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theres a difference between wanting taylor to speak up about something and needing her to speak up to validate your own feelings. you should make your own decisions on political issues, elections, protests, etc. without needing your favorite celebrity to validate that its okay that you feel that way. it is okay to want taylor to speak up about something because she has an amazing platform that you know can reach millions of people, but recognize that you cant use her voice as some kind of agenda

My problem has never been about needing celebrities to stand on issues. Do I prefer it? Yes, but ultimately they are entertainers and that’s their job and if they don’t want to make a political statement then that’s their decision. 

What I criticize her for is choosing to identify as a feminist, which is an inherently political stance with a movement behind it, and never showing up or talking about feminism beyond a personal defense for herself (claiming people talk about her dating life too much or when other women legitimately criticize her). 

Taylor’s flawed understanding and use of feminism is heavily discussed on sites like MIC, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Bustle, etc.if you are interested and her continued refusal to ever speak about anything related to the political goals of feminism makes her appear to people that she only decided to incorporate feminism as part of her brand in 2014 in the lead up to the new 1989 “era” after firing her old publicist in March of 2014. It appears like a media strategy aimed to deflect the criticism she was facing in 2012/2013 for her music and public persona being dominated by her relationships and moving that image towards her group of female friends. 

I want more women to be comfortable calling themselves feminists as I have for over a decade. But what I won’t do is stand by while women who have done nothing for the advancement of other women and refuse to acknowledge intersectional feminism get credited and receive metaphorical cookies for it to boost their image. Especially when she stated she was going through with a sexual assault trial to send a message to young girls and women and then didn’t say anything when someone running for president was accused of the exact same thing.

Taylor has been repeatedly hammered by progressive/liberal sites like mentioned above and people started calling her on it on here and on twitter throughout the day. Her responding with a vague tweet that spoke about herself and again none of the political goals of the marches at around 5:15pm EST comes across as media management and as someone who wants to reap the PR benefits of being associated with feminism without wanting to alienate a potential conservative fanbase or consumer. 

I hope this helps clarify because you worded your question extremely respectfully so I wanted to make sure I gave you an equally thoughtful response. 

It's not my fault if you don't listen...

In our store, we have two separate counters, each selling a different kind of name-brand makeup. One of those brands has an offer going right now for a free gift with a $27 or more purchase. It is also made clear that the $27 has to be BEFORE tax.

Anyway, I had this lady come in last night, and she wanted the free gift. Okay, no problem. I set about explaining how the offer worked, and the different items we have that are exactly $27. After some time of looking, she picks out this $25 foundation. I asked if she wanted to find something else to go with it. She said no. As I begin ringing her up, I ask several more times if she would like to add anything else, and explain that she needs something else to get the free gift. She tells me she doesn’t have time, and that it’ll be fine. I set my hand on the box, look her in the eye, and ask, “You just want this, without the gift, then?” She says yes. So I complete the transaction, and hand her her purchase.

I could see it coming from a mile away.

She looks up, and says, “You forgot my bonus.” I respond with, “Your bonus?”, knowing full well what she meant. “Yes, my free gift. You haven’t given it to me yet.” “Ma'am, the free gift is only with $27 or more before tax. You spent $25. That’s why I asked if you wanted to add anything on.” “Well I didn’t know that.-*sigh*-I don’t have time for this. Just give me a refund on this.” So I did the return, and she left.

People. Listen to the cashier. Don’t be THAT person, and waste everyone’s time because you can’t be bothered to pay attention. It really is that easy.


Anon: Can i get supportive Jimin(+Hobi if possible)for eating problems? If its okay to write about that sort of thing, i dont really know the guidelines but eatings always been a struggle and with these boys im getting better <3Thanks for reading xox

Part 1/2 - Jimin

I genuinely hope the two parts of these snaps can help at least someone out there who may be suffering from an eating disorder of some kind, or maybe someone who just has trouble with managing their food in some way, to get through their battle.

- Admin J

the signs as i know them
  • aries: very funny, has a nice humor. laughs at bad jokes. is sarcastic like 90 % of the time. really caring and will never let down a friend. when they're sad they put on a mask, maybe because they don't want to appear weak or because they don't want to lay all their problems on you. wanna make them happy? give them some good food.
  • taurus: so sweet. will always look after you and make sure you're okay. so loyal and caring. has a lot of friends, because it's hard not to love them. sometimes though they can be a bit stubborn (or determined or whatever you wanna call it). you know they have your back - they will never let down family or friends.
  • gemini: hilarious. one of my favorite signs. i don't get any of the "two faced bitch" thing about geminis, it's not true at all. they are the kind of person to hang with if you want to laugh. they are nice to be with because you forget all your problems for a while. they do the best pranks ever - if a gemini ever asks you to prank someone with them, always say yes. crazy people.
  • cancer: so freaking caring. will feed you if you tell them you're hungry. but they're also hilarious as hell and they have such a dumb humor. don't get the whole "crybaby" thing, sure they can cry but they know how to be tough too.
  • leo: sweet and kind. always takes good care of you, you can trust them. they give really good gifts. they make you feel welcomed and always want you to be happy.
  • virgo: don't know many virgos tbh.
  • libra: fucking funny as hell. jk. no really they're funny, believe me. charming but sometimes people think they're flirting with you when they're just being nice. libra + gemini = freaking awesome. libras also make the best pranks. you never know if they're being serious or not. sarcastic and sassy. very nice too.
  • scorpio: awesome. good listeners, will always take care of you and cheer you up if you're sad. sassy. they love cats more than anything. really funny but they can be deep too. the kind of person to take to a concert. can be like a mom to you. really smart.
  • sagittarius: why are they so funny?? best humor. so many dad jokes. really cool tbh. the kind of person to travel the world with. not as spontaneous as you'd think. so cute and really caring. they love food. kinda reminds me of the song "free bird" by lynyrd skynyrd.
  • capricorn: really cool. they have an awesome sense of humor. weird people. surprisingly spontaneous. everyone wants to be friends with them. also really smart. they know how to surprise someone, and they can act really well. really inventive.
  • aquarius: don't threaten their family. they, just like the other air signs, are funny as hell. seriously, all the air signs are hilarious. really smart too. know a lot about a lot of different things. just like capricorn, they are inventive. charming.
  • pisces: tougher than you think. they know how to get what they want (in most cases). sooo fun to hang out and travel with. will give you food. they're not crying all the time. they always have a plan for everything. can be a bit indecisive.

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Hi cat! So...uh... I found a video on youtube of a girl showing her drawing improvement. She showed some of her drawings from when she was 15. And they were amazing. They were perfect. I'm 15 too and my drawings are nothing like hers. I feel usless..

no no

you should not even compare yourself to others! 


everyone has their own time of improving

some takes years

some takes months 

some even weeks if they practice like a maniac- 

believe me ;v; every person has their own speed of learning things

like math

some learn it easily but some cant even do simple problems 

so its okay! take your time and the most important thing

keep practicing! 

thats literally the only option of improving unless you have some kind of super powers- 

it took me 3 years to go from this 

to something like this

from this 

to this

and im still not satisfied with my drawings sometimes :’D so i try to improve every each day

searching up references for the things that i do not know how to draw

then i practice on the every day until i improve and my brain literally memorizes how to draw it without me even noticing until i try to draw it again later.

your styles will change so much and some style may even be inspired by other artists style

the adventures of art is just so fun

you just gotta keep going and not give up! ;v; 

you cant magically be a good artist.

i was 13-14 when i started practicing drawing a lot and now im 17 so do not worry uvu practice and you will improve~