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your fave is problematic: uma, daughter of ursula
- bisexual turquoise haired pirate queen
- likes hearing people say her name
- salty ex
- has stolen both mal’s guys ayyyyy
- hair goals
- has adopted a group of abandoned, angry children as her pirate crew
- just wants everything that mal has is that too much to ask
- doesn’t like being called shrimpy good god gil just remember that
- 1000% done with her best friends
- really enthusiastic about people walking the plank
- owns a ship
- yells at people if they complain about her messing up their orders
- has probably killed a man
- can and will hurt you
- has too many swords

your fave is problematic: gil, son of gaston
- always eating 24/7
- loves face paint
- says the wrong thing and gets himself thrown out
- is a wall of muscle
- lets the prisoners escape
- only recognised the king from his poster, not from the fact that he’s a king
- calls uma ‘shrimpy’ too often
- not the sharpest
- or the brightest
- too loveable and funny to be a Bad Guy™
- hella thirsty for attention
- forgets his own name sometimes
- has made out with harry #confirmed
- really proud of himself when he remembers what people tell him to say (you go bby)

your fave is problematic: harry hook, son of captain hook
- wants to be recognised by his father
- carries a hook around
- hella thirsty for everyone
- has made out with gil #confirmed
- literally the most flirty person ever
- never takes anything seriously
- enjoys threatening people
- throws gil out for uma
- would legit die for uma (who wouldn’t lbr)
- wants to leave the isle and take over auradon
- literally the only person uma listens to
- lowkey insane
- does eyeliner that looks like a raccoon (bby let ur s.o’s help you)
- enjoys threatening people with his hook

Pink Lemonade

Summary: Richie Tozier finds himself in a sticky situation and is forced to hide in a closet for safety. He wasn’t expecting to find the space already occupied, and he defiantly wasn’t expecting to enjoy the company so much

A/N: I was actually going to cut this entire chapter out, jumping ahead to the party but I couldn’t resist a little Reddie banter. Sue me.

Word Count: 1867


Part: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) 7 (8) (9)

The first thing that had become painfully clear as they began their five hour drive, was that Eddie Kaspbrak had the worst singing voice in the entire world. It was a mixture between cat mating calls and nails on a chalk board and yet his horrific voice didn’t stop the smaller boy from belting out his favorite lyrics. Each time the song would change he would gasp and exclaim how much he loved this song and begin to screech over the blaring speakers.

Although he was sure that his ears had started to bleed, Richie found himself enjoying every second of it. He even egged it on, drumming his hands on the steering wheel and screaming along at the top of his lungs. Never in his life had he been happier driving long distance and never did he think he would sing along with The Beetles.

“Okay I need a break.” Eddie exclaimed, turning down the volume. “I don’t want to lose my voice before the game tonight.”

“Oh what no encore?” Richie joked, smirking over to his friend. “I think I may still have some hearing left in my left ear.”

“Oh haha.” The smaller boy sneered, opening the chips that thrashmouth brought along. “If you think I sing badly then you should hear Stan.”

“What do animals follow him too?” Richie joked, “Because I’m assuming there is going to a shit ton of cats waiting for us at the hotel. Pussy galore my friend.”

Eddie didn’t reply, instead he stuffed his face and flipped the bird. Richie laughed, amused by the sight. There was a crunch from the bag as the trashmouth leaned over and snatched back his snacks, ignoring the protest of his passenger.

He couldn’t help but smirk at Eddie as he pouted on the other side of the cab, crossing his arms and sticking out his bottom lip. There was a push of emotion in Richie’s chest, forcing it down with conversation. “How in the hell have we never met before? What are you new to Derry or something?”

The small boy snorted, “Richie, we have went to the same school since the third grade.”

“What? There is no way in hell that’s true.” He replied, “I think I would remember someone like you Eds.”

“Yeah right.” He replied, chuckling lightly. “Richie Tozier, remember me? Now I know that you’re the joker of Derry.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, slightly taken aback by the statement. His stomach churned, almost telling him not to press the subject.

“No offense Richie but you aren’t the type of person to hang out with us losers. Hell, I’m surprised you even talked to us.” It was like Eddie had punched him in the chest, he looked over to the smaller kid desperate to find some kind of humor only to come up short. “You’ve said exactly two sentences to me before this year and both were insults.”

“Oh come on, that can’t possibly be right.”

 Eddie rolled his eyes, counting the encounters on his boney fingers. “Once when we were in fifth grade you told me that my fanny pack was dumb and the other time was on the first day of freshman year when you pushed me aside and muttered something about being in the way.” He shrugged at the end, snatching back the snack from Richie’s lap. “You’ve always been too cool for school and way too cool for me.”

“You’re wrong Eddie, you aren’t a loser and I’m not too cool for you.” He replied softly, his grip tightening on the steering wheel. There was a small rip in his heart, one that leaked out desperate and unacquainted emotions, making Richie feel sick. “You should think better of yourself.”

“Oh please.” Eddie snickered, taking a bite of another chip. “I carried a fanny pack until sixth grade, and only stopped when I found out my mother was making me take placebo pills to make me think I was sick.”


“No, placebos. You know, fake shit? Sugar pills?” He corrected, turning slightly to face his friend. “I came out as gay freshman year and over half the girls in our school are taller than me. It’s okay Rich, I’m a loser but I found other loser friends. It wasn’t like I unhappy. I didn’t know anyone different until you forced your way into our group, bringing along your own friends. Now we are like a little club.”  

 There was a stillness that began to spread through the car, neither one of them spoke a word as what had been said lingered between them. Richie tried to think back to when he had interacted with Eddie previously but nothing came to mind. He had said a lot of things, made a lot of jokes over the years and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pin point meeting someone so special to him.

“Eddie?” Richie blurted, unable to pry his gaze from the road.


He gulped down the lump in his throat, his knuckles white from his death grip on the wheel. With one shaky breath he managed, “I’m glad I finally noticed you, you are literally the best thing that I have ever found in the janitor’s closet.” There was another confession on the tip of his tongue but he bit down, killing it before it could escape.

“You’re not too bad yourself Tozier.” He jeered, smirking. “A pain in my ass but I can deal.”

Half-jokingly, he replied, “I’ll be the pain in your ass anytime Eds.” The response he received was from the chips as they were split onto his lap.

They arrived at the hotel just before check in, the group huddled around the truck as Bill went inside to get their keys. Richie found himself sitting in his cab, taking long drags of a much needed cigarette. Though his rear view mirror he watched Eddie converse with Ben, his face lightening up with their interaction. He couldn’t help but smirk, appreciating the sight.

“So how did the car ride go?” Beverly asked, leaning against the driver side door. “Talk about anything extra fun?”

“We met in third grade right?” He asked, blowing smoke in her direction.

“I think so, why?”

“Did you know Eddie has been in the same school as us since then?”

He looked over to his best friend, expecting her to be taken aback but was astonished to see her nodding. “Yeah, the kid with the fanny pack.”

There was another rip in his heart, his body rejecting the sudden information as his stomach dropped painfully. “Huh.” Richie muttered, shaking his head. “How do you remember him but I don’t? What in the hell is wrong with me?”

“He was lemonade Richie.” She replied, as if any of that phrase made sense.

“What the fuck does that mean.”

Beverly sighed, pulling out her own death stick. “You know when you are getting pop at a restaurant and there is always that option for lemonade?”

“Yeah, I never pick it.”

“Exactly.” There was a pause while she lit her smoke, sucking down the nicotine. “You don’t notice it until you are forced to drink it. Other options always get in the way, and they seem better so you choose them but lemonade has always been there, it was just pushed aside.”

“That is the stupidest analogy that I have ever heard.” A cloud of smoke was blown in to his face, forcing him to rear back in surprise.

“Is it though?” She retorted, smiling at his discomfort. “Does it not make sense? I mean Eddie is gay so that would make him pink lemonade, but the similarity is there.”

Richie didn’t bother to reply, instead looking back to their group of friends. Stan had joined the conversation, waving his hands as if deep in an overdramatic complaint. Eddie nodded, rolling his eyes. For a split second be looked up meeting the trashmouth’s gaze though the mirror, smirking before returning to the conversation. There was a skip in Richie’s heart beat and he could feel his face flush at the encounter.

“Pink lemonade can be quite good if you actually give it a try.” Beverly added before Bill appeared with the room keys. Richie let it be, not giving her the satisfaction of his obvious agreement.

The crowd roared around them, every person in the stand screaming at the top of their lungs in support of their team. Richie and Bill were the loudest, chanting Mike’s name as he passed another touchdown. The others tried their best, shouting when the time was right.

All of the rumors had been true, the game was a total blow out. Derry was leading by more than twenty with less than three minutes left on the board. There were a sea of familiar faces, all of which seemed to be staying at the same hotel as them, making the trip to the party that much easier. Someone had raided their parent’s liquor cabinet, bringing with them every toxic drink imaginable.

This was a relief for Richie, with everyone intoxicated he might just be able to talk to Eddie without any interruptions. He had grown annoyed by Beverly’s not so suable hint drops, finding courage in the game and the exhilaration, making up some kind of plan. It wasn’t the best, and in retrospect it practically set him up for failure but it was the best thing he could think of.  

“You okay?”

Richie looked down to Eddie, noticing him for the first time that half. The jacket he wore was at least three sizes too big, practically swallowing his small body. His face was flustered, obviously overwhelmed by all of the excitement. The trashmouth couldn’t’ suppress his smile, “Yeah, I’m fine. Are you enjoying yourself there Eds?”

“Don’t call me that.” He replied, huffing in annoyance. “That’s not my name.”

“Oh my dear, that ship has long since sailed.” Richie cooed in response, pinching his cheeks. The smaller boy pulled away, swatting at his hands. “You get so cute when you are frustrated, like a little red puppy.”

“Wow two insults in one breath. I’m honored.”

He laughed, feeling a warmth spread through his chest. “You should be, I only save the double zingers for important people.”

“Lucky me.” Eddie hissed in a sarcastic tone, rolling his eyes. As he began to walk away he was halted by Richie’s hand as it bit into his shoulder, stilling him. He met his gaze, confused as to why he had been stopped.

“Hey, after the game I wanna talk to you” The trashmouth divulged, chewing on his lower lip. “I mean if you get a chance during the party.”  

“Yeah, sure Rich.” He replied cautiously, noticing his friend’s stiffness. “Is something wrong?”

“No. It’s nothing bad.” Richie replied, dripping his hold. “I just want to-“But the rest of his words were drowned out by the crowed as they cheered at Mike’s next touch down. Eddie never looked away, practically burning his friend’s skin with his intense stare.

Richie forced a smile, chuckling lightly, “Look don’t worry about it. I’ll find you later tonight.”

“Okay Richie. Whatever you say.”

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Pom Pep Fic Recs (Updated!)

 All My top, Completed Pompous Pep fic recommendations:

*Looks like there are some more in the works so hope to add those soon~

Reasons to Object/ Accept: RtO & it’s sequel. The first pom pep fic i ever read (the one that got me into it). By Ninja-Renka. All their fics are amazing, but this is my fave.

Kimura Sato: Just go read all her fics. ALL of THEM. The pom pep ones are Time Tampering, A Year w/ You, The Target & Phantom EXE.

Stalkers & Scones: Au about a lonely business man & a cute barista. Lots of feels. Must read the sequel Wedding Cakes & Winners.

School Boy Crush: What’s not to love about a well written teacher Au?

Escape: Definitely waaay more on the angsty side, but I love how their relationship develops( by the same author as SBC. You know what- just read all their fics too)

Heart of Ice: Basically wishes gone wrong & cat Danny! All the best kinds of ridiculous, romantic & mushy (if you like that sort of thing, which i do). 

Summer Sun: Very angsty fic.  Danny’s parents are terrible & Vlad is there to pick up the pieces. But it has a happy ending.

Mad House: This is actually a polyamorous fic between Danny, Vlad & Ghostwriter. Another one of my faves.( I don’t think this ship has name so I’m just gonna call it Mad House).

Trust Me: This one has Dani in it! And super rare Vlad/ Dani bonding! 

The Espil Mirror: In which Vlad gets a kick in the pants & some much needed help. (on FFNet & AO3)

The Things I Could Show You: A redone version of the show where Vlad wasn’t so bitter & actually makes a great mentor, friend & more. It’s a whole series! And their other AU fics are great too!

Until Dawn (Au): Pom Pep done horror style. If you like a little (a lot) of gore with your romance then this Au is for you! Also by TTICSY.

Not Part of The Plan: Long one shot to the tune of ‘Vlad never pulled Danny’s ghost half out of him after the Nasty Burger exploded’.

Enough: Post PP, which is rare.

Bowl of Frootloops: Everything from tragedy to fluff. This is a drabble series, but there are some full fics in there. So if you don’t feel like going through all 101 here’s the #’s for the full stories. Blind Au (12,15,27,60,92)  Illness(36,38,45) Grave (14,17) and Masquerade (6).


Well that’s it for now! Hopefully this list will continue to grow~


Pairings: Reader x Tony

Requested By @aymayzing: Reader x Tony where everybody tries to get them together by hanging mistletoe everywhere but fail miserably. Tony joins chat and says that the plan was stupid cuz she would never feel for him the way he feels for her than Reader joins chat Thank You!            

Scott has created a chatroom.

Scott has added Loki.

Scott: You have magic, right? You can do all those tricks and illusions.

Loki: It is not mere tricks! It is complicated and far beyond your mortal comprehension.

Scott: Uh huh cool. So can you lure Y/N and Tony under some of the mistletoe being put up?

Loki: Why would I help you?

Scott: Please…?

Loki: Well, since you asked nicely.

Scott: Really?

Loki: No. I am not obligated to do anything for you. Why are you even here? I leave to conquer Asgard and the team adopts some insect.

Scott: Upset that they replaced a cockroach with an ant? It’s an upgrade if you ask me.

Loki: I am cursing you.

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I decided to make a Hidge au so here we go

Welcome to YouTube gaming au!

•Hunk and Pidge share a gaming channel and are pretty famous
•their name is HidgeGaming

•they never told their subscribers that they’re dating
•most their fans ship them
•it’s like dan and Phil only they are dating for a fact
•Pidge likes to troll the fans saying that she has a crush on hunk

•they live in an apartment together
•It has chalk board walls so that Pidge can right down her conspiracy theories and so hunk can write down new recipes
•Hunk wrote “HUNK X PIDGE” once on the wall behind where they recorded
•Pidge wrote “😍 you too!” In between videos

•they are best friends
•If their relationship ever ended they’d still be friends
•no matter how bad it ends

•hunk is super lovey dovey
•he likes to leave little notes all over the place for Pidge
•one time she found one in the middle of a video, on that day all the shippers died.
•he hides behind Pidge when he’s 😨
•Pidge also likes to hide behind him when she’s 😨
•for this reason 👀 them play horror games is hilarious, they’re both jumping behind each other and usually ends with Pidge on Hunk’s shoulder

•shay is Hunk’s friend, and when she first showed up as a guest everyone thought they were dating
•Pidge got really jealous
•the shippers freaked

•one time Matt replaced Pidge for a week when Pidge was on vacation before any of the fans noticed
•oh yeah, Matt isn’t missing!

•Allura and coran have a channel called Altea
•It’s a beauty and fashion channel
•they’re still friends with Pidge and Hunk

•Lance has a gaming channel and a beauty channel
•the gaming channel is The Blue Paladin
•the beauty channel is called 2Fab4You

•Shiro and Matt share a channel called Kerberos
•Mainly conspiracy theories by Matt and random other stuff that he dragged Shiro in to
• they do a lot of funny skits that they came up with

•Keith makes a lot of appearances on both of lance’s channels and a few on Shiro’s
•Shiro is his adoptive brother
•he’s thinking if making his own channel but he’s not sure what he’d do

•one time Pidge lost a bet and had to let Allura and Lance do her hair and makeup (which by the way was beautiful!)
•hunk died of cuteness

Feel free to add if you want! Just make sure to tag with HidgeGaming so I can find it!

edit: please don’t like or reblog this because I’m really uncomfortable with Pidge being shipped with a 17 year old. I️ didn’t put much thought into the age gap when I️ made this. I’m Pidges age and I️ know if a seventeen year old flirted with me in any way I️ would be extremely uncomfortable. So seriously don’t reblog this!

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Do you think varys will switch side when he finds out that sansa cares about people? Something denise never does.

Haha dear lord… I’m not sure if Varys would see any other potential queen and switch sides because of that, as much as I hope he would I think it’s wishful thinking and would be too much of a happy ending for everyone to jump ship and choose Sansa.

BUT that being said, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. Varys may be a targ stan(lol) but Sansa has the right name too, and he knows she’s spent time in the south learning their courtesies. She wouldn’t be a foreigner, not really. I think what’s happened is he’s just never seen her as a candidate just like the majority of casual watchers. She’s the show’s best kept secret.

I do think that D*ny might do something that finally pushes Varys to abandon her cause which would most likely bring about his death(“if you ever betray me I’ll burn you alive”).

Anyway, apart from Varys… here’s a few other people I hope would rally to Sansa/The North’s side if it ever comes to it:

> Theon: because his loyalties should lie with the North instead of D*ny. If he could broker an alliance with the dragon queen I’m sure the Starks wouldn’t mind an alliance with the Iron Islands either, especially since Yara’s claimed they’ll stop their way of life(the r*ping and reaving etc). Also because D*ny hasn’t done shit to help Yara? Why? Because she has their ships and she doesn’t give a fuck that’s why. Theon and Sansa’s dynamic btw, is one I actually favour. They both went through some shit and Sansa(on the show at least) helped him shed out of Reek. Please let them reconnect.

> Jaime: because “Sansa Stark is my last chance at honour.” For now, I’m sure his main objective is to join the fight against the Night King so I don’t think his allegiance would be clear but if it ever came to it, perhaps after the fight if he doesn’t perish, it makes a whole lot more sense to pledge his loyalties to Sansa than it does to the mad king’s daughter. I’m certain he was having war flashbacks lol, and it sucks because he was so close to ending D*ny. SO close. Of course from a narrative point, you wouldn’t expect her to die so soon, she still played her role in the war of the dawn, but looking at it from Jaime’s perspective, he was just trying to save millions of lives.

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> Tyrion: I’m a little more skeptical with him, because he clearly cares about D*ny but he has to come to his senses. He needs to realise she’s not who she once was. Who better to side with than someone he swore an oath to protect? *cough* Sansa.

> Sandor: I MEAN COME ON. If the hound makes it to Winterfell with everyone else and swears his allegiance to D*ny at any point without even considering Sansa as an option I’m really… like I’m REALLY going to throw a book at my TV/laptop/whatever the fuck I’ll be watching season 8 on. Sansa humanised Sandor, he may not be on my list of favs but I wont stand to watch him serve another impulsive brat.

> Jon: I’m really going to scream SO LOUD if it EVER came to choosing D*ny or Sansa and my son does so much as CONSIDER siding with that lizard I will literally scream bloody murder to his characterisation because fuck no will Jon fucking Snow ever in a million years choose someone like D*enerys over his own fucking family, fuck you D&D. And it’s got nothing to do with Jonsa either like fuck ships for now, erase it and it still makes no fucking sense for Jon to want to side with his “““LoVeR”” stfu it’s so ugly. Not only is he a Stark, he swore to protect her. That much is tru. There is no way in hell he’s about to turn his back on her, but if he somehow does, I hope him and D*ny both perish. Because that’s not Jon Snow.

> also Gendry, actually?: I hope he and Arya become a thing or at least get to meet again, and it makes better sense for him to side with the Starks than with that foreign invader. There’s already a Stark/Baratheon connection anyway.

It’s a bit weird isn’t it, how the story has made a point to connect so many characters back to Sansa. It’s almost as if… she has… a bigger purpose :)

Thanks for the ask! lmao.

The Snorpion

-Bex following her career dream + continuity with the cosmetology storyline 

-Supportive friends! 

-I honestly relate to the ‘never gets the ball’ thing (I’m bad at sport tho)

-Obviously, Jonah would ask Cyrus if he ever gets bored at the space otters game. Honestly, these boys smh

-Just,,,, every time Jonah and Cyrus are the same room, Cy is just thinking ‘this dork, why do I love him so much???’

-Ambi sleepover!!

-Bex going into protective mom mode is a strong mood

-Amber apologizing is such a big step forward for her!

-Aww, these two playing dress up ^^

-She actually told Andi w h a t??

-Girlfriends sneaking out with another romance-y song in the background?? Sign me the f up!

-It’s gonna end badly, is it?


-Redemption is a slow process I know *sigh*

-Bex and Bowie are too cute as clueless parents 

-Buffy and Cyrus working on improving Buffy’s communication methods

-TJ being reaffirmed as a sexist dick is important because there will always be those kinds of people

-HA, Andi got a little revenge on Amber!

-Still, it must hurt to be around your ex as much as she has to

-Box on the rise! (This is the best ship name fite me)

Overall, a great episode expanding the current arcs of ‘Buffy on the boys’ basketball team’, ‘Amber redemption’, ‘Bex’ career’ and ‘Mack family bonding’. :)

anonymous asked:

uhhhhhh is the Dany/Luke friendship like Matt/Foggy ? I've never cared much abt Dany but apparently they are like besties and ppl ship them? help me out pls I understand nothing


The backstory of how they became friends isn’t super complicated (they both had solo comics and the sales were slipping so Marvel decided to pair them to see if they sold better that way; in the story, Luke gets blackmailed into attacking Misty (Danny’s girlfriend) but everything works out in the end). Basically they met and were instantly BFF and business partners (as Heroes for Hire).

Danny is only 19 when they meet and fresh from K’un Lun and doesn’t know anything and is basically Luke’s adorable little confused friend. Luke is street-smart and socially conscious and angry and Danny adores him. They are not afraid to say they love each other:

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Scared - A Lydia Martin Imagine

Hi. Can you please do an imagine where it’s kind of an AU, but the reader is a Winchester and her and Lydia were best friends since kindergarten. She then dies, Cas brings her back, sends her to beacon hills, she becomes best friends with Scott and stiles, later dates stiles, he cheats on her (no offense, I love stiles), s the pack goes to a party, gets a little tipsy, her and Lydia end up dancing with each other while stiles just kinda stands there and watches. Cute little drunk kiss somewhere please. So sorry about this horrible Idea, it was a cute thought, but it’s crap. Sorry for bothering you. - @twdpansy

A/n I wasn’t able to add in the part about supernatural because of the fact that I don’t watch the show but I hope you like it! Also, I know werewolves can’t get drunk in teen wolf but for the purpose of this imagine lets pretend that they can lmao

Y/S/N: Your Ship Name

Originally posted by itsnotadaydreamitsyourlife

    “Can you please go to the party?” Stiles begged.

    “Stiles I honestly rather stay home then go get drunk,” you answer lazily.

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Okay, so I found this to be really funny and I don’t know if anyone else has caught on to this or not but If you’ve ever watched the Disney movie “Geek Charming” you would know that the characters oddly look and act like the cast from Star And The Forces Of Evil, the only thing is there weren’t any characters that caught my eye as star but if the show ever did a Real Life Marco on earth movie it would be Geek Charming lol jk! The main character from Geek Charming “Josh” reminds me of Marco, funny thing is Josh even likes a girl in the movie who so to speak, looks and acts just like Jackie, the girl even has dyed strips of hair and has a chill attitude, her name is “Amy” & then there’s the other two, Josh’s best friends “Steven” & “Ari” who kind of remind me of Alfonso & Ferguson but nerdier, I don’t know, it’s just something that caught my eye lol I must be watching too much Star And The Forces Of Evil. 


❝Happy you get to teach me something for a change?❞
❝At least we thought to bring entertainment…❞
❝The past can bind a man as surely as irons.❞
❝The stain of your blood shall be washed clean from history’s weave!❞
❝You can never know another, even your father.❞
❝Why do you hesitate? Take what is yours.❞
❝I slew your King. I slew your county. Do these deeds not demand vengeance?❞
❝Find your wrath! Take up your sword! Fight, and serve those who died before you!❞
❝Would you like to know the best use of that? You pick it up, and throw it away.❞
❝I am simply myself, no more and no less. And I want only to be free.❞
❝Steal me! Is that too much to ask!?❞
❝I am no false saint for you to use!❞
❝You shall not tread this path alone. Together we go. Come.❞
❝Though I lack your power, I will still persist.❞
❝Even a stray has pride.❞
❝Don’t listen to [NAME]’s lies!❞
❝I always knew you didn’t take well to being tied up…I just never knew how much.❞
❝All skiff, no ship… hardly fit for a leading man.❞
❝Call me old-fashioned, but I was hoping for a treasure whose worth we could measure.❞
❝Don’t become a slave to a stone. You’re better than that.❞
❝One of these days I’ll fly an airship of my own.❞
❝Every good pirate needs a partner, right~?❞
❝I hope you haven’t forgotten my role in this little story.❞
❝I’m the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies.❞
❝Let me show you how it’s done!❞
❝Not the first time I’ve heard that joke. I’m still not laughing.❞
❝At least your sword is to the point…❞
❝I’d say you’re in more of a supporting role.❞
❝If I could protect but one person from war’s horror, then I would bear any shame. I would bear it proudly.❞
❝I must endure…!❞
❝Watch and mark you the suffering of one who must rule, yet lacks the power.❞
❝The men of my family, we are taught to place the needs of others before those of our own.❞
❝As long as I can curse your name I shall not be defeated!❞
❝Too late, and to their sorrow, do those who misplace their trust in gods learn their fate.❞
❝Spare me your lies! I see the serpent coiled here before me!❞
❝Methods do not interest me. Only results.❞
❝I’m through with it - I’m through running. I’m ready to find my purpose.❞
❝A new day has dawned. We are free!❞
❝Believe what you want to, whatever it takes to make you happy. What’s done is done.❞
❝I am the leading man. Might need to do something heroic.❞
❝With each passing day, the world finds new and exciting ways to kill a man.❞
❝If a dungeon’s waiting for us at the end of the night, it had best have a change of wardrobe.❞
❝It’s not easy being this popular, you know.❞
❝Remember what curiosity killed. Just a friendly word of advice.❞
❝Wield your hatred and crush me. I welcome it!❞
❝My hands are stained with blood. I see little reason to stay them now.❞
❝What am I to do with those who would oppose me…but show them death?❞
❝You’ve let your eyes betray your heart…❞
❝When the strong heart forgets suffering, it can only lead to evil.❞
❝You’re barely old enough to be a man, you shouldn’t be forced to wield a sword.❞
❝You’re no good to anyone if you’re locked away in a dungeon!❞
❝Quite a performance.❞
❝You don’t need to worry about me - I’m tougher than I look.❞
❝This struggle is futile. You must know where it leads!❞
❝Such strength - Inhuman!❞
❝A hound begging for scraps at the table… Would you serve a new master, hound?❞
❝I am the leading man. Might need to do something heroic~!❞
❝Spend your pity elsewhere. If you are so set on running, hadn’t you best be off?❞
❝For too long have my deeds gone unrewarded…❞
❝Though I lack your power, I will still persist.❞

decided not to be a lurker anymore!!

okay so I’ve been playing choices for a few months and I’ve been lurking in the fandom but I don’t want to lurk anymore so I figured I’d make a post about my MCs and stuff so I can make fandom friends!! feel free so say hi or send me a message!!

The Freshman/Sophomore: MC is Becky! I’ve been with Chris throughout all the books and will probably be with him forever because he’s my favorite LI out of all the books/stories. (shout out to @joyfulchoices for my favorite fanfics of mc x chris, you are such a good writer!!!!!)

Endless Summer: MC is Luna! I have my MC with Sean (I guess I have a thing for quarterbacks) and I also love Grace x Aleister. I finally got Craig to like me in the last chapter so I feel super accomplished. I am going to spend way too many diamonds trying to save my friends in this book. 

The Royal Romance: MC is Rose Monroe! I’m definitely in love with Drake and I feel bad because there’s no choice but to lead the prince on and he’s a great guy but I’m about to break his heart. Oh well. Also I lowkey ship Hana x Maxwell.

Rules of Engagement: MC is Maggie! I chose Oliver (the prince), but I’ll probably replay it once it’s over and pick Will (businessman) and Jack (bartender) because it was such a struggle to decide. I also really love Penny (party twin) x Blake.

LoveHacks: MC is Annie! Right now Ben definitely has my heart, but I’m also giving Mark a chance because we didn’t really get a lot of scenes with him in book one and I’m a sucker for the best friends falling in love thing so we’ll see what happens! My other favorite ship from this book is Cole x Amir.

Hero: MC is Morganne! (which is actually my name) I like it so far, but it’s really too early for me to have any strong opinions on the characters yet!

The Crown and The Flame: I’m not doing a screenshot for this because all the characters are the same for everyone! I’ve had Kenna x Dom together since the very beginning and I can’t wait for them to get married next week!!! I also love the friendship between Raydan/Lia and also between Sei/Kenna. Will Jackson is precious. I really miss Gabriel and Leon. I’m going to miss this book so much.

*whoops I did it again plays in the background* 
Sorry again to everyone for letting these pile up…yet again,  I was so shocked for all the kindness I’ve received the past week I didn’t really know what to say at the time, I was speechless! but i’ll try my best to reply to them all below the break!

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anonymous asked:

Oh man could we hear more about your wk oc Caroline please?

Caroline comes from a future where time travel exists! She’s part of the Time Travelers Guild, she’s poised to become the next Guild Leader after her Father Zach Varmitech (he’s the one who invented the time machine in the first place.) The Guild runs regular scans on time to test for any ill effects of time travel like anomalies or rips in the fabric of space time… and they detect a strong, reality altering anomaly centuries earlier that seems attached to the tortuga and it’s crew.

Caroline volunteers to go back and fix it because she is the most qualified and an anomaly this big needs the best of the best- but she has to be careful because her dad is on the tortuga and she can’t influence the future too much or else there could be dire consequences. So she comes up with a fake name (caroline is her fabricated name) and joins the crew and informs them of the situation. She lets it slip that one of her parents is on the ship but no more (Martin is the only one to figure it out, because looking at her is like looing in a mirror).

Lots of sadness in this because, well, Martin dies when she is very young and she never knows him. Zach tells her lots of stories about her dad but this is the first time she truly meets him, and he doesnt even know who she is.

Anyway, she fixes the anomaly (Aviva almost falls off a cliff, which wasn’t supposed to happen, and caroline saves her.) And goes home. She’s my lovely Zartin Baby

Anastasia ship names!

The consensus is in~Fanastasias~the fandom has come together to figure out ship names for tagging and editing 

For Anya/Dmitry, Dimya

For Christy/Derek (aka the best onstage pairing in the world), Klentomare

(and for an added bonus Derek Klena fans are Kleniacs)

Please share all over your socials so the cast can see too!  And special thanks to everyone who contributed to this!  

s/o to Anastasia blog accounts: @anyasdimitry @klenasdmitry @nikolaevna-romanova @broaddwayteen98 @lilymalevskymalevitch @christyaltomaire @illblessmyhomeland @anastasia-romanova-or-just-anya @dimitrisanya @kateriley22 @alttomare @oh-that-disney-princess-emily

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im LIVING for the idea of akande calling gabe "angel" bc obvi, he has the name of an angel. im sure this has been done in r69 before but that ship has never been good so. god i cant believe akandriel is THE best ship ever like wow this is nuts

OK THATS . UH … RLLY SOFT WTF ??? i cant like imagine these things because i love akandes voice sm if i hear him say “angel” even in my head ill fucking melt… and i bet gabe does too… forreal his voice takes a hot minute to get used to !!! 

ok but what ??? nicknames ??? does gabe have for akande ????? these need to be discussed asap

Why Sam said the things he did to Dean about Mary in 13.4

And why even if it’s not all true from a narrating stand point, IT IS AN EXTREMELY VALID PERSPECTIVE TO HOLD.

[I wrote this meta originally to this post where people are only focusing on writer’s narration in general as opposed to getting into both Dean and Sam’s shoes separately. You can see the whole post here or simply read this . In this case I will be getting into Sam’s since he’s the one who said mom only ever came to Dean for everything.]

I’m going to *attempt* to crack Sam’s head as to why he said these things, and why the writers are actually writing Sam’s thoughts from a  realistic standpoint.

[cracks knuckles]

Here we go! (this will be LONG AF) because of all the issues that lead someone to be/act/say such things.

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I can't believe we didn't even get 1 last Captain Swan kiss.

We did. We got reunion attack kisses which are some of my favs!  Look, of course you wanted more CS last night, so did I, but being upset over kisses seems a bit silly.

I mean have you seen this gif set?  Are you really still complaining about kisses? We have an embarrassment of riches in the kiss department. We’ve gotten pretty much every kind of kiss that exists for these too. Sweet, hot, passionate, loving, soft, hard, slow, fast etc etc etc.   

Name a ship that has more.