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Of Course Pt. 2 (Kim Seokjin)

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“The saddest thing is that we fell apart so suddenly even though we did everything right.”  

Word Count: 1,039
Genre: Angst

A/N: I decided on a way to format this story, I’ll be going back in time through memories (I hope that makes sense) I do hope that none of you are too saddened by this, although it was rather painful to write this myself, the next part will be put up sometime before Sunday for sure, Enjoy <3

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You walked straight to the nearest hotel, silently praying they had a room left. Thankfully there were a few available. After you paid the woman at the front desk kindly escorted you to a small room on the corner of the third floor.

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How do you make your screenshots look so perfect!!!!

!!! THIS IS THE SWEETEST, LEGIT! Thank you!!! 💚💚💚 As far as how I do them… I answered one of these asks privately unfortunately and I wish I had saved it to do it publicly so I’m going to write up a very short and hopefully understandable tutorial on how I edit that’s more eloquent than before (with any luck.)

First things first!

I adjust my in-game lighting before I do anything!! I set the color intensity of ALL indoor lights to “Warm White” and I dial back the intensity one notch so that it’s not all the way up! of course, if you’re working in a place like a nightclub where the lights are dark or need to be colored, go crazy and get colorful. mood lighting, yo.

Second thing: I use Photoshop CS3 to edit my pictures with! just so you know what program I’ll be talking about through this.

On to the editing!

So after I’ve opened my screenshot that I want to edit, I resize my imagine down to 800x419. I know you’re supposed to wait until the very end to resize or crop your pictures!! but at this point its a force of habit to do it first thing and i can’t stop myself. I don’t crop, I just resize!

Next, I run the TS4 Color Pop action from this awesome set by woohooligan all the way through and it works magic for the brightness of my dark screenshots.

But I’m still not 100% satisfied with where it looks, so next I go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation. A little menu pops up about creating a new layer for this mask, and I say okay! What comes up next is a small menu for adjusting the hue/saturation of the layer, and I work by integers because for me they’re solid and concrete and uniform every time! So if I’m working with an indoor screenshot, I boost the Saturation by a number of “10″ and if it’s an outdoor screenshot, I boost it by a number of “12.” Feel free to adjust this number as you might need!

For this next step, I use this “Warm” action from this set by the wonderful Meisiu. For me, it gives the overall screenshot a cozy feeling that I really love and it ties everything together!

Optional step!

Sometimes, especially with indoor pictures, I have a problem with the screenshot looking TOO warm and yellow. If I have that issue, what I do is make a new layer and fill it with this color:

#ac9af1, or some approximation!

When I have the whole layer filled and it takes up all of my canvas, I change it to an Overlay and drop the opacity to around 10%! That will take the yellow edge off by cooling down the screenshot.

One last step!

The absolute last thing that I do, anon, is make sure my image is flattened and is all one layer together! With it brightened and the colors popping, I can finally go to Filter > Noise > Reduce Noise. I do this for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY PICTURES!!! And I think it’s what makes my screenshots look the way they do.

Noise (and noise reduction) can be kind of tricky to play with, so here are my settings!

Strength: 3
Preserve Details: 1%
Reduce Color Noise: 0%
Sharpen Details: 62%

Sometimes I fall out of love with the way my screenshots look and I play with these settings. Over the course of my editing, I’ve gone down from a strength of 5 to a strength of 3! So feel free to tweak any of these so that your screenshots look perfect to YOU!


I save my edited screenshot into a new folder that’s easy to get to, depending on the project I’m editing for! My Zambrano ISBI has its own folder, with subfolders within it for easy sorting! After its all said and done, I delete the originals from my screenshots folder so that it’s clean and ready to go for my next round of gameplay! And that’s it!! I hope this helped you, anon, and if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know!


  • it took like five hundred years and like numerous pep-talks from jeonghan and the rest of seventeen to get him to build the courage to ask you out on a date but like thankfully one day he was just like ok gotta do this cant chicken out alright hong jisoo you can do th I S
  • is still teased to this day by hoshi about how joshua apparently said “you’re just so beautiful that it’s intimidating to approach you” as an excuse as to why he couldn’t ask you out 
  • skinship makes him super shy like in the beginning he couldn’t even look at you for more than ten seconds without turning so red you thought he was going to overheat 
  • now he actually really likes holding your hand when you two are in public he finds it to be the most endearing type of skinship especially when you lace your fingers together (although it took like two months to get to that stage)
  • surprisingly enough though when you tell joshua you’re cold or something he has no problem initating skinship for the benefit of your health
  • literally would wrap you up in his arms and press you close to his chest and whisper against your ear if you’re warm and enough and you’d be like ????? hong jisoo is this really you??? since when were you so…….soft and touchy…… and he’d just be like nonononono this isn’t romantic skinship it’s skinship for survival but too bad you’re already blushing and your heart is racing even quicker than before
  • joshua of course is oblivious to that 
  • on the first date you told him what your favorite song was and he remembered it so he could learn how to play it on the guitar for you 
  • when he finally got it perfect, he surprised you by playing it for you on your 100th day celebration 
  • while performing he looked so calm and collected and smooth and you were literally swooning because good lord jisoo you look so handsome but once the song was over his cheeks went pink and he hide his face in his hands for like an hour 
  • “was it really ok? oh god it was embarrassing wasn’t it? im sorry if i ruined your favorite song…..”
  • cooks for you sometimes but gets flustered to see you try his food 
  • keeps underestimating himself in everything so you’re always like look at me joshua you are talented and amazing and such a great person!! i love and support you no matter what!!
  • of course when you say this he gets speechless and stutters and cant process any words but just happy sounds god what a cutie amiright 
  • sometimes when you’re being really cute or he’s distracted with something you’re doing he’ll start switching between korean and english and mixing up words and just being like “im sorry oh my god it’s just you make my head spin because you’re so cute…..did i say that outloud? did i say that in korean? i need to sit down….”
  • when you fell asleep on him while you two were having an adventure time marathon he literally froze in place because he was too scared to wake you and woozi came in to check on u two only to see joshua sitting stiffly on the couch and woozi was like bro… least cover them with a blanket……
  • once seungkwan caught you singing to ‘20′ and so he recorded it and sent it to joshua with a joking text like “hey hyung make this your ringtone!” and guess what…..
  • joshua did it. he made your cute singing voice his frekaing ringtone…..
  • the background of his phone is actually a photo of you that he managed to take when you weren’t looking because you were focused on trying to help him tune his guitar and he thinks you looked really serene but like….he didn’t even notice he took the photo like it just happened… and for a while he was too embarrassed to own up to it but it was too nice to delete so he made it his background….
  • when you teasingly asked him why he took it he couldn’t give you an answer and was like “um uh oh look at the time i gtg” 
  • you once walked in on him dancing to ‘jam jam’ and he begged you to never tell any of the members but like……you had to….you had to tell………joshua has yet to forgive u for that 
  • your first kiss is initiated by you because like you’d be in the perfect moment but joshua would obviously keep hesitating and you’d be like “well……..” and he’d be like “well…here we are….” and you’d just roll your eyes and pull him down by the collar like just kiss me hong jisoo we do not have the time for this 
  • after a while though you learn that joshua takes everything slowly when it comes to kissing, from pulling you close and shyly placing kisses up your neck to your mouth and then holding your gaze for a bit before leaning in to capture your lips.
  • all his kisses are drawn out and long and he’s never harsh or rough with you. 
  • his hands always hold your waist or the small of your back and you don’t know if he knows it but he always holds you in a very protective manner like he doesn’t want to let you go ever
  • joshua has a hard time with jealousy because he’s not a very bold person so if someone is hitting on you or something he might panic and not be sure what to do 
  • he’d actually sort of not notice it until someone else points it out or it begins to get physically but by that point joshua figures out that he has to step in to protect you so he’d just weave his way into the conversation and like step in between you and the person and just swallow his shyness and be like “can i help you? if not, we’ll be going now.”
  • he’d be a real gentlemen about it hehe 
  • what he’s not a gentlemen about is when someone or something intends to hurt you. the people he loves and cares for are the things he holds closes so if he ever saw you in a dangerous situation he’d lose that calm and collected image and even lash out in a way you wouldn’t expect from him 
  • this side won’t come out unless provoked of course
  • but anyway because he’s such a sweet, polite person by nature your family and friends all adore him but he still get shaky like “do you REALLY think they’ll like me?” and ofc they do they always do
  • he turns into a real geek when it comes to watching anime and he talks all the while explaining the characters and backstories and he gets all passionate and excited and it makes you giggle because jisoo stop you’re being TOO cute to handle rn 
  • when you get him cute merch from his favorite animes he literally just glows with happiness because yes this is perfect you know him so well he doesnt dESERve you 
  • seungcheol was jokingly asking joshua if he’s ever used you as a muse for a song on the guitar and joshua got super defensive and shy and now you think maybe he’s composing something just for you but you’re not sure (answer: he is but he’s saving it up for a special time) 
  • in the mornings he’s a little drowsy so when he leans in to maybe get a kiss on the cheek from you, he misses and keeps bumping the edge of his mouth against yours and it’s like joshua sweety wake up om g……..
  • also when you try to wake him and he’s still in bed he has this habit of like pulling you down and murmuring that he just wants to hold you because you’re warm and when you flick his forehead and he comes to the realization of what happening he just becomes this mess of apologizes…… 
  • once cuddling becomes a day to day thing you notice that joshua likes to cuddle while facing each other 
  • although he’s a nervous wreck with skinship sometimes, when you two are alone he feels like having your foreheads close and just looking into each others eyes is really romantic and relaxing 
  • he’d want to just close his eyes and listen to your breathing and have you maybe run your fingers through his hair. The best time for you two to be like this is right in the morning, with the sun just coming up so you and him are still too tired to really talk….
  • took you out to play soccer with him outside and when you scored a goal on him he said it was because he ‘let you win’ but in reality he’s just too embarrassed and flustered to admit u beat him and now he owes you a piggyback ride back to the dorm
  • likes staying up with you on the phone because your voice brings him comfort
  • he misses america sometimes and he tells you that and you see that his family and being so far from them has really taken a toll and so when you take his hands in yours and promise that one day you’ll go there together you don’t even know how much those words mean to him
  • he wears lots of cardigans and when you borrow one one day because you’re cold and he sees you wearing it with your cute sweater paws and all he literally zooms out of the room because the image is too cute……too much….heart is not beating…….
  • “joshua, do you want to get married in korea or in america?” “m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-ma-r-marr-maRRIED !!!!!!1
  • hoshi in another room: “i think you broke him” 
  • for joshua its hard to ask someone for help, but in you he sees someone who is there to not judge him no matter what he is going through so sometimes he spills out a lot and it’s all genuine, raw feeling and when he can’t find a way to say it, you still understand what he’s feeling and that enough shows him that you care
  • on the other hand when you’re upset, joshua can get frazzled and worried easily, but he keeps a collected face because he doesn’t want to burden you further. he always listens first and offers advice later. he always reminds you that no matter what - a situation can be positive and there’s always a way to grow from it. sometimes he doesn’t even know it, but just his presence brings a sense of hope with it for you at least 
  • when you two have lazy walks around the park he’ll secretly pick a flower to put in your hair but he’ll keep it behind his back for too long because he wouldn’t be able to find the perfect moment to tuck it behind your ear 
  • thankfully you tuck one behind his ear and he finally has the ability to do the same to you 
  • likes it when you read him fairytales or stories out loud. again, your voice really enchants him 
  • when you ask him to go on rollercoasters with you or anything extreme like that he sort of swallows and just shakes his head like “no……i love you but…………” 
  • his scared face is really cute you always tease him for it
  • you have this little tradition that whenever you travel you’ll bring him back a guitar pic from the place you went to and whenever he travels he’ll get you a set of pretty postcards 
  • once mingyu gave you and joshua matching hairstyles and when you two looked at each other you couldn’t help but laugh so hard you lost all your breath
  • likes sitting around with you late at night eating pizza and talking and listening to 2BiC and other favorite artists of yours 
  • is a worry wart about your health so always makes sure you have a scarf when it’s cold or sunglasses when it’s hot 
  • wrapped his scarf around you once in the winter and hoshi refers to that moment as you and joshua’s “drama-like romance”. joshua keeps telling him to stop. hoshi doesn’t.
  • saying “i love you” is important to joshua. it’s not something he takes lightly. it takes time for him to say it but when he does you know he means it because he’s looking at you and he’s holding your hand in his and the night sky is twinkling and hong jisoo’s voice isn’t wavering. not even a little bit.
  • when he’s happy his whole face literally gets bright and you love that about it him and when you tell him he gets embarrassed but it’s nice he admits, to have someone tell him that he’s bright especially someone who he thinks is literally always glowing 
  • when you two are together people say you’re just a positive couple that gives off a caring and calming feel.
  • joshua is one hundred percent flustered around you no matter what but he’s flustered because you’re cute and hey guess what - he also totally really truly loves you 

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Sometimes I feel like theme makers have no rights.

Why? Let’s see, theme makers generally have to:

  • answer things in their inbox politely on a regular basis
  • fix bugs on their coding as soon as possible
  • post codes on a regular basis (before people start going into the inbox and demand that they do so)
  • do all of this, as well as juggling whatever commitments they have in real life, such as studying, or having a job, or actually having a life.

In addition, here is a general process that goes behind making a theme:

  1. Plan the theme. Draw inspiration from various places, make sure you’re original enough, or just whack it and sketch something out.
  2. Open the tumblr customiser, and start translating the idea into code.
  3. Fuck something up, then spend ages trying to fix it, only to then break something else and end up having to fix that, too.
  4. Debug the code and add your credits, trying to make sure that people can’t delete them too easily.
  5. Code meta options into the theme and painstakingly design a colour scheme that works, while making sure that your booleans are all properly coded, that your colour options all work, and that common add-ons (music player, updates tab, freehostedscripts, etc) don’t fuck up when you install them.
  6. Make previews. Find appropriate posts of each post type to reblog, look for suitable header/sidebar/background images, photoshop accordingly if needed, test dimensions.
  7. Write feature lists and options, customisation notes, theme documentation, etc.
  8. Post the theme, ensure that your screenshot shows off the best parts of the theme, tag it appropriately, submit it to relevant places, etc.

And yet, many theme makers also have to:

  • deal with things like people removing the credit and other people stealing their coding
  • deal with customisation questions that they don’t want to respond to, or questions about things that have been asked over and over again and are written on the FAQ
  • deal with rude people demanding that their answer their message and/or fix their bug right now, at once, immediately
  • deal with even ruder people telling them off for being rude when the question was on their FAQ or in the theme documentation
  • deal with people demanding that they re-publish ______ theme that has already been revamped/deleted

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congrats on 1k!!! i hope i'm not too late for the prompt thing D: Prompt: To Raven, he said, "I knew I couldn't be the only one." And let's just say a little lonely boy decides he doesn't want others like him to be alone either (okay, and -he pretends not to think- maybe he'll get more friends, too). so charles may get his recruiting started a taaaaaad early. (maybe bb!charles & bb!raven trying to surreptitiously smuggle a bunch of unwanted bb!mutants into the mansion? or an xmfc!au?)


 said: Ah, so the post is here: ginchycomics(.)tumblr(.)com/post/38313802973/when-called-they-each-came-for-different-reasons — my 1st thought when I saw it was ‘wow Tony is so much better at recruiting than Erik & Charles are’, and now all I can do is wonder how the road trip in XMFC would go if they did have Tony with them?:’) Much more successful, much more stressful, both at once?? Would that be an AU you’d enjoy writing? Because if not, feel free to just delete and forget all about it))

Combining prompts because everyone said that they’d be okay with it however many weeks months ago when I asked. XD  I’m sorry for such a long wait! As a reminder, I am not accepting any more prompts right now. Thanks for understanding! Other prompts I’ve already answered for this ‘event’ can be found here.


“I don’t know,” Charles says uncertainly, which, granted, is a feeling he experiences often whenever Tony decides to invite himself over for the day (which is a lot of the time, so really Charles should be used to it by now). “I mean, it would be cool to meet others with powers, of course, but really, what are the odds?”

“What are the odds? What are the odds?” Tony looks at Charles like he’s crazy, which is really unfair because if any of the three of them sitting underneath the slide in the sand at the park are crazy, it’s Tony. “What are the odds of you and Raven being the only two mutants in existence and also just so happening to meet each other? There has to be more of you. I bet we’re surrounded by mutants.”

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It’s been brought to my attention that there’s always the on and off debate of why Howard’s actions have been pardoned by fans, while Randy’s are often brought up and made fun of. Howard can be a jerk, no doubt. And Randy can to. However when Randy does these negative things, fans often bring it up, rather in a serious or joking matter, its mentioned, while Howard’s are simply tossed as “that’s just his character”

But why is this? What do we as fans notice and talk about Randy’s actions more than Howard’s? I’ve put some thought into this little idea and came up with some concepts, as well as what I think is a good example and lesson through out in the show involving these mean/jerky/negative actions they do also.

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