it helps to have pilot friends

Go for the thing you actually want to do.  

Many students, teachers and family told me studying 2D animation in school from 2009- 2013 was foolish because there were already no more 2D animation jobs, and that I should study 3D animation. But I hate rigorous, technical work, I honestly hate computers all together. I’m not built for that kind of thinking, and I’m not interested in it. I was and am far more interested in drawing and film making than mastering technology. I’m almost four years out of school now, and have now had far better career opportunities than many of my 3D classmates because I am passionate about what I do.

My senior year of college,  I narrowed the parts of the animation process that I am most interested in to writing and storyboarding. But, I was afraid to pursue those jobs because I knew from interning in studios that they were highly coveted positions. So, I went for cleanup and animation jobs, hoping to work my way up. I even got lucky and landed character design work down the line, though I’m not particularly interested in design. It was only when i started taking storyboarding classes, making storyboards in my spare time, pursuing storyboarding jobs, calling myself a storyboard artist, that those opportunities started to become available to me. And it turns out, I’m far better at storyboarding than I was at those other positions, because it’s the thing I enjoy the most. This is not to say “don’t take that cleanup job that pays the bills.” Take that job, and do online storyboarding classes at night, and read storyboarding blogs on your lunch break, make storyboard samples and comics in your free time on nights and weekends… Then, ask for storyboard tests, and test and test and test. It might take a while, no worries. Go ahead and put ‘storyboard artist’ on your website in the meantime instead of ‘illustrator’ or 'cleanup’ or whatever your more accurate fallback job is.

Don’t work in a studio in your fallback job and wait for someone to give you the opportunity. You might think because you are hard working at your compromise job, the management will reward loyalty with the job you politely asked for, or maybe were even too polite to actually ask for. They won’t give you that job. They probably won’t even help you get that job. So test within that studio if they’ll let you, and apply other places in the meantime while you keep paying the bills with that job.

There’s no excuse to me. Even people who want to direct can direct their own animated shorts in their spare time and build up a commercial directing portfolio from those shorts. You can do the same thing making crappy live action films with borrowed equipment in your spare time. It’s costly and time consuming, but you can throw your musician friend a couple bucks for the score, get a compositor buddy to throw effects on your short in exchange for some animation she needs, and buy a bunch of friends pizza to help you clean up scenes or hold lights or whatever. I’ve done it before.

I used storyboards as an example above, (read blogs during lunch, etc.) but apply that same tenacity towards whatever you want to do: vis dev, character design, comic penciler, stop motion fabricator, 3D modeler, whatever. I want to be a writer now, that’s the next hurdle for me. I’ve written two pilots and I’m taking it seriously, going to writing events, talking to people, refining my work and writing new material, and generally conducting myself as a writer. I have no idea how long, or even if this will take, but I’m pursuing it like it’s real because I enjoy writing, so I think I’d be good at it. Please don’t be one of these people that talks about all the stuff you’re “working on”, when you are really just thinking about working on that stuff. Too many of those in the world, please just go and get things done. “There are those who write, and those who talk about writing.” An adage I like. Apply it to whatever you like “There are those who design characters, and those who talk about designing characters…”

So please, everyone, go for what you want, don’t stop short now. You’ll be a lot better at your job when you’re doing the thing you like.

Something Just Like This

Summary: AU. This is the story of an ordinary couple with an extraordinary love.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,652 (without lyrics)

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, pregnancy, mentions of bullying, illness, and death, song fic style

A/N: This is my oneshot submission for the poetic noble land mermaid @whothehellisbella and her Bella’s Cool Time Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge. My song prompt was Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers, Coldplay. I hope you approve and enjoy!

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The Definitive Ranking of Luke Skywalker’s Boyfriends

#6 Lando Calrissian

Pros: has a career and his shit together, can provide stability, helped destroy the second Death Star, shared love of fashion, mustache, maturity

Cons: uncertain if there’s chemistry between the two, complicated history with Han

Rating: 5/10 power converters

#5 Biggs Darklighter

Pros: childhood friends with Luke, they’re both pilots, there’s obviously chemistry there, mustache

Cons: broke Luke’s heart by leaving him behind on Tatooine, mustache, is dead

Rating: 6/10 power converters

#4 Ezra Bridger

Pros: Jedi, “bad boy”, amazing hair, orphan solidarity, sinnamon roll

Cons: fate unknown, doesn’t have his shit together yet, same age (luke likes older guys ok)

Rating: 7/10 power converters

#3 Han Solo

Pros: very good friends, been through a lot together, obvious chemistry, knows how to boil water

Cons: not looking to settle down, in love with leia

Rating: 8/10 power converters

#2 Bodhi Rook

Pros: both grew up on desert planets, shared love of ponchos, pilot, both wanted to escape homeworld as children, soft boys

Cons: dead

Rating: 9/10 power converters

#1 Wedge Antilles

Pros: one of Luke’s best friends, formed a new elite squadron together, took down the first Death Star together, took down the second Death Star, dependable, always have each other’s back, flyboys in love, looks at Luke like he’s made of stardust

Cons: ???

Rating: 10/10 power converters

Worth the Wait- Poe Dameron

Word Count: 2385

Pairing: Poe Dameron x OC

Prompt: “Why are you looking at me like that” and Poe and OC friends to lovers.

A/N: Give me more Poe. This was so fun to write…best friends to lovers is my fav trope of all time besides love/hate I think!

“You really don’t have to sit here, Poe,” I said, casting the pilot a look from over my shoulder. “You gotta be exhausted.”

He was sitting on an overturned crate, chin propped in one hand as he watched me work. A crooked grin tugged at one side of his mouth. “What? And leave my baby all alone with you?”

I rolled my eyes at his teasing, but as I turned back to his ship, a small smile was on my own lips. “Honestly your “baby” might be better off in my hands than yours. Considering all the pain you’ve caused it.” I shined my light into the fuselage, double checking my work.

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anonymous asked:

I'm so excited to see the way the plot unfolds after shiro disappears; how do you think keith is going to "discover" his "new powers" in relation to allura having recently discovered she has magical abilities, and the fact that he has to step up to lead the team at the same time?

I mean, I remain skeptical that Keith is really going to step up and lead.

The thing about Keith is he’s self-sufficient and competent, but this doesn’t mean good things for his character. Keith’s self-sufficiency is born out of necessity- that he’s good at taking care of himself is the nice way of saying he’s spent most of his life repeatedly deprived of people to rely on either practically or emotionally and so his reflex is to assume no one is looking out for him besides himself.

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Tyler Joseph / Twenty One Pilots Albums in Feelings
  • No Phun Intended: Wrapped under the covers in your bed in the dark. Others would hear silence, you hear voices. Criticizing, somber voices. Sleepless nights. Being alone. Longing. Shame.
  • Twenty One Pilots: Breaking down in front of someone. Pencil drawings during history class. Helping someone who has it just as bad. Dim, orange light peeking through your curtains as the sun sets. Promises. Honesty. Wanting faith.
  • Regional at Best: Walking down a sidewalk at noon on a sunny day. Unintended snapping. Acting like you're great all the time when you're great half the time. Monotone ramblings. Begging. Lonely summer days.
  • Vessel: Winter. Optimism. Alone, but not completely. Coming of age. Writing in an old notebook. Snow. Moonlight coming in through a window. Smiles without the teeth. Old hoodies. Bursts of light.
  • Blurryface: Growing confidence. Finding a real friend. Driving at night, driving fast. Wisdom. Been there, done that. Sympathy. Giving better advice than when you were young. Faking it sometimes. Still having some doubts. A lot of doubts some days. Forgetting. Remembering. Making good memories to always remember and never forget. Constants. Reading a reminiscent letter. Moving on. Helping others. Finishing a long journey. Seeing light at the end of a tunnel.
Dating Josh Dun would include...

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*cuddle attacks

*burying his head in your neck / neck kisses


*tickle fights

*pillow fights

*him teaching you how to play the drums

*check kisses

*little dates at Taco Bell

*sitting on his lap as he plays the drums

*lots of fluff

*him being shy

*your parents loving him

*him playing with your younger siblings / cousins

*cute text messages

*facetiming every day when he’s on tour

*watching some of his (and tyler’s) concerts

*movie nights

*x-files marathons

*stealing his hats

*inside jokes

*tyler approving of you

*being good friends with jenna

*helping each other when they have a panic attack

*not being able to say no to josh’s puppy dog eyes

*josh not being able to say no to you

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what's ur ideal voltron season 3?

keith is the new emperor of the galra empire and hes married to shiro. they have two space dogs–    ok but really: ideal s3 things that i also think are possible:

  • preKERBEROS FLASHBACKS!! the thing is, shiro going missing again basically parallels the first time keith lost him. so if there was ever a time to be reminded of that, it’s now. this goes along in the vein of something like no not again i can’t do this by myself again, but also references back to lines like “If it wasn’t for you, my life would be a lot different.” That thing he says about how shiro changed him is also important, because it means meeting shiro in itself was pivotal, so i think we’ll also get some flashbacks to that first meeting. and, like ive said in some other meta, black lion was able to project zarkon’s memories to shiro to help him understand their situation. if keith was still hesitant about the whole leading voltron thing, i see no reason why black wouldn’t share some of shiro’s memories to help encourage him.
  • I don’t want shiro to be gone forever, but i definitely want his absence to be felt. I want keith to have time to grieve and mourn again, i want the other paladins to have to try and rebuild whats left of their family. to pick themselves up and keep going. Remember when we all thought it would take like a season for the paladins to get back together and they did it in about two episodes? Yeah, i hope they don’t do that.
  • but!! i also want to see how shiro’s doing every now and again. like, if he’s in an alternate universe, maybe cut between that au and the current one every now and again. and yes, i would like to see him in an au, ideally one where he either never went to kerberos or they never formed voltron.
  • More pidge and lance interactions! They seemed closer in season 2 and i really liked that. Id like to see them go on their own mission together, something like In The Belly of the Weblum or The Depths.
  • speaking of weblums, more keith and hunk! keith is gonna be really hurting with shiro gone and he already is starting to open up and kinda let others in, which is v good for him. i think hunk kinda picking up on that and spending more time with him would be nice
  • Let hunk visit the rock he admires v much im sure they still miss each other a lot

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‘The Mayor’ Comedy Gets ABC Series Order
By Nellie Andreeva

ABC has kicked off the pickups of new series with nods to the hottest pilots from its sibling ABC Studios: comedy The Mayor, executive produced by Daveed Diggs and starring Lea Michele, dramas For the People, from Shondaland; The Crossing, starring Steve Zahn; and The Gospel of Kevin, toplined by Jason Ritter.

Here is info on ABC’s newly picked up series:


Young rapper Courtney Rose (Brandon Micheal Hall) needs his big break. For years, he’s toiled away in a small inner-city apartment, making music in his junk-filled bedroom closet. Tired of waiting for opportunity, Courtney cooks up the publicity stunt of the century: Running for mayor of his hometown in California to generate buzz for his music career. Unfortunately for Courtney, his master plan goes wildly awry, ending in the most terrifying of outcomes: An election victory. With the help of his mother (Yvette Nicole Brown, “Community”) and friends, including Valentina (“Glee’s” Lea Michele), Courtney will have to overcome his hubris if he wants to transform the struggling city he loves.

From Tony winner Executive Producer Daveed Diggs (Broadway’s “Hamilton”), writer/executive producer Jeremy Bronson (“Speechless,” “The Mindy Project,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”) and executive producer Jamie Tarses (“Happy Endings”), the series is from ABC Studios. The pilot is directed by Executive Producer James Griffiths (“black-ish”).

The series stars Brandon Micheal Hall as Courtney Rose, Lea Michele as Valentina, Bernard David Jones as Jermaine Hardaway, Marcel Spears as TK and Yvette Nicole Brown as Dina. “The Mayor” is from ABC Studios.

this one is for my friends — the ones i’ve never met face to face but mean the world to me all the same. for you. the people who i’ve connected with simply because of music. despite the fact that i can only talk with you through messaging, you have helped and influenced me so much this past year. you’re all incredible and i’m blown away by your kindness and creativity each day. you, my friends, have inspired me to create and admire art — for that i am thankful. 

the red dots on the map represent where five of my closer online friends live. they may be hundreds of miles away, but i love them all the same. ❤️

Song Imagine: Just A Friend To You // Megan Trainer

Request: Tyler or josh x reader based on the song ‘just a friend to you’ by Meghan trainor ? ❤️❤️❤️

Why you gotta hug me
Like that every time you see me?

Why you always making me laugh
Swear you’re catching feelings

Tyler Joseph is the most annoying person you have ever met. His stupid face and his stupid hair and his stupid voice and his stupid everything.

And you and your stupid emotions had to go and fall for him. For your brother’s best friend. For your best friend.

Everything is just so stupid.

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giffing the flash ϟ “ pilot ” ( 1.01 )

The truth is, ever since the night mom died, I’ve been stuck in one place, missed out on a lot of things. But I’m different now. I’ve made some new friends. They’re helping me find my way, to finally move forward. You remember when you wanted me to change my name so I wouldn’t have to deal with people knowing you’re my dad? I’m glad they know. I’m so proud to be your son. … My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.

Relapse- Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun

Request-  I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you’re friends with Tyler and Josh and you have a depression relapse?

Okay seriously if you don’t do well with reading about suicide and depression, don’t read. Happy imagine coming later.

Today was your last day you had to deal with your issues. Today was the last day to face the world. Today was the day you were saying goodbye. You were ready for the pain to end. You were tired of the sleepless nights and the long days. You’ve dealt with it long enough. 2 months of the darkest days and cuts that lined your arms, you reached your end.

“Hey Y/N what’s up?” Tyler asked when you called him that afternoon.

“Nothing much, just wanted to see you today.” you told him, trying to not sound depressed.

“Then why don’t you come over and hang with me and Josh. We can watch movies tonight, like we use to. We tried calling you once we got back from Australia a few days ago, but you never answered our texts or calls.” you could hear the concern in his voice.

Josh and Tyler have been your best friends for the past 5 years. You had met them at one of their small shows and you got the chance of talking to Tyler. He gave you his number and told you if you ever needed anything to call him. You called him the next night and he helped you calm down from a major panic attack you were having. They were both strangers at the time, but you trusted them so much. They were so genuinely caring and now 5 years later you were headed to say goodbye. They deserved that goodbye for being such wonderful people. For dealing with you for so long, when you knew they probably just felt bad for you.

Pulling up to Tyler’s house you saw that Josh was already there. You knew there was no chance of you crying, you were too numb for that. You put on a smile and walked up to the door.

Knocking on the door you were met with a smiling Josh.

“Hey Y/N, it’s been so long. I’ve missed my best friend.” he said pulling you into a hug. You hugged him back accepting the fact that this was most likely one of the lasts from him.

“There she is. Best friends reunited.” Tyler said joining in on the hug.

After a while of hearing about their tour the attention was put on you.

“Are you okay? You’ve been very quiet.” Josh said.

“Yeah I’m fine, this is just me. You lied and tried your best to put on a smile.

“Bulllshit.” Tyler said moving closer to you. “Y/N that’s not you. I’ve been watching you all night. You didn’t even laugh at Josh’s dumb jokes that you always laugh at.”

“You can tell us what’s wrong.” Josh said a lot nicer than Tyler was talking.

You stared down to the ground.

“I have to go. I’m sorry.” you said standing from the couch. Tyler stood and stood in front of you. He took your hand in his hand and lifted your sleeve. Josh stood when he saw the markings that lined your arms.

“Y/N, why didn’t you tell us?” Josh said and you heard cracking in his voice.

“Tell you what? These are old.” you said pushing your sleeve back down and pushing between the boys making your way to the door.

“Why are you lying to us. Were your best friends. We’re here for you Y/N, just talk to us.” Tyler said following you, his tone now more sympathetic.

“I’m not lying, I swear. I’m just tired today. I’m going to head home.” you said and the boys exchanged a look of total concern.

“Y/N, please call us. For anything, please.” Josh said bringing you in for another hug.

“I will.” you said enjoying the last few moments with them.

You gave Tyler a hug and said goodbye.

You got in your car and started your drive home. You started remembering all the bad things that has happened in your past. All the heartache and all the unfairness of life was about to end for you. You were so concentrated in your thoughts you missed your exit to your house. It was okay with you though because you were enjoying the breeze as you drove down the vacant highway.

Once arriving home you walking in and dropped your purse, jacket and shoes at the door and went to your bathroom. You were so out of it you didn’t even realized the 2 people sitting in your kitchen.

You start the bath and grabbed a razor blade from your medicine cabinet. Placing the small piece of metal on the side of the tube you got undressed and got in. the warm water made you cold body shiver.

You sat back and stared at the ceiling. You slowly slide down under the water and stayed under denying your body’s scream for air.

When your lungs started to burn you came up and tears pricked your eyes. ‘This is it, I’m so close to being free’ you say aloud to yourself.

You grab the cold metal in your fingers and stare it’s sharp edge. Placing it against your skin you drag it from one side of your wrist to the other. You watched blood trickle from the cut into the water. You brought the blade back to your wrist this time pointing it to go upward. You winced at the pain when you pressed it into your skin. Before you could move it up your arm, there was a knock t the door. You jumped and dropped the blade and let out a cry.

Before you could grab for the blade again you were pulled from the bath and held tightly to someone’s chest.

“NO. Please just let me go.” you cried out.

Tyler kneeled down infront of you confirming that you were in Josh’s arms.

“Y/N why. You could have talked you us.” Tyler said in tears. He held your wrist upward and you looked down to see the damage you caused.

There was a lot of blood and your vision started to blurry. Your tears slowed and you could feel yourself starting to slip away.

“I’m sorry. I love you guys.” you weakly said, closing your eyes.

You heard more footstep enter the bathroom and Tyler stood. Josh handed you off to someone else.

This wasn’t the ending you wanted, but this is happening.

“Stay with us Y/N. please.” you heard Josh say once in the ambulance. The vehicle started to move and you heard on of the medics talking, but you could barely keep yourself awake.

“Okay, now’s your time. Start fighting, we’re almost there Y/N.” said the medic.

The last thing you remember was Josh taking your hand in his and kissing you knuckles. Then the world went black.

Josh’s P.O.V.

When Y/N left Tyler’s house I knew something was right. I felt it all night and it killed me seeing her so numb. She always had this light in her eyes, but when I saw her is was as if someone blew it out.

As soon as she pulled away we jumped in Tyler’s car and drove to her apartment. I was a nervous wreck when she wasn’t there. We sat in her kitchen for a half hour before she came home and headed straight to the bathroom.

We both called after her, but she didn’t hear. As creepy as it sounds I stood outside the bathroom door, something didn’t feel right.

When I heard her let out a cry I didn’t care about privacy anymore. She’s my best friend and I could let anything bad happen to her.

Seeing her bleeding into the tub, I didn’t know what to do beside call for Tyler to get help and gold her.

She was crying asking to leave and I couldn’t control my tears. I was shaking and when the medic took Y/N from me Tyler offered to drive me, but I had to stay with her.

Once at the hospital they took her away from me. They said it was up to her now for her to fight. Tyler came in and helped me calm down. Tyler somehow kept calm the whole time but seeing Y/N like this scared me.

“How is she?” he asked me walking me to take a seat.

“They said it’s up to her now to fight for her life. Ty, I’m scared. What if-” Tyler cut me off before I could go any farther.

“Josh, you can’t think like that. She’s a fighter she always has been. She’ll make it through.” his words gave me hope and when the doctor came out my heart was pounding.

“She’s sleeping right now. She hit a vein which made her bleed too much and when she got back there she was gone. We have her stable now and you can go back and see her now.” he lead us back and both Tyler and I stood at the end of the bed.

Tyler’s P.O.V.

I never thought she would actually do this. She was always so happy and she was a fighter. When touring I realized how she stopped calling so often to check in, I figured she was busy.

Josh and I went to her house before she got there and waited for her. Josh was a lot more nervous than I was. Thank god he was by the bathroom, otherwise we might not be standing in this hospital room right now.

I took a seat on her left side while Josh was on her right.

She woke up after a few hours and I knew neither one of us had plans on leaving her alone.

Y/N’S P.O.V.

You woke up in the hospital with your wrist wrapped in white bandages. You were so close to making it out, but the reasons you stayed were to the left and right of me. 

“Hey there.” Tyler said softly.

You looked at him and smiled the best you could. You were so tired and weak feeling.

You had just seen death and it wasn’t as good as you fantasied. You realized how much you wanted to stay here, on Earth with your two best friends. 

“That smile, god I love it.” Josh said kissing your knuckles again.

“I’m sorry I never said anything.” you said not being able to look at either on of them. this was going to probably scar them for life.

“Hey, don’t be. We don’t have to talk about it right now, if you don’t want to.” Tyler said pushing your hair out of your face.

“Thank you. Thank you for being there and thank you fro saving my life.” you said and the last part had more meaning to it then they would ever know. Not only did they call for help and stop you, but they were the reason you fought so hard earlier to stay alive. “I love you guys.”

“We love you too Y/N. So much, you would never believe how much you mean to us. You’re like out little sister and we would do anything to help you.” Josh said.

You were so lucky to have these two as your friends. They were always there for you even when you didn’t want it. They always just knew that right times when to either leave you alone or when to cancel all their plans to make sure your okay.

“We’re not letting you go Y/N, you’re like Josh said, you’re basically our sister and well fight anyone and all your demons for you.” Tyler said.

“Yeah, now get some rest, okay?” Josh added noticing how tired you were feeling.

With that you laid back in the bed and closed your eyes. You knew they would be there for you when you woke up. They would be there for you everyday you woke up from now on. This was the first time in a while that you actually felt wanted and loved. 

A/N: Just so you know, if I ever post a really depressing piece like this one I’ll post a happier one later just because I feel bad.

THE MAYOR – “Pilot” – Young rapper Courtney Rose needs his big break. For years, he’s toiled away in a small inner-city apartment, making music in his junk-filled bedroom closet. Tired of waiting for opportunity, Courtney cooks up the publicity stunt of the century: Running for mayor of his hometown in California to generate buzz for his music career. Unfortunately for Courtney, his master plan goes wildly awry, ending in the most terrifying of outcomes: An election victory. With the help of his mother and friends, including Valentina, Courtney will have to overcome his hubris if he wants to transform the struggling city he loves.

20 Years From Now

Daughter: Hey mom I like this band-

Me: omg I;m so sorry

Daughter: sorry?

Me: I’ll call the teachers

Daughter: why are y-

Me: to let them know that your grades will be dropping.

Daughter: why will-

Me: I’m afraid it’s all down hill from here.

Daughter: what are you talking ab-

Me: you might as well say goodbye to your friends.

Daughter: but i-

Me: want me to help you with your blog?

Daughter: I don’t even have a-

Me: you will.

Daughter: but-

Me: shh. it’s already done. theres no turning back

Is there going to be more Infinity Train?

Unfortunately, I don’t know and I won’t know for quite awhile. Animation is a very very long process that can take years to do. I first pitched Infinity Train in 2013, then finished making the pilot in March of 2016, then it only just came out now in November! I have been waiting SO LONG for this!

What were some of the inspirations for Infinity Train?

I’ll keep this short by talking about character for now, and I’ll focus on art in a different post.

I can’t really get into all the inspirations on the story as they could be spoiler-y, but I can say that I thought of the idea while I was flying back to America from China in 2010 after my first year teaching there. Trapped sleepless on a plane for 18 hours makes you start to think a lot. The first drawing I ever did of Tulip was on that plane and it’s an image of her hanging off the side of a train. It’s also a very embarrassingly bad drawing, as all drawings that you did a couple years ago are.

Tulip’s character is based on an amalgamation of friends I have, but if they were aged down to about 12. When you’re 12, you start to have these very specific ideas of what the world is like. People are like this, things function like that, etc. Over time you start to discover that things aren’t that simple. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the basic gist of where Tulip is in her life right now.

One-One is there to counter her various moods and be hopefully be helpful in some way (though he’s a bit naive and a little weird so that can only go so far). Their relationship develops over time.

As for Atticus, when I was trying to figure out what to draw with my new cintiq a few years ago, I asked my girlfriend what to draw. She said “how about a corgi?” and I ended up sketching this:

Drawing this reminded me of my own dog when I was a kid. From when I was 10 to when I moved out of my parent’s house, I had an orange, long haired cardigan corgi. He was awesome and I loved him and he would sleep with me on my bed every night (my bed got super hairy, it was gross. Also I was gross, I was a disgusting boy). He was much more of a bro-ey dog than Atticus, but it definitely inspired this story.

Can you tell me about the numbers?


What about me? Can you tell ME about the numbers?

Ok. The numbers represent the amount of Swedish Fish she has in her backpack. When the backpack was thrown, some of them fell out. It’s a pretty messed up system, but Swedish Fish are really good, so you would want to keep track of how many you have.

Can we help make more Infinity Train happen?

Watch the pilot and share it with your friends!

You’ve all been so incredibly supportive! The fact is, as of right now, there are more than 150,000 views on youtube of Infinity Train in only 2 days and it looks like we’re on track to get more! So keep doing what you’re doing! I can’t even believe the amount of love shown to this. Thank you all so much!

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! Although I am super inundated with questions, so it might take me a little while to get back to you.

Crinkly Smile - Josh Dun Imagins

Imagine- You’ve always been nervous around Josh. And you possibly have a small crush on him. How could you help it? He’s always so adorable.
Requested by; @baileyhizzle

Triggers- None

Note- Ahhh i am super happy with this rn, i hope you guys like it also :,))
And i know the titles pretty bad mkay shush😂


Tyler and Josh have been your two best friends since high school, and you love them both (Maybe one in a more romantic way, but that doesn’t matter. It’ll never happen). But ever since their band Twenty One Pilots got big, they’ve been traveling the world.
Sure, you’re happy for them, you really are. You just hate how you have to go months without seeing them, but you guessed you should be lucky you were still in touch and still best friends.
Luckily, they were getting back from tour tomorrow, and you were excited as ever.
That night you couldn’t sleep. You’re mind was buzzing and still wide awake, not being able to sleep with all your excitement, knowing you’ll finally meet up with Josh and Tyler at Taco Bell tomorrow.
Finally, you were able to fall asleep listening to old voicemails from Josh. You would never admit it, but his voice always helped you calm down.

You slowly opened your eyes the next morning and stretched, yawning.
You turned to check the clock. You quietly moaned. You still had to wait awhile until you got to see the boys.
You had gotten up and made yourself some coffee when your phone went off. You smiled when you saw it was from Josh.

Josh: ‘Hey y/n! Just got off the plane. I’m meeting with my family then me and Ty will be on our way to see you!’

You: 'Sweet! Can’t wait to see you!’

Having nothing else to do, you whet up to get dressed and found yourself trying to pick the best outfit. Something cute but casual.
The clock had seemed to go as slow as possible and it was complete misery, but now it was time to go. You quickly grabbed your phone and headed out the door.

When you got to Taco Bell and finally spotted the boys, you ran up to them and they both engulfed you in a huge hug.
“Hey guys! It’s so nice to finally see you again,” A big smile is plastered on the face.
“Hey y/n, it’s great to see you too. How had you been?” Tyler asked.
“I’ve been pretty good, how about you guys?”
“Good as always,” Josh smiled, his face crinkling up, making your heart flutter. You couldn’t help but notice how cute it was, and with his sparkly eyes.
You must have been staring for just a moment to long, becuase you heard Tyler playfully snicker beside you.
“You two look so in love, It’s making me sick” He teased, and you felt your cheeks grow hot.
“Oh, shut up Ty,” Josh elbowed his ribs. You could have sworn you say Josh blush.
“Just saying,” He laughed back, and you couldn’t help but laugh also.
While you ate and talked, you realized how much you had missed Josh’s soft and bright mocha eyes, and his beautiful yellow hair. Was it weird that you also loved the shape of his nose? It was cute.
“I personally think you two would be a cute couple.” Crap. Tyler must have noticed you staring. Wait, had Josh also been staring at you?
“Very funny, Tyler,” You said, but a red still spread across your face.

After you were done eating, you all decided to go Josh’s place and hang out.
“What do you guys want to do?” Josh asked when you flopped down on the couch.
“Oo, i have an idea,” Tyler started, “How about we play truth or dare?”
You laughed. “Really? That’s the first thing that pops into your head?”
He just shrugged. “Why not?”
You all agreed.
Now it was Tyler’s turn to ask you for a truth or dare, and you said truth.
“Y/n, do you have a crush on anyone?”
You took a moment to think about what to say.
“Yea, i guess i do…”
“Is it anyone in this room?”
“Hey, only one question per truth!” You probably said a little too loud, and Tyler almost couldn’t stop himself from laughing.
Later, It was Josh’s turn to be asked by Tyler, and he chose dare.
“Josh… I dare you to confess your feelings to whoever you have a crush on by the time we go to bed tonight!”
“What?” Josh’s face crept with red as he grew flustered.
“You heard me,” Tyler smiled.
“O-okay…” He seemed unsure.
You couldn’t help but wonder who he’d be confessing his feelings for tonight. It was probably some really pretty, rich girl, who obviously wasn’t you.
“You alright, y/n?” Josh asked, concerned. He must have seen your face fall.
“O-oh, yea! Of coarse,” You plastered a fake smile on your face.
You hated yourself for it, but you felt a bit bummed out the rest of the afternoon, and you couldn’t shake it.

When the sun had set and the sky was dark, you all went outside and sprawled out on the grass to watch the stars. They were gorgeous, dotting the sky everywhere. You had always loved the stars.
At a couple points, you could have sworn you saw Josh staring at you. But it couldn’t have been, could it?
You decided to ignore it. It was probably nothing anyway, and you’d end up upsetting yourself if you found out it was truly nothing.
“I need to use the bathroom, I’ll be back,” Tyler hopped up off the ground and left.
You and Josh both knew what he was trying to do, and you could feel a slight warmth spread across your face.
After a few moments of silence, Josh sat up.
“H-hey, y/n, you know how Tyler dared me to confess my feelings for whoever i had feeling for earlier?”
You say up as well.
“yea, what about it?” You said, your eyes growing wide.
“Well… your the one i have feelings for, a-and if you don’t feel the same way, i understand. But i love the way your eyes light up when your talking about something you love, or how in a full room of people, your smile is always the brightest. I just can’t get over how beautiful you are…”
You sat there, jaw slightly opened. You couldn’t believe what you had just heard.
“Josh… I-i..”
“Oh, you don’t feel the same, im so sorry. I’ll just go inside now,” He quickly got up but you called him before he could start waking back to the house.
“Josh, wait! I do feel the same, i really do! I love how your face crinkles up every time you smile and your cute nose, and everything about you! Please don’t go,” you grabbed his arm and he turned around.
You both looked into each other eyes, and Josh hesitated as he got closer. You leaned in and your lips connected perfectly, his moving against yours in harmony. You savored each moment.
You were disappointed when he pulled away, but quickly forgot about it as you got lost in his eyes.
“I love you, y/n.”
“I love you too, you dork,” You smiled widely, and this time, it was a true smile. Josh had finally filled the last piece of your heart.
Suddenly, from the doors of the house you heard Tyler’s voice.
“I knew it i knew it i knew it! Yesssss! I knew i could get you together!” He throwed his fist into the air and started dancing.
You felt the heat spread across your face and you couldn’t help but laugh, and Josh ran his fingers through his hair, smiling that adorable, crinkly smile of his again.
You loved both Tyler and Josh very much. And yes, one definitely more romantically than the other.