it hits home like no other and that's horrible if you know its plot

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Hello, the same anon about the missing request :D I hope it will work this time~ so.. how about some headcanons of the guys as protective parents and the reader (or Candy in other words) comes home with a hickey on their neck but later on after the freak out turns out that it's just a random bruise they (reader) got and didn't even notice it. Sorry if that's too specific and please make this gender-neutral ^^ thanks

(i feel like these aren’t that great im sorry fam)

Nathaniel would flip on the inside. He just kind of stares at you for a second before calmly, but intimidatingly asking “What is that y/n? Please don’t tell me that’s what I think it is.” He’ll sit there and wait for you to explain, and even though you’re totally and honestly confused he think you’re just trying to play dumb.. “Y/N, I’m trusting you enough to allow you to date but this is not acceptable! You can say goodbye to whoever it is you’re seeing because I will not put up with it. I know exactly how teens are, your mother and I were once teens too and if you think you can get away with-“

“Wait, dad, calm down! It’s not a hickey, it’s just a bruise from gym class. I got hit in the neck with a jump rope, I swear!”

He’d stop talking, and stare at you, disbelieving at first but once he sees the sincerity in your eyes he backs off.“Oh… W-well I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions but you should really find some cover up for that.”


Cas wouldn’t even give you an opportunity to explain yourself. As soon as he sees it he’s plotting your death, if you have one then your partner’s death too. “I know exactly how you teens are, there isn’t a single excuse that I haven’t used already!” He’s ranting on and on about how he’s going to kill whoever gave it to you, boy or girl but if he thinks it’s a boy that you’re dating he’s definitely even more pissed off because we all know teen Cassy is a little naughty, so he knows exactly what’s going through his head. So while you’re there trying to get your words in, he just keeps cutting you off until you finally just scream is name.


He stands there, in doubt for a few seconds before inspecting the “hickey” closer. “….You’re probably telling the truth, that’s too red to be a hickey anyways.” *carries on like he didn’t just yell at you for 5 full minutes*


Lysander is lowkey PISSED AS F***. An outsider wouldn’t be able to tell, with his calm and somewhat emotionless exterior but you as his child can tell by the way he raises his eyebrows, and he has this way of kind of passive aggressively speaking to you. When he sees it he just calmly approaches it. “Y/N, what exactly is on your neck?” He lets you explain but when you don’t know what he’s talking about he’s silently seething even more, he just doesn’t want to turn it into a huge deal so he stays chill. He does indirectly threaten your partner if you have one though. “I do like S/O very much but if I need to speak with them then I will…”

“Dad don’t freak out, I just burned myself with a curling iron this morning.”

He breathes an almost unnoticeable sigh of relief when you say that. He has enough trust in you to take your word for it so he won’t question further. “Well even still… You should make it clear to s/o in the future that I will step in if need-be.”


“What the hell’s on your neck???” He’s immediately interrogating you, already talking about killing your s/o and questioning whether or not you’re sexually active. “Wait, don’t answer that. You can talk to mom about that but ANYWAYS.” He honestly doesn’t even know how to handle it, he just knows he’s pissed asf and seriously wants to hit someone. “I will ruin your s/o’s life, don’t test me!” *immediately begins to plan ways to cause your s/o to live in misery* (But also like lowkey proud of you??? He’s horrible)

“Dad, chill out. It’s just paint from art class today.” He watches you smudge the paint, and then sighs in relief.

“Well then…. This is awkward.”

He silently retreats back to whatever he’s doing and kind of drops the subject all together.


Kentin automatically goes into overprotective dad mode. He’s the “I have a shot gun and an alibi” kind of parent. “WHO GAVE YOU A HICKEY” is the first thing he says to you. He doesn’t even bother to ask if that’s what it actually is, and is instead absolutely losing his shit over this strange marking. He’s picturing beating this person’s face in when he sees them. Overreacting and he knows it but he’s just upset because noooo his sweet child has a hickeyyyyyy He’s also lowkey on the verge of tears because he does not want yo growing up just yet.

“What?? Oh wait, you mean the fake tattoo on my neck???”

“You are too young for- Wait what…?”

Apologizes over and over and promises not to kill anyone.

My Thoughts on My Lovely Girl Kdrama

I literally woke up at 6am to watch the KST live streaming of the 1st episode.

It was so worth it.

No joke.

The drama’s storyline is on point and it’s not lagging off the plot which is what some dramas mostly do, like in The Heirs (in the first 6 episodes). When you stall the real story from developing, it begins to lose its interest. The viewers began watching it because of the plot, and if you go and try to stall the plot’s development for more than 4 episodes, then you’re done.

I mostly watched this drama because f(x) Krystal and Infinite L are both my biases. And yesI also ship them together since long ago from like 2011. I’ve been dying to see interaction between the two, and what I’ve noticed is that generally, they’re close friends. That’s all. I can keep hoping they will be more. But I’m happy enough to know they’re good enough friends. That still keeps my feels going.

Now people keep saying that all 3 main actors did such a bad job. HATERS GONNA HATE.

That’s not true. They all acted their role perfectly.

I’m not even being biased. Rain’s 1st scene with his dead ex-girlfriend was so heartbreaking to watch. To imagine that you just lost the person you love and the last time you talked to that person was after a horrible fight. To think life actually does that sort of shit to you is just sad.

What I cover from HyunWook(Rain)’s story is that his dad probably said something to his ex lover, Yoon So Eun. Thats why they fought in the first place. I hope I’m right.

What I liked about this drama is that it always kept me wondering what really happened.

Rain’s character really has it hard. He lost the love of his life which was/or/wasn’t his fault. His dog that he took care of even after So Eun’s death has just been diagnosed with cancer. Poor doggy. So that also means that Sena helped him find out Dal Bong’s cancer. It’s sad that Hyunwook had to learn that way too, and to top it off, the man that raised him and probably was at fault for So Eun’s angry mood before the crash is also sick and dying. 

HyunWook’s mistake decision:

Hyun Wook should have told Sena of Dal Bong’s condition, then she would have known not to leave the dog with her coworker. It’s a dog to her. Dogs can take care of themselves, so I get it when she thought it was weird she had to keep her eye on him for 24/7. 

Her only chance to get her music out there was ruined before SiWoo’s dick of move. The AnA representative (played by Kim JinWoo) was so wasted that he fell asleep before SiWoo’s announcement.

Also now onto Ra Eum (Siwoo’s fling? + Raeheon’s gf)

I actually like BESTie Haeryung’s character in Hi! School Love On. I hate Ra Eum though. She’s such a materialistic bitch. It’s like I saw Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby) in her.

She mentioned to Siwoo that it was a misunderstanding kind of fling.

did they have sex or just make out?

Anyways their “fling” ignited Siwoo’s feelings for her. 

His rejection was done so quick & fast, that I was still in shock from hearing Ra Eum say “fling”. His drunk side is so pathetic and sadly way too honest.

I also don’t know if this is true, “girls don’t like guys who tell them they like them”. Are u kidding me.

Her character hit a home run out of the ball park. What a fucking bitch.

Anyways….for one thing, we know Siwoo is a douchebag, and drinks whenever he is unhappyBecause others make him feel like shit, he makes others feel like even more shit. If he’s like that when he’s drunk, then I’m interested in seeing him act when he is sober. Is he a even bigger douchebag? LOL. We will find out in the next ep (that comes out in just a few hours in KST)

I like Myungsoo playing a bad boy, and as a Myungstal shipper I can dig his love/hate relationship with Sena. His yelling at her literally scared the shit out of me cause I was a watching it at 6am and I had earplugs on. I swear I would have hit Myungsoo if he stepped any closer to Soojungie. Good job manager (played by Kim Ki Bang), you came just in time.

Oh and Sena’s slap, I loved that part the most out of the whole episode.

Also the part where Sena tries to relax the little girl crying by the pool side. That part was really charming to see. 

Sena’s friend is really sweet for letting Sena stay with her, but I don’t think her boyfriend really likes that fact. So for now Sena has a place to stay but she might be forced to move out soon.

The fact that Rain and Siwoo both took out their anger on Sena just through the first episode is what surprises me the most. They just met her and already, they both treat her like complete shit.

My mom, who is annoyed of my bias side of Krystal, even she was mad at the dog for running away and making HyunWook yell at Sena like that. She likes Sena the most out of all the characters too. My mom had a hard time trying to support our family when she had a hard time trying to find work, so she can relate to what it means to be fired for a reason like that. So she sympathizes Sena’s hard life. Poor girl has like 6 part-time jobs.

Overall rating: 7/10

I’m not being biased, even if that it was 3 different actors, I think the story has a great plot and even if it seems original. It’s still pretty nice to watch.

I haven’t felt this way about a drama since Jang Keun Suk’s & Yoona’s Love Rain drama.