it is 'ALWAYS darkest before the dawn'

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It's always darkest before the dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. ~Author Unknown


Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine

Aries: And I’m ready to suffer and I’m ready to hope, it’s a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat

Taurus: I’m always dragging that horse around, our love is pastured, such a mournful sound. Tonight I’m gonna bury that horse in the ground

Gemini: I can see no way, I can see no way, and all of the ghouls come out to play

Cancer: And I’ve been a fool, and I’ve been blind, I can never leave the past behind

Leo: Regrets collect like old friends, here to relive your darkest moments

Virgo: And I am done with my graceless heart, so tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart

Scorpio: I like to keep my issues drawn, it’s always darkest before the dawn

Libra: It’s a fine romance but it’s left me so undone

Sagittarius: And it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off

Capricorn: And every demon wants his pound of flesh, but I like to keep some things to myself

Aquarius: Well what the hell, I’m gonna let it happen to me

Pisces: Looking for heaven, found the devil in me

Always Darkest Before the Dawn

A/N: Needed to get this out after the filming spoilers this week, so if you are trying to avoid the spoilers and I tag you and the end, don’t read lol. Hold on to your feels. And I know: two drabbles in one day? Crazy, I know. Hope you like it. :)

Always: / AO3

He didn’t want to wake up.

           He knew if he did he would realize that what happened was real…that it wasn’t a dream.

           As his eyes slowly parted, the rays of the sun blinded him momentarily as they glinted off the metal object lying next to the nightstand. The curved blade that had once been his vessel for revenge for so long was now his own weakness. The name that was engraved into the cursed steel was one in which he never thought he would see, and yet it taunted him. It had only been mere hours since he tried to summon the Dark One, but for some inexplicable reason, it didn’t come—she didn’t come.

           David tried to take the dagger from him after his first attempt had failed, but he wouldn’t let him. Then Mary Margaret tried to calm him down, but how could anyone remain calm after what they had just witnessed? It was Robin who had gotten through to him—not through words, but through rum. This was a man who never really had gotten to know much, but he knew exactly what Killian needed at the moment to ease just a little bit of the pain. Robin escorted him to the Beer Garden and after about two or five, the darkness of the impending blackout creeped into his consciousness. He couldn’t remember a thing until he woke, and now the words “Emma Swan” emblazoned on the dagger brought everything back in seconds.

           A heavy pounding at the door cause him to stir. It was at this moment when he realized that he was not in his bed at Granny’s. He was, in fact, in her room…in her bed. The dagger was on her nightstand; the sun was pouring out onto her belongings. The only thing missing was her…his Swan.          

           He heard voices from the kitchen downstairs, so Killian began to rouse himself from his sleep, but his head had other plans as a splitting headache overcame him.

           “You up, Sleeping Beauty?” Somehow through the fuzziness, he could tell it was David yelling.

           “You won’t find Aurora here, mate. Just me.”

           Chuckling, David made his way up the ladder into Emma’s loft space. “How are you feeling?”

           “Like I got hit by another bloody car…”

           “You look just as much. Do you need anything?”

           “Besides the obvious?” Killian said in his most defeated tone, “I could use something to get rid of this headache…”

           “Say no more. Mary Margaret is like a human pharmacy.” With that, David moved swiftly to the ladder and climbed down.

           He didn’t want to, but he followed David towards the ladder, and much like the tortoise to David’ hare, he sluggishly climbed down the ladder as well.

           “Look who came to join the party!” Robin exclaimed, sitting at the dining table. It must have been him who had been knocking at the door that fully woke him up.

           “I hope no one had any fun without me,” Killian said in a very clipped tone as he sat at the table. He was no mood to joke around.

           It took five minutes of awkward silence for Robin to break it, and all he could say was, “Killian…”

           “What, Robin?” Killian answered, eyes closed while pinching the bridge of his nose.

           “I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”

           Killian lost it. He pushed himself up to his feet, and had his palms flat on the table, starting at Robin as he said “Do you THINK I am alright Robin? The love of my life just sacrificed herself, AGAIN, for this town, and not only that, she is now the Dark One. I spent centuries trying to get my revenge on the Crocodile with that dagger, and now? It’s the only connection I have to her. AND I CAN’T EVEN SUMMON HER!” Emotionally drained, Killian collapsed back in his chair, slumping over.

           Clearly hearing the rant, David rushed over to Killian with two aspiring and a glass of water. He placed the aspirin in his hand and waited for him to place them on the tip of his tongue before handing him the water next. “Killian, I understand how hard this is, but being this way isn’t going to bring her back any sooner. Plus, you need to be the light that guides her back. Don’t let this bring back the darkness in you. I know my daughter is the reason the goodness in you resurfaced, and I’m glad it did.”

           “Are you saying that we have your blessing, Dave?” Killian said.

           Smiling, David replied, “You had my blessing when you brought her back to us. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t make a mistake in giving it to you.”

           “Well played, mate.”

           “Now, we know the dagger isn’t working at this time. What’s our next move?” David asked.

           Killian planned on listening to their strategy meeting, but his eyes caught on something peeking out of the closet. He rose from his seat and walked over the door and opened it. On its hanger was Swan’s red leather jacket.

           From behind him, he could hear Robin say, “What are you doing, Killian?” but he was entranced by it. She was wearing it the day they met. She wore it when they went up the beanstalk together—the day when he realized that this woman could possibly mean something to him. It was like her suit of armor, and here it was without its owner.

           Suddenly, an idea struck him. “A locator spell.”

           “Come again?” said Robin

           “A locator spell. We can use Emma’s jacket to form a locator spell.”

           “Hey, that’s the first decent idea anyone of us has had,” said David.

           “Well then what are we waiting for, gentlemen? I’ll phone Regina on the way,” said Robin. As the three of them gathered their personal affects, Killian stopped them. “Wait! I need to get something from the loft.” As climbed the stairs quicker than he ever had before, and as he reached the top, he made it to the night stand in two long strides. Grasping the handle of the dagger in his left hand, and Emma’s jacket draped over his left arms, he spoke to himself, “I’m coming, my love. Come hell or high water, I will find you. Always.”

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The Way We Were- Part 6, Finale

In late 2014, Tom and Noelle have found themselves at an impasse—their lives consistently separated by distance and time. Neither able to pull on the love they had in their relationship, will they find their way back to each other? Or will they always lament about the way they were?

A/N: This is a mini-series originated from my RP with charlotteanndonaghue, this is Tom and Noelle (from The Night is Darkest Before the Dawn) in the present day.

This chapter picks up right where the last left off. NSFW

A huge thanks to everyone who came along for this little ride in Tom & Noelle’s story. There’s a note at the end of this to give a little preview…as more will be coming for the dynamic duo and their cast of characters. 

Part One/ Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five

Part 6– Los Angeles

Noelle felt her body relax into Tom’s; the sensation of euphoria mixed with relief at having his arms and hands against her back, her waist.  For so long, she’d been without any physical contact, nothing close to this nature, and she wanted it—needed it for as long as she could have it.  Which, Noelle realized, she had not a single clue as to what Tom’s schedule was in Los Angeles.

She pulled away from his mouth to catch her breath, “Wh—Where are you staying? In the hotel?” she gasped, watching as his long lashes opened to gaze at her.  She was not expecting the blush across his face as he placed her back onto the carpet.

“Well—“ he trailed off and Noelle’s eyes narrowed on his features. His chest rose and fell as he struggled for air, and the right words.

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Stay Classy San Diego

My wonderful, lovely, friend graymindlove always sends me the best in Fassy updates and delicious photos. So….. to be a kind and loving friend in return, here is a little one-shot/drabble for her (and all of you).  This photo was the inspiration.

In their timeline, Tom and Noelle attend SDCC in 2015.  Also, in attendance is one Michael Fassbender (along with many others). As shown in a few of their stories, when Noelle and Fassy collide, things go crazy.  Enjoy!

“Oh my GOD!”

Noelle slammed her heel down into the carpeted ground right before Michael stepped forward. When he jumped backwards, he nearly lost the water bottle in his hand as he flung his arms to out to his sides.

“What is your problem, ‘Elle? You’ve tried to take my head off twice! I said I’m sorry!”

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I Found Love (Where It Wasn’t Supposed To Be) - Chapter Ten

Title: I Found Love (Where It Wasn’t Supposed To Be)

[Island AU] Summary:

Five months after Felicity started “working” for Fyers she helped a stranger - a prisoner tortured by Billy Wintergreen. Little did she know how much her life would change because of that. When their paths continue to cross, a partnership forms and the journey to find a way back home turns into something more than any of them expected. Can they survive everything that will stand on their way to happiness?

They say, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Chapter: 10/?

Word Count: 13,065

Rating of the story: F/M

Warnings: Graphic Descriptions Of Violence, Torture, Suicide Attempt, Possible Mature/Explicit Content In Later Chapters

Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow or the characters. The idea for this story is mine.

Soundtrack: I Found Love on

Preview: “She was panting when she ran out of the cave, her hands pushing away from the stone as her head whipped from side to side frantically, and she could feel a sob building up in her throat because the only thing she could see were trees and high bushes. The only sound she could hear was the water cascading over the rocks somewhere behind her.

She pushed through the burning sensation she felt in the muscles of her legs and the throbbing pain in her head, and ran straight ahead through the thick bushes. The twigs snapping when she ran into them, some of them whipping across her face, the stinging barely felt because of the fear that forced her to keep going. She could hear him close behind her and she forced herself to run faster, dark spots dancing in front of her eyes and she knew her body couldn’t take that kind of exertion yet.

She needed to get out. She just needed to get out.

Tears welled up in her eyes, making her vision blurry and it was enough to put her foot in the wrong place on the ground, making her stumble, her run faltering as her body swayed to the side. Before she crashed to the ground though, a strong pair of hands caught her, hauling her up and into the wide chest of the mercenary that kept her prisoner.

“No!” she half sobbed, half yelled at him as she pushed at his grip and bucked against him to get away. To do something, anything, because she refused to think it was already over.

His grip on her only hardened, fingers digging into her wrists painfully when he grabbed her to stop her movements and she knew there would be bruises. A growl of angry foreign words left his lips when she threw her head to the back, clipping him on the chin with the movement and then it was like his whole resolve snapped.

One hand shot up to hold both of her wrist so strongly that she could swear her bones would crack if he squeezed a bit harder, the other one sneaked around her waist and he lifted her off her feet without a problem. Then he was moving back to the cave with her trapped in his tight grip, showing her how strong of a man he was, how she couldn’t do anything to stop him from bending her to his will.

She screamed.

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That you’re amazing. That despite whatever ails you today you are the most important person in the world– nay, the Universe! You’re amazing for waking up today, if you got dressed? Great! If you decided today was a lazy day, you’re still perfect. Anxiety got you down? That’s okay, we’re all here for you and we’re patient enough to wait until you’re at a mentally healthy level to join us once more. Just remember that whatever you’re going through — It will pass, and good things are ALWAYS on the horizon.

Remember: it’s always the darkest before dawn.

Always Darkest Before the Dawn

read it on the AO3 at

by captainswanismyendgame

Set after the filming of 5x01 so **spoilers ahead.** Killian isn’t taking the latest sacrifice that Emma has made very well.

Words: 1056, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

laccapercapelli e loverman13 io sono una brutta persona e fino a quando non ho messo mani al pc non ho fatto questa catena. Ma la faccio ora. Non odiatemi <3

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  • Shake it out- Florence and the machine
    It’s always darkest before the dawn.

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         Non ti muovere
Little miss sunshine

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non guardo serie tv. Odiatemi pure. Guardo sporadicamente Grey’s Anatomy, ho visto per intero Full Metal Alchemist e metà di Evangelion (due su tre sono anime, fantastico!). Sono una brutta persona, l’ho detto!

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  • diarietilici lui è speciale e basta. C’è da cinque anni e chissà per quanto ancora mi romperà il cazzo. Poi, anche se su tumblr sembra tutto acido e humor nero, in realtà è una persona gentile e disponibile!
  • zigomidaguerra Pure lei mi rompe il cazzo da cinque anni ed è tipo la mia fantastica migliore amica. Basta una birra, un gradino, delle patatine e la verità, su tutto. Rende il mondo più leggero
  • Il mio amico di Torino, G. E’ il mio tonno e io sono il suo pollo. Grazie a lui ho superato un periodo terribile e ho imparato a reagire in fretta e a non farmi schiacciare dalle cose.
  • mia sorella. Che pure se c’ha trent’anni e a volte fa la bambina, le voglio un sacco di bene e le parlo e cerco di metterle un po’ di buon umore e darle forza.

5 cose da mangiare

  • in questo momento il gelato vince su tutto. Cioccolato ovviamente.
  • il latte freddo coi biscotti le sere d’estate
  • La carne al sangue o alla brace. Sono una carnivora, potrei mangiare persino le vostre braccia.
  • le torte al cioccolato, magari la sacher.
  • il ragù de mammà (quando non minaccia cose random)

Non sono brava a scegliere le mie cose preferite, specie se si parla di libri o film, quindi dico le prime che mi vengono in mente. Ora taggo…
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Just as it’s always darkest just before dawn, so is the real football news the quietest just before the start of training camp. The good news? Another offseason is just about behind us and personally, I’ve never wanted a Super Bowl championship offseason to be over more. Most of this is of course related to Deflategate, which we could have a ruling on as soon as today or as late as the start of training camp. So yes, it’s a little sad we couldn’t enjoy this offseason, but the silver lining is there should be some leftover motivation heading into the new season.

So fire away with any questions you have and if you haven’t picked one up yet my 30+ page Patriots season preview book is available for just $4 here.

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