Es tut weh, nicht wahr? Dieses ständige Gefühl nicht gut genug zu sein.
Potter Bros, Detention Woes

What’s In A Namesake Pt.2

P. Longbottom: Albus, how much do you know about Professor Snape?

Albus: Not much, Dad said he was a war hero, but he doesn’t talk about him often…

P. Longbottom: I see… Would you like to meet him? His portrait I mean.

Albus: *nods*

James Sirius: Better than detention.

P. Longbottom: I thought you might. 

In The Old Potions Classrooms

P. Longbottom: Hello Severus. We have a few visitors for you.

Snape: Come in if you must, Longbottom. Do try not to ruin anything on your way over, not that you can help it of course.

Albus: Hello Sir.

Snape: Ah, young Slytherin student. I am no longer a Professor, therefore, I am not obligated to entertain your questions concerning your failing grades in Potions. 

Being a Slytherin, you should have thought of your studies before wasting your time with trivial matters. Your mistake.

James Sirius: Actually we are here-

Snape: Of course you would assume your voice is the most important one in the room, being a Gryffindor.

James Sirius: Excuse me?

Snape: And judging by the state of your hair and the arrogance rolling of you in waves, I need not even ask your names. 

You must be Potters.

Albus: You can’t talk to us like that.

Snape: Actually, you’ll find that I can-

*breath-y voice* Your eyes.

Albus: Professor?

Snape: *whispers* Lily…

Snape: *heavy breathing*

James Sirius: *rushed* Alright, time to go.

P. Longbottom: Pleasure, as always Severus. 

*pulls down curtain to cover the portrait*