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A scene from the forbidden AU. Basically shows what happens after Noctis sees Ardyn again after being shown the future. The man behind Noctis is Diabolos btw. 

They can’t kill Ardyn but the do shake him emotionally, considering Diabolos has the power of dreams and space, this allows the Astral to mentally torture Ardyn until the others can escape, but also warn him that they’re not going to deal with his shit anymore.

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Well, considering BLM has 1.) caused a massive rise in police deaths and murders out, 2.) single-handledly caused a massive spike in crime by preventing or shaming police from doing their jobs, 3.) have actively sought segregation of races, 4.) have attacked people based ontheir race, even when they are innocent, 5.) attacked reporters covering their shenanigans, 56.) hijacked rallies, wakes, and fund-raisers for the sick, and multitudes more. Who the fuck would want to be associated with BLM?

Massive rise? Where?

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These are the numbers from The National Law Enforcements Officers Memorial Fund. (

You said “massive rise”… right? You see the early 1970s? That would be the crack epidemic. And you see around 2001… we can take a CLEAR guess what influenced that number. (Hint, it’s got to do with the World Trade Center)

So… talking point #1, debunked… by the police themselves.

Talking Point #2 - The crime rate is actually low. Sure, there’s a spike in areas like Chicago, but that’s the exception, not the rule. 


Talking Point #3  - I can’t really discuss these things because like I said, I am NOT a member of Black Lives Matter. However, never once have I heard the founding members or anywhere in the principals were they talking about separation of races. (Matter of fact, some people accused Social Justice commentators like myself and others on this, despite the fact that they can’t present clear evidence outside of comical references.)

#4 - 6 - Same as point #3.

However, the “Association” part is the biggest problem I have. 

I’m associated with them by merely mentioning anything with them, even though time and time again, I keep saying that I’m not associated with them. Which is in or itself is a problem.

I can say “Black Lives Matter” as a sentiment, but it automatically puts me in with the group, which automatically puts up people’s defenses, which in turn, makes it harder to talk about ANYTHING that isn’t even remotely RELATED to the group. 

The way I see it, I have to defend a group where I am not up-to-date with anything they are doing in order to have a conversation about anything that is on their agenda and it’s an uphill battle to the point where it’s difficult to have disclosure. And the sad part is, what if I DO have a problem with some of the things, can I really disown them? 

Listen, I am not going to stand here and tell you there isn’t a problem with the group dynamics, organization and so on. However, I can say for a group that isn’t as deeply organized, it’s been around for a longer time than the Occupy movement. I mean, when was the last time you heard ANYTHING from the Occupy movement on a national scale other than “We are the 99% and so are you” every once in a while?

If anything, this is nothing more than an attempt to shut out anything Black related because of them and it can be used against Black people only. It doesn’t work if I say “Well, White people got the KKK” because I know that it’s not representative of all White people… though you guys done on masks and can take them off. 

It’s the ultimate fallacy called the “hasty generalization” and it’s one I’m personally sick of it.

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Not sure if this has been asked already but who is your favorite clone from Orphan Black & why?

Alison because my girl is a hot. ass. mess.

and I love her relationship with Felix:

especially since this is where she and Felix start:

and she was surprisingly dark:

like there is so much more to Alison than the stereotypical housewife although Tatiana embodies those aspects of Alison unbelievably well. I tend to like characters who are secretly sociopathic and have a penchant for darkness and I think that’s Alison.

Helena is a very close second because Helena is batshit and fucking hilarious.

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You are one of my favourite artists and I was wondering, who are some of your favourite artists?

First off - awwww! Thank you! 💕

Secondly - favourite artists, a short and very incomplete list!

Linda Medley, creator of Castle Waiting. A downright wizard with a clean black and white line. Also, great fairytale retellings, with bearded nuns!

Mike Mignola, who doesn’t seem to realise how amazing he is; he claims he just covers whatever he doesn’t know how to draw with black. Pah, says I - he has an amazing sense of shape and composition. His panel layouts are so good I get upset just thinking about it. 

Derib, artist of Yakari and Buddy Longway. Derib is 100% responsible for the way I draw trees and bushes, and I love the energy of his linework and the mood of his colours.

Matt Rhodes, whom I have been quietly art-stalking across the internet since I was about 14 (gosh, it’s been a long time!). Amazing sense of design, great colours, etc.

@itsmyfreakin whose dense of shape and linework makes me kind of want to shake my fists at the sky and y e l l

@nicholaskole who just does the best things with character design and bright candy colours and joy.

aaaand to wrap up this incomplete list - Juanjo Guarnido, best known for Blacksad, whose watercolour skills should, frankly, be outlawed. He’s just too good.

Honestly, there are a bunch more people that should be listed here, and it just keeps growing. There are so many good artists out there, y’all.
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Hey look, it’s been like forever but I wrote some more fic!

In the aftermath of their confrontation with Zarkon, Allura has declared Keith to be the new Black Paladin. But Keith is still reeling from Shiro’s disappearance, and to say he takes the announcement badly is an understatement.

The only one who seems even more upset about Keith becoming the Black Paladin is Lance, and he’s all too ready to let Keith know it. But a confrontation with Lance is exactly what Keith needs to come to terms with his new responsibilities, and Lance has some things to learn about his teammate at the same time.

Use your words, boys.

This is pretty much gen, but you can read it as Klance pre-slash if you’d like. Just a little scene that’s been bouncing around in my head pretty much since I finished season 2. Enjoy!

hey whoever sent me that anon about jewish ppl
although i am spiritual and radically problack

im not antisemitic* and i wont tolerate someone blaming the entirety of antiblackness on a hypermarginalized ethnoreligious group that includes and has always included black folks

i am not a shea butter bitch
i am not a hotep
this blog aint for u

Meet Red!

Red is a dragon! Okay, but a biiiiggggg dragon. Like….I have a three acre yard, and he barely fits comfortably in our backyard. He’s huge, he’s red, he just wants some cuddles. Red has two slightly swirly, giant, black horns coming out of the back of his head, two smaller ones right after his eyes and a few along his jawline. His eyes are giant and golden with red tones in them. He has two wings that he loves to use. Maybe it’s because there’s not much space for him on the ground, but he’s always flying. He’s a giant sweetheart who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He apologises lots for everything, all the time. He’s also easily irritated, and short-tempered and is often snippy, or “talks back” when he’s like this. He really wants to help with kitchen witchcraft, but can’t ever seem to find away to help. He loves baking, and cookies (sugar cookies especially), just as much as he loves the air.
He would love offerings of homemade goods, or any type of flower (he seems to really like delilah’s though).
He would really like a companion who is great at astral travel so you two can see each other more often. He’d rather not have a city witch or any witch with close spaces. However, if you are like this, he will gladly adapt for you or just wait in the astral.

If you are interested in this spirit, please fill out the submit form and I will let you know if you have been chosen or not!
Please remember to supply the vessel to bind your spirit to!
If you have any questions refer to either my info, shop info, or my ask box!
Thank you!!

So at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius says to Hermione, “You really are the brightest witch of your age,” with an emphasis on the “are,” implying that someone previously had told him that Hermione was super fucking smart and he was just then affirming it

But like, who told him that? He didn’t really get a chance to talk to Harry or Ron or Lupin between “I didn’t kill your parents” and “oh shit werewolf” and “I’m about to get the dementor’s kiss.”

So I like to think that it was Crookshanks who told him, coz Crookshanks and Padfoot were friends, right? I can imagine Crookshanks just going on and on about Hermione, like “My human is the best human, she’s so smart and lovely and perfect, just wait till you meet her, I love her so much”