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Anyway how about Victor and Yuuri just being the SAPPIEST GOOFBALLS when tipsy. (Not drunk, we all know how that ends) they're both just like spewing positivity about the other to whoever will listen and it gets progressively sappier until everyone's dying bc like oh my god what dorks

❤️ LITERALLY ALWAYS. they’re both affectionate on a normal day so somewhere between holding hands and stripping naked they just…. give running commentaries of their trains of thought

yuuri leans his head against victor’s shoulder and starts giggling and nuzzling him. victor starts rubbing their noses together and trying to compose haikus in japanese about yuuri, which makes yuuri laugh, because oh my god vitya your japanese is not good enough for this and your poetry is  terrible and victor goes “i’ll show you terrible!!!!” and starts composing long-winded purple prose stanzas about the sparkle in yuuri’s eyes in english. yuuri’s red-faced and grinning and holding victor’s hands, and “you’re ridiculous, i love you so much”

they both get tipsy at their rehearsal dinner and play footsie under the table

yuuri starts very seriously describing to chris how victor changed his life, no listen, even before stammi vicino, listen chris, victor made him believe, he was beautiful okay, and his eyes are very blue but most importantly victor has always believed in yuuri even when yuuri doesn’t believe in himself and no chris i’m serious i would NOT be the same person, listen

victor crosses the room and stands in front of yuuri and gets on his knees

takes yuuri’s hands

very solemnly announces: “yuuri i’m very gay”

yuuri: this is such a coincidence……,…….,,,,, me too….. what if… we got married??????/

victor, fake swooning: YUURI do you MEAN IT???

yuuri: yes i love you… your eyes are so blue i wanna marry you right now

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can I say the focus on Clarke's hands when she was hugging him because yes

Me too!!! The way we see her go from a hesitant touch to interlocking at his back because she needs to be as close to him as she can possibly get. The way she just…cries into his neck, and the way he grabs her braid and rocks her. 

This is their most intimate hug, it’s all about comfort, both giving and receiving and it just means a lot to me that they would show us the level of intimacy Bellarke has attained.

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do u have any tips for somebody who struggles to write dialogue??

I gotta be honest, dialogue is probably the part of writing that comes most naturally to me and has evolved over years of practice…so I don’t know how helpful this will be, but here are 5 things that I think are important and might help to make your dialogue sound better:

1. READ YOUR OWN WRITING ALOUD. This is by far the most helpful and simple tip I have for you. Reading your dialogue aloud can make it ten times easier to spot parts that sound weird or clunky.

2. Don’t cut off rambling dialogue. What I mean by this is that while sometimes during the editing process you SHOULD shorten dialogue, sometimes characters - especially characters who are panicking, upset, overjoyed, or feeling any strong emotion - just need to monologue. Just let it happen if it feels like it’s not out of place in the story. Don’t be afraid to have paragraphs of dialogue if the story calls for it. Dialogue chunks like this can actually help to heighten emotion in the reader, especially if they’re made up of lots of run-on sentences, commas, semicolons, hyphens, and a general panicky/broken up punctuation layout.

3. Dialogue doesn’t always follow conventional writing (grammar/punctuation) rules. People use run-on sentences all the time when they’re speaking. Rather than always adhering to conventional grammar/punctuation rules, feel free to twist the rules in order to really make your dialogue stand out and not feel too formal.

4. Consider the speaker’s actual meaning while writing their dialogue. i.e. A character who is on a date with another character and plans to propose to them later is going to have a different manner of speaking than a character who plans to murder their date later. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much depth it adds to dialogue (and characterization). As a side note, characters who are lying speak differently than characters who are telling the truth. An actual scientific study found that people who are lying tend to speak without contractions, while people who are telling the truth use contractions. (i.e. “I did not do it” vs “I didn’t do it.”)

5. Consider the background of the character while writing their dialogue and DO YOUR RESEARCH. By ‘background’ I mean stuff like personality, backstory, setting (either where they live or where they grew up), race, gender, sex, sexuality, occupation, and time period. For me personally, I tend to default to an upper-class Austen/Victorian-esque style of dialogue because I enjoy historical genre books and writing historical genre stories. But when I’m writing modern fics/stories, I make an effort to change my dialogue style to reflect that. I do this by listening to people around me, reading modern books, and letting modern slang and humor make its way into dialogue. Going off of this, in The Hurricane in His Veins, Shiro & Keith speak differently than Pidge, Hunk, and Lance. They were both born in earlier time periods where people spoke and acted in a more formal, reserved fashion, so that’s reflected in their dialogue and helps to define their characters. 

I hope this helped! Remember that the #1 best way to improve your writing is to practice every day and to READ. Good readers are good writers.


So I kind of know that Havana is the capital of Cuba and I googled it again to make sure but then something caught my attention as well. The meaning of the word “Havana”. Seriously, I don’t want to relate this to Camren because I know how much Camila embrace her Cuban ethnicity, I just had thought and by that I mean my delusional thought, is it for some Bisexual Cuban-American girl? I mean.. L might be her “Havana” just look at the meaning of that word. 😂 Beautiful, amazing, and interesting FEMALE. Who has the most interesting “mind” for Camzi again? This screams pretty gay for me. 😂😂

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You do know that just about every single movie that Colin Ferrall has made, sucks. I mean they just suck. Suck. Keep sucking and sucking. Seriously if you stuck him in a Marvel movie, he would make it suck...oh wait.

I mean, there’s a few I found incredibly good, some that were just fine, a few where he was the best thing in an otherwise disappointing movie, and a couple that were just plain ew. Still, most of his stuff is are wildly entertaining in some regard, which is the one thing I look for in films and a word I stopped associating with Marvel since about 2014. 

But thank you for playing, needlessly agressive anonymous person!

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Ok can I be super petty for a second? And I know you're sick of this, but I need to rant.. The thing that bothers me the most about the whole H x C thing is who he chose to cheat with.. Like sure, she might have a sparkling personality(doubt it) but has he SEEN Hayley?? In all of their pics together Hayley is perfection and this girl looks like a fan who came straight from sophomore English class to a pmore show🙄 I mean, if you're lucky enough to have H, then WHY? He's such an idiot😒

true she literally looked like some high school student which makes sense as to why he cheated with her bc she looked about 18 and he’s been into that since 2007 but legit like damn u don’t cheat on hayley like wyd how could u possibly even think about doing so when she’s well her


Pairing: Evan Hansen x reader

Words: 896

Warnings: None? Self hate? Mostly just self hate

Requested by @sxwer: okokok so i have another request! how about one where Evan feels slightly insecure about his body and how he isn’t the most outgoing and the reader is like “no!! let me tell you how wonderful you are !!”

A/N: I don’t often write from a different perspective so I hope this was ok?? It was pretty easy bc i just filled it with self hate, so i just wrote my own thoughts rip ((I’ve had Dear Evan Hansen and Be More Chill playing since I got home it’s going great hope y’all are having good days too)) (((Also what I mean by “pushed through the two doors” is that my highschool has two different doors you have to open to get into?? Idk if that’s normal but ye two doors)))

Evan stared in the mirror, a frown on his face. Discarded shirts littered the floor around him as he tried to find something he didn’t look terrible in. Letting out a sigh, he tossed another shirt onto the ground.

I hate this. He thought to himself, brows furrowed together in frustration.

Glancing at the clock, he realized he was almost late. Quickly, he threw on a blue polo shirt and ran out the door.

On the way to school he tried to push the negative thoughts out of his mind but they kept swarming around until they were all he could focus on.

When the school was in sight, he took a deep breath, pushing through the two doors. Students crowded around the hallways, bumping into each other and talking loudly.

“Evan!” A voice called out to him. Spinning around, he saw Y/N. She raced towards, him, a smile on her face. It quickly faded when she saw him more clearly. “What’s wrong babe?”

“Nothing.” He responded, a little too quickly.

Y/N frowned, and opened her mouth to speak before the bell rang shrilly through the speakers.

“Oh, I gotta go, Evan. Bye!” She planted a quick kiss on his cheek before he watched her rush down the hall to get to class.

He turned, on his way to his own class.

Can’t you just learn how to talk to people? God, you’re so lame.

He frowned, hunching over slightly as he passed a group of students.

Why is it so hard for you to socialize?

He tried to push the thoughts away, but they filled his mind again.

You can’t even tell your girlfriend your feelings, that’s so-

“Yo, Hansen!” Jared unmistakable voice rang out, snapping him out of thought.

“Hey, Jared.” He smiled, walking next to him as they arrived to their first class together.

The school day went by slowly, as it did every day.

“Hey Evan!” Y/N greeted, a grin spreading across her face.

“Hey.” He responded quietly, waving slightly.

“Are you ok?”

“Fine.” He lied, ignoring the concerned look on her face.

“Let’s just,” she paused for a moment. “Can I come over?”

With a nod, Evan began his journey home with Y/N.

“You’re sure you’re fine?” She questioned once more after a few minutes of silence.


Do you realize how annoying you’re being? She keeps asking and you keep blowing off her questions. That’s so fucking annoying, Evan-

“I hope you’re ok.” Y/N whispered, glancing up at Evan’s house. “We’re here.”

Y/N opened Evan’s door, surprised to find the floor littered with different shirts.

“Oh!” Evan quickly sprung into action, frantically grabbing clothes from the floor and shoving them into a hamper. “Sorry I just-” He blinked, thinking of a lie. “I just didn’t know what to wear.”

“That’s fine.” Y/N smiled reassuringly, taking a seat on Evan’s bed as he tossed the last of the shirts in the hamper.

“Sorry.” He repeated, breathless from running around his room grabbing clothing.

Time passed quickly as the two of you relaxed, lying silently on Evan’s bed.

“Y’know, if something’s wrong you can tell me.” Y/N’s voice broke the silence.

Evan sighed, “You won’t let up until I tell you, right?”

With a nod, Y/N sat up attentively with Evan sitting up as well.

“I just-” He stopped, thinking. “I just didn’t like what i looked like,, in any of them…” He muttered, nodding towards the hamper filled with clothes.

A second went by before Evan stood up nervously.

“Sorry, I don’t know why I told you that I-”

“Evan!” Y/N cut him off, standing next to him, “You’re wonderful, listen to me.”

They both sat back down. Evan stared at the floor, avoiding Y/N’s gaze.

“You’re the nicest person i’ve ever met. Never forget that, ok?”

Evan laughed lightly in disbelief.

“I mean it. You’re amazing and talented and sweet. And I bet you looked great in every one of those shirts!” She finished, pointing to the clothes.

Evan couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face. He risked a glance towards Y/N, who quickly leaned forward and crashed her lips against his. He nearly jumped back in surprise, eyes wide. Quickly, he melted into the kiss, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Y/N ended up spending the night, talking to Evan in a soothing voice for hours, watching the sky grow darker outside his window.

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10, 13, 20 for the writer questions :)

Yay, thank you! <3

10. Which fic has been the easiest to write? 

Oh, hmm! Hmmmm. Well, As the World Falls Down was remarkably easy to write for most of it. I think a big part of that was the level of excitement people had for it–it fueled me and made me really excited too.

I also find Fire, Walk with Me fairly easy. I mean, other than the occasional rough patch, it has been fairly smooth sailing from the beginning. I had a strong idea of where I was going from the start, and now…200k later, omfg…I’m nearing the end.

Young Avengers is always complicated–I think because I find Teddy in particular very complicated.

13. What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever come across?

Nora Roberts has the best writing advice for anyone who is serious about becoming a published author (especially an author who makes a career out of being an author.) If you are serious about being an author, you have to drop the idea that you are following a muse. You have to drop yourself out of the equation altogether. You can’t be driven by whims or what you’re in the mood to do or whether you feel like writing.

NO MATTER WHAT, if you’re serious, you have to treat it like a job, which means your ass is in the chair from 9 to 5 (or your own equivalent) and you are working. No “book of my heart” bullshit, no getting cute about following the muse, no flitting from one genre to the next and ignoring the realities of the market.

Ass. In. Chair.

Head. On. Shoulders.

If it’s your job, act like it.

I love that she gave this advice, and I have to say that, yeah, as an industry professional who works with a lot of fiction writers, it is the very best advice I have ever heard.

20. Describe your perfect writing conditions. 

This is related to 13, actually, but I do believe you can’t allow yourself to think in terms of “perfect writing conditions”. You can have preferences, and you can set things up so they align with your preferences, but if you can’t wrestle yourself into a chair unless candles are lit and music is playing and the whole world is silent…then you’re likely going to be stuck being a hobbyist. Professional authors who have far-ranging careers generally find themselves having to work under terrible conditions multiple times during their lives.

I mean, man, several of my authors were under deadline while their houses were being renovated. Several had to turn around edits while they were traveling with their kids. I remember sitting with a bunch of writers in a noisy airport, and all of them broke out their laptops and started typing away while we waited. There’s really no such thing as a reliable perfect writing condition.

However, that said, I prefer to be on my laptop sitting on my bed. If it’s an angsty scene, I will often turn out the lights and maybe light a nice-smelling candle. I will often listen to wordless music. (Anything with words is likely to distract me.)

BUT I also joined a writing group that meets once a week. We sit at a table and all write for two hours, stopping twice to relax and chat for 10 minutes at a time. I’ve found that for all of us, nothing is more inspiring than the sound of other people writing–my productivity is through the roof during these meetings. I highly recommend giving it a try!


I, personally, feel like I’ve taken the best of the religion, and thrown away the rest.
And, what’s the best?
It’s like … compassion towards others. Be grateful for what you get. Help people. Be positive. Do what’s best for others, not only yourself. That’s that.
But, that’s exactly what the rituals in Islam remind you of. By fasting, praying five times a day, it gives you a focus. It reminds you of what’s most important in the world - to be a good person.
Don’t you think I’ll remember to be a good person without having to pray?
Like, to me, I stress through the day with a hundred thoughts in my head and everything can be a total chaos, but when I start to pray, everything turns silent and clear. Because in spite of all the chaos, you remember what really matters. It’s fine because everything has a meaning.

SKAM S04E04 Clip 4 - The Best Of Islam

NOORA: What is this again? We’re here for my sake?
SANA: Yes, of course we’re here for your sake.
NOORA: Just to look at muslim boys and stuff.
SANA: Aren’t you tired of white boys now? I thought we had to get out, meet new types of people, see that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. You know what I mean?
NOORA: But you said muslim boys just use Norwegian girls.
SANA: It’s good that you’re converting to Islam, then.
NOORA: Don’t turn around now, okay? But are those boys looking at us?
SANA: How shouldl I see if they’re looking at us if I can’t turn around?
NOORA: Oh my God, they’re coming over!
SANA: Stay cool.
NOORA: Stay cool? I’m really fuckign cool! Hi there!
BOY1: Can we sit here?
SANA AND NOORA: Yes, of course.
JONAS: It’s okay? Great!
SANA: Sit down!
NOORA: Hi! Yes, hi.
ALI: Ali.
NOORA: Noora.
ALI: Nice to meet you.
NOORA: Noora, it’s a pleasure.
SANA: Sana, it’s a pleasure.
ALI: Ali, it’s a pleasure.
JONAS: Jonas. It was sana?
SANA: Yes.

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Matching Gravity Falls characters to Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil characters

Hey guys, so today i’m going to be matching some gf characters to their svtfoe counterpart. Well let’s get started :)

Mabel Pines = Star Butterfly

This is a no-brainer. Mabel and Star really related to each other. They’re both cute, sweet and jumpy girls with bubbly personalities and they really love to have fun. Plus their symbols are stars. 

Dipper Pines = Marco Diaz

Another no-brainer. Dipper and Marco are both adorable boys that are smart, dorky and just so nerdy. And Dipper really cares for Mabel, just like Marco cares for Star. Plus they both have crushes on cool girls (For Dipper-Wendy and for Marco-Jackie)

Wendy Corduroy = Jackie Lynn Thomas

Wendy and Jackie really relate. They both really love to chill and are so cool and rad to hang out with. 

Gideon Gleeful = Ludo

Gideon and Ludo are both little selfish guys that want to take something for power. For Gideon, it’s the journals and for Ludo, it’s the Butterfly Family’s wand. 

Soos = Buffrog 

Soos connects with Buffrog. They’re both big, have green shirts and are always there to help if you need them. Plus they both care for their family and friends. 

Robbie Valentino = Tom Lucitor 

Robbie and Tom are guys that seemed to be jerks at first who had a hard time getting over their breakups (For Robbie- Wendy and For Tom- Star) and Robbie really disliked Dipper and Tom hated Marco, but then they both learned how to be nicer and move on. 

Old Man McGucket = King Butterfly

I think McGucket relates to King Butterfly for a few reasons. They both like to do weird and crazy things and they want respect from their children. (For McGucket- Tate and for King Butterfly- Star)

Candy and Grenda = Pony Head and Alfonzo and Ferguson 

Candy and Grenda relate to these guys for they’re all best friends of a character in their shows that love to hang out with them and they do wild things. 

Bill Cipher = Toffee

They’re both wicked, cunning and are such good tricksters. Plus they have the power to possess people. Also they’re both the most wanted and the biggest villains in their shows. 

Pacifica Northwest = Brittney Wong

They’re both rich, spoiled and the most popular girls and they act mean. Also, Pacifica hates Mabel just like Brittney has a disliking to Star

Stanley Pines = Janna

Stan can relate to Janna. They both steal and shoplift things. And they’re pretty sneaky and have a criminal mind. 

Stanford Pines = Glossaryck 

Ford and Glossaryck are similar. They both have six fingers, are wise and they both own a book (Ford- The journals and Glossaryck- the Book of Spells)

Well those are my comparisons. This took me so long to make. I hope you all enjoyed it. :)

This has been weighing on me a while and I KNOW most people would have no reason to know this and it really doesn’t matter in the long run!!! 


okay if you happen to write a Check Please fic from this day forward please know that you cannot eat a pie right out of the oven. You just can’t. Literally you cAN’T. 

I don’t mean “oh it’ll be a little hot” or “oh it won’t taste as good” like literally you’d cut into a fruit pie and it would fall the fuck apart and then it would burn the roof of your mouth OFF. You’d have to go to the HOSPITAL. IT IS BOILING SUGAR SYRUP.

Fruit pie needs like three hours, two MINIMUM. Custard won’t set right unless it cools entirely which takes even longer. And also, yes! it won’t taste as good. I’ve found that pecan pie especially loses something if you lose patience and eat it warm. The only pie you could eat right out of the oven is a par-baked shell filled with some kind of no-bake pudding and I feel like most days Bitty’s standards are higher than that.

(I realize this is a comic where, in the first chapter, Bitty baked and presented an entire pie in five minutes using nothing but sriracha but I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT. MY SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF ONLY GOES SO FAR YOU GUYS)

How I Accidentally Tamed a Puma

So me and two others were playing a one shot since the dm wanted to get back into practice, and he said that he’ll make any characters we bring work. Essentially all of our characters lost their memories and we needed to go on a treasure hunt to get them back.

So our characters go through the forest amd encounter a displacer beast, which was essentially a puma but with magic and goo. After a while of beating it down, we hear more meows and giggles and realize we were getting surrounded by a lot of pumas.

I knew this and panicked

Me: I’m going to carry the Puma and run!

DM: Alright, roll for a strength check

Me: //ends up rolling, after mods, a 22//

DM: //sighing exasperated// You SOMEHOW manage to lift the displacer beast and take off running away from the sounds.

Later on while running we end up near the black knight which is WAY stronger than any of us and I rolled for animal handling to calm the Puma and not die of claws. We eventually get rescued by this one NPC and he heals up the displacer beast.

Me: Is Lucky going to be okay??

DM: Wait you named it Lucky?

Me: He’s a handsome boy!

DM: Alright so Lucky is healed up, he’s purring all happy like.

Me: Wait wait wait, does this mean that I can keep him?

DM: Roll me animal handling

Me: //rolls a nat 20//

DM: //head in hands// Lucky has for some reason decided that he likes you and he is now essentially your pet. Congrats, you just tamed one of the most feared creatures in the forest.

xNFx Friends


  • Seems very chill and easygoing.
  • Is easygoing indeed, but camouflages stress very well.
  • Has a tendency to prioritize everyone that matters to him.
  • Can be very withdrawn when it comes to his feelings.
  • Stupid (yet funny) misunderstandings happen because he refuses to be “selfish” (meaning he refuses to tell what he thinks/feels).
  • Always creates a friendly atmosphere.
  • Has the most genuine smile.
  • Loyal™.
  • Has been in love with his best friend ever since they met.
  • Good student, is not really at the top of the class.
  • Every time he gets in trouble, it’s ENTP’s fault.
  • Healthy lack of ambition.
  • High emotional intelligence.
  • Has a very solid routine
  • assuming responsibilities has become one of his hobbies.
  • Bookworm. Loves novels.

Common phrases include:

–  “Let’s hear their version first”.
–  “Call me if you need anything”.
–  “It’s no bother”.
– “But what about my heart?” (As a response to INTP and ISTP telling him he should care less).


  • Sees everything, understands everything, says little, does nothing.
  • Prefers to be unnoticed.
  • Incredibly intelligent.
  • But the lack of motivation is real (drives INTJ nuts “such a wasted talent”).
  • She secretly is the main nexus of the group since she’s adopted them all.
  • Sleep deprived™.
  • Has become one of ENFJ’s closest friends.
  • Can see the best and worst of everyone.
  • Soft and delicate (but don’t mess with her loved ones).
  • Has a very specific “yeah, we knew that” look with INFJ.

Common phrases include:

–  "You shouldn’t have said that" (whispered to ISTP’s blunt self).
–  "I’m never fixing others’ problems again" (fixes everyone’s problems).
–  "Are you sure that’s a good idea?“


  • His academical success in a specific subject depends like 40% on his interest and 60% on his opinion about the teacher.
  • Is not the best student.
  • Still has many generic skills (such as good analysis and writing) of useful application.
  • Spends his free time reading whenever he is not in small groups of friends.
  • Witty puns. 
  • Feels like he is always wasting his time.
  • He likes to pretend that nothing really affects him that much, but he cares very deeply.
  • Whenever in larger groups of people, he remains quiet and silently analyzes everyone.
  • A lot of smirks.
  • And a lot of dark humour.
  • He looks tough, but his skin is too thin for all his emotions.
  • Has a thirst for knowledge.
  • Normally keeps his conclusions for himself.
  • The result is that he knows much more than people are aware of.
  • He doesn’t look forward to being the center of attention, but he handles it quite smoothly.
  • ISTP and INTP find him very entertaining.

Common phrases include:

–  "Humans suck. And I’m human, so I suck, too”.
–  "Yeah… I already knew that".
–  "Oh, is that so, you *insert witty insult*“.
–  "Sorry, can’t talk now, I’m busy regretting all my decisions”.


  • Thinks rules are important but is constantly breaking them unconsciously.
  • Good friend™.
  • Says “I’m sorry” way too much.
  • Kind heart.
  • Smiles a lot.
  • Starts everything, ends nothing.
  • Has tried all extracurricular activities.
  • Says she’s not afraid of commitment and responsibility.
  • Can’t commit to an ice-cream flavour.
  • Very difficult to upset. Unless you mess up with her loved ones.

Common phrases include:

–  "But it’s so cute" (as a response ro ENTJ best friend telling her something is useless).
–  "Planning? I think I’ll pass".
–  "Oh, no… Oh, no" (every time she realises there was work to do).

Shared traits

  • Compassionate and caring beings.
  • Strong sense of others.
  • Solid moral base.
  • They care more than they would like to admit.
  • Might be to a higher (ENFJ and ENFP) or lower (INFJ and INFP) degree but they believe the world can actually work better.
  • Yes to deep meaningful conversations.
  • Self loath danger.
  • Need to feel in the mood in order to do something.
  • Easiest way to lose their trust forever: make them feel used and/or manipulated.


IxxJ squad

xNTx squad

Enough with this anti Otayuri crap.

Let’s start by saying that I’m not a hardcore Otayuri fan; I don’t mind them, I just like Viktuuri better. 

Now, ship hate is nothing new: always has been, always will be -cause some people are just incapable of sharing their opinions without bashing and flaming. You have the right to dislike a certain ship if it’s toxic or unhealthy (like Sasuke/Sakura for me) or abusive (like Sangwoo/Yoonbum for me… still read KS though, I’m a sucker for psychological horror) or illegal (like Sebastian/Ciel in probably every industrialized country in the world, but I mind my own business), or simply triggering. You have the right to state your reasons.

You don’t have the right to be an asshole without a reason though.

Here a piece of advice: you think that Otabek is a pedophile? That Otayuri is unacceptable for age reasons?


If it makes you feel that way, it’s your opinion. Your own perception. If thinking about a relationship between two teenagers of 16 and 19 respectively makes you feel uncomfortable because your idea of age of consent is different from the one stated by the law, it’s a matter of opinion. Every opinion matters, but you have to keep in mind that Otayuri has shippers from all over the world, and the age of consent might vary. 

Here’s some data:

In many countries (at least in most of European/Western countries) the age of consent is set at 14-16. For example, where I come from (Italy, one of the most close-minded country I’ve ever seen, but things are slowly changing, thank God) it’s perfectly acceptable to have sex if you’re at least 14 -of course the consent is invalidated with partners who have custody or some kind of institutional power over you). In Italy you can even have sex at 13, but in this case your partner must be a minor him/herself and 3 years older tops, otherwise it’s punishable. So in Europe Otayuri is generally legal.

I don’t know much about American law, but I know for sure that A) the age of consent varies from State to State, and B) the most common one is 16. Same goes for Canada. So in Northern America Otayuri is generally legal as well. 

Yuri!!!! on Ice is a Japanese show. Kubo Mitsoru is Japanese. In Japan the age of consent is set at 13 (although in some prefectures every sexual act conducted on a minor is considered illegal, while in Tokyo the age consent is 17). Guess what? With some variation, in Japan Otayuri is legal.

In Kazakistan? Here the age of consent is set at 16, regardless of consent and sexual orientation (yes, in some countries taking it up the ass makes a difference, don’t ask me why). I’m getting tired of repeating myself, but according to the law of Kazakistan Otayuri is legal. 

This leaves Russia. “Article 134. Sexual Intercourse and Other Actions of Sexual Character with a Person Who Has Not Reached the Age of Sixteen Years: Sexual intercourse committed by a person who has reached the age of eighteen years with a person who has not reached the age of sixteen years shall be punishable […]”. That means that even in Nohomoland™ Otayuri would be legal. 

So, as you can see, most of these antis are not simply stating their opinion, which would be their right if they were to respect others as well. Otayuri is legal in almost every industrialized country (Arabia and Islamic countries are another matter, and I’m definetly not getting started on that), so why the fuck are people talking about pedophilia?!? Do you even know what a pedophile is? Apparently you don’t, and you’re lucky you don’t. 

A pedophile is the old beggar at the corner of the street who tried to shove his hands under my sister’s shirt when she was 5. A pedophile is a sick person, a dangeros person, a criminal who lusts after children. 

If that’s what you think of this when you watch YOI and see an Otayuri moment, then you’re lucky enough to not know what a real pedophile is. 

Keep in mind that every data I collected is taken from the Internet, since I’m not a law student nor I have access to legal data from the other side of the world, but I tried to be as accurate as possible. What I’m trying to say is that, if Otayuri makes you feel uncomfortable because of the age difference, you don’t have to bash other people because of it: every country has its own code in the matter, although there’s a general tendency, and that has nothing to do with ship wars. And keep in mind that the age of consent matter is an ongoing debate because it has little to do with age per se and more with psychological maturity. I mean, if we were to listen to Mother Nature, women would have the right to have sex at 12, 10 in some cases, since their bodies can bear children, right? 

It. Is. A. Matter. Of. Perspective. 

It’s a word everyone says at some point in their life.
Sometimes you mean it, sometimes you don’t.
& most of the time it has more than one meaning.
Goodbye: I’ll see you later.
Goodbye: I’ll see you tomorrow.
Goodbye: I’ll see you soon.
Goodbye: I hope I’ll see you one day.
Goodbye: I hope we meet again.
Goodbye: I have to go because I’m hurting you.
Goodbye: I have to go because you’re hurting me.
Goodbye: I have to say it only because you’re giving me no choice.

You get to choose who you say hello to.
You can be polite & say it to a stranger.
You can say it to new people you meet & grown to love.
Before every goodbye there was a hello.
& you got to choose.
You got the opportunity to acknowledge that person into your life.

You know what you don’t always get to choose…
If they stay.
Their goodbye may not be your goodbye.
You may see no good in leaving them behind.
For a day, for a year, for forever.
You may want to hold onto that hello more than you want to hold onto the sound of their voice, or the smell of their hair or the color of their eyes.

It is a cruel word, goodbye.
Because for most, there just isn’t anything quite good about it.

some more thoughts on the sensates, season 2:

  • will: this boy has TOO MUCH heart he cares about everyone so much i cannot believe a str8 white male character can give me so little grief everyone take notes. cheekbone game is also still strong, but with too much time covered in stubble imo
  • sun: SUN FUCKIN BAK i cannot believe how far my soft baby bird kickass diamond of a character has come she’s so GOOD, but she can also break your neck i love her so much. in more important news however she got reunited with her dog. heckin yes 11/10.
  • lito: continues being the absolute Most™ and we all love him for it. ”i’m practicing””for what?””for my future as a homeless, unemployable failure”. i mean what a fuckin Leo- also relatable as all hell. my beautiful proud gay son. what a gem.
  • riley: sweetest bean in the entire universe, most unrealistic part of s2 is that no one would trust her. she loves a dopey police officer from chicago so much and most importantly she really likes boning him. also shout out for her immense knowledge of graffitied hovels, v impressive.
  • capheus: my newest kid hit it out of the park. he doesn’t have a clue how he got here but he’s still the best person i know and if he doesn’t end up as the president of the world by the end of the series then what are we even doing here?????? also hell yeah my boy got some proud of u bud.
  • nomi: what the hell is this radiant angel and how is she making money. i can’t believe she’s responsible for all of the sensates not being in prison, mvp of the whole fucking show. she’s basically r2d2 if it was a hot, genius woman who fuckin OWNS it. 10/10 five stars would watch again.
  • wolfgang: “he doesn’t really talk” except when he does he BREAKS MY HEART. still the most problematic of all my children but i don’t care i just want him and kala to be happy god fuckin damnit. also i can appreciate the commitment to both his Look and his woman. good one dude.
  • kala: the rambliest and also the smartest, god bless her. honey thinks too much about good and bad when it’s so obvious that she’s a Hoe for the bad boys- specifically German bad boys with unresolved anger issues. also shot a gun and it was pretty fuckin hot tbh.

other thoughts on other characters:

  • whispers: hey man FUCK YOU and also FUCK OFF
  • jonas: what is the point of u doesn’t naveen andrews have better things to do honestly.
  • daniela & hernando: sometimes a family is two gay dudes and their drama queen best friend and that is beautiful..
  • amanita: QUEEN of supportive spouses also she loves nomi so much, can relate.
  • diego: i found myself whispering “no diego no” to myself and it made me laugh so there u go.

To my Darling Pretties, 

First of all I would like to start by congratulating Adam, Eddie, Lana, Bobby and Colin on the pick up of Once Upon A Time! I am truly happy for you all and most importantly for the fans that will get to keep tuning in each week to see where they will take us. 

A lot of you have been asking if I will be joining everyone in Season 7, so I wanted to let you know personally that unfortunately I am not. This wasn’t my choice but a creative decision of the shows that I totally respect and understand. 

The most important thing is that you all know how much you mean to me. I am told frequently both online and in person that by being a part of such a special show I have in some way changed someone’s life. This is hugely meaningful to me. I am here to let you know that I am the one who has been changed. Not just by playing such a well written multi-dimensional character but by the fandom itself. I have heard your stories, your pain, your struggles, your achievements and I have truly felt you. I have learned. I have grown. I am a better person because of you, the fans and everyone that blessed me with this opportunity to play such an iconic role.
Congrats all and thank you! I look forward to the next. I invite you to come with me on this journey. 

I am forever changed. And I’m wicked. And Wicked Always Wins. 

Forever yours,

Bex 💚  [x]

Little things from 2x19 that I notice as I rewatch: 

  • when alex is being extra and just rips her fire alarm off the wall she uses a stepping stool and i’m 100% sure she bought that for maggie after she started sleeping over and alex realised she couldn’t reach anything in the apartment 
  • they’re domesticity has leveled up a notch i mean “don’t wait up for me” directly implies that maggie comes and goes as she pleases and probably regularly stays over at alex’s as she waits for her to come back from deo missions etc because she needs to know alex made it home safe, she needs to be there if things go sideways on a mission and most of all being surrounded by alex’s things (by their things) she feels warmer and safer than she ever could in her own apartment (they’re so moving in together at the end of the season)
  • maggie has now referred to alex as ‘sweetie’ and ‘babe’ and i personally headcanon that she loves to use those and other little pet names a lot but only when they’re in private 
  • maggie has extensively thought about a future with alex including but not limited to more valentine’s days together, vacationing together, fighting over dishwashers and having a dog (who will NOT be named gertrude if maggie has anything to say about it!) 
  • maggie definitely uses deo tech to break that guy out of prison which means she has access somehow and i for one would like to believe that she didn’t sign an access forms, nope,  everyone knows that she’s badass agent alex danvers girlfriend and normally maggie doesn’t really like breaking rules unless its necessary but a grenade is definitely considered necessary, so she threatens the guards all “well alex gave me permission, i mean you can ask her but i hear she can do some pretty mean things with her fingers if you piss her off ya know” and next thing ya know she’s walking out of the tech room with like 6 different gadgets hidden in her jacket looking like a kid on christmas day 
  • when they save alex and kara says “you held on” and alex says “i held on” right after if you listen carefully you can hear maggie whisper back “you held on” in a tone of disbelief because she was really starting to believe that they might not get to alex in time and she would have lost the most important person in her entire world  
  • i’m also relatively sure floriana was standing on a box in that last scene with kara where they hug because from the angle she looks almost head to head with kara but we know melissa is even taller than chyler so that’s just not realistic 

I’ve been re-listening to TAZ from the beginning, and it really is striking how much of a tonal shift the end of Petals to the Metal is. That really is where everything started to change, and the show took on a gravity and a level of emotional engagement that I don’t think anyone (including Travis, Justin, and Clint) really expected, or even knew they were capable of.

I will never forget the first time I heard that episode. I had just left work and was stuck in terrible traffic in the middle of a searingly hot Tennessee summer, so I put on the episode, excited to see how the boys would save the day this time. And over the course of the next twenty minutes or so, I felt my whole body begin to tense and my focus narrow.

When I heard Hurley’s soft, laughing, “You’re in trouble,” my chest started to feel tight. And then as Griffin started to describe the tree, and I heard Discovery and Recovery for the first time, I just broke. Right there, in the middle of standstill traffic, tears started rolling down my face. It hit me like a truck. I just cried and cried for a solid five minutes.

This show has come to embody this incredible and at times delicate tension between absurdity and depth, and I think that part of the reason it has come to mean so much to me and so many other people is that it started out as, well, a game. As pure play, just for the fun of it. And the first two goof-filled arcs gave the boys time to build the most silly and unique characters they could. I don’t think this show would have had the same weight if they had started out with the goal of making a Serious Podcast. But over the months, they became invested, and we got invested along with them. It just sort of happened. And then Griffin took that and turned it into something kind of amazing.

I’m just kind of rambling at this point, but this show means a lot to me, and listening to it over again, I appreciate more and more that the McElroys have cared enough to help this show evolve into something beautiful and hilarious and more dear to me than I ever could have anticipated when I heard that first episode.