it huuuuurts;~;

The beach battle hurts me in a lot of ways, but especially because it’s likely the first time Diana has ever seen someone die. I was thinking about how slow she is to really react on the beach, while the other amazons have no problem charging right in, and I think that’s the reason. As skilled as she is, she’s never seen battle. She’s never seen death.

And every scene after that with the same sort of horror - her seeing injured soldiers come back from the front, the attacks on innocent people in the town - is the first of its kind she’s ever seen. She’s learning all the worst things about the world very quickly, and it hurts to watch.

(I think Steve feels the same way. When he sees her shock and horror on the front, it makes the whole thing fresh for him after so long being desensitized. Diana brings out the humanity in her friends, in both good and painful ways.)

Asche: “W-What?”

“S-Scratch? Are- are you going to hurt me!?”

Asche: “Hey!”

Asche: “!!!…???”

<Asche is being scratched!>

<Seems like they like it>

<…Or not?>

<Well… no, they don’t>


At first this was going to be a little different, but it changed in the moment I tried to pet this little fucker:

Yeah that’s a tiny photo, my phone’s camera is shit

It’s always the same with him- at first he’s all:

I’m a good boy, I love you mommy :3

And then suddenly:


This post is for you.

Fuck you, Ringo.

Fuck you.



- This kinda looks like you.
- It is.
- How close were you two?

Ziva still had Tonys picture on her desk I CAN’T


Because it is totally normal to keep childhood photos of your coworker at your desk at your office. TOTALLY. 

(I love how even Murray is like, “you two are messed up and need to get your shit together because I can’t deal with this nonsense I was on my way to a supervisor position TONY”)

Way to rub salt in the wound, writers. 

Also, I think I enjoy Murray’s snark.

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"Okay, nipple piercings were not the best idea we've had..."

“Okay nipple piercings were not the best idea we’ve had…” Adrien complained as he hugged himself.

“You just had to rebel against your dad didn’t you,” Nino laughed.

“Shut up Nino they huuuuurt!” Adrien groaned from the fetal position on the couch.

“You’ll be okay dude, The Ladybug bars you got were totally worth it. Plus when summer rolls around I bet your dad won’t make you model any swimsuits,” Nino assured him earning another pained groan from Adrien. “You’ll be fine man. I’m going to go see if I can get you some ice,” Nino said before leaving the room.

A loud explosion sounded from outside. Adrien groaned as he sat up from the couch. Of course there was an akuma attack now! Adrien quickly called on his transformation to meet Ladybug in battle. The akuma battle wasn’t far from home. He touched down on the roof next to Ladybug.

“The akuma seems to be in her cane we just have to…. Chat are those-? What’s going on with your nipples?” Ladybug giggled. Chat knit his brows together in confusion before looking down at his chest. Unfortunately his skin tight leather suit put his new piercings on full display for every everyone to see.

the sad thing is even if Marinette found out Adrien pierced his nipples she still wouldn’t draw the connection between Adrien and Chat

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blurb on finding out about dylans foot fetish lmao?? god he'd be so red and embarrassed

oh my gooooood
• you’d probably like prop your feet up in his lap or s/t like that and he’d get uncomfortable and tell you to move them
• you’d be like “wtf??? do my feet smell???”
• but then you’d notice he’s crossing his legs and shit and you’re like 😏😏😏
• you’d totally fuck with him before actually telling him you know
• “Dyl can you paint my toes? you’ve got a more steady hand.”
• if you didn’t take your shoes off in the house you sure as hell do now
• “Dylan my feet huuuuurt. will you pretty please rub them for me?”
• eventually tho you’d feel bad for making him squirm like that and would just admit that you knew
• he would be SO embarrassed like that fucker would turn tomato red and not even make eye contact w you
• you’d comfort him and be like “dude it’s okay I was just fucking with you”
• once he actually calmed down though he’d be??? kinda pissed?? like why did you pull that shit of you knew?????? what the hell were you getting out of it???
• it’d be pretty funny but you’d feel a lil bad about it and probably snuggle up to him and apologize (even if you were laughing while doing so)
• but you totally wouldn’t stop fucking around with him like that
• hanging out in a group of friends? it’d only make sense to make enough room on the couch so you’d curl up in his lap and totally innocently let your toes rub against his thighs
• boi he’d make you pay for that shit later tho

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okay but Keith's BOM scar is basically nothing compared to Shiro's scars and missing limb. so all I can imagine after pondering about post-BOM Sheith for a while is Shiro tending Keith's injury while Keith keeps beating himself up over the fact that he wasn't there to care for Shiro during his time in the arena, where Shiro was afraid and expecting every day to be his last without any hope of ever returning to earth and idk where I was going with this but I made myself cry

and now im hurt too, thank u anon for sharing this, 

i also think that theres a lot of times keith will just look at shiro and beat himself up over it bc shiro needed him, and shiro’s always taking care of him and he just wants to give that love back yknow but it hurts him that for a whole year, he could do nothing as shiro was suffering and ashfkasjhfsfj fuuuck it huuuuurts