it has to be on purpose at this point

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Yeah, I'm the first person being super annoyed of people who spam their families and interact with them. But I saw someone say that she literally had only 2 comments from larries so she wasn't even being spammed. I understand those comments are still annoying and sometimes you can't control and you comment on it but mental was a very unnecessary word and now this article is just super hypocrite. I do wonder tho if the comment was on purpose to push non Larry the day harry announces his single

exactly. the people spamming with ‘larry’ or asking invasive questions/making gross comments are wrong. period.

but she knows better. she can choose to ignore the comments or to block the people leaving them. if she absolutely has to respond, there’s a way to do that isn’t grossly offensive or ableist.

to your last point - that’s something i’ve considered too and even if that’s the case, there’s a way to do it that isn’t making a mockery of mental illness.

There are two (2) types of Mira popular in fanfiction!

1) Matchmaker Mira! Is super invested in her friends relationships to the point where it’s creepy and she has no other personality traits. Is mostly just used as a writer insert. Main purpose is to gush and scream about how her friends need to get together, a trait that is actually super weird in the real world. Wants two people to get together to the point of being a terrible friend to do it. Might lock people in a closet/freezer and force them to admit things they don’t want to admit. Gives out “love potions” (which are super non-con/rape oriented). Tricks people into admitting things. Likely hurts people more than helps them.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • The only place she exists is at the bar. She’s a bartender. That’s it.
  • Drugs people and has no remorse when it screws up their relationships/hurts them.
  • Please keep her away from me.

2) Mira with a personality. Serves a purpose other than being a weird matchmaker stalker. That’s it. She just–does anything else. Fights. Has her own romance. Cares about her family/friends. It’s a really low bar.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Literally all she has to do is care about something other than other peoples’ relationships.

and the other thing with the Sole Survivor not being a full-fledged title is that the titles of other fallout protags are really important? they’re a big part of every single fallout game and define our PC in a lot of ways

when you say the Courier you have this Idea of what you think the Courier is. you think of a shallow grave and the initial pursuit of Benny. when you say the Lone Wanderer it will conjure up images of the Lone Wanderer’s life and their journey across the wasteland

Sole Survivor .. doesn’t really have that. Not only is it a title that has no continued presence through the game but it’s a title that doesn’t even have much meaning or purpose in its initial creation

especially when you consider that you’re really not the Sole Survivor of Vault 111 at all. Shaun survives. The entire point of the game is that Shaun survives and must be found, so why would they decide that the defining feature of the Fallout 4 protagonist is that they are The Sole Survivor of this vault when that couldn’t be any further from the truth?

Cat Submission

I was on my phone and I don’t know if my previous ask has been sent correctly.

 Everything, every turn of this sham is blatantly ridiculous. It seems like a sitcom from the Eighties. This makes me think that B expect us to comment and be snarky. It seems intentional. Now, the main consumers of this announcement are the Skepts and the Nans…and I have the feeling that he does not give a damn about UnicornLand. Why provoking our ironical comments on purpose, then? The general public is not so excited about “the second miracles”, his PR know it. Being blatantly ridiculous does not make any sense at this point, it didn’t  before either – I am aware of it – but now less than ever. I am not a dot connector, maybe there’s a plan but I would have chosen a different day to announce the miracle.


The Dismals had a bit of bad luck announcing the birth of Pilo 2.0 on the same day Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne announced they welcomed their baby boy into the world @catandsomething.  

Apart from that, I’m not entirely sure if Ben’s PR wants Skeptics to go away or keep documenting the showmance in our tiny Tumblr corner.

I’m sure it would delight Ben not to have us be the proverbial thorns in his unbelievably stoooooopid narrative’s side, but at the same time he’s advertised us openly twice.

I’m getting mixed messages Intern who monitors these blogs and then reports back to Karon who in turn reports back to Ben!  :P

Mysme OC

The lovely @just-waiting-for-a-better-ride sent this to me to introduce the @fiftyshadesofdes

I guess technically I have two OC’s for Mysme: 

The first would have to be for the Unknown Route Welcome To Paradise. Now granted she is supposed to you so she has no name. I like using the Legend of Zelda approach where you never hear her name. But since MC is supposed to be you in the game this MC is purposefully head strong and violent in order to fight Rika’s brainwashing . 

So in order to keep the illusion that it’s you, I use a first person point of view. 

But the second one actually has a name 

Zack Rein is my male MC for the Male MC Mystic Messenger. I always write him with black hair (cuz guys with black hair is mmmm so good) and blue/grey eyes. He attends college and is trying to find his purpose. He’s shy in person but acts like he has confidence in the chat room. He has some anxiety and has a hard time making friends and sees the meeting of RFA was a blessing in disguise. Since it’s just the regular Mysme game with a male mc twist :P No matter which route you’re reading, (currently ZEN’s route is the only one out) he plays LOLOL with Yoosung, attends ZEN’s plays with two of his friends, and (will) attend an internship at C&R, I like doing this so they can interact with each other more. 

I did his full character description here

The Fan’s Guide to the Altean Language

Because fanfiction

Probably not complete, but enough to get started. If something is wrong or needs more explaining, let me know. Potential spoilers if you haven’t watch both seasons.

Units of time (presumably not equal to earth time)

  • Quintent = 1 day
  • Decathebe = decade
  • Dobash = minute
  • Varga = hour
  • Tick = second
  • Spicolian movement = week
  • @saiikavon has pointed out that in S2E8, the Blades of Marmora base would be closed for 2 quintents. When they mention that 10 Vargas have passed, Lance correctly estimates another 30 Vargas until the base is open again. From this it can be assumed that 2 Quintents = 40 Vargas or 1 Quintent = 20 Vargas.  


  • Stick out like a shoferiaks nose
  • blown straight to Wazblay
  • faster than an angry clanmurel 
  • Jump like a spritely clovenheifer
  • mad as a wet chuuper
  • linked at the ears like a pack of yellmore
  • kragasquizzle on the balmera


  • Nunvil - a purple beverage that purportedly tastes like hotdog water and feet. Other commentary includes “the nectar of the gods”, “makes a wonderful hair tonic”, and “settles the stomach and brightens your smile”
  • Quiznack - a swear word, similar in use to Fuck, crap, or hell (ie: “Oh quiznack” or “What the quiznack”)
  • Quintessence - a type of energy. Context from the world indicates that it is likely some form of Life/spirit energy [EDIT] It’s a real word! According to : noun1.the pure and concentrated essence of a substance.2.the most perfect embodiment of something.3.(in ancient and medieval philosophy) the fifth essence or element,ether, supposed to be the constituent matter of the heavenly bodies,the others being air, fire, earth, and water. Thanks @nickelpenn for the info!
  • Weblem - a giant space worm that eats dead planets, repurposing the material into “the building blocks of new solar systems”. They produce the scultrite mineral, used for Altean teledove lenses.
  • Slavendehoe - literally the altean word for “gone”
  • Duflax - an altean creature with a beak and webbed feet.

Other useful info

  • The paladins left earth on a monday (S1E2)
  • Cryopod, cryo replenishers, and sleep pods have all been used to describe the same unit
  • The black lion is largest, the yellow/blue lions next largest, and the red/green ones the smallest. So Lance and Hunks lions would be described as about the same size
  • The swords the blades of Mamora use are made of Luxite, which is rare
  • Coran accompanied his Grandfather while the castle of lions was being built, potentially putting his age in the 600s (not counting the 10k year cryo-sleep)
  • In S2E5, Coran refers to Pidge as “gentlelady”, meaning the usage of she/her pronouns by fans is canonically correct 

A lot of people have just been pointing this moment out that this is Hunk making Galra jokes, which is definitely happening, don’t get me wrong, but I also feel like it overlooks something else that Hunk is trying to point out:

Galra Keith, really is, way funnier than regular Keith.

Keith is more emotional than ever before this season. Believe me, I loved Keith a lot in the first season as well, but after Keith has figured out some stuff about his past, he has changed. And here’s the kicker:

I think the writers paired him up with Hunk specifically for this purpose.

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I am… so sick of hearing things like “Witchcraft is about harmony with nature and connecting with the spirit of the earth!” That may be YOUR craft, but it is not MY craft.

Witchcraft is like art – everyone does it in their own way, using the tools they feel most comfortable with and they all have their own, unique, reasons for doing the thing. No two people have the exact same reasons or feelings about the Craft.

My craft is about regaining the power that years of abuse has taken from me, about building up defenses for those I love and tearing down those that would do my harm. My craft is largely aggressively defensive and has very, VERY little to do with being “in harmony” with anything but my own innate power.

Stop trying to tell others what the purpose/point of Witchcraft is because I assure you: it’s different for everyone and you are NOT the grand arbiter of what witchcraft is.

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do you happen to have any more Lance headcanons?

i have. so many

  • “lance was that really necessary” “no, but it was dope”
  • he doesn’t know it but the mice like him (bc he feeds them) so they start covering for his ass if allura ever asks about him
  • jokingly says “i would die for u”, is never actually joking
  • initiates Keith’s Jacket Discourse
    • it just??? covers his arms????? what’s the point????
    • he argues about the functional purpose of it to anyone who’ll listen for weeks
    • “someone buy this poor orphan a whole jacket”
  • he and hunk can have entire conversations consisting entirely of the word bro in different tones
  • *sees cute alien* *checks breath, smooths hair*
  • whenever someone takes off their gloves he acts like they’re streaking
    • lance, covering pidge’s eyes: “put those things away!! there are children present!!!!” “lance it’s just my fingers why are you like this”
  • has definitely tried to finger gun his way out of a life or death situation
  • lance: “shallow?? i’ll have you know i’m an enigma. a complex puzzle. I’m driven by very complicated and very deep motivations” pidge: “are they ass and titties”

The fact that it looked very much like BOTH Magnus and Alec were prepared to lose just to make the other happy, hurts my heart.

Magnus knows how hard it’s been for Alec as of late (what with almost dying, and the whole deal with the demon hijacking his body to commit a murder) and I feel like he was purposely holding back on his abilities —which I’m not surprised that he has, of course, because he’s over 400 years old; he’s had plenty opportunity to get super good at this game— because he just wanted to see Alec smile again.

(I believe he would have continued to the end of the game feigning to be a poor pool player, if he hadn’t noticed that Alec had noticed Magnus being less than his sassy self about it — and whats the point in them both pretending to suck? lol.)

As for Alec, he may not have known that he was being played, but it was clearly obvious to him that Magnus wasn’t really having too much fun with the game (which I understand, because if you’re really good at something and you have to hold back, I imagine that might be difficult and make things slightly less enjoyable), and Alec was all ready to lose in messing up his shot just so he could see that sparkle come back to Magnus’ eyes.

It’s because of this that I want to scream into a pillow right now. These two are so adorable together, and they are going to fall so helplessly in love with one another, and it’s already being, and I don’t think I can handle it guys. I’m going to fall apart.

Organisation Generator

Was your character part of a noble military group at some point in their past? Perhaps they had an act in a wandering circus troupe? Or maybe they performed unspeakable deeds at the behest of a sinister religious organisation?
Perhaps you are a DM who has given your players a mysterious benefactor, but haven’t decided their true nature. Or maybe the Queen needs a group to call on to take care of these pesky adventurers who are threatening her plans!

Primary Purpose (1d10):

  1. Mercenary services
  2. Performing group
  3. Religious organisation
  4. Trading company
  5. Sailors
  6. Manufacturing or Farming
  7. Historians
  8. Medical assistance
  9. Wildlife exploration or expertise
  10. Magical services

Size (1d4):

  1. Diminutive: Five or fewer members
  2. Small: Fewer than twenty members
  3. Medium: Between twenty and one hundred members
  4. Large: Hundreds or thousands of members

Scrupulousness (1d6):

  1. Both lawful and good
  2. Willing to do anything for coin
  3. Willing to do anything to achieve a particular goal
  4. Lackadaisical but good intentioned
  5. Mischevious but not evil
  6. Outright evil; full on maniacal laughter type stuff

Signiature Feature (1d10):

  1. Members wear a uniforom
  2. Members recite a mantra or quote a manifesto
  3. Members’ bodies are decorated or altered in some way
  4. All members are of the same race
  5. Members carry a similar tool, weapon, or totem
  6. Members perform scheduled rituals
  7. Members have strict rules regarding speaking
  8. Prominent and recognizable iconography
  9. Accompanied by a particular type of animal
  10. All members are identical in every way

Leader Feature (1d10):

  1. Fearsome reputation
  2. Styled as a god
  3. Has never been seen
  4. Royalty
  5. Substance abuse issues
  6. Abnorbally large or small
  7. Recently deceased
  8. Eccentric
  9. Normal, down to earth person
  10. Actual god or demigod
Backyard Flower Garden Questions

Ageratum: Are you friendly or wary of strangers?

American Marigold: Is there anything you will not/cannot eat?

Black-Eyed Susan: Have you ever given/received a black eye? Why?

Bleeding-heart: Do you open up freely with their emotions, or do you bottle it up until you burst? If you do hold it in, what is usually your breaking point?

Butterfly-Weed: What is one thing that always makes you stop and admire, no matter what you were doing prior?

Common Yarrow: Do you easily blend in with the crowd, or do you wear/act so that you are noticeable and stand out?

Cornflower: Is there a color you don’t particularly care to wear? Is it because it clashes with your style, appearance, or any other reason outside of simple dislike for said color?

Creeping Zinnia: Do you listen into other people’s conversations, either idly or purposely? Has there been anything you learned from it? Have you gotten into trouble?

Daylily: Do you have any daily routines/habits? Are they ingrained into you as a child or have they been recent additions?

Field Pansy: Have you ever gone and flown a kite before? Do you wish to do so if you haven’t?

Flowering Cabbage: Name one thing you keep, despite it being pointless or purposeless other than sentimental value or you simply cannot throw it away, and state the reason why you hang onto it.

Garden Impatiens: What causes you to lose patience? How do you react when you lose it? 

Gooseneck Loosestrife: Is there anything strange or unusual you can do, or have noticed happening around you without an identifiable cause?

Hosta: Do you enjoy the time out in the sun, or do you relax in the shade whenever you get the chance to do so?

Ivy Geranium: Do you have any pets? If so, how are they doing?

Japanese Bloodgrass: When was the last time you drew blood, either from yourself or from another? What was the reason? 

Lady’s Mantle: What is one outfit you remember your mother/guardian wearing when you were a child?

Lambs Ears: Do you remember how old you were when the last time someone tried to sensor their speech around you?

Lavender: Is there a particular scent you are fond of? Do you smell this scent often or rarely? 

Million Gold: How much money do you make, if any? How much money do you have currently? 

Moss Phlox: Have there been any new friends you have made? What do you want to know about them the most?

Nasturium: Have you ever been the one to be told a secret? Did you keep it or did you share it with someone else? Was the secret worth being kept?

Ornamental Purslane: Do you wear any jewelry? Which ones are your favorites? Do you favor certain metals/gems/styles?

Rose Campion: If you had to fight, which one person would you chose to fight at your side? Would you pick them based on skill, on trust, or both?

Salvia-May-Night: What your habits/rituals you do when preparing for bed? How long do you usually sleep for?

Snapdragon: What sort of things would you hoard, if given the chance? Would you? 

Snow-In-Summer: Would you rather have winter or summer? What are the benefits or reason to your preferred season over the other?

Sunflower: Name one thing that will always make you smile.

Thread-leaf Tickseed: Are you an insect-magnet when you go outside, or do you insects generally leave you alone? 

Variegated Solomon’s Seal: What is one thing you wished you could seal away and never see/feel/use/etc again? Why?

Wheat Cockscomb: Name one thing you could do that you wished you could do, but cant?

Yellow Cosmos: What is your favorite constellation? Why?

I wrote about this on Facebook and have seen a lot of references to it elsewhere but I just think for archival purposes I might as well write it down here: Trump is a puppet and Republicans of all stripes are desperately scrambling to force through as much absolutely repugnant shit as they possibly can, so that when his downfall comes (and someone, somewhere, probably has a careful plan for how to bring that about, and maybe even a schedule; impeachment most likely, and they’ll drag it out but let it happen), they can disavow everything terrible that happens, and spend just long enough dragging their feet on “repairing” all the “damage” he did (and it was all him! all on his own! he and his people! such rogues!) that the things they wanted will still happen, the people who were getting paid off for various corporate deals can still cash out, the assets can still get stripped out of the various government agencies, the outrage can burn itself out a bit, hopefully the few thousand sickest and most expensive patients stripped of healthcare will up and die already, the most annoying activists can get declared felons, a good collection of undesireables can get rounded up and deported or whatever, it’s all to the good even if it’s morally and legally indefensible. 

But by the time midterms roll around, they can all pin the blame for everything terrible that has happened on Trump, and campaign for re-election and maybe even swing some *more* seats red because of the terrible consequences of the things they pushed through. They were helpless, you see. It was all that horrible man’s fault.

So. I’m thinking maybe we need to spend a little less energy frantically protesting everything he does, and a little more energy carefully taking note of just who wrote each of those executive orders, who the authors of those bills were, and who, especially among the Democrats, collaborated. 

Take note of your Republican reps’ actions, and write to them and tell them that you see what they’re doing, and when Trump falls you’re not going to let them blame it on him; you see what their actual actions were in this ridiculous and confusing time, and you’re not going to fall for it.

Take note of your collaborators and write to them and tell them you’ll be backing a primary challenger against them in the next elections, if they’re Democrats. 

We surely need to be planning for 2018, and these are the first steps for that. This is all meant to be overwhelming and distracting. Look to the long view. There’s not much more we can do in the short view– obstructionism is the only way to minimize the damage before Trump is eliminated. 

(And, of course, keep the pressure up so that he does actually get eliminated.) 

The Diamond Theory

The Steven bomb originally said to start on January 30th has been leaked. And in the final episode of the Steven bomb, “That will be all” Yellow Diamond sings a song “Whats the point of feeling (Blue)”.

This song has made me realize something. In this episode Yellow Diamond sings, 

[Yellow Diamond] How can you stand to be here with it all?

[Pearls] Here with it all

[All] Drowning in all this regret?

Wouldn’t you rather forget her? Ohhh

[Yellow Diamond] Won’t it be grand to get rid of it all?

As you Steven Universe fans will know, the Diamonds placed the cluster in the center of the earth. We were informed by Peridot that this was for the purpose of creating some sort of geoweapon. And when Peridot tried to give Yellow Diamond some alternative suggestions on how to utilize the planets resources without destroying it, Yellow Diamond didn’t listen. She didn’t want to hear any of it.

She said “I want my Cluster, and I want that planet to die. Just make that happen.”

After all this time I’ve come to realize. She wasn’t pushing Peridots ideas aside because she was set on having a geoweapon. The earth was the only planet that pink Diamond had control over. It was a giant, planet sized reminder of Pink Diamonds death. A constant reminder of the friend she once had, that she can never get back. While she sung “whats the point of feeling blue” She looked so heart broken and distraught. She just wanted that to go away. She just wanted the earth to go away so that she could try to move on. She wouldn’t listen to Peridot because she didn’t care about utilizing the Earth’s resources. Thats not what she was upset about. Its been thousands of years since Pink Diamond’s death. She just wanted the pain go away.

So maybe the Diamonds are not as bad as we thought they were…

Do you know what the word deciduous means?

Most commonly, we use it only in reference to trees that shed their leaves every fall:

A deciduous tree decides that its leaves are useless during the short days of winter,

When the lack of light becomes insufficient,

And the weight of frost on its foliage could cause its branches to break–which have taken years to grow.

But really, the word deciduous refers to anything that at some point becomes unnecessary;

Falling away from a body after it has served its purpose.

In humans, baby teeth are deciduous–

In animals, deer antlers and thick coats of winter fur.

There is much of the living world that destroys itself;

Many small pieces of large and delicate machines that sacrifice themselves,

For no purpose save to benefit whatever they have once belonged to.

✌🏾️ Two quick ways to shift into a calm, chill, better, higher vibrational mood are:

1. GO OUTSIDE Near Plants/Flowers/Trees

»Plants elevate our mood, they help us to breathe deeper (which calms the nervous system), they give us cleaner-high frequency oxygen and they raise our vibration all around
»Sunlight feeds your melanin and brain their main happy nutrient ‘Vitamin D’, it cleanses the energy field, heightens spiritual awareness and raises our vibration

The great news is that you don’t have to be in the rain forest, mountains, the beach, the botanical gardens or travel, to benefit from all nature has to offer. You can simply go and sit by a tree or plants in your home or local community and benefit greatly. The other great news is yes, all the places I mentioned are necessary and should be invested in at some point on your journey yearly- or as often as you can. But for practicality purposes, your nearest tree, park, plants, flower bush/tree, garden and clear open skies, will do.
»Outdoor/Nature therapy is everything. And free! 👈🏾

—  Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily