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Imagine being pregnant with Rafael’s baby

(A/N: This is a part one. There will be a part two. Also this is unofficially part of my unofficial four part series, so I guess it will be a five/six (probably more) series. I’ll tag it anyway. Sorry, I didn’t upload yesterday, I was feeling great, but I’m much better. Hope you enjoy it!)

Link to the first part of the unofficial series (that this imagine follows on from) and has links to all the other parts as well  here  

Imagine being pregnant with Rafael’s baby

You flashed the sonographer another awkward smile as you lay back, t-shirt raised, tummy exposed with arms behind your head. Tissue paper stuffed into your jeans as to avoid contact with the gel.  You lowered one arm from behind you head to quickly glance at your watch.

20 minutes, late.

“Sorry!” you heard a familiar voice say as the door swung open and you sighed in relief.

Your eyes followed Rafael as he came in, apologised to both you and the doctor and skirted round to come sit next to you.

“Hey,” he breathed unsteadily, clearly out of breath after rushing straight from court, pressing a kiss into your cheek as he sat down heavily beside you.

“Hi,” you smirked, “Nice of you to finally turn up.”

“Court ran over.” he offered as an explanation to both you and the doctor.

“Excuses. Excuses.” you hummed playfully, before giving him a wink.

You looked from him to the sonographer and gave her a quick nod.

“This is the Father I assume.” she mentioned as she sprung into action and began tapping away on  the monitor beside her.

“I let him think he is.” you joked playfully, earning a snicker from the doctor and a nudge from Rafael.

“Alright, it says here you’re at twenty weeks.” she questioned glancing up at you momentarily.

You nodded.

“Five months.” Rafael confirmed from beside you.

“Okay, so here’s a quick rundown of what happens at the twenty week scan.” she began to explain as Rafael grabbed your hand and clung on, “ The purpose of this scan is to check for major psychical abnormalities with the baby. I’d like to remind you that this scan can only look for abnormalities and may not be able to detect if something is wrong. We’ll be looking at the babies bones, heart and all other major organs. It also helps us screen for eleven serious conditions, most of which are extremely rare. Are you okay with that?”

You nodded once again.

“Better be to safe, right?” you agreed, nervously.

She gave you a comforting smile.

“Do you want to find out the gender today?” she asked.

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Lets strike that confident pose! 

Team Green and Violet have been completed! Look at those fab poses. It looks like Jonquil and Daisy are really, REALLY into it! much to the dismay of their fellow teammates…

I’m glad I could finally get this out here. I had some ‘technical difficulties’ so that I couldn’t upload the photos onto my computer. Now looking back at it, I’ve realized that Tetrox has very awkward space between her and Belladona. Oh well, I’m glad I have finished it.

Team Green and Violet belong to: @tamarinfrog 

I did something very similar to this for Team Orange and Blue. If you want to check it out then it’s right here