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The fact that The Glass Scientists started about 2 YEARS AGO and it still hasn’t even been a full day in the story yet

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Hey! Just found your W2H short film on YouTube and absolutely loved it! I read you are working on a second one which is awesome, but my question is: have you worked on other projects since then that we can see or are you working in a studio now with other film makers?

Ooh!  A question besides “when will you make more”!!  Exciting!

Okay so!  In the last couple years I’ve mostly done freelance animation, with a small dosage of studio work.

A lot of the freelance I’ve done is stuff I can’t really post… maybe it was an intro sequence for someone’s cartoon pitch, or a music video that hasn’t been uploaded yet, stuff like that.  As for the stuff that IS out there:

Ghost Satellite - this is the youtube channel of a studio/collective me and my friends ran.  Most of the time we would stream animation on twitch and compile weekly animations called “ghost animate”s based around a certain topic or theme.  We’ve done a couple of W2H-themed animations as well.

  We also did some commercial work which wasn’t on the channel, so here are some of those:

  • 6969 - Music video for Ninja Sex Party.
  • How He Does It - cartoon for NSP’s live show
  • How We Met -  another cartoon for NSP’s current 2017 tour, JUST finished it.  Not technically Ghost Satellite but a lot of the same people.
    (we do a lot of stuff with NSP haha)
  • Smosh Animated - it’s the first 2 results.

I’ve also worked on a show called Greatest Party Story Ever for MTV (imdb has a list of what episodes I worked on, but I put a couple of clips in my REEL).

And I’ve worked on an upcoming pilot for Adult Swim called Chuck Deuce.  (I’ll probably post more about that on my personal blog when it comes out!)

AND!  For just a random assortment of junk I use in a portfolio, you can check out

But as for like… personal projects?  There’s something on my website I refer to as “gayliens” which I’d like to do eventually, but the next thing I have slated is W2H2!  Hope that answers your questions!

Rabbit boy,
do you dream of me
like I dream of you?
I’d think not.
You don’t seem to be much of a dreamer past sunset,
for you spend your days looking at the stars
but your nights deep in the earth among flowers
and half whispered promises.
for what’s it’s worth,
I dream of you.
I dream of a boy far away with a gentle face,
who lights up a lonely night while he sleeps under the guise
that he is not
I dream of a boy who holds my hand when he is a world away
and can sing away a storm
if he likes.
Perhaps some of us are just meant to be dreamers at night,
while you are a dreamer by day with eyes as big as the greatest stories
the earth has ever told.
I do hope I stay in your dreams.
For you will stay in mine.
—  Miriam K, Letter Sequence, 6/?

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Do you have any good recommendations for old comics? I would love to get into them but honestly I have no idea where to start.

The Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Fantastic Four was the towering achievement of the 1960s and my favorite comic of all time. Their current shabby treatment by their parent company is inexcusable; Marvel was built by Fantastic Four. FF is my favorite comic ever because it is “hot” and “cold” at the same time, a balancing act that is hard to do in science fiction. It has far out scifi adventures like shrinking to explore a world inside an atom or fighting Galactus the World Devourer, or a villain as melodramatic as Doctor Doom…but we believe in it because of how grounded it is in a real world, with wisecracking, warm characters we like. Every FF story ends in some far out way, but we believe it because of how it starts with something everyday, like the Thing buying hot dogs in Central Park while walking with his girlfriend. It’s like Stan discovered the formula for Coca-Cola; it’s very, very, very hard to tell a bad Fantastic Four story. Sure, FF is great, but it gets ultra-great starting around issue 43, and has an unbroken string of the greatest stories ever for 40 issues: the Coming of Galactus, the introduction of the Black Panther, the introduction of the Inhumans, Doctor Doom stealing the Silver Surfer’s powers (what a shocker that was).

Joe Kubert’s Enemy Ace comic is maybe the best war book ever written, about an honorable German flying ace in World War I. Hans von Hammer had noble and chivalrous instincts: he saluted enemies even after he killed them, and refused to shootan unarmed foe. He once befriended a wolf in the Black Forest, because the both of them were killers, and that wolf was his only real friend. He was the ultimate example of how war shapes even decent men into killers.

Russ Manning’s Magnus Robot Fighter is a crackerjack action-scifi comic that has aged better, not worse since the 1960s, because it’s all about the terror of a society that is overmechanized and under surveillance, where you hate machines but also need them and can’t get rid of them. The fully detailed, realized science fiction world of North Am is what makes it so interesting. Magnus is the Defiant Man in a screwy world; I wonder why John Carpenter never took an interest in making Magnus Robot Fighter as a movie, it would so fit his sensibilities.

If you ask guys who were around for it what they like about Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar, you get the same answer if you asked a wired little kid why they like sugar and caffeine. It was one of the first and best of the “creator owned, adult scifi comics” to come around in the early 1980s, with Vance Dreadstar leading rebels against an Empire. There’s also some bizarre Moorcock inspired mysticism at work. Best of all, Dreadstar is now widely available and reprinted; you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Speaking of adult oriented scifi comics, check out Alan Zelenetz’s Alien Legion. It’s about a futuristic French Foreign Legion made up of convicts, drifters, cutthroats, and criminals from across the known planets. The Legionnaires are expendable and are often sent on suicide missions, political objectives are often at odds with military ones, and a lot of them talk about desertion at times.

Star Brand by Jim Shooter is maybe the only comic that ever did anything interesting with the dead end idea, what would a superhero look like in the real world? It’s a comedy about how we never live up to our potential. When the hero comes back to earth from space, he finds he gets incredibly lost and can’t find his hometown. When he tries to stop a hostage crisis, he realizes that even with powers, he wonders what he could really do that wouldn’t make things worse or escalate the situation. It’s the people that make it worth it: our hero has conflicted feelings about two women, one a single mom, and the other is a girl that loves him, but so much that it doesn’t feel healthy.

Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer is a great retro comic, but the selling point is something that never entirely made it into the film adaptation: it’s all about the sex appeal of good looking girls. I once asked an art teacher of mine what it would take to make a living as an artist, and he told me, “draw good looking girls. If you can, you will never be out of work.” Well, Dave Stevens could, and he’d still be doing it today if not for his tragic passing.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to cry a lot (”sad is happy for deep people”), check out Strikeforce: Morituri, an early 80s comic with a fascinating premise. In order to fight off an alien invasion, a means of giving people superpeople is created, but it has a horrible cost: it gives you only a year to live. It’s all about mortality, nobility, and sacrifice and is really melancholic. Essentially, every single character has a terminal illness. 


I went from being all alone to being…a fiancee, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister…and a friend. […] You allowed me to be a part of your family, and I haven’t had that in a really long time. And I just didn’t want to let go of that. So even though it was just for a little while, I will love them always.

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Supercorp: Kara comes home to see Lena and their toddler in a makeshift fort.

Kara landed softly on the balcony that Lena had insisted be installed when they moved into their new house; it was out of sight and meant that Kara didn’t have to worry about being seen when Supergirl was needed.

She entered the hallway, unclipping her cape as she walked towards the bedroom. Kara hung it up; there had been too many discussions with Lena about just leaving her cape pooled on the floor, she quickly changed and headed towards the kitchen where her nose was telling her Lena had been baking cookies.

With three cookies in her mouth and two more stashed in her pocket for later, Kara wandered towards the living room where she knew she would find her wife and daughter. What she didn’t expect was to see an expertly made fort taking up the majority of the room; chairs had been carefully stacked upon tables and what Kara estimated was the entirely of their linen collection was hung, tied and secured in place.

‘Someone’s been busy!’ Kara smiled as she surveyed what could only be her wife’s handiwork.

She heard a giggle from inside the fort and her heart melted. Suddenly a head popped up through the middle and Lena beamed as she saw Kara. She was dressed in one of Kara’s checked shirts, her hair piled on top of her head in a messy bun.

‘Jess wanted to build a fort…’ Lena explained waving her hands around.

‘Mommy helped meeeee!’ a little voice yelled from inside.

‘Hey Munchkin!’ Kara giggled, ‘can I come in the fort?’

‘Password!’ was the yelled response. ‘No helping’ Jess added pointedly, looking at Lena.

Lena looked down at the little four year old who was standing with hands on her hips and chuckled; it was amazing at times how much she mirrored Kara in her stance, but the attitude; she was becoming more and more like her namesake everyday.

Lena remembered confronting her secretary, her friend, after she realised how many ‘accidental’ dinners with Kara Jess had sent them on, finally forcing them to admit their feelings for each other. Jess had chuckled, for a genius it took you a long time to realise love was right in front of you, which had caused Lena to laugh loudly. She had brushed off any thanks Lena had tried to bestow on her and jokingly told her they could name their first child after her… and so they had.

‘Cookie!’ Kara yelled out as she pulled out one of the cookies from her pocket.

There was a slight giggle as one side of the fort wobbled slightly.

‘OK, not cookie… How about Hippopotamus!’ Kara tried, thinking about the book Jess was currently obsessed with, demanding it be read every night.


Kara looked at Lena, utterly unsure of what the brilliant mind of their daughter had come up with. Lena grinned and subtly brushed her hand over her chest.

‘Supergirl!’ Kara smiled as she realised the hint her wife was giving her.

‘Yes!’ Jess squealed, ‘you can come in!’

Kara floated over the arm of the sofa to where the entrance seemed to be, before crawling in to finally see her daughter. Jess met her at the doorway and excitedly pulled her through, pointing out the various ‘sections’ to the fort. There was an area for colouring in, one corner had most of the cushions from the sofa and a small collection of books and the small chess set Lena had brought from her penthouse was also set up.

‘It’s nearly your bedtime Jess’ Lena said softly, knowing the argument that was about to occur.

True to form, Jess pouted, the spitting image of Kara.

‘How about we read a book in here, then you can go up?’ Lena suggested.

Jess nodded and reached over to pick up her favourite book;  Hugo the Hippopotamus and snuggled in between her mothers, helping to turn the pages and giggling at the various voices they made.

When Kara closed the book, Jess immediately reached for another, deciding to try and push her luck.

‘Jessica Alexandra Luthor’ Lena called out pointedly, ‘we had a deal.’

Jess scrunched her nose up at hearing her full name and opened her mouth to protest.

‘Uh huh’ Kara interjected, ‘up to bed, come on.’

Jess sighed but made her way out of the fort, taking her book with her. Her mothers followed, bringing the rest of her belongings.

‘I’ll tidy up down here, you make sure she actually goes to sleep…’ Lena chuckled at Kara, knowing their daughter had a habit of pretending to sleep.

Kara scooped up Jess and carried the squealing toddler upstairs.

Lena sighed in contentment as she tidied away the chess set and colouring in books at the domestic life she never thought she would end up with. She found herself wondering at times if it was all real; Kara as her wife and their beautiful daughter,  it was something she never imagined happening because of her last name. The name Kara had insisted on taking when they got married;

You’ve worked too hard to turn the Luthor name into one recognised for good.

Your last name doesn’t define who you are.

Lena Luthor is who I fell in love with; I love you because of it, not in spite of it.

A Super and a Luthor; it has to be one of the greatest love stories ever told.

Lena was brought out of her musings by the sound of her wife coming down the stairs.

‘She’s asleep, actually asleep’ Kara clarified, ‘I’m going to grab us a drink’ she smiled as she headed back towards the kitchen.

Lena chuckled; it was obvious Kara was making another cookie stop. She leaned over the back of the sofa to switch on the fairy lights she had hung in the fort earlier, before turning off the main lights in the living room. She quickly slid off her jeans and crawled back into the fort to rearrange the pillows to lay down on, letting her hair out of the bun and running her fingers through it a few times.

‘Password!’ Lena playfully called out as she saw Kara approach the fort by the shadow on the sheets.

‘Supergirl’ Kara chuckled.

‘Uh huh’ Lena teased, ‘that was for the family fun fort earlier; this fort is strictly adults only…’

Kara stuck her head in the entrance, her breath hitching in her throat as she caught sight of her wife illuminated by the twinkling lights, clad only in her shirt and knickers.

‘You’re beautiful’ Kara husked out, slightly in awe.

‘Close enough’ Lena purred as Kara made her way towards her.

Kara crawled until her lips were millimetres from Lena; only closing the gap when she heard the spike in Lena’s heart rate.

Seiyuu Animedia September 2017 - Rikako Aida Interview

*I am still learning Japanese so many things will be inaccurate but please do enjoy.

I would like to give a special thanks to @yujachachacha for QC!

“As a woman and as a seiyuu, I try to aim for a natural state of mind.”

—From here, I would like to begin to talk about personalities. How would you express yourself in a word?

R: Being extremely shy around strangers (smiles). While recording for the first time, I didn’t speak to anyone on the site at all. Sometime ago I had a job of dubbing for a film, and there I was finally able to talk to those around me at the celebratory dinner table. The sound director said, “That was the first time I’ve seen you laugh.” (laughs)

—That is fairly relatable, huh.

R: Obviously, “I would like to get along!” is what I say when I feel calm, as I wait for others to speak to me (laughs). Even when I first met the members of Aqours, I still wasn’t able to talk, but I was able to use Anchan (Inami Anju) to start conversations. But, in this situation, I never thought that she would be paying attention to me! Like, are you serious?! I was very surprised.

—But you seem to be more dignified during events and such…

R: It’s nice to stand in front of others, and it’s very fun, but I think that my personality is very troublesome (laughs).

—It must be very troublesome (laughs). How do you spend your days off?

R: I mainly go to sleep. When I’m on vacation I usually say, “First, let’s go to sleep!” (laughs)

—Do you like staying in your room?

R: Usually I do, but if there are movies that I like, then it is my priority to watch them. Recently when I went to the movies, I had watched something called “Memoirs of a Murderer.”

TN: A more direct translation would be, “22 Years of Confessions from a Murderer”

—What are your points on choosing movies?

R: I like mysteries. And probably detective ones. But if I were to pick, I would choose Japanese films. Of course, I like foreign films a lot, since they help me study the expressions made by dubbing.

—When you watch foreign movies, are they subtitled or dub translations?

R: When I was living in America, sometimes I was able to see subtitles as well, but occasionally there were times where the subtitles and dialogue were completely different. Because of this I don’t actually listen to the English audio, rather I focus on the subtitles which leads me to sometimes being unable to concentrate on the movie (laughs).

—Really, the English-language does have some unique problems (laughs). By the way, do you usually enjoy reading?

R: There are many mystery books to choose from after all, and Isaka Kotaro-san writes them as well. I liked the book "Fish Story”. But the best one was “Golden Slumber”. To this day it has been stamped with, “The Greatest Story to be Ever Told,“ which still makes me cry. I think those who’ve read it would understand (laughs). Also, I’ve recently read "Gukouroku,” by Tokurô Nukui-san. I read up to half of it and left it in the hotel at Los Angeles, USA where I performed. I was very curious at the start of the story, but now I would feel regret if I bought it again. My heart feels conflicted (laughs).

Note: Isaka Kotaro is an author specialized in writing mystery novels that have won many awards, such as the “57th Mystery Writers of Japan Award”.

—(Laughs) Who is your ideal male?

R: It’s Sakai Masato-san! I love his acting and I’ve almost seen every movie and drama he’s appeared in.

—Again, you have black hair.

R: Yes. Of course, any color is fine as long as it suits the person. But because my eyes are facing towards the direction of the arriving atmosphere, I guess black hair is the best after all.

—I see, is there someone you respect…?

R: It’s Kitamura Eri-san. It was almost at the same time that the anime “Angel Beats!” and “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD” aired in which she starred in, she played a completely different role in each work. Her multifaceted performance ability is, “Ah, so powerful!” I came to the conclusion that although she may be arrogant, her voice is pleasant, not only as a seiyuu but as an artist as well, as she has her own unique view of the world. I am really looking forward to what she does in her own path as I keep moving forward as well.

Note: According to the Seiyuu Bible GK Interview she has said that seiyuu Kitamura Eri had influenced her the most.

—Aida-san, have you ever thought about the roles you would want take?

R: In addition to anime, when acting in movies and dramas, they always have some kind of attracting role. Therefore, I would like to take on the role of a villain that could be really impactful. I want others to think, “That person is really annoying!” (laughs). Also for the work that changed my life, I would like to work with comedies like “Gintama”, as it is one of my goals to make others laugh.

Note: From the Seiyuu Bible GK Interview, She said that after stumbling opon the anime, “Gintama,” she decided to become a seiyuu. In this tweet  I am only guessing that the “certain anime” she was inspired by to become a seiyuu was Gintama. In this tweet she wanted to hurry to see Gintama.

—It has been 3 years since you became a seiyuu. Have you noticed any changes in yourself?

R: Regarding my expressions, I don’t have a high voice nor the voice for an anime. In that sense, I am different because I can have my own way of performance that is different than others. Besides, even from the work on stage I’ve done before, and even from the anime staff, I’m often praised with, “Being natural is a great feeling.” However, since I feel that I shouldn’t need to divide my voice, I’d like to express my roles as naturally as possible. It is important to express the heart with true feelings. So I would like to cherish it and leave it unchanged.

—Also, this magazine was released the day after your birthday August 8th. Speaking of which, what are some childhood memories of your birthday?

R: Ah… Since it is during summer vacation, none of my classmates celebrated with me, which was strange (laughs). To be honest, this isn’t a good memory (smiles).

—To revive your spirit (laughs), finally please talk about next year’s ambitions.

R: I would like to face various challenges, whilst being natural at it at the same time. As a woman and as a seiyuu, I would like to aim for a natural state of mind!

I have lived 
and laughed and fallen 
in love with wolves 
now, darling, it is time
I die with them too 

teeth bared for what feels 
like the very first time,
not against the world 
just against him-
the man who has always been
the greatest monster in this story 

he stands stock still as I circle. 
I don’t think he understands
how I have learned to growl poetry,
it’s vicious in a way
the little nothings he whispered 
never could be 

I’m stronger now
I’m brave, I’m bigger than girl
yet, still, he says my name 

and I drop like prey 

man is the apex predator,
I am not sure there will ever be a day
when I don’t feel hunted,
beaten, broken down by a boy 
who I taught to bite back

—  the wolf’s worst nightmare || O.L.

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Do you know some good mpeg ereri fanfics?

Here you go!

Humanity’s Greatest Bedtime Story 
Summary: Eren and Levi’s son has a nightmare, but Eren is out for the night, so the storytelling duties fall to Levi. He tells their son the best story he knows. Was originally a one shot, now a series of stories.

Experimenting with Miracles 
Summary: Levi receives unexpected news after Hanji meddles with things that she probably shouldn’t have. Eren becomes moody and unpredictable and the entire Survey Corps realizes that something is up. They just weren’t expecting pregnancy.

The Alpha and his Omega 
Summary: Due to an unexpected turn of events, Eren ends up an orphan at the age of sixteen and somehow winds up living with Levi who’s almost 10 years older and an alpha… Someone say recipe for disaster (of the good kind)?This is their love story over the years.

Double the Trouble and All You Get is Chaos 
Summary: Levi and Eren have a casual intimate relationship and both of them intend to keep it that way until things go wrong with life changing results. They are celebrating Erwin’s wedding and things might have gotten out of hand in more ways than one, leaving both of them to deal with the outcome. They soon notice that they are both pregnant but that is where the misunderstandings only begin. Their once harmonious relationship might meet a rocky end.


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How would the DAI companions react if the Herald was Shepard from Mass Effect. Please include romances. Femshep preferred

Cassandra: She’s baffled as the soldiers bring in a soldier in unusual armor, with unusual weapons, and numerous injuries that should be fatal, as if they had survived an explosion they were in the center of. To add to her shock, they recover ridiculously fast, and she realizes they are not normal, aside from the mark. She’s even more cautious and suspicious of them at the start, but when she finds out exactly where they’re from and their circumstances, she has no idea how to handle them. She firmly believes they were brought here to be the Herald of Andraste, a belief that is solidified every time she hears a new story about what they did to stop the Reapers. The fact they were once dead and then revived shocks her, and despite the fact Cerberus is responsible, she believes their memories and soul’s return was also due to the grace of the Maker. If Romanced: His accomplishments are good, but she still demands what she would demand of anyone wanting to romance her. So he regales her with poetry and numerous lit candles, and as they lay under the stars, he promises to bring her there, one day. She snorts at him and smiles. “Perhaps. Provided you read poetry then, too.”

Blackwall: The man isn’t quite sure what to make of Shepard. He knows a soldier when he sees one, and he knows eyes that have seen too much. He’s definitely not sure what to make of anything, from technology to aliens, that Shepard describes, so he settles on just talking with them in the evening. They talk about their experiences in war and commiserate. When his identity is revealed, the look Shepard gives him isn’t one of shock or dismay– just disappointment, which hurts him worse than shock or dismay. To his surprise, they readily forgive him, and mention off-hand that what he’s done is hardly the worst thing one of their friends have done. If Romanced: He’s stunned that Shepard’s interested in him. She could have someone so much better, he thinks, and he’s cautious going into romance. He won’t deny that he’s attracted to her, but a space marine who saved a galaxy and is going to save Thedas? He’s floored. He feels unworthy, but Shepard loves him, and he’s more than happy to love her back. For once, he is happy.

Iron Bull: He could tell Shepard was dangerous from first glance, just watching them fight without an ounce of fear. He has his habit of looking over people to think about how to fight them, if he had to, and is a bit dismayed to come up with nothing on Shepard, at least, alone. At the same time… he finds it hot as fuck. Shepard quickly and easily earns his respect, and he loves hearing about all the shit they’ve pulled. He also tries to drink them under the table and finds himself incapable– a rare feat for a human, but Shepard wasn’t normal by any means. He subtly tries to learn more information about the Lazarus project, and what exactly it did to them. If Romanced: This is everything Bull has ever wanted and more, bonus points if Shepard is red-headed. He practically worships the ground they walk on when deep into romance. “I’m the luckiest man in the whole damn world– or galaxy.” he says proudly. “I’m with a complete and utter bad-ass.”

Sera: The Herald’s an odd one, that’s for certain. She wasn’t sure when exactly she was tipped off, made aware of this fact– but learning about where they’re from, and what they did, solidifies it. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t scared of Shepard at first, especially when she hears that they were dead at one point, among other things. She warms up easily to a Paragon Shepard, though, and realizes this is just a person who probably wants to get back to their own world. “At least Coryphytit’s a pushover compared to Shepard.” she remarks. If Romanced: Her first thought upon seeing Shepard is hot. She relaxes around Shepard, shamelessly flirting with her, and is delighted when Shepard seems to reciprocate those feelings. “See? This world isn’t so bad. You got me. And pranks.” she says cheerfully as they sit on the rooftop one evening. Shepard gives her a playful wink, and Sera tackles her with a kiss.

Varric: He wants to know everything they’ve done. Every last detail and story, he wants to hear every last bit. Shepard has some of the greatest stories he’s ever heard, and he would be damned if he didn’t hear about all of it. Many evenings are spent in the tavern with Shepard (he marvels at how much they can drink without even getting remotely drunk) and they talk and laugh and Shepard smiles, a little less stressed. A friendship forms between them quickly. When he finds out about the Lazarus Project, he asks if they’re alright talking about it, and then remarks: “See, this is why you’re the perfect hero in this scenario! Corypheus apparently can’t die, and neither can you. Not permanently, anyways.”

Cole: He feels every ounce of pain in Shepard, old heartaches that will never stop aching. They may not announce it or discuss it, but he feels it. If they were in Akuze or a colonist, he starts talking, involving their memories, before they ask him to stop. “You hurt. You’ve hurt so much. You don’t need to worry, Joker. The hell I do, you’re basically half robot at this point. They died because of me, they’re almost falling apart, I have to help.” One night after a nightmare, he approaches them. “It’s not your fault the boy died.” he tries to reassure. “You tried to help. That is more than most.” Shepard cares for Cole, but finds being around him painful at times, because he tends to bring up hurt that can’t be easily healed.

Dorian: Shepard is absolutely fascinating to him. He wants to know all about their galaxy, and what they’ve done, and detailed descriptions of their galaxy’s advanced technology. He has never-ending questions borne of intense curiosity– especially about the Lazarus Project. If they are biotic, that also brings a volley of questions. “I suppose, with your level of technology, rebuilding a body isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, but drawing the soul back across the Veil… ah, but the Fade doesn’t exist where you’re from– I think? Now, do you have any residual memories? Can I perform a few tests? Please, bear with me, you are the first being to ever be brought back to life from total death…” He pauses and frowns. “I mean… if you’re comfortable. I imagine the subject matter is sensitive. I apologize if I have overstepped my bounds.” He offers them a drink and enjoys talking with them on quiet evenings. If Romanced: He’s thrilled when Shepard seems interested in him and flirts back with him. He’s had a bit of a crush on him, though he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised that Shepard wanted more than just fun. One evening, as they look out at a clear night sky, Dorian grins at him. “You’re going to bring me up there with you one day, I hope. I can’t wait. It will be nauseatingly romantic.”

Solas: He’s cautious around Shepard. He knows very well that they have a very, very good chance of successfully stopping him if they were to find out what he was up to. In the meanwhile, he asks them a bunch of questions like Dorian does and asks for many details of their world. He persuades them to let him join them in the Fade, where he can see their memories reveal the intricacies of all sorts of places they’ve been– the Normandy, the Citadel, the ruins of London during the last battle, and all sorts of alien planets. He is utterly enthralled by the memories, and almost every night pleads to see more. If Shepard is biotic, he can tell immediately that their biotics are not magic, as he can tell the Veil isn’t being tugged by its use. He’s very curious about it, and asks for demonstrations of its use. He takes detailed notes and tries to make sense of Element Zero– he wonders if it’s at all magical. If Romanced: He has never been interested in a human before, but Shepard is different. The romance proceeds more slowly, as he’s worried about letting his guard down, but she is… she’s something he never expected. Sharing the Fade with her strengthens the bond between them, and he can’t help but kiss her back when she kisses him. His heart palpitates with fear, however, knowing what may happen if he crosses her. He doesn’t know what it will mean for his plans, and it terrifies him.

Vivienne: She knows another strong person when she sees one. Shepard won’t be toyed with or manipulated. So she sets on figuring out their intentions, and ends up finding herself talking with them about their galaxy, and their victories and losses– and a desire to go home. She vows to help find a way for them, once they’re good enough friends, and grows to deeply respect Shepard. She helps them learn to play the Game as well, and they tell her about al-Jilani, the journalist who earned their ire. When Vivienne finds out about their death and the Lazarus Project, she’s initially worried that they’re possessed by a spirit. When it’s clear that they’re not, it only amplifies her curiosity, and like Dorian and Solas, she delves into theory and many, many questions. Her efforts to find a way back for Shepard hasten considerably when she hears about how advanced their medical technology is. When she learns about biotics, should Shepard be biotic, she’s just as curious about it as the Lazarus Project. 

Josephine: She wants to hear all about the exotic places Shepard has been, but restrains herself until a moment in which they are not busy, and she is more comfortable with them. She could listen to them tell her all about the Milky Way for hours, and travel among the stars. She hears about inventions like computers, phones, the extranet, and ballpoint pens and her heart aches with desire. At other times, she discusses etiquette and proper public behavior, and her reaction to Shepard varies in this regard. If Shepard punched al-Jilani one or more times, she worries about their temper and asks them to restrain themselves. If Shepard did not punch al-Jilani, she seems relieved that Shepard can act so calm and professional in such situations. If Romanced: She is all blushes and giggles as they gaze up at the stars together, and Shepard regales her with tales and compliments of her beauty. The thought of seeing other worlds with her lover makes her heart soar, and she feels so safe and so happy in Shepard’s arms. A life here and beyond, so long as they would stay by her side, and she by theirs.

Leliana: She knew Shepard was dangerous before even finding out about anything else. She knew by watching her that they could kill, and kill easily. This was an experienced soldier, none like she’d ever seen. She sets to compile any and all information that can be gathered about Shepard, and where they came from. The Lazarus Project sticks out to her, and she lingers by the mages and Dagna when they fuss over Shepard, looking them over, poking them, asking for details. She’s even more cautious around Shepard than a normal Inquisitor, though she feels pangs of pity for them when she hears some of the more gruesome, sadder details. Shepard seems to be equally aware of the Spymaster watching, but doesn’t do anything about it beyond winking at her when they know she’s paying attention. Slowly they warm up to each other and share tales of their adventures.

Cullen: He and Shepard get along well, and he feels more comfortable talking with them about the troops, and is pleased when they have good advice to offer– usually remarkably good strategic advice. He’s befuddled by the whole business of their world and their technologies, and isn’t sure how to go about it. If Shepard is a Sole Survivor, when he hears about the incident on Akuze, he feels so much sympathy– he knows that sort of emotional and physical hardship. Eventually, he may ask to know how they handle it, and after they find out about what happened in the Circle tower, they don’t press him for details, and they just nod in understanding. Some wounds never heal, and it’s refreshing for both of them to know someone who has been in a similarly bad situation. If Romanced: He found her attractive from the start, but didn’t want to overstep his bounds. He’s bewildered when she voices her feelings, but he’s elated, too. They can share their hardships, knowing the other will understand. If she can survive, so can he, and she will be a source of strength, and he a source of strength to her. 

Betty & Jughead

Do you know what I just realised, RAS himself wrote the actual episode where Veronica says that Romeo & Juliet were the exception not the rule. And in his recent tweet he likens Bughead to them. 😍 He’s telling us that they’re both completely in love with each other.
Romeo & Juliet has been called the greatest love story of all time many times over. If he’s putting Betty & Jughead in that same category then we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Just remember those Jadis spoilers have everything to do with Jadis’ motivation, Jadis’ mindset and is necessary to drive her to do what she does to drive the story forward. It has nothing to do with Richonne except to once again cement that this is the greatest love story any fandom has ever seen portrayed.  They aren’t in their 20′s.  They didn’t come together or stay together because of some superficial drama.  They aren’t archetypical in their look or representation.  The only difference between now and that other Messie situation is that one likes to cut hair and the other needs her hair cut. Jadis will serve her purpose too.  Just like Messie.  Bringing Michonne even closer to her man.

Hope that wasn’t too spoilery for some folks.  And is the Jadis thing really a concern?  I hope the fuck not, and I’m misreading the “panic”.

anonymous asked:

I honestly cant find the words why zig and maya are perfect for each other but do you mind explaining why they complement each other so well as a couple? despite what's happened, ive always felt like theyre meant to be. They fit so well together, and idk why.

I cannot tell you how much I love this question. They are so many reasons why Zig and Maya have always complimented each other so well and have always seemed destined to be together.

1. They were friends first. For me the thing that always made Zaya click so well and seem so iconic is that before any of the romantic feelings they feel for each other they put their friendship above it. From the moment they met they immediately hit it off and it’s really meaningful that Zig was the first friend that Maya ever made at Degrassi. Though when she met him she did have a little crush, she ultimately decided to disregard her feelings for him and support his relationship with Tori because it made him happy and she valued his friendship. The same goes for when Zig tells her that he has feelings for her but he will wait for her because she isn’t over Cam. From the beginning it was very clear that whether or not they are together romantically, they still want to be together as friends. It’s also significant that seasons 13-14 really developed how strong and important their friendship is to each other before they even admitted that they were ready to become a couple. Also in DNC season 4 what is so great about  their endgame is that is was never explicitly stated that they were back together but it was 100% confirmed that they are close friends again which has always been the center of their relationship. 

2. Slow. Burn. The thing that the Degrassi writers did so so right with Zaya was not putting them together when everyone thought they would be together. This is what makes Zaya a truly epic couple and one of the greatest love stories Degrassi has ever told. No other couple has been built up over the seasons as much as Zig and Maya have. I remember when they had their first scene together in season 11 and I was immediately like “well obviously they are gonna be the New Couple™️” because from the moment they first met the chemistry between them was instant. Thankfully Degrassi made them wait it out and grow and mature before they actually got together. I like to think about what would have happened if Zig and Tori never got back together and he ended up dating Maya back in season 11 and I really think their love story might have ended right there. But unlike iconic couples like Semma and Eclare, Zaya took their time. Instead of jumping into a relationship they build a really strong connection based on how much they care for each other besides their romantic feelings. This made their romantic relationship so much stronger from the get go because they already knew each other so well that they didn’t have to get to know each other as they were dating. When Zaya first got together in season 14, I saw a lot of people complain that they were moving too fast and they were seriously rushed but in a way it makes a lot of sense that they were. They were already extremely close from the moment they began dating so they jumped head first into it. They acknowledge that they did rush into things a bit too fast but unlike other couples that would be in that situation they came out the other side of it stronger. Even in DNC where they break up, the way that they still are really important in each other’s lives prove how much they will keep finding their way back to each other. They were even a slow burn down to the very end of DNC season 4 by how they slowly but surely fell back together again. They didn’t rush into it this time. They just took their time just like they did back in seasons 11-14 and it was beautiful.

3. They are always there for each other. To me a huge reason why they compliment each other so well is because they are there for each other in some way through all of their big struggles in love. For Maya, she supported Zig through his relationship with Tori. She takes him to live in her home so he doesn’t have to be a squatter anymore and so he won’t have to go into a group home. She helps get him out of the gang - multiple times. She dumps Miles because he doesn’t get along with Zig and she will always stand by Zig. She supports him as he works to become a chef as a restaurant. She helps him as he gets involved in the school musical and supports him completely. She even gives him relationship advice with Esme because she wants him to be happy and she never discourages him from helping Esme and figuring out their relationship even though she is crushing on him again. For Zig, he is always there for Maya (it’s one of his defining features). He helps build up her self confidence when she enters the beauty pageant and tries to be there for her with her relationship struggles with Cam - even though he’s a bit misguided since he wants her for himself. He is there for her as she goes off the rails after Cam’s death and he reminds her of who she is and her love of music. He tries to get along with Miles to make her happy - even though he doesn’t to a spectacular job at that. He encourages her to seek help for her anxiety and calms her down after nightmares and her panic attack. He goes to the spa with her when Grace turned her down. He is incredibly supportive of her goals towards a music career. And even after they break up he visibly sees that she is going though something when she is depressed and he tries to cheer her up. Also he chooses to be her partner in art class after she comes back to school because he wants to be there for her and he helps her out after she gets really high on their camping trip. All these little things build up to show how important they are to each other.

The more I think about how Zig and Maya are “meant to be” the more I realize that their relationship is so much more than just that they seem destined to be together in some way. They compliment each other so well because of how much they care about each other. Their relationship goes far beyond the reaches of just romance. For them it has never mattered whether they were in a relationship or not because they were always there for each other because they have always had such a strong friendship first and foremost. But it’s important to note that just because they have seemed “meant to be” from the start that doesn’t mean they didn’t have to work for their relationship. From season 11 to DNC season 4 we have seen Zig and Maya grow together and make each other better. They challenge each other and push each other to be the best version of themselves. They truly make each other better people and that’s a huge reason for me why they compliment each other so well.

Possibly my favorite picture of Fred Astaire… it captures his spirit and charisma so well. It was taken in 1952 by Gjon Mili during a recording session for The Astaire Story, which has been called one of the greatest vocal jazz albums of all time. You should give it a listen if you haven’t, it’s so gorgeous, so intimate and so Fred.

“’Once upon a time’ These are the most magical words our world has ever known and the gateway to the greatest stories ever told. They’re an immediate calling to anyone who hears them-a calling into a world where everyone is welcome and anything can happen. Mice can become men, maids can become princesses, and they can teach valuable lessons in the process.” - Chris Colfer, The Wishing Spell

Stranger Than Fan Fiction Anon

I will concede one thing to you, Chris has inferred that he is not comfortable with Fan Fiction.      

However, I don’t think you understand the title of the book. It’s called Stranger than Fan Fiction.  Yes, emphasis on the Stranger than.  Hmmm…. What could possibly be Stranger than Fan Fiction?  Perhaps Chris’ own life and his experiences are stranger than what, we fans, can write in fan fiction?  Stranger than being depicted as say a Warewolf or a Vampire? A slave?  In an arranged marriage? In some sort of dystopian society?  Or maybe the strangest ones of all are the ones that are the most like his actual life.   (And for the record I love fan fiction, I love fan fiction writers, and I read way too much of it).

On the book, Chris just said in the Reader’s Digest article: 

“It’s not the biography people initially wanted but I do realize that growing up on a TV show is a unique adolescence,” Colfer said. “So this is sort of my fictionalized coming of age story.

So agreed, I think there are people who should be concerned about what this book reveals.  But it’s not who you infer, not at all.   I think Chris has a story to tell and I think he cannot wait for us to read it.  And the beauty of this novel “PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY” because it’s Fiction!!!!!!  No one can ever prove what he wrote is about them directly.  So yes, will there be sarcasm? Absolutely, no question. And I say, bring it on Chris.  

This morning, I was able to pull a few quotes that Chris has given us in his other books that I think are relevant to the book that he is calling semi autobiographical:

Mother Goose’s Introduction to A Mother Goose’s Diary:

“Well the time has come.  The confidentiality agreements have expired, the cease-and-desist letters have stopped coming in, the dynasties I’ve been avoiding are dying out, and all the old mob bosses I owe money to are behind bars.  Look out, world; Mother Goose is finally publishing a Memoir!" 

"It takes something special to capture my imagination.  I’m talking unbelievable adventures with remarkable people, fascinating places in chaotic times, unusual predicaments and sequences of events, and highly questionable evidence to back up the author’s accountability.”

“And if there are any so called "scholars” out there who doubt me, let me be very clear: I was there, I know what I saw, and I know what I lived through.  If my memories contradict the history you’ve been taught or the history you teach, that’s not my problem.“

And Red’s Introduction to Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guise to Royalty:

“For the first time in my reign, I’m going to give you, my people, a glimpse into my personal life, my mind, my heart, and my impeccable soul.  My past has been one of the greatest stories ever told, but rarely do I speak about it myself-unless you work at the castle; then you may hear me reminiscing two or three times a day. “

Remember what Chris has told us in the Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms:

"Oh, I’m not telling you today…that wasn’t part of our agreement-but I will eventually.   If you are going to be in a conspiracy club, you’ve got to pay better attention to the details.”

Well Anon, I think the time has come.  I hope you were paying attention. (and again let’s note that he changed the Book Huggers name to Conspiracy Club.  Hmmm…. what else has a well known acronym of CC?????  Coincidence?  Again???)

Oh and just to be clear, Chris has warned us just who he might speak against: 

The Masked Man Perhaps (who as I have said, clearly is based on Ryan Murphy, but likely can be expanded to Fox, PR, and a certain person’s team), as quoted from the soon to be released, The Land of Stories, An Author’s Odyssey:  

“From this day forward you will no longer be the people of your pathetic kingdoms, but the property of this empire,” he announced. “Disrespect me again, and I will not show you the same mercy as your weak kings and fragile queens. Anyone who dares to cross me will not only lose their own lives, but will first watch as I take their families’ lives as well!”

Or one of my favorite quotes of the Masked Man from Beyond the Kingdoms:  

"you’re learning it the hard way, just like I had to.  There is no such thing as love.  Families are just strangers who share blood.  They claim to love you unconditionally, but in the end, they always betray you the most.  My mother taught me that lesson and now you’re learning it from me.”  

Yes, I think Chris has much to say about these influences in his life and the people whom he thought were family but were anything but.

Or Ezmia Perhaps?  Hmmm.  And who is Ezmia again?

I love this quote from Red’s Guide to Royalty:

“The trick was incredibly helpful when the Enchantress kidnapped me.  There I was strapped to a wall by enchanted vines with all the other royals.  The fear of death wasn’t even the worst part; we had to suffer through of hours of a repetitive soliloquy as the Enchantress bragged about her universal domination- it’s a wonder our ears didn’t bleed!”

“Wouldn’t it be fun to have an I survived the Enchantress’ party when this mess is over?”  Instantly my frown was turned upside down and the party-planning gears in my head rotated at full speed.  I was so excited I almost forgot I had been kidnapped at all.”

Well, anon, I think Chris’ time for a party is coming. It has been well planned. This book has been in the works for some time and I do believe it will be his time to shine.

And Chris concludes Red’s Guide by saying 

“I suppose some thanks should be given to the Big Bad Wolf himself.  None of this would have been possible if he hadn’t tried to eat me all those years ago. He was a great villain but an even better rug.”

And I believe, in his way, through this book, he will “thank” those that have bullied him, essentially put him back in the closet, forced him to be silent about his personal life, engage is charades to bury the truth even further, and hide the person he loves the most.

Happy Reading!!!!!

P.S. You do realize when he called Klaine and Klainers the KraKen (or Kragen, they say it both ways) Monster, he did so with his self-proclaimed friend, a person that declared that they do not HATE each other, yet one you all still insist he hates.  It’s actually an adorable interview and I did not feel like for one second they were mocking us. I think they were just enjoying the fact that they actually were allowed to do an interview together and were playing off each other remarkably well.  And I will share as I did enjoy revisiting that this morning as well.