly - for years, and you had never seen him in a state such as this.

He had to have been drinking all afternoon at least, and by the way you saw him drain that bottle of soju, and the fact that there was next to no liquor amongst the shattered bottle that littered the kitchen floor, telling you that he’d downed that one too, you knew he had really done a number on himself this time.

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That's My Spot

(Jughead x Reader)

Summary: You and Jughead constantly bicker. Everyone knows the two of you don’t mix. What will happen when your friends find out you’ve been crushing on your rival?

Word Count: 1,539

Warnings: Swearing (I mean, what did you expect?), Beronica(?)

A/N: I finally wrote something! I’m so sorry it took so long, writers block has been kicking my ass. But I’m back! There’s obviously going to be a second part to this, but it’s almost 2am and this is getting really long so I didn’t want to add too much. Sorry for the crappy ending. (Also i know this seems really similar to What Just Happened but it won’t be I promise!) PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I MADE ANY MISTAKES, IT’S LATE AND I’M WAY TOO TIRED TO PROOF READ.

Part Two

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99 Problems (2/?)

         Summary : You are an agent that worked alongside the Avengers , with an unusually close friendship with Captain Rogers. What happened when he reveals his true feelings for you before you leave on an undercover mission?  By the time you return from the mission, you’ve missed the events of Civil War.  What happens when you come home and most of your friends are gone? And when they return?

Pairings :  No official pairings yet, but Steve Rogers x reader, Johnny Storm x reader, Tony stark x reader, avengers x reader.

Warnings : swearing, angst,tiny bit of fluff

Italics are memories , & bold is the readers thoughts

                                                   Chapter 2

Johnny doesn’t ask any questions, just holds you hand as the elevator descends. As soon as you’re both out in the cool New York air, your demeanor shifts from gloomy to devious. You turn, sending Johnny a smirk.

“Let’s get this party started, Sparky!“ You excitedly say as you approach is motorcycle. He chuckles, following you and hands you a helmet. You slip it over your head and speed off.

  Johnny takes you to the bar you both usually go to when you have a night out, Night Owl. You always laugh at the lame name but the bar is always fun with him. As you head in, you notice it’s more busy than usual. You eye the bodies on the dance floor, watching the way they move together so sexually. Jesus, do they know they are in public? Johnny pulls you towards the bar, starting your night off with five shots of Tequila.

   Drinks keep showing up in front of you, either from guys sending them over or Johnny being a little shit and telling the bartender to keep them coming. Damn it, Storm. Before you know it, you completely bypass the tipsy stage and land right in the drunk zone. The bar keeps filling with people, pushing you closer to Johnny. He slides his arm around your waist keeping you anchored at his side so he doesn’t lose you in the crowd. As you both down another shot, the song switches to something familiar. You can’t remember the name but the beat grabs your attention. You turn to Johnny, trailing your hand over his chest. He raises his eyebrow at you but doesn’t stop your antics.

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“What do you say Storm, you up for a dance?” He laughs, grabbing your hand and guiding you through the crowd to the center of the dance floor. He pulls your body against his, leaving no space. You gasp as your chest pushes against his as his hands grip your waist. You both begin moving to the music, your bodies moving in sync with each other. You whirl your body around, pressing your back to his chest. You think you hear a moan from him but you ignore it, starting to grind your ass against him to the music. His grip tightens on your hips and he moves his mouth to your ear, sending chills down your spine when he grazes it.

Originally posted by pleasingpics

“I didn’t know you liked dancing, babe,” he says into your ear. You lean your head back against his shoulder and place your hand over one of his at your waist, pushing you against him harder. You can feel his clearly hard dick pressing into your ass and this time the moan comes from you. You dance against him for a few songs until you’re both over heated.

He leads you back to the bar and orders the both of you waters as you check your phone, not believing how late it is.

“Johnny, it’s 2am already!” you tell him as he hands you your water. He sends you a smirk then downs his water.

“You ready to get out of here, princess?” You roll your eyes at the pet name.

“Yeah, let’s go.” You head out, but when the cold air hits you both you realize how drunk you are. There’s no way Johnny can drive a motorcycle now.

“Alright, let’s find a cab,” you sigh, but he grabs your hand stopping you.

“Orrrrrrrr we can walk back my place and just stay there tonight.” He points his thumb over his shoulder and you can see the Baxter building (Home of the Fantastic 4) within walking distance.

“Fine, but you’re giving me a piggyback ride, human douche.” Your tone is nothing but playful. Johnny crouches down and you jump onto his back. He starts walking towards his building as you rest your head against his.

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“You know, when we get home you can have a different kind of ride.” You giggle then flick his ear.

“Behave yourself, Storm. Or I’m going to stay with Ben, ” you threaten. Johnny scoffs and mumbles to himself. His and Ben’s relationship is a bit rocky. No pun intended. He teases Ben about being ‘The Thing’ and his orange, stoney appearance constantly. Their friendship consists of pranks, arguments, and sometimes loving moments. You get along with the entire team: Ben, Sue Storm-Richards, and Reed Richards. They’re just like a slightly altered version of your Avenger family.

When you guys finally get up to his floor, he sets you down. You both go straight to his room, exhaustion from the night setting in. He goes in his draws, flinging a pair of flannel pants and a black t-shirt at you. He grabs clothes for himself and stays facing away from you to change. You blush when he takes off his shirt, quickly turning to give him the same privacy he gave you. You begin changing, pulling his shirt over your head, and as you go to step into the pants you hear a long whistle come from behind you. You snap your head up, catching Johnny’s eyes trailing over you panty-clad ass.

“So that’s what was pressing against me… can’t say I imagined anything less perfect.” You blush and pull up the pants and flick him off. You both fall into his bed, moaning as your bodies hit the mattress. He shuts his lights off and turns his body away from you. As you’re about to fall asleep, his voice startles you.

“Aren’t you going to be the big spoon?” You laugh but move you body to his. You wrap your arms around his waist, curving your body flush against his.

“Goodnight, princess,” you whisper. He begins to reply but you nuzzle your face into his back and pass out.

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  When you both wake up the next morning, you go to the bar to retrieve his bike and he takes you back to the tower. You leave him with a kiss on the cheek before walking towards the doors. You hear footsteps nearing you and familiar voices appear with them. They would be getting back at the same damn time. What did I do to deserve this? Bucky, Steve and Sam join you while you’re waiting for the elevator. You look to all of them, taking in their sweaty, hot as hell appearance. Damn it Y/n, stop it. You’re mad at him, stop ogling his sweaty, beautiful body. You shake out of your mind when the elevator dings and you all file in. You stay towards the front as they stand behind you.

“Walk of Shame, Y/n?” Sam playfully asks as he pokes your side.

“Don’t be jealous Sammy, I still have enough attention for you babe.” You send him a wink, causing him to blush. Bucky smiles, watching the interaction, but Steve just glares at your clothes.

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“Besides, can’t be a walk of shame if nothing scandalous happened, Wilson.” The elevator dings on your floor and you walk out of the elevator and straight to your room. You flop into your bed, thoughts of Steve swirling around. A knock on your door saves you from your own mind.

“It’s open,” you say, leaning up on your elbows. Wanda enters, still in her pajamas.

"Did you just get home?” she asks as she lays next to you.

“Yeah, I ended up crashing at Johnny’s last night. It was closer the bar we went to.”

“So that man, Johnny Storm, is he your boyfriend?” she questions hesitantly. You snort at her assumption.

“No, he’s just a friend. I was going to introduce you but I just - I needed to get out of here last night…“

"I understand, but aren’t you going to at least talk to Steve. Y/n, he-”

“Kissed another woman after telling me he loves me. I don’t care what he has to say Wanda, he actions say everything.” You both go silent, neither of you know what to say now.

“You up for breakfast?” she breaks the silence.

“Hell yeah! I’m going to change real quick then let’s go make some waffles!” You leap out of your bed and switch Johnny’s pajamas for your own. You tug on your pajama shorts and your usual sleep shirt. It was a navy blue Brooklyn shirt Steve gave to you a while ago. You sigh, grabbing Wanda’s hand and dragging her to the kitchen. You both shuffle around, grabbing all the ingredients for waffles. You have FRIDAY play music and you both start dancing as you cook. You end up with four giant plates stacked with waffles.

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“FRIDAY, alert the team there is waffle please.” The AI does as you ask and soon the kitchen is buzzing with conversation between the team. You all sit around the table eating and laughing. You hear the elevator door ding.

“Honey, I’m home!” Johnny? You abandon your waffles and meet him halfway.

“What are you doing here?”

“Maybe I missed you.” You fake gag at him. He laughs then pulls your phone from his pocket and hands it to you.

“Figured this wouldn’t be any good to you from my apartment.” How did I forget my phone? You wrap your arms around his shoulders in a tight hug.

“You’re a lifesaver, Johnny. I don’t care what your sister says about you,” you joke. He rolls his eyes, but before he can make a retort you ask if he wants to join you for breakfast.

“No, my sister needs me to try out a theory Reed has about my powers. I just didn’t want you to be phoneless.”

  “Don’t set anyone on fire this time, alright?” you warn, remembering the last time he was testing his flames with Reed. Before you sit down, a hand swats your ass. And not just any hand, a burning hand.

 “Ow! Damn it, Johnny! That the third pair of shorts!” You fan the smoke from his handprint seared into your shorts. Johnny is already running out of the kitchen but you chuck a waffle at his head, successfully (but barely) hitting the back of his head.

“Bye guys!” he yells from the elevator. You roll your eyes and sit back down. When you look up, all eyes are on you. Questioning looks and smirks are all you see.

“You and Hot Head, huh?” Clint asks as he stuffs a waffle In his mouth.

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“It’s not like that. Johnny just - he’s a good friend. What was I supposed to do? You all left. I’m way too needy and Tony wasn’t giving me enough attention.” you shrug, receiving laughs from them. Steve looks slightly relieved, making you angry. What right does he have? Shouldn’t he be screwing Sharon by now? Wanda shoots you a glare as she hears your thoughts. You send her a ‘whoops’ face. You volunteer to do dishes, so as everyone leaves you begin gathering the plates.

“Let me help.” Captain Manners always trying to help a damsel. You roll your eyes at the offer.

“I’m a big girl, I think I can handle doing the dishes alone, Steve.”

“I’m not saying you can’t, I’m saying you don’t have to.” You sigh, dropping the plates angrily into the sink.

“Steve, just stop. Stop doing whatever you’re trying to do.” You lean yourself against the counter across from him.

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He pinches the bridge of his nose. “Just let me explain Y/n, it’s not-”

“You don’t need to. I wasn’t your girlfriend, you can kiss whoever you want Rogers. I’m not your fucking keeper,” you spit out. He moves forward, caging you between his arms and the counter. Your eyes go wide as you look to his.

"How are you so fucking hard headed!?”

“It’s a gift, really.” you sass back. You see a mischievous look flash in his eyes. Oh boy, what is he up to?

  “Fine, you said I could kiss whoever I want?” You raise your eyebrow at him, not understanding what his angle is. His hand moves to cradle your cheek, pulling your face closer to his. For a second, you let the feeling of missing him get the best of you but then you snap out of it. As his lips are about to touch yours, you place both hands on his chest and push him back.

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“Are you fucking kidding me?” His mouth opens but you aren’t about to listen to his shit.

 "You really are something else, Steve Rogers. You think after telling me you love me and kissing someone else, you can just waltz back in here, kiss me and everything will be alright?“ you yell. You didn’t notice Bucky and Sam re-enter the kitchen.


“No! Fuck you, Steve. You were my best friend. I was content with being just that. You’re the one that told me you love me, you’re the one that kissed me, you’re the one that chose to kiss Sharon Fucking Carter. Not only did you just lose my respect, but you lost our friendship.” You storm past Bucky and Sam.

“I hope she was worth it!” you yell over your shoulder.

  You stay in your room for most of the afternoon, the mornings events on repeat in your head. You called Johnny right after leaving Steve in the kitchen and told him what happened. He offered to set Steve’s motorcycle on fire, but you declined (even though you both knew you wanted to say yes). Now you’re just staring at your ceiling, debating what to do with the rest of the day. FRIDAY’s voice appears, making you squeal from the shock.

“Agent Y/n, your presence is being requested in the communal kitchen in five minutes for a team meeting.” A meeting in the kitchen? What’s the point in having a conference/meeting room, Stark? Whatever.

“FRIDAY, what is the meeting concerning?” “I’m not at liberty to say but Secretary Ross will be attending.” Ross. Oh this is going to be a blast.

  Since the events resulting from the Accords, you’ve been itching to get your hands on Ross. The man chased after an innocent man, imprisoned your friends, and while containing them he mistreated them, mainly Wanda. Anger swims through your body at the thought of Wanda being restrained and, from what you hear, muzzled for awhile. You get up, changing out of your pajamas into your usual ripped jeans and a tee. You grab one of your throwing knives from your drawer and hide it in your back pocket. Never know what can happen.

  You leave your room and head to the kitchen ready to rip Ross apart. You enter the kitchen, keeping your face emotionless, and see the rest of the team is already present. Everyone seems tense which is understandable.

“Alright, now that everyone’s here, let’s get started!” Tony says, clapping his hands together. Ross steps forward now, a stern look on his features

. “You’re probably wondering why I wanted to meet in the kitchen. I wanted a less… stressful mood and the conference room didn’t seem to give that.” You roll your eyes but continue listening. “I’m here to discuss the return of the team. Since you’re in the states now you have rules to follow.” He pulls out a few papers and places his glasses on.

“Rule number one: Barnes is not to attend missions alone. We cannot risk him compromising a mission if something triggers his…other personality.” He is really going to single Bucky out? This sounds like a different form of Accords. You release a dry laugh, pulling his eyes to yours. As you go to open your mouth, it seems Steve beats you to it.

“Even after everything, after proving Bucky is innocent, you have the nerve to make rules against him?” You can tell by his tone and the way his hands are fisted at his side that he’s barely containing his anger. And the show begins. Get him, Rogers.

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  “He’s a risk, Rogers. Anything could set him off. You’re biased when it comes to this, don’t you think?” Ross argues, pulling another laugh from you.

 "Is something funny, Agent?“ You smile.

"You think Steve is bias then what about me? I don’t even know him.” You look to Bucky, then continue, “You have to nerve to single out Barnes after he was wrongly accused in the first place? His mind was cleared of the trigger words, so what’s the problem? He is a war hero and a victim. We should be helping him, not singling him out and excluding him. That rule is such bull sh-”

“Y/n-” Steves captain voice sends chills through you. Fuck, I love when he uses that voice. Damn it, focus. How is he managing to stay level headed? I don’t even fucking know Barnes and I’m about to explode for him. You send Steve a look silently telling him now isn’t the time to hold back.

Originally posted by msdevindanielle

He appears to get your message, his posture gets even straighter as he confronts Ross. “She’s right, you’re making it sound like the tiniest thing is going to set him off. The doctors worked incredibly hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. The chances of him slipping are barely higher than any of ours. So why don’t you take these rules and rethink them before you step into our home and demand such offensive things, Secretary,” Steve says, holding Ross’s attention. 

  You move, standing next to Steve, arms crossed over your chest. Even though you are still sticking to what you said earlier about the friendship being gone, you have to stick by him to protect Bucky.

  “You heard the Captain. Pack your papers up, the doors that way.” You point in the direction of the elevators. Ross seems to snap.

 "Control your girlfriend, Rogers, before she gets herself into trouble.” He turns to glare at you. “Do I need to remind you that you didn’t sign the Accords either, Y/n? You should have been thrown in jail with the rest of them.“ That’s it, gloves are off. You slam your hands against the table,

 "What are you going to do Ross, put me in restraints and muzzle me like you did to Wanda? Or let your guards throw me around like they did to Sam? These rules are shit. Who are you make these? I don’t see you out there risking your ass to save the world, so why don’t you take your rules and shove them up your ass."  You turn to leave but Ross starts up again.

"They broke the law, they deserved to be there. Being heroes doesn’t exclude you from following laws. Restraining Miss Maximoff was a necessary precaution, she is a danger-” You whip yourself around, throwing your knife and embedding it the wall next to Ross’s head. Everyone’s eyes are wide. Steve is behind you within seconds, his arm around your waist pulling you back. You glance over your team, taking in the tears in Wanda’s eyes and what you think to be a look of gratefulness on Bucky’s face.

 “Calm down, don’t give him the satisfaction, Doll.”  Steve says, is lips close to your ear. You feel his grip tightening like he knows you’re going to lunge. You know the action wasn’t meant to be so intimate, it was suppose to stop you killing Ross; but Steve made it seem a lot more than that. You feel him move closer to your ear again, but you shoulders tense at the action and you push out of his grip. Because that didn’t feel weird. His words calm you, but not enough.

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“I’m not going to warn you again. Take your papers and get out,” you growl. Ross leaves the papers on the table but moves to leave.

“This isn’t over,” he threatens as he passes you. You’re damn right this isn’t over.


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Dan x Reader - Dan's Wave Sounds

“y/n? You’re still awake?” Dan’s voice asked sleepily and I mentally scolded myself. He probably heard me whispering to myself. It was nearly 2AM and I was still up with thoughts flooding my mind. This rarely happened, but on the occasion it did, I just for the life of me could not go to sleep. Worries, hopes, fears, anxieties and anything else my busy brain could possibly come up with. There was also the crippling fear that I could just mess everything up and I just ugh; I just want to sleep.
“Yeah, barely though.” I lied and pretended to yawn hoping he’d be too sleepy notice. I could deal with making myself suffer, but Dan’s sake didn’t deserve this.
“Oh okay.” He murmurs and rolling his head over.
After that, my mind continued into another crazy frenzy. I was maybe kind of stressed out and worried, so many things have been going wrong and nothing to plan. My brain would not shut up about all the bad things and if not bad, then all the others things that needed handling. I was stressing myself out yet I couldn’t even do anything, oh how I hate this.
“Go to freaking sleep y/n. Just go to sleep.” I told my worried mind frustratingly.
“Are you alright?” His soft natural voice with trickled with concern and I just shook my head, sighing disappointingly. Shoot, I said that out loud. Dan’s tall body curled right back over even closer to me.
“Sorry, I just can’t sleep.” I said exhaustedly but my thoughts still wouldn’t calm themselves.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Should’ve have told me.” He frowned as he pulled me closer to him into a hug, making me smile. He kissed my forehead softly and I sighed. At least if I had be wide awake, Dan was right beside me. His body was cool and breaths calmed, his soft hair was half straight and hair curly from the way he slept. I could feel his smooth cheek against my own, and I turned my lips over to his mouth.
“It’s okay, I didn’t want to bother you.” I said quietly after our kiss.
Sighing peacefully in his arms as we spooned, we were both both content with each other’s presence.
“You know how you like listening to water to go to sleep sometimes? Because you said it’s relaxing and soothing.” Dan’s voice asked suggestively and I nodded. I remember that memory clearly, me lying there with a waves playlist while Dan stared at me in confusion.
“Mhhmmm, it’s nice.” I chirped feeling his breath against my neck.
Dan then kissed my neck before his lips made their way back to my cheek.
A moment of nothingness followed where it just our breaths. He began to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, his fingers were gentle and demeanor loving, as he proceeded to do something completely unexpected.
“Swwhhisshhhh–shhh-swwishh—” Dan’s voice quietly murmurs as I turn my face towards him, confused.
“What are you doing?” I say in a hilarious awe at my dork of a boyfriend.
“Shhh… it’s the ocean.” His voice says deeply due to the time of night it is.
“Whoooshhh-woosh,” his mouth continues to intimate wave sounds. There are breaths acting as clashing, gentle sounds ending in “sh”, followed along with my laughs.
“Drip-drop-click-click-clock-click-clock,” is what his sound changes to and just cringe with a big smile.
“What, is that supposed to be? Rain?” I giggle throwing my head back even more amused than before and Dan nods.
“Whoooshh–swisshhh-wooooOOsh-oh, oh, the waves are back! pshhhh—splash–oh no y/n they’re splashing all over us!” His face has the purest smile along with the kindest eyes that are lit through the dark. The breeze of his blowing breath, acting as the wind, reached my ears and tickled causing me to giggle.
“Oh no!” I roll my eyes and begin to play along whilst smiling like a little child.
“Drip-drop-drip-drop… now it’s raining too,” Dan says with false worry pretending to shake me.
I scoff and just totally lose it and laugh completely. This is what was happening right now, that this was happening right now because Dan wanted it to. He’s literally making water noises for me to sleep, how incredibly sweet yet odd and just completely hilarious could he be.
“What are you laughing so hard at?”
Dan asked looking at me and my dorky grin. Dan was willing to replicate ocean noises just to distract me so I could sleep.
“You and your wave sounds.” I say pecking him on the cheek.
“They’re great aren’t they? ” Dan states curiously with eagerness.
I nod, “Yes, incredible.”
I lay back flat in my bed and hope I can finally rest, but to my surprise the sound returns continues once again and I just put my hands to my face and cringe laughing quietly.
“Whooosh—wooo-swish.” He teases nipping at my ear and I finally turn bring myself to view his shadowed face.
Drawing my mouth closer to his and title gently, our lips collide smoothly as his thumb rubs circles on my hip.
“I love you. Thank you for being my ocean.” I say and he nods reassuringly.
“I love you, and I will be always be your ocean.” Dan says with a smirk while I try not to blush; it’s unsuccessful.
“Aw thanks. Even at 2 in the morning.” I say as I lay my head back into my pillow, filled with ease and joy. Dan chuckles at my statment and wraps his arm around me before continuing with he sounds once more. They were even more gentle and soothing because it was Dan offering his ocean sounds.
As he held me in his arms, I peacefully floated away into a relaxing sleep. There was no more stress since those were carried away by the ocean. There was only love and happiness brought to me my ocean, Dan Howell. He knew exactly what to do when my mind needed soothing and he did it delightfully. I giggle at the thought of it and wonder how I could’ve gotten so lucky?
Before I entirely drifted away in my pleasant and blissful slumber, there was a tender whisper spoken by Dan.
“You’re resting now, but I love you goodnight.”

Gemini / Sirius x Reader

Requested, Sirius and James’s twin. This is fun little 2AM, black tea induced word vomit fiesta but I sort of liked writing it so that’s always a thrill! Also I didn’t edit this very thoroughly so if you see any mistakes fell free to tell me!

Sunlight is a truly awful thing. Especially when it greets one at six o’clock on a Saturday morning when Y/N thought she ought to have been sleeping. It is made even worse when combined with a particularly poignant headache that could be attributed to nothing other than the copious amounts of alcohol consumed by Y/N herself, her brother James, Lily Evans and Sirius Black.

 “Hmf, Y/N, you alive?” The girl grumbles her response, “What the bloody fuck are you doing in here?” A head of dark curls appears over the side of the bed, grinning despite a raging hangover, “Well that’s no way to greet your lover.”

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beginte  asked:

If you're still taking the prompts from the list, I'd love 00Q with 10: “You’re wrong and I’ll prove it.” because it sounds like it could be hilarious and/or adorable :D

Apologies for the delay, lovely! This was an excellent prompt that required some consideration. Please accept this offering of borderline schmoopy domestic fluff. :D (p.s. I heart your face. <3)

(from this list)

“You want to move in together?” Q blinked at the man from behind his glasses, blaming the early hour and lack of tea for the fact that he couldn’t possibly have heard him correctly.

James shrugged a shoulder from where he leaned against the kitchen doorway, dressed in nothing but his sleep pants. “I don’t see why not,” he answered casually. “God knows I’m never at mine. Half my clothes are here already.”

“But, you want to move in?”


“To this house? With the cats and the neighbors and the half-finished projects and my ungodly working hours?”

“I like it here.”

“You want to move in with me?”

James smirked. “That is rather the point, yes.”

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the fear of losing you // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles and Y/N can’t stand each other but as soon as one of them gets hurt their differences don’t seem to matter

Requested: yes

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: no 


“All I’m saying is that maybe if you focused a little bit more on the unsolved cases instead of chasing after a girl, who quite frankly doesn’t love you back, you wouldn’t have so many red strings on the board!” Y/N huffed, sitting up in his bed and folding her arms across her chest.

“Sorry not all of us are heartless monsters like you.” He sneered.

“Fuck off Stiles!” She shouted. “You asked me to help you with this remember?”

“Well maybe it was a mistake.” He shot back.

“Maybe it was.” She reached for her backpack and slammed the door behind her. 

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misfit-island-escapee  asked:

If you're still accepting for the prompt, could you do "Please put it DOWN" with exR


Stop, Enjolras.”

“It’s important. Just one more and then I’m done.”

“Please, put it down, Enjolras.” Grantaire sounded tired and strained. “Your laptop will be there in the morning. Just come to bed. It’s past midnight.”

“I know, I know. I just have to send this one email and then-” Enjolras cursed, distracted by something on his laptop screen. The rest of his sentence lost within furious backspacing.

Grantaire waited impatiently for another minute, before giving up and heading towards their bedroom, making sure he slammed the door on the way in.

So it was a little bit petty and immature. But he was tired, and cranky, and he was sick of feeling like he was competing with a Goddamn email server. Now, on top of everything,his mind was whirring at 100 miles a minute and he couldn’t get to sleep- which was going to be spectacular for his 6.00 am start the next morning. 

He really should have known it was going to be another long night, he should have gone to bed when he wanted to instead of waiting up on the false hope that Enjolras would follow. He shut his eyes tight, the sting of tiredness and frustration persisting beneath his eyelids. 

It was another hour before he was on the verge of drifting off to sleep, when he heard the door shift slowly open, and felt the covers lift as Enjolras climbed into bed.

“You said one email.” Grantaire said, rolling over and facing Enjolras, who was clearly not expecting him to be up.

“I know. I’m sorry, it got long.” Enjolras replied, reaching over to him and scooping Grantaire into his arms. 

“I can’t take this anymore, Enjolras. Something has to change.”

“I’m trying. Things will slow down soon- we’re just in a really busy time right now and-”

“You’ve been saying the for the last 4 months.” Grantaire said shaking his head into Enjolras’ chest. “I know it’s important and you’re doing important things, but there has to be some time cutoff.”

“Sometimes they’re time sensitive and-”

“And if you were in bed you wouldn’t know about them until the next morning anyway, and what would happen? Would the world end?”

Enjolras sighed. “No, it wouldn’t.”

“So let’s compromise. Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday’s and Saturdays I need you to come to bed with me and leave your laptop behind. No sneaking out at 2am to check your emails, either. The other days you can stay up and change the world to your hearts content. But I need you in my world, too.”

Enjolras kissed him on the forehead. “We’ll try it out. There may come some nights where I need to make an exception though, okay?”

“As long as it doesn’t become a habit.” Grantaire sighed as he moved in closer to his boyfriend, and slowly fell asleep within his arms.



(A/N); Hello people of the universe! I know I’ve been gone for the longest time 7 months?? and I have many excuses on that, anyway, I recently finished another year of high school which means I have a little bit of time throughout summer break for me to write, yay! Anyhow, hope you enjoy this first actual part of Too Much, I don’t know how many part this series is going to have. Please give me feedback if you wanna, and make some requests! Sorry if you find any mistakes, I only proofread this once, whoops.

Disclaimers; So, I changed the story up while writing. In the intro, the reader didn’t know about Peter being Spider-Man but in this first actual part, they do. I changed it because my original plot was so similar to some stories out there already and I don’t want to repeat it again. I hope you’d love to see a a different angle of this story with a different perspective! I’ll link the intro down below.

Warnings; Lil’ bit of angst, lil’ bits of fluff, lil’ bits of my crap writing because it’s been so long.

Word Count; 1583

Too Much (Intro) (with a little change of story but you can read it to get the idea)

‘Can you just tell me if you’re not gonna show up?’

'I’m sorry, babe’

'Yeah… me too’ 

You and Peter were supposed to have your 10 month anniversary date tonight, but guess what, Peter bailed again. Yeah, of course, he has his Spider-Man duties to fulfilled but sometimes, it’s just a little too much.

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Not As Think As You Drunk I am - snowbaz

this is rambly and awful and basically a switch of my fic SOLS but this one has alcohol and crying.

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: alcohol, abandonment issues, a really bad coming out joke that (again) i have used in real life, implications of feeling sick, mentions of death and murder and drugs, nostalgic af

Summary: Baz walks in more than drunk and Simon is more than happy to have some late night chats with him.

Word Count: 3004

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Ego: Part 5

Pairing: T.O.P x Reader… so close.. 

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 2,444

Warnings: He’s a big dummie. 

Author’s Note: 2am again.. and this one is from Seung Hyun’s perspective. I am pretty much a dude. Enjoy.

Listening to Let’s Not Fall In Love by BigBang

Previous Parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Here’s my masterlist.. but it’s mostly Supernatural

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Bang bang alley ~ Part five

Originally posted by bigbanguploader

A/N ~ Shit is about to get real.

Theme ~ Mafia/Gangster AU

Pairing ~ Choi Seunghyun x reader

Rating ~ Angst/fluff/Action

Warnings ~ Language, talk of sexual acts, violence, mutilation/torture and death

Series one ~ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Series two

“You got it?”

You stopped outside the entrance of the kitchen when you heard Jiyong speaking.

“But…” Hyorin answered, concern laced in her voice.

“No buts, you can’t hesitate, if you need to you have to do it” Jiyong told her angrily.

“I know, it’s just…. I’ve never done it before” she replied clearly upset.

“I know jagi, but if he comes for her….”

“You know it’s not polite to eavesdrop” a voice said from behind you cutting off the end of Jiyongs sentence and making you jump, causing you to knock a vase off the hall table and shatter on the floor.

Jiyong came rushing out the door.

“You’re up” he said with a half smile.

“Yeah… I’m sorry about the vase….” you apologised looking down at the shattered pieces of porcelain scattered across the floor boards.

“Don’t worry about it, it can be replaced…” he said looking at the man behind you. “Why don’t you come have some breakfast while Daesung cleans it up”.

You entered the kitchen and looked at Hyorin, she was sitting at the dinning table chewing her nails as she gazed out the window of the back door.

“What would you like?” he asked calling your attention back to him.

“Just a coffee please” you answered looking back at Hyorin.

“I see why you and hyung get along so well now” he chuckled as he grabbed the pot of coffee.

“You talking about me when I’m not here” Seung hyun said with a groggy voice as he entered the room.

“I was just commenting on how similar you both are” Jiyong said grabbing another mug for Seung hyun.

“We have good taste” he replied as he gave your back a little rub and you smiled back at him.

“I see you guys made up last night” Jiyong stated with a smile as he handed you a mug, you were about to reply but you were cut of by someone clearing their throat.

You turned around to see Taeyang standing at the doorway.

“Stay here with Hyorin, we’ll be back in a few minutes” Seung hyun told you, he kissed you on the forehead before following the men out of the room.

“I hope every things ok” you said walking over to Hyorin but she didn’t reply, she didn’t even flinch, she just kept chewing her nails as she stared in a catatonic state out the window. “Hyorin”

“Sorry, what?” she said finally looking at you.

“Are you ok?” you asked sitting beside her and she sifted uncomfortable in her seat.

“I’m fine”

“What did he tell you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Before I came in, what was he telling you?”

“Oh nothing, it was nothing” she said looking back out the window.

“Don’t bullshit me Hyorin, I heard Jiyong say if he comes for me, what does he want you to do?” you questioned grabbing her arm to try and get her attention.

“Jagiya” Jiyong called and you almost jumped out of your skin, you turned around to find him standing in the doorway with a cold expression. “Come with me, I want to show you something”

Hyorin looked at you as she stood up and left the room with Jiyong. It was your turn to stare out the window, what did he want her to do and why wouldn’t she tell you, whatever it was she was clearly not comfortable with it.

“Everything ok princess?” Seung hyun asked pulling you out of deep thought.

“Are we safe?” you asked still looking out the window.

“Of course” he stated as he made his way over to where you were sitting.

“Please don’t lie to me” you said looking up at him, Seung hyun sighed as he sat beside you.

“I promise you that as long as you are with me that psycho will never get his hands on you again” he said as he tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear.

“What if he comes here?”

“Then we’ll take care of it” he replied with a smile but you didn’t smile back, instead you returned to looking out the window.

“What if you can’t?” you asked as the possibilities of what could happen to them and your friend ran through your mind.

“That’s why we have things in place to help with that” he said and you turned back to look at him.

“Like what?”

“Come with me” he said as he stood up and began to walk to the other side of the room, you followed as he walked up to a large open cupboard filled with all sorts of pantry items that stood against a wall in the corner, he grabbed the end and pulled it back away from the corner to reveal a hidden room. “If they come, I want you to get the gun from the beside table and get in here as soon as you can and no matter what happens do not come out ”.

“But what if he hurts you?”

“No matter what, ok?” he asked placing his arms around you, you weren’t sure if you could do it but you nodded to let him know you understood what he was telling you.

“And I want you to take this” he said pulling out a switch blade from his pocket and handed it to you. “Keep it hidden on you at all times”.

“I wont tell you a fucking thing” the man snickered from the chair he was tied to.

“Well that’s why he’s here” Seungri said with a smile as he pointed to Taeyang leaning against a table with his arms crossed. “You see Namjoon, Taeyang here has a certain skill for persuading people to talk. He just needed a quiet place to work, which is why we brought you out here in the middle of nowhere”

“Do whatever you want, I wont talk” Namjoon said with a smile.

“We know that your precious little Bangtan boys are in bed with the Kang clan, so why don’t you just tell us what his plans are and you can be on your way” Seungri asked.

“Fuck you” Namjoon shouted before spitting on Seungri, Seungri looked down in disgust as he got a tissue from his pocket and wiped the spit off him.

“Why’d you have to go and do that? I had hoped we could have been friends, I think you and I could get along really well” Seungri said as he waved over Taeyang.

“You talk to much” Namjoon laughed.

“And you don’t talk enough” Taeyang said as he picked up a knuckle duster off the table, he walked over to Namjoon and punched him in the jaw, a loud crack noise echoed through the empty warehouse.

“Not the face hyung, you’ll break his jaw and then he’ll never be able to talk” Seungri said with a chuckle.

“Fuck you” Namjoon said with blood running out of his mouth before spitting out a tooth.

Taeyang moved in front of the man and gave him an upper cut straight to his stomach making Namjoon roar in pain.

“Talk” Seungri commanded and Namjoon erupted in laughter.

“You think I haven’t been beaten up before?”

“I’m sure you have but you’ve never been on the bad end of this guy” Seungri said pointing to Taeyang who was now back at the table.

Taeyang took off the knuckle duster and placed it back on the table, he paused for a moment, his hand hovering as he decided what he should use next, he picked up a large bowie knife and headed back towards Namjoon. Namjoon struggled in his restraints as Taeyang grabbed his hand and separated his fingers, he placed the knife over his index finger and pushed down, slicing it straight off. Namjoon cried out in pain bleeding all over the floor.

“Talk” Seungri commanded again.

“Fuck you"Namjoon screamed at him.

“Next one hyung” Seungri said with a chuckle.

“No, no, noooo” Namjoon cried out as Taeyang moved to the next finger and repeated his action.

Namjoon was slumped forward in the chair, tears falling from his eyes and strands of saliva mixed with blood hung from his mouth as he cried in pain. Taeyang placed the knife under the man’s chin and lifted it to look at him.

“Next is your toes, now fucking talk”

“He knows where she is” Namjoon strained through the pain.

“And where is that?” Taeyang asked giving him a nudge with the knife, a drop of blood run down his throat.

“Your bosses house….. he’s gonna hit it when everyone’s asleep”

“When?” Taeyang asked removing the knife.


Seungri looked at his watch.

“Shit, it’s ten to” he said looking up at Taeyang who already had his phone out dialling Jiyong.

“You’re fucked” Namjoon laughed.

“Come on, I’ll drive” Seungri said to Taeyang as he began to run.

You were startled out of your sleep by the sound of the door opening and closing, you reached out for Seung hyun but the bed was empty.

“Oppa?” you called into the dark.

“No it’s me” you heard Hyorin whisper back. “We have to get out of here”

“What are you talking about?” you asked turning on the lamp, the look on her face and the gun in her hand told you everything.

“He’s coming, Jiyong sent me to take you down stairs”

“To get to the kitchen?” you asked and she nodded back.

You got up straight away and grabbed the switch blade from the bedside table that Seung hyun had given you and tucked it in the front of the waist band of your shorts, you opened the draw and grabbed the gun out taking the safety off.

“Ok, lets go” you said calmly to Hyorin, she was shaking all over. “Its going to be ok, we’re just going to slowly and quietly go down the stairs to the kitchen and wait there until the guys take care of it, ok?”

“Ok” she said nodding her head.

You walked up to the door and opened it slightly to look out, it was clear, you opened it more and stepped out. The house was quiet, there was no signs of fighting or anyone at all, not even the guys. You grabbed Hyorin’s hand and made your way down the stairs and down the small hallway towards the kitchen.

“Hey” a man called from behind you.

You turned around to find a man standing there pointing a gun at you.

“Run” you said to Hyorin as you kept your eyes on the man, you felt her shaking hand slip out of yours.

You were about to hold up your gun when Daesung stepped out behind the man, he grabbed him by the head and twisted it, breaking his neck. You gasped as you watched the man go limp and drop the ground.

“Go” Daesung yelled to you.

You turned around and ran into the kitchen, stopping as soon as you saw Hyorin standing in the middle of the room pointing a gun at an unarmed man on the other side of the room, her hands were shaking and her fingers had gone white from grasping the gun so tightly.

“I don’t think your gonna shot me sweetheart” he said cockily as he stepped towards her reaching for something under his jacket.

“She might not but I will” you said as you held the gun up and shot the man straight in the head, Hyorin screamed.

Daesung ran into the room and looked at the man laying dead on the ground before looking back at you with his eyebrows raised, you didn’t bother to say anything, you grabbed the end of the cupboard and pulled it back. You grabbed Hyorin and lead her inside, Daesung followed, closing the cupboard behind him.

“Nice shot, where’d you learn to shoot like that?” he asked you.

“I grew up on a farm with my grandparents, they thought it was necessary for me to know my way around a gun” you said as you tried to calm Hyorin down, she was crouched in the corner, her hair was scrunched in her fists as she rocked back and forth.

Seung hyun was hiding in a darkened corner of the lounge room watching as two men walked in the front door, one of them nodded to the other before continuing through the room, the other headed up stairs where Jiyong was waiting. He waited patiently until he heard a shot ring out, the man jumped and turned to face up the stairs where the noise had come from, Seung hyun held up his gun and shot the man twice in the back. He heard a window smash as something that looked like a can flew through it landing on the floor, smoke rose up from where it was laying and began to fill the room.

“They’ve got smoke bombs” he yelled out.

“Send it back” Jiyong’s voice sounded from somewhere upstairs.

Seung hyun bent down and ran towards where the smoke bomb landed, he picked it up and threw it back out the window before turning to head back to his hiding spot. He was halfway there when something hard hit him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground, he rolled over only to see the butt of a gun before it hit him in the face and knocked him out cold.

Jiyong watched from his hiding spot at the top of the stairs as more men piled in the house, more then they could handle.

“We got him boss but we can’t find her” he heard a man say from the lounge room.

Jiyong stepped forward so he could get a better view, he saw them zip tying Seung hyun’s hands behind his back as he laid on the ground unconscious. ‘Shit’ he thought to himself as he stepped back into the shadow, the front door opening caught his eye, he grabbed his phone and dialled Taeyang as he watched Dong-won walk in with a smug look on his face.

“Hyung’s down, how far away are you?” Jiyong whispered into his phone with his hand over his mouth to make sure he couldn’t be heard.

Your heart was racing, the house had gone silent after you heard that thud, you looked at Daesung as you heard loud footsteps clunking in through the house and the look on his face told you it wasn’t over yet.

“Here kitty kitty” you froze as soon as you heard Dong-won’s voice. “Come out come out where ever you are”.

You heard his footsteps getting closer along with a weird scrapping noise.

“I’ve got your boyfriend” he called, another thud followed.

Daesung snapped his head to look at you and shook it, signalling for you to stay quiet, your lip quivered as you thought of Seung hyun being out there with him.

“You better come out kitten, before I hurt him” he said with a chuckle and you heard Seung hyun painfully grunt.

You rushed towards the door but Daesung grabbed you and placed his hand over your mouth so you couldn’t scream.

“Fuck you” Seung hyun yelled out making you struggle to try and get free of Daesung’s grip.

“That’s not a very nice thing to say to your girlfriends fiancée” Dong-won chuckled.

“You won’t find her” Seung hyun growled back.

“Oh, won’t I?” Dong-won asked in amusement and you heard Seung hyun yell out in pain again, Daesung tightened his grip as you struggled harder to break free.

“Don’t come out” Seung hyun yelled to you.

“How sweet” dong-won said leaning over Seung hyun, he was about to kick him in the ribs when shots rang out from the lounge room followed by the front door being smashed open.

“Take him” Dong-won said as he pointed to the man laying on the floor. “He’ll be at the summer house if you want him kitten”.

A few more shots rang out before silence fell again, you were still struggling, trying to get out to see Seung hyun when the door opened. Daesung let go of you when he saw Taeyang standing at the entrance, as soon as you felt his grip loosen you ran pushing past Taeyang and headed for the back door but someone grabbed you and pulled you back.

“Let go of me” you screamed at Jiyong as you tried to pull your arm free.

“He’s gone” Jiyong said softly.

“Why aren’t you going after him?” you screamed giving him a shove.

“We need to regroup, he has more men then we thought”

“Then hurry up, call your men and go after him” you begged desperately.

“_____, I promise I will get him back” he said grabbing your other arm and looking into your eyes, you broke down, dropping to the floor on your knees as tears flowed from your eyes and your breaths became heavy. “Come on, let’s go back to the club and get some rest”.

You woke up the next day in Seung hyun’s bed at the club, your eyes were puffy and stung from crying yourself to sleep, you rolled over and looked at the alarm clock beside the bed. You rubbed your eyes to make sure you were seeing it right and looked again, it was three thirty in the afternoon and no one had woken you up. You got up and headed straight for the lounge room but no one was there, you panicked at the thought of that they had gone to get Seung hyun without you. You rushed out the door and through the hallway, stopping when you heard a low murmur of voices coming from behind a door. You couldn’t make out what they were saying so you stepped closer, the floor board creaked under your foot and the room fell silent, the door flung open a moment later.

“I thought I told you it was rude to eavesdrop?” Daesung asked with a smirk.

“Let her in” Jiyong called from behind him, he stepped to the side and let you in, closing the door behind you.

Daesung joined the others standing behind Jiyong as he sat at his desk, Jiyong held his hand out and motioned for you to take the seat in front of him, you nodded and sat down.

“I need you to tell me where he took Seung hyun” Jiyong asked leaning back in his seat.

“Take me with you” you said and he shook his head.

“Absolutely not” he replied waving his hand.

“Then I wont tell you” you said cocking an eyebrow.

“Do you want to help him or not?”

“Yes” you quickly replied.

“Then tell me where the fuck he is” Jiyong yelled slamming his hand on the desk.

“Not unless you take me with you”

“This is not a fucking game, I can’t have little girls running around screaming in a fucking gun fight” he screamed at you, his frustration was getting the better of him.

“I can handle myself, ask him” you said pointing at Daesung.

“She has a point, she got herself out of that building and she’s a good shot, last night she popped a guy right in the head. Not to mention I had to hold on to her pretty tight, she almost got away from me”

“Out of the fucking question” Jiyong shouted.

“You’ll never get in there without me” you said looking straight at him making him scoff.

“And why is that?” he asked leaning in.

“Because the house is in the middle of an open field, there’s no trees or hills to hide behind, he’ll see you coming a mile away” you told him, Jiyong lent back in his chair as he thought about the situation. “The only way to get in there is to use me as bait”

“There has to be another way” Jiyong said shaking his head.

“There’s not”

“There has to be, I can’t use you as bait”

“Why not”

“Because I promised hyung I would keep you safe”

“Fine, give me a gun and I will do it myself” you shouted standing up and holding out your hand.

“Are you fucking crazy? You’ll get yourself and Seung hyun killed” he shouted at you through gritted teeth.

“It’s better then having to live with myself if something happened to him because of me” you replied softly as a tear fell from your eye, Jiyong sat silently as he scanned your face.

“Fine, we’ll take you, just tell me where he is” he said as he ran his fingers through his hair, you shook your head.

“I’ll tell you when were in the van ready to go”.

“Fine” he shouted in frustration at your stubbornness. “Go and get cleaned up, then Daesung is going to teach you a few things”

Seung hyun came to, his head was throbbing and a low buzzing from the fluorescent light alerted him to where he was, his eyes snapped open to asses the situation.

“Finally, you’re awake” Dong-won said with a chuckle, he was sitting in front of him with his legs crossed.

“I’ll fucking kill you” Seung hyun yelled as he tried to lunge at him, but it was no use, his hands were still tied with the zip tie that was now connected to a chain that was holding his arms above his head.

“Very good” Dong-won laughed as he clapped his hands at the man’s efforts.

“You’re a sick son of a bitch”

“Hey, that’s not very nice. Can’t we be civil? I mean we are both seeing the same girl” Dong-won said standing up and straightening his tie.

“She’s done with you” Seung hyun growled.

“Oh I don’t think so” Dong-won replied as he picked up a metal pole. “she’s going to come for you”

“Do whatever you want to me, she’ll never come”

“You see. That’s where I know her better, she’ll do anything for the one she loves, that’s one of the things I imprinted on her” Dong-won laughed making Seung hyun try to lunge at him again. “You want to know how?”

“Fuck you” Seung hyun screamed.

“First, I got her to do little things… like getting me a drink or making me food whenever I asked, then I started asking her to get things for me that were within my reach and once I had her doing that I knew, I knew I had power of persuasion over her. I mean she never ever once said no or spoke out at me against the fact that I could reach it, she had no fucking idea. She was so desperate for love and the attention of a man that she was blind to it, all I had to do was reward her with what she craved the most” he said shaking his head.

“You’re an asshole” Seung hyun spat and Dong-won drove the pole into his ribs, hitting him like you would a ball with a baseball bat.

“After that it was easy to get her to do things for me, cutting off friends, firing competent employees that worked for her so I could get one of my own people to work there and not to mention how easy it was to get her to move in with me even though it was over an hour away from her shop and she had to take public transport every day. But you want to know the best thing I got her to do? You’re going to love this…” He said as he got closer to Seung hyun so he could whisper in his ear. “She lets me come where ever I want”

“I’ll kill you” Seung hyun roared as he kicked out at the man but he stepped away to quickly.

“I trained her so well that when she knows I’m close she gets down on her knees and opens her mouth, waiting for me to pick where I want to taint her like a good girl” he said as he hit Seung hyun again. “It was all going so well and then you came along, you started to sway her but I have to thank you, when you drove her away she was more determined then ever to make it work. And I almost had her, in just a few months she was going to be mine but then you went ahead and fucked it up again by using that slut of a best friend of hers, the only one I could never get her to get rid of”

“She won’t come, they won’t let her”

“We’ll see” Dong-won said as he threw the pole to the floor before leaving.

After your shower you got dressed and headed down to the club, they closed it for the night so you had room to practice with Daesung, you opened the door and looked around but no one was there.

“Hello?” you called as you walked out on to the dance floor. “Daesung?”

You were startled by someone grabbing your arm and twisting it behind your back while another grabbed you around the waist to hold you in place.

“You see how easy it is for you to get hurt?” Jiyong asked from behind the dj booth.

“What’s your point?” you growled at him.

“My point is you should let us handle this” he replied. “Now tell us where they are keeping him?”

“No” you shouted before stomping on Daesung’s foot and using your free arm to drive an elbow in his ribs, Daesung grunted but kept his grip, so you decided to try a different tactic.

You pushed back making him stumble and used his weight to push his back into the barrier that guarded the dance floor, he grunted a little louder this time as he loosened his grip, it was just enough for you to break free.

“Good, now show her how to punch” Jiyong said before disappearing from the room.

“Do you think this will work?” Taeyang asked Jiyong as they watched you through the window in the office.

“I hope so or hyung’s going to kill us” Jiyong replied.

“Who the fuck is this girl anyway?” Taeyang asked furrowing his brow still watching you.

“She’s his college girlfriend, his first love” Jiyong replied nonchalantly.

“That’s not what I mean”

“Then what do you mean?” Jiyong asked as he looked at the man beside him.

“She seemed like a total straighty when we first met her. She somehow got herself out of that room and away from the Kang clan, then we find out she knows about guns when she popped one in that guys skull, she went head to head with you over saving Seung hyun and now she’s sparing with Daesung like she’s done this before but not in a long time. It’s almost like she has another side that kicks in when there’s danger”

Jiyong turned away from Taeyang and watched you intently.

“Find out what you can about her but don’t let the others know, not yet” Jiyong said as he narrowed his eyes at you.

Chanyeol Imagine: Hide

A Chanyeol Imagine I had stored in my Laptop from a long time ago that I thought I would share :) I hope you like it -Admin Aylee

You’d always had a hard time when Chanyeol left for tour, even when you first got together. He would phone you twice a week at least but every time that phone call had to end and the line had gone dead you would break down and cry a little. It may seem as if you were just an over attached girlfriend who was convinced that she needed him but you really did.

You and Chanyeol had been childhood friends who grew up together and shared everything, there were no secrets in our relationship, you had even made a pact against it that had no exceptions. You had met in your preschool days, you were a very shy little kid with long curly hair that made you feel a little self conscious, you kept to yourself and only interacted when you had to. That was until a tall slightly chubby little boy decided to try and make friends with you, he was the loudest and funniest person in your class, school even. You had, and still have, no idea why he wanted to talk to you of all people but you were grateful. You were confused when he told you that you “were going to be best friends” and you even tried to avoid him but for some reason he was convinced he wanted to talk to you, so he followed until the point where you had to give in to his pleas. 

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I’m A Mess Joji x Reader

Angsty request ~ Angsty Joji imagine where you argue bc of him getting jealous and end up breaking up but get back together? Thank you!!

requested by @twdgislife

Warnings: Angst, swearing, graphic kinda, drinking etc.

“Don’t leave please Joji it’s lies. They’re trying to ruin us can’t you see it?!”

“I’m leaving.”

That night was so painful, clearly from the booming headache wracking in my head. I drank so much, raided every crevice in my ruined apartment, I gotta get used to saying my now…given he left for good.

My knuckles were bruised from punching my door, tears dried on my cheeks as I sat in the middle of my living room, empty.

So fucking empty

Clock smashed, clothes thrown across the bedroom, bed sheets covered in puke and blood from my ankle. Carelessly, I had thrown photos all over the floor, the frames smashed on the floor like disturbed decorations. Eyes bags littered my face, sore and red lips from blood and screaming. Scratches prominent on my arms, I had hyperventilated and had no one to calm me down.

I gotta get used to that too.

A knock at the door brought me to my senses, I perked up and dragged myself to the battered door, splinters of wood from where I had punched that too. Running my fingers through my hair, I wiped my face with my hands and reluctantly opened the door.


“Hey…” I croaked, my sore throat clearly obvious. His smile died down after he took in the scene of ou-my apartment. Sighing, he walked past me and set down the white bag and called in Max and Chad.

“Jesus Christ, did he-”

“No he left before my hyperventilation started, I’ve trashed the place and haven’t been fucked to move from the sofa since 2am.” I spoke, brushing the creases of my jacket out. A faint buzz came from Max’s phone, a familiar name lit up.

“Where’d he go last night, is he at yours?” I asked, concerned about his wellbeing. He left me yes, and god it hurt for him to believe this bullshit, but I still cared of course.

“He left to get pissed up about ten minutes ago, we dropped him off on the way here.”

God that hurt.

“Why aren’t you with him, I’m fine.” I groaned, rather embarrassed about the state of myself and the apartment.

“Yeah, clearly.” Ian huffed, running his hand through his hair. I winced at the prodding of my food, a shard of glass cutting the heel. Brushing it off, I pondered at the things I could do forget. Until I thought about it a little harder, why not just do what I do best…drink.

“How you guys feel about getting pissed tonight? I don’t need some dumb counselling session right now I just wanna feel good.” I groaned, looking at my reflection in the toaster.


“I’ll go get a shower and I’ll get dressed and we can hit up a bar and get fucked.” I smiled, waving and closing my bedroom door behind me to escape into the shower. I never thought I needed a shower this bad till now, washing the blood and sweat off of my body relieved all the kinks in my back from sleeping on the wood floor of the living room. Scrubbing at my scalp, I soothed my headache to become more numbing.

“Don’t lie to me, you clearly like Ian just fucking leave.”

“Why would I? Baby I love you and you know this.”

Wincing, I shook my head and stepped out of the shower, drying my body and carefully dabbing the cuts and the wound on my foot. After debating what to wear, I picked out a burgundy dress, just resting on my lower thigh. It was shoulderless, long sleeved with a choker. I plastered my foot and tugged on some socks and my black, chunky heeled boots. Moments later, I dried my hair and tousled the curls and applied some makeup.

Before opening my bedroom door, I heard the murmurs of the boys conversing rather hushed.

“We can’t leave her like this, she’s a wreck she’s just covering it dude.”

“I don’t want her alone tonight, it might do her good.”

“True, just wish this didn’t fucking happen man…I’ll try and get a hold of him later maybe…”

Sighing, I opened my door slowly, applied a fake smile and grabbed a couple notes from my pot and slipped it into my purse.

“Let’s go lads!” I cheered, their cheers following. This was gonna be rough. Rough as the drive to the bar, they avoided all questions about last night’s incidents and spoke of new video ideas. Ten minutes passed and we finally made it to the rather popular bar.

“Shots!” Me and Max chimed, Ian giggled and found us a booth as we waited for Chad with the shots. Max went for a piss so it was me and Ian.

“Did it hurt…”

“Did what hurt Ian?”

“When he left, I didn’t wanna bring it up I just wanna know. He loves you so much I know he does-”

“If he did he wouldn’t of left. I get it, it’s not the first time I’ll just push through somehow…I don’t fucking know.”

“Guess who got shots, ya boy did!” Chad exclaimed excitedly, I couldn’t help but chuckle and avoid the concerned look from Ian. Max bounced over with his phone in hand and a great big smile on his face.

“Smile boys!” He laughed, snapping a good photo and uploading it to Twitter, rambling about how good we looked and how were were the new NBA , the usual random shit. Max’s phone lit with a familiar number but I just ignored it.After chugging alcohol for about half hour with random conversations, Max and Chad bounced to the dance floor. I played with my empty glasses awkwardly, enjoying the loud music and the aesthetic of the bar.

Ian clearly was itching to join the boys.

“Go, enjoy yourself, somebody gotta look after our shit anyway.” I spoke softly.

Reluctantly, Ian ran to the boys and I smiled. My buzz cut off as the alcohol began attacking my mindset, it fucking hurt. Depressing noises from a cliché love song filled the bar.

I met you in the dark
You lit me up
You made me feel as though
I was enough
We danced the night away
We drank too much
I held your hair back when
You were throwing up

“I love you baby, so much.”

“I love you too-”

God that fucking killed, a dagger to the fucking stomach over and over. The memories of him, his beautiful chocolate eyes, the lines where he smiled, the feeling of his hand on mine, his chaotic humour and insane ideas. The way he’d wake me up at 4am with a coffee and a brand new idea for a video or a snippet of a song he was working on.

Then you smiled over your shoulder
For a minute, I was stone cold sober
I pulled you closer to my chest
And you asked me to stay over
I said, I already told ya
I think that you should get some rest

His crazy hair and the way it would stick up if he slept funny so he’d always lay flat with my head on his chest. His plump lips against my skin and the way they mold into that iconic smile, that led to a radiant laughter that could fill a stadium with cheering.

I got used to that smile.

I knew I loved you then
But you’d never know
Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go
I know I needed you

The second the boys met the booth, I bolted out of the bar, tears running down my cheeks as I clutched my phone to my chest. The music pounded as hard as my heart, it felt blood was gonna pour out of my ears.

Shakily, my hands typed in his name and I clicked ring.

Ring, ring, ring.


“I love you. I love you so fucking much please, I need you please It was all bullshit I need you. You don’t even need to love me back but you just need to know…I need you to know that I adore you so much. The rumours got to us It shouldn’t have please Joji I love you so much.”

He hung up.

I know I needed you
But I never showed
But I wanna stay with you
Until we’re grey and old
Just say you won’t let go
Just say you won’t let go

I heard sniffling from behind me.

There he stood. A deep blue hoodie covering a white tee, black jeans and white vans. His eyes were heavy with red circles. I pushed my phone into my pocket and he pulled me into his arms, I cried hard and his sobs trembled as he smoothed the top of my head, pressing a kiss to my hair.

“I’m so sorry I’m so sorry-”

He kissed me hard as tears covered our faces, salty trickles meeting and falling. God it fucking hurt but it was relieving at the same.

“I’m so sorry for everything.”

“We can work this out, all of this it’s all gonna be okay.”

I’m so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold

New Encounters - pt 2

okaaaay so I know I said I was working on a Wonho request buuuut, I just got sudden ideas for this. I’m sorry and thank you guys for waiting for so long <3 Tell me what you think and enjoy! Beware: this is pre-review for edits.

Summary: You saw Baekhyun twice in one day. Was it fate or an accident?

Idol: Byun Baekhyun

Genre: Fluff? Smut?

Word Count: 1,394

Prologue , Part 1

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

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Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

[Trigger warning: Violence, Blood] 

 “Well, you’re not my real dad anyway! You can’t tell me what to do!” Gavin yelled, practically screaming. “I wish you were dead!”

That was the last thing Gavin had said to Geoff.

He couldn’t even remember what they were fighting about now. It was all a blur. 

Next thing he knew, they were being ushered into a hospital room, where Geoff was lying on one of the beds. The man had clearly taken a beating. He was unconscious with various wires linking his body to the slowly beeping machinery. His skin was mostly hidden by stark white bandages, but what could be seen was a distressingly dark shade of purple. 

Gavin was the first to break the tense silence. “…. It’s all my fault.” 

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Stuck With Each Other - an Olicity AU

Rating: T

Words: 4421

Prompt: It’s late, everything in the airport is closed, and our flight just got cancelled. I have never met you before but I guess we’re stuck together until the next flight. (thanks to @otpisms for the prompt!) 

Notes: Another title, another song lyric. Does anyone else still jam out to the song Stuck With Each Other by Shontelle whilst thinking about Olicity? Just me? Okay.

It felt right to title this fic after that song because they kind of literally are stuck with each other.This was the original fic I started for Camp NaNoWriMo but 5k words in I started to struggle. I’ve actually started the next (and final) chapter so hopefully it won’t be too long before I finish and post it! I was hoping posting the first part would motivate me to finish it… so yeah. I hope you like this! 

Thanks to @bokayjunkie here for always letting me muse and for reading through this and encouraging me to keep writing even when I feel like everything I write just sucks. I super appreciate it <3

This is un-beta’d so all mistakes are mine. I’m always looking for a beta if anyone wants to volunteer though! I would really appreciate the help more than I can express. Feel free to send me a message on here or on Twitter if you’re interested :)

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“Was that your boyfriend?”

Felicity looked up, startled. Was this guy speaking to her?

“Excuse me?”

She took a stab in the dark and guessed that yes, he was speaking to her. Given that he was now smiling at her.

“On the phone. Was that your boyfriend?”

Felicity frowned. Why was he asking her that? Why were guys so hell bent on asking girls about their boyfriends before even asking them about themselves?

“No, my girlfriend actually. I date girls,” she grinned, enjoying the shocked expression that he tried to conceal by nodding his head and looking away quickly. “I’m kidding. Not that there’s anything wrong with dating girls, I just… don’t bend that way. And anyway, regardless of who I am or am not dating, don’t you know it’s rude to eavesdrop on someone’s conversation, a complete stranger’s can I just add, and then ask them who they were talking to? Don’t you have manners?”

This time he looked apologetic. A little uncomfortable too, but mostly just sorry. For himself probably, for ending up stuck talking to a babble-mouth like her. Then again, he started the conversation. Somewhat rudely she might add. So on his head be it. It’s not like there was anyone else who looked even remotely interesting to talk to anyway. And besides, he was cute. A tired and bedraggled kind of cute, like he hadn’t slept for more than a few hours last night, but cute all the same. So she’d put aside his rudeness of eavesdropping on her conversation as long as she could keep looking at him. He definitely reminded her of someone but she couldn’t remember who. Probably some model on the front of a magazine somewhere. He had the jawline for it. And the eyes. And the perfectly groomed facial hair. And definitely the shoulders. And probably also the - anyway, where was she? Right, insulting a cute, model-like stranger.

“I’m sorry. I get a little… chatty when I’m stressed.” Felicity offered, smiling apologetically at him.

“And insulting?” He grinned.

She could tell he was joking but she still felt bad. Damn this cute, model-like stranger for making her feel bad when he was the one who had been rude in the first place.

“Sorry about that. It comes with the chattiness. I’m honestly not a mean person by nature, it’s just… anxiety,” She blushed, shaking her head, effectively dismissing herself automatically before she went into over sharing mode and ran her fingers through her hair.

Phew, why had it suddenly got so hot in here?!

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Tequila and Pancakes

Prompt: “I’m coming to get you, stay there.”

The bright lights danced in front of your eyes as the music pounded through the room. You smiled happily as you conversed with your friends as you soaked in the atmosphere of the club.

“Y/N! Here!” Your friend excitedly dragged you over to join her at the bar. “Let’s do shots!”

You should have said no. You should have just said no. You were already feeling warm and slightly lightheaded from the alcohol you’d consumed. You knew you were starting to slur your words. But it was girls night. Girls night always included shots. That was your justification for eagerly downing the five tequilas that were placed in front of you in the next hour.

But that’s what led to your current situation. Leant up against cold brick wall with extremely sore feet, a heavy head and blurred vision. You groaned as you squinted at the time on your phone. It was nearly 2am. You’d lost your friends in the crowd on the chaotic dancefloor twenty minutes ago and had been relocate to find them.

“Time to give Ruth a call” you muttered to yourself quietly. You struggled for a minute to enter the right passcode on your phone and mentally cursed yourself for the tequila shots. You grimaced as you squinted intently at your phone, the screen wouldn’t come into focus. “Why did I do this to myself?” you whined, your words slurred together sloppily. Then it hit you. Voice recognition. You happily pressed down the big button on your phone. This was what technology was useful for. You smiled smugly as your phone asked you for instructions. “Call Ruth” you sang confidently down the phone.

“Okay. Calling Luke” the electronic voice responded. The alcohol meant you didn’t catch on to the mistake until it was too late.

“Pick up! Pick up!” you barked as you held the phone to your ear. You heard the line connect. “I’m outside…I’m slightly- no, I’m very very very drunk” you whispered loudly down the phone.

“Y/N?” a voice responded, sounding muffled.

“My feet really hurt. Can we go home now? I really want- ouch!” you interrupted yourself by losing your balance and stumbling over. “The wall just hit me” you told them, rubbing your arm where it had scraped the brick.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” a gruff voice asked. A voice that did not sound like Ruth’s.

You screwed up your face in confusion. “Ruth why do you sound so weird? You sound like a man. Have you done a Sambuca shot without me?” you questioned, outraged at your friend’s perceived betrayal.

“Y/N this is Luke” a sleepy voice answered.

“Luke? Why are you calling me?” you shouted loudly down the phone. “Is there a case?”

“No. You called me remember Y/N? Do you need help?” His voice sounded concerned.

“I’m fine” you sang down the phone. “We went to that new club and…Luke you have to try their cocktails. They’re amazing!”

“Are you drunk?”

“No!” you shouted loudly, incredulous at the mere suggestion.

“Are you by yourself?”

“I lost them. I’m going to go home now though. I’ll just find a taxi- ouch!” you cursed as you stubbed your toe on the pavement as you began to go in search of transportation.

You heard Luke sigh wearily down the phone. “No, you won’t. Listen to me Y/N. Stay right where you are. I’ll come and pick you up.”

You scoffed in disbelief. “I’m fine. I don’t need you to-“

“Y/N? Are you okay?”

“My heel broke” you hissed, starring in anger at your new shoe. “They were brand new-“

“Right Y/N I’ll be ten minutes.” You could hear him moving before a door slammed at his end.

“I’ll be-“ you started to protest.

I’m coming to get you, stay there” Luke told you firmly. You knew there was no room for debate. His tone warned you to halt your futile protests. “Wait by the main doors and keep your phone out. Text your friend to tell them you’ve gone home. I’ll see you soon-“

“Luke I’m sorry” you murmured down the phone. You felt immensely guilty – dragging him out of bed with your drunken antics. You could feel yourself starting to sober up as the embarrassment began to grow.

You heard him chuckle softly. “It’s fine Y/N. Besides there’s worse things I could be doing on a Saturday night- well early Sunday morning than spending time with you.” You could hear the smile in his voice, a small grin creeping across your face in response. But he didn’t give you time to respond. “I’m on my way. Stay safe until I get there.”

“Bye Luke.”

You pitifully wandered back towards the entrance. You were never going to live this down. Although you were definitely going to place some of the blame on Cortana. You wrapped your arms around yourself as the chilly wind blew harder. You’d learnt your lesson. It was only a couple of minutes later when Luke’s car pulled up. He got out to greet you. You tried to conceal your smile – he’d clearly rushed out of bed to come to your aid. He was wearing dark sweatpants and a tight navy shirt, you felt your cheeks burn as you admired his muscular arms. He smiled softly at you as he approached, running a hand through his messier-than-usual, short curly hair. How did he still look this good at 2am.

“Hey you.” He laughed as he took in your dishevelled appearance. “I take it you had a good night” he teased.

“Luke” you whined, hitting him playfully on his arm. You really didn’t want reminding about the state you were in, especially by him.

“Hey! Is this the thanks I get for coming to your rescue?” he chuckled as he easily deflected your aim.

“I didn’t need rescuing. Blame my stupid phone” you mumbled incoherently.
Luke’s eyes sparkled with mirth as he looked you up and down. “You can thank me tomorrow then.”

You stuck your tongue out at him childishly. You felt a pit of dread start to form in the bottom of your stomach at the thought of waking up tomorrow. You shivered as a gust of wind rippled through the air.

“Here.” You felt a warmth encase you as Luke wrapped his jacket around you. You were too cold and too embarrassed to protest. You buried your head in deeper into its comfort to avoid looking at Luke. It smelt like him. You supressed a smile.

“Thanks…thanks for everything” you mumbled, yawning widely. The combination of tiredness and alcohol beginning to affect you.

“Don’t mention it. Besides you can make it up to me in the morning.”

You glanced up at Luke, tilting your head in confusion. “I’m sorry?”

“You can make me pancakes as a thank you” he grinned at your bewilderment. “You didn’t think I was going to let you cause more chaos tonight, did you? I think your drunk dialling has shown that you can’t be trusted to be left alone. You can stay at mine, if you promise to make me breakfast in the morning?” he smirked, leading you towards his car.

“Doesn’t look like I have much of a choice, does it?” you mumbled as he held the door open for you. He laughed softly as you sat down. “Hey Y/N?”

“What now?” you asked exasperatedly. Luke bent down so he was hovering just above you. He looked at you intently for a moment, his dark eyes making your cheeks flush. He leant forward. You swore your heart skipped a beat.

“Don’t forget your seatbelt” he smirked, before pulling the belt across you and plugging it in.

“You’re such a-“ your insults were cut short by Luke shutting the door.

True, you were embarrassed. True, you were going to really regret your decision in the morning. But, inside you felt a small glow of happiness at the way the night had turned out. And you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of breakfast with Luke tomorrow. Even if you were the one who had to cook it.

I Was Happier With You Ch.2 (Trixya)- Doll Parts

A/N: I’m baaack. I would have updated sooner but long story short, someone gave me a stomach bug halfway through my Cinco De Mayo shift at work this past week. As always thanks a bunch to my Beta, Andi<3

If you like the story, go ahead and like or comment cause I need positive affirmation lol

This chapter is all about Katya, look forward to having Trixie back in the next!

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Jack Maynard - Stressed Out

Anon: Hey :) Would you like to write a thing where y/n is not taking care of herself because of something stressful coming up, Jack tries to help during the hard times but y/n eventually snaps at him. After everything’s over y/n gets so tired and maybe even a bit ill that she ends up crying. Jack finds her like that and helps her relax and takes care of her, y/n apologizes for not listening to him before and snapping at him. I’d just love some fluff if you’re up for it :)

Requested: Yes

A/N: Enjoy this little imagine. I actually can’t really write short imagines I’m sorry I just have a lot to say haha! Hope this is what you were looking for. Let me know if you like it. 

Word Count: 1778

The past two months has been more stressful than ever for you. Ever since you moved to London, you felt the pressure to prove to everyone back home that it was the right choice. To be fair, you were actually doing really well for yourself. Your career just kept blossoming, you even made a lot of cool friends. The one that probably meant the most to you was your boyfriend Jack. He had been super supportive and helpful throughout. Sometime though, you felt like you were taking too much from him.

Today was one of those days. You had a huge release at the end of the month, and you had been working your butt off to perfect everything. It was one of those make it or break it moments. It was 2am on a Wednesday morning, and you had been up since 9am on Tuesday. You couldn’t remember the last meal you had, but you did not feel hungry either way. You hadn’t even spent much time with Jack lately. Your housemates, Jack, Conor and Josh had all gone out to celebrate one of their mates’ birthdays. You were invited of course, but right now the only thing on your mind was the project you were working on.

The three boys you lived with stumbled in close to 3am, the alcohol clearly having done its job. “Oh sorry (Y/N). Didn’t know you were working still”, Josh stopped as they saw you at the kitchen counter with a mug of tea that had most likely gone cold by then.

“(Y/N)”, Jack called out to you softly as he saw you hunched over your laptop, flyaways sticking out from the bun on your head, bags under your eyes. You were still wearing Jack’s t-shirt from the night before when you went to bed. He walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder. You absently mindedly reached for his hand as you continued your work.

“Babe. Let’s go to bed. You’ve been up far too long”, he tried to pry you away from your work. You didn’t budge, humming in protest. “Love, please? C’mon it’s really late.”

“Jack I’m really busy.”

“I know love, but it’s late. You’ll fall sick.” Your stomach grumbled as he spoke. “(Y/N)”, his voice held a note of warning. “Did you have dinner?”

You only shook your head in response, knowing he would lecture you. “What about lunch?” This time you kept still.


“What? I’m not hungry okay? I didn’t wanna eat!”, you pulled away from him.

“But you need to eat! You can’t go a whole day without any food!” his voice rose, worry laced in his words. “You’ve been up this whole time too! You’re gonna fall sick.”

“Jack”, you tried to keep your voice calm. You could feel the annoyance pulsing through, but you did not want to start a fight. Especially not when you had so much else on your mind. “I’m fine. I’m not hungry, I’m not tired. I’m busy right now. I need to get this done soon okay?”

“No. You’re gonna take a break right now. And I’m going to get you some food. You’ll eat up, we’ll watch some TV, and then we’ll go to bed. Tomorrow, once you’ve had a good night’s rest, you can continue.”

“Excuse me?” You were pretty annoyed at this point. “I do not need anyone to baby me. I said I was fine, so I’m telling you to drop it.”

“Babe you need your rest!”

“What I need is for you to leave me alone.”

“Not until you give yourself a break!”

“I seriously don’t need you telling me to do! I’m a bit busy at the moment”, you said sarcastically, gesturing to your laptop.

“You’re not gonna keep working right now”, he said reaching over to close your laptop shut.

“What the hell Jack? I was doing work!” You knew Josh and Conor were going to walk in any second now. You both were being very loud. “You don’t fucking go around messing with my shit! I was working on that!”

“You’ve been like this for weeks now! I don’t even see you anymore!” Jack was almost shouting now.

“Oh for god’s sake! I’m sorry I’m actually trying to get shit done. I don’t just laze around all day.” Jack’s face fell. Part of you felt bad, but you weren’t thinking straight. You were still fired up.

By now the other two residents had walked into the kitchen to find you arguing. You turned around as you heard them walk in. Huffing loudly, you grabbed your laptop and went to the balcony. You didn’t want to risk going to your bedroom since Jack would end up there too. You sat yourself down at the table on the balcony, and opened your laptop in hoped of continuing your work. As you brought your hands to the keypad, you felt yourself start to shake ever so slightly. Tears were starting to brim at your lids. You clenched your fists tight and tried to control your breathing. You were not one to have panic attacks, but you started to feel a build-up of overwhelming emotions take over. You slouched back into the chair as you felt yourself lose control and break down. Tears flowed down your cheeks as your body heaved with silent sobs.

Through the gap of the half-closed balcony door, you could hear the boys talking to Jack. His voice clearly louder than the other two. You couldn’t make out what he was saying, but his tone held notes of exasperation. Your clouded mind was too tired to do anything at this point. You felt somewhat guilty for what you did, but you were not even sure why. You couldn’t think straight. Exhaustion was taking over your body but your mind and heart felt too heavy to drift off. You were sat for what felt like hours, but was only a few minutes, as the cold London air chilled you to a point of numbness. At least you thought it was the cold air, it was easier to blame.

The door to the balcony slid open and close. A figure you usually sought for comfort stood before you. “Love?” The only response Jack got was a deep shaky breath from you. He moved over to you, gently lifting you up and taking a seat where you were sat before, placing you on his lap. “What’s wrong love?”, a frown plastered on his face as he took in the sight of your tear-stained face.

This caused a series of sobs to break through your barrier. You couldn’t control the tears anymore. “Oh love!” Jack pulled you flush against him as you buried your face under his chin, crying your emotions out. “Let it all out love”, he whispered soothed, rubbing circles on your back.

It felt like forever before you the tears stopped. The heaving however, was a work in progress. You could not stop your shoulders and chest from shaking. “I’m sorry. Are you mad?”

Jack replied with a kiss on your temple. “Shh shh. It’s okay love. You know I was just worried about. I don’t like seeing you like that. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” His chin rested on top of your head, his arms wrapped tightly around you, as if protecting you.

“I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m just stressed and all you know”, you apologised again.

“How about we just go back in? I’ll run you a bath, and maybe order pizza and put on some Friends? You could use some down time.”

“I think I could.”

He ran the bath, getting you in and helping you unwind. He left to order your favourite pizza, and came back, sitting behind you outside the bathtub. His hands reached for your shoulders as he whispered in your ear, “Fancy a massage love?”

He left you to enjoy the rest of your bath after the generous massage. As you got back to his room, you found he had laid a pair of sweats and t-shirt out for you. You changed and dried yourself off. Jack’s scent still lingered on his clothes, comforting you. As you walked out, you saw all three boys gathered around the living room. Josh and Conor had already dug into the pizza. You smiled at the other two boys sheepishly, “Sorry about earlier.”

They waved you off. “Don’t sweat it (Y/N)”, Conor said. Josh reached out to give you a side hug.

“C’mere (Y/N)”, Jack called from his spot on the couch, his arms open and waiting for you. You dove straight in, snuggling up to him. The weight that had been pulling down was gone. You felt more at ease despite having the same workload waiting for you. The pressure had lessened and you felt content, ready for to laze around for a bit. There was always tomorrow.

“Here you go love”, he reached over to get you both a slice of pizza. As you filled up, you felt brain wind down with the iconic comedy on play. Not long after, Josh and Conor left to head to their own rooms, bidding you goodnight.

“Jack”, you turned to face him once you were both alone. “Thank you. I really don’t what I did to deserve you. But thank you.”

“I’d do anything for you (Y/N)”, he sounded almost shocked that you thought he would not.

“I know love. I just really wanted you to know just how much you mean to me. I love you so much.”

The smile that lit up his face, reaching all the way to his eyes, made your heart beat faster. “I love you too. So so so much.” You reached to cup his face as you leaned in, kissing him as meaningfully as you could. He eagerly reciprocated, deepening the kiss. His arms snaked to your bum, as he lifted you on top of him. You pulled away a few seconds later, the kiss getting too heated. “Not today Jack, sorry.”

“It’s fine babe”, he moved you back to your original position on the sofa, pecking you on the lips. You reached for your fourth slice of pizza that night, letting your mind drift off as you enjoyed your boyfriend’s comforting presence next to you. You weren’t sure what else happened that night, but the next morning, you woke up to find yourself and Jack in the same position on the sofa as the night before. You pressed a kiss on his lips, adjusting yourself comfortably to fall back asleep.

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