it helps to have pilot friends

y’know i really hope cassian andor was friends with kes dameron and shara bey (and maybe helped set them up?)

they were devastated but proud at the loss of their friend

i hope poe’s middle name is cassian

i hope he became the resistance pilot he is learning from stories of cassian’s moral mistakes

i hope he takes risks thinking that cassian andor, bodhi rook, jyn erso–they would have done that

hearing stories of the battle of scarif from general organa

i just like thinking about poe dameron, child of the rebellion, in a post-rogue one world

..But there are so many reasons to try again tomorrow. Try again because you have a purpose. Try again because you are a daughter or a son or a friend or a cousin or a dog owner. Try again because you will inspire others to. Try again so you can see the new season of your favorite tv show. Try again so you can experience more good days. Try again because you won’t always be in this season. Try again because it produces perseverance. Try again because it builds your testimony. Try again because you will conquer.
—  i pray that you never stop trying again. (via lifemoreabundantly)
For anyone going through a hard time right now:

Music has the power to help, or so I believe, it picks you up in ways that people sometimes can’t. I recently made a playlist of songs, and if people want I can make it into a Spotify playlist. But here is the songs:


Therapy//All Time Low
Never Too Late//Three Days Grace
Hospital For Souls//Bring Me the Horizon
Friend, Please//Twenty One Pilots
Crash//You Me At Six
Missing You//All Time Low
Never Give In//Black Veil Brides
Hold On Til May// Pierce The Veil
Astronaught//Simple Plan
Kitchen Sink//Twenty One Pilots
Saviour//Black Veil Brides
If I have too, then I have too (Acoustic)//One Last Look.
The Light Behind Your Eyes//My Chemical Romance
Goner//Twenty One Pilots
No One Does It Better// You Me At Six
Satellites// Sleeping With Sirens
Hearts and Flowers// Say We Can Fly
Nothern Downpour// Panic! At The Disco
What a Catch Donnie//Fall Out Boy
I’m A Mess// Ed Sheeran.

Here’s a few other things:

Good Songs that help calm you down or fall asleep:
Behind the Sea (Live in Chicago version) //Panic! At The Disco
Therapy// All Time Low
Fireworks//You Me At Six
Hey There Delilah//Plain White T’s
Oh Ms Believer// TØP
Never Seen Anything (Quite Like You)//The Script
Kiss me//Ed Sheeran

If You Have Lost Someone:
If You Could See Me Now//The Script
Match Into Water// Pierce The Veil
Cancer//My Chemical Romance
Lullabies//All Time Low
Wake Me Up When September Ends// Green Day
This Isn’t The End// Owl City
All Done For You// Black Veil Brides

Remember When/ Dissappear//Issues

When You’re Feeling Misunderstood:
I’m Not Okay//My Chemical Romance.
King For A Day// Pierce The Veil ft Kellin Quinn
Kids In The Dark// All Time Low
Wretched And Divine// Black Veil Brides
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams// Green Day

In a Really Bad Mood? Start A Riot: [X]
Misery Buisiness//Paramore

Bite My Tongue// You Me At Six ft Oli Sykes

You Make Me Sick//Of Mice And Men
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing//Set It Off
Antivist//Bring Me The Horizon
Save It For The Bedroom//You Me At Six
Heroes// All Time Low
Desolation Row//My Chemical Romance
Juarez//Gerard Way
Fuck You//Sleeping With Sirens (Cee Lo Green Cover)


Compromising Me//William Beckett

Gives You Hell// The All-American Rejects

Some cool extras:
Princeton Ave// Issues (Abuse)
Never Lose Your Flames//Issues (Homophobia/Rejection because of Sexuality)
Mama//My Chemical Romance (Gender Identity)
99% Soul//Matty Mullins (Christian music?)(most of his album is Christian music so if you’re looking for good Christian pop I would recommend Matty Mullins or Owl City :))
Migraine//TØP (Schizophrenia)
That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed For Me)//Panic! At The Disco (For people going through major changes)
Sleepwalking//Bring Me The Horizon (Depression)
A Trophy Father’s, Trophy Son (Broken Family/Home)

That’s all for now but that’s all for now, I might update more? I was just looking at all these cool songs with cool messages so…

Help You Out//Josh Dun

Requested: Can you Please write something where you catch josh jacking off and then yanno.., help him out? Thank you! Hope you’re having a good day!

Note: Smut. ‘Nuff said (you know, read at your own discretion please)


               You’ve always loved Josh, he was your best friend. You two had been through everything together; first loves, first heartbreaks, that awkward first kiss you had with him, lots. You knew you could go to him for everything and he did too; or so you thought.

               “Jish!” You called into the house, you knew Josh was at home because his vehicle sat in the driveway and the lights were on inside his house. “My fish, where are you?” You laughed to yourself, walking further into the house only to hear a soft whimper from the kitchen. “Josh?” You asked, walking in to see your best friend curled in on himself sobbing. “What happened?” You were immediately at his side, rubbing his back as you saw the fur of his beloved cat friend curled into his arms. Your heart dropped at the sight, you both knew Fluff was coming to an end. He had been Josh’s cat since he was 10, and health problems slowly began getting the better of him.

               “I came downstairs this morning, and I saw him laying by the food bowl. Which is normal, he used to love sleeping there after he ate. So I went to re-fill it and” Josh was speaking through sobs, shaking harder and harder as he did so. “It was full, and Fluffmiester wasn’t moving.” You felt tears pricking in your eyes at the sight of this; you felt so bad. The two were absolute best friends. Like you and Josh; he had seen everything Josh went through since the two met. He was there when you couldn’t be.

               “It’s okay. He’s probably in space with aliens—because heaven is too overrated.” Your lame joke caused a soft laugh from Josh. “This is why we’re such good friends, I make lame jokes and you always laugh at them.” You whispered, shifting so you could wrap your arms around Josh. “After his funeral, do you want to spend time at my house? Or I could spend time here? So you don’t have to go through this heartbreak alone.” You felt Josh’s tear-soaked face press into your shoulder as he nodded, still holding his deceased best friend against his stomach.


               Needless to say the next week was a lot of moping, some tears, and lots of hugs and cuddles. To anyone else, this would look beyond strange; best friends don’t cuddle. Except the two of you; he would text you from his room asking you to keep him company, you would go to his room and fall asleep sometime after. Sapping up the body warmth that Josh’s body provided. Except tonight, it was the other way around. You were lying in bed tossing and turning, trying to get to sleep. But the bed was cold, and you missed feeling safe—so you made your way into Josh’s room. He wouldn’t mind right?

               You were about to speak when you heard a soft sound chorus through the dark room. Maybe he was having a hard time sleeping too? Or was he thinking about Fluff again? It wasn’t until there was a second, louder sound that you tensed. That was most definitely a moan.

               “Josh?” You gasped without thinking—what if he had a girl in here? You just walked in on your best friend having sex. That is disgusting. Run. Except your body stayed planted in place. Whether it be fear or fatigue, you stayed in spot.

               “Uh, well this is kind of awkward.” You heard Josh shift in his bed, before clicking on his bedside light. Looking at you with a bright red face, and thankfully alone. “Are you alright Y/N? C’mere.” He shifted over, allowing you a spot on the bed (and trying to hide the excitement that sat obvious in his pants). “I’m sorry that you heard that.” He whispered, covering his face with his hands as you crawled over beside him, laying and pressing your back against his side.

               “Don’t care. Cuddle me.” You whined, wanting the warmth that he would give you. You swore that boy was secretly a heater. You felt him awkwardly wrap his arm around you, the bulge in his sweatpants pressing lightly against your butt. Which excited you in an unexplainable way. It got you wondering; what did he think of when he touched himself?            

               NO. That is your BEST FRIEND. Don’t you dare think like that!

               Despite your mental scolding, you slowly slipped your hand behind you, gently palming Josh through his pants; which caused a soft hiss to pass through his lips. You tensed at the sound, only to continue when he pressed his hips forward; trying to gain friction. You bit your lip as you continued palming him, trying to build confidence inside yourself to go on a little further. Which came after a couple minutes, you rolled over to face him; cautiously watching his face as you slid your thumb past his waistband. His features twisted with excitement, his eyes pressed closed as you slowly took his length in your hand; gently moving up and down. You began to speed up, allowing your thumb to slip over the tip (which caused him to whimper in pleasure; a very sexy sound you must say). You continued pumping him, taking in all the sounds he made; the way his face twisted with pleasure when you would move your hand in certain ways. You could tell he was close when his breathing began getting choppy, and the hand that once laid on your hip began grabbing your butt. It was only a few pumps after that a warm, sticky substance filled the inside of his pants; and all over your hand. You slowly took your hand out as Josh flopped over, panting softly.

               “Thank you Y/N. I owe you.” He grinned at you, eyes still closed as you wiped your hand against the sheets; you’d clean it in the morning. Cuddling your best friend? Hand job buddy? Whatever you and Josh were seemed too tempting to pass up. You laid your head on his chest and fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat—which was going pretty fast. You must’ve done a really good job.

“But Arrow doesn’t follow the comics!” - Oh, really?!

1. Oliver’s origin story is an island (GA year 1) (pilot)

2. Oliver stops illegal dealings on the island (GA year 1) (4x01/4x23)

3. Oliver learns to fight/survive on the island (GA year 1) (1x15)

4. Oliver finds a female friend on the island and helps her out (GA year 1) (s4 tiana)

5. Oliver has a younger half-sister (new52/ rebirth) (thea)

6. The sinking of the Gambit was not an accident (new52) (s1)

7. Oliver has a connection with Shado (vol 1) (s1)

8. Shado’s dragon tattoo. (Vol 2? Mike Grell) (s1)

9. Oliver watches his mother die (vol 3 or new52) (2x20)

10. Oliver has absolutely no interest in being a CEO (vol 3 + new52) (pilot)

11. Oliver has cheated on Dinah Laurel (vol 1) (pilot)

12. Oliver and Dinah have an on/off relationship (vol 1) (pilot)

13. Oliver proposes to the love of his life (outside) (vol 3 #75) (4x09)

14. The Undertaking = Amsterdam Disaster (vol 3) (1x23)

15. Felicity Smoak – tech expert, CEO (firestorm) (4x12)

16. Cupid being obsessed with Oliver (ga/bc) (3x07)

17. Cupid/Arrow fight (ga/bc) (3x07)

18. Oliver is Roy’s mentor (all the volumes) (2x12)

19. Oliver has a biological son he didn’t know about (vol 1) (4x08)

20. Boxing glove arrow (3x06)

21. Oliver is mayor (vol 3) (4x23)

22. Oliver works with a team (new 52) (ota)

23. Oliver fights slade. Oliver wins (vol 3) (2x23)

24. Merlyn is the dark archer (vol 3 ga/bc) (1x21)

25. Merlyn is Oliver’s #1 adversary (vol 3) (1x23)

26. Count vertigo v green arrow (vol 3) (3x01 – 2x07)

27. Oliver dying (quiver) (3x09)

28. Oliver being brought from the dead  (quiver) (3x10)

29. 2 green arrows (ga/bc vol 3) (legends 1x06, diggle/roy in the suit)

30. Star city (4x01)

31. GA suit (4x01)

32. Arsenal, Speedy, Black Canary on Team Arrow (vol 3) (4x12)

33. Oliver soul searching (vol 1) (3x23)

34. Oliver returning to the island (vol 3) (2x01)

35. BC is a legacy title (bop vol 1) (3x11; 4x19)

36. Roy harper went through several titles (vol 3) (2x12, 3x06 4x12)

37. Canary can beat Oliver’s ass (vol 3) (Sara Lance in the Arrow comics tie-in)

38. Canary goes into the pit (bop vol 1) (4x03)

39.  Speedy kills (vol 3) (4x21)

40. Dinah Laurel and Dinah Drake are estranged (bop vol 1) (s1)

41. Canary takes care of Sin (bc 2007) (2x04, 2x05, 2x17)

42. Oliver vs China White (ga year 1) (1x03)

43. Ted Grant trained Laurel (bc 2007/bop) (3x06)

44. Oliver and Barry being friends (quiver) (3x08)

45. Oliver fighting for the little guy / being anti-corporations (vol 3) (s1)

46. Playboy billionaire oliver queen (vol 1) (pilot)

47. Canary is trained by an international assassin (bop vol 1) (3x19) (Sara in the League)

48. Doesn’t play well with others (ga/bc) (4x08)

49. Moved out of Star City (vol 1) (4x01)

50. Roy has a fight with Oliver and leaves (vol 1) (2x19)

51. Oliver has a bodyguard (vol 3) (2x02)

52. Speedy leaves Team arrow (vol 3) (4x23)

53. The mother of Oliver’s son appeals to him to save him (ga/bc) (4x15)

54. Oliver goes on a mission to rescue his son (ga/bc) (4x15)

55. Speedy spars with Oliver (vol 3) (this is your overlord felicity smoak)

56. Canary knows Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter (bop vol 1) (sara/ra’s)

57. Nuclear attack on Star City (vol 3) (4x20)

58. Oliver does jobs for the government (vol 1 – eddie fyers) (s4 s3)

59. Brick (vol 3) (3x12, 4x22)

60. Black Arrow  (vol 2) (s5)

61. Oliver being an outlaw/wanted by the police (vol 2 #79) (s1, s2, s3)

62. GA/Hunterss Team up (vol 2 #83) (1x17)

63. Oliver fights Hawkman (vol 3) (4x08)

64. Oliver is trained by assassins (vol 3) (3x21)

65. Oliver fights Solomon Grundy aka Cyrus Gold (vol 3) (2x09)

66. GA vs Anarky (vol 3 51) (4x02)

67. Oliver/GA inspires the city to fight against a threat (vol 3 38) (3x12 4x23)

68. Oliver fights supernatural beings (demons, mirakuru soldiers) (vol 3) (2x23, 4x04)

69. Isabel Rochev taking over Queen Industries (brightest day #1) (2x02, 2x18)

70. Isabel being obsessed with the Queens (s2) (brightest day #1)

71. WALTER STEELE (brightest day #1) (pilot)

72.   Walt holding a key position in QC (brightest day #1) (pilot)

73. Isabel knowing the mayor (brightest day #1) (2x22)

74. Isabel having a history with Robert and hating Oliver (brightest day #2) (2x19)

75.   “Explosion that levelled the heart of the city) (brightest day #2) (4x23)

76.   Oliver choosing GA over Oliver (brightest day #2) (3x01)

77.   Oliver living by himself/in isolation (brightest day #2) (s2; 4x20)

78.   Oliver being “stubborn” (brightest day #2) (SA on Conan)

79.   “I should have died on that island” (brightest day #3)

80.   Robert being a shit husband to Moira (brightest day #3 / new52)

81.   Robert being a shit dad to oliver (brightest day)

82.   Oliver focusing only on his failures (brightest day)

83.   Oliver and Barry bromance (vol 3 Quiver) (literally every crossover ever)

84.   Oliver not liking guns (brightest day) (3x03)

85.   Oliver being brought back to life by a miracle (brightest day) (3x10 – penicillin tea yea right)

86.   Oliver watched his father die (brightest day) (pilot)

87.   Oliver using makeshift arrows (brightest day (3x03)]

88.   Oliver storming his company to face Isabel (brightest day) (2x22)

89.   Oliver failing at being a CEO (brightest day) (s2)

90.   Oliver not knowing about his dad and Isabel (brightest day) (2x19)

91.   Star city has poor/rich/gangs (brightest day) (s5)

92.   Oliver’s trick arrows

93.   Ghosts of oliver’s loved ones giving him strength to fight (brightest day) (2x09 / 4x20 / 5x08)

94.   Mr Terrific is in the GA comics (brightest day) (s5)

95.   Oliver has a son (connor, Robert, v3, v2) (William)

96.   Moira knows Oliver’s the Arrow (new52 #25) (2x21)

97.  Oliver hallucinates his loved ones when all hope is gone (brightest day #7) (2x09)

98.   GA’s Rogues Gallery: China White, Count Vertigo, Deathstroke, Merlyn, Cupid, Brick, Mafia, evil corporations,

99. Oliver works alongside Dinah Drake (rebirth) (5x11)

100. Metahuman Black Canary (rebirth / vol 3) (5x10/5x11)

101. Oliver thinking of the woman he loves before he dies (injustice, Dinah) (3x09 Felicity)

 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to be continued.

Imagine Tyler Joseph surprising you with a video of him covering “Cant Help Falling In Love” and giving you a night you will never forget.

You and Tyler have been friends since middle school. When you were the new kid and he was the only one who talked to you. Ever since, you two were always together. 

After years of watching him pursue his dreams, and when more and more people started to notice them, you couldn’t be more proud than to watch them succeed. It made you happier than anything. 

But with all the touring, you and Tyler barely saw each other. He was gone, performing in different cities, while you stayed home and worked. Living your life normally. 

Though, you managed to get a week off to go visit him for a couple of days. You were both excited to see each other.

Tyler was more nervous than anything else. After being away from you for so long, after traveling and meeting new people he realized something. He realized that all he wanted was to experience all of this, with you. He wasn’t sure why, until he talked about it for weeks with Josh. 

Josh opened his eyes, and made him see that through out the years of laughing, and talking and supporting each other, he started to fall for you. 

Tyler came up with the idea to record himself covering One of your Favorite Elvis songs. He had the entire night planned out. Except a way to shake the nerves away. 

The moment you arrived at the airport, Josh came to pick you up. Alone. He surprised you with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and a note in between the stems. 

‘You’re lovely, with your smile so warm and your cheeks so soft. There is nothing for me but to…’

You looked up at Josh, furrowing your brows. “What is this?” You asked, waving the note in the air. 

He shrugged his shoulders, a smile playing on his lips. “I don’t know.” 

You made it to the hotel, and dropped off your things. But Tyler was still no where to be found. Josh texted your Cell. 

‘Hey, had to run. Need to set up for the show tonight. Got a car outside waiting for you to take you to the Arena.’ 

You got dressed for the night, slightly bummed from being ditched by the boys. But you understood that they were no longer an underground band. Which meant, they were always busy. 

slipping in to the car, there was a bucket of champagne with another note and a rose beside it. The note read;

‘Sorry for ditching you. I cant wait to see you though. -Ty’

This wasn’t what you planned when you decided to come down to visit the guys. You hoped that you would at least be able to see Tyler even just for a minute. But here you were, in the car, alone. 

Pulling up to the arena, the driver brought you to the back. It was quiet, with no cars in sight. Or anyone for that matter. Slowly, you walked inside looking around hoping you were at the right place. 

But the sound of music playing, caught your attention. You walked toward the stage, brows furrowing. 

Once you opened the door, your eyes landed on the dimly lit stage. There was a table with all your favorite candy and deserts, along with some champagne. As you took a step, a video began to play through a projector that was also on the table. 

There he was, Tyler sitting in the van with his Ukulele. You were more confused now than ever. But once he hit the first chord, you felt your heart stop. 

You watched the video, lingered on every note he sang. You felt your eyes well with tears. Every inch of you tingled as shivers rippled up and down your spine. Your best friend did all of this, for you. 

Suddenly, the song came to an end, and Tyler came out from the side of the stage. Nerves swirling inside of him, as his heart pounded profusely, feeling as if it were about to beat out of his chest. 

The moment your eyes laid on his silhouette, you felt your tears trickle down your cheeks, and a knot form in your throat. 

You made your way to the stage, trying so hard to contain yourself. But the longer you two gazed and smiled at each other, the harder it was. 

“What is this?” You forced out. 

He flashed a soft smile, slowly stepping toward you. His face was read and heat radiated off his body. Never in his life had he been so nervous until now. 

“I wanted to surprise you.” He muttered. 

“Well you did one hell of a job.” You chuckled. 

Tyler swallowed hard, as he was now just a few feet away from you. “Y/N, I love you.” He whispered. 

Your breath hitched to the back of your throat, being held without realizing. 

“I know this whole thing was pretty cliche, but I just wanted this to be perfect, because you deserve the best.”He stated. “Being away from you, I realized that you’re the only person I want by my side. You’re the only person I want to experience this with.” 

Your eyes stung from crying so much, and your stomach fluttered, immensely. 

“I love you so much, and I think I always have. I just wanted to know, if maybe you would like to be more than just my best friend.” He swallowed hard. Feeling his chest tighten. 

Without a single word, you closed the distance between you both, crashing your lips to his. His warm lips caused your body to tingle, feeling the kiss all the way down to your toes. You were on a high. 

“It’s about time.” You chuckled in between kisses. 

Tyler glanced at you, a smile curving on his face. In this moment, he had everything he ever wanted. 


Anonymous asked:
Can you do a josh imagine where you are studying for finals or something (high school au maybe??) and he helps you

A/N: Lets all hope this went the way you wanted it to turn out uwu

Originally posted by aldersun

Joshua Dun Imagine
Words: 899
Rating: T
Warnings: (slight sexual) teasing

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Sucker for Anything Acoustic//a bunch of acoustic songs because who doesn’t love acoustics?

01.visions//the maine|02.there is a light that never goes out (cover)//citizen|03.yoke (acoustic)//basement| one does it better (acoustic)//you me at six| revoir (adios)//the front bottoms|06.ever enough (acoustic)//a rocket to the moon|07.about a girl (acoustic)//the academy is…|08.puppy love//this wild life|09.late nights in my car (acoustic)//real friends|10.running from lions (acoustic)//all time low|11.toes (acoustic)//lights|12.stick around//state champs| dead//have mercy| pretty reckless|15.ripped away//this wild life ft. nilu madadi|16.i will follow you into the dark//death cab for cutie|17.i’m sick of waiting (acoustic)//citizen|18.the end//silverstein ft. lights|19.can’t help falling in love//twenty one pilots|20.i’m already gone//a day to remember|21.three cheers for five years (acoustic)//mayday parade|22.clairvoyant//the story so far|23.all i love//the hundred acre woods| (acoustic)//moose blood|25.the boy who blocked his own shot//brand new|26.whole lotta you (acoustic)//a rocket to the moon|27.peach//the front bottoms|28.misguided ghosts//paramore|29.pennsylvania//the hundred acre woods|30.stay with me (acoustic)//you me at six|31.where the fence is low (acoustic)//lights|32.inch by inch//have mercy

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NBC’s Powerless, a sitcom pilot based on DC Comics, has recently cast four of it’s leading roles. 

As revealed through Variety, Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical, Grease Live), Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Wreck-It Ralph), Danny Pudi (Community), and Christina Kirk (A to Z) have joined the pilot, which has to potential if picked up to become DC’s first comedy series. Roles are listed as;

  • Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke, an insurance claims adjuster who loves her job because she gets to help people. The character likes to fly under the radar and just get her work done, and she finds herself increasingly exasperated by the disruptive antics of the various superheroes that proliferate in her city.
  • Danny Pudi as Teddy, best friend to Emily at work and her trusted confidante. He spends his days creating time-wasting pranks as a way to make their office, the “least super place on earth,” just a little less “unsuper”.
  • Alan Tudyk as Del, Emily’s new boss in the claims department. Del has just been promoted, not through any merit of his own, but because he’s the owner’s son. A self-proclaimed “rich, over-educated globetrotting wastrel,” Del is a power-mad disastrous dictator of a boss.
  • Christina Kirk as Jackie. A fan of superheroes, she has plastered her office cubicle with beefcake shots of super guys. The new claims department boss Del makes her his personal assistant, and she begins buckling under his unreasonable and impossible demands.

For those not in the know, Powerless is a half-hour comedy series focusing on the normal men and women working at “one of the worst insurance companies in America” who also happen to live in the DC Universe surrounded by superheroes and villains. The pilot is written/executive produced by Ben Queen and directed by Michael Patrick Jann. 

I’m thinking about this all now, and I just realized that Lance had everything. He had his family, and he was going to become a pilot, exactly like he wanted to.

Keith had nothing. He had no family, he was kicked out of the Garrison, and he had no friends. No one to turn to.

Then their role switched. Keith suddenly had friends and a family. And Lance had suddenly lost his family.

Lance still does have friends, and you could call them family, but he still lost a lot… My poor baby.

I can’t help but think about Keith, and what he must be thinking throughout everything…

It’s really important to have people to talk to. I had my best friend Emma, and at the same time I was falling in love with Joshua. Joshua said, “Look, I love that you have your own friends, but I want you to know that it isn’t normal how possessive this guy is over you.” He said, “I’m not even saying this as someone who’s trying to date you, but just has someone who cares about you.” He really fought for me in that situation. It really helped having him and Emma to help get me out of it.
'Psych' 10th anniversary: Creator, stars share their fondest memories from the series premiere
Today marks the 10th anniversary of the series premiere of Psych on USA Network. Created by Steve Franks, the comedy-drama followed one of TV’s...

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the series premiere of Psych on USA Network. Created by Steve Franks, the comedy-drama followed one of TV’s most memorable bromances between fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his best friend Burton “Gus” Guster (Dulé Hill), who helped the Santa Barbara Police Department solve murders for eight seasons. Even though it’s been a decade since the pilot aired, the show’s creator and stars still have fond memories of working on the episode. 

My friends and I have officially designed the pentagram of Emo music. We were thinking about how it’s always called a trinity, (FOB, P!ATD, and MCR) but there are more bands then that. I jokingly said it was a pentagram and not a triangle, and I designed this with help from them as to which ones should be included. MCR is in the middle because we’re summoning the dead.

I was tagged by @generatorcat (btw some of your sarcastic answers  made me laugh)

rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end, choose 25 people to tag 

[1] drink: coffee with peppermint creamer
[2] phone call: my mother
[3] text message: my sugar plum-telling me he made it to his destination safely
[4] song you listened to: Can’t help falling in love with you-cover by twenty-one pilots
[5] time you cried: laughing at my friend last week for falling on ice (she was okay, just embarrassed and I’m a meanie)

[6] dated someone twice: nope
[7] been cheated on: yes, not by my sugar plum tho, it was a long time ago.
[8] kissed someone and regretted it: I’m gonna say no.
[9] lost someone special: yes
[10] been depressed: yes, anxiety is more of a problem for me though.
[11] gotten drunk and thrown up:  twice when I was in high school, I know my limits now.  

[12] pink
[13] purple
[14] orange

[15] made new friends: yes and I’m so glad I’ve met them.
[16] fallen out of love: No
[17] laughed until you cried: god, yes so much. My family and puddin pop have a weird/wonderful sense of humor.
[18] found out someone was talking about you?: I can’t remember if it was this year or not but the last time I did: A friend heard these two boys talking about me and one of them complained he wanted to be my friend but didn’t know how to talk to me, said I always seemed uninterested in what he was saying(I’m just super freakin awkward okay?) and the other boy told him to bring up Harry Potter, then I’d be talking for hours. LOL
[19] met someone who changed you: In the last year? No
[20] found out who your true friends are: Uh, I already knew that I think
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: my honey-bee is on my FB so yes

[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them, I don’t add strangers
[23] do you have any pets: a snuggly cat named Roxie. We plan to get a dog in the summer, maybe.
[24] do you want to change your name: My last name I haven’t changed yet even though I’ve been married awhile now lol.
[25] what did you do for your last birthday: Went out for dinner with my family, then came home and played video games with my husband
[26] what time did you wake up: 12;30 pm. (husband works until 3am so I try to stay on his sleep schedule because we barely see each other during the week)
[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: watching a horror movie, lol
[28] name something you cannot wait for: summer :/
[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: yesterday
[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: No college debt would be fab
[31] what are you listening to right now: Grandaddy- AM 180
[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: my stepdad is tom, we call him Tommy though. He’s pretty….intense.
[33] something that is getting on your nerves: My cat because the little shit keeps knocking things off the shelf *rolls eyes affectionately* 
[34] most visited website: reddit- nosleep where I read a too many horror stories (I love horror okay?), AO3 or tumblr.
[35] elementary: Yes?
[37] college: Yes, I went to a private school for a trade and now I just started going back to hopefully get my Bachelors.
[38] hair colour: this weird light brown that looks reddish in the sun
[39] long or short hair: Medium- I grew it out for a couple years and just chopped off ten inches to donate.
[40] do you have a crush on someone: My sugar plum :)
[41] what do you like about yourself? I try to be nice and encouraging to everyone, because I know what it’s like to doubt yourself.
[42] piercings: No, I’m not a big jewelry girl.
[43] blood type: AB-something, I don’t think it’s the rare one though.
[44] nickname: No, I don’t really have a name you can do that with.
[45] relationship status: Married
[46] zodiac sign: Pisces
[47] pronouns: she/her/they/them
[48] fav tv show: This is us, Walking Dead, Glee, Breaking Bad….I know I’m kind of all over the place.
[49] tattoos: none. I’d like to get one at some point, Harry Potter related obviously.
[50] right or left handed: right

[51] surgery: tonsils taken out
[52] piercing: ears when I was young, I don’t use them anymore though.
[53] best friend: Still one of my besties <3 @juvialoveless
[54] sport: karate? Does that count? If it doesn’t then soccer or basketball, I can’t remember which I did first.
[55] vacation: All I can remember about it is we were on a boat and a mini octopus looking thing got stuck to my hand and freaked me out lol.
[56] pair of trainers: ? Idk

[57] eating: nothing
[58] drinking: coffee
[59] i’m about to: work out
[60] listening to: Bohemian Rhapsody
[61] waiting for: motivation to get up and work out lol
[62] want: to write, read, and clean today.
[63] get married: I’m already married
[64] career: I like the one I have now, but I do want to change it in the next three or so years.

[65] hugs or kisses: Hugs for sure.
[66] lips or eyes: eyes
[67] shorter or taller: Taller
[68] older or younger: My husband is three years older
[70] nice arms or nice stomach: I think my husband has both, but I always will because I love him.
[71] sensitive or loud: sensitive I guess
[72] hook up or relationship: relationship
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: He’s a trouble maker lol.

[74] kissed a stranger? Yeah, not intentionally though.
[75] drank hard liquor? Yes, I don’t really much anymore though
[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? Oh god, too many times.
[77] turned someone down: yeah, a really long time ago lol
[78] sex on first date? No
[79] broken someone’s heart? I don’t know but I hope not.
[80] had your own heart broken? yes 
[81] been arrested? No
[82] cried when someone died? yeah
[83] fallen for a friend: Demisexual, remember?

[84] yourself? I have to
[85] miracles? Not really
[86] love at first sight? I don’t. But I didn’t believe in soul-mates until awhile after I had known my husband.
[87] santa claus? No 
[88] kiss on the first date?  It’s not something me and my husband did, but that’s just me. If you really connect with someone and want to kiss them, go for it.
[89] angels? I don’t know

[90] current best friend’s name: Blake(my sugar plum)
[91] eye colour: green
[92] favourite movie: Pretty Woman

I am not tagging 25 people lol but heres some: @juvialoveless @jaytimbers @redbirdcalling @gottoomanyships @jacquihime @allumetterouge

I Need A Friend :)

Hi so I just need a really good, supportive, and accepting friend who likes:

• Dan and Phil
•Twenty One Pilots
•Melanie Martinez
•Troye Sivan
•Yuri On Ice
•Attack on Titan
•Black Butler
supports LGBT+
(and can take sarcasm) hahahahaaa

I would listen to you, help you, and be there for you always…I just need someone to talk to.
Have a nice day!!!

joshsfrend  asked:

2, 13 and 19

2) a twenty one pilots song that you used to not like, but now you like/love? Johnny Boy I really like it now, I have no idea why i didn’t like it its amazing!

13) a twenty one pilots song that you wished it to be part of a soundtrack of a TV show or movie (what tv show/movie?) A Car, A Torch, A Death in Sherlock, i don’t know why but it seems fitting. :D

19) a twenty one pilots song that helped you through a difficult time in your life: Friend, Please (like yourself <3) and (coz i should have a different answer to you) um i know its tyler not TOP but Just Like Yesterday from No Phun Intended 

Thanks fren!

trc characters as 21 Pilots lyrics

gansey: Help me polarize, my friends and I we’ve got a lot of problems

adam: Sometimes you gotta bleed to know/that you’re alive and have a soul

ronan: I can’t tell if this one/is about me or the devil

noah: I’m a goner/somebody catch my breath

blue: Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind/I know it’s hard sometimes

kavinsky: You don’t know what I’ve done/I’m wanted and on the run 

Approach the bar and 'Ask for Angela': new police campaign to help people at risk in pubs and clubs

An innovative safety campaign which allows people who feel vulnerable in pubs or bars to discreetly signal for help is being rolled out across London today.

The scheme allows customers who could be feeling threatened or unsafe on a date to get help by approaching the bar and “Asking for Angela.”

Police will train staff at bars, clubs or pubs that sign up to the deal to immediately respond to the safety signal.

People can be taken aside or to a safe location so they can speak in confidence about what help they may need.

Staff could then call someone a taxi, contact their friends or family or ask the individual causing the distress to leave the venue.

The “Ask for Angela” initiative - originally launched by Lincolnshire County Council - has already proved successful in a pilot in Merton where more than half of the licensed venues have signed up to the scheme.

Posters advertising the scheme will be placed in venues with messages including, “Are you on a date that isn’t working out” or “Is your Tinder or POF date not who they said they were on their profile?”

Inspector Wayne Matthews, from the Central Licensing Team, said: “This is a simple yet effective scheme which empowers members of the public to seek help if they are feeling vulnerable, by allowing them to raise their concerns with staff.

“It may be that they are in the company of someone who is not what they seemed and they want to get away safely and with minimum fuss.

“This initiative will facilitate this and hopefully prevent situations from escalating into something more serious. Of course where scenarios do develop we know bar staff will contact police to attend the scene and deal in the usual manner.”

In Merton police say the scheme has raised awareness among bar staff and encouraged them to look out for potentially vulnerable customers.

At one Wimbledon nightclub security staff noticed two men plying a lone woman with drinks, while they stayed sober. Staff called police because of suspicions about their intentions and the two men were ejected frrm the club. Police then gave the woman a lift home to ensure her safety.

In another case at a bar in Wimbledon a man was seen “harassing” two women. One of the women looked towards security staff and asked for help.

Staff immediately intervened and had to remove the man from the premises when he became violent. The man was later arrested by police while the two women expressed their appreciation in being taken seriously when asking for help

You know what I've finally realised?

There are times in your life when you’ll be upset with your friends, and you’ll want to be as far away from them as possible. You’ll get bad grades, while your friends will score the highest. You’ll be all alone, while your friends will be having fun. And they’ll have fun among themselves, without you. And that’ll hurt.
This happened to me. And nobody can make it better.
Except Twenty One Pilots.
They don’t know what the problem is, but they know what my heart is. And they always manage to reach out to it and assure it that everything will be fine. They let me know that it’s okay to be lonely and scared, and eventually it will get better. They help me overcome a lot of problems I can’t verbalise.

And that is why Twenty One Pilots is my favourite band.


My favourite ever cover the guys have done. Heart-warming crowd participation and with that vulnerable croak to Tyler’s voice that always gets me welling up….and Josh being a good supportive friend in the background, solid vintage tøp content.