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Rick Ross says he won’t sign women rappers because he’s afraid he’ll sleep with them

  • Rick Ross aka Mr. “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it” was recently asked by Angela Yee on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club why he hasn’t signed any female rappers. His response:
    • You know, I never did it because I always thought, like, I would end up fucking a female rapper and fucking the business up. … I’m so focused on my business. I gotta be honest with you. You know, she looking good. I’m spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta fuck her couple times.
  • Ross inadvertently spoke to a much larger dynamic that has hurt women rappers trying to make it in the industry: They are routinely sexualized and judged on their appearance, rather than their rap abilities.
  • It’s easy to dismiss Ross’ comments as a joke, but as Brooklyn-based emcee Nitty Scott said in an email, ignoring Ross isn’t good enough because he is “quite literally articulating and embodying the dominant mentality being imposed on female artists regularly.” Read more (7/26/17)

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Playtime with Daddy 3 😙

“Whatcha doing little girl?” Daddy asks “Hehe nothing Daddy” I say as I twirl around trying to get his attention. I’m wearing my favourite pink princess costume. I love playing dress up.
“Daddy I wanna play a game”
Daddy’s working at his desk. He turns around in his chair and faces me.
“look at my little princess”
I do a little twirl for Daddy.
“I can think of a game we can play.”
Daddy has that look in his eyes.
“What is it Daddy?”
“It’s like Simon says princess, but we also gonna do playtime. Daddy’s been under a lot of stress because of work, and he needs his princess to make him feel better”
I pout a bit. I wanna play a different game but Daddy makes the rules.
“Okay but only if Daddy is the king”
“Daddy is always the king sweetie. Now come sit on Daddy’s lap.”
“Okay Daddy”
I gleefully sit on Daddy’s lap. It’s my favourite place to sit. He rubs my backs and trails kisses from my shoulder all the way up to my neck leaving little bites in between. I squirm a bit, Daddy knows kissing my neck makes me go crazy. He grabs my hair hard “Be good princess stay still.”
“Okay Daddy”
Daddy goes for my neck again but I squirm some more.
“Princess what did I say?”
I’m feeling bratty today
Daddy gives me a look “nothing?”
I jump off Daddy’s lap. Hide and seek is much more fun game. I run to my room and hide in my bed. I hear Daddy go into his room first and then mine.
I pop out from under the covers.
“Come here little girl” Daddy’s voice is slightly stern.
I hide back under the covers.
Daddy waits.
“Don’t make me count to three Angel your not gonna like it”
I hold my position.
I stay under the covers
I hold for a second but I know Im gonna be in big trouble. I come out from under the covers and go to Daddy. Thankfully he doesn’t look super mad yet.
“You disobeyed me Princess. Sometimes you have to play the games Daddy wants to play. Do you understand?”
I nod my head
“Do you have anything you want to say?”
I hesitate. I’m feeling really bratty today, and Daddy doesn’t seem to care.
“What’d you say?”
Daddy stares at me for a second.
“Knees now.” Daddy says sternly.
“I don’t wanna…”
“Dont make me count again.”
I hesitate. Daddy comes closer.
“If you’re gonna behave like a bad girl you’re going to get treated like a bad girl. Now get on your knees.”
I start to go down to my knees. Daddy takes his belt off.
“Don’t move.” Daddy puts his belt around my neck like a leash, he usually only does that when I’m really bad. “Come on” Daddy tugs on his belt.
“Daddy where are we going?”
“Your timeout corner”
I don’t like my timeout corner.

Daddy walks me to his bedroom first. He grabs my butt plug and kneels down to me.
“Why am I doing this?” Daddy asks.
“Because I was bad and didn’t listen and said a bad word.”
Daddy nods his head and spits on the butt plug.
“No lube for bad girls” holding the belt so I don’t move, Daddy reaches over and slowly takes off my panties. Then all at once drives the butt plug in me. I wince in pain but I know that I was a bad girl and deserve it.
“Open your mouth” Daddy commands.
I do as I’m told.
Daddy turns to his drawer and pulls out my ball gag. I keep my mouth open for Daddy to put it in. It’s so big I can barely fit it all.
“Let’s go”
Daddy walks me downstairs to my timeout corner. It’s a little chair in the corner by his desk.
“On your knees upright” Daddy commands. I do what he says. Daddy takes the leash off and begins unzipping my princess costume.
“You’ve been bad, bad girls don’t get to be princesses do they?”
I shake my head as Daddy strips me.
“Now crawl to your corner and sit there” I do as Daddy commands.
Daddy makes me sit there for what seems like an eternity. The butt plug hurts as I squirm from having to sit still for so long. Daddy looks at over to me. I try not to move to much while he’s watching.
“Come here princess” Daddy calls over. I crawl to Daddy and show I’m a good girl. I assume position, on my knees, upright, head looking down.
“You’ve been a bad girl today and Daddy has to discipline bad behaviour. Do you understand?”
I nod my head, my ball gag still in my mouth. Daddy stands up and starts moving things off his desk.
“Lay on the desk. Legs apart, facing me.”
I do what Daddy says. The desk is cold on my already naked body. Daddy begins stripping down. He takes his shirt off, his pants and his boxers. He sits back down in his chair and put his face in between my legs.
“This time princess, when I say don’t move, I expect you not to move.”
Daddy trails his tongue along the edges of my pussy. He gives me little kisses and tickles. I try my best to stay still but it’s really hard.
Daddy tugs on my butt plug.
“Stay. Still. I won’t say it again” I tense up. Daddy begins to jerk himself, while simultaneously eating my pussy. I stay still while his tongue trails up and down me. He swirls his tongue on my clit and pulsing in my hole. Daddy reaches up and starts to fondle my tits. Squeezing my nipples, and running them through his fingers. I start to go crazy and squirm by accident. This makes Daddy mad. He moves his hands to my throat and starts to tug on my butt plug more.
“What a bad little girl” Daddy says
“Come here.” Daddy effortlessly picks me up and turns me over so that I’m bent over the desk.
“If you won’t stay still on your own I’m going to have to make you”
Daddy grabs my hands and puts them behind my back holding me down. My mouth’s beginning to slobber with the ball gag inside it and my butt hurts from the jerking motions.
“Are you going to be good little girl?”
I nodd my head
Daddy puts his big cock in my little pussy. The thrusts intensify with the addition of the butt plug. Everything feels tighter then usually. Daddy begins ramming me. I start to moan through my ball gag. Daddy’s fucking me harder then usual today. He pulls on my hair tightly as he thrusts deeper and deeper. Daddy’s fucking me so hard I begin to worry I’ll cum without permission. Daddy reaches over and takes my ball gag out of my mouth. I sigh in relief. He continues to rail me hard.
“You like when daddy fucks your holes princess”
I moan “yessss daddy”
“Are you daddy’s little sex toy?”
Daddy’s cock feels so good. I moan louder.
“Yes please daddy”
“Are you going to listen from now on??”
“Yes daddy!”
Come here. Daddy pulls me up by my hair and moves me down back to my knees. He begins jerking his cock off while he holds my face in one hand.
“Open that bad mouth of yours”
I do as I’m told. Daddy spits in it and I swallow.
“Thank you daddy”
Daddy holds my hair tightly, and I leave my mouth open for daddy’s load. I love daddy’s cum and I’m lucky he still wants to share it with me.
“That a good girl”
My heart melts. I’m definitely happier being a good girl rather then a bad one.
Daddy finishes on me. He sprays my chest, tummy, face and hair. I rub it on my body just like Daddy likes so I’m covered.
“Good girl” Daddy says. I smile.
“Do you want daddy to clean you?”
“No Daddy! I wanna wear it all day!”
Daddy laughs and gives me a little kiss on my forehead.
“Daddy only disciplines you because he loves you. You know that right?”
I hug Daddy with my naked body and give Daddy kisses.
“Yes Daddy!”
I’m so lucky to have a good Daddy.❤️

3.5k words so look out for under the cut!

“I’m too old for this kidnapping bullshit,” Tony whispered, shivering, and tugged the collar of his shirt tighter around his neck in a futile attempt to block out the freezing rain. Forty-five years old and still being carted around like so much luggage. God.

He didn’t think about how glad he was that there was no sand, no heat, no bright lights in the dark. He didn’t think about how glad he was to break out of a building instead of a cave. He didn’t think about how no one had come for him, and what that meant for the monsters that had been screaming when he’d been taken.

The forest was cold, and as much as the conifers blocked the onslaught of rain, they did little to protect Tony from the rain dripping off the needles and onto him. He tucked himself in the lee of a larger tree, taking a few deep breaths, but it hurt—every gasp hurt. The metal casing was cold in his chest, making the skin around it burn and then spread out into a dull ache. His fingers were beginning to go numb.

He was going to die out here.

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❝ You saved a man!! ❞

Plot: You’re one of Korea’s top surgeon and there’s an accident in Big Hit Bulding and you’ve to perform an emergency surgeon in front of the guys. 

Words count: 2,3k+

Genre: “Real life”?? 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif aren’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

P.S. Y/N’s older than Jimin because she couldn’t be one of Korea Top Doctor if she was Jimin’s age. 

It was two years that you didn’t see Jimin, either because of his schedules but also of yours. You were dating for a few months when you were teenagers, but your crush hadn’t diminished over the years and despite the distance, you were left in excellent relationships.  

So when he asked you to see you, because he knew you were back in Korea after two years of absence because of your work, your heart had made a deadly leap and the smile had no longer left your face.  

You were older than Jimin, to tell the truth, was your younger brother the person who had made you know, but he had always been more mature than his age and it was for that reason that you had developed feelings for him.  

Despite the agitation of that day, you had decided in less than twenty minutes what to wear and you were extremely satisfied with your outfit. Nothing too sexy but not too chaste, yes you wanted to win him over somehow because you still liked Park Jimin.  By checking your phone you wrote a message to him, telling him that you were out of the building and that you couldn’t get in as they had perfectly made you understand it wanted the pass.  

You watched in the reflection of a showcase nearby, wishing to have put less lip gloss and wondering if those shoes matched the skinny jeans you wore at that time.  

“To Hell, I’m fine so…” You murmured when a hand tapped on your shoulder and his reflection in the showcase smiled at you.  

And that was another blow to the heart for you because you didn’t know how it was possible but he had become a thousand time handsome than you remembered.  

Slowly you turned and his smile became even more gentle and especially bright, as he opened his arms and allowed you to hide among them. It was a hug full of meaning, of words that didn’t need to be said. You laid your chin against his shoulder, with heels you could reach his height, forcefully clenching your arms around his waist and fully inhaling his scent that still had some effect on you.  

“You’re even more beautiful than I remembered!”  

“And you even more inclined to flirt.”  

Jimin burst to laugh, moving little to be able to look into your eyes while moving a strand of hair behind your ear.  The butterflies in your stomach have begun to dance, you can even feel your legs shaking and your hands, pressed gently against his back, tremble in the same way as your legs.  

“Can we g-go inside..? I wouldn’t want your fans to think anything strange if they see us… ”  

He simply nodded and loosened the grip on you, transforming the hug and leaving only a hand resting against your back in order to guide you. You didn’t remember that jimin so at ease, but you liked it because for once his shyness didn’t interrupt any kind of contact.  

You followed him quietly, observing the building and listening carefully to what he told you and remaining fascinated by the fact that they had just moved and the achievements they reached. Obviously, you know them, you’re a fan of BTS even if you never admitted it with him and at the bottom of your heart you always knew that they would achieve a worldwide success.  

Jimin continued to speak, without ever leaving your side and especially without moving the hand from your back when two people almost jumped in front of you, making you just wince.  

“YAH! JUNGKOOK-AH! HYUNG! ” Jimin screamed, covering your with part of his body almost wanted to hide you from two of his bandmates.  

The youngest smiled at you immediately, despite the slight redness on his cheeks made you realize that he was extremely embarrassed. While the other moved Jimin and took your hand, pretending a kiss on your hand and making you blush immediately.  


“Jimin-ah, you have so charming friends and you don’t tell us???”  

Namjoon smiled at his friend, obviously, it’s all a joke at that time and in his gaze, you noticed something different. The way he watched Jimin when he kissed your hand makes you realize that there is something you don’t know, something the latter hid from you, and curiosity was already starting to pop inside you.  

“Nice to meet you.” You murmured with a little bow, seeing Jungkook observing you with the same smile that Namjoon had addressed shortly before to Jimin.  

“Our pleasure, Noona. Jimin told us a lot about you! ”  


That confession could do nothing but please you, while you mentally began to dance a kind of victory dance. If he had spoken of you, there were extreme possibilities that your crush wasn’t one side type.  

Together with the other two, you started walking in the direction of the rehearsal room, where the other four were simply chatting as they had finished a heavy day of rehearsals.  

“Finally!” Yelled Taehyung, who you immediately recognized thanks to his characteristic smile, as he approached you and vigorously shook your hand with joy.  At that time you understood why him was so tied to Taehyung, they were practically two cupcakes disguised as sunbeams.  

“Guys, she’s Y/N.. My childhood friend, do you remember? ”  

The other three greeted with a nod of the hand and a huge smile, but suddenly a strange roar echoed all over the floor and caught all eight of them by surprise.  

“What the heck..” Seokjin and Yoongi murmured in chorus while screaming outside the rehearsal room began to make you realize that something had to have happened.  

Without waiting and ignoring the “where the hell are you going y/n?” by Jimin, you ran to the door and opening it you found yourself in front of a cloud of dust and smoke, while some people were screaming to call the rescue immediately. The building was new but apparently, a non-bearing column had collapsed, causing all that dust and maybe some injured.  

“Where are you going? We stay in the rehearsal room until the rescue arrives. ”  

Jimin’s voice was shaken, trembled and you could feel it perfectly but you weren’t instructed to remain helpless in those situations. You smiled to reassure him and you started walking in the midst of the smoke, knowing that he wouldn’t follow you because that of the unknown was a rational fear of every human being, and he didn’t know what was expected in the midst of that cloud of dust.  

Cloud that immediately began to dissipate thanks to the perfectly functioning ventilation systems, so your view was more facilitated in following the groans of some of the wounded. With a clinical look, you realize that no one seemed to have really hurt when a moan different from others took your attention.  

You paraded your shoes and ran towards that voice, biting your bottom lip forcefully when the boy who was looking for help was on the ground with a metal bar stuck into his abdomen.  

“Hey, I’m Y/N. I’m a surgeon and you’re in great hands.. But I’m telling you now that this bar will have to come with you to the hospital unless firefighters saw it. ”  

Your voice was sweet and kind, one of the first things they had taught you was to reassure the patient in any way. The more nervous the patient was, the more was the risk of aggravating any condition.  

A middle-aged man came up to you, coughing lightly, and you asked if the rescues had already been warned and his affirmative answer gave you more security and peace of mind.  

“What’s your name?”  

“Lu.. L-Lu.. ” He began to say but immediately began breathing with wheezing, almost as if he had something stuck in his throat.  

It was an alarm bell for you so you immediately bent your head backward and opened his mouth, recovering in the meantime from your bag a small portable flashlight. By making light in the oral cavity you noticed a huge amount of soot, caused by the fall of the column, and some pieces of concrete that obstructed the airways. And it was certainly not the best news for you at that time.  

“Don’t talk, try to stay conscious, all right?” You ordered to him, but his breath became every second ever more strenuous, while his heartbeat decelerated rapidly.  

He would be suffocated if you hadn’t intervened promptly. Luckily the bar in his abdomen, somehow, stopped the bleeding and wasn’t the main problem. You turned to the man next to you and ordered him to find any kind of knife and a lighter, causing an absolute confusion in man.  

“DAMN IT, MOVE!” You screamed, however, keeping the calm and the cold blood, while the man nodded and began to run in search of the objects that you had just asked.  

“Y/N what are you doing???” Jimin asked after reached you along with the other six, while you started poking around in your purse finding what you needed.  

You didn’t love vodka, but that little bottle found in your hotel room’s mini bar would have been incredibly helpful. With fast and precise gestures you would remove the tip and the barrel with the ink from the pen found in your bag, starting to pour over half bottle and thanking the man who had just returned with a small kitchen knife and the lighter. It had passed a few moments but no one could be wasted, so you took the knife and spilled the remaining transparent liquid on the blade and then repeatedly pass the flame of the lighter on it, trying to sterilize it as much as possible.  

“Is she going to do what I think..?” Hoseok asked, with a distraught tone, while Jimin was blocking your hand and observing you as if you were crazy.  

“Y/N; It’s not a movie. ”  

“Exactly and if you keep holding my hand, this boy will die. ” You hissed in a cold tone, the surgeon who was in you had just come out in the open, yanking gently your wrist and rid from his grip.  

With precise moves, you swipe your finger on his Adam’s apple, until you reach the cricoid cartilage. You had taken that action so many times that you could have done it even with your eyes closed. Two deep breaths, made by holding the pen ledge between the teeth, and you started practicing a small incision of an inch, pressing forcefully to make the cut as deep as its length.  

Immediately the cricothyroid membrane showed up in front of you, in all its horrible appearance, so effortlessly you practiced the second incision albeit smaller, putting without problems the straw of the ballpoint pen.  

The beating of the boy, you had tightened his wrist a second before, was slowly increasing and bending toward him you blew twice in the straw, hoping that he will automatically resume breathing. The compressions were not a useful action at that time because with the compressions you risked of moving the metal bar and aggravating his conditions.  

One, two, three, four, five, you were almost at the sixth second when the boy’s chest began, again, to rise and fall and a sigh of relief will escape you from your lips, while you are sitting backward.  

“What the hell is this, a Grey’s Anatomy episode..?”  




The voices of the six Bangtan arrived soon after, while your gaze rested on the boy next to you who hadn’t distracted his eyes from you even for a second. You were dirty with blood on your blouse, on your hands, and maybe even on your face, but he was looking at you in a way that could, incredibly, make you blush.  

“How the hell did you do it..?”  

“You never asked me what I did to live, Jimin..” You murmured with a smile, controlling in the meantime the young man’s heartbeat. It was slow but stable and luckily the rescues came right at that time.  

“Who has practiced this tracheotomy?” one of the men asked, observing you and then laying his gaze on your dirty clothes; “Who gave her permission, Miss? You could kill him. ”  

“I’m a surgeon.”  

Showing your badge made the paramedic open wide his eyes, whispering to his colleague “She’s Y/N Y/L/N, unbelievable…”  

“You should bring this man to the hospital right away, you’re not here to whispering silly things.” You hummed slightly annoyed and they immediately nodded, bowing with reverence and checking the boy’s vital parameters, deciding how to act because of the metal bar.  

In slow steps you walked away, going to slam against Seokjin who was watching you with admiration, though he hadn’t yet pronounced a word.  

“Noona.. Are you a surgeon?? ”  

“Yes, Jungkook.. I was abroad to take a specialization, but let’s say I graduated very early. ”  

“Daebak” all seven murmured in chorus, making you blush slightly.  

“Y/N.. You opened that man’s neck. ”  

“He couldn’t breathe jimin..”  


“GUYS IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL” You exclaimed, embarrassed because of their looks when all of a sudden, all seven encircled you, hugging you with a loud screams of pure joy.  

“G-Guys, I can’t breathe!”  


“Hey, let her, you can’t touch Her!” Jimin almost seemed to smoke with jealousy while he was pushing them away, who began to tease him jokingly and pinching his side.  

“May I ask you something, Y/n?”  


The wait wasn’t one of the things you loved most, but knowing him you knew that however shyness was part of him so maybe you had to give him time to formulate the phrase in the best way.  

But without saying anything he leaned towards you and grazed your lips with his, for a handful of seconds, leaving you completely shocked. The whistles of approval arrived almost immediately, while two of their managers came running to tell them to leave the building but your gaze couldn’t move from Jimin’s, who was blushed as much as you.  

“Will you give me a date, doctor?”  

“Surgeon, please. And yes, I waited all these years only for this. ”

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"Who are you?" (Magnus/Alec)

At first, Magnus only intended to give Alec silent treatment for a short while, to make him understand how much he hurt him. To punish him for lying, just for a couple of days. He called Alec after what he thought was a suitable amount of time, only for his call to go straight to voicemail. It didn’t surprise him, not really. They were both busy men these days. And if Magnus had to be honest with himself, he was even a little relieved too. He wasn’t looking forward to the confrontation that would surely evolve into yet another argument.

But then none of his calls were picked up. His texts went unanswered. His fire messages didn’t receive a response. Before he noticed it, three weeks have passed and Magnus finally portalled to the Institute, determined to find his boyfriend and finally clear the air.

“Isabelle!” Magnus called out as soon as he saw Izzy in the main operations room. She was talking to Jace, showing him something on one of the screens. She turned towards him when she heard his voice. “Do you know where I can find Alexander? He hasn’t been returning my calls.”

Izzy blinked at him owlishly for a moment before her eyebrows drew together in a frown.

“Who’s Alexander?”

And that was when Magnus knew that something went very, very wrong.

Magnus stepped out of the portal that opened next to his desired location, the one he learned about after his tracking spell had finally ran its course. He was still reeling from his meeting with Imogen Herondale that happened a couple hours ago, after he portalled directly to Alicante and stomped into her office, hell bent on finding answers.

Alec was found guilty of treason, she said. He had been collaborating with Downworlders - namely Lucian Greymark - and revealed to him crucial information that could lead to an all-out war with the nephilim. As a punishment for the betrayal, Alec had been stripped of his runes and cast away into the mundane world. But as if that wasn’t enough, Imogen also deemed him a security threat, because even as a mundane Alec still would have sight and still could do irreparable damage. She had a warlock come from the London Institute and take Alec’s memories, as well as wipe the memories of everyone connected to him. Alec wouldn’t remember a thing from his previous life, apart from his first name. No one would remember that he had existed. Not his siblings, or his parents, or his friends.

No one except for Magnus.

Magnus wasn’t sure if it was a small mercy or an error in judgment. Or maybe the foreign warlock didn’t have the guts to directly assault a High Warlock. Magnus didn’t know the reason. He didn’t particularly care.

He found Alec sitting on the ground, curled up with his back against the brick wall, knees drawn up and arms resting on them. He looked as if he was trying to intentionally make himself smaller, hiding his face away from the view. It was a chilly evening and the young man was shivering, the tattered clothes he was wearing doing little to keep the cold at bay. Magnus felt tears gathering in his eyes as he took in the scars visible on the exposed skin, red and raw-looking, surely as painful as they looked. Alec was thinner, much thinner, as if he hadn’t eaten in a long time. And seeing that he had been homeless for over two weeks, Magnus was pretty sure that it wasn’t very far off from the truth.

“Oh, Alexander,” he whispered as he knelt on the ground next to Alec, reaching out to touch his arm but hesitating, not sure if his touch would be welcome or not.

Alec flinched at the sound of his voice, obviously lost in thoughts before and turned quickly to look at Magnus. Magnus saw no spark of recognition in his eyes and it made his heart break all over again.

“Who are you?” Alec asked, his voice laced with suspicion. “And how do you know my name?”

“My name is Magnus,” the warlock said, gently, as if he was afraid one false move would make Alec bolt, “and I’m here to take you home.”

Rob’s Interview with Howard Stern. Highlights’ (my notes):

  • Howard Stern: I like it (Good Time) …you were fucking edgy!
  • HS: When you were doing Twilight, were you kind of worried that you will get stereotyped like, you will never get this kind of role? Like Good Time, I mean in Good Time you played this fucked up criminal

Rob: I never felt necessarily typecast in Twilight, it was pretty different from who I was as a person anyway. I was like, it was not my default…

  • HS: There are so many fucking jerk offs in Hollywood. They grew up, did a franchise, made millions etc…
  • Co-host : Did you walk away from it or did you lock in?  

Rob: You probably would have been sued (to walk away)

…. I enjoyed the whole process. So few people get an opportunity like that, for 5 or 6 years, it was crazy.

… not at the first one, not at all (regarding the craze and mania).

… I thought it (first Twilight) was going to be a little cool movie.

  • HS: It took 37 million to produce the 1st Twilight. You were 21 years old when you auditioned.

Rob:  I came in right at the last minute.

  • “If you could teach yourself to gag”  - the trick to get yourself to cry when acting. He said he was unsure about his own acting skills.
  • He had to take half a valium to reduce anxiety before Twilight audition
  • Before Rob was born, his mom worked as a broker for a modelling agency.
  • He started modelling at 12. Signed on at 13 when that was the start of the androgynous trend, when he has “pretty girl’s breast”.
  • At 15, his dad motivated him to join a drama club after speaking to some girls at a restaurant with him.
  • He got expelled from a private “arty” school for stealing porn in school uniform, and selling them to his classmates.  “ I got so cocky” and tried to take the whole rack of magazines and stuffed them in his backpack without zipping.
  • He tried to make up a lie, and was given a choice to either call the cops or his parents. “Every one of his friend snitched on me”.  He sold them for 20 pounds each. “I liked stealing things and lying”. to watch a short cilp about this porn enterprise. or at the end of this post.

  • He stopped stealing after that. “Went to a school that was way worse than me.”
  • He recalled the first thing he stole: Snapping candy bracelets.
  • Also liked stealing security tags in alarm clocks, “get high on it (stealing)”.
  • His big role before Twilight was Harry Porter, after which he got into a play but was fired 5 days before opening, without knowing the reason.
  • Rob said he looked like a mess at the 5th Harry Potter premiere red carpet, because he was eating In and Out all the time in LA.
  • He was looking sweaty and chubby, and was probably the reason why people wrote in to protest when he got the role of Edward based on those red carpet photos.
  • For playing Salvador Dali, he had to wax his whole body. For masturbation scenes, he wanted to really do it only if it came as a surprise to people (not at their suggestion).
  • Twilight series are teenage films, he felt that teenage romance should be serious, not smiley and happy.
  • Producer highlighted the smiles, he highlighted the frowns on the script. They felt that he has gone too miserable. to watch how he almost got kicked out for that.

On Twilight craze and Fame:


  • Goes in waves, not being able to walk down the street is “pretty nuts”
  • No one is looking at you, and if they are looking, they are not seeing the same thing. 

HS: Is it fun or is it a headache?

Rob: “Both. It is definitely a ride, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“… I wasn’t ready for that kind of evaluation (the intensity while also dating your co-star).”

HS: Do you think it is inevitable, is it advisable to fall in love with you co-star? Good thing or a bad thing?

"On the first Twilight, it was very different. Later on, people noticed the difference, you upset many people, you suddenly have the power and you don’t know what it is.“

  • Rob did therapy years later *when the movies ended*, had to know that the previous life doesn’t exist anymore.
  • At 26. He was feeling secure up until the last one. “Impossible to think you will repeat yourself.”
  • He had a massive freak out at the first Twilight premiere. He was embarrassed by he interview he did, promoting it like an indie. He left and ran out and left the country. “I’m done” and stayed 6 months away.
  • He renegotiated after that.

About Good Time and filming in New York

  • “If you made yourself grimy enough, you can escape being noticed”
  • He would love to get caught doing that (sell porn) now
  • He is very, very happy about good reviews on Good Time
  • It is going to take him 10 years after the Twilight series, to come up with other movies. Meantime, he tried all different angles (of movies and acting).

About Superhero movies    

  • To do one, you have to sign up for 8 movies. He cannot do it, after 5 movies with Twilight.
  • Because it is a commitment to work with a huge machine.

About acting method, and learning accent.

  • Multi-impression. Everyone is from Queens. Very specific dialect. He picked it up by immersing himself with his co stars who are all from NYC.
  • Connie is, ”He’s just a narcissistic psychopath” instead everyone commented that “he loves his brother so much.”

About Fifty Shades of Grey

  • He hasn’t seen it.
  • “I know the writer of the book. Met her a Chateau Marmont, just as “a lady from England”. I was forcing her to tell me every one of her fantasies.”*laughs*
  • That role  “just needs to work out too much”
  • HS : Do you go to gym? “One week on, 3 months off”.

About dick, fights and endorsements

  • “Very hard to confront a guy who is trying to take a picture of your dick.”
  • Rob’s last major fight was when he was 18,19.
  • Rob was looking like a punk with a half-shaved head in Toronto at a bar. Met a guy who is half a foot taller, taking pic of him. *He smacked that guy*.
  • Turned down a multimillion dollar deal to be the face of Burberry. “How did you find that? That is crazy…” he asked HS
  • HS :Why accept endorsement deal with Dior?

Rob: “… I always tried to avoid from being put in a box. Burberry being kind of British, always known to not wanting to be known as British (keep it vague). Dior was less vague as British.”

About audition, music and relationships. ·        

  • He goes in audition as a character with an American accent
  • HS : Do you play music?  He could “fool people for about a minute and a half,” learned guitar from listening to Van Morrison. playing basic F, C, G, E chords, kind of have 8 little run..
  • HS: Song writer? “2 years to write a song.” 

HS: Well your fiancé is…

HS: “Well you’re engaged, right?”,

Rob: “Kind of…”*laughs*

HS: WHAT? You the “Secretive with relationship guy…protective”? …I never get that, I think part of the fun being with a woman is march around with her.

  • HS: The woman…you are with, FAQ?….“Yeah, she is amazing yeah…FKA Twigs…she is like super talented…Totally different one”.
  • HS: Do you call her like FKA?…”Call her…yeah Twigs basically. That was her nickname
  • HS: “I wonder if you’ll get married.” …*LAUGH*
  • HS: “It is hard decision for a guy like you. You can have anyone.”

Rob: “I don’t know about that…Not really.”

“…Being an actor, it ACTUALLY kind of narrows things down…  you get kind of paranoid. Most people may think they want a relationship with you. Then they realised, this is not what I want AT ALL. There is a big imbalance in the relationship.”

About trolls (online)

  • “They are professional trolls. Addicted to wanting to cause hurt and pain. Most difficult thing. They are faceless enemy. Nuts, random names. Different countries somewhere. Fake to them, real in your life.”
  • “Like you know there is one room in your house, where people talk nasty things about you. When you are down, you start listening to the whispers.”
  • (If you attack) you are feeding it. You feel less powerful, like attacking your reflection in the water. You’ll look crazy. 

About working with the Safdie Brothers and Academy award

~ See Josh’s instagram vidoe below. I couldn’t transcibe properly“ LOL

Rob : “Just do what I did…bla bla bla bla. *quick hand movements*

  • “I am just so happy that people liked it (Good Time).”
  • “ I just knew something was going on.”
  • “That is how I always try to get jobs basically. No one is going to know your taste better than you.”

Rob said “I will forgive you (the trolls)”, if they watch Good Time over and over again.

>>>The full interview was 1 hour. Talking about his “relationship” 5 minutes. The bulk of it was Twilight, auditioning, Good Time etc.

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Nicole Finding Out It's Really Wynonna:
  • *Scene near end of 2x05 where Nicole is threatening to shoot Wynonna*
  • Wynonna: "Ok look, the demon jumped back into Waverly and I'm not possessed."
  • Gooverly: "She's lying and she's trying to hurt me" *fake sniffle*
  • Nicole: "Ok, if you're really Wynonna, then sincerely apologize. You know for what."
  • Wynonna: "You know for what? What kind of cryptic crap is that? Look, if this is for walking in on you and Waverly, then maybe you shouldn't be fooling around in the lobby of <i>my</i> house all the time. And if this is for stealing all the donuts at the police station, I have no regrets, because those were some dang good donuts."
  • Nicole: *Lowers gun* "Ok, that really is you because nobody else would be so snappy at gunpoint."
  • Nicole: *Raises gun again* "Now, I didn't know that you were the one who took all the donuts so now we're going to deal with that..."

This is for an anon request for a Requiem AU:  Starts at Requiem- Scully is taken and pregnant and it’s Mulder looking for her again. Read part One  part Two  part Three  part Four  part Five  part Six  part Seven

She knows the routine by heart now. She is removed from the cell and taken to the testing chamber. There are always three of them, wearing silvery protective gear. But she has never seen their faces, nor heard them speak. She could not even say definitively if they are human. She has no idea if she has travelled anywhere since she was taken from Bellefleur. But she gets the impression these beings are ‘light’, insubstantial some how. She can’t articulate it, but she feels like they are floating, untethered.

              She watches them more closely. She turns her head, she twists on the bed, she fights a little more, testing the invisible restraints, watching for a reaction, trying to work out where the entrance ways are in this monochrome, windowless room. The equipment is strange, laid out with the same precision as an OR or dental trolley but she doesn’t recognise anything. She talks to them. They do not acknowledge her but one of them, the slightly shorter one, does hesitate a beat before the laser starts.

She has trained herself to meditate during the sessions. The lasers burn just as she blanks out, but it’s the fear that hurts more. She used to get herself so tense that her muscles would cramp and ache for days. Now she commands herself to relax, takes herself to her happy place, concentrates on the image she has of Mulder, his face close to hers, his eyes filled with love, his mouth in a lazy half-smile, a glib remark always just a second away. Whatever it is they are doing, it is repetitive, invasive in a way she can’t get a handle on. She knows they are looking inside her, but not in a way she can understand. She hopes they can’t see the baby. But in her darkest moments, she fears that is all they want.

When her mother was heavily pregnant with Charlie, she fell over and cut her knee. It wasn’t that bad but all she really wanted was a hug from her mother. But what she got was a quick rub down with a warm wet cloth and a bandaid stuck on at an awkward angle. Bill called her a wuss and Missy told her off for bothering their mother.

Her mother did look exhausted, rubbing the sides of her huge belly before resting a hand in the small of her back and sighing. Pregnancy looked painful and hard. She slipped to her bedroom and flopped on her bed, feeling too restless to read even. Her mother knocked on the door and walked in with a pile of pressed clothes.

              “Are you unwell, Dana?”

              “No, just tired, I think.”

              “How’s your knee?”

              “Fine. It’s fine.”

              Her mother sat on her bed and smiled. “You’re a good girl, Dana. I’m sorry I don’t have the energy to spend more time with you.” She sat up and looked at the mound under her mother’s smock top. “Would you like to talk to your baby brother or sister?”

              “Can they hear me?” She leant closer.

              Her mother lifted her top and she saw the taut skin, the belly button popped out, a brown line leading down from it. “I’m sure they can. I talked to all of my babies. Here, put your hand here, the baby’s moving.”

              She rested her hand on her mother’s round side and giggled as the baby’s movements caused her mother’s stomach to bulge and dip. “Does it hurt?”

              Her mother laughed. “No, it’s a bit uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt. Women’s bodies are designed for this. We’re pretty amazing, Dana.”

              She laid her cheek on her mother’s tummy and whispered, “hello baby. I’m looking forward to meeting you.”

              Her mother stroked her hair and she closed her eyes, imagining what the baby would look like. Trying to imagine herself as a mother.

              “And you’re going to be a wonderful big sister, Dana. You’re strong and capable. You’re my strongest child. Bill is full of bluster but he’s insecure, Missy is a dreamer but over sensitive. But you, you have an intensity of spirit that belies your age. Whatever you choose to do, Dana, I’m sure you’ll be the best at it. You were born ready.”

Since she acknowledged her condition, she has become hyperaware of her imprisonment. The torture, the lack of nourishing food, the schedule of exercises she has worked out for herself, the unyielding need to escape. She gathers all these elements of her world and uses them to prepare herself. Every session she learns more. She studies the shorter being, the weaker one. She tries something different every time. She finally feels like she’s getting somewhere. She feels ready.

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Do you think you could write a Saphael amnesia fic where Simon wakes up and thinks he's still mundane? He looks around and sees everyone he's supposed to 'know' but he can only remember Clary?

A problem with memory 

It hurts but Simon still manages to open his eyes. He shut them instantly again. The florescent lights burned too brightly.

“I think he’s awake, Cat” he hears unfamiliar male voice call followed by sets of pounding footsteps. Why was everything so loud.

“Simon, I’m here” The same voice says and he can smell the man’s scent, and felt his ice-cold touch against his forehead.

Simon opens his eyes again; the man’s blurry face came into focus. His skin was unusually pale, Simon thought it had to do with the terrible lighting.

“Simon, how are you feeling?” the man asked and Simon could hear the worry and panic in his voice, the man looked like he hadn’t slept in forever.

“I’m sorry” Simon’s voice cracked from being unused for so long “who are you?” he asked.

read more 

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I was looking through your blog and saw you've attempted suicide. Even though you probably don't feel the same way I'm so glad you are still here and I really really hope you decide to stay because you are great. Same random chic who sent an ask a bit ago but something was telling me to reach out, it's probably dumb lol, but I relate to a lot of stuff you talk about and figured it couldn't hurt! Okay, I'm done being awkward and emotional 😁

GIRL U SO SWEET i want to send you a zillion sunflowers but i earn $0 and mooch off my parents so here are some emoji sunflowers 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
My suicide attempt was a year and a bit ago and I do get the urge sometimes but things are a bit better than the hell i was living then. I’ve acrually tried twice but nobody found out about the first time

I hope you never feel that way darlingg and if you ever do, shoot me an ask and i’ll be there for you ❤❤❤
Tumblr is a rad support system in a sense. Like i feel so shitty most of the time but lovely anons like you make MA FUCKIN LIFE ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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But Sten how do you look at someone like in the gif and describe so well what you see? It works in my head not in my words.

well i think the trick is writing out phrases and not jumping right into fitting it in a story. lets take MY FAVORITE EXAMPLE:

so first, i try to think about all the emotions in the scene, and when i’d possibly use a reaction like this. in this situation, this is lena defying vulnerability, feeling a bit defensive and snarky, but she’s also covering up pain/hurt. this is CLASSIC LENA (hence why it appears in like, everything i write). so there’s a lot of things happening and i try to focus on all the emotions that would produce such a look. i write down all the types of feelings, because this is important to include in mannerisms during dialogue. 

then i think about every single piece of it and essentially break it down. it’s more than just ‘her lips curling’. she looks down at the floor, calculating, before flickering her eyes up slowly, with a pointed stare. shes facing whatever it is threatening her head on. her head is tilted to the side, knowingly (like she’s just realized something, or her thoughts suddenly make sense, or she’s coming to some sort of hurtful realization). and then FINALLY we get to the piece that i love the most, the soft snarl of the lips, where she’s smirking at the reality of the situation, not because it’s funny, but because it’s cold and expected. it’s a sarcastic laugh, and the way her lips quirk to the side and turn up just slightly is SO IMPORTANT to convey when writing.

honestly, katie is one of the most fantastic expressive actors to do this with, and it makes your writing 100x more descriptive and emotional. it’s why i love writing her character SO much (among a million other things)… but take any well made lena gifs and practice and suddenly you’ve got emotional dialogue and mannerisms that everyone KNOWS and says more than simple action words ever could. <3


Aries: “You can tell me anything.”

Taurus: “Uma can’t see what I see in you.”

Gemini: “Call me when you get home.”

Cancer: “You don’t have to say anything.”

Leo: “We’ll figure it out.”

Virgo: “I believe in you.”

Libra: “What do you want to watch?”

Scorpio: “Can you help me with my eyeliner?”

Sagittarius: “I dreamt about you last night.”

Capricorn: “It looks good on you.”

Aqaurius: “Nobody hurts what’s mine.”

Pisces: “I want the whole isle to know that I’m with you.”