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Ace Attorney Narumitsu/Wrightworth Fanfiction Rec List

Currently I am not really in a writing mood, but in a reading mood! I promise I’ll write more fanfics soon, but these last few days I love to spend hours on finding and reading fanfics of others!

There are so many fantastic AA stories out there that need to be read by the fandom! :D

This list includes old and new written completed Narumitsu/Wrightworth fanfics! There are many amazing stories which are on hiatus or not completed, but I have not added them here.

There are a few 7-year-gap fics, this period is one of my favorites to read about!

Rated G-M. Summaries are taken from AO3 and are written by the original author.

Have fun!!!!!!!! :D


 Narumitsu (one-shots)

·         daisy test by kokiche

“Okay,” he acquiesces, lips turning up only a little. He sits up from the sofa and looks at Edgeworth, at his desk. “Back in fourth grade, toward the end of the year, Larry had told me of a way to figure out if your crush liked you back, right? It was called the daisy test.”

·         Compress by Gummysaur

Edgeworth didn’t know what he expected when he flew all the way from Europe to visit Phoenix Wright in the hospital. Certainly not this.

·         psycholocked by unsungillumination

*spoilers for trials and tribulations*
the missing hospital scene from case five (bridge to the turnabout) of trials and tribulations. edgeworth arrives at the hospital in a panic only to find that phoenix’s biggest immediate problem is with the pudding. edgeworth, on the other hand, is about to acquire a bigger problem - one shaped like an attorney’s badge.

·         Yours, Mine, and Maybe Ours by estelraca

Phoenix convinces Miles to bring Trucy in with him for Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, despite Miles’ misgivings. Everything becomes even more complicated when Kay Faraday and Shi-Long Lang call on him for assistance. Set between the original trilogy and Apollo Justice; mild spoilers for both Investigations games.

·         The Walk to Tomorrow by Commander_Freddy

After all they’ve been through, it’s strange that something so important could be so simple, but for Miles and Phoenix, falling in love, at least, doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Some stress relief fluff that I wrote purely to cheer myself up - there is literally negative plot but there is a lot of lawyers falling into the bright and bitter kind of love that can only come from a lifetime of belligerent teamwork.

·         Remember, Remember, 5th November by Carazard

Quick fluffy oneshot. Phoenix and Miles are in London on a ‘work related trip’, however it just so happens to co-inside with the local celebrations of Bonfire Night.

·         At Your Pace by Tarma_Hartley for phoenxwright

Miles and Phoenix have been dating for awhile. Miles isn’t used to physical affection and Phoenix respects that, going at the pace that Miles, himself, sets…

·         always welcome by deiectus

After the events in Hazakurain, Phoenix, shaken by the case, needs someone to talk to. He goes to Edgeworth.

·         to whom do I owe the pleasure? (Smile For Me) by Loreley

In a time of crisis, Miles Edgeworth had chosen “death”– and yet, when he came back, Phoenix forgave him. Now, when faced of a crisis of his own, what will Phoenix Wright choose? Or, when Phoenix comes to visit Miles after his disbarment, and Miles does not receive the guest he expects to. He did not think he would be spending the evening with a handsome stranger in a mask.

·         Overdue by sugawara

Miles had made foolish decisions in the past. He was not about to make them again.

·         Things I Won’t Regret by withpractice_ff

Phoenix Wright keeps his promises.

·         As You Wish by howbadcanmyficsbe

December 3, 9:47AM. Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy. Phoenix and Edgeworth have a Roman holiday not long after Gavin’s conviction.

·         A Fool In Love (With You) by gen

Miles and Phoenix (finally, no really, after two years of being engaged) decide to tie the knot. On the day of the wedding, they are reminded of all the moments that got them there.

Narumitsu (several to many chapters)

·         Welcome Home by GouKanraku

[Occurs after the end of Trials and Tribulations] Phoenix’s apartment is getting torn down, and he is running fast out of options. However, instead of resorting to living in the woods of Kurain Valley or on Larry’s couch, he knows that there is a certain prosecutor that just might take him in. Just how hard was it for Phoenix to make himself comfortable in the home of the Demon Prosecutor? Surprisingly, it was easier than one would think…

·         Consequences by tastewithouttalent

“'Just stay for a few days,’ Phoenix pleads. ‘You don’t even have to get a hotel or anything, I have a couch you can stay on.’” Edgeworth stays on Phoenix’s couch for a few days and there are some unintended consequences.

·         To Turnabout Eternally by Ari_Alleyn

For years, Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright have fought both singly and together to protect others from injustice. When the well-guarded secret of Edgeworth’s sexuality is exposed, however, it’s up to Phoenix to remind his long-time friend and rival that everyone deserves a happy ending. Phoenix/Edgeworth.

·         Promise You’ll Stay by Valethra

The story of how Miles came to secretly live with Phoenix every time he’s in LA.

·         Surviving You by pantswarrior

Phoenix’s life falls into disarray after Zak’s trial. Luckily, he’s found someone in the aftermath who will help him get back on his feet, who will support him and never leave him… and that might not be such a good thing after all.

·         Legal Partners by Miggy

Miles Edgeworth isn’t totally sure how he ended up in this bet to demonstrate the strength of his and Phoenix Wright’s (entirely professional and platonic! really!) relationship, but he knows it’s Klavier’s fault. (Full story on FF net!)

·         Nihil Dicit by wildfillysama

Miles Edgeworth has some figuring out to do, now that he’s back and officially not dead. He’s not the only one. Between Phoenix Wright getting his life back on track and Edgeworth now apparently moonlighting as a detective, some serious decisions need to be made without the assistance of alcohol or Larry Butz. Maybe even with a little bit of maturity on both of their parts. Or not.

·         School Daze by nerdyskeleton (this is an AU)

They say being a teacher is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life. New art teacher Phoenix Wright isn’t sure who “they” are and what kind of angelic students they must have had, because the Themis Middle School students are really something else altogether.

Lastly, some completed Narumitsu fanfics by me, if you guys are interested :)

·         A Day We Will Never Forget by atarashiishousetsuka (one-shot)

Phoenix and Miles visit Kurain village together, as Miles has decided it is time for him to finally meet his father. However, after the session he is comforted by Phoenix and it leads to more emotions than Miles had ever imagined. Sad but fluffy Narumitsu edited one-shot.

·         Actions Speak Louder Than Words by atarashiishousetsuka (one-shot)

‘I-I feel an urge…,’ the man with silver hair began. 'An urge?’ - 'A-an urge to… k-kiss you…’

Phoenix and Miles’ first kiss. Cute one-shot.

·         Thank You, My Turnabout by atarashiishousetsuka (21 chapters)

Phoenix Wright knows he depends too much on Miles Edgeworth ever since his disbarment. However, he has the feeling Miles relies more on him as well. This story revolves around the beginning of the disbarment of Phoenix, the adoption of Trucy, their trips to Europe, the regaining of his badge and Turnabout for Tomorrow. The friendship between the two men grows.

I’ll likely add more recs, I have read just a small part of all existing fanfics.

Perhaps I will make a recommendation list of domestic Narumitsu and platonic fanfics too :D

Please reblog and tag other AA fans who like to read Narumitsu fanfics as well!


mcctheater:  When you can finally shed your winter coat… #happyspring! #MisCast2017 has SPRUNG! #April3 (x)

Aaron Tveit doing his best Fiyero in the white ‘pants-off’ with Norbert Leo Butz at MCCTheater’s MisCast 2009


kinda messy sketches of congratulatory-happy-blissful people

Protect Trans Kids by Meredith Butz

“My work focuses on the destigmatization of both social justice and traditionally “feminine” domestic crafts. Using natural elements, especially botany, mycology, and herbalism, to inform the design, medium, and tools used has allowed me to forge a deeper connection with local flora. My work with fiber art began two years ago with an acrylic knit beanie, and has evolved into a body of work that combines both traditional exhibition art and utilitarian pieces and incorporates embroidery, knitting, sewing, illustration, and linocuts.”

Check out more of her work on instagram and in her etsy shop

all-hail-thetrash-king  asked:

Guess what time it is? HEADCANNON TIME!!! What do you think of these? Apollo + Athena (duh), Larry + Iris, Gumeshoe + Franzy, and last but not least, Maya + Godot

Headcanons? Not sure if pairing or not but, let’s see what I can do:

1) Apollo and Athena:

I actually consider these two as siblings, so…they probably sit in the strangest positions ever with a straight face.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why did everyone call larry butz useless, untalented, and generally terrible for the entirety of every single ace attorney game? we see in the very first case that he has obvious ability and maybe even talent as an artist, since he was able to create two artistically and proportionally accurate replicas of The Thinker. He even wires them and codes them to SAY the time, plus a generic phrase, and they functioned?? yet larry remains the deadweight unemployed womanizer. in case 3-2, phoenix finally gets it through to larry that he's been a terrible person and friend, making constant mistakes and refusing to change or repent. larry actually reacts to that, though, and expresses strong wishes to change, help the case, and stay out of the way of the people who clearly know better than him in the situation. At the same time, he expresses strong and sudden feelings of self-hatred and regret. in fact, as we saw in case 1-1, larry immediately jumps to self-hatred and suicidal expressions upon realizing that he's made a mistake and, yet again, ruined someone's day - or life. Yet, everyone continues to brush it off. does anyone consider that larry has major impulsivity problems, and then was outcast by literally everyone for it all his life? maybe his womanizing tendencies are part of his desperation for positive companionship and attention, or his desire to be accepted, driving him to do something "normal" for someone "like him". but everyone just ignores his problems and the fact that they've been insulting and degrading him as a person since childhood. maybe we should be nicer to larry butz.

Details i missed in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

-Maya records her phone conversations with Mia

-April May fears Redd White, she is afraid that she might end up like Mia

-Dee Vasquez doesn’t have a breakdown like other killers

-Gumshoe ALWAYS mistakes Phoenix for ‘Harry Butz’

-Gourd Lake got its name because people used to grow gourd around there

-Gumshoe worries about Edgeworth and checks on him after an earthquake happened


-Maya has very low self-esteem

  • Apollo: Hey Mr. Wright, did you get a chance to look over my report?
  • Phoenix: Yes, I looked it over, nice work.
  • Apollo: Alright, good. Thanks, Dad.... Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Trucy: You just called him Dad. You said "thanks, Dad."
  • Apollo: What? No I didn't. I said "thanks, man."
  • Phoenix: Do you see me as a father figure, Apollo?
  • Apollo: No...! If anything I see you as a bother figure, because you're always bothering me.
  • Athena: Hey, show your father some respect!
  • Larry: Hey, I called my fiancée "mom" once.
  • Apollo: Guys, jump on that! Larry Butz has psycho-sexual issues!
  • Phoenix: Old news.
  • Athena: But you calling the boss "Daddy"—
  • Apollo: Hey, "daddy" is not on the table here.
  • Phoenix: Okay... son. Do you want to talk about it later over a game of catch?
ace attorney blog headcanons
  • phoenix: no icon. untitled. unedited blog theme. one post with 100k notes.
  • edgeworth: the fanciest tea blog you’ve ever seen. 15 sideblogs. his most active is his steel samurai fandom blog where he poses as a child but posts his elaborate, extremely well-worded steel samurai theories.
  • larry: copious amounts of untagged nsfw. the kind that adds comments like “come to daddy”and “step on me slut” to everything. nick gives very serious thought to unfollowing him daily. the one time he actually went through with it larry sent him excessive anonymous apologies until he followed him again.

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Maximilian’s Ace Attorney: Pokémon Platinum AU

I want a Sinnoh Pokémon AU with Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright, and Larry Butz as the trio of friends. To be more specific, the Pokémon Platinum AU that no one asked for but I’m gonna talk about anyways.

Larry is obviously Barry: super hyper, emotions all over the place, quickly goes from one place to another. I see him as being a super competitive kid, but still being a good sport about it all the same.

Phoenix and Miles though? You guys are probably thinking that Phoenix is going to be the main protagonist and Miles is jut going to be professor Rowan’s assistant….

You thought wrong.

Honestly, I would argue that in this AU the entire trio are the main protagonists, because I want all of their roles to have a bigger part in what’s going on. I borrowed some elements from the anime for that. In any case, PHOENIX is actually studying with professor Rowan, and Miles is the playable character. 

(The main reason as to why I switched it up is because 1, I want people to acknowledge that although Phoenix’s personality and general thoughts don’t really express it, he’s an incredibly intelligent guy. The second reason is because if Miles is the playable character, that would mean his father would be alive and well, and would be in the place of the playable character’s mother. Furthermore, imagine Gregory Edgeworth meeting Miles at the Contest Hall and going “You can’t go on stage like that, son! Here, borrow my old outfit from when I was a contest champion!” It has to be done, okay.)

Now then, to talk about the borrowed elements from the anime.

I believe in the anime that Ash, Brock, and Dawn all individually saw the lake spirits, who only revealed themselves to someone they have chosen, correct? Well, this trio also has chance encounters with the legendary lake spirits! At least, before they are captured by Team Galactic (AKA Manfred von Karma) and used to open the Distortion World. 

Larry meets Mesprit, the bringer of emotion. I think you guys can understand why Mesprit would most definitely choose Larry. He’s incredibly emotional and all over the place with it, jumping from sad to angry to happy in a matter of seconds. He allows himself to be open with his feelings and thoughts and doesn’t restrain himself at all. It’s logical that Mesprit would choose him.

Phoenix meets Uxie, the bringer of knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom are two very different things, I think it should be said. Phoenix IS intelligent, there’s no room for doubt about that, but what he does with that intelligence is up to him. In general, even with all his smarts, he’s a pretty average dude, but he’s great at thinking outside the box and turning things on their head. He comes up with wild solutions using the knowledge at hand and knows how people may react or think to certain situations. It would be uncreative for Uxie to choose anyone else. Phoenix is definitely the primary contestant.

Miles is visited by Azelf, the bringer of willpower. 

Miles is all about control. In fact, you could say he has a little too much of it over himself. He restrains emotions and wants and doesn’t like he idea of burdening others with his own problems. He has the strength to keep a straight face or exert calmness in the face of problems and danger, and to help others when they need it. His own urges and needs come last. It makes sense as to why Azelf would choose him out of the trio; he’s the very definition of willpower. 

In any case, this AU isn’t exactly finished, I understand, but this is the general idea I was going for. I’ll extend on it some other day.