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I wonder if isak ever sings to even and shows that he actually has a decent voice. like one day isaks cooking and a song comes on that mini radio and isak starts singing under his breath and gets really into it and he starts singing louder and louder until he ends up turning around and seeing even standing there with his mouth wide open. Evens shook he never knew his boyfriend could sing and isaks super embarrassed but even keeps telling him over and over how good of a singer he is and how he shouldn’t hide it or be embarrassed

so isak starts singing more and more when they’re home alone together, under his breath mostly at first, and then as he gets more confident he just belts it out (but he is only confident enough to sing in front of even, no one else)

and it gets to the point where even and isak jam out while even makes a beat or plays the audio to a song and isak sings along and they spend hours and hours at a time doing this…also isak serenades even sometimes bc he can be romantic af

weeks later isak comes home and slams the door and starts singing a mainstream pop song super loudly (but really well) thinking that it’s only him and even home and walks into the living room to see that EVERYONE is over, jonas, mahdi, Magnus, Eva, vilde, noora, sana, chris and they all just heard him singing and he gets super embarrassed until they start clapping and even does a giant smile and says to all of them “see I told you he was a great singer”

The Servant of Cade |Meta on Stefan Salvatore in 808-809| PART 2|


Quick A/N: The one thing i both love and hate about Stefan and Steroline is the way they are written. Nothing is clearly spelt out, you need to look deeper to see what the writers are saying. While its certainly beautiful and unique in a sense, it can also get pretty tiring when one has deciphered dialogue and song and the way stefan’s eyebrows twitch for many seasons, not to mention fought off hate and criticism from those who lack the patience and the ability to see Stefan and Steroline for what they truly are.

And i do sometimes wish things were clear as day. I’ll hold out till the june wedding for that.

Back to Stefan and his fall from grace.

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ive been listening to the new hunchback of notredame musical a lot the past few weeks, i recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the songs from the original movie and/or is musical trash, the whole soundtrack is on youtube

I have lived forever in a smile. — e.e.cummings


Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater

Top 10 KJK & SJH Moments

It’s been a rough couple days. We all deserve something to make us happy. Here’s my top 10 moments starring Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo.

1. Episode 21.

The first encounter of the “Spartace” couple. The two formed a team and faced the other guests and members. Ji Hyo in an earlier episode requested to not be on the hiding team anymore, and wanted to join up with Jong Kook. In the end they defeated the 8 members (cast and guests) to win the episode. 

2. Episode 182.

Kim Jong Kook protecting Ji Hyo from 3 members of the opposite team. He was doing such a good job that Gary got a little jealous. 

3. Episode 48.

The objective of the game was to guess each members face while being blindfolded. Ji Hyo took this once in a lifetime opportunity to pull on Jong Kook’s hair without being punished. 

4. Episode 163.

Are they getting married?

5. Episode 34.

Blindfolded once again. This time it was to pour water into a glass up until the fill line. I think he might be drowning. 

6. Episode 40.

The final mission was for them to compose a song using toy instruments. Ji Hyo was asked to do a high “cuckoo” on her recorder, but (purposely?) played low note after low note. Which led to this comment.

7. Episode 93. 

Votes are casted the beginning of each round to see who would be targeted. First round everybody voted Jong Kook but failed to rip off his name tag in the allotted time. Which gave Jong Kook an extra vote. The two teamed up and voted for HaHa (Ji Suk Jin also voted for HaHa, 4-4 split between him and KJK) and to no surprise he was eliminated. 

8. Episode 170.

The Wizard of Oz, Running Man Edition. Both Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are cowardly lions, and to get over their fear they are asked to chop wood….. Yeah RM gets kinda weird sometimes. 

9. Episode 291.

While Ji Hyo and Gary are on their very first date. She mentions that she doesn’t meet up with the other cast members outside the show as much. Only Kwang Soo for a meal or two and tanning with Jong Kook…. Wait what?

10. Episode 261.

The cast members enjoy a nice day at a carnival before entering a scary haunted mansion. They had rides, free food, games, prizes and other stuff found at a carnival. Jong Kook tried some fried octopus and fed it to Ji Hyo. 

we only have today (jyn/cassian, rouge one)

Summary: In which Han Solo’s attempt to make a certain princess jealous affects the wrong target, K-2’s statistics are not helpful to the situation, and Cassian has an understanding.

It had been three days since he had seen Jyn.

Not that he was counting them or anything. It merely occurred to Cassian as he was walking to the mess hall to get something to eat for breakfast. He had almost voiced this thought aloud, but then caught himself at the last minute. He didn’t know exactly what K-2 would say, except that it would be something that was far too…K-2 for him to deal with so early in the morning, so he kept his mouth shut and forced it out of his mind. Cassian was good at shoving thoughts away, filing them to be handled later or ignored completely.

It just happened that, like she was in person, thoughts of Jyn were difficult and hard to ignore.

He wasn’t feeling particularly hungry, so he only grabbed a strange-looking piece of fruit and then left the room. K-2 followed him, strangely silent except for the clanking of his metal footsteps, and Cassian considered himself lucky. It was hard to deal with K-2 talking his ear off some days this early. Luckily, nothing had really happened in a while. Or perhaps it was suspicious. Cassian couldn’t be sure; he had trouble deciphering between the two these days.

All he knew was that he hadn’t seen Jyn because she was off on a mission. She would have told him or he would have been with her. She was around here somewhere; he just didn’t know where and that bothered him. But then he didn’t have a say in what she did in her spare time. He didn’t give her orders. As if she would fully listen to him anyways. She’d just tilt her head to the side and give him a quirk of her lips, call him “Captain” in a melodramatic voice. No, she was free to do whatever she wanted when she wasn’t under orders.

Only…it had been three days.

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the night - a playlist by the man who has everything but parents