it has the scouting legion patch on the back

To summarise the more interesting stuff from what I’ve seen from JP fans

- they believe Erwin is alive. Just holding on.

- apparently Levi speaks emotionally and almost childishly, has a very dark expression on his face, and walks away with Erwin, literally about to take him somewhere (possibly the basement). Miniba may even be with them - one of the few soldiers sided with them - attempting to patch up Levi’s wounds (?). I have no idea where they’re getting these spoilers, but people keep bringing it up.

- there are strangely a large number of readers who believe Levi is either going to

1. Commit suicide if Erwin truly dies

Or 2. Erwin won’t die but Levi will turn his back on the scouting legion and take Erwin away

Number one confuses me, because I feel like if Levi has time to take Erwin and look for a place to commit suicide together, then he sure as hell has time to take Erwin to the basement. But Isayama’s writing is impossible to predict and the jp fandom are surprisingly convincing (lol)

Number two interests me, because these theorisers aren’t expecting some dramatic betrayal or anything. They’re saying Levi might just up and leave with Erwin. A silent fuck you to the scouting legion, taking Erwin to the basement to fulfill his dream, whatever that may be.

This is interesting to me because of the implication throughout the series that Erwin’s dream has nothing to do with humanity, and is the sole reason he joined the scouting legion in the first place. Then there’s the implication that Levi is fighting for Erwin’s sake, not humanity’s sake. They’re both ‘selfish’, in a way. They both have 'selfish’ and personal desires, disguised by their duties as soldiers. If Levi just up and left with Erwin and headed to the basement for solely selfish reasons after all this, I would be intrigued. The kids believe Armin is more worthy than Erwin. To the point where Erwin heard it all and just went, “It’s fine Levi, let them have it”. Imagine Levi just being like, “Fuck this. You made so many sacrifices, but no one gives a shit. I’m done.” Then takes Erwin to the basement. Hange would become commander, because neither Levi nor Erwin would be part of the scouting legion anymore. They would be fighting and living solely for each other (*cough* Like Ymir and Historia *cough*) Surely I can’t be the only one who is intrigued by this.

- there’s some real Eren + Mikasa hate going on. Like seriously. I don’t agree with that though. I can’t find it in myself to hate them for loving their friend. I do believe they made the wrong decision though, and the narrative will punish them for it, as it always does. More of the 104th kids may die.

- They believe Armin is going to be super mad when he wakes up, and his friendship with Eren is going to suffer. They also believe his Titan is weak and disappointing, but are happy he’s alive

- did I mention Eren and Mikasa hate. Because there’s a lot of that. Also because of the way the kids just casually supported Bertl’s death. The scouting legion are losing their humanity.

And I am still so fascinated with this series, whenever I read interesting theories like these. Just what is this all leading up to, I wonder. But I still haven’t found the spoilers everyone keeps referring to when they say Levi walks away with Erwin. I need pictures, where the heck are they. WHY DO THEY KEEP BRINGING IT UP, YET NO PICTURES