it holds sentimental value

They were a being with galaxies in their hair and constellations on their cheeks. Their five eyes shone, and not with happiness; they glowed, blazing too bright to look at until they closed their second eyelids.  They smiled often, but never with their teeth, and when they spoke with their mouth (a rare occasion) you could swear the inside was less mouth and more void. People called them Tzse; you did too, but in the private recesses of your mind you called them magnificent. You studied them, and they would have studied you if they weren’t so far above it all. You look at them and they look through you.

            You were lovestruck.

            Being in love with one of the Fair Folk almost always ended terribly, you knew; horror stories are whispered on moonless nights about the girl who had offered her beloved a kiss, and when she pulled back her mouth was gone. A boy who fell in love with a changeling and, upon realizing that that was what they were, went to great and terrible lengths to make sure they would stay. You don’t know how truthful these stories are, but you do know that on nights lit by a full moon, you can still hear the calls of spirits long gone, calling to loves long lost.

            This… this would be different. You were positive.

            Positive is a dangerous thing to be at Elsewhere. In a place where reality isn’t quite real, you can’t be positive about anything. But you were, and maybe that was your first mistake.

            You need to approach them. You need to find a way to do that so you would not be merely acknowledged by them, but get them to be as interested in you as you are with them. You need to ask them for a favor. Not just any favor would do, though. You need something unique, something that would draw attention.

            You know what to ask.

            Your heart is beating out the rhythm of your anxiety and you hands are fluttering as you approach them. Nobody is hanging around them, as per usual. Usually the only people that approach them are foolish people that study the Forbidden Major, desperate for a little more insight, a little more of an edge in their classes. Most of them disappeared within the day. The unlucky few that didn’t were never the same, with empty eyes and emptier thoughts.

            This would be different, you think again.

            Tzse looks at you as you approached them, a sudden twist of their head. Their second eyelids are closed, thankfully, but they are still a bit too bright to look directly at. You try to anyway, eyes watering, teeth clenched. This was the first time they’ve looked at you. You need to make a good first impression, or else all of your future interactions would be sour with embarrassment. There will be future interactions.

            A beat of silence. You realize they are waiting for you to speak, their bright gaze telling you to take your time, not because they are gracious or kind, but because time means nothing to a being like them. You swallow thickly before speaking up.

            “I have come to request a boon,” you say, voice shaking only slightly.

            Tzse’s head tilts ever so slightly to the left, their fifth eye’s pupil contracting into a thin line. After another beat of silence, you take that as cue to speak more.

            “I have- I have the essence of a creature long dead, trapped inside a tomb made of stone” You take the object out; a fist sized rock, relatively flat and ovular. Inside was the skull of a mouse; it was a fossil. You may not major in archeology, but fossils had always intrigued you. This one in particular was something of a good luck charm for you. “It holds sentimental value and 14 years of memories, and was my protection for the longest time.”

            That piques their interest. Their eyes flash a bit brighter for only a moment, and the stardust in their hair flurries a bit. From weeks and weeks of watching them make deals with other students, unmake the existence of some of them, you know their tells, their warning signs, their signals. You are prepared.

            Words suddenly appear in your mind, explosive and ancient. It’s not violent, or unwelcome. They had always been there, you think, even though you know they hadn’t. And for what are you asking in return, human-of-flesh-and-bone?

            You take a shaky breath.

            “I ask for the power to hold the stars.”

            Negotiating was tricky. Negotiating is always tricky, but that trickiness is amplified when you are talking to one you have fallen for. You explain terms and conditions, and they respond with pictures and colors and requests. You reach an agreement.

            Your stone-of-memories and your tome-of-life. Your fossil and biology textbook. You make sure to clarify that before sealing the deal; tricky wording can and will lead to an unfortunate end when it comes to the Fair Folk. Their expression doesn’t change and they don’t say a word, but you feel a vague sense of affirmation, so you take that as a yes.

            You hesitate for a moment; different Gentry have different ways of ending negotiations, and you aren’t entirely sure what this ones way of doing so was. You didn’t have to wait long; they float closer to you and hold out a gloved hand. A color unknown to human sight appears in your mind; give it to them. You hand over the fossil and book with shaking hands, and they hold them gingerly before placing them in an ancient looking leather rucksack. You stand there, waiting patiently (as if you could be doing anything else), for your side of the deal to be completed.

            You don’t have to wait long.

            They set their bag down softly. You can hear the rattling of skulls and rocks and shuffling of paper inside, and distantly you wonder what they have in there. Your thoughts don’t stay distant for long, however; as they float back to you, you can hear the blood in your veins and the music of your bones. They are right in front of you, and you realize that their body is the history of a galaxy, stars dying and being born, nebulae and black holes and endless impossibilities.

            A starry hand is on your shoulder, cold and hot and somehow solid. Your attention is drawn to the eye in the middle of the other four, round and bright and blazing. Their other hand is on the other shoulder, and they’re so tall, a solid foot above you, probably, how did you not notice before-

            Their nebulaeic lips are on your forehead, and whispers are planted in your mind. Your nervous system, your blood, your bones and organs and skin; they’re changing. Fire is planted in your lungs and ice in your liver. Your heart stops beating for a moment, and when it starts again the whispers tell you that your veins run silver with mercury and magic. The pain is excruciating, you wonder how this being, how any being could have this power at their disposal. You’re being torn apart, mere humans shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of magic, nobody should be exposed to this kind of magic-

And suddenly, it’s over. They’re gone, like they were never here at all. Maybe they weren’t. Reality is a fickle thing in Elsewhere, after all.

            The position of the sun (so, so dim, compared to the stars in Tzse’s eyes) tells you it’s almost time to go inside. Don’t stay out after dark, your roommate advised your first night at Elsewhere. His eyes were hollow and his voice was too, sending a chill down to your soul. You’ve heeded his advice, especially after the first time someone you knew disappeared.

            You grab your backpack with your new hands, and head to your dorms with your new legs. Your new mind is keeping you up with your new thoughts as you lay down in your old bed, and your new heart is beating too, too slow. You stay up for hours, sleep not coming as easy as you wished. You wonder if you will ever sleep easily again.

            Outside your window, five glowing eyes watch you. Outside your window, five glowing eyes study you. Outside your window, Tzse is floating, and a star on their left shoulder dies.


i was considering waiting until i was Totally Finished to submit this but my plan for this goes on for… a while… so i jst submitted th first part now and hopefully ill get Motivated to quickly continue!! if anything i write goes against canon pleasE tell me because i don’t want to mess up in future parts of this!!


Home/Living headcanons

Slender has a mansion in the woods - It’s convenient for him because most of his victims are found in the surrounding wooded area. Teleportation, popping in-and-out of reality, whatever you call what he does takes energy, and having a big-ass mansion nearby helps a ton when trying to carry extra weight along with him.

Side note: It takes him awhile to recover from an unsuccessful “hunting trip,” as he’s just wasted a ton of his power, energy, whatever you’d like to call it, with no way to recover it. It takes a lot out of him.

Jeff the Killer has a shack out in the middle of nowhere - It’s run-down, it’s cramped, but he loves it. It’s home. His home. And God help anyone who sets foot on his little plot of land. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it ain’t pretty. Smile Dog guards the place when Jeff is away.

EJ has a cabin in the woods. It’s a good sized place, not too big, nor too small, and he’s proud of it. Most of his victims are hikers, campers, cyclists, etc, on and near various trails close to his cabin.
Ben comes over sometimes, stays for a weekend, possibly an entire week, and they kill and play games.They’re murder buddies whose competitiveness when in each others’ presence have no limitations.

Masky and Hoody have an apartment - in a shitty, run-down complex - that they rented together under their “human” aliases. It’s not much, but they’re pretty happy with it. It’s decorated with trinkets and such, things that hold sentimental value, from various adventures, if you can even call them that, that the the pair have had together.
They’ve actually made it into a pretty cute little place - Masky is a neat-freak, and Hoody is very sentiment-oriented. The two, when placed together, seem a perfect match.

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What would the the chocobros romantic ideal date be with their s/o. (I would love to read some sweet fluffy stuff :'))

Originally posted by gigglincactus

Headcanon/scenario’s revolving each of the guy’s individual preferences for a rare day/night off to spend with their partners.

Noctis is a lethargic type of person. He has his reasons – the guy is draining a lot of energy to fulfil his Royal duties so he wants a whole day to relax. He will invite you to stay over at his private chambers in the Citadel, Crown City.

Following a much needed sleep-in, he will make the effort to get out of bed and make you a hot drink before proceeding to shower – he wants a fresh scent and is paranoid about his appearance around you. Whilst you’re sipping your beverage in bed he will quickly grab some of his hair products from his draws and rush in the bathroom, frantically looking in one mirror to the next to ensure his hair is styled adequately. Post hair woes, Noctis informs you the bathroom is free provided you want to use it so you quickly wash and put casual clothes on – you know you’re not going to be taken anywhere fancy but that’s what he adores about you. You love him for who he is and not because of his Royalty.

Noctis decides to surprise you to visit an old play area him and the bros would hang out in during their school years. The place holds a lot of sentimental value to him and you’re touched he opened up to you. Noctis takes your hand and leads you to sit on top of a long slide – it’s a little claustrophobic because of the lack of room, yet you both feel so cosy and snuggle up to each other. He places his arm around the back of your neck, ensuring his hand is respectfully away from your chest area and place on your forearm.

Noctis strokes your forearm now and then between sentences to ensure you feel loved and acknowledged. His other arm is awkwardly wrapped around the ladder connected to the slide.

Noctis: ‘Look, I know I’m not the sort of guy to say everything and anything about how I’m feeling but….I…’

He sighs and continues.

‘Those guys are my life and my family and….and I want you to be part of it. You’re my world Y/N – my one constant and damn it, I know, look, I know I don’t show my gratitude enough….’

Y/N: ‘It’s okay Noct, please continue.’ – You want to cherish this moment he pours his heart out to you.

Noctis: ‘Just promise me one thing. I swear, I hope it’s not too much. Stay with me, always Y/N.’

You simply nodded your head before proceeding to rest it on his shoulder. He smiles and you both enjoy absorbing your surroundings.

The old run down play area held a greater significance than ever……

One of the reasons Gladio fell for you is because you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty for a prize! You worked a busy shift at the power plant and were surprised to see Gladio sitting outside your car.

Y/N: ‘Er Gladi, aren’t you supposed to be escorting Noctis to Altissia’s Fishing Tournament tonight? The paparazzi are going to be in full force, he needs you right?’

Gladio: ‘Not tonight Princess but don’t worry, I got it covered. Tonight, it’s about me and you.’

You kinda despised being called Princess for a nickname but hey, the guy took a night off for you. Since you were off this weekend, you didn’t have to worry about an early start to sleep for so you were motivated to make the most of your night! Gladio suggested you went on a little hunt, to which you responded.

Y/N: ‘Behemoth time, right Gladio? What say we get some proper meat, OUR way?’

Gladio: ‘Oh, I’m on it!’

Gladio high fives you and insists on driving your car due to your tiring day at work. You both arrive in run down deserted plains situated between Goldin Quay and Hammerhead. You both swing out your weapons and temporarily separate to increase the chances of what becomes a successful pre-emptive strike on a huge 20 foot Behemoth with claws so sharp and strong they could break a human’s bones in seconds.

You both perform one last strike together, Gladio grabs your hand and swings you to the opposite side of the creature, delivering a devastating blow to its back leg whilst Gladio pierces its chest. You both gather your prize and go back to your apartment, in which he carefully stirs your hard earned meat into yours and his favourite limited edition sweet and sour chilli Cup Of Noodles you managed to acquire for free as a thank you for your efforts at work.

You both sat on your sofa, watching horror movies accompanied with your delicious noodles before he grabs your hips gently, placing you on his lap, massaging your back whilst enjoying your favourite horror movies.

Prompto’s purchased you both some tickets to the Moogle Chocobo carnival – an annual event you’ve sadly never attended due to your work commitments as a full time environmentalist, educating citizens across the globe. He’s already liaised with your management, practically begging them to let you have a weekend off to unwind and what better way to let loose than find yourself surrounding by mascots, fun and games whilst being surprised to a free fireworks display as a thank you for your services to the people of Eos.

Prompto has you blindfolded whilst he drives you to your special getaway. He asked you to pack beforehand so everything was organised and going smoothly! Whilst you wondered what was occurring, you heard unfamiliar noises and the sounds of huge gatherings and popping balloons.

Prompto escorted you out of his auto mobile with your luggage, leading you to what sounded and felt like a hotel suite. He then led you back outdoors again before ripping off your blindfold.

Prompto: ‘Ta da sweet cheeks! This is for you. Take a break, relax and enjoy!’


You immediately ran over to the coins counter, learning what prizes are to be won before Prompto grabs your arm, leading you to the chocobo races to which you gladly volunteered to participate.

Talk about an amazing day. You were both on a sugar high from the Moogle Edition candy floss and choco-banana ice cream consumed. You’d participated in various activities, including the findings of moogle models, shooting cactuars, photograph competitions. Prompto had never seen you so happy, even though you beat him at chocobo racing which would normally frustrate him. You even won a plush chocobo for him at the stall as a way to say thank you which gets him emotional. As the evening would draw closer, he decided to take you out for a meal at Altissia’s finest establishment before inviting you to the special fireworks event. You both refreshed yourselves at your hotel room before Prompto escorted you to a small boat, controlled by a member of staff for tour guides and just generally enjoy the scenery and see all the sights whilst admiring the beautiful fireworks!

As the sparks would fly, you closed your eyes, taking in the sounds before grabbing Prompto’s camera and getting plenty of landscape shots of multi-coloured fireworks – the colours perfectly contrasted the dark night sky.

Prompto: ‘That’s my girl.’

He watched you with utmost pride and smirked. How did he ever get this lucky? Seeing you smile made him feel warm and fuzzy inside and you’d never forget this thoughtful gesture.

Ignis is the only bro who evidences balance and structure in the event of planning a date. For Ignis, he would need to outline the pros and cons of a particular location and recipe before inviting his loved one into what could be a night of turmoil and trouble. He hides it well normally but the guy was rather anxious when it came to pleasing his partner. They’re the sort of couple of love each other dearly but enjoy pursuing their own interests and investing in their own individual time – the pair’s schedules are packed to the brim with Royal duties; Ignis serving Prince Noctis and Y/N attending to the cleanliness of the Citadel quarters. So a date night was a pretty big deal as far as Iggy was concerned.

He gave notice to Noctis concerning his ‘night off’ and ensured Y/N followed suit. So it’s now a Saturday night and Y/N has spent the day sleeping and catching up on her historical readings leant to her by Ignis himself. Ignis has been preparing the setting for Y/N, hoping the date would prove she is his number one priority, despite his commitments to the Prince. He requested she dresses in ‘comfortable’ and ‘warm’ attire and meet him outside the Citadel. She proceeds and he takes her arm, escorting her to his car, driving with the roof lowered. He then leads her to a quiet area full of grasslands situated on the outskirts of Insomnia. You’d read about this little known location in one of your books Iggy leant you. You were most impressed.

Ignis: ‘Follow me and please, remain seated. You need not lift a finger for tonight’s activities.’

You followed him to a beautiful campsite, clearly set up during the day (good job it didn’t rain), the tent was pretty huge and you took a sneak peak – he’d filled the tent with your favourite blanket you keep in his accommodation to preserve his scent, all accompanied with a thick duvet and cushions. You smelt the scent of your favourite dish, Spaghetti Bolognese complete with Sea salt bread with a large bottle of balsamic vinegar – your favoured flavour of dip.

Y/N: ‘How long have you been out here today, cooking this?’

Ignis: ‘Ah, the best part of the whole day, crack of dawn to set up camp, followed by food preparation back home, not to forget the……’

Ignis was interrupted by you dramatically running over to him standing at the stove. He paused whilst you hugged him tightly, almost trapping his oxygen supply, thanking him repeatedly.

As you eventually dined outside the huge camp/kitchen set up he suggested a spot of stargazing before wrapping up the date. You assisted him in tidying the crockery and sat a few meters away from the tent on the grassy floor. You felt Ignis wrap his hands around your waist as he placed himself on the floor, carefully seating you on his thighs whilst he stretched out his legs.

No words were needed, the ambience of the night and the most wondrous view did all the talking for the pair of you. Eventually you fell asleep, so peaceful and content whilst stargazing. He lifted you in his arms and placed you in the tent, wrapping the blankets around you both.

Ignis: ‘Sleep well my beloved Y/N. Sleep well.’

Thank you for your request! I hope this was okay! :D


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Hello good luck with your blog!! I'd like to request some relationship hcs for Dazai and Kunikida please,Thank you ^^

thank u ;-; i hope this blog does well !! 


  • His ideals also apply to the food that he eats, so he’ll be responsible for cooking every meal he shares with his s/o (and for packing their lunch as well). Kunikida will pester them similarly to a mother, telling them to finish the vegetables on their plate and drink eight glasses of water a day. 

  • Not a fan of PDA at all. Kunikida gets flustered very easily, and he’s obviously not fond of red blooming along his cheeks. He doesn’t have a problem with initiating various forms of affection in private, though. Having him give them quick pecks on top of their head is a frequent occurrence. 

  • Whenever his s/o gets a sudden craving for their favourite food, they’ll ask him to use his ability to create it. Of course, Kunikida always refuses, following it by a lecture revolving around how Doppo Poet isn’t a toy they’ll also prOBABLY SUGGest sOMETHING A BIT MORE INAPPORPRAITE AND BOIIIIII HE’LL BE RED AS FUC 

  • Whenever Kunikida’s holding hands with his partner, the pad of his thumb unconsciously starts tracing their knuckles.


  • He’d die for them, but he never tells them that because frankly he’d die for anything. 

  • Dazai keeps everything that holds sentimental value to their relationship; ranging from every picture of them to the receipt of the very first restaurant they ate at together. He has it all placed neatly inside a box in the storage closet. 

  • He doesn’t give his s/o much space when it’s time to sleep. Dazai’s arms will be completely engulfed around them, legs intertwined with theirs and their face buried in his chest. 

  • Really into having his partner wear his clothing in private. 

  • Whenever Dazai gets insulted by Kunikida or gets a small paper cut while his partner’s around, he’ll exaggerate it to an astounding almost pathetic degree; claiming that he’s wounded and that only their affection and attention will heal him.

  • The epitome of ‘pay attention to me, I’m bored.’ 

I drew a sketch of an octopus in a Moleskine during a particularly boring seminar and then I vectorised it and made this from it. 

I did use it to make some prints. Infact that session of making prints with my now girlfriend is one of the reasons we decided to get together. 

It’s not a massively impressive illustration, but it holds some sentimental value because of that day spent making screenprints.


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A/N: I didn’t have any time to reread so I hope there aren’t any typos but if there are, I apologize!

Word Count: 1457

Genre: Angst

Member: Woozi (Seventeen)

Summary: Nothing would be the same if you could’ve slept and if Woozi came home for your anniversary.

Part 2

Originally posted by ldks

You loved Jihoon. Sometimes, you weren’t always sure if Jihoon loved you as much as he said. He was hardly home, his priority was his job, not you. He used to live with you, but now he lives with the rest of his group, Seventeen in their dorm. You used to spend every night together, but now, you spent every night alone, watching your phone carefully, waiting for him to reply to a text of yours or even just to call. You were tired, not just of his crap, but everything in your life. You moved to South Korea after meeting Jihoon through your best friend, Joshua.

Joshua and you were neighbours growing up and best friends. He moved to Korea to follow his dream of being a singer, which was torture for you. He called you every day, no matter what he was doing because he promised you. After he debuted, he begged you to come visit you. Caving in with no resistance at all, you packed 2 weeks worth of clothes and you flew out to Seoul to see your best friend. When you got there, thirteen boys greeted you in the airport and you were shocked. You spent the two weeks staying in their dorm with them, even though they all knew if Pledis found out they would be screwed. They didn’t care though, because you were basically Joshua’s sister and if he cared about you, then they decided they did too.

All of the boys ended up liking you a lot. You were fun loving and laughed a lot, despite being so shy the first time you met them all. Jihoon took a special interest in you. One night he was up well past 4 in the morning and everyone else was asleep. You couldn’t sleep that night. It was about three days after you had arrived and you were still really jet lagged. You got of the bed you shared with Joshua and walked into the kitchen, hoping a glass of water would help with your current predicament. You heard the clicking of the keys on a keyboard coming from the living room. After you finished your water and had set the empty glass in the sink, you walked into the living room to see who was still up. Jihoon was sitting on the couch, glasses perched on his nose and typing away at a laptop. You observed his concentrated demeanor for a second and then decided to speak.

“Can’t sleep?” You asked. He jumped, his eyes flicking from his laptop screen to your face. “Sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you,” You said. He smiled after a second and patted the spot next to him. You walked over to him, sitting beside him.

“No, I can’t. I compose our music and I’m working on a new piece,” He replied.

“Can I hear it?” You asked. He shakes his head, looking frightened.

“No, not yet. Not until it’s perfect,” He replied.  After that, you two got closer and closer over the time you got to spend in Korea. On the second last day, Jihoon told you he was liked you. To you, that was a huge proclamation from someone you had known for two weeks. After persuasion from all of the boys, you ended up dropping your average life in LA and moving to South Korea. You got a job in as a waitress until you could find something more permanent. Exactly two years later, you had found a lot of things that were way more permanent but you loved you job and coworkers, so you stayed as a waitress.

Joshua and you have only become closer since you moved out, and now, you saw him more than your own boyfriend. You were happy you got to see your best friend, but it angered you that he made time for you and your boyfriend didn’t even do that.

Today, was Jihoon and your two year anniversary and you were spending it on your couch alone. After working a ten hour shift at the restaurant, you went back to your apartment and warmed up a pre made frozen meal, too tired and disappointed to actually cook. You picked up your phone, tapped on Jihoon’s contact name and typed a simple message. “Happy anniversary” is all it says. After you finish eating, you get up, deciding to make a change. You walk into the bedroom you and Jihoon share - or now shared - and open a bag. You collect all your stuff, throwing it into the bed without much care.

You slowly clear the apartment of your presence. He probably won’t even notice for a while. You clear all of your stuff into the boxes you kept in the closet for when you and Jihoon could move into a better home. The dream is erased though as you pack everything that is exclusively yours and doesn’t hold any sentimental value to him. Tears stream down your face as you finish packing, looking at your whole life packed up in front of you. You grab your phone and dial the number of one of your coworkers who is your closest friend besides Joshua. She picks up on the first ring.

“Jieun?” You ask.

“Yeah? Are you crying?” She asks. You start crying harder.

“I’m leaving him, Ji,” You say. She knows exactly who you’re talking about.

“I’ll be right there, you can stay with me as long as you need,” She says. You thank her profusely and she hangs up. You clean up your supper and your phone rings. It’s Joshua.

“Y/N?” His kind voice asks. “Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asks. You know he’ll tell Jihoon but you just don’t care.

“I’m leaving Jihoon, Josh,” You say. “Jieun is coming to pick me up. I’m going to stay with her until I find a new place.” Joshua is silent for a couple seconds.

“This is best for you?” He asks.

“Yes. It’s the best for both of us. He doesn’t need the stress I obviously cause him. Josh it’s been a week since we last spoke,” You cry into the phone.

“Text me Jieun’s address. I’ll be there,” He says.

“Please don’t tell him, Josh,” You say.

“I won’t. It’s not mine to share,” He assures.

“Thank you. Love you,” You say.

“Love you too. See you soon,” He says before you hang up the phone and sit on the couch. The front door slams open and the last person you want to see walks in. Jihoon’s eyes are scared as he looks at the boxes lying in front of the door. He scans them and then looks at you.

“There was something wrong when you texted me Happy Anniversary. I could tell,” He says. You don’t reply and stand up.

“So you saw my texts and just decided not to respond. I was thinking maybe you got a new phone,” You say.

“Are we going somewhere?” He asks.

“No, we aren’t. I am. I am leaving, right now,” You say shortly. Hi face twists into a look of shock.

“What? Why?” He asks.

“Because. Neither of us are happy, Jihoon. We barely even see each other anymore and what’s the point? I have texted you every day and the the past week you haven’t even bothered to respond. I get you’re busy and that your career is your priority and that’s okay, it just would’ve been nice to see an “I love you” once and awhile,” You say. He looks terrified and blocks the door.

“Can we talk this out? I’ll change for you, I’ll do better. Please, Y/N, I’ll do anything,” He begs. She shake your head, the tears coming again.

“I’m sorry. I am so so sorry. I don’t want to talk it out, I don’t want you to change. This isn’t working and that’s the truth,” You say. Your phone buzzes in your pocket displaying a text from Jieun, telling you she’s outside. You grab your duffle bag and two boxes. “I moved out here so we could be together. I gave up my life in LA for this and you couldn’t spare five seconds to text me,” You say. He steps out of the way and you open the door. His arms wrap around your frame, as he cries into the crook of your neck.

“Don’t go, Y/N, please don’t go,” He begs.

“Goodbye, Jihoon. Good luck in the future with Seventeen,” you say and walk away from him, the man you are completely in love with. That day you didn’t take everything of yours, in that apartment you left a part of your heart that belonged to Jihoon, one that you knew you would never get back.


Today. Today I hit 1,000 followers here on tumblr, and I could not be more grateful. Grateful to anyone who has ever liked/reblogged a post of mine, sent me a message saying how much they enjoy my photography, or even just reached out to say “hi.” Any form of art, photography included, at the end of the day is a subjective entity. Which is why it means so much to me how many of you have connected with the art that holds so much personal sentimental value, and that I am so passionate about creating. Long, sappy story short, this is a promise of many more photographic artistic adventures to come. Thanks again, for coming along on this journey with me (and my trusty camera).

Also, for anyone who has Instagram, and would like to follow my journey one step further. I upload very similar shots that are 100% taken on my iPhone (the first camera I ever truly used) here:

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headcanons for chuuya coping with the death of someone he fell in love with but never had the chance to tell them how he felt. [[ 8D ]]

Chuuya Nakahara

Alcohol becomes his new best friend. Multiple glasses of expensive red wine or shots of whiskey/bourbon, he would consume either one as long as it will relieve him of the sorrows that he’s feeling inside his heart. Chuuya will also be frequently seen at the local bar that’s beneath his apartment complex and becomes a drunkard for awhile. No one in the Port Mafia (other than Kouyou) says anything about it, though. They all understand that he’s in the process of grieving and needs some time to himself since he’s still obviously hurting. Because anyone who’s known about you when you were still alive, knows that Chuuya had harbored romantic feelings for you. And there’s a chance that he probably still does.

There would even come a point where he would show up to your grave, utterly drunk and a pathetic mess, with a bottle of wine in hand and a small trinket given to him by you that holds sentimental value to him. Chuuya begins to think back on all the opportunities that he was given to confess to you but never gotten around to doing so, because he was a simple fool in love that was afraid of rejection. He shortly mutters apologies upon apologies to you afterward, for his lack of courage to reveal his true feelings and the simple fact that he wasn’t there to protect you when you needed him most.

Preferred hair products for the chocobros!
  • Noctis: A hand, he just slicks his own hand through his hair and bam! Insta-luscious locks!
  • Prompto: EVERY HAIR PRODUCT IMAGINABLE!!! Looks great, but smells like gasoline.
  • Gladiolus: Mud, dirt, "manly" hair products. Combines them together, forming the "Gladio Mix, The Ultimate Smell Experience"
  • Ignis: Simple mixture of one or two hair products bought before the fall. They kind of hold sentimental value to him.
How The French View Americans: Negative Stereotypes Explained

We all have preconceived notions of certain countries and cultures. We might even understand that these are gross generalizations but that doesn’t keep us from believing them. The French have quite a few preconceived ideas on what it means to be American. I’m going to explore where these stereotypes might come from.  

*Disclaimer: This is all (slightly researched) speculation. *

1. Americans are stupid 

Americans have the unfortunate stereotype of being not so bright. Many Europeans would agree. Is there some truth to this? Well according to OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the U.S ranks 26th worldwide in scholastic test scores, below other world powers such as France, Germany, and China. But this is only proof if you believe that test scores accurately define intelligence. Also, the typical French person probably doesn’t know this statistic…so why do they think we’re “idiots”?

Probably because we are generally ignorant of the world around us. Who’s the Prime Minister of the UK? What political scandal is currently going on in Brazil? What is ISIS? The reality is many Europeans could answer these questions and many Americans could not. The other day I watched this American girl try to order at a french bakery. This first thing she said was “Hola” (*face palm*) and then she very loudly asked for a sandwhich in english, as if yelling would help the cashier understand her better. This is the American traveler in a nutshell - we go overseas without any regard for common practices, norms, or courtesies. This lack of cultural curiosity is what probably makes us seem uninformed, silly, and quite frankly, stupid. 

2. Americans are superficial

Outsiders believe that all we care about is our looks, status, and wealth. Materialistic is our name and consumerism is our game. But like, we can’t like, be bothered with things like “inner beauty”. I mean, duh, we have reps to protect! 

It’s not hard to understand why one would come to this conclusion of us. Watch American TV for 30 minutes and you will see how we eat up ideas of popularity and wealth. I mean we are the same country that has made famous-for-nothing Kardashians a household name. We’re also the same country that lets Channing Tatum “act” and lets Taylor Swift whine on every stage. I must admit (ashamedly) that I’ve thought to myself, “Wow, french actors and singers are not attractive”. But their celebrities are actually famous for being talented. Crazy concept, right? 

3. Americans are conservative 

One day when I was babysitting, I took the kids to the park. On the side of a building was a LARGE ad for a burlesque show with a topless woman gracing center stage. I remember feeling appalled. This is a park where children come to play! I looked around and none of the moms or their kids paid it any attention, almost as if this was normal. Am I a prude? No, I’m just American.

When it comes to nudity, cursing, or anything else considered taboo, we tend to censure it. These things are typically reserved for private spaces among adults. But in France, whether its in the media or in real life, they are much less likely to censor themselves. 

Theory time: Part of this may be because we are a much more religious country than France. Although we express freedom of religion within our Constitution, we cannot deny that our country was founded on Christian principles and those principles manifest themselves within our political, social, and cultural identity. Around 88% of American citizens are affiliated with a religion compared to almost 55% of French citizens. Why are LGBT and female reproductive rights hot button issues? Why is the drinking age still 21 years old? Because of persisting conservative sentiments. Perhaps we hold more modest values because of our country’s subconscious (or maybe not so subconscious) ties to religion. 

4. America is dangerous and racist 

To many outsiders, most of our major cities are synonymous with danger. New York. Miami. Chicago. I’ve been asked several times by wide-eyed Frenchies if I’ve ever visited these cities and if I’ve ever felt unsafe. What puzzles them most is why, oh why, can’t America solve its gun issue? Trust me, we’re asking ourselves the same thing. Mass shootings have become unnervingly commonplace and we are just as exhausted.  

As for the racism thing, French people have televisions. They see our public discourse on police brutality, the physical aggression at Trump rallies and that same presidential candidate’s stance on Mexican immigrants. They know well that our country was built on the backs of slaves and immigrants and has a 400 year history of racial oppression and discrimination. But don’t be fooled, France is not at all a racial utopia. They’ve had their fare share of discriminatory laws over the years. However, due to our track record, its the U.S that usually wins the prize of most racist world power. 

5. Americans are fat 

This is without doubt the number one stereotype about Americans and unfortunately there’s a lot of merit to it. We are one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. In 2015, 74 million Americans, almost 2/3 of the country, were considered overweight or obese. Researchers predict that these numbers will only increase and by 2020, 75% of the nation will be overweight. Compared to the 40% of overweight French citizens, these numbers are quite egregious.

But what’s ironic is that we are by far more obsessed with exercise and healthy eating. We have a strong “work out culture” in the states and for most Americans the question is not whether you’re dieting but which diet you’re on. As a whole, French people don’t actively work out. In fact in the 9 months I’ve been here, I have seen one gym. ONE. And it was extremely empty. They don’t have to work at being healthy because they just naturally are. It’s not in their culture to eat large fast food portions or eat out for that matter. Where as in the US, we love to dine outside the home. Not only is it a great way to connect with friends but its convenient. And from drive-thrus to 24/7 restaurants, you cant deny our love affair with conveniency.

6. Americans are self-involved workaholics

“You can be anything you put your mind to” “Reach for the stars” “You could be the next president of the United States!”

From an early age we are told that everyone is special. That hard work is the key to success and to dream as big as possible. I asked a couple of my students what they wanted to be when they grew up and none of them had an answer. From an American perspective this is very strange. Every American child knows exactly what they want to be by the age of 3. Even if the answer is a Princess, we raise children to have a very clear and confident vision of who they are and where they are going in life. 

Our society is characterized by individualism. What that means is that we emphasis personal achievements, we value independence, and much of what we do in life is self-enhancing. Many countries fall into this category and you can argue that there’s nothing wrong with it. But the inevitable result of individualism is that we lose sight in the importance of people around us. We are less family-oriented and instead place more value on our personal success, which typically translates to how we perform in our careers. 

Everyone is chasing the “American Dream”, hoping to make something of themselves. But instead of enjoying life, we’re too busy working hard for the money. We work 30% more than Europeans, have significantly less paid vacation time, and we’re one of the only countries that doesn’t guarantee parental leave for new mothers and fathers. We don’t value leisure time for ourselves or with our family. Maybe we are not personally “self-involved workaholics”, but the way our society is set up its almost impossible not to be. 

Feeling bitter? Well let’s glance at some positive stereotypes. 

7. Americans are very self-confident 

8. Americans are charitable

9. Americans are super friendly

10. Americans are good looking 

See, it’s not all bad. 

Pluto in the Houses

Pluto in the 1st House: You radiate intensity, and others’ first impressions of you tend to be strong, one way or the other. You might often intimidate others with your manner. You can be very protective of your privacy, yet you generate much intrigue and interest with your strong presence. You might struggle with fears of being overpowered, rejected, or minimized, yet few are able to guess that you could be anything less than confident. Your first instinct in new situations is gutsy and determined, defensive and intense. You rarely accept the obvious or the surface of matters – instead you look through situations in order to read any information on hidden levels. Strive to avoid getting your back up or viewing life as a battleground.

Pluto in the 2nd House: When it comes to building your resources, your instincts are powerful. You might find it hard to let go of things, attaching much sentimental value to your possessions or holding on to them because you fear poverty or because you fear a feeling of helplessness and wanting. You might feel a powerful need for control over your money and possessions. You could be driven to make money. Others taking something from you without asking, even right in front of you, could be especially irritating to you. It’s not about being stingy–you simply have a strong sense of ownership and prefer that you are asked. You may experience some form of loss in your life in order to learn lessons of change, and that strength, worth, value, and wealth come from within. You are excellent at strategy and planning when it comes to finances, and you are able to spot a good deal or objects of value instinctively. Your advice on these matters can be invaluable to others.

Pluto in the 3rd House: You rarely accept what you hear or what you read as truths. Your mind is very analytical and you instinctively search for hidden meanings. You can be exceptionally persuasive in the way you express yourself, whether through the spoken or written word, simply because you communicate with authority, conviction, strength, and decisiveness. You tend to learn through observation rather than by asking questions. In fact, you may be somewhat resistant to learning directly from others, preferring to be self-taught. You might fear the loss of self through self-expression, and thus you might choose your words carefully as to avoid letting others know too much about you.

Pluto in the 4th House: Early experiences may have led you to feel self-protective or to be secretive about yourself. A parent might have been secretive or ashamed, for example, and this pattern is deeply ingrained in your psyche. You might feel a sense of guilt for where you came from, even if most of you feels proud of your roots. A parent might have encouraged you to look beyond the surface of matters, and might have encouraged in you a love for psychology. A parent might have been very protective of you and attempted to shield you from negative experiences, and you subsequently grew to fear change. Or, your early experiences might have included a shocking, intense, or scary event that lives within you. Alternatively, you might have absorbed the strong fears or obsessions of a parent.

Pluto in the 5th House: You possess powerful creative impulses, and you might invest much energy and passion into the creative arts, romance, or child-rearing. You take much pride in, and invest much of your ego into, whatever it is you produce. Romance for you needs to be intense, passionate, and deeply intimate–nothing superficial or light attracts. You have an “all or nothing” attitude in love. If you are not “owning” this attitude, then you may be meeting Pluto energies through your lovers, and thus attracting intense, controlling, or passionate romantic partners. A deep-seated fear of loss or betrayal can be behind any jealous, obsessive, or controlling behavior in fifth house areas, including romantic involvements, child-rearing, and creative endeavors. Your attitude towards play, entertainment, and recreation is also intense–rarely lighthearted. While you may yearn to throw your soul into your creative endeavors, fear might prevent you from doing so completely.

Pluto in the 6th House: You are a hard worker and can be quite protective or private when it comes to your work output. You are excellent at analysis, but you can also easily become obsessed with finding an answer to problems, perhaps even finding problems that others overlook. You “come alive” when presented with a problem that requires research and analysis. Work can become an obsession for you, and you are able to work almost tirelessly. You might be private or insular when it comes to your work, and you might also feel overly attached to what you do even to the point of paranoia. Fear of criticism might run high when it comes to your work output. Directing your own work or working for yourself may be the best route for you to take, as you can easily resent others controlling your schedule and the work that you do. You are likely very interested in areas of health and self-improvement, as well as explorations of the mind-body connection, and you instinctively seek alternative therapies for healing. Some of you are excellent researchers in these areas.

Pluto in the 7th House: Power struggles in close personal relationships are themes. This can play out in a variety of ways. You might simultaneously fear and desire complete absorption in a close one-to-one relationship. You might find yourself both drawn to and resistant of close partnerships, fearing loss of control over your own life. You might be drawn to people who are intense, jealous, possessive, or obsessive, or possibly who you feel are powerful. On the other hand, your own resistance can bring out control issues in a partner, who fears the loss of you or your betrayal. In fact, you might bring out the “worst” in others by your relationship behavior – you tend to be the catalyst for others to discover their more primal instincts and fears. Never underestimate your role in this interplay, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are simply a victim. You also discover your own power through your relationships, and this may or may not be comfortable. How you deal with it determines outcomes. You might feel trapped in a difficult relationship, or have a hard time finding the deep connection that you crave. Obsession in your interactions with partners can be a big theme in your life. Watch that you don’t project your own urge for control onto your partner. Strive to come to terms with your own intense and deep-seated fear of losing someone you love and fear of betrayal, or you will meet these energies repeatedly in your closest relationships.

Pluto in the 8th House: You have a natural attraction to all that is hidden, taboo, or “dark”. This fascination can lead you to experience more unusual events than others. A natural psychologist, you are expert at cutting through appearances and getting to the heart of matters. You are endlessly interested in motivations and sources. You may be especially interested in hypnosis, healing therapies, occult sciences, as well as great mysteries and the darker side of life. Sexual relationships are very intense and perhaps complicated. You are both fascinated with and fearful of deep intimacy, and crave unusually deep, passionate, and intense experiences with others. This fascination can bring you intense experiences with others, and attraction to nontraditional sexual experiences, particularly those that involve domination and submission, control, and possession. If you are attracting controlling people into your experience and are uncomfortable with it, strive to examine and understand your own deep-seated fears regarding power and sharing issues. Some of you might engage in power struggles with money, particularly with a partner. Themes of control are quite possible with Pluto in the eighth house. You would likely be quite talented in the healing professions, especially helping others deal with crises and trauma.

Pluto in the 9th House: You are extremely attached to your opinions and belief system. Due to this attachment, debates might easily turn into arguments if you are not careful. At your best, you are persuasive and intelligent with a probing and incisive mind. Your opinions are strong and well-researched. You are able to back up your arguments, and enjoy doing so! At your worst, you can be obsessed with “converting” others to your beliefs. You are suspicious of new ideas until you’ve given them deeper thought. You may have a disdain for blind followers of belief systems and for hypocrisy. You may be considered “deep” or “profound” and you are likely to come up with some unusual and unique ideas that impress others. Your sense of adventure runs deep and can lead you to unusual experiences. You are likely to make an involved, captivating, and inspiring teacher, speaker, or lecturer. While you may not share your ideas frivolously, when you do express yourself, you do so creatively and persuasively. Some of your most intense and life-changing experiences may come through travel or in connection with other cultures.

Pluto in the 10th House: There is something very unique about you that makes you stand out from the crowd. Your ambition may be well-developed, or you pursue your goals with great focus and determination. You might have a strong interest in research, making improvements, understanding how things work, and transformation, and these are qualities that you use most notably in your career or in your dealings with the public. Some of you could have a parent who is/was quite driven, or work(ed) in healing or research professions. Your personal presence is strong, and you may find that you might inspire love-hate reactions as a result, particularly in your professional experiences. Nevertheless, you can be very persuasive when you choose to be. You have an especially strong sense of commitment and responsibility, but you are unafraid of going against the grain or bucking traditions if you feel they are outdated. Sometimes with this position, there are deep issues that need to be confronted revolving around the relationship with the father. Many of you are perfectionists and especially detail-oriented, particularly on a professional level. You tend to naturally take the lead, and you don’t always enjoy being in the position of subordinate.

Pluto in the 11th House: You may meet many of your power issues within the social sphere, particularly around special interest groups or when dealing with political processes. You’re not the women who enjoys sitting on the sidelines if you’re part of a group, especially if something could be done more effectively. If you have not developed a strong sense of your own ideals and beliefs you can fall under the influence of others who would usurp your power in order to boost their own. But once you’ve awakened to your own ideals, drives and directives, you can be a highly influential leader and instigator of social change. The extent of your efforts depends upon you and the choices you make for yourself.

Pluto in the 12th House: You have a deep interest in secrets, the underworld or unconscious, and anything hidden and mysterious. Psychoanalysis, investigating your dreams, and other methods of uncovering secrets are very interesting to you. You may be exceptionally perceptive intuitively or psychically. Your emotions and subconscious energies are complex, and periodic transformations and personal crises are sprinkled liberally throughout your lifetime. You may be tempted to repress your emotions, particularly those which have to do with those deep needs which spring from the shadowy side of yourself. You may even have problems with depression or addictive behaviors which create a kind of emotional trap until you learn to delve into the depths of your being and clean out the ghosts and dragons from your past which still haunt your dreams. Old resentments can also act like a potion which poisons your imagination and undermines your ability to trust your inner self. Once you’ve conquered your own demons, you may feel driven to help others confront their own, and can become an extremely effective healer.

Birthday headcanons for T S U K K I !

My ultimate Haikyuu!! husbando💙 This started as random headcanons and ended just as birthday ones, meh 😋
In my country is still sep 27, so it still counts.

⚫ Tsukishima has a problem throwing away things that hold sentimental value for him. So he’ll keep even the tiniest of things, like a post it with a random doodle if its from someone he actually cares.

⚫ That’s the reason why he hasn’t thrown any of his old earbuds/earphones. He keeps them in a box under his bed and they’re a tangled nightmare.

⚫ It is canon that this nerd has dino figurines as decorations, so of course he still keeps his old dino plushie from his childhood; his name is “Mr. Rawr.”

⚫ He used to give handmade birthday cards to Akiteru and his parents. He even gave one to Yamaguchi once. He denies it.

⚫ Cakes are pretty small in Japan, so now for his birthday his parents buy two of his favorite strawberry shortcake. One for the family and one for Tsukki.

⚫ Even though it is also canon that he doesn’t eat too much, Tsukishima lacks self control when it comes to strawberry shortcake.

⚫ Once Akiteru pushed him so hard against the cake that Tsukki’s glasses broke and he needed stitches. Happy birthday from the emergency room! Akiteru still feels bad about it.

⚫ Unless asked directly Tsukishima won’t share his birthday, he’s shy about it.

⚫ Best bet for giving him a present is going for something useful or handy; a notebook, a pen or something like that. He’ll appreciate that you bothered to find out what he needed. He’s like an old man.

⚫ He’s not big about birthday’s and all that stuff but if he likes you (romantic or platonically), he’ll be expecting at least a “Happy birthday Tsukishima!” Of course he’ll brush it off and act like its not a big deal. This tsundere.

Favorites (Stiles/Jackson)

@dragon-temeraire said: For the prompts, how about Stackson with “But that’s my favorite shirt!” Good luck with with your irl stuff! :)

I hope you enjoy this, bb!

Favorites. Stiles/Jackson. Teen. Also on AO3.

Jackson helps Stiles pack up his dorm room.

“But that’s my favorite shirt!” Stiles reaches across the bed to pull the red flannel out of Jackson’s hands before he can put it into the garbage bag. “You can’t get rid of it.”

“You’ve said that about the last seven shirts I’ve tried to throw out,” Jackson points out in that condescending voice that always makes Stiles want to slap his mouth. With his own mouth.

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anonymous asked:

Top ten best songs for swing?

Ooh, good question there, anon!

I wish that I could give you a definite answer. I wish that I could say, “Oh yes, these are the absolute ten best songs for swing dancing out there, and that’s a fact.” But I can’t do that, because “best” is a subjective term, and each person has their own idea of what the “best” songs are for swing. This is a fact that both perturbs my scientific mind and pleases my artistic soul. While everyone’s got their own musical taste and ideas of what the best swing dance songs are, there are some general things that make for a good swing song - the chief of these standards is this: the music has to make you want to move. So, while I cannot give you an absolute list of the top ten best songs for swing dancing, I can give you a list of my favorites (in context of how good they are for dancing, not just how much I like them), all of which inspire movement in me. 

Since you just said swing, I’ll give lists for both lindy hop and west coast swing. Bonus! ;)

Lindy hop

  1. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen. I tried to pick which artist, I really did. But there are so many versions of this song, and I love almost all of them! This song is one of my most favorite songs of all time, and it’s great for dancing. I love how dynamic it is; you can really express yourself. It has bluesy bits, swinging stretches, and some opportunities for fast dancing.
  2. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens by Louis Jordan. This song is straight up silly. In that way, I feel like it embodies swing dancing. Also, it’s the perfect song for peckin’.
  3. I Diddle by Dinah Washington. The first time I heard this song, it was one of those moments where you just go, “OOOOH.” It’s got a great beat, fun lyrics, and it’s got a lot of character. And really, how could you not love a song where “hehe” is part of the lyrics? Super fun to dance to.
  4. Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? by Count Basie and His Orchestra. I think I first discovered this song via Pandora. I love this one for reasons not fully known. It’s just a fun song.
  5. Diga Diga Doo by Jonathan Stout And His Campus Five feat. Hilary Alexander. I love this song a lot. It’s quite fast, and is great for Charleston as well. Two other versions I love are by Artie Shaw and Duke Ellington.
  6. Comes Love by Artie Shaw & His Orchestra feat. Helen Forrest. First off, this has Helen Forrest, whom I adore. Second, I love the overall sound of the song, and I’ve always loved the lyrics. It’s a slowish lindy.
  7. Harlem Mad by Glenn Crytzer and His Syncopators feat. Meschiya Lake. This is a pretty fast one. I’m a big fan of Glenn Crytzer and His Syncopators!
  8. Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway. I cannot be dissuaded from my love for this song. It’s a bluesy lindy or a lindy-ish blues. I know every single word and, yes, I will sing them all while I dance. 
  9. On Revival Day by LaVern Baker. This song has a great tempo, it’s very happy, and it’s playful. 
  10. Yes, Indeed! by Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra. I lovelovelovelovelove Tommy Dorsey. He’s one of my favorites - if not my number one - of the classic swing dudes. I own quite a few of his vinylsYes, Indeed! is probably my favorite song of his for lindy hop. It fits lindy hop so well. 

West coast swing

Pinpointing “best” songs for WCS is even more difficult than for lindy hop, simply due to the nature of the dance. You can make any song into a west coast, really. It should be noted that, for WCS, I generally seem to prefer bluesy/sultry/R&B more than funky/pop-y/energetic.

  1. Tonight (Best You Ever Had) by John Legend feat. Ludacris. This is just a great song for west coast. Personal anecdote: one time I was dancing to this song and I was singing along. The guy I was dancing with said, “I take it you know this song?” and I, singing along, responded with: “I don’t wanna brag…” and it was a golden moment. Then, months later, I was dancing with someone else to this and I told them the story and just so happened to sing “I don’t wanna brag” at just the right time again. Amazing.
  2. No Diggity by Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre and Queen Pen. A classic. I also really love the Chet Faker cover.
  3. California Dreamin’ by Queen Latifah. In my opinion, Queen Latifah’s cover of this song is the best version out there. California Dreamin’ is my magical song; every dance I’ve ever had to this song has been amazing. Like, people on the sides applauded after watching me dance to it. (Which is remarkable considering I’m pretty much a derp-face Westie.)
  4. Heartbreak Hotel by Grieves. Words cannot express how much I love this song. Dancing to it is like a dream. It’s a slow, lyrical west coast and it actually stumps quite a few dancers. But if you can find a partner who is comfortable with their musicality, this song is absolutely magical.
  5. Sexxx Dreams by Lady Gaga. Some venues won’t even go near this song, and I mean… I understand why. But I love it so much. It’s great fun to dance to; there’s a lot of room to play around and it’s ah-may-zing for double trouble and/or stealing.
  6. I See Fire (Kygo Remix) by Ed Sheeran. I’m not generally a fan of remixes, but this one is superb. I got to do a legendary double trouble to this with two friends of mine, so it holds sentimental value. Worth noting: Ed Sheeran actually has quite a few good songs for dancing.
  7. Traum by CRo. Yes, this song is in German. I’ve never heard it played at any WCS dances, which make sense considering I live in the US. This is a fast west coast, but quite happy and enjoyable. I really enjoy dancing to it.
  8. Don’t Wait by Mapei. Just a beautiful song. Its beat is easy to hear, too.
  9. Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz. This song just suits west coast. It just feels so right. Am I wrong? ;) 
  10. Latch (Acoustic) by Sam Smith. Latch has recently really caught on (pun not intended) with the competition circuit, and for good reason. For starters, it’s a beautiful song. But it’s great for WCS. A lot of acoustic songs don’t quite cut it, but this one works. The original, a collaboration between Disclosure and Sam Smith, also works for west coast, but it has a decidedly different flavor. Personally, I prefer the acoustic - but the original is good, too. (Worth noting: La La Latch by Pentatonix is amazing and works as a fast WCS.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this verbose listing. It’s not a definitive list of the “best” songs for swing, or even the most popular - but it’s a list of songs that make me need to dance, that suit the mood of the dance, that are quality pieces. I hope this answers your question well enough!


         hey guys, kymmie here with a new blog! here’s some info on my new muse, vaara:

  • she’s an alien! sent here by her people ( along with two protectors ) to learn all there is to know about humanity.
  • don’t worry, she’s very friendly & super passionate about Earth & those that inhabit it. 
  • if you teach her something about your life, your culture, your language she will be overjoyed & in exchange will divulge some information about stars beyond which humans have yet to reach.
  • she appears to be kind of an air-head  ( & honestly, jokes often fly over her head )  but holds a lot of knowledge about all sorts!
  • she has the ability to touch an object which holds sentimental value to a person, & understand why through the emotion she absorbs. kinda neat, kinda invasive.
  • she thinks humans are super cute & loves studying them. though not all are comfortable  ( or even believe! )  in aliens, so she has disguised herself as one in human form. while her being an alien is a secret, if she feels that you will react well to the knowledge she will happily tell you!

      there’s more to her, & if you’re interested could you give this a quick REBLOG to get the word around? i’ll come & check your blog out! thanks, lovies!

                                        about.  rules.  ask.

More of Ipo’s backstory for those interested:

When he was really really young, a little while before calamity Ganon attacked, his grandma surprised him with the ukulele harp he has in the present day. She played it for him every time he was upset. His dad was really strict on him–even when Ipo was really little he was just as carefree and didn’t do much besides sleeping and lazying around.

Ipo’s grandma got the ukulele harp from a fisherman in Lurelin Village back when the village was much more thriving and had tons of activity. So she spent some time teaching Ipo how to play it ((after years of practicing herself)). It’s probably the one important thing in Ipo’s life due to the sentimental value it holds to him. 

In the present day, he’s really skilled with playing it…but no one knows he even has it–yet, anyway. Ipo is way too shy to play in front of anyone else and has a secret little cave hidden behind the Veiled Waterfall where he plays. One of his usual songs is a mash up between ballad of the windfish and new wave bassa nova