it helps me think about the fact that

Thank you for the ask @qvoixcc (& for the compliment <3) , @thequirkysimmer, @sim-pi & @malcolmlandgraab!! :)

Let me think of 5 more.. (previous facts here, if someone’s interested)

  1. When someone I love & care about needs help, I forget all my problems, fears or whatever it may be, & I’m by their side 100%
  2. I love unconditionally
  3. I won’t invade your personal space
  4. I got rid of my Facebook, Instagram & twitter accounts (freedom!!! :D)
  5. I’m a realist most of the times

If I were a Hogwarts professor I would take Hermione aside and explain to her that she doesn’t need to prove anything, and that when I ask a question of the class, it’s not necessarily because I want someone to tell me exactly the right answer. She’s smart enough that she’d understand the teaching process and how pouring direct facts on a group of kids isn’t going to get them engaged or thinking about the material. I’d tell her that I appreciate her studiousness and enthusiasm, and that she could be a great help in assisting other students with arriving at answers through original thought and engaging with the material.

*desperately immerses self in cute fanart of otps and book characters to try and beat her depression and anxiety into the fucking ground*

No but like.

I don’t think some people get it.

Fangirling about cartoons and book characters and fictional worlds helps me get through the days faster. It helps me forget about my overly fucking dramatic and suicidal mind and the fact that every time I try to interact with people outside I have to physically suppress the urge to burst into tears and huddle against the ground in a protective cocoon. It helps me forget about the deep self-loathing that I harbour. It helps me avoid random attacks of anger.

Reading about fluff and looking through fluff and smiling at memes in fandoms makes me feel good. So, yes, me being an overall dork for my ships and favourite books may seem unnecessarily unimportant and dumb to some people, but fuck it, it makes everything else seem more bearable.

Thank you for existing, fandoms/books/tvshows.

“Questioning is a critical comprehension strategy that helps readers construct and extend meaning. It is one of the most powerful strategies students can learn, and one of the easiest for you to teach.”  Jan Richardson, pg. 209, The Next Step in Guided Reading

          Jan Richardson: How to Use Asking Questions to Increase Comprehension

Turning Facts Into Questions
The answer is found in one place in the text. I can go directly to the text and find the answer to this kind of question.

  • Who…
  • What…
  • Where…
  • When…
  • How…

Inferential Questions
The question is not answered directly in the text. I must stop and think about the passage and what I know to help me answer this question.

  • I wonder why…
  • What do you think…
  • How do you think…
  • What would have happened if…
  • Why would…
  • How could…
  • Why do you think….
  • What if…

Complex Questions
The answer is found by searching several places in the text. I must slow down and look in more than one place in the text to answer this kind of question.

  • What were the effects…
  • What factors caused…
  • What were the differences…
  • What was similar about…
  • What were some…
  • What changes…
  • Compare…

Some Things to Keep In Mind When Creating Questions:

  • Were there any turning points in the text?
  • How did the characters change from the beginning to the end of the story?
  • What literary devices can you find?
  • How did the author’s use of rhetoric influence the text?
  • What is the central idea? 
  • What are the themes of the text? 
  • What is the author’s thesis?
  • Is the author/source credible? How do you know?
  • What pov is the story told from? 
  • Sun Jing: Wait you like me ?? For my personality???
  • Qiu Tong: Yeah, that's what drew me in. You and your natural anxiety ridden charm.
  • Sun Jing: Whoa.
  • Qiu Tong: I know. I was surprised, too.

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Hey Ship, I'm kind of terrified of moths. My evolved brain sees moths and says "oh yeah, that can't hurt me, and it's kind of pretty too!" However, my lizard brain says "oh shit! No! No moth!" And I feel the need to run away. A few months(?) ago, you posted a drawing of a moth-human character in a coat and cap. Now, I think of moths in tiny clothes when I start to freak out about them. It helps (thanks!). Do you have any cool moth facts that I can remember to make moths less... alarming?

Ohh man, I’m glad that helped! That’s adorable! I know a lot of people with unexpected moth phobias. I wonder why they’re so common? Moths don’t get the bad media representation that spiders do, and they can’t bite you.

Hmm… moth facts. Well, there really aren’t any deep, fundamental differences between moths and butterflies that should make one creepy and the other cool. They’re closely related and only differ cosmetically and behaviorally in a handful of ways - like frogs versus toads. Most survive on a purely liquid diet, while some do not have functioning mouthparts at all.

Saturniidae moths are large and spectacular - you’re probably familiar with Luna moths at least. They’re docile, have soft fuzzy bodies, and typically live for only a few days - all that time as caterpillars and in their cocoons was saving up for the Big Day to come out in flashy disco suits and find another disco moth to hook up with for one last wild dance.

Things the signs have told me and I appreciated. (as a Scorpio)

Aries : Why are you letting them doing this to you !? Why aren’t you fighting them off !? C’mon, this isn’t you ! (She sounds rude, but she was actually trying to help me and made me smile tbh.)

Taurus : You know what I like about you ? The fact that if I ask you something, you’ll never lie to me, you’ll tell me straight away what you think about it, even if the truth is painful to hear.

Cancer : I don’t think you’re rude. Actually, I think you’re just acting like a rude bitch, but I’m sure you’re kind.

Virgo : As you know I have a lot of friends, but you’re the only one whom I really trust.

Capricorn : You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met, and I’m just so proud of you.

Aquarius : I know you might think that I don’t care about you because I’m not always texting you, but I still really love and care about you.

Pisces : Please don’t cry, because if you do, I’ll cry with you.

Dear Peter. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – No.

Prompt – Peter Parker receives a letter from the love of his life but things take an unexpected turn.

Warning – Tears may be shed. Not comic book accurate, like at all.

Words – 1,807.


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So the cat is out of the bag; SUN BAKERY IS COMING OUT THRU IMAGE COMICS IN 2017!!!! 

I am super hype for this. I’ve always wanted to do a series with Image, and I think Sun Bakery is gonna be perfect there. 

Sun Bakery issue #4 is still coming out next month, limited release, through Press Gang / Alternative Comics. If you already reserved yourself a copy– rad!! Get that shit!! You’ll be ahead of the curve :) 

I’d just like to thank Jason Leivian / Press Gang for helping get me started on the series in general. 

Some facts about the Image release:

- Starts Feb 2017 (issue #1) 

- We will be reprinting issues 1 - 4 for everyone who missed the series initially. 

- Aside from some mild design changes, the contents of issues 1 - 4 will remain the same, comics-wise. 

- Sun Bakery will continue after issue 4, brand new content in issue 5, including the return of SHARKNIFE!! 

* * * 

WHAT IS SUN BAKERY? It’s a comic book anthology magazine. meaning, it’s one ongoing magazine with a few different comic stories per issue. Some stories will be ongoing, some one-shots. Usually there will be around 3 stories per issue, with one or two being a “main” story that will carry the magazine through arcs. 

So far the main stories featured in Sun Bakery are AREM, DREAM SKILLS & BAT RIDER

* * * 

This is going to be my most focused, concise, consistent foray into the realm of monthly comic book making. So I’m really hoping you all join me in 2017. If you’ve HEARD about Sun Bakery / my work but never seen it in print, please support the series now! It’s going to be rad rad rad. 

Thanks all. Something to look forward to in 2017

What gets me about the Yuri On Ice musical piece is that it so perfectly encapsulates Yuuri and Viktor’s journey. 

Of course that’s the whole story behind the routine itself: it’s an homage to everyone who has helped Yuuri along his journey and supported him. But it goes beyond the intent of the routine. It’s the music itself. 

Only two instruments are used in the song: the piano and the violin. At the beginning of the song, the piano isn’t quite as strong or confident in its melody In fact, it seems rather lonely. Then the violin joins it, but it doesn’t take over the song. Actually, not once in the song does the violin dominate. At first it simply supports the piano’s melody, until they slowly blend so perfectly together that by the time the violin suddenly stops, it’s almost heartbreaking to hear. The piano continues, maybe a bit more tenderly now, but it again gains strength and it sounds so gorgeous and powerful, almost like it now understands how to stand alone, where at the beginning it wasn’t sure. And then the violin comes back, and this time it doesn’t leave. Once again these two instruments blend together, inseparable, and they finish the piece out together.

This is exactly what we’ve seen in the show so far. With episode nine about to air this week, we’re at the point in the song when the violin, like Viktor, is leaving. And sure it’s going to be sad for a moment, but Yuuri, just like the piano, is going to be so strong and beautiful on his own and there will be that realization that he doesn’t need Viktor to be great, that maybe he never did. But he wants Viktor by his side. It feels right because they compliment each other so perfectly, and the music would feel incomplete without the other.

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Auntie, do you ever feel self-conscious about your look when you're in public? I sometimes feel a bit awkward when people stare at me, and it doesn't help that I have social anxiety. I get that they could be staring because of my hair color, or I look "sharp" and "cute" as they say. And it's not like I get insulted a lot for my look (rarely, in fact). But do you ever feel this way yourself? And if yes, how do you think I can fight those little anxiety demons since I REFUSE to change my wardrobe?

I’ll be honest - I don’t actually ever feel like that. My anxiety demons never make a peep about my look or my style. Other things relating to body image, sure. But my style? Nope, they’re silent, and I’m thankful for that.

How do I think you can fight them? Think of your wardrobe and look as your armor, as your shield. Remind yourself that you are doing this for your own entertainment and enjoyment, and it doesn’t really matter what anyone else may think. 

And good for you for refusing to allow those insidious voices the power to make you change your wardrobe! Be true to who you want to be.

@marami38: If you’re still taking prompts for this weekend I think it would be fun to see them in the future.  Maybe it’s their 20th or 25th wedding anniversary and they’re getting ready for a family gathering at the pub. Talking and reminiscing about some of their happiest moments and remembering some of their worst moments and how eventually it was the worse moments that helped make them even stronger.

On a side note, I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your work and A Different Kind of Love is one of my faves, as a matter of fact I think I might just re-read that this weekend :)

first of all, thank you so much for your lovely words about ‘a different kind of love’ and second of all i am so sorry that it’s taken so long for me to get to writing this for you. it’s by no means amazing but i enjoyed looking at robron this way and writing them in the future like this, hope you enjoy it <3

Robert’s tie is crooked and he’s trying to put it right, failing a little and then he feels his husband’s presence in the room almost immediately. 

He hears Aaron let out a little tut and then he’s walking towards him. 

“You and your flipping ties.” Aaron says, comes closer and then he’s fixing the tie that Robert’s knotted foolishly in his haste. 

Robert looks up at him and Aaron smirks at his husband. Robert’s heart flutters as he looks at the man he loves more than anyone in the world. 

After all this time. Still. Still I get butterflies when I look at you.‘ 

“What ya looking at?” Aaron urges, finishing with the tie and then looking up at Robert. He’s aged so well, his eyes are still so green and bright despite the wrinkles around them, around his mouth too. He’s paler too, slower in his movements but it’s understandable after they all realised that his lungs were acting up, an aftershock of the shooting all those years ago that caused lasting damage. 

Robert’s eyes flutter a little, freckles still scattered across his face as he ducks his head and looks at Aaron. His Aaron, that still remains, after everything. He’s shorter, wispy grey curls, lines on his forehead but God he’s so beautiful, he’s still so beautiful.

“You.” Robert shrugs before grabbing Aaron by the waist and kissing his neck. It still works. It still makes Aaron almost melt into his arms and roll his head back, laughter filling the room. 

“We need to go downstairs.” Aaron whispers, close and warm and right into Robert’s ear. “We’ve got a whole party waiting down there.” He says, feels the need to smile as he speaks, as he thinks about their family downstairs, balloons everywhere, catering courtesy of April and Marlon. 

“Let’s tell them to go home.” Robert moans, he’s such a kid and Aaron has to slap at his chest lightly. 

“It’s our anniversary.” Aaron says, pretending to be annoyed and then Robert winces a little at the slight pressure applied to his chest by Aaron. “Sorry, did I hurt ya?” Aaron’s voice is dangerously worried and Robert presses a kiss to Aaron’s lips. 

“Just getting on a bit aren’t I.” Robert’s reminded as Aaron strokes his arm playfully. 

“Good thing I’m still interested in ya then eh.” Aaron’s good at this now, so good at making Robert not feel like shit for getting older, for getting past it like Liv likes to tease him about.

Robert’s eyes are all watery suddenly and Aaron frowns. “What’s wrong?” He says softly. “Rob?” He adds, feels worry race through him.

Twenty five years.” Robert whispers, he can’t believe it. He can’t believe that their lives have flashed before his eyes and now he’s standing here, dressed in a suit and tie, with his family all downstairs ready to celebrate such a milestone. "I didn’t think we’d get here.“ He admits.

Aaron’s eyes go all soft. “I did.” He says. “I always knew you’d be the one for me, that you’d end up just being it for me.“ 

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in the self-help book there's a part where dennis ranks the attractiveness of the gang. mac is a three and i kind of really love that. the fact that dennis thinks that mac is good-looking is important to me and should be more common knowledge tbh.

And the truth is, you don’t need a giant overhaul. I mean, on the ugly scale, you’re a three at best. Which, when you think about it, is not that ugly at all. Mac, for instance, is also a three in ugly… For the record, on the ugly scale Charlie is a five, Frank is a six, and Dee is a nine.


I’m sick of hiding who I really am, so let me explain a few things about myself.

1. I’m independent- so independent that I don’t get attached to people at all. But just because I’m independent and like doing things alone without help doesn’t mean I don’t get lonely. In fact, I get lonely a lot, and I crave attention even though I can’t stand getting too close. Maybe I just feel vulnerable and don’t want people knowing too much about me, but the last thing I want is for no one to ever really know me.

2. I like to pretend I have my life together, but I don’t and that terrifies me, so much that I don’t like to talk or think about it.

3. I love giving people advice, but I’m terrible at taking other people’s advice. I love to suppress all my feelings and problems until I can pretend I don’t have any, just because I don’t know how to deal with any of it without thinking thoughts that I’m too scared to think.

4. Sometimes I don’t care at all and other times I care too much. There aren’t too many times in between. And I don’t tend to care about things that other people care about. I don’t care about the little things. I’m not being indecisive when I say “I don’t care.” I really mean that it doesn’t make a difference to me.

5. Sometimes I won’t tell you things because I don’t think they matter. Other times I won’t tell you things because they matter too much to me and I can’t risk being hurt by what you think.

6. I have a fear of annoying people, so I tend to not talk a lot, but I’m still an open book. If you ask me about myself and I see that you actually want to know the answer, then I’ll tell you.

7. I’m awful about talking about feelings, so I’m sorry if I don’t apologize or if I don’t tell you I care about you enough, but it’s too uncomfortable for me to bring those things up. Just know that if I don’t tell you something in person, I still mean it and you can be sure that I’ll write about it later.

—  Everything I wish I had the nerve to tell someone

OH ALSO another reason I am convinced Kallus isn’t primarily motivated by Friendship™:

if friendship was his motivation he would NOT have stayed behind at the end of Through Imperial Eyes. If Kallus was only motivated by the fact that he thinks the Ghost crew are bros who care for and value him in contrast to the cold emotionless Empire, he would have jumped at the chance to bail on the Empire and go with Ezra.

The fact that he insisted on staying behind even though Ezra was literally offering him a free ride to Friends And People Who Care About Him tells me that belief and ideals are his major motivation. I see an absolute determination to do as much as he can to help the rebel cause, AND (perhaps more crucially for the potential direction of the plot) a deep-seated desire to redeem himself. I believe he feels that by staying with the Empire and continuing to act as a double-agent, he is undertaking a sort of penance. After all, his position must be an incredibly difficult one - he is living a double life, in constant fear that one tiny slip up may lead to his discovery. It’s a remarkable thing that he chose to voluntarily remain in his position despite being offered a clear and easy out. He must truly believe in the righteousness of what he’s doing to voluntary remain in that situation rather than join the rebellion.

He was so desperate to continue as Fulcrum that he even framed an ‘innocent’ man (I put innocent in quotation marks because an Imperial can’t really be truly innocent). The entire Lyste plan was set up so that Kallus could continue as Fulcrum and continue to provide valuable information to the Rebels. As a few other people have said on here, I also suspect he harbours a fear that the rebellion will discard him once he ceases to be useful (Imperial habits die hard, I guess).

there’s soooooo freaking much to explore in this character sw rebels pls

thank you for joining me in another episode of Reading Too Deep Into Agent Kallus

my best attempt at a masterlist of every chengsey moment in trk

  • ch. 6: henry calling gansey “richard-man” adj;fdkd
  • the slightly disturbing fact that henry told gansey his tailgate was open because he didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that there was a little girl curled up in the cargo space of the camaro….. like buddy what if gans was kidnapping her. now youre an accomplice.
  • ch. 12: “henry cheng stood before him, all hair and smile, his eyes intense.” 
  • basically the mere fact that henry notices that gansey is having a panic attack/ptsd flashback and goes to help him in the middle of a crowd
  • “once, you got me coffee,” henry said. “when i was losing my mind. consider the favor returned.” 
  • one of the things that helps gansey come out of his attack is making eye contact with henry
  • henry saying “there he is” when gansey calms down
  • ch 17: “both henry and gansey were kings in their respective territories”
  • gansey thinking about litchfield house: “to dine in fairyland was to be forced to stay there forever or to pine for it once you left” literally what the fuck gansey
  • “yo, yo, dick gansey” im so embarrassed for henry
  • “[litchfield house] did not look remotely like a place that might host a party. it looked like a place old ladies might go to die and remain undiscovered until the neighbors noticed a strange smell. it was utterly at odds with what gansey knew of henry.” ok i lied, that’s barely chengsey but i love it anyway.
  • gansey reflecting that he understands henry (more than blue does)
  • gansey reminding blue that henry’s car is electric bc he wants her to like his boyfriend
  • henry is fine with blue being at the toga party even though no other casual acquaintances are invited, just bc gansey vouches for her
  • ch. 29: ok honestly………. the whole chapter
  • BUT for the sake of thoroughness… henry calling gansey “junior”
  • henry: “i tucked in the children [after you left] and read them stories but they kept asking after you” and gansey LAUGHS
  • gansey is cagey about explaining why they left and henry lets it pass
  • “dick three”
  • flirting via knowledge of what happened in 1751
  • and yes this is bc henry knows he’s looking for a “test of mettle”
  • “that feeling of being known. not in a superficial way, but in something deeper and truer.” 
  • gansey: “what is my prize if i pass?” 👀
  • “the prize is your honor, mr. gansey.” doubly known. triply known.
  • gansey doesn’t know how to feel about being “so accurately pegged” 👀
  • “am i being kidnapped now?” oh, gansey. you shameless flirt (with bad timing)
  • “this is ganseylike too, yes?” which part? “secrets.”
  • gansey is “prepared to deploy” any combination of his fake, polite responses to heavy moments, but he understands that henry doesn’t need or want this from him, so he can just respond as his real, genuine self 
  • both deeply traumatized at the age of 10?? is that kind of symmetry romantic?? (no but im including it)
  • “do you trust me?” [gansey’s dramatic ass thinks about how he intuitively knows who to trust] “yes.”
  • THEY HOLD HANDS!!!!!!! for a second when henry scares him with robobee but still!!!!
  • ch. 30: “richardman” again
  • henry telling gansey to breathe while literally cupping gansey’s hands between his
  • “be afraid and happy” the quote that defined a generation
  • henry saying “there he is” when gansey starts breathing again 💖
  • more touching, then “easy, mr. gansey”
  • “robobee, find great hair”
  • henry matching gansey’s dramatic ass like “i think we have to decide if we trust each other or not… i think this is the moment in our young friendship”
  • “are you saying your secrets are to my secrets as an automobile is to a carbonated beverage?” henry !!!!!!
  • “magical artifacts, bro”
  • henry: “are you collapsing? are you fine? i thought we were conversing”
  • gansey reflecting that henry is the closest thing to a soul-twin he’s ever found
  • “Get. Your. Number.” HENRY ASDJFKD;F
  • gansey noticing “henry’s wickedly cut eyebrows”
  • this part made me lose my shit….. gansey thinks that, even after all of the actual magic he’s seen, henry cheng is just as magical as everything else he’s found on this journey god help me
  • “because i’m overfull on secrets and underfed on friends” henry :’(
  • again, gansey bein gay…… thinking “henry’s eyes were lively and ferocious”
  • ch. 37: “[henry] had no real way to explain how he felt about trying to befriend richard gansey…” his love for richard is too big for words guyz
  • when henry’s being kidnapped by mr. gray (also fuck you sir, how dare  you hurt my son’s shoulder), he begs robobee to “tell someone who can make this stop,” and robobee alerts gansey, who calls mr. gray immediately !!!!
  • ch. 38: when he meets henry and mr. gray, gansey’s like, “this wasn’t the next step i wanted to take in our friendship”… ok gans tell us about the ‘next step’ you had been imagining then
  • when gansey confirms that they’re officially friends now: “now something else lit henry’s smile. it was genuine and pleased but also something more, and there were not quite words for it.” im gonna take a wild guess and say one word you might use would be ‘lust.’
  • ch. 49: gansey thinking of henry’s “be afraid and happy” advice when he needs strength to go after glendower…. im crying youre crying we’re all crying
  • ch. 51: robobee is basically a lovebee that tells henry when gansey needs him
  • henry using second person “thee” to refer to gansey 👀
  • henry lets gansey drive his car!!!
  • “i’ll watch for cops. go, go, go.” they’re like thelma and louise
  • henry lets gans drive his car along the steep side of a mountain with no guard rail! he must have been so scared but he let him do it!!!
  • gansey: “however do you drive?” henry: “i don’t. you do.” 
  • henry reacting to gansey’s driving… “yay. also, woo.”
  • ch. 53: henry making a b&e joke but definitely also a sex joke that gansey will probably be up thinking about at 3 am for every night the rest of his life: “let us enter, dick, as i’ve already broken”
  • JEONG!!!!!! “we are friends at once, we would instantly do what friends would do for each other. not just pals. friends. blood brothers. you just feel it. we instead of you and me. that’s jeong.”
  • henry suggests splitting up and doesn’t question gans turning off his flashlight, because he’s PERFECT for gansey (me? dramatic? its more likely than you think)
  • ch. 54: gansey doesn’t ask henry to come with him once they find the tunnel bc he remembers that henry’s biggest fear is a hole in the ground (am i crying?? yes.)
  • henry literally giving gansey the shirt off his back!!!! (the shirt he’ll die in ok…. is it weird that i find it romantic that gansey will die wearing henry’s sweater)
  • henry literally trying to reenact the princess bride with gansey like what the fuck?? “we have such few old treasures left; it would be so careless to let them get destroyed.”
  • gansey: “please. please help me.” henry: “i thought you’d never ask.” wtf why do they do this to me
  • ch. 58: henry tells gansey to pull over after they’re leaving glendower, and says, “stop driving. i know you need to. you’ve needed to since we left. get. out.” so gansey can get out of the car and cry 💖
  • ch. 59: henry casually calling gansey “president” as they’re binding adam’s hands???
  • ch. 64: while gansey’s official last words before dying are “it’ll be okay. i’m ready. blue, kiss me,” his SECOND-TO-LAST words are “thanks for everything, henry. you’re a prince among men.” like hwat hte hell dude….. are you even aware that youre in love.. 
  • ch. 66: henry is the one who demands they find a way to bring gansey back!!!

“…we’ve seen more of his vulnerabilities, and humanity, and I think Molly saw it from the start…”

All the talk at the end of TLD between John and Sherlock about relationships and how the women think they are better men than they are and how they need that…

Made me think of this so much and also what a lot of people are putting out there in regards to “if I wasn’t the man that you think I am, would you still want to help me?” etc

Molly fits the role perfectly for Sherlock and that scene was so beautiful for so many reasons (we needed to see it to redeem John and the cheating, and fix John and Sherlock’s relationship, and for them to finally talk about Sherlock’s sexuality and the fact that Irene isn’t dead and to say goodbye to Mary).

It was loaded and beautiful and it made me feel such warm Sherlolly feels especially since she was coming to take care of him and then take him out for birthday cake. 😊

I’ve been feeling a bit nervous and sad not seeing Molly much this season but I am quite happy now and will go into the last episode not expecting much and happy with this lovely scene.

you wanna know what fucks me up. how much oikawa and iwaizumi’s friendship means to them. and i know everyone already knows this and i know a million posts have been made about it, but i just wanted to let you think about this. it doesn’t matter if they have feelings for each other or not. that’s not the point. it’s the fact that if it made the other happy, if it helped the other in any way, oikawa or iwaizumi would do it. even if it hurt them, oikawa or iwaizumi would still do it because the happiness of their friend mattered more to them than thier own. even if it involved pushing their friend away, if that was the course of action that would be best, they would do it. so yes this post has been done a million times. but i wanted to put into perspective just how much the other means to these two guys, and how this kind of friendship has its own depth incomparable to others.

“You can fly?”

The “no superheroes” origins AU where it turns out Tim’s best friend does, in fact, have super powers. Awesome

(Two teenaged boys pull a bunch of really, really stupid stunts to find out what Conner can and can’t do: the series.)