it honestly wasn't supposed to come out like that but i really like it

The “Kiss”

Of course, inspired by the TNHMB music video.


“I kissed her cheek.” Shawn’s tells you over the phone, and for a second, you’re thoroughly confused. It sounds like he’s confessing something, but at the same time, kissing someone on the cheek is hardly something to confess to. At least not in your opinion, considering you come from a culture where people do that as a greeting. You can’t count the number of times you’ve kissed someone’s cheek when you barely even knew the person’s name.

“What are you talking about?” You question, still confused as to why this seems like a big deal to him.

“Ellie, I kissed her cheek for the video.” He clarifies. “It was supposed to look like an actual kiss,” He pauses then adds, “It was supposed to be an actual kiss, but I couldn’t do it.”

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Five Times Ignis Scientia was Oblivious to his own Appeal (Ignis/Reader, SFW)

(And the moment he finally got the hint).

You, dear reader, are a receptionist at a government building doing business with the crown. Perhaps most infuriating of all is the stupidly charming royal adviser that keeps coming around. He’s stolen your heart and, worst of all, he has no clue.

It’s finally done! After days of pecking away at this during work breaks, it is done.

Blame @thirdstreetcettin for this idea. Also dedicated to @ka-za-ri and @hypaalicious because I love them.

Unofficially dedicated to all the other Ignis smoochers out there.

Ignis Scientia/Reader, 9068 words, rated T for mild swearing and occasional thirst.

Read it on AO3 here:

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I am so excited!!! This little book (well, 264 pages) has been about 9 months in the making, and it’s finally done. Good grief.

Basically, many of my friends at my undergrad university did Creative Writing with me, and for our final project we had to write a 6k word short story and 2k critical commentary - which, by the way, as someone who has done a Master’s since and written a 20k thesis, was just as hard as writing a standard dissertation. As a surprise to everyone, I sneakily got copies of everyone’s short stories by pretending I just wanted to read them and compare them to mine, and I made them all into an anthology, which I gave to everyone at graduation. It was a really fun project to work on, even though it took ages to proof read the entire thing and design the cover and cry over Word formatting. We called ourselves the Come Along Collective because ‘come along’ was kind of a catchphrase of ours and ‘collective’ sounded professional and artistic. Sue us, we had degrees in this shit.

In June last year, about 3 years after we graduated, we met up (a pretty big deal, seeing as one of us now lives in the US!) and decided to do another anthology. Without the immediate option of including our conveniently timed university dissertation equivalents, we agreed that it would be really fun if we all wrote a short story of between 4-15k words - this is actually why I wrote Here, the World Entire, which appears in this anthology in a slightly shorter form! Since I made that first anthology back in 2013 our friendship group has changed a little, and so one contributor to the first anthology isn’t in this one and we have a new contributor, but that’s OK; it kind of charts the progression of everyone’s experiences since university.

So, over the past 9 months or so, we all wrote a story each, and everyone put their all into their stories, despite being 23-25 now and not having the luxury of time that we used to have, and honestly, the stories are amazing. There’s not a single one in there that I wouldn’t read in a literary magazine. One person didn’t do Creative Writing and was really worried about their story not matching up to the others, but it absolutely does. I did a little cry when I read it because it was so good and the writer didn’t think it was (I think they are now aware that they are actually super talented and should definitely write more). That was one of the reasons I’m so happy to have this physical copy as proof that it’s done, and people who thought they couldn’t do it did do it, and they did it fabulously, because every single person wrote something phenomenal.

There was one person in the group who wasn’t able to write anything because they had a lot going on in their life, and so the rest of us prepared a SUPER SECRET SURPRISE, complete with a secret Facebook group chat (which was literally titled THE ONE THAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO KEEP SECRET) in which we collaborated and wrote a story for her instead so that she would still have a story in the anthology. One person wrote a section, then handed it to the next person, and so on. It turned out to be an absolutely hilarious story involving Emily Blunt as an evil sorceress, Jez and Mark from Peep Show as couriers, and our old landlord as an arch villain. It’s pretty rad, not going to lie. That person still gets their name on the cover because the story wouldn’t have been written without them; we basically tried our best to put that person’s personality into a narrative, and that’s why it’s so weird. They are weird, is what I’m saying.

This whole thing was a massive labour of love for all of us. I was literally proof reading it on lunch breaks, and taking graphic design assignments at work so that I could practice for when I made the cover (which I think looks snazzy, if endearingly off-kilter). Everyone was hugely supportive of one another, giving each other prompts and feedback whenever anyone got stuck, and it was such a fantastic experience to make it from start to finish. I’m so, so proud of the end product, and I’m excited to see what our next one will look like!

I have also prepared a super secret special surprise of my own for everyone within this anthology, which I won’t disclose here just in case any of them happen upon this post. It’s rad, though. I’m excited for everyone to see it.

This isn’t available for commercial purchase or anything like that, but it’s a personal project that’s been taking up a lot of my time lately (in a good way!) and it’ll be kind of sad not to have this to work towards. Still, onto the next thing!

Companions react to childrens' awe after they act heroic
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> The children of the settlement watched in awe as the companion took down 6 raiders at once. Sole wasn't there, and all of the turrets were down, so it was up to them to protect the settlement alone. A little girl around the age of six almost got bludgeoned when she came out of hiding to get her teddy bear. Before she got so much as a bruise, the companion swooped in and killed the nasty raider. They patted the girl's head before giving her back her teddy bear. They told her to get back into hiding, and the companion went back into the firefight. (The ones that can speak/pat heads anyways) When the very last raider was down, the companion collapsed on the ground, exhausted. They only got a second to breath though. As soon as they could, every child from the settlement tackled the companion. They called them awesome and cool while giving the companion hugs, or high fives.<p/><b>Ada:</b> "That is quite enough children. You are welcome, but I really need to get back to my duties." The kids keep pestering poor Ada until she relents and answers a few questions. She only stays long enough for the children to be satisfied with the answers they got. She leaves to go hide somewhere while she runs a diagnostics on herself.<p/><b>Cait:</b> She felt pretty good about herself up until she thought the kids were getting to annoying. "Alright kids. That's enough. Bugger of now!" She almost felt bad about sending them away, but the kids didn't seem to mind as they were acting out what had just happened. That made Cait glad. She wouldn't even want to think about what Sole would do to her if she made a kid cry.<p/><b>Codsworth:</b> "By jove!" Codsworth was surprised when he got knocked down by the children. He just sat there slightly dumbfounded as to why the children were so awe-struck. He kindly answered any questions they had until the kids got bored and moved on to play at the playground. Though he could see the little girl he saved sporting a bowler hat identical to Codsworth' later that day. If he had a face, he would've smiled.<p/><b>Curie:</b> She was very pleased to have the kids think that she was cool. She answered honestly when she was asked how she felt while fighting. "Well... I was definitely scared. I probably couldn't have done it if I wasn't trying to protect you all." That made some of the kids tear up. Curie almost panicked, but managed to calm them down by giving them some candy she had found a while back.<p/><b>Danse:</b> Danse didn't get knocked down due to his power armour but the kids swarmed around his legs, making him lose his footing and fall. The force of it made some kids fall, and made two of the younger ones cry. Danse teared up himself. He hated seeing innocent kids cry. He quickly recovered, and scooped the crying children up and ran them over to Curie, so that she could cheer them up. The rest of the children hung on to his back. Curie cheered them up, and now the kids thought that Danse's strength was more impressive than anything. He gave them all piggyback rides the rest of the day as a way to make up for his screw up.<p/><b>Deacon:</b> Right away, Deacon told the crowd of kids extravagant lies about his more awesome adventures. "I once fought twice that many deathclaws barehanded!" He liked having someone believe his dumb lies for once. He kept it up until Sole came back to a Deacon with his own little group following him everywhere. They told him to quit it before the kids get any wild ideas.<p/><b>Dogmeat:</b> Dogmeat is absolutely ecstatic that he is getting all of this attention. He enjoys the belly rubs and 'good boys' that the children give him. He returns the favour by giving them thank you licks on their hands.<p/><b>Gage:</b> Gage is low-key terrified of children, so he doesn't even try to interact with them. He just runs. That leads to a chase where the kids think its a game. He eventually can't continue running, and neither can the kids, so he just collapses onto the ground. The children fall on and around him, and he can't find the strength to push them off, so he just falls asleep like that. Sole comes back to see that they're still asleep in that position, and finds it absolutely adorable. They don't hesitate to tease him about it later.<p/><b>Hancock:</b> When he gets tackled, he hits his head, making him black out for a second. The kids go silent, and one asks if he's dead. Hancock just sits up and starts laughing. "Don't worry about it, you little tykes. As you just saw, it takes more than that to off me!" The kids cheer, and start apologising a bunch. It takes Hancock a while before the kids will part from him. He enjoys having the kids follow him around like a miniature army. He finds it cute.<p/><b>Longfellow:</b> Instead of taking the praise the children offer him, he sits them all down to tell them really excited stories from when he was young. As the stories get more and more suspenseful, the children get more and more drawn in by them. When Longfellow is all done, the kids are even more awe-struck than before.<p/><b>MacCready:</b> He hugs and high-fives the kids right back. He's just happy he saved them, but he supposed it couldn't hurt to accept the children's thanks. If Duncan is in the crowd, then MacCready makes sure to act like killing all those raiders single-handedly is no big deal. He wants to show off for his son.<p/><b>Nick Valentine:</b> He ruffled a few of the kid's instead of a hug. They call him "the most awesomest person ever, " but he refuses the title. "Listen up kiddos. I'm not all that great. But you guys? You're the real cool ones. You didn't panic when the raiders came, and I bet that when you're older, you'll be able to kick twice as much butt as I did today." He smiles as the children's beaming faces. They all think of how cool it would be to actually do that.<p/><b>Piper:</b> Is so happy that the children thinks she's cool. She gets called a lot of things, but never cool. She doesn't hesitate to give all the kids hugs, telling them what a great job they did staying calm even when their home was being attacked. If Nat is there, she makes sure to drag a compliment out of her sister. She begrudgingly does, but in her mind, she's thinking of how awesome her sister is.<p/><b>Preston:</b> Preston is practically glowing with happiness. He's so glad that the children are looking up to him. Especially since he did something that's a good influence on the kids. He doesn't hesitate to tell them about the Minutemen and how they help people too. "Listen up kiddies. When you grow up, and you want to help and be awesome just like I was, then you should join the Minutemen." Some of the kids keep that in mind.<p/><b>Strong:</b> Needles to say, Strong is confused when a bunch of tiny humans crowd around him. They're all taking at once, so he can't understand a single one. Strong roars as loud as he can, effectively scaring them off. All of them except the girl with the teddy that is. She just stands there and says "awesome" in a barely audible voice. Surprisingly, Strong takes a liking to this fearless child and the two become friends. The little girl rides around on Strong's shoulders all day while he tells her stories about the killing he's done with his bothers. The strange creatures he's eaten, and the milk of human kindness are mentioned as well. When Sole comes back and sees them, they don't even question it.<p/><b>X6-88:</b> He's already waking away before the kids even reach him. He ignores them before they get in the way of his path. He sighs and tells them to speak. They do, and he almost regrets it. Their questions come rushing forth, some of them, he can't even answer. He stumbles over his words, and is just all around confused until Sole comes back and dismisses the kids. They look at X6 with a smirk on their face, amused that children can get him so easily frazzled. He's so close to hugging them in thanks, but decides against it. He opts for a simple "Thank you sir/ma'am." Sole chuckles and goes about their business.<p/></p><p/></p><p/><b></b> @ishtar0110<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

If TFP being a disaster wasn't planned, there must have been some serious mayhem behind the scenes. But why has no one on the crew talked about it? Has there been any new light shed on the making of TFP? Has Arwel made a tweet about the cheap sets? Why did Micheal and co. promise an amazing score only for there to be almost no music at all? Does the BBC somehow forbid them from talking smack about the episode? Are the BBC even allowed to do that? Guh!!

Hey Nonny!

Well, in defense of the music, it actually does sound REALLY great when you can actually HEAR it:

David and Michael provided us with an OUTSTANDING soundtrack that reveals SO MUCH about the true story that is being told, that I am certain of (I’ve always said, LISTEN TO THE MUSIC, it will tell you what’s really going on). @holmesianscholar has AMAZING music meta here, so check out all of them, they are SO brilliant. 

But THAT aside, there is some interesting speculations about why we got what we got IF we’re supposed to take TFP at face value, from they’re not terrible writers but have something else plannedto it replicating ACD’s Final Problem, to some unknown hand at the BBC taking over from what Mofftiss wanted to create and initially proposed before the big changeover (here and here), to copyright issues (here, here and here), all of which could possibly have bound everyone from ever talking about it under their contracts to the BBC (like NDA’s and such). All of these are good possibilities why we aren’t hearing at all about what is going on, and it’s terrible because I believe the fandom deserves at least an explanation on why S4 did a 180º from the whole series, especially if S5 isn’t going to be a reality.

As for why the BBC is allowed to do that? Because they’re a corporation at its core, one that needs to make money. So honestly, they will do what they have to to make money, even IF all of their money comes from taxpayers. Kind of like how the government does whatever it wants and they take money from me regardless if I want them to take it or not. So yeah.

Regardless though, how they themselves handled the backlash was unbelievable, especially from a company claiming to be tolerant of LGBT issues. 

Whatever the reason, I hope we do find out why S4 has no consistency to the rest of the series. 

love sick that is || racetrack higgins

believe the request was for some puke worth race fluff??

so here’s some cute race fluff, don’t know if it’ll make you sick but i tried

i think i broke some grammar rules but it’s all good 

enjoy and remember that requests are still open!

        You had this bad habit of blushing every time Race Higgins said anything in your direction. It was easy to cover up your rosy cheeks when you’d first become a Newsies, in the winter. But it was spring now, and the cold wasn’t harsh enough to turn you into a tomato anymore. And as you and the other Newsies became more and more comfortable with each other, Race not only spoke to you more often, he started to become more touchy-feely as well. Of course, it wasn’t anything outside of anyone’s comfort zone, he’d sling his arm around your shoulders or lean against you more when you sat next to each other, he did this to everyone. However, it made your cheeks go red and your hands shake every time he choose to do these to you. Not because it made you uncomfortable (you didn’t really have that option, given the boys you live and work with), but because you wanted more.

        Race was getting a different impression from you. Every time he said something to you, you would turn away and mumble in response. Every time he touched you in anyway, even if he just bumped arms with you, you would flinch or look at him with wide eyes. This actually made him rather sad. He thought you were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and whenever you were around he got excited. But it didn’t seem like you shared his feelings. This wasn’t going to stop the curly haired fella. He was determined to make you like him. 

        One fine morning, Race had insisted that you sell with him. In fact, as soon as he saw you stirring in your bed, he’d marched right over to you and informed you that you would be spending the day with him. Well actually it had come out more as “I’m ya new sellin’ partna n’ Jojo can jus’ piss off”. Jojo, whom like the rest of the Newsies, could clearly see that both of you were trying to start something, put up no fight. You were surprised, excited that Race wanted to hang out with you and a little hurt that Jojo had just brushed it off, but you choose not to dwell on it. 

        Now you were at the Sheepshead Races, where Race had earned his name. Maybe selling with Race had been a better idea than you thought, the people here didn’t think twice about buying from a girl, eager to get back to the matches. But lunchtime, you had sold almost half of your papes. 

        “Aye (y/n/n), let’s go get sum'din ta eat, I’m starvin’!” Race said over the general commotion of the crowd. You nodded, feeling hungry as well. You followed Race out of the track’s bleachers and out onto the street. As soon as you were out of the noise zone, your stomach growled loudly. Race chuckled and you could feel the rushing, or should one say racing, to your face. “Looks sum'one’s hungry.”

        Your face was practically glowing now, you looked down, not wanting to display your embarrassment in front of handsome Newsie. You couldn’t believe your stomach would betray you like that! Well, it wasn’t that hard to believe seeing as you probably didn’t eat as much as you should, but it wasn’t like you could help it! Race’s mischievous expression fell to one of concern.

        “What’re ya sick or sum'tin? Ya feelin’ alright?” Race stopped you and felt your forehead. You didn’t know how to respond. It was either that you would have to tell him that you had a crush on him and would very much like to kiss him right here and now thank you very much, or you could lie and say that you weren’t feeling very hot. You were very tempted to go with the latter, but you knew that he would make you go back to the Lodging House and then he’d stay with you until you “felt better”. You couldn’t afford to loose the money you wouldn’t make if you lied. Not to mention that Davey would no doubt magically appear by your side and mother over you for a good two weeks. You stared into his bright, searching eyes. They reminded you of the sky on an especially clear day. 

        “You have really pretty eyes!” You blurted out. Involuntarily, your own eyes flickered down to his lips. Currently, your face could win a bright-off with the sun. Race looked taken-a-back for a moment. Then he slowly began to smirk. Your brain was frantic. ’Oh god, oh my god, this isn’t happening’. The hand that lay on your forehead slid down to the back of your head, another hand found your waist. 

        “So ya are sick. Ya love sick!” He smirked triumphantly. Part of you wanted to grin and throw something clever back, the other part of you wanted to vanish into thin air. You were debating between the two (even though you could never actually vanish), when suddenly Racetrack Higgins was kissing you. And then you were kissing back. A weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. You could tell that Race felt the same. The only reason you finally broke apart was for air. Panting slightly, Race grinned you, “Is dat why youse is always so skittish whenevers I’m around youse?” You nodded sheepishly, feeling a little bad. He must have thought you didn’t like him. Which was not the case, you more than liked him. He leaned in close, his lips almost touching your ear, “I'se suppose it’s a good ting dat love sickness is contagious." 

        You pulled away from him, cocking an eyebrow. Did he really feel the same way or did he just want a make out buddy. Of course, you would be happy to supply him with the ladder, but you really wanted something out of this. "Race, do you actually mean that or are you just using an excuse to have someone to kiss?" 

        Race blinked a few times, surprised by your question. "O’ course I means dat. I ain’t gunna use you. I honestly thinks dat you are the most beautiful goil I have ever seen an’ damn you can sell dem papes. I like dat in a goil!” You were about to say something else when your stomach reminded you what time it was. “I think we’s better get you sumthin’ ta eat”

        This time when you blushed, Race realized it was the most adorable damn thing. He released you from his hold and grabbed your hand. Tingles shot up through both of your arms. Race’s goofy grin got even wider because this time when he touched you, you didn’t shy away from him. For the first time in a long time, Race felt butterflies in his stomach. Gosh, you really must be something special.

AU Where Hunk didn’t sneak out with Lance

Alright, so the original idea for this post came from @lancesmiles ‘Alone in Space’ AU, for which you can find the original post here (and also a fic here, which adds a nice soulmate aspect and is pretty damn good in general go read it). But it has… basically nothing to do with that? Whoops. Anyway, I couldn’t stop thinking about the implications this had for the plot as a whole, so this Needlessly Complicated and Plotty AU Version was born! Have my heavily bullshitted slightly more plausible (hahaha who am I kidding no it’s not) version of this story!

  • Our story starts when Hunk refuses to sneak out of the Garrison with Lance
    • Hunk is kinda tired and doesn’t really want to go along with his boyfriend’s bullshit right now, but he kisses his forehead and wishes him good luck, then goes to sleep.
    • Then, suddenly, the alarm rings, telling everyone to stay inside, the Garrison is on lockdown, this is not a drill.
    • Hunk jerks awake and then immediately FREAKS OUT.
    • His boyfriend still isn’t back, he’s definitely getting locked out of the Garrison, in what’s probably a dangerous situation outside.
    • So he tells the nearest authority figure.
    • (He hates to rat Lance out, and he knows that Lance is definitely going to kill him for it later on, but this is an emergency)
    • That authority figure practically shits their pants and relays the information immediately, but by now Lance is already breaking out Shiro/about to get flown off a cliff by Keith, so there’s not much they can do.
    • Hunk never does see Lance again (or at least not soon), and it takes three days before he hears any news.
  • Three days later, there is an official announcement from the Garrison that cadets Pidge Gunderson and Lance [insert surname] are officially missing, and presumed dead.
    • They refuse to disclose why they presume the cadets dead, citing government secrets and claiming that it’s classified information.
    • None of this comes as a surprise to Hunk, but he’d devastated nonetheless.
    • He cannot pay attention during the lessons, he stops studying, even eating becomes unappealing. He cries at random moments, when something reminds him of Lance. Which is pretty much everything, by the way. He just has so many memories with him, and he can’t believe that Lance is just… gone. Not even dead, not for sure. Just… gone.
    • Basically he is exhibiting all classic signs of depression and mourning.
    • The teachers just kind of leave him alone and cut him some slack, because both of his crewmembers have just disappeared. The students tiptoe around him, because they knew that Lance was his boyfriend.
    • One of the students, the girl with the dark green hair, sits at his lunch table two days after the announcement, and tells him that if there’s anything she can do for him, he can tell her. 
    • Green Hair Girl is the resident smuggler. She can get everything inside the Garrison, for a reasonable price, of course. Hunk knows this, but isn’t thinking of it at the moment. He thanks her, but assumes that it’s an empty gesture.
    • During the night of the third day after Lance’d disappearance, after the announcement, Hunk dreams of a powerful robot called Voltron, made out of five robot lions. It’s weird, but he’s grieving right now, so he ignores the dream, and almost forgets it.
    • Around the fourth day after Lance and Pidge’s disappearance, rumors start circling around the Garrison of a gigantic mechanical lion running around the Garrison, maybe even fighting aliens, but Hunk barely even registers them.
  • Mainwhile, Lance is at Keith’s shack, getting his mind blown.
    • “Hey the Kerberos crew got captured by aliens who have taken over the Galaxy, also this dude who thinks he’s hot shit and is totally worse then me (Keith) is claiming that he’s feeling weird energies from the caves in the canyon, and also found weird cave paintings.”
    • Yeah he’s getting his mind blown. He feels bad about not being able to contact Hunk, but this just kind of. Takes priority.
    • (He wanted to call Hunk and his family, by the way, to tell them he was okay. But Keith and Pidge vetoed that idea, because they are currently on the run from the Garrison, and there’s no way the Garrison isn’t tapping phone calls right now. Also Keith’s shack has no internet/phone connection, so. There’s that too.)
    • They all agree that they need to figure out what those carvings are, so they just kind of. Go and wander in the desert, around the area where Keith found those drawings, trying to find the source of them.
    • It’s inefficient and it takes one and a half days, but eventually they stumble across the cave that Blue is in, and the ground collapses, and Lance rides in a Gigantic Blue Space Lion Warmachine.
    • It would be more awesome if they didn’t immediately get into a high-stakes fight with the Galra.
    • The Galra were on the verge of figuring out where the Blue Lion was being held when Shiro escaped, this is canon. So without Hunk’s Geigner Counter to find Voltron, they probably tracked it down just as fast, if not a little faster, then our team. They came down to Earth to pick it up, but got the unpleasant surprise of someone already piloting it.
    • The battle against the Galra takes place on Earth, mere miles from the Garrison, who get a front-row seat on it.
    • (Ulaz, who is still on the ship he freed Shiro from, manages to hijack an escape pod and flees to Earth, thinking to contact the Blade’s base from there. Unfortunately for him, his pod gets discovered by the Garrison, who take him in for experimentation.)
    • (Look I don’t think we ever found out how and when Ulaz escaped the ship Shiro was on so this is as reasonable a possibility as any)
    • Lance & Co defeat the Galra, and escape to Arus, where they wake up Allura and Coran.
  • Cue Sendak’s ship and the first battle for Arus. Also the Problem of the Yellow Lion.
    • Sendak’s ship is still hot on their heels and on its way to destroy Arus and capture Voltron. Allura and the rest of team Voltron need to act quickly. 
    • They do not have a yellow paladin.
    • Allura can see that all of the others are compatible with a Lion, but without the yellow lion, they can’t form Voltron, or even get the Black Lion out of the Castle. So they’re two lions and a Voltron down.
    • (Listen, I don’t think anyone else could wake up the Yellow Lion. While someone else might be able to pilot it temporarily, Hunk is its paladin, and he needs to wake it up. He’s not replacable in this case, at least not according to my definition of a Paladin.)
    • Allura and Coran decide to let the Yellow Lion stay where it is right now, because they believe the area to be save, and also they’re on a time restraint.
    • (It’s not save, of course. The Galra are close to finding it, even if it’s by accident. But Allura and Coran don’t know that.)
    • It’s decided that Shiro and Pidge will go find the Green Lion, while Lance, Keith, Allura, and Coran stay behind to work on an attack plan against Sendak.
    • Shiro and Pidge find and bring the Green Lion to the Castle, Coran locates the Red Lion as inside Sendak’s ship, and they launch their attack.
    • I really thought about how this battle would work without the Yellow and Black Lions, and especially without Voltron, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it requires a ridiculous amount of tactical planning and luck, but it IS possible to win.
    • I won’t go into detail on how Sendak was defeated, because that would take forever, but here’s the rundown: Lance distracts Sendak by pretending to give up his Lion, while Pidge, Keith, and Shiro sneak on board. Pidge hooks herself up to the Central Command Center of the ship, and hacks it. Keith goes to find the Red Lion. Shiro was originally going to stay and guard Pidge, but finding out that prisoners are on board changes the plan. He breaks the prisoners out. Pidge hacks in and powers the entire ship down, then gets back to the Green Lion, where she meets Shiro. Keith wins over the Red Lion, and the Red, Blue, and Green Lion, battle the powered down ship, eventually causing it to explode.
    • (This means that everyone on board is dead. Sendak is dead. This means that he will never break into the Castle, which means that the Balmera Arc won’t happen, because there’s now no reason to find a Balmeran Crystal. It also means that Crystal Venom never happens, and that Alfor’s AI lives happily ever after. Because Pidge never went to search for the prisoners, she doesn’t find and hack Rover.)
    • (I REALLY wanted to work Shay into this AU, but I honestly couldn’t think of any way to do that without it just being a whole lot of unnecessary filler, so. No Shay. Sorry.)
  • Back at the Garrison, Hunk gets a call from Lance’s family, and realizes that, actually? He isn’t okay with the Garrison’s vague explenation.
    • Hunk’s family already called him to send their condolences, but hearing Lance’s siblings ask him where their brother REALLY is feels rawer, and fills him with anger.
    • He realizes that these little kids have the right idea. Where IS Lance?
    • ‘Presumed dead’, but why?
    • Lance’s parents take over the phone from the siblings, apologizing for their behavior, but also adding that they haven’t gotten any additional information from the Garrison either, and yeah. That’s shady.
    • Hunk hangs up, filled with questions and rage. A part of him also feels determined. He has a mission now. Figuring out what happened to his crewmates, and, most importantly, his boyfriend.
    • Naturally, he tries to go through the appropriate motions first, asking the Garrison and even Iverson himself what really happened to his friends. Nobody gives him any answers, but they let out that they do know, or at least have more information that they are giving him.
    • So the natural conclusion is to build a bug to listen in on Iverson and any other Garrison Autority Figures.
    • Building an undetectable bug isn’t actually all that hard for Genius Engineer Hunk, but he is missing a vital piece of technology that he just can’t get in the Garrison.
    • So he asks Green Smuggling Girl for help. Smuggling Girl is suprised at the request, but admits she knows how to get her hands on it. She doesn’t want to know what Hunk is planning on doing with it, since she’s pretty sure that it’s highly illegal and maybe treason, but she did say that she’d help him if he needed it, so. She helps him.
    • She gets to him a week later, and tells him that his seller is refusing to give her the technology without meeting Hunk first. Hunk is suspicious, but goes. He meets the seller in the desert, after sneaking out of the Garrison during the middle of the day. Lance gave him a lot of practice.
    • And guess who the seller is?
    • Colleen Holt, that’s who. 
    • Let’s not pretend that she’s not a technical genius too. She definitely is, and is very much not happy with the Garrison refusing to give her any information about her husband and son disappearing, and has now also lost her only daughter. She is, rightfully, pissed. So when Smuggler Girl contacted her with the request for a piece of Vital Technology To Create A Bug With, she saw that a likeminded soul must be trying to listen in on the Garrison, and wanted to meet him.
    • Hunk gets that story, and his mind is blown, of course (Pidge Gunderson = Katie Holt? Gonna need some time to process that, thanks). He asks if there’s any way to help her.
    • Of course there is. Colleen built a hacking device that, if plugged into Iverson’s computer, could gain her access to the entire Galaxy Garrison’s Database. If Hunk can plug that into Iverson’s computer, they’re set.
    • Hunk takes the device, and decides to forgo the bug, because this will give him all the information he’ll ever need. He says goodbye to Colleen and promises to meet her again in a week, at this exact spot.
    • On his way back into the Garrison, he purposefully gets himself caught sneaking back in, and while he waits in Iverson’s office for him to show up, he plugs in the device.
    • Now it’s the waiting game until next week.
  • On Arus, the first Robeast attacks, and Team Voltron is forced to flee. Arus, consequently, is doomed.
    • Everything pretty much goes as it does in canon with Team Voltron, until the first Robeast attack.
    • Listen. I really thought about this. Really, really thought about it. But there’s simply no way to beat this Robeast without Voltron. They need the sword and shield. There’s no way they can beat it with just three lions. No. Way.
    • The Lions manage to hold the Robeast off long enough for Allura and Coran to evacuate the Arusians to the Castle, and to power it up so that it can flee the planet. It’s a hellish battle, though, and the Lions retreat as fast as they can. The Robeast can’t follow them into space, so it keeps rampaging on Arus. It’s not safe for the Arusians to return to their planet, at least not for the forseeable future.
    • Mainwhile, the Galra have found the Yellow Lion, and have taken it. Allura and Coran see the Lion move its location, and deduce the cause.
    • They’re all in space now, with the entire population of Arus on their ship, tasting the bitterness of defeat, seeing the Yellow Lion taken by the Galra, and really feeling the painful absense of the Yellow Paladin. They need one. Now.
    • But they don’t have one, so they decide on the next best thing: capture the Yellow Lion back from Zarkon, and hope that they can find a Paladin for it in the near future.
    • During this time, Lance really begins to feel the homesickness. Prior to this, everything had been going so fast he barely had time to process it, but now… they all have plenty of time to think about the things they don’t have. And every time Allura explains the core traits of the Yellow Paladin (caring and kindness), he thinks back to Hunk, and feels his heart ache.
  • Hunk never gets to meet Colleen in the desert a week later. The device is discovered, and Hunk gets expelled from the Garrison.
    • Hunk isn’t all that surprised that he was discovered. Stealth has never been his forte.
    • Iverson found the device in his office a couple of hours after dealing with Hunk, and figures out that he put it there. Frankly, Hunk is lucky that the Garrison isn’t pressing charges.
    • Hunk lies and claims that he invented the device himself, so that Colleen stays out of shot.
    • Hunk gets no time to pack his stuff, but is escorted out of the Garrison and to the airport immediately. His belongings will get sent to him later, and he’s going on a plane to his family and out of the country immediately.
    • “Fuck that,” said Hunk.
    • On the airport, he pretends that he has to pee, and calls the number Colleen gave him in case of an emergency. Then he pulls the airport’s fire alarm, creating enough chaos to slip away from his guard permanently.
    • He waits for Colleen on the location they agree upon, and gets taken to her home, where she shares the information she was able to gather from her short time in the Garrison’s systems.
    • She gathered the following:
      • There’s no evidence of a crash anywhere on Kerberos, but she already knew this; Katie told her.
      • Pilot Takashi Shirogane crashed back on Earth not too long ago, in strange clothes, with a scar on his nose, a changed hairstyle, and an advanced robot prosthetic. He was rambling about aliens, and taken into quarentine.
      • He was broken out of quarentine by cadets Lance and Pidge, as well as former cadet Keith.
      • There was a straight-up alien fight days later. The Garrison is just as confused as they are.
      • They captured an alien, and are currently experimenting on him, to see what the actual fuck is going on.
    • Hunk and Colleen discuss what to do, and decide that, obviously, the next logical step is to break out that alien, so that they can figure out what the actual fuck is going on themselves.
  • Operation: Free Ulaz, Get To Space, Represent the Human Race.
    • Thanks to Hunk’s and Colleen’s combined technical skills, Ulaz’s rescue goes relatively smoothly.
    • Ulaz, because he figures that he has no choice but to trust these people, and also they DID just rescue him, tells them about the Galra, the Blade, and Voltron.
    • Hunk suddenly remembers that weird dream he had a while ago. He tells Ulaz about it. Ulaz figures out that it correlated with the awakening of the Blue Lion, and lowkey freaks out. The only reason that could’ve possibly have happened is if this kid was a Paladin of Voltron. Holy shit. They need to get him to space ASAP.
    • Hunk is more than fine with this, because it means that he gets to find Lance. He figured out that Lance was probably involved in the whole Voltron thing, and this is the easiest way to finding him again.
    • Colleen also wants to go into space, because she’ll be damned if she lets her daughter fight this fight alone.
    • Ulaz gets to The Blade’s Mysterious Connections To Earth (As Evidenced By The Fact That Keith’s Mom Was On Earth Once) That Conveniently Have Communications And A Pod Ready For Space.
    • The communication with the rest of the Blade informs Ulaz of the recent capture of the Yellow Lion by the Galra. The Blade orders him not to interfere, because they deem it too dangerous. Ulaz says “Fuck that” and begins loading the pod.
    • (I can’t decide if I want Colleen to come with them into space or if I want the pod to conveniently have only two seats. I’m gonna go with the second option for now, because I can’t figure out a proper role for Colleen in space.)
    • Hunk and Ulaz say goodbye to Colleen, who promises to fuck over the Garrison as much as possible, and set course for the Galra ship with the Yellow Lion, basically praying to God that Hunk’s its paladin.
  • Team Voltron launches an attack on the Galra ship holding the Yellow Lion at approximately the same time.
    • Their plan of attack is essentially the same as last time: Lance distracts, Pidge sneaks in and hacks, Keith helps with distracting.
    • Only now the Galra are prepared, and Pidge gets caught. Lance goes in to rescue her, but gets caught in the progress. Keith is having a really, really hard time holding off the fleet, even with the Castle helping him. Everything looks doomed.
    • Then Hunk and Ulaz arrive, and use the ongoing battle as a distraction, sneaking in. They manage to reach the hangar where the Yellow Lion is held. The Blue Lion is being towed in just now, and the Green Lion is being secured. They notice little spots of what they assume to be the Lion’s Paladins on the other end of the hangar. They can’t make out who they are.
    • They decide that the best course of action is to have Ulaz act as a distraction, trying defeat the guards so that the other paladins can get to their Lions, while Hunk sneaks up to the Yellow Lion to see if he’s its paladin.
    • Lance and Pidge, mainwhile, are miserable, watching their Lions get towed in, certain that they’ll be killed soon and that all of this was for nothing. Lance is absolutely convinced that he is never going to see Earth, his family, or Hunk ever again, and is mentally apologizing to all of them. Pidge is doing essentially the same, only with her own family and her mom especially.
    • Then, suddenly, some Galra starts attacking the other Galra soldiers. They don’t know what is going on, but they know that the guards are distracted enough for them to fight back.
    • In the middle of their fight with the guards and their struggle to get to their Lions, they see something incredible. 
    • The Yellow Lion’s forcefield drops.
    • Hunk has reached the Yellow Lion, and it drops its forcefield. Hunk has no time to process it, and runs inside to pilot it, giving Lance and Pidge, whom he still can’t recognize, time to get to their lions. He then picks up Ulaz, and they all make a hasty escape from the Galra ship.
    • It isn’t until Hunk hears Lance’s voice over the comms that he recognizes him, and he nearly gives Lance a heart attack, screaming so loud.
  • Hunk lands in the Castle of Lions, the four Lions manage to get the Black Lion out.
    • The moment Hunk gets out of his Lion, Lance tackles him and has a serious competition with Hunk to see who is going to squeeze the other to death the soonest. Also kisses. Lots of kisses.
    • Because of Ulaz’s presence, the Team learns about the Blade a season early, speeding things up significantly, and altering the plot permanently, if it hadn’t been altered already.
    • Pidge is also completely baffled, because. Hunk. How did you get up here in the first place? Why do you know my real name? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU MET MY MOM
    • Lance seconds the ‘how the hell did you get here’ but. He doesn’t care. He’s just happy to see his boyfriend again.
    • Hunk is beside himself and doesn’t want to let go of Lance ever.
    • Unfortunately they still need to form Voltron so that they can defeat the Galra fleet, so they get back into their lions, form Voltron, kick Galra ass, have a victory party with the Arusians.
    • Hunk and Lance don’t let go of each other for the rest of the day, and the real battle against Zarkon can begin.

pedestrianfootbridge  asked:

1. Do you think there's anything to be said about how Cisco purposefully sabotaged the speed bazooka for Savitar when you consider how in Rogue Time he was put in a very similar position but in that episode ended up giving in to the villains' demands? I mean, I guess he did try to tamper with the cold gun back then too and Leonard caught him, but I always felt personally that it was sort of a desperate, last-ditch effort on his part and not really something he planned out (1. because it wasn't

2. shown or stated that he tampered with either the heat gun or the gold gun - even though neither Leonard nor Mick would know how a gold gun works off-hand so it would have been the easiest to tamper with and 2. because all he did at that time was leave out a crucial piece of the cold gun that he still *built*, just didn’t put in). He was essentially in the same position - bad guy(s) threatening the lives of people he cared about (even if Caitlin was ‘Killer Frost’ at the time).

3. I’m not sure *what* exactly it could be saying; maybe that the loss of his brother has made him a bit harder or maybe getting/mastering his vibe powers has made him a bit bolder, or since that was S1 and given they had Barry at the end of this finale essentially passing the torch in some ways to Cisco, it might be showing that he’s grown up a bit and gotten more experienced in keeping a cool head in dangerous/deadly situations?

Now here is some meta I can get behind.

Cisco is season 1 was so goddamn vulnerable. And so brave. So fucking brave. This adorable and beautiful man with a heart of gold and jokes to match who stood up to Captain Cold with a vacuum cleaner and a voice hard enough for Snart to believe he’d actually use it. That, or Snart just had a soft spot for him because of it. Either damn way, the heroism of that moment.

And then things happen, bad things, and they’re getting worse. People keep getting hurt: Bette died, Farooq almost killed them all, Caitlin got kidnapped. But good things are happening too! He’s truly close with Barry and has a new bff, they tracked down Ronnie! Who is alive!!!! Even if Hartley’s still a dick (or not, depending on the timeline).

So Cisco takes the bad with the good and keeps smiling. Looks up to Barry, you know he does. And he’s got this family event he’s got to attend and he’s feeling super off because he just had this terrible nightmare of Dr. Wells straight-up murdering him and he’s shaken by it because that’s crazy, right? It felt super real, though, and he’s now supposed to play nice with his brother and yes thank you Barry let’s get some beer because fuck Weather Wizrard we beat him without breaking a sweat and

And then Lisa Snart walks into his life and he’s so off-kilter with her beauty and of course it’s too good to be true, he even says so. But he’s so brave, again. Like with the vacuum cleaner. Except it doesn’t matter, this time. Because Dante is there, and no no no no no. That wasn’t supposed to happen. This – this is wrong. His personal life and work life were never supposed to bleed like this and for the first time he thinks he really understands why Barry hasn’t told Iris about his powers. 

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

All he has for the next 12 hours is panic and adrenaline. Sweaty, slippery hands making weapons that make him sick. Not for him, but for Dante. He knows he’s a goner, but this is the only way he can stall for time despite that. So long as he gets Dante out of here, that’s what matters. That’s what keeps his fingers moving over pieces of machinery.

He tampers with it at the end because it doesn’t occur to him to do so before that. He’s so focused on coming up with and discarding plans for how to save Dante from this nightmare that he doesn’t think to ruin their weapons. He could’ve. He’s a genius. He’s kicking himself. But he tampers with it at the end as best he can and it’s pointless - it’s too late. But he’s never been in a situation like this and he wasn’t sleeping well before and now hasn’t slept and the adrenaline and caffeine are making him crash hard.

It was pointless anyway. Cold saw right through it. And he’s still not free. He’s supposed to stay awake, still, and make another one. For the cruel, beautiful, toxic Lisa. Cisco might hate her for a moment, there. But then, not. Because it’s another way to stall. Another day spent keeping Dante safe and alive and he even convinces his captors to feed them and refuel his coffee needs.

He doesn’t tamper with this one. He wants to, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Not to her. She did this to him, but for a little while there she was… nice. And smiled in a way no one’s smiled at him in a while and he can pretend she meant it but not if he ends up killing her with her gun backfiring (and not if Cold kills him for hurting his sister). So he finishes the mean piece of machinery and he’s still empty. He’s got some plans for deception, but really the best plan is to get a cellphone or any phone and contact Barry. He can be there (wait for it) in a Flash.

He’s working on the logistics (with Lisa, he thinks, it’ll work best. But then Rory’s outfit is the loosest and thus the easiest to steal from. But he can get closer to Lisa without being suspected, for sure. Decisions, decisions…) but then Dante rushes it. Cisco could smack him for it, honestly. He was working on a plan, goddammit. Not that Dante knew that. But if he’d given Cisco another minute or three, Cisco could’ve at least told him to try and steal Rory’s phone if he was gonna go all Rambo on him.

But then Cold walks in and all plans go out the window when Dante’s hands get iced.

Nothing like this has ever happened. Nothing remotely. It’s not supposed to happen. His family isn’t supposed to be involved.

And what’s he got to fall back on, thinking about it? What would Barry do? Let his family get hurt? Never, in a million years. But Cisco can’t jump in front of a weapon that’s already been fired, can’t save Dante when he’s already injured. All he can do is give Cold what he wants and hope he doesn’t die in the process. Hope Dante doesn’t die, at least. 

He’s in a lose-lose situation with zero options and he takes the one he can live with and still sleep at night, he hopes.

Flash forward a few years. He’s been betrayed. Those nightmares of dying were real. He’s seen a blackhole he helped create swallow one of his very few friends. He’s seen a lot more death. He’s been pushed away and pushed back, himself. He’s been betrayed again, and he’s been terrified of what he knows he can do. Of the moment of temptation he felt at Reverb’s offer, the eyeliner notwithstanding. He’s seen magic and lost friends, too many now, and he’s grown and grown and grown.

He is powerful. Frighteningly so. And yet. And yet some days he stills feels like the Cisco who stood in front of the Reverse Flash, helpless in the face of his own death. Of the Cisco who stood in front of Captain Cold and whispered “Barry. His name is Barry Allen.”

And some days? Some days he feels a million miles away from that Cisco and wishes he still could feel like him. Because when Barry (his name is Barry Allen) as Savitar takes him, when facsimiles of his two best friends as Killer Frost and Savitar are colluding to kill him, he doesn’t falter. Not this time. 

Because Cisco knows better, now. He’s thinking ten paces ahead. He gets that Savitar needs Killer Frost alive. Cold didn’t need Dante, except as leverage against him. It’s different, and it helps keep him calm. Savitar’ll hurt her to get to Cisco, if needed, but he’s bluffing at least about when he’ll kill her. 

It doesn’t matter, though. The threat jarred Cisco memories. He’s been here before. And now, faced with this situation agin, he’s got a plan. 

There’s no firing pin to tamper with, but he doesn’t need one, and this won’t be a last-second effort this time. You’d think Savitar would see this coming, knowing Cisco, but then, Barry didn’t see him tamper with the firing pin the first time around either. Barry just saw him save someone he loved, without any of the intermediate planning. 

Cold was five steps ahead, Savitar is six steps behind, and Cisco…

Even if he hadn’t been here before… Cisco’s older. He’s bolder. He has experience not just with this but with everything. He has trauma and triggers and he’s been through his share of panic attacks and he has practice thinking around those things more than he did before. He’s seen a lot more death and pain and heartache. 

He knows that even doing everything you can, even doing your best, the people you’re trying to save can still die anyway, in ways you can’t predict and can’t fix. Not even with time travel.

There’s only so much he can do, but this time around, he can keep calm and actually do it, plan for it.  He’s not letting Savitar get away with anything, not on his watch.

anonymous asked:

Let's say the DR1 guys (including Chihiro) have a nightmare about their S/O being killed in the killing game. So they try to go and see her, and make sure she's ok, only for everything to come rushing back. That nightmare wasn't just a dream; the trial for her murder was last night. (Does this make sense? I'm not sure if I worded it properly)

I get you anon >_~ I will try my best!

DR1 Boys having  a nightmare about their S/O being killed in the killing game, when they try and go see her it turns out it wasn’t a nightmare after all

Makoto Naegi:

- Oh God… Oh God… That’s you right?! You’re the one on the floor with a slit throat

- He screams, he keeps screaming until he wakes up

- Just… A nightmare, good thing the rooms are sound proof

- The poor egg is shaking so bad, but you’re fine right? He’ll see you at breakfast just as always

- He takes some time to calm down but as soon as he’s sure he can stand without his legs shaking that much he goes straight for your room

- He rings the doorbell, nothing

- He knocks, nothing

- You’re just asleep right?

- “Naegi - kun, what are you doing?”  Oh… It’s just Kirigiri - san

- “I had this horrible nightmare that S/O died! I found her with a slit throat and I just had to… See her to make sure she’s okay.”

- Kirigiri stares at him, her expression is a mix of confusion and sadness

- “Naegi - kun… Do you not remember? That happened yesterday… The trial for her killer ended with Monokuma execu-”

- “NO!”

- The boy is holding his head and crying again

- This was supposed to be a nightmare!

Byakuya Togami:

- The esteemed Togami doesn’t get nightmares

- Yet this is the first one he had

- He saw you, a shocked expression on your face, body lifeless

- He wakes up rather abruptly and just takes a moment to look at his surroundings, nothing but his room

- He pinches the bridge of his nose and gets up slowly

- Just as usual he doesn’t bother turning up to breakfast 

- He knocks on your door but… There’s no answer, how strange

- “Byakuya - sama~”

- Urgh. It’s her.

- “Fukawa. I have no time for you. Where’s S/O?”

- “Huh? What are you talking about Byakuya - sama?… S/O is dead.”

- “What did you just say?”

- “D-Don’t you re-remember, we found her yesterday!”

- So… It wasn’t a dream after all?!

- He refused to leave his room

Mondo Owada:

- Not gonna lie he had nightmares like that for quite a while

- The event with his brother really messed with him

- In his latest nightmare, it was almost identical, the only difference it was you not his brother

- He’s kind of confused as to why you’re not here at breakfast, maybe you just overslept

- When you don’t appear by lunchtime he finds the nearest person

- “Oi. Celeste. Where’s S/O?”

- “Huhu, that is a funny joke Owada - kun, no one knows the answer to this, once we finished the trial her body was already gone”

- Body? Already gone? What the f-

- “Oh… Perhaps you thought this was some sort of bad dream? Well let me tell you this, this is no dream. If you do not adapt then you will not survive!”

- He doesn’t really function well after that realisation. He just stays in the gym and does anything to not think about it

Kiyotaka Ishimaru:

- Honestly this poor boy was so scared when he saw your dead body

- This is definitely not welcome in a school environment!

- He wakes up. Good it was just a dream. That’s reassuring.

 - Well, time to start the morning routine! He gets out a fresh uniform and makes his rounds

- Naegi, Kirigiri, Owada until he reaches your room

- “S/O - kun! It’s time to wake up now!”

- No answer

- “S/O - kun?”

- “U-Um… Ishimaru - kun?”

- “Fujisaki - kun! Do you know of a way to wake up S/O - kun?”

- “… You… Can’t wake up a dead person…”

- “Well that’s true but that has nothing to do with this!”

- “Did you get temporary amnesia?… We held the trial for her yesterday…”

- …

- “Ishimaru - kun?”

- Now he’s the one not responding

- He doesn’t do the morning routine anymore, he only eats when people drag him into the dining hall

- He just lost the way to live

Chihiro Fujisaki:

- Your body was just hanging strung up

- And he couldn’t protect you

- He’s so weak. Weak. Weak. Weak. 

- He wakes up with tears in his eyes

- Was it just a dream?… Oh thank goodness!

- He walks out, happy to come and see you again

- “You look happier… Fujisaki - kun”

- Happier? 

- “Oh course! I’m off to see S/O!”

- “… But S/O… Did you make a computer programme of her?”

- Huh?… What do you mean? There’s tears in his eyes again

- “N-No! I mean the person S/O!”

- “Fujisaki - kun… Don’t you remember?.. S/O was killed yest-… Oh that’s right, you fainted”

- He just kind of isolates himself from everyone else

- When the group does eventually find him it turns out he made an AI of you

Leon Kuwata:

- He had a nightmare which was awfully rare for him. In that nightmare you were dead

- Well whatever, time to hang out with S/O again

- Knowing you you’ll be right outside his do-

- Oh you’re not here

- Okay then… Maybe you’re in your room

- He tries the handle, locked. (How surprising)

- “Yo, Hagakure, you seen S/O?”

- “WHAT?! DID YOU?! OH NOOOOOOO THEN GHOSTS REALLY ARE REAL!” He then runs off leaving Kuwata majorly confused

- “Wait ghost?”

- He decides to find someone who could probably give him a more clearer explanation

- “Asahina. Hagakure was blabbering something about ghosts when I mentioned S/O, do you know where she is?”

- “Huh? S/O? Wasn’t the trial yesterday about her?”

- The trial? Wait that’s awfully like in his… Dream…

- Oh God… Oh no… Oh no no no no no

Hifumi Yamada:

- Gyaaaaaa! What an awful dream!

- It appears that he snoozed off in the art room

- Hm… Where could you be?

- The last thing he remembers is you helping him come up with new ideas but.. You’re not here anymore

- Maybe you went to your room?

- Off he goes!

- On his way to the dorms he comes across Togami

- “Oh! Togami Byakuya - dono! You don’t happen to know where S/O - dono is do you?”

- “She’s dead Yamada. It happened just yesterday how could you forget? Idiot.”

- “It’s rare for you to joke Togam-”

- “I never joke.”

- What… You’re dead?… How can this be?!

- If he can’t have you in 3D… Then he’ll just draw you 

- Soon enough he has drawing of your smiling face all around

Yasuhiro Hagakure:

- Mannnn what a weird fortune… Or dream… He honestly doesn’t know what that was

- Maybe he should go and tell S/O - chi


- Huh that’s not S/O - chi, that’s just Maizono-chi

- “Um… Hagakure - kun… Why are you yelling?”

- “I’m looking for S/O - chi! Where is she?”

- “… S/O - san is dead…. We had the trial yesterday… You just kept muttering her name all the way through it though”

- What?! But his fortunes were only 30% right!

- No… Not S/O - chi…

makosharkies  asked:

Hello again :3 I was wondering the RFA (+ Minor Trio) would react to the MC being a professional competitive horse rider (dressage, jumping, cross country, eventing, pas de deux, etc...)? Thank you and hope that wasn't too much :3

Ahhh so when I first read your ask I was like ?????? I don’t know what any of these words mean??? So I’m sorry if I get terminology wrong, I’m not a horse-riding expert even though I did do some research >.<

on a side note thank you for the reblogs with the commentary lmao I really do read all of them, and I could write a V soulmate au like someone said but it’s gotta be a proper request heuheu


Update: @makosharkies actually drew a thing for me so if you wanna see some Saeran vs horse art go check it out


  • Oh jeez this kid was so happy to find out about you being an equestrian
  • Not only is horse-riding hella cool, but also
  • just horses in general????
  • because horses are great?????
  • Insists he come watch your practice that day, and you let him even though you had a feeling Yoosung was gonna go all horse biology on you
  • Sure enough, when you get to the area where all the horses are kept, Yoosung is just shaking he’s so thrilled
  • him: casually pulls out his vet notes
  • you: casually puts them back in his bag
  • Yoosung I’ve been with horses since forever I think I can name their body parts myself thanks
  • Yoosung loves watching you ride, wow MC looks so cool like medieval movie people 
  • lmao medieval movie people good going Yoosung
  • But also he gets to watch how a horse’s body moves in real time
  • So it’s a really good study session for him too, though the first thing he says to you afterwards is 
  • “I never knew a horse’s muscles looked so powerful under their sleek pelt!” (help me out here is it a pelt or skin or w h a t?)
  • Yoosung what about me
  • “You looked beautiful too!”
  • Too’????
  • Anyways, he tells you that next time he’d like to see things from up close
  • Yoosung I sincerely hope that you don’t become obsessed with my horse


  • We all know how much of a romanticist he is
  • MC has horses???? Like real horses???
  • Well I am an equestrian so yes
  • MC pleasecanIrideahorseIwanttobeyourprinceandrideoffintothesunset
  • When he sees you at a jumping competition, you make it look so easy
  • If MC can do it, so can I!
  • Reluctantly, you try to give him a little lesson on riding, but Zen keeps distracting himself by trying to always look good
  • “Okay, so before you actually get on, there are some basics you need to know-”
  • “If the horse runs really fast, I bet my hair’s gonna look a-m-a-z-i-n-g in the wind.”
  • “Zen, are you even listen-”
  • “We gotta get the timing right though, the sun has to be in front of me, so that I can have a perfect silhouette.”
  • “Zen you-”
  • “Is it okay if I let go of the reins? I’m gonna have to take a selfie…what kind of pose should I make? Oh I kn-”
  • In the end, Zen doesn’t learn how to ride by himself, let alone be able to do basic jumps
  • But because of his pouting, you gave in and allowed him to ride with you
  • more like you two were just chilling on the horse while the sun set in front of you
  • You’re holding a portable electric fan in your hand so that Zen can get his desired wind effect
  • Of course you spend hours there while he takes thousands of selfies
  • Jaehee’s the only one who believes him when he tells the RFA that he now knows how to ride a horse


  • when you tell  her that you have to take a day off work for a competition, she insists she come along and watch
  • Jaehee is blown away by your concentration, and the teamwork you and your horse possess
  • Wants to use it as a reference for working standards at the cafe lolol
  • When you bring her closer to your horse, she straightens her back, then gives him a deep bow
  • “Hello, my name is Jaehee Kang, am I am MC’s girlfriend. It truly is a pleasure to meet you,” she says, before standing upright again. 
  • Your horse simply  nibbles at the carrot you offer him, because it’s a horse and horses like carrots better than formal introductions I guess
  • *gasp* does that mean I’m a horse too? wow the more you know…
  • But honestly Jaehee you’re so cute what am I supposed to do with you???
  • Oh I know
  • Over the next couple of weeks, you give Jaehee a few lessons about horseback riding, and of course being the intelligent and hardworking person she is, Jaehee picks up on them right away
  • And one day, you have her dress up in a pretty outfit, and bring her over to the yard
  • Jaehee sits sattleback as you guide the horse around the track, wanting to show the world how beautiful your girlfriend is, and how proud you are to be able to call her that
  • Jaehee’s a blushing mess
  • You decide to to it again soon


  • The first time Jumin saw your dressage performance, he was floored
  • There are other animals as sophisticated as Elizabeth 3rd???
  • Your horse’s trot just captures his heart, and that night he watches more dressage videos with Elly
  • Lowkey tries to teach her how to do the fancy horse walk
  • lolololol could you imagine a cat doing that
  • makin’ my way downtown
  • He’s gonna build a private establishment just for you, one that’s really close to his office so that he can come visit you during his breaks
  • It calms him down after a stressful day at work, watching you practice so diligently 
  • He makes sure you have the best coaches, best facilities
  • But he knows not to suggest getting ‘better’ horses,since he would promptly arrest anybody who suggested getting a ‘better’ cat (not that that even existed in Jumin Han’s mind)
  • The guy thought he was a cat whisperer
  • He’s actually a horse whisperer
  • You’ll walk in on his brushing your horse, singing her a lullaby in a foreign language
  • you swear the horse is singing it right back at him
  • But Jumin promises to sing it to you too


  • Oh he knew
  • He even attended your pas de deux competition when you just joined the RFA
  • He was that one dude who kept screaming every 5 seconds and had to be escorted out
  • When you officially introduce him to your horse/s, Saeyoung looks like a kid who just met their superhero
  • “It’s a HORSE!?!?!?”
  • Yes, yes it is.
  • You never knew he was a closeted brony
  • Names your horse after his favourite character
  • “Seven please he’s called Shadowfax not Rainbow Dash!”
  • For some unknown reason, Saeyoung knows how to ride horses??
  • And he’s actually pretty good at it????
  • Except he still lacks common sense????
  • “Look at me!” he exclaims, ‘Rainbow Dash’ prancing around the arena with Seven on his back,”No hands! No hands! No– gah!” 
  • He’s is flung from your horse and lands in a bush
  • His glasses askew, bramble stuck in his hair, he declares that he immediately wants to do it again
  • In the end, you guys make a pas de deux routine together, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness
  • somehow the horses dab at the end


  • He’s happy when you tell him about you being an equestrian, but his thoughts are tinged with sadness because he can’t see what you’re doing
  • Still, V says that he wishes to be there when you practice, so you bring him along and sit him somewhere nearby (you don’t want him to wander off while you aren’t looking istg even if he’s blind he just doesn’t know how to stay put)
  • He hears everything, the sound of the horse’s hooves, the soft words you give your horse in between rides, and he even begins to think that he can hear the sound of the wind as you gallop around the arena
  • His fingers are aching to take a picture, but all he can do is imagine with eyes that can no longer see, what a sight to behold you must be
  • I did a Seuss thing
  • Not three days pass before he confronts you with his desire to get surgery
  • When he goes back to watch you, he brings along his camera
  • You were more incredible to watch than he ever thought possible
  • He wants to capture every moment of you looking free and cherish them forever


  • Actually really afraid of horses but definitely won’t admit it
  • So when you tell him about being an equestrian, he sorta just freezes for a moment 
  • He clears his throat, “Ah…oh, cool,” he growls, trying to appear disinterested
  • You you tell him you want to bring him to a cross-country event, but he just gives you A Look™
  • “Will there be…you now…horses there?”
  • Saeran p l s 
  • But he can’t lose face in front of you, and forces himself to go
  • He waits with the crowd while you do your thing, but he can’t hype himself up for you because he’s too afraid for your safety
  • Basically, since he’s scared of horses, he’s also afraid of seeing you on a horse
  • horsesareevilIdontunderstandthemwhatiftheyhaveahiddenagenda
  • That’s pretty much all he can think about 
  • When you’re done, he all but snatches you off of your horse, glaring at it as if it were his love rival
  • “Um Saeran did - did something happen between the two of you?”
  • “You never know what a horse is plotting,” he mutters to himself.
  • “What?”
  • Saeran pouts and looks away, and you tell him you have to go see your coach but you’ll be right back
  • So he’s left standing awkwardly beside your horse
  • He keeps giving it suspicious glances, half-expecting it to morph into some strange monstrous creature
  • “Who the fuck are you?” he finally hisses, staring the horse down. “Are you an impostor? Professional cosplayer? Well, whatever you are, you better watch out, because I’ve got my eyes on you…all three of them,” he adds, tapping his arm.
  • *does the I’m watching you thing with his hands while slowly slinking out of the frame*
  • Horse: who the fuck are you?

Update: @makosharkies actually drew out the scene and it’s beautiful babe ily 5 ever


  • He’s totally with Saeran in the ‘horses are plotting world domination’ club
  • You want him to come watch you? Nuh-uh
  • No matter how much you beg, Miss Vanderwood will not go
  • So you think to yourself
  • If he will not go to the horse, then the horse will go to him
  • MC!!!! MC!!!!!” you hear Vanderwood screeching that afternoon. 
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I thought some bonding time would be nice.”
  • Vanderwood runs around the house, screaming for hours
  • When he finally calms down, you find him seated in a corner of the living room, whispering things to himself
  • You think, good, he seems to have come to terms with your horse, and you approach him with a small hopeful smile, 
  • “Hey, Van-”
  • You pause
  • He’s clutching a tattered book to his chest as if his life depended on it
  • What’s this? you think, stepping in some sort of thick liquid
  • There, on the floor, a strange rune-looking symbol had been painted, with your horse standing in the middle, munching on some oats
  • The horse vanishes only to reappear in the bathroom
  • Vanderwood loses his voice for a week, and still has nightmares regarding the whole incident
  • You never speak of that day again
OMGCP Womenfest Day 1 -- Alicia Zimmermann

So I’m going to try to write something for each day of the Women of Check, Please! Festival @omgcpwomenfest. This is my attempt for Day 1 (it’s still the 4th where I am!). I honestly probably would not ever have written anything focused on Alicia Zimmermann on my own, but I really enjoyed writing this so I’m glad I had a reason to!


Neither Bob nor Alicia go to parents’ weekend Jack’s freshman year–he asks them not to, and their therapist has discussed the importance of respecting his boundaries wherever possible, so they stay home even though Alicia would have liked to go to the alumni reception. But his sophomore year Jack asks them two weeks out whether they’re planning to come or not, and Alicia’s commitments can be rescheduled so she goes.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why was Klavier Gavin's backstory and character never explored in-game? He had so much room to be developed as a character. His relationship with Kristoph was only touched upon for a few moments, through actions and not words. If Klavier had spoken about Kristoph and his home life with him at least ONCE; the ending would have been much more powerful. Although it is not likely that Klavier would come right out and say this, seeing as his emotional walls are built up higher than Mount Everest and he uses humor and dazzling smiles to brush away serious topics (not as though capcom made that 100% clear through actual development, it was left up to fans to analyze his character as I am doing right now); they could have easily have Apollo become concerned for him and percieve the truth. Seriously, they had a lawyer who's whole schtick was being a human lie detector and a rival prosecutor who is constantly fake to hide his emotions, and they didn't go that route even once? It would have done wonders for their relationship and later interactions. Like, idk, one theory why they didn't do this is because they realized how fucking gay they made miles and phoenix in the trilogy and they didn't want to do the same thing with klavier and apollo but that clearly isn't the case seeing as they introduced him with klavier saying that he's "never felt this way with a man" + his constant not-subtle flirting throughout the game afterwards. Back to the point, literally every other prosecutor and their relationship with the main defense attorney (for the sake of not spoiling some of the lesser-played games, I will only cover the trilogy) was by far superiorly developed. Miles and phoenix do not need an explanation, Franziska (although, she is a character who I personally believe needs more attention and development unrelated to her father. I recognize the impact manfred had on her is incredibly large, im just pissed b/c wow shocking a female character who's development is largely revolving around a man what a surprise. However, that is a topic for another day) had a clear desire to take revenge on phoenix for her father (though later we would find out that that wasn't completely the case) and the events of jfa were the start of her realization that perfection is not everything (though she has still not gotten there yet). In addition, she was further developed in both of the investigations games. Godot (ugh) was given a very personal backstory, and despite the fact that he was a sexist character (Klavier falls in this category too, due to his 'fraulein' comments but honestly??? this germanyaboo probably doesn't even know what he's actually saying) who LITERALLY murdered someone, we are constantly thrown lines such as "a lawyer doesn't cry until it's all over" because capcom wants us to feel sorry for him. However, the tear-fuel for klavier we get is one short conversation between him and kristoph (which, I will admit, made me cry... but that's probably due to my immense love for this character). Which is okay in itself I suppose, however, it is a relationship we know??? barely anything about??????? Yes, we know it was clearly not a good one, thanks capcom for the immense detail. When I first played apollo justice i thought "Okay, I guess this is fine, I mean they surely develop him more in the sequel, right?"; but I was sadly disappointed because 1. apollo justice never got a sequel (what the FUCK) and 2. klavier's appearence in dual destinies CLEARLY was simply to get us to "shut up" about him not ever getting any attention, and he didnt really do anything of strong importance. Klavier gavin had so much potential as a character and capcom fucking blew it. Now, though I love these jokes as much as the next person, I get to see klavier being summed up as "the gay fake german piano guy lol"; occasionally finding one or two fanfictions of him being an actual person. There are so many things capcom could have done with him and i am thoroughly disappointed. And another thing, what the FUCK is up with his dd voice acto

hendratds  asked:

Greetings new Mysme Imagines blog! I have one for you! RFA + V and Saeran coming home early one day to find MC dancing and singing along to Flesh by Simon Curtis? Bonus points if MC is a really good singer and wasn't expecting them to come home as early as they did. It can be NSFW, unless that makes you uncomfortable!

A/N: Thank you so much for your request! It was super fun to write this, though I hope you don’t mind I made the song a bit more vague, and more of a genre instead of that specific one?  ~ mod rosa

NSFW i suppose?


- He’s come home from classes early because a lecture was canceled, and walks in the door of the apartment to hear this low beat

- And this really amazing voice?

- Like, WOW

- He sorta walks into the kitchen where he sees you, dancing around, twirling the broom like a microphone stand, and singing your heart out to this dark dubstep?

- He’s low key impressed

- Sorta just goes ‘MC?’

- You whip around, and just stare at him like ‘you weren’t supposed to see that’

- He thinks it’s cute

- But the songs still playing and he catches some of the lyrics


- someone save this boy 


- Comes home early to surprise you


- He’s super into your voice, it’s really clear and soft


- He probably joins in with you


- that should be a tv show 

- You end up playing more like it at home?

- the bed gets used a lot more often ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


- Let off work early because Jumin’s in a meeting

- Walks in to be ASSAULTED by this low beat

- And over it she can hear you singing the words

- She’s heard your voice before in the past, but never to this sort of electronic music?

- She’s surprised that it fits really well

- 'MC?’

- you try to get her to join in, but she sort of just likes to sit there and listen to you singing this sort of music, since it makes you happy? let’s face it she just flat out ignores the lyrics 


- Walk in the door like where’s Elizabeth 3rd

- He only then notices the music coming from the kitchen, and your voice over it

- He’s pleasantly surprised

- 'MC i didn’t know you could sing like that’

- Freezes when he sees you dancing around the cat as you belt out these lyrics

- 'MC why do you like these songs?’

- 'they’re catchy!!’

- 'but the lyrics are so vulgar’

- 'that’s the point’

- Sorta accepts it as part of the things you like



let’s accept it, he would do that 


- Sorta knows what kind of music you like? for christs sake he has your entire internet history probably saved somewhere

- Is not expecting this when he comes back to the apartment though

- You’re singing over the music, and it’s really smooth and fits in with the music? and you’ve got your hairbrush as a microphone as you dance around the apartment to this super bass heavy song

- You aren’t expecting to see him  standing in the doorway when the song finishes

- Like 'how much did you see’

- enough to know you won’t be getting any sleep tonight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

- low key will try to serenade you with the backing track of some really dark dubpop


- Comes home from a shoot, earlier than expected cause the weather crapped out

- Can hear this low pop rock song and over the voice of the singer he can hear you! he’s always loved your voice and this is a nice surprise

- Can hear you padding around, dancing and stepping in time with the song

- 'MC?’

oh no I’ve been caught

He honestly doesn’t mind the style and lyrics? you have a combined mix which you play around the house

- It’s this eclectic mix of your dubstep and dark pop and his indie and house pop? who cares, it sound like home to the both of you


- Does he even ever leave the house

- Heard you playing this dark dubstep music while you’re cleaning one day and singing along to it

- Has probably heard the songs anyway? doesn’t really care about the lyrics or singing, even though you have a super cute voice (he actually really likes it, he’s just too much of a tsundere to admit it) but your dancing turns him on

- haha no leaving the bedroom till tomorrow

- You have a really similar music taste; you both enjoy dark pop and dubstep, and music with heavy beats and stuff, so you kinda just blare you music around the apartment and the other’ll probably know it

Fic Writer Wednesday (9/13)

In which I read Too Much Fic.™

I skipped a week due to illness so this week’s is going to be extra-long (illness = lots of time to read fic). I apologise, I have only myself to blame. I also picked up a new fandom!

<<Doctor Who>>

Nine x Rose

Soldier’s Solstice by @hellostarlight20: I’m loving space princess!Rose in this fic! It’s so atmospheric and moody, it’s gorgeous! 

Penance and Pain by @paigenotblank:Gorgeous BDSM, matriarchal society, and telepathic bonding with Nine/Rose!! I love Rose in this!!

An Echo of Her Doctor (So Close and Yet Not) by @tryingthisfangirlthing: Oooooh a gift fic for me!! I love it! Dimension-hopping Rose is a bamf and saves Nine and this is gorgeous!

Ten x Rose

Electrostatic Potential (Chapter 31) by @tenscupcake: In which dreams are revealing. I love watching their relationship slowly develop <3

Forever and Never Apart (Chapters 18&19) by @chocolatequeennk: I love Jenny integrating herself into TARDIS life! And the Unicorn and the Wasp is one of my all-time favourite episodes!

A Journey Through Time (Chapters 4&5) by @dimensionhoppingrose: gorgeous fluffy chapter (including wedding!) giving way to the angst of the Master’s return. The Doctor and Rose may be in a better emotional place but they are definitely not prepared for this!

Getting Through (Chapter 9) by @khaelis: the Doctor and Rose’s shadowy adversaries make their appearance! The suspense is killing me!

Back to You by @countessselena: Fantastic JE fixit. In which Rose is a badass (always the best). This fic also addresses my issues with JE as a supposed happy ending, while dealing with the presence of Tentoo in one of the best ways I’ve ever read without turning to OT3 to make everyone happy. Highly recommended! (WIP)

A Harrowing Disguise (Chapter 2) by @aneclipsedhabitue​: I’m so excited to see where this story goes! Fobbed!Ten is Mercier in this Human Nature reimagining. The second chapter elaborates a bit on Ten’s transformation and Rose’s helplessness.

these violent delights (have violent ends) (Chapter 7) by @lvslie: the epic conclusion!! I enjoyed this fic so much and I can’t wait to reread it and pick up on all the things I missed! I won’t say anything else for fear of spoiling, just make sure you read this fic!

ain’t no sunshine by @lvslie​: reread of a personal favourite. Concussed!Doctor is confronted by dimension-hopping Rose. <3

A Jump of Three Lifetimes: A personal favourite of mine. JE fixit with some of the hottest smut ever, not just between Ten and Rose but also Nine and Rose (and the ending implies triple/quadruple Doctor action). In which Eleven takes control of his own destiny when he runs into dimension-hopping Rose. Does not erase Tentoo or Eleven.

Ten x Rose AU

(Un)forgettable by @chocolatequeennk: Adorable meetcute! I can never get enough of these two falling in love!

A Way With Words by @lastbluetardis: I adore this take on the soulmates trope! So much pain and misunderstanding but a happy ending as always!!

Under my Skin by @lastbluetardis: another take on the soulmate trope based on an intriguing tattoo prompt! I love how they finally meet!

A Marriage of (In)convenience by @lastbluetardis: arranged marriage AU, royalty AU, and misunderstandings abound! Everything about this is perfect (of course!)

Eight x Rose

Time’s Champion (Chapters 6&7) by @cryofthewolf: “Rose” rewrites are this author’s specialty, and this is no exception! I love the burgeoning relationship between Rose and Eight!

A Moment of Solaceby @paigenotblank: dimension-hopping Rose finds Eight in the midst of the Time War. Includes JE fixit!

Double the Trouble: When both Eight and Ten run into trouble on the same planet, chaos ensues when Rose, unaware of the presence of Eight, attempts to rescue the wrong Doctor. This is lovely!

<<Teninch Fic>>

Mercier x Betty

Sharad (Chapter 2)by @lostinfic: the gorgeous descriptions of India continue as Betty distances herself from the pursuing Mercier, uncertain of his intentions. I love this fic!!



Victim of Love - this series explores what would happen if Chloe actually discovered (and believed) that Lucifer is the Devil, and reveals some secrets about her past. It’s quite excellent, and honestly I kind of wish the show had gone in this direction instead.

Only Begotten - this series is a crossover of Lucifer and Damien (I haven’t watched the latter). But Lucifer is perfectly written, and the inclusion of the Antichrist makes perfect sense!

Bargains - Chloe overhears more than she ever expected to, and tells Lucifer the one thing he’d never imagined he’d hear. (A one-shot that fixes the crucial moment at the end of 1x13.)

Falling -  Lucifer’s thoughts during the wing scars scene in 1x4.

Scars -  While being patched up by Chloe, Lucifer’s scars are once again called into question.

Samael - Chloe learns something she isn’t supposed to know and Lucifer finally has a breakdown.

The Night Before -  A smutty oneshot in which we see Chloe bite off more than she can chew when babysitting Lucifer. Also smut.

Work for idle hands to do -  Inspired by the scene in Manly Whatnots where Lucifer catches Chloe coming out of the shower, this time he stumbles in on her in during an intimate moment. Begins there and continues with them growing closer. Equal parts fluff and smut. (The slow burn we deserved!!)

Exculpatory -  “You can’t really be this sad over him,” Lucifer said a little desperately. “He’s missed your birthday, twice!” (Excellent Trixie & Lucifer interaction)

That Sinister Kid -  Chloe Decker has a stalker. Lucifer deals with him in a way only the Devil can. (In which Lucifer is very Protective. Also very dark and morally ambiguous). 

Toys - I think the title says it all. If you watch the show you know where this is going. 

Wings Are for Chickens When Lucifer does a good deed for Chloe and Trixie, he’s rewarded. Although he isn’t too sure if he likes what he’s got.

Devil’s Bargain -  Trixie gets kidnapped. Lucifer disapproves. (Warning: VERY dark. Beware the tags. But Lucifer is better written than he is in the show and it’s everything I wanted out of his character.) WIP.

Satan Claus - A misspelled letter causes Lucifer to accidentally stumble his way into some Christmas spirit. Being Lucifer, he drags everyone else along with him. Gorgeous Christmas fluff and Lucifer is perfect in this. Super feel good story <3  (In which Nightmare Before Christmas causes unexpected feels :D)

Dance Trixie, Dance! - When Dan bails on a dance at Trixie’s school, who on earth will step up to make sure she has someone to dance with? I’ll give you three guesses. Ahhhh so fluffy and cute!

<<Dragon Age>> 

m!Hawke x Fenris

Fire, Walk with Me (Chapter 61) by @khirsahle: Penultimate chapter! And Maker, it’s a doozy. The Arishok battle leads to one of the most intense and romantic scenes between Hawke and Fenris I think I’ve ever read!!! <3 I’m not ready for this story to end!

m!Trevelyan x Dorian

By Any Other Name (Chapter 12) by @khirsahle, @delazeur: the babies have finally met now, but of course things can never be simple. I’m just so happy they’re together! Taran is adorable and Dorian is… well, Dorian.

CQ Corner under the cut!

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kpoppower  asked:

do you mind writing 3 sentence fics about demon!jimin realizing his feelings for girl acquaintance/friend (im sorry if what i asked for wasn't too specific but that's what i really wanted.)

I read “demon!jimin” and turned this into a fic before I even realized it T-T Whoops… I’m sure you don’t mind, right? ^-^;
- Devi 

ideally {fluff} 

word count: 2185

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Something Really Stupid

So here’s a little Alan and Sharna fic I wrote just for fun and because I have absolutely no chill. I don’t think anything would ever happen between them, but I absolutely adore their friendship and they are both two very attractive and single individuals and I couldn’t resist writing this. Also, I love writing Sharna and Peta (and Jenna) together, so that made it even more fun!

“I’m about to do something really stupid,” Sharna hissed in Peta’s ear, grabbing her arm to get her attention and hoping everyone around them would be sufficiently distracted by something else for a minute.

“Yeah, no shit,” Peta whispered, turning to her with a smirk. “I’ve noticed.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Sharna said quickly. “Surrounded over here by all your fans? You haven’t noticed a damn thing.”

“You mean you over there flirting with Alan?” Peta kept her voice very low and rolled her eyes. “Yeah. You’re right. I was totally oblivious.” 

Sharna blushed, which she didn’t often do and which completely gave her away. 

Flirting?!” she repeated, doing her best to sound offended. “I have not been flirting!” 

“You’ve been flirting and he has, too. Don’t be so naive. So,” she said, a smile spreading across her face. “That’s the thing you’re going to do, huh? Or should I say who.” 

Sharna had no response to this. “I have not been flirting,” she muttered. 

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as someone who used to engage in the yuri genre as a teenager, i was pretty darn desperate to find/watch/read anything that had some girlxgirl romance happen in plain sight, like i didn’t give a shit about quality of the story or whatnot because back then there wasn’t much actual femslash i could engage in within the US so…i took whatever to satisfy myself: 

Kannazuki no Miko - guilty pleasure, but i still enjoy it to an extent despite the bad writing

Strawberry Panic - i think the writing is just as bad and i think everything about it is trash but i appreciate it for being the first yuri/shoujo ai anime that introduced me to yuri overall

Girl Friends - okay this one is actually good…or at least thats what everyone says, but unfortunately im not a huuuge fan of the style and while the main couple develops rather nicely and realistically, the manga isn’t something i can find myself reading over and over again

Candy Boy - i think i remember this one having twincest in it (*thinks about my two incest ships*) and while it looked cute, it was simply okay, nothing really too special IMO 

Sono Hanabira (OVA) - guess what I only watched that for…  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sasameki Koto - I literally only watched this, never finished but i skipped around, and i found it be kinda boring (if y’all like fluff then i can see why ppl like this)

Aoi Hana - i think this one is worth a watch (if not, then read the manga) at least for the way it handles the topic of homosexuality and developing feelings for your friend; though i wouldn’t say its the best written cause the anime decided to stop before any “real” progress could occur between the main couple (or idk wtf i dont remember its been awhile and i think i was starting to get bored with the yuri genre for how repetitive it kinda got)

skip to about 5 years later and there’s a fair amount of yuri i could go back to or start reading again and when i tried to…i just couldn’t? like people who’ve read a fair amount of yuri/shoujo ai say that Kase-san is one of the best out there, and i can see why, but i just couldn’t get invested into it. NTR (Netsuzou Trap) is another one out there thats pretty popular, but i tried it out and honestly while people say they’re repelled by the cheating and unnecessary bullshit drama that goes on, i kind of found all of it to be really boring, ironically

The only few yuri/shoujo ai that I’ve come across and found myself enjoying were:

Hanabi and Sanae/Ecchan from Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai) - which don’t watch for the yuri cause you’re only gonna torture yourself and spoiler to anyone who hasn’t read the manga or watched the anime, they don’t end up together TT_TT


Citrus - which I’ve been reading since the day it came out, and despite it being riddled with so many cliches and tropes and unnecessary drama, for some reason I find myself coming back to the manga…and yes I know there’s going to be an anime adaptation and prays it does well (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

In the end, I’m pretty much doomed to continue waiting for the US to make more worthwhile animated canon femslash pairings, and shipping pairings that have the chemistry but are unfortunately not canon (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)♡ (see: Madohomu, Elsanna, Diakko (eyy), YumiKuri (i know they’re canon, but see ch. 93 of AoT manga) etc.). 

Anyway, I think the point I was trying to come across was simply just I wish there were more yuri/shoujo ai that have a bigger story to it rather than just being set in your typical all-girls school or being simply a slice-of-life or just be focused on as a straight-up romance. The last thing I mentioned is fine, but…ugh I think at this point from anime, I want something along the lines of when Victuri (Yuri on Ice) became canon.

Misha? Really?

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,198

Warnings: Language, Gabe nonsense, jealousy?, AU for a little bit, if there’s anything else let me know :)

Request: Could you do a Sam x Reader one-shot where Reader, Sam, & Dean get transported to our world like in the French Mistake, but here, the Reader is with Misha? & she pretends to go along with it to not raise suspicion? Also, just lots & lots of jealous Sam?

A/N: Okay so this one was super fun to write, I feel like I didn’t do a good job at capturing Misha’s personality but I tried my best!! I gave the actress that supposed to play the reader a name (Scarlet or Scar) just fyi. Love you all and thanks for reading!!

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kandayuu  asked:

lavilena, for the ship ask meme u reblogged a couple hours ago pls ;v;

I’m really sorry, this post turned into a huge monster. My Lavi/Lena feels know no boundaries. I don’t think ask memes are supposed to turn out like this.

send me a ship, and i will tell you:

when or if I started shipping it.

otp ;___; i originally paired them off because i was a yullen shipper and it sort of made sense for me to write fics that included both yullen + lavilena so i didn’t really /ship/ ship but i just wrote them together. this was back in late 2007?? according to my ffn posts, which was when the ark sequence was still in writing! i kinda started finding them cute together because of the anime fillers (episode 44 and 45, i still remember till this day) and then when the manga chapters came out i think i sort of got persuaded that they really could be a thing.

• my thoughts: (chunks of content below)

this couple breaks my heart all the time lmao, i really believe that they could be a canon couple. what sets them apart is how both lena and lavi are both perfectly strong, independent people (tbh all of ot4 are) but although they don’t rely on each other to be strong, they draw strength from the other did that make sense. 

here, lavi gives lenalee, who was scared to death because of how hopeless the entire situation in the ark was, a comforting squeeze and instead of telling her it’s okay, he tells her to get a hold of yourself. he doesn’t make statements like “we’ll be okay”, because he knows he can’t promise her that (and lena probably won’t buy it either lmao), but instead this one sentence reminds her that everybody is fighting and that yes, she should keep on fighting too. 

something similar happened on the ship to edo, but i don’t have the screencap here: he knocked sense into her, although he made her cry and felt really guilty afterwards.

and the first thing she thought of when she thought she was going to die was that she hadn’t apologized to lavi. there were so many things and people she could have thought of, why lavi, why an apology?

on the other hand, lenalee’s humanness is giving lavi strength as well. strength in the sense that he has something to fight for, which is making him more human.  lbr, if lenalee wasn’t around, lavi would only be fighting just for the sake of survival. i say strength in the shounen sense - of having someone to protect, which is ironically the one thing that lavi should not possess. yet you cannot deny that lenalee has been the main reason why he has become more human.

when he goes to retrieve lenalee from her battle with eshii, he fights so hard with the ship’s crew to let him leave despite his own injuries. what is pain, when lenalee is missing?

and i’m guessing his monologue here is to show how her absence scares him more than he wants to admit.

when it comes to lenalee, any idea of objectivity totally flies out the window lol. he breaks the bookman code wayy too many times for his own good just for lenalee, because lenalee makes him human.

going against the inspector like that was totally overstepping lavi’s boundaries as a bookman, and he knows it very well, but he did it without even a second thought.

look at the shock on his face; he couldn’t understand how she could hate something so much, yet want it so much just to protect the people she cares about. and because of that, because he knows what she cares for (komui, more than anyone else), he is willing to go all out to protect those same things that she cannot. 

see how his first thought is for komui to stay alive? because he knows it would crush lenalee if anything were to happen to him. even kanda reminds him that he doesn’t need to do this. doesn’t need to do what komui has termed ‘throwing your life away’.

because why should a bookman do so? why should a bookman give up his life just like this?

but no, lavi just keeps going, even pushing komui to go to lenalee, knowing how much she needs him, because he is the one that she has been fighting for all these long years of holding the innocence.

and their respect for each other: lavi knows that lena will suffer if she makes this decision, to go and reclaim her innocence, (i’m sorry), and that lenalee hates the innocence so much, but he still lets her go knowing that she’s made up her mind. likewise, when she demanded that he return to the ship with bookman and to let her deal with eshii, he relents (although very reluctantly) and trusts in her. 

(wow i’m really sorry this was not supposed to happen wtf)

• What makes me happy about them:

that this ship is partially? canon and actually has evidence to back it up. I’m honestly not sure about lenalee’s feelings towards lavi, because we’ve never seen much of her opinions towards him, but I’m 100% sure that hoshino-sensei was being very deliberate when she presented lavi’s behaviour towards lenalee this way - how lenalee has affected lavi tremendously, continuously, more than anybody has, even the old bookman.

 …i think most of what i was supposed to say here went up in that huge chunk over there, but at the very least - they look good together. /bricked forever

• What makes me sad about them:

that they’re so impossible. if things keep going the way they are right now, lavi will keep on denying his feelings, keep on denying that they are feelings of any sort, not even romantically, and lenalee will remain oblivious. lavi treats her differently from everyone, but he always brushes it aside with his bluntness and humour - i sometimes think that she just treats it as it is; that this is all part of ‘who lavi is’ and doesn’t think anymore of it. 

but then: “bookman’s successor is no longer” so. i have hope?

• things done in art/fic that annoys me:

when lenalee is a helpless damsel who’s always crying and lavi has to save her..? although i did write a fic like that

because lenalee is a strong female character and i hate it when she is reduced to just a helpless girl without anything to help herself. to be fair i did make sure that the story had parts to show that lenalee is strong but at the moment in a situation where she can’t do jackshit, but she tries to fight back tooth and nail anyway

tbh i don’t really know lmao i just read it and if i don’t like it, i close it orz 

• things I look for in art/fic:

fluff, chemistry, strong and independent characters,basically that’s all. i usually go in with an open mind… i really love fics where lavi has all that internal struggle with himself over the heart though. but that’s more of a general thing than something specific to lavi/lena.

• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

lenalee: allen probably, kanda’s too much like a brother to her

lavi: kanda, because i’m a sucker for laviyuu and because they both have the same “loving me will only bring you pain when i leave” tragic story  

• My happily ever after for them:

lavi embraces his heart and true feelings, lenalee accepts them ;v; that’s all i ask for. if they can live a happy life post-war, that’s fine by me, but as long as they both know that the other loves them, even if they die on the battlefield tbh i’ll accept that.

• what is their favorite non-sexual activity?

reading and dancing. sometimes alone, sometimes together, sometimes they just head off to somewhere quiet and look at the sun set while lavi threads his fingers through her hair.