it has only 5 frames omg

Beth Greene is so fucking alive I'm actually laughing

Okay. Okay I’m trying to calmly write this but I’m so excited so if there are spelling errors please forgive me. Okay so earlier today this post was circulating about Beth. 

The post is basically about a .5 second interval BEFORE the opening credits and opening music really starts. It’s so fast you can barely see it, but it seems to be of a person/people running somewhere. Now, I just downloaded the episode and took screen caps shot per shot of that moment and it’s BIG you guys. There are literally only 5 frames before the scene is done, and in them you will see an anonymous person in a black shirt, Noah is his old scrubs, and BETH GREENE in her yellow shirt (AND it’s clearly post Coda, I’ll explain this part later).

Now please tell me you saw our girl immediately and screamed of joy! But in case you didn’t, I outlined her for you!

THAT IS SO BETH OMG. She’s in the yellow shirt. It clearly has a collar. You can’t really see anything of her face and hair but it looks blonde and like it’s tied up. Now here’s the kicker. Why is her arm red? BECAUSE WHEN SHE FELL AFTER GETTING SHOT THEY SHOWED US HER HAND AND THAT POOL OF BLOOD. She landed on her side essentially and that was the arm that got caught in the blood! It’s red! And you can’t see her head so you can’t see if there is blood there (but I guarantee there probably is) And running next to her is Noah is what clearly is his old hospital scrubs (note the long sleeved shirt under the scrubs). Proof:

Now I don’t know who that person in the first three images is. It’s someone in black. And I don’t know why they chose to have Noah in his scrubs. 

Here’s the thing. They already took Emily and Chad’s names out of the credits. If Beth were truly gone and this was just a foreshadowing of her time with Noah and her time at Grady back in 5A, this part of the opening would have been taken out already! But it hasn’t been! It’s been there from 501-510 so far! (And also it’s clearly Beth post Coda duh). I don’t know what they’re running from either, but to me this is just absolute 100% proof that our girl is alive and we have a reason to breathe easy because it’s been in front of our faces this whole goddamn time and we never even saw it. 

Also if you look at the first three screen caps, you can see that the person in black is running to the left of Noah essentially and Beth is running in front of Noah. It’s three people and they are running fast and for only 5 frames. 

Let me know what you all think! I’m tagging some people who I have seen posting theories before because I want to hear what everyone thinks but if you don’t want to respond it’s all good :)

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