it irritates me that it's off

Baking Soda is the best thing for your face.

If you arent already putting baking soda on your face as a scrub & mask you need to start. You know why bath bombs make you so soft? baking soda. do it right now– put like a table spoon of baking soda in your hand, add a TINY bit of water to make it a paste then scrub it as you usually would scrub. arm & hammer is already super course so adding it to a  washcloth or “face scrubber idk” isnt needed & itll just irritate your face. so leave the mask on till its dry, rinse it off & telll me your face/probem areas isnt soft af. use your fave toner & moisturize 

Long story warning.

This was as a customer but still pissed me off. I was eating with my fiance at a meat and milkshake, its always pretty busy at this store cause its near a popular shopping spot in a touridt town. Its also pretty small holding maybe 50 people max. So there is usually a wait but never that bad and from what i have seen they have a decent turnover time.

Anyway we get seated in a corner where i can pretty much see the whole place. I had noticed this one irritated family, i think they were a party of 9 or 10, and out of reflex from being a server was keeping an eye on them in the waiting area. I had a feeling they were going to start something from the sour looks on all there faces and designer shopping bags they left scattered all over the lobby.

They were waiting for probably no more than 15 minutes cause in a restaurant that small and crowded it was obviously going to take some time. The servers were trying to put together one large table and was just waiting on one older couple to leave, which should not have been long seeing as their plates were empty and they were waiting for a ticket.

I saw the hostess go talk to the family several times, probably trying to reassure them it wouldnt be much longer. The last time she did this though i saw one of the sons, college aged and stereotypical white frat boy looking jerk, get in her personal space and point to a row of booths. The poor girl looked panicked cause they were getting clean but there was obviously more people waiting and it didnt make sense to break the party up to take up so many tables.

Yet as entitled people unfortunatly do they got their wish. Instead of waiting the few extra minutes they all filed into not three, which would have held them all, but four booths! Now some people might not see a problem with this, they were going to be seated any way so what does it matter right? Wrong! Very wrong!

They were going to originally be seates at a six top and a four top pushed together, only taking up two tables which probably were in the same section to begin with. But because of their asshole demands they were taking up four four tops which from the looks of it were in different servers sections. So now they had to either break up the tickets or a server has to hop all over the place to try and get that whole order together which is so rude that i am getting angry thinking about it.

I felt so bad for the clearly mostly teenage staff trying to put up with them, especialoy since they kept blocking traffic by getting up and down to talk to one another (and with all their bags) when it wouldnt have been an issue if they waited just five mintues more. I wish i had been able to see how their meal was handled, mostly to give me a chance to jump to defend the hard working staff which they were no doubt abusing, but we had to leave shortly after. I at least hope they left a decent tip since they obviously had so much money to spare. But seeing as its a rather cheap place to eat and they were jerks i doubt it. I made a point to tell our server/hostess that they were extra great and made a note when the manager came around asking how everything was going. I just wish i could have done more, like spill my drink all over those dumb assholes but the milkshake was too good to waste.

Tl;dr some jerk rich white family takes up a lot of space in a small restaurant, throwing off the seating chart and sections and making it hard for everone to move down the aisle

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Inocent neko!dan with bells on bows roundhis tale and neck is a gift for phil from his mum as shes worried he's alone and just fluff perhaps smut

Phil sighed. This was the third time his phone had gone off this morning. Whoever it was must’ve needed something important. He put down his work and picked up the phone, trying not to let his irritation get to him.



It was his mother. Why would she be calling him so early on a Friday? She knows he has work this early…

“Sorry to be calling you this early, I know you have work. I was just wondering what time you’d be coming home from work today?”

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hey, i just wanted to say, thank you so much to anyone that’s ever supported me in any way. from comments and kudos/likes and reblogs/tags and all, it all means so, so much to me. i wish i could accurately express it, or if there was something i could do in return as an appropriate thanks. sorry i’m awkward at times when responding to things, or maybe i get nervous and don’t respond at all, i just really do appreciate it all so much

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Hello! I saw the prompts and I was wondering if you could do 33 and 78 for solangelo? You don't have to do both though. Whatever you can would be great. Hufflepuff out. ✌

33. “Bite me.” “If you insist.”

Bite me!” Will blinked at Nico confused at first before shrugging it off and moving closer to Nico, “If you insist” and proceeding to

“Will! What did you do that for?” Nico looked a bit irritated. He had accidentally dropped his gaming console out of surprise.

“But you said to bite you. So, I did”

Nico blinked twice at his boyfriend and proceeded to look at him blankly for a moment,

and then finally, letting out a full blown laughter.

“It’s a gamer’s expression, Will. I didn’t mean literally”


“Ah, you look cute when you’re all flustered”

“Shut up” Nico just chuckled but ended up yelping abruptly when Will had him pinned and kiss him senseless.

78. “Stop biting that fucking lip!”

Nico groaned inwardly as he watched his boyfriend bit his lips while simultaneously trying to concentrate on the book he was currently reading.

How does the son of Apollo make lip biting look so damn sexy it’s starting to become one of Nico’s personal existential crisis.


“Yeah, is there something wrong” The medic glanced at his boyfriend worriedly.

“Can you stop biting that fucking lip?”

“What? Why?” Nico crossed his arms, cheeks turning pink and ended up mumbling his answer.

“I didn’t quite get that, Nico”

“I said, it’s because you make it look so sexy that I’m having a hard time trying not to pounce you

Will let out a soft chuckle, “You’re mumbling wasn’t that long”

“Well, the idea is in there. I still want to pounce you” Nico moved fast and close before trapping the other and giving him a predatory grin.

Will immediately closed his book before looking back at Nico, “How about you start working on it then?”

Nico didn’t wait being told a second time.

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a small batch of random aus
  • my heater broke and its the coldest month of the year can I stay over and hog all your blankets au
  • we meet at the beach and I find you with only your head poking out of the sand and about the drown by the incoming tide au
  • everyday your smoke alarm goes off and i being your irritated and considerate neighbour am going to give you personal lessons au
  • you asked me to water your plants while you were off on vacation, and after going into your apartment and finding out more about you I’m now fond?? au

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Kawanishi for the serial killer au?

Okay so since the scene I want to do with Kawanishi would be a spoiler for this one scene with a certain character that I’m waiting for someone to request, it’s time for…

Fun Facts About Kawanishi!
- Kawanishi is a very…efficient cop. He does his work quickly (which usually means pushing it off on his irritated but highly motivated partner, Shirabu) and makes sure to leave on time every day. 
- Despite his attitude toward paperwork and other tedious tasks, Kawanishi is actually a devoted officer. He has a strong sense of right and wrong (it is very wrong of people to commit crimes and cause him more paperwork), and he especially hates serial offenders (sooooo much extra work involved with those). 
- He’s secretly (not secretly; Tendou and Semi know and taunt him about it) crushing on his partner, which may or may not be part of why he pushes so much paperwork off on him. If Shirabu is drowning in paperwork, they’re not out on the streets where Shirabu’s in danger of getting shot. 
- Kawanishi’s moral compass when it comes to being aware of crimes and not reporting them is completely fixed. If you know something, say something. He dislikes silent bystanders almost as much as he dislikes the perpetrators. Because laziness or helplessness is no excuse not to call the police in his opinion. 

And It Broke (BVS)

Request: lex gets irritated that an employee is flirting with his new girlfriend (who is also an employee) + lex having a psychotic break in front of reader

Note: some craziness, jealousy, work-place relationships, psychotic breaks (I got my symptoms and shit off wikipedia okay so sorry if its not up to scratch) , I changed it from a crush to a new girlfriend, also I have no more exams so lol free this long weekend to write :)))))

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Have you ever had an itch that you constantly ignore, but it doesn’t go away? And it just keeps bothering you and irritating you until you finally scratch at it? Well, this is figuratively me.

First off, let me clarify this: I love both Yuri on Ice and Haikyuu. They were what kept me going through the shitty semester I had last year—I looked forward to each Wednesday and every Friday, and that’s what kept me distracted from spiraling headfirst into conflicting depression. But between then and now, on tumblr and on multiple social media platforms, I’ve noticed people from each fandom criticizing other animes. And it’s not constructive criticism nor is it enough to warrant a discussion. I know, I know—people are allowed to express their own opinions.

Continue reading if you want to actually read my rant (long post).

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Me: Mom, I don’t like babysitting for people we don’t know or our friends don’t know

My mom: It’s a friend of a friend on Facebook who needs a babysitter

Me: *sighs in irritation*

My mom: Babysitting was how I went to college with no debt

Does she not get that college is too expensive to pay off with babysitting money????? Like I’ll be in debt years after I graduate (It’s the norm these days and there’s no way I’ll receive any sort of financial aid) and I’ve come to terms with that. It’s not like the days of my parents where college was easily paid for.

4:45 am // l.d.

A/N: this wasnt requested, it was just a cute idea i got. ive been so inative, its mainly bc i was sick, but its also bc ive ben binge watching greys anatomy!!! im on season 3 rn, if anyone wants to talk to me about it they are totally free!!!!!!

It was roughly 4:45 a.m. when you heard a loud knocking on your window.

Knowing who it was you ignored it, snuggling back into your cocoon of blankets, trying hard to fall back asleep. The person at your window continued to knock, making it impossible for you to drift off. Getting irritated you gave in, reluctantly removing yourself from your bed.

Opening the window, you were met with familiar striking blue eyes. He clambered in, eyes lighting up as soon as h saw you. Before passing you to get to your bed, he gave you a light peck on the cheek. Usually, this would be a friendly gesture, something strictly platonic. But, when Liam’s lips came in contact with your cheek it felt as if electricity coursed through your body. You could feel your heartbeat get faster and you realized that if he wasn’t so giddy with joy he would’ve surely noticed it. You willed yourself not to touch the place where his lips touched.

You joined him on your bed, relaxing into your pile of blankets, planning on falling back to sleep. Not until you were interrupted by Liam vigorously shaking your shoulder.

“Arent you going to ask me why I’m so happy?”

He asked you this with such bright eyes that you couldn’t say no. Although, once you asked you wished you never did.

It was about Hayden. Again.

Before, he used to come to your house at these unholy answers to laugh and catch up. Now all he does is talk about Hayden. It was okay at first, you thought it was just a crush (just like the one you had on Liam yourself) until it turned into a full-scale obsession. He talked about her constantly, to no one else but you.

Obviously, it would be okay for him to talk about his crush on Hayden to you, after all, you were best friends. But no, you wanted more than that. You’ve had a crush on Liam for longer than you could remember and you thought you’d actually have a chance until Hayden sauntered into the picture. Of course, you weren’t going to be one of those girls that got extremely jealous of a boy that wasn’t yours, but seriously, your life was turning into a cliché teen movie.

“Y/N, hello… Can you hear me?”

You hadn’t realized Liam had been calling you all this while.

“You haven’t been listening have you?” he asked you.

You answered truthfully, confessing that you hadn’t been giving him your full attention. After promising to listen more he began talking and you also began to drift off, completely ignoring your previous promise.

Your ears perked up when the conversation started to get interesting.

“I think I’m going to ask her out.” He said, proud of himself for coming up with such a good idea. You were glad there was no light or else he would have seen your face drop at his statement.

“What do you think I should do Y/N, that’s why I always come to you, you always have the best advice.” He said this so genuinely that you just wanted to melt. Not wanting to give away your feelings away you gave him the answer he was looking for.

“I think you should ask her, tomorrow.” You said dryly, hoping he would contradict you. He didn’t, of course.

His face lit up when he heard what you said, He then started talking about how he was going to do it and about what he was going to say. It was at this point that you lost it. Putting on your calm and collected façade, you politely shooed him from your house, saying that you weren’t feeling well.

He knew you were lying, your heart skipped a beat, but he decided not to push it. He climbed out your window, muttering a quiet goodbye before leaving to his house.

When he left you wanted to scream. You wanted to scream at him for making him love you and above all you wanted to scream at yourself for developing feelings for a boy you knew you couldn’t have.

[for reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture, harold is a small owl]

One brown feather has veered - to the best of John’s observation - two milimeters off its supposed location, and Harold irritably tries to restore it to its proper place with increasingly aggressive beak strokes.

“Let me?” John suggests when Harold stops, the feather still crooked.

Harold stares at him, pupils shrinking in his orange eyes. Finally he hoots once softly. Once is for “yes”.

John runs his fingers along the feather gently. His fingers sink deeper into Harold’s plumage than he expected them to: the fluff-to-body ratio is significantly more than John assumed.

Sooner than John would have liked, the feather is in place. John withdraws his hand, and Harold darts forward, nibbling at John’s finger. John spreads his hands. “Hey, got it. Hands off.”

Harold pecks him again, slightly less carefully this time.

John processes this, re-runs his memory of the recent minutes. Recalls Harold’s eyelids drooping, just a little. Hesitantly, he says, “You want more?”

One hoot. John gives him another moment - to hoot again, to change his mind, whatever. He gives in when Harold starts looking impatient. Can’t get himself pecked to death while Harold is more avian than usual.

Harold’s eyes slip shut as John rakes tender fingers through his chest feathers, Harold’s short curved beak turned upwards. Harold edges forward, ducking under John’s hand until it’s petting at the top of his head, then fluffs his wings, seeming very pleased.

“All right,” John says, a long way from unhappy himself. “All right.”

Harold likes variety. He moves when he gets bored, directing John to scritch down his back, and towards his chest again, and on his sides with his wings spread to allow John access, and once more to the top of his head. Finally he gives John a decisive nibble.

“That it?” John says.

He shouldn’t be sorry to receive a single hoot in response. His hand was starting to cramp anyway.

here is a fun story: when i was like 14 i accidentally stumbled across welcome to night vale with a friend and we were like “why not” so me and her sat around my house listening to the first episode without knowing anything about it and everything threw us off and it was a wild ride but i was hooked

at like 2am awhile later i had like a happy breakdown bc we’d just listened to the phone call and i just could not get over how totally normal cecil’s crush on carlos was being treated and at the time i was closeted and lying to myself that i wasn’t closeted or cycling through identities trying to find one that was close enough to cis and straight that i could pretend

and here was this story that starred a couple that was two guys and it was totally normal and their story wasn’t about and didn’t even mention bigotry like at the time i’d consumed so much Tragic Gay™ media that i just kind of thought that’s how it WAS for people who weren’t cishet

and in the 4 years since i’ve personally grown a lot and i owe kind of a lot to this podcast and the people involved in it; it’s influenced my writing, it’s influenced how i feel about myself as a bisexual trans guy, it’s helped my ability to stand for what i believe in

it’s sort of funny bc when i started this podcast i was the kind of person to get obsessive with fictional worlds because to me anything was better than my life, and it’s only recently that it’s stopped being escapism to enjoy things, and i think wtnv informed that opinion a lot with some of the messages it sent about the world (and then also by directly calling it out in All Right lmao but by that time i wasn’t really doing it to escape anyway)

like the world’s not perfect and we all think about how life could’ve gone or what could’ve made it better and we all make mistakes and the world is a chaotic and horrifying place to live in literally all the time but we persist because it’s worth it just to do that

anyway i’m going to see ghost stories with the friend who started listening with me. and i guess this is… self-reflection? i’m not sure. i just kind of wanted to articulate this. my growth as a person isn’t tied to wtnv growing, or the characters growing, but it seems sort of fitting that i get to go see a liveshow when i’m finally happy with who i am; like a measure of how much can change in 4 years. 

i guess what i’m trying to say is just



[2.16.17] [8:40 PM]

[Ripley growls low in his throat as he side steps another of Blaine’s mad pacing. The security office’s little holding cell is doing no good; Blaine is going through seriously troubling noises – threats, begging, crying, shouting – all to see a bench. A mess is how Blaine is acting, and Ripley gnashes his fangs.

“I can’t be here,” Blaine says to the abyss, “I have to see that bench. It needs me. I need it!” His hair is matted, coming undone from its gel, and his clothing are rumpled. He is sweating. “Please, I have to be there.” Blaine’s plaintive whine echoes off the walls.

Ripley closes his eyes; his irritation festers. The guards don’t know what to make of Blaine, thinking to leave him here until he’s clear-headed. Why this now? They only have eleven days…]

People who have worked with The Morrígan

Idk if its just me and I’m going crazy but…
Ever since I started considering devoting myself to The Morrígan I’ve been super fucking emotional. Mostly, its my “negative” emotions that get heightened: when I’m sad, I cry for hours. When I’m irritated, I want to rip people’s faces off. When I’m disappointed, it’s devastating.
Has anyone else experienced this or is this just me being an emotional train wreck?
I’ve read some people say that She breaks you down to build you up to be a stronger person, so that’s what made me think of it like this.

Fences ( Woozi fluff )

Type: fluff, i should stop putting the types in the title lmao

Summary: In which Woozi has to help you off a fence

Length: 1687 words

A/N: jus imagine woozi stretching like this before he helps u down…its so cute

Originally posted by wcozi

“Woozi.” You jutted your lower lip out, staring down at the man below you, his feet planted on soft, dewy grass. “I’m stuck.”

“You’re not stuck, you just don’t trust me.”

You wanted to shake your head at Woozi’s ludicrous comment, but you were afraid you’d throw yourself off the fence, or worse, throw the fence on top of your short and rather irritable boyfriend.

3:28 in the morning, on an unusually cold June Sunday, you were stuck clinging to the gate of your old high school, while an irritated pink haired man in a maroon hoodie waited with his arms outstretched, expectantly.

2 hours ago, you were warmly snuggled against your boyfriend, and 2 hours ago, sneaking in to your old high school you had only just graduated from seemed like such a romantic idea to you, having gone dough eyed at the thought of cuddling on the bleachers with Woozi and deemed getting to the school before dawn to be of upmost importance. Woozi complied, much to your surprise, and led you to the school, hand in hand.

 ’This is gonna be so romantic’ you had thought.

However, with the cold, slightly wet gate pressed between your thighs, and your already clammy hands grasping for dear life onto the bars, you wanted to slap the shit out of your old self for thinking this was a good idea at all. 

Looking down at the stout figure looking up at you, you saw a face of annoyance. Woozi, the flexible fucker, had simply grasped one end of the fence and flung himself over with such ease he looked akin to a bat flying out of its cave, stretching his arms gingerly as he beckoned for you to climb the fence over also. Feeling confident from Woozi’s success, you started off strong. However, as the final flip had come, you froze up, and began to panic, looking towards Woozi with wide, frightened eyes. And so here you were, glued to a dirty gate, breathing a bit wildly.

Wooozi” you whined again, tightening your grip on the cold fence as your anxiety began to kick in again.

Woozi sighed very audibly, and looked at your small figure basically cradling the metal wires, and approached you slowly, as to not startle the fucking baby that was his girlfriend.

“Y/n, just jump. Please. I will catch you, I swear.“ Woozi said every word very slowly, with no malice or annoyance, which bugged you a bit.

"You’re lying.” You accused, slitting your eyes at him.

Woozi sighed, again. Already over your tantrum and began to walk away from your trembling silhouette.  

“W-Woozi! Where are you going!? Don’t leave me here. Please. Come back. I love you, I’ll jump and break my whole body if you don’t come back, don’t leave me, oh my-”

“Oi brat, shut your mouth. Do you want to get arrested for trespassing?"Suddenly, Woozi was close to you again, and you softened as you felt his hand touch your thigh that was wound tightly around the freezing fence.

"N-no.” You’re teeth began to chatter again, as a particularly piercing breeze hits your exposed body, you were so fucked.

Woozi eyed you again, noticing your shivering, from your lack of clothing, and closed his eyes to remember that he loved you, you were his girlfriend, and it was his duty to make you feel safe and secure, and to not throw your over dramatic ass over the fence.

Begrudgingly, Woozi began to walk away again, leaving you pleading for your savior in a hoodie to please return, shutting up when he put up a hand signal he usually used on you to signal to you to well…to shut the hell up.

You saw him slowly reach down, and easily pick up a particularly large rock, and make his way back to you, a still annoyed look plastered on his face.

“Woozi what the fuck is the rock for? I’m stuck, this isn’t time for you to rest, you know.” You shot at him, a little irked once you saw him sit on the rock he placed in front of you, you looking down and him looking up at you, expectantly.

“Y/n, do you trust me?” He asked seriously, steel eyes bearing into your (e/c) ones.

“Define trust?” You began, before feeling his glare fixate on you and deciding to answer truthfully.

“Fine, yes. You know I do.” You mumbled, your patience wearing thin as the fence began to stick itself uncomfortably into your nether regions.

“Do you love me?”

“No, I just stayed with you for a year of my life for the hell of it.” You retorted back sarcastically, rolling your eyes as Woozi sent a glare at you. Ignoring it, you sighed softly.

“Look Woozi, I know you like talking sometimes which is cool and all but, now is not the time. I am stuck and in need of help, something you seem to be unable to provide for me, so I wo-”

You were cut off at the feeling of a familiar stiff arm snake its way under your waist, and another gluing itself to the inside of your thighs, you inhaled sharply and yelped, angry once again at Woozi for your impending death that he was serving to you on a silver platter.

You closed your eyes tightly and held your breath as you felt the cold fence disappear from under your exposed skin, but suddenly the cold absence that you had come to appreciate as your savior from keeping you from head butting the pavement was replaced by the feel of a thick, soft fabric, as your arms wrapped around a familiar body, and you sighed gratefully as you felt your feet sink into the damp grass that coated the entire school field.

You pushed your face into Woozi’s sweater and inhaled, drinking in his familiar sweet scent, and giggled quietly into it, causing Woozi to roll his eyes at you, as he placed his chin on top of your head.
It was quiet for a little bit, but, you knew your boyfriend, and you knew that it was only a matter of time before he-

“You know, that fence was only about five feet from the ground.” Woozi deadpanned at you, pulling you from him a bit, earning a groan as he did so.

You scowled at his defined jaw, not bothering to look into his eyes when you made your comeback.

“You know, you’re not even five feet from the ground.”

“I guess you don’t want to cuddle on the bleachers, it’s okay, I can go back and scale that fence-” he pushed you from him softly and pretended to turn and walk off. “See you, y/n.”

You let out a small airy laugh as you watched the boy you loved look back and give you a look of longing, as he waltzed dramatically over to the fence. You drank in his backside, before deciding to put an end to his little dramatization and sprinted towards him, tackling your lover from behind, and tumbling into the soft, yellow grass, landing on top of Woozi, and feeling him softly hum underneath you.

“Thanks for saving me Woozi,” you clicked your tongue as you leaned in even closer to his face, examining his slightly chapped lips before finishing your sentence. “My little savior.” You giggled softly and ruffled his locks, earning an annoyed look but compliance from him none the less.

“You’re lucky I love you enough to not leave you there strung like meat for the wolves to get.” He mumbled back at you, earning a small smack on his toned chest (which you would never admit hurt, only a tiny bit).

“Mmm, you’re lucky I love you enough to do this.“ You got closer to the man you had pinned underneath your hips and wiggled a little, feeling him stiffen and you muffled a small laugh.

Getting closer, you kissed his bottom lip, and sucked it into your mouth softly, wetting the chapped skin with your tongue, teasing Woozi softly, before you finally leaned in and kissed him with as much passion as you could muster with the wind whipping at your bodies intertwined on the wet floor, humming lightly as Woozi deepened the kiss even more, running a hand up your thigh, raising even more goosebumps as he went along. Suddenly, you felt yourself being gently tossed over, your back making contact with the spongey soil, Woozi wrapping his legs around you, going down with a smirk as he attacked your neck roughly, bubbling a moan out from your throat, much to his amusement.

He pulled away, much to your dismay, as you held out your arms when Woozi’s touch disappeared from your body. With a surprised gasp, the ground left you once again, as Woozi hoisted you over his shoulder and began stalking towards the bleachers, earning a happy hum from your throat.

When you finally reached your destination he threw you down as gently as he could on the top bleacher, and you looked up with hands outstretched, Woozi’s small smirk making its way to your vision again as he sat himself next to you, pulling you practically on his lap as he kissed down your throat lightly, your eyes hazing at the sunrise that began to paint itself right in front of you.

"We only have an hour, you know.” Woozi whispered to you, your eyes not leaving the sky as you leaned into his chest and held his hands wrapped around your body.

“Mmm, it’s all I need.” You told him, peeking at him as he nodded, placing his chin on your shoulder as he looked out at the sunrise too, fingers caressing your skin in small circles as you sighed a content sound.

“This sunrise, and you.” You added for yourself, smiling when Woozi squeezed you and breathed happily into your ear, his hands still never leaving as he opened his mouth once more.

“But for the love of God y/n, please let me help you over the fence this time.”

Today…was awful.

This morning I had horrible brain fog.  Later, I gained a headache and nausea.  On top of all of that, I was on the verge of crying a lot of the time for no reason at all.  Everyone’s irritating habits were pissing me off twice as much than usual.  I’m exhausted and cried on the way home.

I know it’s all from switching medications, but I hate it still.  :/

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OH !! i use shower jelly shigeo!! its basically a little pot of jello and you tear a lil bit off and rub it into a shower scrub or wash cloth and it foams up!! its v nice esp if youre like me and you have sensitive skin where u cant scratch it too much (i have eczema) !!

oh…! that sounds really nice… my skin is sensitive so it would probably be nice to use someday…

My roommate shared this video this morning and I’m living.  A) Me intentionally not doing my dishes just to piss her off has finally gotten to her, so that’s a win.  B) I honestly can’t get over how hypocritical this is, because I’ve seen her wash dishes before, and she doesn’t even do it right.  She doesn’t use soap half the time.  She’ll sometimes put a little soap on her finger and rub it on utensils (yeah, she doesn’t even use a sponge half the time) and she thinks that’s good.  Our spoons and forks are literally always filthy because she doesn’t wash them properly.  She also doesn’t really wash her cups, mugs, pots/pans, bowls, or plates.  She’ll just rinse her plates, and everything else she’ll let “soak” (without using soap, mind you) and then she just rinses it and leaves it to dry.  We have to rewash almost every dish we use because there’s always residue on it from her “cleaning” it.  She doesn’t understand that, just because something looks clean, doesn’t mean it is clean.  She leaves her dishes in the sink until someone else washes it literally all the time, so I’m really pleased that she’s so pissed about this because NOW SHE KNOWS WHAT IT’S LIKE!!  I’m so glad I signed a new housing contract this morning because I’m done with living with her.