it has to be the coat


“I-“ Morty clears his throat uncomfortably at Rick’s client and forces a smile. “Thank you.”

“You’re stunning.” The creature coos, and Morty forces an awkward smile. He chances a nervous glance at Rick and the older man is visibly fuming. Despite that, he nods at his boyfriend to encourage him to continue.

“I-Is that so?” He laughs weakly and leans closer, fluttering his eyelashes at the creature. “S-Stunning enough for the discount you promised?”


Rick growls and Morty barely has a second to react before he’s being thrust against the wall.

“Mine.” Rick snarls, and Morty whines softly in the back of throat.

He already knows it’s coming, so when Rick dives down and crushes their lips together Morty is leaning up to meet him, whimpering at the hot press of Ricks lips on his own. His eyes flutter shut and his hands lift to clutch the front of Rick’s lab coat, drawing his body closer.

Rick nips his lower lip and Morty moans, the sound pitching when he’s thrust back against the wall once more, pinned against it by Rick’s body weight against his own.

Their mouths open and tongues meet, and Morty melts against him as Rick practically devours his mouth.

When their lips finally separate Morty is panting for air, and Rick is smirking down at him.

“Yours.” Morty manages to whisper.

“Good boy.”

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How do you think Cas is gonna get his new coat? Is a magical makeover after he comes back to life? Lol or maybe he goes out and buys one? What do you think?

Somehow or other he’s going via that expensive suit. I think that might be weird reasons he has it like it’s a vision or dream or something where they can be nonsensical but it DOES make me think Cas has a habit of trying on clothes, then booping the shop assistant and walking out wearing things, so who knows. I haven’t seen anyone identify the brand of the new coat and put a price label on it but I bet it’s worth over $100 just as the absolute lowest range, and they’ll want us to think he got it on the cheap if it is got by any normal means. I stand by casual shoplifter Cas as a theory every time people point out how much his wardrobe costs, like those shoes. 

I’m still side-eyeing the idea that someone else just hands it to him as a Cas starter pack care package, coat, tie and suit, although that is on the assumption there’s a purpose to bringing him back that he goes along with or is tricked by or some way or another - whoever does it knows they’re bringing a Cas back into the world and he’s going to need his uniform. 

Honestly though anything could happen and that’s just a vague idea I like more for snark than any clue how it could go down… It seems like the episode where he comes back is a wild ride and I expect the kind of unpredictable quality nonsense this show is best at and we’re never good at the details of guessing unless specifically we had a ridiculous inkling and just stuck with predicting it for no reason and are lucky enough it’s the right answer, which is the other reason I keep saying this >.> Sometimes these kind of guesses are wrong, sometimes I’m right and people think I’m amazing :P

bath [e]

this is shitty but idk i wanted to share it with y'all

sMuT AlERt!!1!!1

oh sorry if there are any mistakes I’m tired and I’m not even an English speaker so hehe sorry


i got home after a very stressful day, my boss is very strict and always has some complaint.

I need to relax, to rest.

i left my keys in the counter and walk directly towards the stairs, climbing slowly while a sigh escaped from my lips.

my purse and my coat were thrown to the bed, at the same time that I let fall on this.

i closed my eyes for a moment, ethan was at work, i was home alone

i rise of the bed and go to the bathroom, I take a pair of towels that were stored in a small cupboard and opened the hot water, which was slowly filling the bathtub.

I lit a candle with lavender essence, my favorite, and I turned on the small speaker that I used in the shower, playing some music that would help me relax more easily.

I noticed that the bathtub was full, I closed the water and began to take off my clothes. First my shoes, then my skinny black jeans, my top and finally my underwear.

I enter slowly into the water, letting out a small sigh as I felt the warm liquid make contact with my skin. I submerged up to my neck and closed my eyes while enjoying the music.

my relaxation was interrupted by the bathroom door opening, opened my eyes to find ethan
“hey baby”
i said with a smile as he approached me and deposited a kiss in my forehead.
“hard day at work?”

“you can not imagine” i sigh

“don’t worry, I’m here now, and my princess is going to be pleased”

Ethan said as he removed his shirt above his head and then drained himself of the rest of his clothes, until he was only in boxers, that were also removed.

he took place behind me, me leaning my back on his chest.

he started with kisses on my neck, at first sloppy ones but they took intensity, while touching my legs with his hands.

his hands rose up to reach my breasts, and gave a small squeeze to one of them, causing me to let out a moan.
He began to play with both breasts, while his mouth took care of my neck, biting and sucking.

My moans increased, which was what ethan enjoyed the most, he wanted to hear me react to his touch.

his left hand continued with my breast, while the right hand came down to my entrance, stroking with his fingers, not being very generous, teasing me.

“ethan, p- please,”

I said, cut off by the moans that never ceased to come out of my mouth

“say it right, baby”

“daddy, please, i can’t hold on anymore”

he enter two fingers at once, causing me to utter a sharp groan.
With his thumb he marked circles on my clitoris, increasing my pleasure, my head tilted back, my legs trembled, his touch was too much for me and he knew it.

“do you want me to stop?”
“n-no, daddy, please”

ethan continued, his fingers went even deeper and faster, his thumb pressed hard against me.

“I-I’m going to cum”
you say between groans

“come on, cum for daddy, princess”

i make a loud moan, while releasing on ethan’s fingers, who took them to his mouth, then licked them.

“you taste so good baby, do you feel better?”

“yes i do, thanks e”

“is my pleasure, princess”

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Hi! Your hey brother video was amazing! My friend and I want to cosplay Lup and taako, and we love your video, and I was wondering if you had prelim sketches of them in their IPRE get ups?

Originally posted by galaxiagorgeous

Aa! Thank you! Yes yes yes~ I pulled out my old sketchbook for this one - 

Early on I was playing around with the idea of having Taako have top-heavy silhouette and Lup having a bottom heavy one? In the end Taako got a longer coat, but it was still shorter than Lup’s. This gave room for him to get a longer cloak in the “present day” and mimic Lup’s silhouette a bit more towards the end.

Ignore the fact that Lup has… suddenly shorter legs in this one. I was just screwing around with shapes so I didn’t bother to fix it at the time. I don’t know where that line on Taako’s robe went in the design? It was a relatively late removal as it’s still there in some of my frame thumbnails. Don’t know why I made that decision. This is also before I decided that Lup flashes a bit of t-shirt around her neckline to tie her to Barry design-wise too.  

I found a few more early sketches, but those were a looot earlier as I was throwing design ideas at the wall and was trying to figure out how Taako’s “coat over robe” scenario was supposed to work. I’m ssssure I have more somewhere but I have a feeling they are on scrap paper which. I shouldn’t do that. 

Obviously things changed in the final even from these!

If you want, I have a costume break down for Lup’s final design [HERE] and hopefully I’ll have on for Taako IPRE outfit done soon-ish too. 

I. went on a bit of a ramble there. Hope that helps? 

Subspecie: Radu Vladislas [INFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by henrikas-ravings

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Radu is, despite outward appearances, an emotionally sensitive and easily hurt soul, desperate for affection or positive affirmation of any kind. He possesses little in the way of social skills and does not know how to approach or interact with people, especially women. When faced with rejection or resistance, Radu tends to emotionally regress even more and throw childish temper tantrums, often resulting in thoughtless, spur-of-the-moment cruelty. Radu’s intense longing of “true love” represents a focused effort to do everything in his power to achieve romantic fulfillment, except, of course,  improving himself. Though his feelings are uncultivated, raw, and simple, as well as mostly negative and focused solely on his own wants, Radu has shown himself capable of occasional empathy, such as letting Michelle out of the castle to have one final talk with her sister, and giving a homeless man money for a new coat. Radu’s lack of meaningful experiences has rendered him incapable of reflecting over his situation, which, more often than not, results in an attitude of narcissistic entitlement. “I will make you love me!”

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Radu is a dreamer, prone to seeing things in an idealized rather than realistic state; for example, his obsession with Michelle along with the naïve belief that he can turn her into the perfect mate and make her love him, despite abundant evidence of the contrary, suggests a mind whose grasp on reality is tenuous at best. Radu refuses to acknowledge the actual state of things and adjust his approach or his behavior accordingly, suggesting that he is mentally a child who, despite being centuries old, has not learned a single life lesson.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Radu has demonstrated time and time again that he is pretty much incapable of learning from experience. He sees what he wants to see, rather than what is there. Born a halfbreed, ugly, unwanted and unloved by either of his parents, it is hardly surprising that Radu’s basic ontological outlook is pessimistic and fraught with distress.  Due to his lack of proper socialization, he does not know how to read people or attribute intent,  which makes him gullible and easily fooled. Nonetheless, Radu seeks to surround himself with that which is familiar, shown especially in his tendency to return to his abusive mother’s side and allow her continued mistreatment of him. Radu appears to care little for aesthetics, proven by his apparent disregard for his own appearance, but he does recognize beauty in others and is even shown to be appreciative of it. Radu frequently shows great reluctance toward stepping out of his comfort zone and views himself as a passive spectator rather than an active agent of his own destiny.  He is trained in various forms of magic, suggesting that he has some ability to learn and amass theoretical information.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Radu does not use this function much, except on rare occasions when he wants something badly enough to fight for it. Radu rarely thinks more than a couple of steps ahead, making him easy for the protagonist(s) to outwit and defeat, and for other antagonists to exploit. Timid by nature, he frequently decides to forgo confrontation in favor of fleeing, as is shown many times in Subspecies I and II. Radu is, perhaps due to his poor grasp of the English language or too much time spent in solitude, not very verbally fluent, and much prefers to demonstrate his loyalty or affection through gifts instead of words. Radu has, on several occasions, been shown to later regret his impulsive violent actions, such as the killing of his younger brother, Stefan. Due to his poor and haphazard strategic ability, coupled with his lack of rational thought, which largely prevent him from independent agency, Radu acts mainly as a hand servant/minion of his manipulative sorceress mother.

Note: Radu is a deeply damaged and unhealthy INFP who is mostly looping through his introverted functions. He uses very little Ne, except to identify something he wants to possess.

Today when I weighed myself it was shocking to realize how long it has been since I saw anything in the 78~ kilo range. Which is sad. Because that is heavy and I have been more than that for almost two years. But for me today it is a victory. The next milestone is to be under 75. I think I can definitely consider myself to be consistently under 80 I think now. (All this numbers are dependent on time of day but I try to weigh myself in the morning only).

If I get to 75 or 72 by winter I will be able to wear my super expensive coat again without feeling like it is embarrassingly tight.

But seeing the 78~ on the scale is today’s victory.

i had the most baffling encounter at work today.

apparently someone left their iphone in our store. the phone was found by a woman, henceforth known as “Terrible Lady,” when Phone Owner set off the “find my iphone” alarm. the alarm is accompanied by a “please contact this # if found” message. Terrible Lady utilizes this number to text Phone Owner, demanding $100 in return for the phone. Phone Owner says they can’t afford it, there’s some back and forth, etc. etc., and eventually Phone Owner threatens to call the cops.

Terrible Lady brings the phone (which is still making the obnoxious “find my iphone” noise, and continues to do for the duration of the encounter) to my register, complaining about the audacity of Phone Owner, as if refusing to pay the $100 is an egregious personal insult. i “mhm” a lot, silently judging her, but relieved she has sensibly decided to release the phone into the store’s custody so we can return it to Phone Owner without further drama.


fifteen minutes later, after she has checked out, she comes by my register just long enough to say “make sure she pays the $100, i’ll call to see when i need to come pick it up!” and is out the door before i can even process the fact that this women genuinely thinks that the burlington fucking coat factory is going to be the middleman for her definitely unethical and most likely illegal lost iphone extortion scheme. (side note: i looked this up once i got home from work, and it turns out that, yeah, it’s totally illegal in our state)

sure enough, an hour later, Terrible Lady calls: “hi, is this cashier #5? [that’s not my name but thanks] has she brought the $100 yet??”

there are like 2 cashiers on duty and 20 people in line. i beg my manager to take the call, which: smart move. because my manager ends up on the phone with Terrible Lady for 20 minutes, telling her that we will, under no circumstances, require Phone Owner to pay $100 before we give them the phone. eventually, Terrible Lady realizes we mean business, and SHE threatens to call the cops on US because we took the phone from her “under false pretenses”

manager hangs up on Terrible Lady /end

Cassini Spacecraft: Top Discoveries

Our Cassini spacecraft has been exploring Saturn, its stunning rings and its strange and beautiful moons for more than a decade.

Having expended almost every bit of the rocket propellant it carried to Saturn, operators are deliberately plunging Cassini into the planet to ensure Saturn’s moons will remain pristine for future exploration – in particular, the ice-covered, ocean-bearing moon Enceladus, but also Titan, with its intriguing pre-biotic chemistry.

Let’s take a look back at some of Cassini’s top discoveries:  


Under its shroud of haze, Saturn’s planet-sized moon Titan hides dunes, mountains of water ice and rivers and seas of liquid methane. Of the hundreds of moons in our solar system, Titan is the only one with a dense atmosphere and large liquid reservoirs on its surface, making it in some ways more like a terrestrial planet.

Both Earth and Titan have nitrogen-dominated atmospheres – over 95% nitrogen in Titan’s case. However, unlike Earth, Titan has very little oxygen; the rest of the atmosphere is mostly methane and traced amounts of other gases, including ethane.

There are three large seas, all located close to the moon’s north pole, surrounded by numerous smaller lakes in the northern hemisphere. Just one large lake has been found in the southern hemisphere.


The moon Enceladus conceals a global ocean of salty liquid water beneath its icy surface. Some of that water even shoots out into space, creating an immense plume!

For decades, scientists didn’t know why Enceladus was the brightest world in the solar system, or how it related to Saturn’s E ring. Cassini found that both the fresh coating on its surface, and icy material in the E ring originate from vents connected to a global subsurface saltwater ocean that might host hydrothermal vents.

With its global ocean, unique chemistry and internal heat, Enceladus has become a promising lead in our search for worlds where life could exist.


Saturn’s two-toned moon Iapetus gets its odd coloring from reddish dust in its orbital path that is swept up and lands on the leading face of the moon.

The most unique, and perhaps most remarkable feature discovered on Iapetus in Cassini images is a topographic ridge that coincides almost exactly with the geographic equator. The physical origin of the ridge has yet to be explained…

It is not yet year whether the ridge is a mountain belt that has folded upward, or an extensional crack in the surface through which material from inside Iapetus erupted onto the surface and accumulated locally.

Saturn’s Rings

Saturn’s rings are made of countless particles of ice and dust, which Saturn’s moons push and tug, creating gaps and waves.

Scientists have never before studied the size, temperature, composition and distribution of Saturn’s rings from Saturn obit. Cassini has captured extraordinary ring-moon interactions, observed the lowest ring-temperature ever recorded at Saturn, discovered that the moon Enceladus is the source for Saturn’s E ring, and viewed the rings at equinox when sunlight strikes the rings edge-on, revealing never-before-seen ring features and details.

Cassini also studied features in Saturn’s rings called “spokes,” which can be longer than the diameter of Earth. Scientists think they’re made of thin icy particles that are lifted by an electrostatic charge and only last a few hours.  


The powerful magnetic field that permeates Saturn is strange because it lines up with the planet’s poles. But just like Earth’s field, it all creates shimmering auroras.

Auroras on Saturn occur in a process similar to Earth’s northern and southern lights. Particles from the solar wind are channeled by Saturn’s magnetic field toward the planet’s poles, where they interact with electrically charged gas (plasma) in the upper atmosphere and emit light.  

Turbulent Atmosphere

Saturn’s turbulent atmosphere churns with immense storms and a striking, six-sided jet stream near its north pole.

Saturn’s north and south poles are also each beautifully (and violently) decorated by a colossal swirling storm. Cassini got an up-close look at the north polar storm and scientists found that the storm’s eye was about 50 times wider than an Earth hurricane’s eye.

Unlike the Earth hurricanes that are driven by warm ocean waters, Saturn’s polar vortexes aren’t actually hurricanes. They’re hurricane-like though, and even contain lightning. Cassini’s instruments have ‘heard’ lightning ever since entering Saturn orbit in 2004, in the form of radio waves. But it wasn’t until 2009 that Cassini’s cameras captured images of Saturnian lighting for the first time.

Cassini scientists assembled a short video of it, the first video of lightning discharging on a planet other than Earth.

Cassini’s adventure will end soon because it’s almost out of fuel. So to avoid possibly ever contaminating moons like Enceladus or Titan, on Sept. 15 it will intentionally dive into Saturn’s atmosphere.

The spacecraft is expected to lose radio contact with Earth within about one to two minutes after beginning its decent into Saturn’s upper atmosphere. But on the way down, before contact is lost, eight of Cassini’s 12 science instruments will be operating! More details on the spacecraft’s final decent can be found HERE.

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You know what’s my favorite thing?

Roy Mustang’s stupid badass coat.

He wears it. frigging. all the time. This fucking coat survives longer than most characters in the show. Clearly it’s not part of the uniform since no one else has one. And I really don’t think Central’s that cold all the time. Which leads me to believe Mustang constantly wears this coat strictly because he thinks it makes him look cool. About to go overthrow the government but nope, wait, first gotta get the coat. Badass coat. Overthrow the Fuhrer in style.

That thing Ed did with the whole “transmute red cloth into his flamel coat so he could face the Promised Day in style”? Roy did exactly that too, but we don’t see it, and no one comments on it, because literally everyone working under Mustang has seen way too much of that stupid fucking coat.

I’m going to go through and document every instance of Mustang’s stupid badass coat because it’s pretty much more of a main character than he is

sometimes i just lie down and think about how harry like…..literally laid in a giant bath of pink water surrounded by flowers and has a pic of him crying in his album sleeve and lay down in a field of flowers wearing an oversized jumper w sweater paws and wore a collar and pink converse and a jumpsuit and writes himself emails w his schedule for the next day and owns and wears a pride flag pin and likes watching films he’s seen before bc they make him feel safe and loves being the little spoon and kept a coat a fan got her lipstick on bc he thought it was cute and has a crush on ryan gosling and i’m just like……….wow……..shout out to me for stanning uhhh the bestest boy ever