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+ pizza is cute but u cuter +

I killed the engine on the motorbike i had on and whistled while I adjusted my blue cap. I unzipped the bag that held the still hot pizza boxes and checked my phone to see if i had the correct address. This seemed to be it. I was walking the short steps to the front door when someone cleared their throat from behind me and I turned around cautiously with my eyebrows raised.

It was a guy with brown hair that reached his neck. He was holding a pizza box too but the red logo gave away everything, not to mention the matching red cap he had on with the Pizza Hut logo on it.

“Do you have the wrong address?” He asked, voice rough and deep. I shrugged at double checked again to make sure.

“Nope. How about you?” I asked.

He frowned and checked his phone, looking up at the house again and if possible his frown deepened.

“Well there aren’t laws that forbid you to order pizza at the same pizza place right?” I asked as i knocked on the door.

I turned to the pizza hut guy and he was scowling at me. I almost snickered, almost. But his scowl was adorable so i kept my mouth shut.

“Mom!! the pizza is here!” The door opened to reveal a girl my age, and her eyes went wide when she saw the both of us.

“Mom! where did you order from!” She shouted, voice carrying out through the house.

“Pizza Hut and Dominos!” a lady shouted from inside and I grinned at the girl.

“That’ll be $25.30” I said, handing her the pizza.

It took her a while but she handled all the boxes and i turned towards the pizza hut guy who was still scowling.

I started whistling the tune to “Why can’t we be friends” and he seemed to recognise it because he turned a glare towards me.

I laughed because he seemed to want to seem intimidating but i found him really cute.

He seemed taken aback and I realised I had said that aloud but before he could say anything, the girl came back with her change and gave us a thanks before closing the door.

I counted my change and sighed.

“Aww, no tip” I pouted, pocketing the change and taking my cap off to push back my blonde hair.

Surprisingly, i heard a chuckle and i looked up to see the pizza hut guy smirking at me.

“Maybe she picked the most attractive between the two of us” He grinned, showing me an extra 5 bucks.

This time i was the one scowling as he made his way towards his motorbike. Stupid attractive moody pizza hut guy.

Another laugh came out of him -Dammit, “I said that out loud again did i?” i sighed, getting a bit embarrassed now as i put my cap back on.

“You’re adorable, dominos.” Pizza hut guy said, grinning now.

Fuck, he is SO attractive. No wonder he got a tip and I didn’t.

“I have a name, just so you know!” I went to his motorbike and grinned at him.

He raised his eyebrows in inquiry.

All i did was take his cap and exchanged it with mine, jumping back when he reached for it back.

“But i guess you gotta find that out on your own if you want your cap back” I said, already walking backwards to my own bike.

“Or i could just get a new one!” He called out.

I winked at him, “Sure, but you won’t know who i am” Before turning around and getting on my ride.


It took Bucky 3 days. He couldn’t stop smiling after the delivery that his boss sent him home for being too happy and ruining his mood. His best friend and room mate Steve was creeped out by the second day, and his classmate Sam asked who he was by the third day.

So It took Bucky 3 days to go to the nearest Dominos that was near the house and asked for the cute, blonde dominos delivery guy.

“Oh, look who came looking for their cap back” Bucky looked up from the floor he was studying and smiled.

“I believe you owe me a name” He said.

“Clint. And you are James Bucky Barnes” Clint grinned at the shocked look on Bucky’s face.

“You were really slow, it turns out my friend is dating your friend and he knew exactly who i was talking about the first time i told him about you” Clint shrugged, shoving his hands into the pocket of his jeans.

Bucky was impressed, and fairly really attracted.

“So, what do i have to trade for your number?” Clint hummed in thought, eyes twinkling as he directed the question at Bucky.

Bucky rolled his eyes and stuck a note on Clint’s tshirt.

“Call me if I’m so slow then!” Bucky called out, back turned but a smile on his face even though Clint couldn’t see him"

Clint grinned at the fluttering his heart felt and took the note off his shirt.

to ; adorable dominos boy


The Arrival of Dawn

The young mage groaned as he rubbed his head, the pain traveling fast through his system as he looked up at his attackers with blurred vision. Six bandits in total, and he’d completely forgotten his spell book back at his hut.
“Cmon guys…” he said, getting to his knees with his hands above his head, “can’t we just talk this out like civilized people…?”

Sweater Weather | S.M Imagine

Originally posted by thepumaa


It was absolutely freezing in this house.

I could practically feel frost gathering around the window panes. The landlord hasn’t even turned on our heating yet. Nooooo.

I slumped on the couch, my chilled hands hovering over a tiny flame that came from my candle.

I pulled on a hoodie. No- It wasn’t mine. It was Shawn’s, which would explain why it was about two sizes too big on me. 

We’ve been together for a while- nobody else knew but us. He and I intended to keep it that way, but the secret would have to slip eventually.

I pulled the hood over my head, laying down on the couch, sinking my head into the sweater like a turtle. 

I wiggled my toes in my shoes- just checking that they weren’t frozen solid.

I heard the ring of my doorbell, and opened up the door. The Magcon boys. I wasn’t all that surprised- after all, they told me they’d pick me up before heading over to Pizza Hut for lunch.

“Hey guys,” I yawned, rubbing my eyes. I could see my breath leaving my lips in puffs of smoke. Wow, it really was cold, “Okay I’m ready to hit the road.” I tucked my phone in the pocket of the hoodie.

No response.

The boys had a range of different expressions on their face. Their expressions were a mixture of smugness, puzzlement, and pleasant shock. Their mouths were all open, but nobody was saying a word, all their eyes glued on me. 

All of the boys but Shawn, who was just as confused at their looks as I was.

Despite the cold, I realized my face was burning. What were they looking at? Pulling the hood further over my head to cover my eyes, I asked, “What are you guys looking at…..?”

Matt was the first to speak up.

“That’s not your sweater, Y/N, is it?”

Oh. Oh. Oh.

I flushed. My tongue felt like it was being tied into knots as I attempted to speak, “I-uh-uhm-errr”

Nash was next.

“Y/N, what are you doing in Shawn’s sweater?”

Upon hearing this, all of the boys immediately turned to look at Shawn, whose face was a vibrant shade of scarlet. Their heads looked from me to Shawn, and back again, as in letting everything sink in.

“Are you two-”

“No-Ye-…. Maybe..?” I bit my lip, flashing Shawn a desperate look. I really wish somebody would just come up and tape my mouth shut right now.

All together their puzzled faces changed into smug grins as they howled in unison. “WHOOOOOOOOAAA!!” They hooted, playfully shoving Shawn closer to me. His face was pointed to the floor, an apologetic smile on his face. 

Amidst the masculine banter Shawn pulled me closer, his voice lowering to a hush as he spoke, “You know you’re an awkward idiot right?”

I avoided his gaze, trying to turn my attention to a crack on the road, which really wasn’t all that effective. I tightened my shoulders, shrugging, “I know…”

He then pulled my chin up to look at him, his fingers firmly tilting my head up. He grinned like a stupid little child, an innocent, impish grin, “You’re my idiot.”

He lowered his face to mine. Our lips made contact.

I felt his fingers lace with mine under the openings of the sleeves of his hoodie.

I was his. He was mine.


Author’s Note

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Newt Imagine #19: Surprise Gone Wrong

Thank you for being so patient! I really hope you enjoy💖 Y/N’s Point of View Right now I was hopeless. I was out of breath and hopeless. I didn’t think I would make it. Minho grabbed my arm and pulled me. We ran as fast as we could and took the last right. That’s when we saw the Gladers, my eyes concentrated on my Glader, Newt. When his eyes met mine I picked up the pace and I pulled away from Minho’s grasp and sprinted for Newt. When I did I wrapped my arms around his neck and hid in the crook of his neck, out of breath. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. When I regained my strength I let go of him and he let his hands sit on my hips, “You okay, love?” He asked looking into my eyes. “Yeah. I’m fine.” I smile back. I peck his lips, “I’m going to take a long awaited nap. Need anything before I go?” He thinks for a moment, “How about a proper kiss?” "Now that, I can do.” I giggle, and cup his face and kiss his loving lips. After a couple of seconds, I pull away and walk over to the Homestead. Newt’s Point of View When Y/N made it to the Homestead, I headed for the Gardens. Once I got to work, I heard familiar footsteps walk up behind me. I turned around to see Gally. "What’s up Gally?” I ask the viciously tall boy. "Can you tell Y/N to meet me in builders hut.” "What for?” I ask my hands now on my hips. "Just tell her to meet me. Alright?” "Yeah. I guess…” I say looking down wiping off the dirt on my pants. Then Gally stomped away. As usual. After about thirty minutes, Y/N walked out of the Homestead coming towards me. "Hey, Newt! Need anything?” "No. Not at the moment. But Gally could sure use your help.” "Oh.” She says avoiding eye contact. "Y/N? What are you building in there?” "Nothing. Bye, baby!” She says, then quickly pecks my lips and rushed off. Y/N’s Point of View It had crossed my mind that I was supposed to help Gally with the crib. I jogged towards the builders hut to see Gally and some of the guys getting ready. I had been pregnant for two or three weeks. No one was supposed to know, that was until I threw up on Gally one day. He figured it out that day. I didn’t even need to tell him. But when he got after me for puking on him, I confessed. He promised me after that, that he wouldn’t tell a soul. But clearly when he meant that, he didn’t mean the other builders. But since my little secret was out I decided to keep it a secret from Newt. Of course I told Frypan. He needed to make extra food, and Alby had to know because was the first one here and the one in charge, and lastly Clint and Jeff, because they’re the ones who need to deliver the baby. I made them promise not to tell Newt. They knew how much I wanted to surprise him with a crib. So when I made it to the hut, the guys had everything ready, and had started. "Hey Gally. I’m here.” I told the tall boy. -Three weeks later- Newt’s Point of View Y/N had been avoiding me for three weeks, and I demanded to know why. So before lunch, I told Zart I was going to check up on Frypan and Y/N, since she was there this time, and check up on them. I walked to the kitchen but I hid behind a counter and decided to listen to their conversation. "So, Y/N. When do you plan on telling Newt?” "Not now, that’s for sure. I don’t want him to find out.” "Does he suspect a thing?” "No. Which is good. I don’t want him to know.” "But Y/N. You’ve blown him off for the last three weeks. Aren’t you worried he might find out?” "No. Newt’s oblivious to you-know-what… He hasn’t suspected anything. So promise me you won’t spill the beans about me and Gally and the thing.” She said sternly. "I promise.” I can feel my cheeks heating up, hands turning into fists and I finally get up. "HOW COULD YOU, Y/N?!” I yell at her. She turns around surprised, “Newt! What are you doing behind the counter?” "No. More like, Y/N what the shuck are you doing with Gally that’s more important than your boyfriend?” "What?” I couldn’t even stand to look at her. So I just left the hut. Instead of going to lunch I walked to the Homestead and closed the door to our room. I sat on the bed and silently cried in my hands. ‘How could she cheat on me?!’ I thought, ‘Especially with- with Gally. She doesn’t even like Gally like that!’ Then I heard a knock on the door, “Not decent” I reply. "Newt. It’s me, Y/N. Can we please talk.” "NO!” "Newt. Please.” She begs. "Fine…” I trail off, “but make it quick.” She opens the door and I stand up and walk over to her, “How could you cheat on me with Gally, Y/N?! How could you? I thought you loved me.” I yell in her face. "WHAT? Cheat on you? W-with Gally! Newt are you crazy? You know I love you.” "Really? Then what’s so important that you were whispering to Frypan about you and Gally and the 'thing’?” She seemed heated. Her face was growing red, “Newt you IDIOT! I wasn’t cheating on you with Gally. He was helping me make a CRIB! NEWT!” She screamed in my face. 'A crib? Oh no’ her eyes grew sad, and tears started slipping out. "Oh…Y/N, baby. I. Am. So. Sorry-” I try. "No.” She stopped me, “I can’t believe you actually think I’d cheat on you. Especially with Gally.” She finishes. I try to walk closer to her, but she stops me mid-way, “I can’t believe you right now, Newt. I need to go. I’m gonna go eat.” And she walks out the door. Y/N’s Point of View I can’t believe he actually thinks that. I told him how I felt about Gally. Right now, I just wanted to avoid Newt. I was really mad at him. He just assumed that I was cheating on him. 'He’s such a jerk!’ I thought. I grabbed my food and sat by myself. When I saw Newt, he glanced at me and I turned away angry as ever. Not wanting to even think of him. When he sat next to me I didn’t move or flinch. I just ignored him. "Y/N. I am so sorry I accused you of cheating. I shouldn’t have done that. But you didn’t have to keep this secret from me either, love.” I kept eating my food ignoring the lanky boy sitting next to me. "Baby. Please talk to me. I can’t stand when your mad at me. You know that. It makes my heart ache.” He begged me. I finished my food and got up and gave my plate to Frypan and went back to the Homestead. I closed the door and lay in the bed softly crying. It was later that night and Newt hadn’t come back. I grew worried. He always came home even after a petty fight. I got up and and headed for the glade. When I walked out of the Homestead, I hadn’t seen Newt anywhere. I checked all the huts, but one. The Builders hut. I walked to it and I saw Newt and Gally working on the crib. When Gally looked up he saw me and I nodded at him to leave, so he did. "Hey, Newt. I’m gonna get some shut eye. I’ll help you finish tomorrow.” He told Newt, and walked over to me, “Good luck, buddy.” Gally whispered patting my back. I nod to him and give him a warm smile, as he leaves the hut. When I walk further into the hut, Newt gets up and looks at the crib, “Beautiful.” He whispers. "I know.” I say softly. Newt then turns around and smiles at me, “Oh. Hey.” He said scratching the back of his neck. "Hi.” I say giving him a soft smile. "Listen, Y/N-” "No. Newt. You listen.” I pause collecting my thoughts, “I should have told you when I first found out. And I’m sorry.” I say, my head falling down. "Sorry for what? Trying to surprise your stupid, jealous boyfriend? I’m the one who should be apologizing, love. I’m the one who assumed you were cheating. And I yelled at you, and I shouldn’t have. And I’m so so sorry, baby.” He apologizes, walking forward. I meet him half way and I open my arms and wrap them around his neck, and his hands around my waist. We stood there just looking at each other’s eyes. Not saying anything. After a moment of silence, "So…are you still mad at me?” I roll my eyes and kiss his lips passionately, hands roaming the softness of his hair. And his hands roaming my back, nearing for my butt. “I love you, Y/N.” “I love you too, Newt.”

The Maze Runner Imagine

Title: Nightmares; part 3 (of 3) and Bonus;

Fandom: The Maze Runner;

Glader: Gally

Note: Y/E/C - Your Eye Color; Y/N: Your Name.

After the incident with the builder, the day passed quickly. Gally returned to his tasks and you stayed at the med-jack’s hut, watching the guy to make sure he was okay. He woke up a while after Gally left.

“What happened with you?” you casually asked, changing one of the bandages, since the bruise was still bleeding when you put it and now it was full of dry blood.

“One of the suports where we had a few plates of metal wasn’t completely firm. I was walking by with some tools and stumbled, so I tried to lean into the support… and the rest you already know…” he smiled embarrased “I think Gally must think it was his fault though…”

You stopped for a moment what you were doing.


“Because he asked me to carry more than what I could handle once. Of course it was not his fault, I was the one that stumbled, but he must think otherwise. Sometimes he tend to blame himself for things that go wrong with the builders, since he is the Keeper… stupid slinthead, that guy…”


So that’s what was bothering him before.

Ugh, when you thought he couldn’t surprise you anymore.

But that made you decide something. Even if you had nightmares that day, you wouldn’t bother Gally. He was to tired and probably didn’t want to be awaken in the middle of the night just because you had bad dreams.

That’s what you thought when you layed to sleep in your hammock, closing your eyes and drifting into slumber.

Please stop! Please, don’t do that! We can do things differently!

Your own voice was screaming, but you couldn’t see anything until a blinding light burned your eyes, making you look other way. You was in a room and could see your reflex in a mirrored like wall. Instead of the dirty clothes you wore before and the messy hair in your face from the lack of care, you was wearing a white clothing, consisting of a t-shirt and pants. Your hair was clean and healthy, brushed back, out of your face. There were a few tubes in the back of the room and for your horror you recognized Gladers in there, struggling to break free, with water coming into the tube quickly.

You saw Gally in there also, so you run in the direction of his tube.

He was punching the heavy glass, but it didn’t even leave a mark.

Please! Please! It’s too cruel to do that with them!

You heard your voice pleading again when you turned your head in the direction of other people. A woman and a few other people were in there, some seemed to agree – a boy and a girl – with you and others just shook their heads.

The woman repeated her mantra: Wicked is good.

When you looked again, Gally and the others were already submersed, trying to hold their breaths, debating and waving their arms. But somehow you knew that they weren’t going to die. No, you knew that Wicked was going to do something else with them, something cruel.

When Gally stopped moving, you screamed a no.

And woke up screaming.

The tears were blurring your vision when you stumbled in the direction of Gally’s hammock. You needed to see him, you needed to feel him close to you, without being separated by a glass or people dressed in black. You needed to know that at least for now he was okay.

Incapable of controlling your sobs, you fell into your knees, keeping a short distance between the area were the builders kept their hammocks, Gally’s being right in the beginning, the closer one. You didn’t want anyone to wake up and find you like that.

As if a natural and bigger forces were playing with you, a sob escaped louder than the others, making you slap your hand against your mouth, but it was too late. Two boys shifted, but only one actually woke up.


He seemed a little lost but as soon as he saw you everything vanished from his face, giving place to a worried expression. Without even trying to hide it, he got up and approached you, kneeling on the ground in front of you, with a complete loss of words. He never saw you like that. No one ever saw you like that since the first day you arrived. You had promised yourself that no boy of that place would see you crying, that you’d be tough.

“Y-Y/N…” he stuttered, his hands reaching hesitantly for your face, as if he thought he could break you or hurt you “What happened?”

His voice ringed in your hears, but nothing made sense, you was scared about what you saw, scared of Wicked and whatever they were going to do with you and everyone else in the Glade.

“G-Gally… I…” you tried to say something to him, but nothing came out.

Gally frowned, pulling you towards his body, engulfing you into a tight and protective hug. You clung to his shirt as if the guys dressed in black could came anytime and rip you off of him.

“Shh… it’s okay…” he whispered, tangling his fingers to your hair, pressing your body against his even more. Your breath hitched, the tears still rolling down your cheeks “It’s alright. Hey, hey… look at me.”

He lifted your face gently.

“Calm down. Breath, c'mon… slowly.” you did what he said, taking a deep breath, still sobbing a little “That’s it… one more, slowly…”

Gally managed to calm you down in a few more breaths, his green eyes always locked into yours.

“Now… did you had other nightmare?” he asked softly, his thumb brushing against your cheek, wiping away the salty liquid of the red skin.

You nodded.

He stayed silent for a bit, wiping the rest of the tears of your cheeks and corners of your eyes. His skin was rough because of the work as a builder, but the touch so careful and gentle that you felt as if you were a porcelain doll in his eyes.

As if he had just decided something he took the hands off your face, making them go one for your back and the other in your thighs, pulling you into his lap, the same way people carry childs. Automatically, you clung to his neck and he got up, holding you and walking to his hammock.

You had your back to the place where the other Glader’s hammocks were, so you missed one of them waking up and looking at you in Gally’s arms inquiring. The Keeper of the builders sent him a death glare, stopping the boy of saying anything, making him flinch and lay down again, turning to the other side.

Gally laid on the hammock, you on top of him, your legs intertwined with his and your face burried into his chest. Bending against him you stopped crying while he caressed your hair and back, whispering sweet words in your ear to calm you down.

“You were not going to call me, were you?” Gally asked when you had calmed enough.

You denied with a head shake.

He pulled you to his side, making you two face each other, his forehead resting against yours.

“If this happen again, I want you to let me know.” he was serious while his hand traveled to the back of your neck “Please. Whatever you dreamed of, you don’t have to handle it by yourself. I don’t want you to go through it, whatever it is, alone. I’m here for you, Y/N. If you allow me, I can take care of you…”

“Why would you?”

He snorted, closing his eyes, only feeling your presence so close, inhaling your natural sent slowly.

“If I tell you that I also don’t know, it’ll sound kinda weird, huh?” without wait for your answer, Gally kept talking “So I’ll just reformulate it. It’s because you are important to me. I don’t know why I feel this connection to you since the moment you appeared in the Box, nor how you became so important. I just know that you are. And I want to protect what is important to me, to take care of you, Y/N…”

You had no idea of what to say. Your eyes were moist again, the nightmare long forgotten. Gally opened his eyes, locking his gaze into yours. Lacing his fingers of his free hand into yours, he bought your hand near his face, kissing your skin lightly and whispering a small “let me take care you…” again.

You pulled your hand out of his grasp gently, resting both of them against his chest, feeling his heart beat slightly faster against your fingers. You smiled looking at your hand.

When you looked at him again you only had time to register the soft sensation of his lips pressing against yours, in a long and sweet peck. He pulled out, waiting for your reaction. It was your turn to be the one to come closer, brushing your lips together again until he finished the small teasing by kissing you tenderly. Your lips fit in perfectly, moving against each other naturally. Gally pulled you closer, hugging you by the waist and intertwining your legs once again.

“Yes…” you muttered after a few more kisses.

“What?” Gally asked, pulling you close until you could snuggle against his neck.

Smiling against his collarbones and closing your eyes, you answered “I’ll let you take care of me” before slowly falling asleep in his arms, safe and warm, with no other nightmares.

- End of part 3

BONUS: The next morning

“I WON, SHANKS!” you heard a victorious scream at your left, but you felt so warm and comfy in Gally’s arms that the sleepiness decided to keep you there longer, without really thinking about you just heard.

“Not fair, how do you know that he didn’t, I don’t know, just kidnap her while she was sleeping.” another voice, this time in your right.

“What the hell, man” the other voice snorted “I know she is cute and he is scary, but Gally is not that crazy yet, you know…”

Your mind was getting over the numbness until you finally snapped, waking up completely. Sitting in the hammock you saw at least half of the Gladers around the two of you. Some of them were frightened when you abruptly sat and others had smiles on their faces.

“Well, good morning, sunshine…” Newt smirked, his arms crossed “You’ll hear a lot from Alby, just so you know…”

You groaned and Gally finally woke up, sitting.

“What the shuck is happening here?” he looked at all the Gladers standing in there - a few had ran away after he woke up - and seemed to understand things quicker than you “Ah, slim it, I don’t care…”

He layed again, pulling you together, making you squeal in surprise.

“B-b-but Gally, we have to get up!” you said, looking up at him, who already had his eyes closed.

“I know, just five more minutes, okay, Y/N?”

“hu-” he interrupted you with a small kiss, making you blush “Okay…”

You could hear Newt chasing the Gladers out of the place to let the two of you enjoy a little more the time you still had together before Alby could scold both of you.

- End of bonus

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Haikyuu and Fast Food

Hinata: McDonalds

Kageyama: Burger King

Yamaguchi: Wendy’s

Tsukishima: Dominos

Sugawara: Chick-fil-a

Daichi: Steak n’ Shake

Asahi: Chipotle

Nishinoya: Subway

Tanaka: Panda Express

Oikawa: Starbucks

Iwaizumi: Dairy Queen

Kenma: Pizza Hut

Kuroo: Five Guys

Lev: Dunkin Donuts

Bokuto: Wingstop

Akaashi: In-n-out Burger

Imagine #87

Character: Newt

Rating: K

Words: 1,368

Warning: None

Request: I know you’re probably swamped with requests but when you have time could you maybe do an imagine set during tst where Newt and the rest of the group get separated from the reader when a bunch of cranks attack and when they re-unite Newt admits his feelings for the reader and it’s really sweet and full of fluff??

A/N: I really wanted to do this one, just because it was the first Scorch Trials one and I wanted to start off with one of those. The next one wont be Newt because I feel like that’s all I'm writing, and as I LOVE Newt and could write imagines about him forever, I know that he isn’t EVERYONE’S favourite character so I’ll start writing more of some other characters, but I’m still gonna write loads of Newt so ya ok, here you go guys!



“Let’s split up and look for supplies.” Thomas suggested as everyone was standing in the clothing store that was made into a somewhat make-shift bunker. By the looks of things, people used to live in here. “(Y/n), Minho, you’re with me. See what you guys can find lying around here okay?” You and Minho nodded. You looked over at Fry, Winston, Teresa and Newt giving them all looks before you followed Minho out of the store. You didn’t miss the look on Newt’s face. He didn’t have a good feeling about this and neither did you. 

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