it huuuurts ;~;

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜

We stopped talking, and now I can feel it again

Missing you, it comes in waves

One minute I’m fine, then a song comes on the radio

And I break down

It feels like losing you for the first time all over again.

—  It’s 2am, I can’t sleep, and I miss you.

(( Art by the amazing @dee-evan. Not mine. Keep up the great work @dee-evan))

There are suddenly all of these reasons for why you don’t have time to talk to me. And yet, I still remember when talking to me was all you could do.
—  🖤

For @thisshouldbegayer who has a lot on her shoulders at the moment and requested wolfstar hugs.

She starved herself of love. Not because she didn’t want it, but because she wanted it too much. She hated to fade into the background, especially with those such as yourself.
—  🖤
I have to trust that you don’t hate me. I have to believe that you knew me well enough to understand that I wouldn’t do this to you, to us, unless I had to. I just have to spend a little bit of time thinking about me for a while, and I’m sorry if that hurts you. It hurts me too. It hurts to notice that when the word “love” just barely escapes my lips, you bolt away as though it stings. I’m sorry that I make you feel this way now. I’m sorry that you can’t look at me anymore. I’m sorry that we can’t sit at the same table like we used to. I’m sorry that you can’t tell me how your day is going anymore, or what it is that’s got you looking so sad. I’m sorry that I can’t be here anymore. Because it aches. But let’s just be stronger because of it. Okay?
—  🖤
V in Hwarang

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Just look at how precious he is 😍

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Even looks good when he’s eating

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He’s such a cute cinnamon roll 😫

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highkey Lowkey jealous of that cup 👀

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That lip bite killed me 😍😍

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I’m still crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭