it has to be suju

SM groups as family members

TVXQ: the dad of the fam v cool every mom in the nursery has a crush on him

SUJU: the dotting uncle u have will embarrassed u in front of ur friends someone pls stop him

SNSD: sister who’s popular in school everyone wants to be friends w them is always late in family gathering and arrives looking lit af w starbucks on hand

SHINEE: ur brother forgotten by ur grandfather but is v cool with it. always the life of family gathering. ATE THE WHOLE CAKE ONCE ACCIDENTALLY

fx: ur cousin who’s popular in social networks. has 700 likes w one of her selca and does yt tutorial for aesthetic makeup

exo: popular younger brother but is a walking meme. will probably fight anyone who fights u. still dabs bcos millenial

red velvet: bby sister too pure for dis world but is secretly evil. gave u a cookie once which melted ur heart. It’s raisins.

nct: the youngest cousin and the baby of the whole fam. trying v hard and is confused w what he’s doing most of the time.

One of the best things about Super Junior is that they have So Much Content. I mean they have 8 albums, not counting singles, repackages or overseas releases. Plus they have more sub-units than some groups have members lmao. I was still discovering MV’s that I didn’t even know existed for the first 9 months of being a fan. And then there’s concerts, variety shows, documentaries, solo’s, acting, and too many shows a member has been an MC for to count them all.  

The Big Three and Their Kids
  • sm: the pure ones that have to keep a good image bc it's sm and everyone from sm is too pure for the world (lmao except heechul but he makes up for it)
  • yg: the badass kids that are extremely weird (aka cool) off screen but are never seen on screen bc yg never gives them AS MANY interactions with the fans
  • jyp: the super weird and savage kids that have jackson as a reference of how weird they can get, but at the same time be really pure and gentle-hearted

xxteukxx: .. Time passing.. Seems like a pretty sad but also a beautiful thing.. 
..i want to say thank you for enduring and withstanding it well to everyone.. ..wait for it we will be back soon..
xxteukxx: .. I’m not the only one who  has walked in Suju my entire life and I’m not the only one who thinks that Suju is everything. There are quite a lot of people who has walked with Suju for their entire lives too. Starting from our fans, our staff members and our emotional Youngjunnie hyung that we love.. thank you, I’m sorry and I love you..
yesung1106: I’m the same too 
eunhyukee44: Aesonggi Hyung just remain quiet! And hyung, me too♥ ©

NCT is one group

There’s something about NCTzen fandom that I don’t like and that is the way a lot of people treat the different units of NCT as different groups I even saw someone say before the fandom name was announced “I guess all three units will have the same fandom name” well of course NCT is one group EXO has EXO-K and EXO-M and SUJU has many units but the same fandom name it really annoys me how there actually a lot of people that think that way I don’t blame them tho with NCT all units have different concepts when I saw them on the VICTORY broadcast yesterday It was kind of weird for me seeing all of them together. Yes it’s okay to have a favourite unit mine is DREAM but the truth is I love all units equally and support them equally too because as I said they are in the same group Lee Sooman said he’ll will debut a group in units not debut different groups under one name so why is  it every time any unit makes a comeback especially 127 some people are actually pressed about it and ask for a comeback of another unit? just have a minute to yourself and ask “am I stanning NCT?” because clearly some tzennies don’t, being an NCTzen means supporting NCT regardless of the unit. 

why are most NCT comebacks are 127? 

well Lee Sooman mentioned he want this group to be all around Asia so almost every Asian country has it’s unit NCT 127 is the fixed Korean unit while NCT U and NCT DREAM are just special units, the number “127″ stands for the longitude of Seoul making it the Korean unit so it’s common sense that they will promote the most so stop asking for other units. Why did DREAM have a comeback but U didn’t? Ten is recovering from his knee surgery, what’s NCT U without Ten.Now NCT 127 is having a comeback let’s support their new comeback “Cherry Bomb” because a win for NCT 127 is not only theirs but also for NCT as a whole and NCTzens. 


As for Ten I am not even Ten biased but I know that he did not disappear he has done a magazine interview and was with NCT 127 in that IVY club one day cafe event because both 127 and U were there and a magazine photoshoot. See? he was always here you never bothered in a magazine mentioned that SM is focusing on promoting him in Thailand and Japan (I could be wrong it was either Japan or China so correct me if I am wrong and I apologise for that).

so samuel is already working on a solo debut (i knew he would ;-;), yuehua said they’re starting to prepare the sprouts for debut (i also knew that they only said they’re not debuting them so that people will vote for hyungseob lol), and i know there are others who got eliminated earlier who are working on debuts (and jjcc working on a comeback but i’m probably the only one who cares about that and probably also the only one who remembers jjcc were even on produce lmfao)

the only ones i’m extremely worried about now are nu’est and hotshot. i don’t know enough about hotshot or their company to know what will happen, but with nu’est….

i want to believe pledis won’t give them up and they’ll promote the rest of the boys (including aron) while minhyun is promoting under wanna one. maybe give them solo activities, variety shows, sub unit or something. but… it’s pledis. =/ they’ve been shit to them for years and i’m really worried that they’ll keep on being shit. i know they sent them to produce to get them exposure and they really did get that, i know we’re all shocked and upset that jonghyun didn’t make it into the group and his image was so perfect on the show, and even “scary” dongho had such a lovely image (and poor minki barely got any screentime but it’s okay to me you’re still one of the most beautiful humans in korea)… but pledis is so shit, even seventeen hate them and they’re actually *promoting* seventeen. so i really don’t know ;;

i just want to give a huge hug to any loves out there. i feel so sorry that i stopped listening to nu’est a while back (but then i stopped listening to 90% of the groups i was listening to before then), and i’m so ready to stan them hardcore when they come back. we’ll wait for them together! as an elf who had to wait twice for 2 years i know how hard it is, and it’s even worse because pledis is a shit company and they don’t have that base that suju has, but i keep hoping. i really do believe they can make it if pledis play it right.

so just.. don’t lose hope okay? <3

When you start getting into a group with a lot of members and you watch old videos and variety shows and you finally know every member

When said group makes a comeback and change their concept and EVERYONE LOOKS DIFFERENT AGAIN and you’re just like…